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MessagePosté: 02 Juin 2006, 05:24
par miaame
hahaha. Well, Aelita seemed to talk to Jeremie more. Sure, he didn't get virtualized, but he seemed to stay the most connected...He'd answer her questions and stuff, for example: when she asked, "What's a library?" when Odd and Ulrich were tossing paper back and forth.
And since he seemed so determined to get her in their world. he thought about her a lot, too.

I wonder if Aelita ever heard Ulrich and Jeremie talking about how Jeremie liked her. (When they're in the dorm room, and Jeremie covers Ulrich's mouth saying, "Shhh! She'll hear you!" And Jeremie looks at the computer screen to see if she's there. But the next shot is of Aelita sitting.)

MessagePosté: 04 Juin 2006, 23:27
par KageSama
It makes you wonder if Aelita didn't have her own methods of reaching the real world. If she could "hack" in to Jeremie's computer, she could have been keeping an eye on him while he was asleep. For security purposes, of course. . . :oops:

MessagePosté: 05 Juin 2006, 04:57
par kagetsu
According to Ghost Channel, Aelita could move outside the system too.

And I've always though she was listening as long as the connection was on. she looked way too happy not to have heard. That was one of my favorite parts of that ep. That and another chance for Yumi to save Sissi.

MessagePosté: 05 Juin 2006, 22:47
par miaame
Yay! I hope they end up together. KageSama, you could submit a fanfic about that: Aelita listening to Jeremie, or wwatching over him. That could be cute...

unrequitted love before they admit it.

I spent 4 HOURS readin CL episode summaries....I have to know what happens next!! But the new ones aren't out yet...

MessagePosté: 05 Juin 2006, 23:18
par KageSama
I might consider that.

I'm not much for fanfic (I prefer to get paid for my stories . . . but a small short story might be a good break between other writing). Probably won't have time before July (trying to get a story ready to send to an agent by the end of June), so please remind me!

MessagePosté: 06 Juin 2006, 05:49
par miaame
OK. ^_^ I like stories. I used to write a mess of crappy Soul Calibur fan fiction when I was in high-school. (years ago.)

MessagePosté: 04 Nov 2006, 04:34
par Tommy4552*
garooob a écrit:Woah, that's some awesome news!
There's not enough romance in CL already. They shouldn't lessen it! Who are these "American Producers" and what do they know, anyay? Take it from us, the FANS, not some suits in an office building.

DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE ROMANCE!!!! It is a cornerstone of the show!!!!

MessagePosté: 17 Nov 2006, 03:26
par Yumiko
Has anyone else been wondering if that's why the whole Yumi and Ulrich thing came to an abrupt end this season? Then again, it could be because Yumi and X.A.N.A. both know that Ulrich would do anything for her, including giving himself up to X.A.N.A., and she knows it would only be worse if they were together.

MessagePosté: 17 Nov 2006, 18:35
par garooob
Well, it did come close to ending in that first episode. Throughout season 3, they don't really act lovey towards each other. Somehow I think they'll stay together in season 4.

MessagePosté: 18 Nov 2006, 22:04
par Yumiko
I want them to stay together, but after reading a fan fic where XANA uses their relationship for his gain by making one sacrifice for the other, I'm thinking it could be kinda dangerous.