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Message 27 Aoû 2004, 00:19

Anti-Spam Team

Hello, I am a member of LSC (Lyoko's Strongest Club) Otherwise known as an Anti-Spam Team! We are willing to protect your forum for spam! If you accept us!
Master SGt. of the Anti-Spam Team! (LSC)
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Tueur de Blocks

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Message 29 Aoû 2004, 10:07

Actually, i think we're offense or anything, but it's not like we can't protect ourselves............and not many people post spam here. so, yeah........
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Chasseur de Frolions

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Message 30 Aoû 2004, 04:40

I agree, I've not seen any trouble any where on the Lyoko sites. One consideration I have with all the sites I'm at is an acceptance of the authority in place. I'm not likely to invite people I don't know to have power. Especially when it is what they seek. I think Vivi and the others can delete anyone troublesome.
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Marmotte qui fait tomber la pluie

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Message 30 Aoû 2004, 10:17

Hello thank you for your request , but we d'ont need this...

Futur Lyokofan

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Message 06 Sep 2004, 06:54

oui oui, i agree with Lysander.... plus he can hopefully just IP ban that spammer for a time, as punishent! well gtg... cya!
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Démolisseur de Mégatanks

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Message 06 Sep 2004, 23:48

As of today, I am the anti-spam team. Lysander et. al. have made me the moderator of the English forum. So watch out, spammers! (Not like there's much of a problem with that.)

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