Code Lyoko RPG


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Message par DragonGirl » 01 Juil 2013, 05:09

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

As Sara reaches the main entrance of the factory and suddenly has a headache once it passes she runs at impossible speed until she reaches Kadic school grounds. she finally slows down then moves towards the park.

Message par sixthwarrior » 30 Juin 2013, 21:44

Brandon, Ulrich, and Odd are in the sewers.


Ulrich: (I can't believe Jeremie trusted him.)

Odd: Brandon, how did you get here without us noticing you?

Brandon: Actually, technically you did notice me.Earlier whenever you were in the sewer, when you heard a noise.

Ulrich: Who do you think was possessed by X.A.N.A.?

Odd: I don't know.

Brandon: ....(I feel so stupid.I have no idea what they're talking about.)

Odd: There's the manhole.

Message par DragonGirl » 30 Juin 2013, 18:57

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Ok I think I've got an Idea that will take this thing somewhere interesting and make it not boring.

Sara once again wakes up. She stands up and walks out of the room.


Jeremy: Hum... It's not that big of a problem. Odd, Ulrich and Brandon I need the three of you to go get the keyboard from the computer in my room. We'll use that as a temporary replacement. (whispers to Odd and Ulrich) We don't know what Xana is planning yet so be careful (hands the key to his room to Ulrich then turns to Aelita and Yumi.) Aelita and Yumi I'll need your help in the scanner room. I doubt the keyboard was the only thing sabotaged.

Message par DragonGirl » 20 Juin 2013, 06:11

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Sara: (Wakes up) Ugh my head. (holds her head) What happened? Where am I? And most importantly why am I talking to myself?

The electronics around Sara all activate at once and shoot electricity at her. She screams from the pain. Slowly she begins to lose consciousness again. Suddenly the electricity lifts her off the floor. a dark aura briefly surrounds her before she falls to the ground and once more loses consciousness.

Message par sixthwarrior » 19 Juin 2013, 18:10

Brandon walks into the room the Lyoko Warriors are in.

Brandon: HEY!What are you doing in an abandoned factory?!

You know how Brandon is the king of dimensions in my book, well he's not in this cuz that would be weird.He just has powers inherited from his family.

Ulrich: Brandon?!What are YOU doing HERE?!

Brandon: Seeing what you're all doing here!

Ulrich: (whispering to himself) He's worse than Sissi!

Brandon: Ulrich you better shut it before you don't have it!(Think about that sentence)

Jeremie: There's no time for this!Odd, Aelita, and Ulrich go to the scanners!Yumi watch out for any of X.A.N.A's specters! Brandon can be possessed since he's never gone to Lyoko!

Brandon: Lyoko?! X.A.N.A?! What is this, a science fiction show?!

Aelita: One last problem, the keyboard is broke!

Jeremie: Oh, no!This is a nightmare!

Message par DragonGirl » 19 Juin 2013, 06:20

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

alright let's try to continue this.

Sara is still unconcious.

Message par sixthwarrior » 18 Juin 2013, 15:14

Okay just to clear something up some people may think, "Well, if Brandon is friends with the Lyoko Warriors, doesn't that mean he would know about lyoko?" or something like that.No.He knows nothing about Lyoko, but he now knows about the factory.

Message par DragonGirl » 12 Juin 2013, 18:47

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Maykurasaki a écrit:Can I be Aelita?

sure more people could get this thing going again.

Message par sixthwarrior » 06 Mai 2013, 14:31

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Maykurasaki a écrit:Can I be Aelita?

DragonGirl said you control every character except for the ones that people make like Sara Draconar and Brandon.(Whatever his last name is I'll think of it later).Actually, you can use Brandon but you have to use his personality that I use for him.

Message par Maykurasaki » 04 Mai 2013, 13:47

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Can I be Aelita?

Message par sixthwarrior » 14 Mar 2013, 03:39

Okay we seriously need some more people.At least one.Maybe we should ask the french peoplez that do the subbing and posting if they want to join.

Message par sixthwarrior » 12 Mar 2013, 04:31

Brandon: This elevator looks broken...Hmmmm.....Hey!A door!

That's all i got.almost posted the last chapter of my story on accident!!! :oops:

Message par sixthwarrior » 07 Mar 2013, 01:34

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Brandon: (Goes over to the Ropes)Ugghhhhh!!!I'm afraid of heights!(Sees really long planks of wood to his left)Hmmm...(About 10 minutes later)Ughhh!Finished!(made a bridge using the wooden planks.)Yay!(Walks down the planks)

Message par DragonGirl » 11 Fév 2013, 06:43

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

the Lyoko warriors reach the lab. Jeremy walks over to the broken key board and picks up the pieces.

Jeremy: What the heck happened here?

(it's all I got)

Message par sixthwarrior » 01 Fév 2013, 15:43

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

DragonGirl a écrit:I cant think of what to write.


Message par DragonGirl » 01 Fév 2013, 05:52

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

I cant think of what to write.

Message par sixthwarrior » 25 Jan 2013, 03:33

Quiet, are we?

Message par sixthwarrior » 12 Jan 2013, 16:50

Brandon: (Climbs up ladder to bridge)Finally, I'm out of there!

Message par DragonGirl » 05 Jan 2013, 07:18

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Sara finishes rearranging the wires then goes to find an obscure room in the factory to hide in. After a few minutes the strange smoke that entered her body leaves and flows into another piece of technology soon after which she faints)

Message par DragonGirl » 01 Jan 2013, 03:29

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Sara: (Stands up) Ugh, Curse this clumsy form. humm that should slow them down some. But I'll need to do more. (Returns to the elevator, makes her way to the scanner room and begins unplugging the scanners and plugging the wires into the wrong spots careful to make everything look normal while not actually being functional )

Message par sixthwarrior » 31 Déc 2012, 19:49

Yumi: Did you hear something?

Jeremie: Yeah.(Everyone turns around)

Brandon: Yikes!(Goes underwater right before the rest of them see him)

Odd: Probably just a rat.

Ulrich: Yeah.(Everone keeps on walking)

Brandon: (Still under water)[I have got to be more careful.]

Message par DragonGirl » 18 Déc 2012, 06:52

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Sara: (exits the sewer enters the factory gets in the elevator and goes down to the lab she does not send the elevator back up) Humph. (walks towards the supercomputer but trips falls into the keyboard and breaks it.)

Message par sixthwarrior » 17 Déc 2012, 01:20

Brandon: (Falls in sewer water)Ewww!!!

Message par sixthwarrior » 15 Déc 2012, 03:02

This is in the forest.

Brandon: (Sees Odd and the rest of them heading towards the sewer)What the?

Jeremie: Hurry!

Odd: Yeah, says the person who got beat in a race by a snail!

Aelita: (stops, turns around and smacks odd)I'm not weak you know!Plus I can HEAR!

Crows: (Start flying away) CAW CAW!!CAW!!

Brandon: They have got to be up to something, and I'm gonna find out what it is......

Message par DragonGirl » 14 Déc 2012, 21:37

Re: Code Lyoko RPG

Yes that rule still applies. However Sara now knows thanks to being under Xana's control. This is only temporary.

Also this Sara is not at all like fanfic Sara I just recycled the name

Sara: (Enters the sewer passage)


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