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Message par garooob » 04 Déc 2006, 18:10

I saw a little of Oban the other night. I've been missing so much! Hopefully it will come out on DVD so I can watch it on my own time.

Message par kagetsu » 19 Oct 2006, 04:12

Ah, merci. I was thinking today I would like to see a transcript. I'd forgot about TV.com.

Je pensais aujourd'hui que j'aimerais voir une transcription. J'avais oublié du TV.com.

Message par Olivier » 18 Oct 2006, 21:38

Message par Mink » 18 Oct 2006, 20:04

en amérique, ou en est la diffusion des épisodes ?

Message par garooob » 18 Oct 2006, 17:55

I saw Oban the other night after missing quite a few episodes. I guess I need it on DVD now, so I can watch all of it!

Message par garooob » 13 Sep 2006, 08:08

So I only missed one episode? That's good, I guess.

Message par exo » 13 Sep 2006, 01:10

Last Saturday was episode one.

Message par garooob » 12 Sep 2006, 03:56

Oops, I missed the last two episodes while at miaame's house. I guess I got a little distracted!

Message par exo » 07 Sep 2006, 22:17

I just started watching this with episode twelve, and I can't find any back episodes online, so I hope they come out with DVDs soon. My only problem with it is the noselessness. Even a little "^" would be perfect. A real shame it's not on CN where it would get a bigger audience. Then people'd call it a rip off of Code Lyoko and podracing though.

Message par kagetsu » 02 Sep 2006, 01:37

That was a different way to end a race. I'd say they aren't really going to kill anyone in the show,,, but there was that Scup, or whatever their called the TTO blewup his hut because Rick found him. :?

Message par garooob » 27 Aoû 2006, 19:06

Ruuuuuush! I was afraid he was dead there for a minute. He could have won if he hadn't fell for that trap.

Message par kagetsu » 25 Aoû 2006, 22:00

:lol: By the time I've seen it, to be a spoiler, you'd have to have been in a cave,,, on Mars,,,, with your fingers in your ears.

That was cool. After Rush and his "rams horn is always half full", he asks Aikka was he hear to root for the Earth team as well. Aikka replys (something to the effect of) He doesn't make a habit of befriending opponents, it only causes disappointment. He still feels betrayed by the last race with Molly but not only comes to watch, but races to her defense. He cares, no matter how much he hides it. (I love that kinda dtuff :D )

I think Spirit was a literary deception. we,,, and Molly thinks he's evil. But then we see all of the pain put on this person was wrong. It also made Rick,,, who is the only one to really see something behind Molly's mask, realise her whole story. Now he's even a greater ally than he was.

Message par garooob » 25 Aoû 2006, 04:38

Oh, ok. I listened to it again, more closely this time. It's translated very accurately (now that I know what I'm listening for). Don Wei says "Bien sur," which means "of course."
Not much of a spoiler:
Rush and Aikka were in attendance for the race, cheering for the Earth team!
So I wonder what Spirit is about?

Message par kagetsu » 25 Aoû 2006, 01:09

That you've seen it helps alot.
That the voice parts, like Jordan talking as Spirit approaches the race, "Looks like he forgot something" "I guess he's walking,,,, fine by me" makes more sense when I say it.

I got the impression,,, though I may read into it more than they intended, that he seemed more curious about Molly's selfdestructive actions. He never stopped to look at other opponents, really only Aikka that we saw but still, like standing atop the reactor. When he covered the canopy, he looked at her as she screamed "get away from me you murderer". it seemed that he wanted a closer look at why she was acting berzerk. He also seemed to have a special interest in her at the pilot ceremony,,, perhaps he was also remembering Maya and thinking she was familliar. Of course it was also an easy way not to be squashed against the wall.

I'm thinking you mean after Maya promised her a ride in the racer, just the two of them, and before the race introduction. Molly/Eva asked "mommy will win won't she" and Don repleyed 'of course, mommy's never lost a race".

Message par garooob » 24 Aoû 2006, 05:25

Awesome! That was totally what I was looking for! I watched it in French, so I only understood some of the plot (though seeing it helped). I'd like to see it in English, too.
Spoiler talk:
So why did Spirit cover the cockpit then, if not to cause Molly to crash?
In the flashback, what did Don Wei say to Eva right as Maya was flying to the start of the race? I thought, though I'm probably wrong, that in French he said something like "Be good and mommy will come back." (I think that's wrong, though. It wouldn't make sense cause Molly doesn't act like she thinks it's her fault.)
end spoiler.

Message par kagetsu » 24 Aoû 2006, 05:11

oh yes. they pulled a dirty trick and had it early. Something like 9:30 or 10:00 If it wasn't for a habit of randomly checking for Lioness on Atom I'd have missed it, cramed in a tape just in time. by september 2, it will be gone.

Silent like Spirit. My gosh it was beautiful and there is an unexpected twist and some great moments with Rick and Aikka.

*Spoiler* I can do better with the dialogue that adds the tension, but a quick synopsis.

As Spirit transformed into his ship, it grows from him, Molly fully recognised him. she's determined to destroy him even if it destroys the arrow and kills her. Rick Finally gets the whole story that Don Wei's champion that died,,, was his wife. He realises that Molly must be his lost daughter. Telling her he knows on a secure channel, he tells her she's not alone and talks her down from her reckless rage, but Spirit covers her cockpit and cause her to crash, though this doesn't seem to be his intention. As she lay semi unconscience,Spirit walks toward her as Aikka flys in and jumps between them drawing his knife telling him he has won the race, he has no reason to harm the girl. Spirit raises his hands to show he means no harm and touches her head. He sees her memories of Maya's crash, then gives her his memory of the fluid leak from her reactor, and her motion that he should get clear, there's nothing he can do as it explodes. Then a tear flows from Molly,,, and then from Spirit, as he flys away. Molly and Jordan will heal, but the Arrow 2 has been destroyed and Stan and Koji are looking for parts for the final race at Alwas.
The only image I have at the moment.

Message par garooob » 23 Aoû 2006, 05:26

Ok, ABCFamily has got my vote as worst channel ever. They keep switching around the schedule, so I've missed Oban twice now! I just found out that it was on at 8:30 am on Saturday and it's on at 8:30 am next Saturday, too! But it doesn't appear in the schedule the Saturday after that.
Kagetsu - did you see episode 11?

I saw the Molly Star-Racer trailer, too. It's pretty cool!

Message par kagetsu » 22 Aoû 2006, 22:48

Molly Star Racer trailer

I've come across,,, well, dug extensively to find, the original trailer that was before Oban. It's sort of like what Garage kids is to Code Lyoko

This is a scream to watch if you like Oban. A quick search of Youtube for Molly Star Racer can bring it up,,, but there is better.

Message par garooob » 19 Aoû 2006, 19:46

Oh no! I missed this week's episode! I need to start taping it on Mondays in case it's not on Saturday like it's not today!

Message par kagetsu » 19 Aoû 2006, 01:27

I didn't notice Rush before, i'll have to go back and look. He was a complete and unexpected surprise, both in looks and character. I don't get the feelinng he'll be around much. I'm thinking of looking for spoilers of just who is going to stick around. ;) I get the feel ing we already see the three that go to Oban, but I don't recognise the bluish one.

Message par garooob » 17 Aoû 2006, 04:58

So after watching the Oban marathon, I noticed Rush in the background of a couple of shots! I bet he's going to hang out with the Earth team some more.

Message par garooob » 13 Aoû 2006, 21:38

Oban Star Racers keeps getting better!

Message par garooob » 12 Aoû 2006, 06:09

Oban Star Racers marathon! Sunday, 7:30 am - 12 pm! (PST, at least.)

Message par kagetsu » 07 Aoû 2006, 04:20

I noticed he had an accent,,, that's kinda cool to know. :D

(I'll stick my post from elsewhere. I can seek other fans here if they want to talk. But I'm seeing it wAy behind France)

Molly's sulk has been interupted :D

Don Wei can't control Molly so let's get someone who can. :D Rick knows how to deal, even with her kicking and screaming all the way. Her problem is she likes and respects him. That gives him alot of power. "The long awaited taming of the shrew" :D At least she had a chance to get dressed first before unceremoniously being carried to practice. Fun watching him trying to get inside her mind,,, and she's wet again, water is just everywhere in this show. I rather like that aspect

Now the bunny paint, I knew it was going to be hers to put on sooner or later.

Poor Jordan, he doesn't like Prince Aikka, doesn't like Molly liking him, and gets thumped for his trouble

I wondered how they would work Super-Racer in. All the while he's been helping Molly, then to compete? But in the end he gave her his own approval. Cute ship painted like a WWII fighter.

Message par garooob » 06 Aoû 2006, 01:38

Did anyone notice that they left one of the original French voices in today's episode (Super Racer)? It was the guy who Jordan pushed out of the way when going after Prince Aikka!


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