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Message 12 Mar 2007, 23:49

New pictures

Rekin ... stre2g.jpg

Kalamar ... stre1g.jpg

A shark with no X.A.N.A. symbol and a squid which looks like a virus. Hm...

New Sector (large pic) ... ecor1g.jpg
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Message 13 Mar 2007, 02:19

I always wondered what the Internet looked like on the inside. That's a huge picture! Maybe the X.A.N.A. symbol is on the top of the shark's head.
I can't wait for it!
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Message 26 Mar 2007, 19:21

Those pictures are good, there's still supposed to be more that people aren't showing for some reason. I was checking in to see if anyone here had noticed them. ;)

I'm having trouble using them. Either the background goes black or I loose the main image, I don't know what I'm doing wrong
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Message 27 Mar 2007, 19:15

> New Sector (large pic)
> ... ecor1g.jpg

Wow! That's just what I was looking for. A pic that's big enough to be my desktop wallpaper. I've seen a smaller version of that, but this is almost too big. I love it though!

Thank you for posting pics.

I've seen a lot of good picture links in this thread:

New Season 4 info [Out Spring] ... hp?t=50009

Look near the end 20 - 25 and just look for links.
Some have been posted here already, but some haven't.
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Message 28 Mar 2007, 09:35

Awesome! I love them!

Kalamar seems odd anyway. It looks like some sort of spider with 4 legs or something. Wierd stuff.

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