Episode #121 - Ultimate Mission

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Episode #121 - Ultimate Mission


Friday, August 2, the last episode of Code Lyoko Evolution was broadcasted in Hungary, as a conclusion to the season #1. No season 2 is announced yet, and we can assume that MoonScoop recent issues does nothing to speed up the decision ... So, it could be the end of the entire series.

You can find a detailed summary on Wikia (forthcoming) and here is the official summary (translated in english):

Our heroes are on the cortex to inject Tyron's supercomputer with their virus. This should be their ultimate mission that will allow them to annihilate Xana. But it's a failure. They must wait twelve hours to be virtualised again, return to the cortex and finish their mission. Only, an unpredicted event happens. Tyron goes to the school and proves himself to be the legal guardian of Aelita! He gives her a terrible choice: find her mother again or infect his supercomputer. Aelita chooses to infect the supercomputer, convinced that her mother would agree with her. Seeing things get away from him, and wanting to avoid the destruction of his supercomputer by a virus at all costs, Tyron decides to shut it down. Odd, William, Ulrich and Aelita, who were already on the inside, risk being thrown into the digital sea forever. Our heroes get out of it just in time and turn their own supercomputer off, paralysing Xana. They've succeeded! Only, Tyron's supercomputer isn't really destroyed, just shut down. And if he manages to turn it on again and counter their virus... The Lyoko Warriors must remain on their guards.

And, again, here's the video of the final episode available for download or on Dailymotion :D

So, happy with this conclusion? Convinced by this season 5? And what about your expectations for the future? Come tell us everything!

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Re: Episode #121 - Ultimate Mission

The finale was great, but was such a cliffhanger... they must do a season 2. I hope the series have success in other countries, because Moonscoop is not in his best moment (sorry for my bad english).
So, I'll be waiting for news!

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Re: Episode #121 - Ultimate Mission

Hello every one here! I've just translate this episode, the end of the CLE. This translation is according to the Spanish subs, I don't know Spanish, but I use the Google translator and then use my mind to correct some grammartic mistakes. Here it is!
CLE ep26 Ultimate Mission (ENG translation)

Aelita: Mama! It's me, Aelita! I'm alive! Are you hear me? I'm alive!
Mom: Aelita? This can't be, I must be dreaming.
Tyron: Who are you talking to?
Aelita: Mom, please listen to me, It's thanks dad for survived me, he sent me to Lyoko... Mom, I love you, hear my voice! Mom!
Mom: Lyoko... Franz... Aelita?!
Jeremy: Aelita? Are you okay?
Aelita: Yes, I was just thinking...
Yumi: Listen, if you want to try to contact your mother again, we all agree.
Aelita: No, we've already discussed, we've waited long enough, destroying XANA is most important. It seems that my mother works for Tyron, but is likely to have another life. With the virus on Tyron's supercomputer, it will lose a way to communicate with her, but I haven't lost hope of seeing her again. Just find another way.
Jeremy: Are you sure what you're saying?
Aelita: If my mother knew the danger of XANA, I'm sure she would have told me to go fight with it.
Yumi: No doubt, your mother would be proud of you.
Aelita: Alright. Let's go!
Jeremy: Get ready for transfer. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Virtualization. Well, I remember the last time. When you are entering Cortex, I’ll materialized the Megapod so you can get into the core without being crushed by the earthquakes. Sorry William, but there’s no other place, so you will have to stay in the Skid and be the reinforcement.
William: What!? Wait, I can’t stay in the Skid while you all guys are going to destroy XANA! The idea is for group, right?
Jeremy: I have no choice.
William: But... I could go to Megapod. With my Super Smoke, it could prevent the earthquakes.
Jeremy: Still risky. This will be our last mission, you have to be as a reinforcement in case.
Odd: Bad luck, Will!
William: What is this new trend of calling Will? I hate being called that, my name is William
Odd: Okay, Will!
Jeremy: Again, once inside the core, one of you will have to connect the interface to open an access channel that allows me to infect Tyron’s supercomputer. It would be like invading XANA’s home and the system would be infected and destroyed. It will be the end of XANA. Does everyone understand?
Ulrich: Yes, of course. After completing this, we have to go back to our normal lives. Can’t believe it!
Aelita: A normal life, I will never know what is that means...
Yumi: We will always be with you, Aelita.
Aelita: Yes, I am very fortunate to have you!
Odd: Cortex is in sight! Admire it, it could be the last time we make this trip. See you, Will!
William: Stop calling me that!
Jeremy: This must be a dream! Incredible, friends, Cortex has evolved!
A&O&U&Y: What?!
Jeremy: tyron has improved its system. Currently they are traveling on Cortex.
Aelita: Does this change anything for the infection?
Jeremy: Nothing has changed but the platform is set up to make it stable. This is good news no more earthquakes!
Odd: No more earthquakes? What the hell, goodbye to my little moments of adrenaline!
William: Jeremy, Does that mean we can go safely through the platform?
Jeremy: Exactly! No need to ask, I understand. I'll transfer you immediately. You can join the others.
William: Great, Jeremy! Could you tell Odd that Will is on the way?
Jeremy: Now, I will! Odd, Will told me to tell you that...
Odd: Yes, Jeremy? What is the little Will wants?
Jeremy: It's not the time to laugh, friends, XANA has been seen! Three Mantas, and the first is just above you.
Ulrich: I will use the canon.
Odd: Make it better, this will be our last battle!
Ulrich: Yes, I did! I did it.
Jeremy: Great, but not claim victory, the other two are coming! I remind you that XANA has recovered 95% of its power.
Yumi: Jeremy, fight outside!
Jeremy: Alright!
Odd: Jeremy, I can't handle it!
Ulrich: And I, I can't shoot too!
Jeremy: Oh no, it can't be! The Megapod is disintegrating!
Odd: What?! Get us out of here!
Jeremy: I don't have enough time!
Odd: Finally, this is not a wonderful departure...
Ulrich: You could say it's a regrettable departure...
Jeremy: Yumi, Aelita must be protected completely! There is more than an earthquake now, she is the only one who can open the door!
Yumi: Oh no! Aelita!
Aelita: Thank you!
Yumi: Aelita, William, quick ! The core is there, we can do it! Try to open the door! No!
Jeremy: Run, Yumi, run!
Yumi: It can't be! I was going to make it! That's it, get out!
Odd: This is wrong! It should be our last mission, it's a shame!
Jeremy: This has only been an against time.
Ulrich: Keep your hope! Because frankly, we didn't expect this.
Yumi: That's true. XANA has never been stronger. It's Mantas have destroyed Megapod in seconds.
Aelita: We will have to give up the virus and do it another time.
Jeremy: Wait, I'll make it! We just surprised, that's all! In twelve hours, or ... At 18:30 pm, may can be revirtualization. And this time, it will be the final of XANA. Okay?
Aelita: You guys are already there? Does an hour? No, I am surprised ... I'll be there in two minutes.
Jim: Aelita, I was looking for you, the principal wants to see you.
Aelita: Now? But why?
Jim: You'll see it. Come on.
Aelita: Tyron... Let me out! That man is dangerous!
Jim: Come on, Aelita!
Delmas: What are you saying? Aelita, I don't understand, aren't you happy?
Aelita: Happy for what?
Delmas: For that your mother is still alive.
Tyron: That's normal, don't worry. Too many boards for the poor news. I understand this is difficult for you, you found out that your mother is alive and at the same time she remarried. That's a lot, right? But whatever you like it or not... Now I am your father!
Yumi: I don't understand... She said she would arrive in two minutes.
Jeremy: It's 18:30 now.
Yumi: I am going to find her. You know what you have to do.
Jeremy: You go to the scanners, virtualization immediately and be ready for when they arrive.
Ulrich: I'm worried. Aelita hasn't been late...
William: Maybe she changed her mind.
Odd: what? Do you believe that?
Ulrich: Don't say that, Aelita isn't like that.
Odd: Especially since we agreed the choice of this morning. Finally, I mean, I could understand that she doesn't want do it, but she said it was fine.
William: But she is not here. What else do you think could have happened?
Delmas: Your mother and Mr. Tyron were married four years ago. This authorization of your mother says Tyron is your guardian. You can go to Switzerland and back to see your mother.
Aelita: No, I won't...
Tyron: Your mother suspected that this wouldn't be easy for you... She sent you a message...
iPad, Mom: Aelita, my dear, I don't know where to start, I'm so glad that you're alive, we'll see, it's like... a miracle, even I don't believe it. You will meet Mr. Tyron, my dear husband. I sent him to bring you back, trust him. I'll tell you all, we have much things to talk about, I hope we can... I love you, Aelita.
Tyron: This medallion is from your mother, she asked me to give it to you.
Yumi: Excuse me, do you know where is Aelita?
The girl: Over there, in Delmas' office.
Yumi: In Delmas' office? Thank you...
Tyron: With only five minutes would be fine, thanks. Well, now there's just us, we will be able to speak clearly. If you ever want to see your mother, you have to obey. Is it clear? First, I want to you to tell your friend to stop it. I know you're about to infect my system. Call them...
Aelita: No...
Tyron: If you don't obey me, I assure you that you will never see your mother again... But if you obey me, you can do whatever you want, even leave, I don't care, and I have what I wanted, files from your father. So, what?
Aelita: I can't do this...
Tyron: With that infect a supercomputer is more important than your mother...
Aelita: I try to explain. We have nothing against your system. But the problem is that your system is hosting XANA, and XANA is very dangerous.
Yumi: Let me pass! They said she was there.
Jim: Yumi, no! It's a private event!
Yumi: A private event? What kind of things is it? Aelita!
Aelita: Run, Yumi!
Tyron: Stop them!
Jim: I... I can not use force beyond my limits...
Driver: Yes, professor?
Aelita: Yes Jeremy, I assure you, Tyron has married my mother, and became to my guarduan. But my mother doesn’t know of XANA or us. The manipulation.
Jeremy: This’s crazy! How did you find it? Did we leave tracks? Wait a second... Where are you now?
Aelita: In the park, we were directed to the catwalk...
Jeremy: Stop it!
Aelita:Jeremy, what’s happened?
Jeremy: Someone is following! My security system has captured a GPS signal type that comes from you.
Jeremy: The person who is carrying the receiver has just entered the park.
Aelita: Jeremy, We found the worm, what should we do?
Jeremy: Give Yumi that the thing send signal, if Tyron know where is our Lab, it’ll be over. Come at once! Good news, Aelita is coming!
Ulrich: What happened? Why does she get do late?
Jeremy: Tyron found us, he try to take her with him, but she managed to escape.
Ulrich: See? I told you that Aelita is not that kind of girl you thought of...
William: You’re right!
Jeremy: Transfer Aelita
Odd: At last! I’m not impatient, but ... Finally, William, the important thing is that she is with us.
Aelita: Come on! This time, we won’t make mistakes.
Ulrich: The core is in sight!
Tyron: Where is Aelita? Where is the other? Tell me the Lab...
Tyron: This is Tyron. I want you to run a scan immediately of the core, I want to know if there’s someone inside. I’ll stay online.
Phone: There are two presences just arriving and detected in the core.
Tyron: Turn off the supercomputer, is an order!
Yumi: Don’t do that! You don’t know anything!
Tyron: I know very well. However, I prefer to turn off my supercomputer to lose my job because of your silly virus.
Yumi: But my friends! If you turn it off, they...!
Aelita: The core’s light has changed, is anything happened?
Jeremy: No, it can’t be...
Ulrich: What?
Jeremy: Tyron turn off the supercomputer!
Aelita: Jeremy, open the channel to access the virus.
Jeremy: No, you don’t have tome! You should get out of there as fast as you can!
Uleich: Would that serve if Tyron turn off his Supercomputer?
Aelita: He did it to prevent us to proceed, but then, the reactivated...
Jeremy: Aelita, hurry up!
Ulrich: Hurry up!
Aelita: That’it! I opened an access channel, Jeremy, you can transfer the virus!
Jeremy: First, bring you back! I can’t do it, the Cortex shutdown procedure blurs the signal! I can’t see the coordinates!
Odd: What is this madness? What’s going on?
Jeremy: Tyron turn off the supercomputer. I have to get you out before Cortex disappears.
William: Otherwise?
Jeremy: Otherwise, you’ll fall into the digital sea and not be able to return. But if you ere in Skid, I’ll be helpful and could capture the signal to bring you in return. Hurry up!
Ulrich: Come on, hurry up!
Phone: The deactivation process end in an instant.
Tyron: That’s the good news. Now your friends won’t be able to escape alive from this.
Aelita: It’s going too fast!
Ulrich: We’ll never make it!
Jeremy: If that would block them! The Skid is in front of you! It’a very closer! Just a little more effort! No, no!
Aelita: Jeremy, we’re falling!
Jeremy: I told you, that’s all! Now I have the signal!
Phone: It’s over.
Tyron: That’s it, let her go, we won’t have any problem...
Yumi: Tyron was gone, when smile,thought...! I was so scared!
Odd: We too! It took five minutes to reappear in the scanners.
Yumi: And the virus? Did it run?
Jeremy: No... I had time to transfer the virus but Tyron deactivated his supercomputer... Tyron could act... But if it reactive, the virus will be activated and destroy his system.
William: After all. Tyron get stuck. So we had success?
Yumi: Except for the supercomputer, Tyron has had time. He didn’t seem discouraged about this. The virus can be counteracted at all?
Jeremy: Yes, it is. We must be on guard.
Aelita: For now, turn off our supercomputer. XANA will continue awake if Lyoko is still on.
Ulrich: It’s ture. What are we waiting for?
Jeremy: We can beat XANA, but It’s not over for us. Tyron wo;; reture here, and is now the legal guardian of Aelita.
William: Never give up Aelita, we are the strongest.
Jeremy: That’s what I want to hear. XANA, you lost in this round...

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Re: Episode #121 - Ultimate Mission

Episode transcript with improved grammar:

Aelita: Mama! Mama, it's me, Aelita! I'm alive! Can you hear me? I'm alive!
Anthea: Aelita? It can't be, I don't understand...
Tyron: Who are you talking with?
Aelita: Mama, please! Thanks to Dad, I survived! He sent me to Lyoko. I love you, Mama. Listen to my voice! Mama!
Anthea: Lyoko? Well... Aelita?
Jeremie: Aelita, are you okay?
Aelita: Yes, I was just thinking.
Yumi: Look, if you would like to speak with your mother for the last time, it's okay for us.
Aelita: No, we've waited enough. Defeating XANA is more important. My mother works for Tyron, but I'm sure she has a personal life. For the time being, we can only talk to her on Tyron's supercomputer, but I hope I'll find her. I'll think of something else.
Odd: Are you sure?
Aelita: If my mother knew how dangerous XANA is, I'm sure she would encourage me to do this, too.
Yumi: I think so too.
Aelita: So, are we going?
Jeremie: I'm starting the transfer. One, two, three, four, five. Virtualization!
Jeremie: So, let's get over it again. After you've arrived to the Cortex, I'll send the Megapod so you can reach the core intact. Sorry William, but it has only four places. You will stay in the Skid in meantime.
William: What? You expect me to sit in the Skid while you destroy XANA? I thought we're one team.
Jeremie: That's it.
William: I could go after the Megapod. I can avoid the quakes with my super smoke.
Jeremie: That's dangerous. This is the last mission. You're the backup.
Odd: You're out of luck, Will.
William: Since when do you call me Will? I hate it. My name is William.
Odd: Okay, Will.
Jeremie: I repeat, after you're in the core, one of you will connect to the interface. I can send the virus to Tyron's computer through that connection. XANA is there. As the virus reaches the computer and infects the system, XANA is destroyed. Everyone understood?
Ulrich: It's clear. I can't wait for it to be over. Peace can return, though that's hard to believe.
Aelita: Peace? I feel like I'll never know what that's like.
Yumi: We'll always be next to you, Aelita.
Aelita: Yes, it's very good that you are here.
Odd: Cortex in sight! Take the opportunity, maybe this is the last time we see it!
Odd: Hi Will!
William: Will you stop?
Jeremie: What? Incredible, the Cortex has changed.
Aelita+Yumi+Ulrich+Odd: Huh?
Jeremie: Tyron has improved the system. Currently you are in Cortex number 20.
Aelita: And how much does that affect the virus injection?
Jeremie: Not at all. It will be just as effective. The difference is that he made it stabler, there won't be any more quakes.
Odd: No more quakes? It's a shame. We got nice adrenaline injections from XANA.
William: If I understood it right, that way it's safe to travel on its surface.
Jeremie: As you stay. Don't even continue, I understand. I'll send you after the others right now. Transfer!
William: Cool. Tell Odd that Will is coming.
Jeremie: I'll pass it on. Odd, Will asked me to pass...
Odd: Yes, Jeremie? What does the little Will want?
Jeremie: The walk is over. XANA spotted you. Three mantas behind you.

To be continued...

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Re: Episode #121 - Ultimate Mission

Subbed video finally available here.

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