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Twitcam with Mélanie Tran and Quentin Merabet (2.6.2013)

News by @Lyokomaster and @ProjetHopper. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

Here is the video from the twitcam with Quentin Merabet and Melanie Tran. It is an exclusive information on !

Yesterday, we discussed two hours with Quentin Merabet, Ulrich's actor and Mélanie Tran, Yumi's actress, during a conversation by webcam. You can see the recording of the video here, all the more clear that the actors have made the effort to read aloud the questions they answered.


If you don't want to watch the full video, we collected all interesting information, and directly related to the series :

We learned that during season 5, XANA attacks aren't really nice, but something with Meteorites, and the Lyoko-warriors have new powers. Jeremy is not virtualized on Lyoko, and apparently, the question seemed incongruous.
They shot 26 episodes, and the actress who plays Aelita had gone to spend a year in Africa. During the filming, they don't often have time to redo several times the scenes. They also explained why Mrs. Hertz and Mr. Delmas look like so little: there was a casting error, in which they are obviously for nothing. They saw a lot of episodes, but not the entire series. For example, they don't knew that the first name of the Skidbladnir was Melanie.

I can only advise you to go listen from 1 hour and 13 minutes, the adorable song, made by Quentin Merabet about Kiwi, Melanie explained that it was not integrated in Code Lyoko Evoluton because of the difficulty of shooting with a dog)

Thank you to Melanie and Quentin to have spent time to answer our questions !

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