Message 16 Avr 2006, 08:03

Rules of the forum

Rules of the forum, abridged from the French version:
1. Stay on topic. Do not make "one-word" posts ("lol", "me too", etc.). Do not post for the sake of posting.
2. Do not treat the board as a chat room. If you look at the top of the page, there is an option called "Chat." Use that if you would like to carry on a conversation in real time.
3. Please do not use excessively stretched out words like "yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss". These are not specifically forbidden, but are subject to editing by admins.
4. Use private messages, the chat room or email to talk about non-board related topics. Asking for files, advice on other matters or things you don't want everyone to see.
5. Try to keep on the topic of Code Lyoko.

The maximum avatar size is 210x250.
The maximum size for a signature picture is 580x250.


Moderator's role, abridged from the French version:



The moderators
-have the right and duty to remove or move topics and posts that are pointless, duplicate, without answer or insulting.
-are to help potential new members sign up for the forum.
-will help new members adapt and learn the rules of the forum.
-notify members of problems with the forum and what members can do as a result.

The job of the moderators is to keep the forum running smoothly and if they are required to delete or edit a post, it is in no way an insult or attack on the member. Please respect them and their work. If you have any problems, contact one of the administrators.