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Character Appearances of Season 5

MessagePosté: 13 Mai 2016, 16:52
par Ulrich_Stern506
Does anyone on the Yumi 2004 Network recognize the crazy different appearances of Samantha and Sissy (Elizabeth) Delmas.
Samantha is black with black hair with pink highlights, and a tom-girl, but in Season 5 she is white with blonde hair, and is a girly-girl.
Sissy has black hair, but in Season 5 she has blonde hair and it's not even bleached. What is going on in this crazy season.
Mrs. Hertz has curly gray hair, but in Season 5 she has red (straightened) hair.
Mr. Delmas has gray hair and a cleanly trimmed beard, but in Season 5 he has no beard and his hair is black.
Jeremy is supposed to be a gifted or brilliant student, but in Season 5 he struggles constantly with his academics.