Reverse Dimension Panic


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Message par DragonGirl » 22 Nov 2013, 02:30

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic


Jeremy and Aelita search the supercomputer for any sigh of Xana. During the search a video image pops up of a man in a dark robe. The man appears to be in his early to mid-forties with graying blond hair, blond stubble with a few grey hairs, and slightly pointed ears. He's kneeling next to a large machine that he appears to be tinkering with.

Jeremy: What is this?

Aelita: That man somehow looks familiar.


Someone Off-screen: So exactly how old are you?

Man: (Laughing) Trust me my friend you do not want to know.

(the video cuts to the man sitting in a chair similar to the one in the lab. in a room with a setup similar to the lab. He’s staring straight into the camera.)

Man: If you’re watching this then let me apologize. You have managed to find yourself in a serious situation. Chances are I’ll be dead by the time I finish recording these things much less before anyone finds them. But I have to leave these messages. Even If they end up being found too late to serve their intended purpose I’m sure that they can be of some help to the multiverse in its time of need. I’ve hidden these video messages to the future protectors of the multiverse in a dimension far away from the one I’m in now, in videos that may not have anything to do with my messages. Some will be hidden in security camera videos like the one this message interrupts. Others will be hidden in my own home movies. Whoever you are I want you to listen to them carefully and use whatever knowledge you gain from these messages to keep the multiverse from destroying itself. If you don’t have the power to do so then just do your best. Get these messages to my successor if you have to. Just never stop fighting for the future. (Sighs) Franz. If you’re seeing this I want you to know that I’m sorry for dragging you and Aelita into this mess. I know you were worried about getting me involved with your problems but considering the nature of some of the programs on your supercomputer I would have been forced to intervene at some point even if I hadn't already met you. Thank you for helping me with my desperate attempt to keep my children safe but I fear I may never get the chance to help you in return. I have one final favor to ask. If somehow you should meet my kids in their travels. I want you to keep them safe. I’m sorry to ask this of you. But If I’m right about what’s going to happen then Lyoko may well end up being the only safe place in the entire multiverse.

(the previous video returns showing the man holding a latter and another man wearing a labcoat partially in frame is standing on the latter, messing with something above a giant metal tube.)

labcoat guy: You still haven’t answered my question.

man: Which one?... Oh right my age.

labcoat guy: I figured someone who’s really immortal would want to brag about their age. Can you pass me the wire cutters?

man: Just because I can’t die naturally doesn’t make me immortal. (Gives Labcoat guy some wire cutters)

labcoat guy: How old are you forty-seven? Forty- eight? (moves the wire cutters off screen.)

man: (Chuckles) You’re guessing is getting closer Franz but not by nearly enough. Just give up If you knew how long I’ve actually been alive you would never believe it.

Franz: I’m just making conversation. Not much else to talk about while making these final adjustments

Man: (sighs) I suppose after all you’ve done for me I can at least let you know how much of a geezer I really am. While my unusual aging speed and my magical abilities keep me looking drastically younger I’m actually 35,286.

Franz: (Drops the wire cutters) Maybe we should take a break.

(the image fades to static)

~~~end Video~~~

Jeremy stares at the screen with his glasses halfway falling off his face. Aelita turns away from the screen and wipes the tears from her face. The others exit the elevator with Sara standing behind them. With everyone home safe and Xana seemingly gone at least for the moment the group begins the walk back to Kadic.

Yumi: So you think he’s really gone?

Aelita: it’s too soon to tell but it looks like it.

Jeremy: We won’t shut down the supercomputer until we know for sure that Xana’s gone

Ulrich: So what do we do about the other problem?

Jeremy: What other problem?

Ulrich: The fact that some of us are starting to develop powers on earth.

Odd: You can use your Lyoko powers here? No fair!

Ulrich: Well Not exactly. It’s more like magic I guess.

Aubere: Well Sara does use a lot more magic than she should. But you shouldn’t be developing “exposure magic” this soon. Not unless she’s used magic on you directly.

Ulrich: She has. A lot

Sara: It’s not like you didn’t provoke me into it. (Stops and puts her hand in her pocket)

Odd: (looks back at Sara) You alright Sara?

Sara: Yeah go on ahead I’ll catch up with you guys in a second.

Sara waits for the other to get a few feet away before she pulls out her Pokegear and looks at the screen to find a text message.

~~~ We need to discuss your reckless actions.
Come to these Coordinates.
Manager of the Inter-Dimensional
Communication System, ~~~

Odd: (standing at the end of the bridge) Hey Sara are you coming or not?

Sara: (Shoves her Pokegear back into her pocket) Yeah I’m
coming (Runs across the bridge to catch up with her friends)

Message par DragonGirl » 06 Nov 2013, 04:55

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 40 Last Desperate Attempt.

Jeremy Sends the remaining Reverse Warriors to sector five. Shortly afterwards he sends Ulrich to the Desert to help Reverse Sara and Reverse Odd. He calls tries to call Aelita in the Reverse Dimension but she doesn’t respond.

Jeremy: Damn it where are they?

???: Hey can you hear me there’s something bad happening on this end.

Jeremy: I hear you. Who am I talking to right now.

???: This dimension’s version of you I’m guessing.

Jeremy: Can you tell me what’s happening on that end?

Reverse Jeremy: I’m not exactly sure. Electricity is coming out of everywhere. Your Sara is being totally insane and keeps blocking every bolt. I have no idea how she’s moving so fast.

Jeremy: Xana. (begins typing) Look We have to get them all to Lyoko now. Can you get the others to the scanners. I’m going to try to hack into the supercomputer on your side.

~~Perspective Shift to Reverse Side~~

Reverse Jeremy: Are you sure you can?

Aubere: (holding a shield made of Ice) Hey stupid put it on speaker so we can all hear our Dimension’s Jeremy (Blocks a bolt of electricity with the Ice shield) ungh!

Reverse Jeremy: I don’t know how.

Yumi: Ok how is that thing even working?

Aubere: It’s not.

Sara: I told you to let me handle this Aubere!

Odd: It’s f5

Aubere: How the hell do you know that?

Odd: Um. well- ahg

Sara: (Blocks a bolt of electricity just before it hits Odd) Guys just shut up so I can focus.

Reverse Jeremy: (Comes out of hiding and adjusts the head set before pressing the F5 key)

Jeremy: Ok I think I almost have control of the computer on your end.

???: You would think that wouldn’t you.

Reverse Jeremy: Not that guy again.

Aubere: Really You’re gonna use the Vader voice again?

Jeremy: Who is that?

Aelita: The IDCS Manager he seems. to like hideing his voice.

IDCS Manager: You can’t hack the other supercomputer through the IDCS If you needed help ask don’t try to bust through my firewall. Unless you want everything on that computer to get wiped out.

Aelita: We have to get to the activated tower.

Jeremy: Don’t worry about that for now. We can deal with that once you’re all on Lyoko.

Reverse Jeremy: Even me.

IDCS Manager: Well you’ll probably get electrocuted if you don’t go so…

Reverse Jeremy: Yes finally I get to show my stuff!

IDCS Manager: I’ll send the first group shortly. InterDimensional Guardian I need you to get everyone into the scanners safely. can you do that?

Sara: (Growls as she teleports to block another attack)

IDCS Manager: Guess you don’t have much choice do you.

Sara, Aubere, and Yumi are the last ones to reach Lyoko’s Reverse half’s valley sector. Reverse Jeremy is nowhere to be found but Odd is on the ground laughing.

Yumi: What happened?

Aelita: Odd scared Reverse Jeremy away.

Aubere: Odd’s our second least intimidating person. How’d that happen?

Odd: (Stands up and walks over behind a large tree)

Reverse Jeremy: Hey let go I’m not coming out you can’t make me.

Jeremy: Hey everyone focus please. Aubere, Aelita, Yumi, and Odd I need you to head for the edge of the sector.

Aubere: What?

Yumi: Is the activated tower in sector five?

IDCS manager: It’s not. What are you planning Kid?!

Jeremy: We’re making the switch now.

Aelita: What about Xana? Won’t he just redirect all his energy into stopping us?

Jeremy: No Xana’s going to have his hands full.

Aelita: Jeremy You can’t launch it yet. It’s not ready.

Jeremy: It’s done. The IDCS Manager even added in some extra fail safes so we don’t end up with a new Xana.

IDCS Manager: You better know what you’re doing kid.

Jeremy: I have everything under control.

Sara: Why wasn’t I on that list earlier?

Jeremy: You need to go to the ocean sector. There’s a tower there we need to get you to.

Sara: Why am I the only one.

Jeremy: I’ll explain on the way.

It takes Sara less time to get to the way-tower and into the ocean sector than it does for the rest of the Lyoko Warriors to get half way to the edge of the sector. Reverse Jeremy follows not far behind with his excessively large spiked gloves dragging on the ground as he walks. Finally Sara reaches the tower at the far end of the ocean sector’s archipelago and enters the tower. She makes her way to the center and levitated to the second level of the tower.

Sara: What now? (Crosses her arms)

Jeremy: I’m not sure yet. Hold on a minute.

The Lyoko Warriors reach the edge of the sector, and not long later Sector five where they finally meet their reverse selves. the two groups share pointless banter while they wait for whatever is supposed to happen next. Reverse Odd shows up and tries to stay as far from everyone as he can. Odd walks over and stands next to his Reverse self.

Odd: So you’re a monkey? … (Waves his hand in front of Reverse Odd’s face) Hello?

Reverse Ulrich: (Looks over at the Two Odds.) Dude you ok?

Reverse Odd: (Shrugs)

Yumi: What’s his problem?

Reverse Ulrich: He doesn’t like Crowds.

Odd: (Pokes his reverse self in the face) Did something happen?

Reverse Odd: (Crosses His arms) Your side’s Jeremy made me come back here. Is he really the one in charge on your side?

Odd: So why aren’t Our Ulrich and Your Sara here.

Reverse Odd: Our Sara’s genetic code is unstable. she and the original have to go to the towers that contain their data and I don’t know what’s supposed to happen after that. Your Ulrich is trying to get her there.

Odd: So If you didn’t want to come back her then why’d you listen?

Jeremy: Odd stop giving yourself bad ideas.

Yumi: So we can’t make the switch until we’ve fixed whatever’s Wrong with Reverse Sara?

IDCS Manager: He can’t figure out what he has to do. I can get some of you back to your side right now but the reverse side doesn’t have a materialization program to use.

Jeremy: That’s It! I know how to re-stableize Reverse Sara.

Reverse Odd: Great.

Jeremy: I have to go get something from my room I’ll be right back.

Aelita: Watch out for Jim this time.

Yumi: And don’t twist your ankle again.

Jeremy: (sarcastic) Very funny ladies.

Ulrich and Reverse Sara finally arrive at the tower. Reverse Sara enters and makes her way to the second level of the tower. She forces one of the usb cables attached to her arm into the interface and begins hacking. Ulrich Enters the tower briefly to make sure everything is ok when he’s sure nothing is going wrong he goes back outside.

Jeremy finally gets back to the commuter room and finds The IDCS Manager standing next to the supercomputer.

Jeremy: Do you ever take your hood off?

IDCS Manager: Not when I’m working.

Jeremy: So why are you here?

IDCS Manager: Xana is making a last desperate attempt to save himself by hacking into IDCS Headquarters. I put up the strongest firewall I could use but I can’t do anything there while it’s running.

Jeremy: Well maybe you can help me. (Holds up a disk) Well I have to Figure out how to get this disk over to the Reverse Dimension side.

IDCS Manager: (Grabs the Disk) I’ve got that covered but how are you going to get the Sara’s into the right towers before the collapse happens?

Jeremy: What do you mean?

IDCS manager: The symmetry points are all on Lyoko. We don’t have enough time to get both Sara’s switch sides. If we don’t do something in the next ten minutes both dimensions will collapse.

Jeremy: (Sits down and begins typing) We’ll just have to devirtualize everyone else first.

IDCS Manager: I’ll take care of that. (Disappears)

After two minutes everyone is back in their proper dimensions except the two Saras. Reverse Sara manages to find a program that causes her to switch places with the Origional making things more convenient for Jeremy and The IDCS Manager.

IDCS Manager: (Adjusts something under his hood) Alright Are you in the center of the tower.

Reverse Sara: Yes.

IDCS Manager: Alright. Launching the program now. (types something then holds down the enter key) Code Earth.

Reverse Odd: You’re sure this will work?

IDCS Manager: As long as the other side’s Jeremy launched the program at the same time.

Reverse Aubere: And you just guessed.

IDCS Manager: It doesn’t have to be exact just as close as possible.

A window with a red Exclamation point in a red circle pops up beeping obnoxiously.

Reverse Aubere: What did you do!?

IDCS Manager: (leans closer to the screen) Damn. The Program to destroy Xana is using too much power. She’ll force the supercomputer to shut its self down at this rate.

Reverse Odd: One program uses that much Power?

IDCS Manager: It’s not just one program. It’s, Lyoko, and the Materialization, And the Anti-Xana program drawing as much power as she can to destroy Xana, and Xana trying to draw as much power as he can to survive.

Reverse Ulrich: How do we fix this?

IDCS Manager: (Grabs Reverse Odd and shoves him towards the computer terminal) Keep an eye on the screen Make sure nothing else goes wrong. Someone come get me when the materialization is complete I’ll be downstairs (disappears)

Reverse Aelita: What do you think he’s going to do?

Reverse Odd: Get more power somehow.

Meanwhile Jeremy has just received the same error message and is trying to find a way to get more power to the super computer. Everyone in the room is in somewhat of a panic.

Aelita: Maybe we can shut down the Anti-Xana program.

Jeremy: That might get us enough power but who knows what Xana will do.

Ulrich: What about a car battery?

Jeremy: Where are we supposed to find one in time to keep the supercomputer from shutting down.

Odd: Too bad Sara’s stuck on Lyoko she could use her powers to keep the supercomputer running.

Aubere: Where are Sara’s Pokemon right now?

Ulrich: In her room.

Aubere: (rubs her chin) That’s too far a way to go get them.

Yumi: there’s got to be something we can do?

Aras appears out of nowhere. then looks around.

Aras: Damn Wrong spot. Where’s the power supply?

Jeremy: Two floors down.

Aubere: Are you insane?

Jeremy: It will be fine.

Aras goes to the Room with the on/off switch and begins sending her electrical energy into it.
Aras’s actions provide just enough power to get Sara and Reverse Sara home safely. She leaves before anyone gets a chance to thank her. Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aubere leave the lab to go welcome Sara home. Not long later the Anti-Xana Program Stops running.


Ok the final hint as to what the song from chapter 38 is... The SNL Digital short that this song was used in was featured Adam Levine. I'll post the epilogue in a few weeks.

Message par DragonGirl » 23 Oct 2013, 05:43

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 39 Where this all began

Reverse Sara and Reverse Odd arrive in the desert sector Reverse Odd has Reverse Sara lean on his shoulder as they start to walk in the direction of the nearest tower. They don’t get very far before the overboard appears next to them. Reverse Odd looks at it for a full minute before looking up at the sky.

Reverse Odd: Hey Jeremy from this side. What the hell is this thing.

Jeremy: Don’t tell me you don’t have vehicles on your side?

Reverse Odd: Does a half finished rocket horse count?

Reverse Sara: A Pegasus would make more sense.

Reverse Odd: Well yeah but a Pegasus wouldn’t be able to hold up Our Ulrich’s armor. It would collapse.

Reverse Ulrich: Hey I heard that.

Jeremy: Anyway I think I found a way to keep your Sara from fading into nothing.

Reverse Odd: Good let’s hear it!

Jeremy: There’s a tower in the mountain sector containing our Sara’s virtual data. If we can get your Sara there we may be able to restore the missing pieces and re-stabilize her.

Reverse Sara: The original would have to be present for something like that.

Aras: Not nessicarily Sevey. The original would have to be in the tower on the opposite side. the one containing your data.

Reverse Sara: Stop calling me that Subject SD-08. See that hurts doesn’t it.

Aras: Not really.

Reverse Odd: Look all that matters right now is getting to the tower in the mountain sector. (climbs on to the overboard then helps Reverse Sara get on the board) The sooner we do this the better.

Jeremy: The passage tower is west of your position. But it’s on the complete opposite side of the sector. I’m going to send this dimension’s Ulrich to help you.

Reverse Ulrich: I want to help too.

Jeremy: No way I don’t know what will happen If I send both of you.

Aras: Just don’t send them at the same time and everything will be fine.

Jeremy: I’ll have to run a simulation to be sure.

Aras: (sigh)

Reverse Aubere: So where’s the tower they’re heading for?

Jeremy: It looks like it’s the tower that was activated just before the switch occurred.

Aras: It all makes sense now.

Jeremy: What are you talking about?

Aras: (Turns towards the elevator and walks away) nothing that concerns you.

Reverse Odd: So we’re headed back to where this all started.

Reverse Sara: Looks like it.

Reverse Aubere: Hey Now seems like as good a time as any to make the switch.

Jeremy: You’re probably right It’s time to end this. I’ll contact Aelita and let her know to get things ready on that side. This is going to be the final fight.

Ulrich: You‘re going to launch Anti-Xana?

Jeremy: You and Odd are the only one who call it that but yes.

Ok the second hint is the song was featured in an SNL Digital short.

Message par DragonGirl » 20 Oct 2013, 06:05

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

So I just noticed that I didn't give the hint as to what the song I was listening to during the last chapter was. (well technically there were several songs but the main one was referenced in the chapter but left ambiguous as to what it was.) you all have until the epilogue to figure out what it is and I will give a hint after each chapter until then. so your first hint is: the song is a parody song (not by Weird Al Yankovic)

Message par DragonGirl » 11 Oct 2013, 07:43

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

sorry it's been a while. Work and all that stuff. If anyone can guess the song that I was listening to while writing this chapter... I'll um let's see what will I do. I'll show a concept sketch of a character from a later story in this series of fanfics.

Chapter 38 Sevey.

Aras teleports into Sara and Aubere’s dorm. She walks over to Reverse Sara and stands over her.

Aras: Sevey wake up.

Reverse Sara: Please don’t call me that.

Aras: Well What should I call you?

Reverse Odd: (Walks into the room and stands over Reverse Sara) What are you doing here? (Looks over at Aras)

Aras: I’m making sure Sevey is alright.

Reverse Odd: Sevey?

Aras: It’s just what I call her. You call her Sara.

Reverse Odd: Ok then?

Aras: I’m sure She’s told you that she has some obscure Physical condition right.

Reverse Odd: A fake one. Though I don’t think she was lying. Someone else tricked her.

Aras: (Shakes her head) You’ve spent all this time with her and still don’t get it? Sevey is a clone of this dimension’s Sara.

Reverse Odd: What’s your point?

Aras: (Runs a hand through her hair) Oh right you’re essentially a clone too. How can I put this so you’ll understand. She’s not a naturally occurring clone. She was made in a laboratory.

Reverse Odd: Then I’m guessing you’re not her twin.

Aras: Technically I am. We were born on the same day, in the same lab, and share the same genetic code.

Reverse Odd: Look I’m just here to make sure Sara gets to class on time.

Reverse Sara: I’m fine will both of you please leave.

Reverse Odd: Hey. (kneels down next to Reverse Sara) What’s wrong.

Reverse Sara: I already. Told you.

Aras: You’re dying.

Reverse Sara: (scoots deeper under the blankets)

Reverse Odd: Sara?

Aras: Using your true power destabilized your genetic structure? You’re going to dissolve just like the rest?

Reverse Sara: (Pulls the blankets over her head)

Aras: Answer me Sevey!

Reverse Sara: My name is Subject SD-07. Not Sevey.

Reverse Odd: A-are you really going to die?

Reverse Sara: ….yes. In a few hours my body will dissolve into a pile of cells.

Reverse Odd: Is there anything we can do?

Reverse Sara: No.

Reverse Aubere: There is one way.

Reverse Odd: (Turns around to see Reverse Aubere standing in the doorway) What do we have to do.

Aras: How long have you been there?

Reverse Aubere: Oh like you didn’t notice me the moment I showed up.

Reverse Odd: (puts a hand on Reverse Sara’s shoulder) How can we save Sara?

Reverse Aubere: (sighs) We’d need either DNA from the Original Sara or the initial DNA Sample taken from Subject SD-07 immediately after her creation.

Reverse Sara: We can’t get either of those things.

Reverse Odd: We’ve got the original’s hairbrush

Reverse Sara: The Hair contains very little DNA most of the time It’s not enough for forensic scientists to catch criminals with the current level of technology. It’s not enough DNA to help me.

Rerverse Odd: Then We’ll try the other way.

Reverse Aubere: That Man we fought before was probably cloned from the DNA of Subject SD-07 and Subject SD-08.

Aras: Who would use the DNA of two clones deemed defective by their creators it makes no sense? Getting a new sample from the Original makes more sense.

Reverse Sara: Unless they couldn't for some reason.

Reverse Odd: There has to be something we can do. I’m not just going to let you die.

Reverse Sara: It’s alright. I finally got to be myself instead of living in the original’s shadow. I had friends for a little while. I’m just happy I got to meet all of you.

Reverse Odd: …. Lyoko.

Reverse Aubere: What?

Reverse Odd: Her Body won’t start to break down In the virtual world if we can get her to Lyoko It might buy us some time to find a solution.

Reverse Aubere: That could work.

Reverse Sara: Please don’t go to all that trouble for me. I've come to terms with my fate.

Reverse Odd: (Pulls the blanket off Reverse Sara) I-I’m not losing you. (Gently lifts Reverse Sara out of the bed then collapses under her weight) Damn. I thought I was stronger than that.

Aras sighs and makes some subtle hand gestures. The group finds themselves in the lab at the factory. Reverse Aubere Stares at Aras in amazement. Reverse Odd gently moves Reverse Sara off of him then heads for the supercomputer’s terminal. Reverse Aubere grabs his hand.

Reverse Aubere: Hey. Let me see if this plan of yours will work first.

Reverse Odd: How much time do we have.

Aras: Just under thirty minutes.

Reverse Aubere: I only need ten.

Reverse Odd: (Goes back to Reverse Sara) You have five! (leans Reverse Sara against the wall and sits down next to her)

Reverse Sara: Please don’t go to any trouble for me.

Reverse Odd: We’re not just going to let you die.

Reverse Sara: (Sighs) Thank you.

Reverse Odd: So um. Your sister. What’s her problem?

Reverse Sara: Her real name is Subject SD-08. She’s like me. An altered clone of the Original Sara Draconar. But unlike me with my series of fear complexes intended to control me. She was created to hate everything. They failed. To an extent.

Aras: Hey at least I have a purpose.

Reverse Sara: Killing the original is the reason you were created. Not something you actually have to do. Forget what Team Rocket wanted from you. Find your own path. It’s the only way to get out of the original’s shadow.

Aras: Tch. Screw that.

Reverse Sara: (yawns)

Aras: If you fall asleep you’ll die.

Reverse Odd: Aubere how much longer?

Reverse Aubere: Five minutes maybe. Just keep her awake.

Reverse Odd: Ok. (pulls out his MP3 player and puts the headphones in Reverse Sara’s ears) Hey listen to this.

Reverse Sara: … Heh heh. I should have known you’d like this song.

Reverse Odd: Yeah… It kind of reminds me of you.

Reverse Sara: Y-yeah I guess that makes sense. This song fits you too you know. (closes her eyes)

Reverse Odd: I know. (looks at Reverse Sara) H-hey. Don’t close your eyes. You have to stay awake.

Reverse Sara: I’m fine now. I just need sleep.

Reverse Odd: (Puts his hand on Reverse Sara’s cheek) Hey stay with me. Please.

Aras: You going to wimp out as usual Sevey?

Reverse Odd: She doesn't want to be called that

Reverse Aubere: Done. Get her to the scanners and I’ll start the transfer.

Reverse Odd once again tries to lift Reverse Sara and is again unsuccessful. Luckily Jeremy Ulrich, Reverse Ulrich, Reverse Aelita and Reverse Yumi step out of the elevator. Jeremy Takes over control of the supercomputer and begins typing. Ulrich and Reverse Ulrich help Reverse Odd get Reverse Sara into the elevator and shortly after into the scanners. Reverse Odd makes the decision to accompany Reverse Sara to Lyoko.

Message par DragonGirl » 06 Sep 2013, 06:14

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 37 New Problems.

Reverse Sara stands over the combined form or the two Williams. She holds her hand straight out in front of her and the wind blowing through the area falls silent. Reverse Aubere Holds her hand to her mouth and mumbles something. Reverse Aelita takes a few steps back. Ulrich leans with his back against a tree breathing heavily and holding his stomach. He looks off into the distance away from the rest of the group and seems to stare off in that direction. Reverse Odd steps forward to help Reverse Sara but she looks back at him and motions for him to step back. The new William Suddenly starts laughing and stands up and brushes himself off.

William?: That pathetic loser thought he could use my body for his plans? Well I really showed him. Now I have all the power. (Notices Reverse Sara in front of him) What do you think you’re doing?

Reverse Sara: Waiting.

William?: Pfft. You’ll be dead if you don’t get out of- UNGH. (Holds his head) Damn it Xana. I don’t need you any more stay out of my head.

Reverse Sara: (Holds her hand Above her head) Multi-Dimensional Wind! Come to me now!

The wind suddenly picks up again it wraps around Reverse Sara and lifts her a few inches off the ground in the form of a small tornado. While the new William and Ulrich seem strangely un-phased by the small tornado that’s picking up sticks rocks and fallen tree branches in the area, The others are forced to hand on to the nearby trees to keep from getting sucked in.

Reverse Aelita: Is Sara really doing all this?

Reverse Aubere: She is but she shouldn’t. What the hell is she thinking!

Reverse Odd: Will you back off? She’s a capable fighter.

Reverse Aubere: I know that’s the problem.

Reverse Sara: Dang it! It’s not enough.

Aras: Allow me to help! (Steps into the clearing and stands directly across from Reverse Sara) Multi-Dimensional Condensation come to me now. (clouds wrap around her, dissolves onto the ground then gushes upwards lifting her off the ground.)

Reverse Sara and Aras: Seal of Two!

the wind summoned by Reverse Sara and the water summoned by Aras combine together to form a magical symbol above the new William’s head. the Symbol floats downwards and absorbs into the new William’s body. His eyes change to Xana’s emblem.

Reverse Sara: There his powers have been sealed. He’s still stronger but now we can beat him.

Neo William: (Runs away at un-natural speed)

Aras: That’s right dirtbag! Run home and cry to your master!

A slow clap is heard from the bushes ad a strange man in his early to mid twenties steps towards the group from the direction Ulrich Was and still is staring in.

???: Oh Bravo ladies. Though I’d expect nothing less from those who carry the Draconar DNA.(Puts a hand in his pocket)

Aras: Who the hell?

Reverse Sara: Aras... He’s like us.

Aras: What? How do you mean?

Reverse Sara: Exactly like us.

Aras: How is that possible? You destroyed the remaining Samples didn’t you?

Reverse Sara: I thought I did.

???: Yes I am exactly like the two of you but much stronger.

Reverse Odd: Who’s the effeminate asshole? (Something ain’t right here.)

???: (Ignores Reverse Odd and steps closer to Aras) We have the same goal. Won’t you join me? Sister?

Aras: (tuns her hands into talons and tries to slash across the man’s stomach) We are not related!

???: (Jumps backwards onto a tree branch) I see. (Looks over at Reverse Sara) How about you? Would you want to join me.

Reverse Sara: Never.

???: I see (levitates down from the branch) I’ll just have to destroy the two of you. (shoots lightening at Reverse Sara and Aras the two of them scream in pain.)

Reverse Aubere: I’m not letting that happen! ICE BURST! (Shoots Ice at the strange man but it melts around him)

???: Is that all the clone of this zone’s former guardian can do?

Reverse Aubere: Gerrr. HAIL STORM! (Holds her hand above her head)

???: (Ice spheres fall towards him from nowhere but are simply bounce off in all directions) You are becoming mildly annoying.

Reverse Sara: (Releases her wings, tail and talons) S-stop it! (shoots a burst of wind at the strange man)

???: (Absorbs Reverse Sara’s attack) Cute. I can do that too. ( Shoots the attack back at her at quadruple power slaming her against a tree)

Reverse Odd: (runs and tries to punch the strange man but his attack is caught) Damn.

???: Why do you insects insist on fighting a battle you know you’ll lose. (Throws reverse Odd into the air and creates a invisible barrier around him) Stay put. I’ll deal with you later.

Aras: (Shoots a dark purple electricity at the strange man while his back it turned)

???: Ugh. (Turns towards Aras) Seems I underestimated your will to survive. Still you’re no theat.

Aras: Who made you!

???: (Sarcastic tone) I don’t know what you’re talking about. (Glances over at Ulrich then moves a hand up into the air.)

a small bit of land around the tree Ulrich is leaning against is launched high into the sky and just floats there. Ulrich hugs the tree digging his nails deep into the bark.

Aras: (Moves closer to Reverse Sara) This guy is too powerful what should we do Sevey

Reverse Sara: (stands up) We keep fighting.

Reverse Aubere: Like hell you will. We need to go while he’s distracted. There’s no saving the others we have to go while we still can.

Reverse Sara: (walks towards the strange man) Let them go.

???: Hum? You still alive? You seem harder to kill than your little friends here. (Snaps his fingers)

The invisible barrier around Reverse Odd becomes visible before it begins to shrink around him, and Ulrich is launched higher in to the air.

Reverse Aelita: (Hiding behind a tree) How does he know their fears?

Reverse Sara: (Glows) DIMENSIONAL GUST! (Launches some blades of winds at the strange man knocking him backwards by about a foot. She collapses to her knees.)

Aras: DIMENSIONAL TORRENT! (calls a flood of water cloaked in a dark purple aura down on the strange man)

???: Interesting. How can you both be InterDimensional Guardians? (Moves the hovering landmass that Ulrich is clinging to above Reverse Sara then makes it begin to fall.)

Reverse Aubere: (creates a Pillar of Ice that catches the land)

Reverse Sara: (looks up and sees the look of terror in reverse Odd’s Eyes. She stands up as her body becomes cloaked in electricity. She runs at the strange man and stabs him in the stomach canceling his magic attacks but getting her claws stuck in his flesh in the process. she tries to pull away but finds herself trapped.)

???: Ungh! How- Did you. (Magically throws Reverse Sara away from him) I’m going to get stronger and when I do. I’ll make you pay (Vanishes)

Reverse Odd: (Tries to stand up) Ugh. is everyone alright.

Ulrich: Hell no!

Reverse Aelita: I’m sorry I wasn’t any help.

Reverse Aubere: Who was that guy?

Aras: I think he was another clone. But who was he a clone of and who made him.

Reverse Odd: (manages to stand up and walk over to Reverse Sara) You were amazing. (holds out his hand to help Reverse Sara up)

Reverse Sara: Mnnn.

Reverse Odd: (kneels down next tor Reverse Sara) Hey are you ok?

Aras: (Walks over to Reverse Sara) Sevey? How much power did you put into that last attack?

A blue light passes over the area.

Reverse Aubere sits up in Aubere’s bed and looks around. Reverse Sara rolls over in Sara’s bed and yawns.

Reverse Aubere: What? How did we get here? Did someone program a trip back in time? I guess we just act like everything’s normal?

Reverse Sara: Uhhhhhn

Reverse Aubere: Hey are you ok? (climbs out of bed and walks towards Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: I- I’m fine.

Reverse Aubere: It’s happening again. Isn’t it.

Reverse Sara: I’m fine. I just need to rest.

Reverse Aubere: Alright I’m going to eat breakfast. Don’t stay up here too long.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

that helps sort it out.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

so remember when I promised you guys I's post a picture of a map and how the dimensions fit in the section of the multi-verse this story occurs in. well I finally have that now. I drew it made notes on it (as if written by the character who drew it [making the handwriting messy because the character has messy handwriting was not a great idea so I'm sorry if it's slightly illegible If needed I'll posed a list of everything the map says.]) to show what dimension is which including some extras like a dimension that wasn't originally going on the map If It's still confusing just ask(honestly I don't know how much this will really help.)

*Edit this is the map drawn in chapter 13 all notes except one (The * that says CLE in order to show that Code Lyoko Evolution is a separate dimension on it's own [at least in this story though because of some inconsistencies with the original series it will always be it's own dimension in my mind but that's not necessarily a bad thing])


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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 36 Why are you hitting yourself?

Jeremy enters the lab to find the IDCS manager sitting at the super computer typing something. Jeremy carefully moves to go back up to the upper lever or the scanner room, or the power switch. Anywhere that the IDCS Manager isn’t. But before he can reach the button…

IDCS Manager: Hello Jeremy Belpois.

Jeremy: H-hi.

IDCS Manager: You can relax. I’m not here to scare the piss out of you again. I’m here to make sure this new program of yours doesn’t turn into another malicious program that will make attempts to take over my terminal.

Jeremy: O-okay. Do you need my help with that?

IDCS Manager: No I’m almost done. I just need to add one more thing. (finishes and presses enter) There we go. (turns to face Jeremy) It’s not ready to go into action yet but in a few days it will have gained enough strength everything will turn out fine. Or at least it won’t be nearly as destructive as Xana if it goes rouge, and if it does I added a fail safe to delete everything that could potentially make the program destructive. Hopefully we won't need it.

Jeremy: What did you do exactly?

IDCS Manager: I added Empathy and Compassion. Well as much as I could anyway. I had to use some personalities of some videogame characters as a base to get it right though. (looks at the screen again) Hum strange I didn’t expect this.

Jeremy: What happened. (moves closer to look at the screen) You launched it already?

IDCS Manager: (nods) I knew It would gain sentience eventually but this soon?

Jeremy: What’s it doing.

IDCS Manager: Good question. (types something) It’s… Watching cat videos?

Jeremy: Huh? That’s a little strange.

IDCS Manager: I guess even computer programs get bored.

Jeremy: Yeah I guess so. Hey do you always have to have your face covered?

IDCS Manager: I run the Internet for the entire multiverse I have to remain anonymous. Noone can know my true identity. If people think they know me then they think they can get away with putting the multiverse at risk.

Jeremy: Isn’t Keeping the multiverse stable the InterDimensional Guardian’s job

IDCS Manager: (Stands up and walks over to a wall) Yes to an extent. Each InterDimensional Guardian has his, her, or its own zone to keep stable. This isn’t enough to hold up the entire multiverse. The IDCS has another purpose other than allowing communication between dimensions and dimensional zones It stabilizes the multiverse its self. This is because the InterDimensional Guardians are unable to cooperate with one another for multiple reasons and being mortals don’t have enough power to stabilize everything. I’m an Immortal and I don’t even have that kind of power. The only one person who could do that is the Guardian of Time but keeping time flowing requires all of her focus. A computer system run by an Immortal is apparently the best solution the ancients could come up with.

Jeremy: (sits down infront of the super computer) When you Say Ancients?

IDCS Manager: Immortals throughout the multiverse usually more than seven hundred years old. There are few of them now but during my predecessor’s time there were countless numbers of them scattered through the infinite dimensions. A group of them started the IDCS in an attempt to save the multiverse from destruction. They lost their lives in the process but in the end they succeeded.

Jeremy: Why did you complete my program for me?

IDCS Manager: Because you were on the right track but unless I helped you your program was going to turn into another Xana. We don’t need more of those running around. (rubs his head)

Jeremy: Thanks. Hey are you ok you don’t look well?

IDCS Manager: I’ll be fine. After I go home and rest. Just get your friends home and destroy Xana before any more damage can be done. (Bursts into squares of light leaving a glowing wire frame behind that quickly disappears)

Jeremy: (What the heck just happened?)

Meanwhile in at the reverse factory Sara sits in a corner staring off into space as Aelita and Aubere work on setting up communications with the other side of Lyoko. Odd, Yumi and Reverse Jeremy step out of the elevator. Odd goes over and sits down next to Sara.

Odd: Hey are you ok? That thing with Reverse Herve didn’t freak you out too much did it?

Sara: …I think…. I have to kill that guy who saved us.

Aubere: (looks over at Sara) Are you sure? That guy was the IDCS Manager. Even if you could kill him who would replace him? You don’t gain his powers by defeating him he has to choose his successor.

Sara: I don’t care.

Odd: What did he do that was so bad?

Reverse Jeremy: Didn’t he kick your butt earlier for no reason?

Odd: Well no he had a reason. Not a good one though.

Sara: His voice. His voice was exactly the same as…. (notices that everyone is staring at her) someone I knew.

Aubere: (stares at Sara) That’s no reason to try to kill him. The IDCS Manager could be a parallel version of the person you knew. (Sara I’m sorry. I know you’ll find out that what I’m saying is a lie eventually but hopefully you’ll know why I had to do this someday.)

Aelita: (finishes typing) I think I have everything set up I’m going to try to contact our Jeremy now. (Adjusts headset) Jeremy. are you there?

Back in the other dimension Reverse Ulrich has just joined Jeremy in the lab.

Reverse Ulrich: What’s up? Have you found a way home for us yet?

Jeremy: (rolls eyes) I already told you I can’t do anything without communication with the other side.

Aelita: Jeremy can you hear me? Are you there?

Jeremy: Hold that thought. (Grabs the head set and puts it on) Aelita is that you? (checks the super scan for an activated tower)

Aelita: Yes Jeremy. I’m so glad I was able to contact you.

Jeremy: You don’t know how happy I am to hear your voice. I guess it’s a good thing I skipped class today for a minute I was starting to regret it.

Aelita: It’s good to hear you too. I have some bad news though. We lost Ulrich.

Jeremy: I know but don't worry about it we found him wandering around in the forest sector on this side.

Yumi: You mean Ulrich’s ok!

Jeremy: (Takes off the headset rubs his ears then puts it back on.) Hey there Yumi. Yes Ulrich is safe and sound in class with the Odd and Aelita from that side.

Aelita: It looks like everything worked out now all we need to do is make the switch.

Jeremy: Is everyone there? If so you all could come back now and I’ll send your Reverse selves back as soon as they get out of class.

Aelita: Unfortunatly we’ll have to wait. The switch has to be made at the same time.

Jeremy: What Why?

Aubere: Two dimensions connected by a single point like the ones we’re in now are known as a Butterfly type dimension. Butterfly type dimensions have either people or objects that are inverted versions of each other on each side called symmetry points. if too many move to one side or if they disappear entirely both sides will collapse. There’s already a big enough risk with Two Ulrichs on the same side. It’s too risky if we don’t make the switch at the exact same time.

Jeremy: Ok that makes sense. (notices something strange on Lyoko) Hum… Aelita is anything strange happening on that side of Lyoko?

Aelita: I don’t think so let me check… Actually yes. There are a bunch of Monsters just hanging around.

Reverse Ulrich: (looks over Jeremy’s shoulder) What’s going on?

Aelita: Is this happening on your end too?

Jeremy: Yeah I count at least fifty monsters in the desert. That’s so weird. It looks like they’re attacking each other.

Aelita: … It’s the same on this end. Why would Xana fight his own monsters?

Odd: Maybe not all of them are Xana’s

Jeremy: I already checked that and Xana is controlling all of them. It’s almost as if Xana is attacking himself?

Odd and Reverse Ulrich: Hey Xana why are you hitting yourself?

Jeremy: Will both of you shut it.

Meanwhile Reverse Odd, Reverse Sara, Reverse Aubere, Reverse Aelita, Reverse Yumi, and Ulrich are in PE listening to Jim ramble on about something when suddenly William just stands up and walks away in the towards the edge of the school grounds. Jim doesn’t seem to notice. Reverse Sara waits for William to disappear out of sight before she raises her hand.

Reverse Sara: Excuse me Jim.

Jim: (Looks back over his sholder) This better be Important Draconar.

Reverse Sara: It is. William just walked away.

Jim: What!?

Reverse Sara: He waited for you to turn you back then just got up and walked into the park somewhere.

Jim: Thinks he can cut my class does he. I’ll show him! (Starts to walk towards the park) everyone do jumping jacks. If anyone else is missing when I get back you’ll get twelve hours of detention. (runs to the park)

The Reverse Warriors (except for Reverse Yumi who remains behind to keep an eye on things) and Ulrich leave the second Jim enters the park. they go in the opposite direction sneaking through the fence that surrounds the campus and run across the street into the woods as they chase after William. Eventually they catch up with him at the cross roads only to find William and his reverse self staring each other down.

Reverse Sara: This isn’t good. (takes a step back)

Reverse Odd: They’re just standing there is there still time for us to do something? (Follows Reverse Sara’s lead)

Reverse Sara: Not without getting ourselves killed.

Ulrich: Will someone explain exactly what’s going on? (Scratches his head)

Reverse Aelita: They’re gonna fight. (looks over at Reverse Sara) Right?

Reverse Sara: Everyone get back if you’re too close you’ll get caught in the crossfire. (looks at Reverse Aubere) I need you to make a barrier.

Reverse Aubere: Defensive magic is your thing not mine.

Reverse Odd: (looks at Reverse Sara) You have a plan?

Reverse Sara: (nods) It’s not much but I need to save my energy.

Ulrich: (Holds out his hands a barrier appears around the group but quickly fades) That’s the best I can do.

Reverse Sara: Try to focus I’ll add some of my magic to make it easier on you just hold the barrier up as long as you can. The barrier doesn’t have to surround us from all sides just the front.

Ulrich: I’ll try. (makes the barrier again this time just in front of the group it’s a little short though)

Reverse Sara: Good (adds a very small amount of her magic to the barrier)

Reverse Odd: Everyone get down

Everyone except Reverse Aubere and the two Williams, who seem Oblivious to anything but each other, duck down behind the barrier

Reverse Aubere: I’m not takeing orders from you.

Reverse Aelita: (grabs Reverse Aubere’s arm and yanks her down)

Reverse William: (finally notices what’s happening a few feet away) Seems we have an audience. Best not disappoint them.

William: Peh what’s the matter stage fright?

Reverse William: Not at all. Let’s make things interesting for them then shall we? try to put up at least some challenge for me.

William: You really think you’ll win? Ha!

Reverse William: Since you’re so confident I’ll let you have the first attack.

William runs at his reverse self and tries to punch him in the face but his attack is blocked. He then tries kicking his reverse self. His attack is blocked once again. He jumps up into one of the nearby trees forces down a heavy branch and tries wielding it as if it was his zwilhander. Reverse William catches the branch and snaps it as if it were a twig. Finally William tries shooting lightening at him. Reverse William simply laughs off the attack.

Reverse William: Is that really your best?

William: How? After all that you don’t have a scratch on you?

Reverse William: I’ve grown tired of this foolishness. (shoots a beam of light from his fingertips into William’s chest and lifts him off the ground)

Wiliam: Aaaaaaragh (drops to the ground as the beam of light dissipates landing on his hands and knees. He begins to cough blood)

Reverse William: Hum Not dead yet eh? Well I suppose I should at least show myself some mercy. (Launches another beam this time into William’s head)

William collapses. Reverse William surrounds himself in an aura of light. He then Surrounds William’s corps with the same aura and levitates it off the ground. The Reverse Warriors watch in horror as Reverse William launches the corps at himself. As his body collides with William’s lifeless body they absorb into each other to form a single entity. This new William Laughs for a second then falls to his knees holding his own head. Ulrich’s barrier shatters and Ulrich falls onto his hands but quickly gets back up again. Only to fall again. Reverse Odd helps Ulrich up and props him up against a tree.

Reverse Aelita: Is it… over?

Reverse Sara: No. an internal battle is occurring as we speak. (Stands up and Steps towards the new William)

Reverse Aubere: What do you think you’re doing!

Reverse Sara: What needs to be done.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 35 Breaking Character

Sara walks into the science class room with messed up hanr, the shirt she showed up in instead of one of the dresses her reverse self wears, a pair of pajama pants, and only one shoe. Everyone in the classroom stares at her. She goes and sits down next to Odd. Odd writes “are you ok?” on a piece of paper and moves it in front of her.

Sara: (Yawns as she looks at the note then nods.)

Reverse Jim: Ms Draconar go to the principal’s office please.

Sara: (glares up at Reverse Jim) Why?


Aubere: (glances at Aelita)

Sara: (Stands up and leaves the room.)

After class Sara rejoins the group in the park. Dressed in a way that would be normal for Reverse Sara but still with messy hair. The Ulrich specter they used to cover after the real Ulrich disappeared follows her.

Reverse Jeremy: Just what was all that hua!

Sara: (points over her shoulder) anyone want to know where I found him?

Odd: Was he eating trash again?

Sara: Thankfully no.

Ulrich Specter: My roommate made me eat that.

Odd: (sarcastic) Sure Herve made you eat that banana peel.

Aubere: (coughs) Reverse dimension. (coughs)

Odd: I don’t care what dimension we’re in. Herve is a wimp

Reverse Jeremy: He’s almost worse than the Odd from here.

Odd: How bad could he be?

Aelita: So are you ok Sara?

Sara: Yeah. I told Reverse Delmas that I had night terrors and didn’t get any sleep last night. He’s smarter than the one from our Dimension so it took some convincing but he let me off with a warning and had me go change clothes.

Reverse Jeremy: You almost gave us away the way you glared at Jim.

Sara: Hey I covered my own butt! It’s the specter we have to watch. I think he’s acting like the Wrong Ulrich.

Aubere: I’m sure everything’s fine.

Sara: He asked if he could switch roommates with someone. The way he talked to the principal was the way our Ulrich would have talked not this dimension’s version.

Ulrich Specter: My roommate is an asshat.

Reverse Jeremy: He seems in character to me.

Aelita: I’ll double check his programming, just to be sure.

Odd: So why were you dressed like that?

Sara: I um. Didn’t get any sleep. I haven’t since we went to that other dimension. Apparently messed up dreams are a side effect of what happened to me there.

Aelita: Well we should be able to go home as soon as I can contact our Jeremy and tell him what’s up.

Sara: We know how to get back why can’t we just go now?

Aelita: We have to cross back to our side at the same time our reverse selves come back to theirs.

Sara: Why?

Aubere: Yeah Xana can attack us easier if we're all in one place right?

Aelita: This dimension and ours are what is called a butterfly type dimension. There have to be certain things that are the same between the two sides. In this case it’s us and our reverse selves we’re the designated Symmetry Points. If the Symmetry Points are removed or if enough of them are at least then the dimension will become unstable and both sides will collapse

Aubere: You knew the technical terms for what this type of dimension is called and what keeps it stable. Why?

Yumi: The IDCS Manager told us about it just before you came back.

Aubere: Of course! That jerk face.

Reverse Jeremy: We should get to class. Mrs. Hertz will be pissed if we’re late for PE.

Yumi: I guess I should get to my next class too.

Odd: (grabs Sara’s hand) You guys go on ahead we’ll catch up in a few minutes.

Reverse Jeremy: You better. Showing up to class late would be OOC for this dimension’s version of you two.

Sara: You’re not playing Dungeons and Dragons on a message board you’re talking to people that are in front of you. Use real words not abbreviations.

Reverse Jeremy: Whatever just stop breaking character.

Once the others leave the area Odd looks into Sara’s eyes.

Odd: What’s wrong?

Sara: (Pulls away from Odd) I already told you.

Odd: You told us what you wanted us to think not what actually happened.

Sara: I only lied about the cause of the weird dreams. It’s not some side effect of being in a hostile dimension. It’s the same dream always. It never changes. What happens is so horrifying that I refuse to sleep because I just don’t want to see it again. The incident this morning was because I passed out and had the dream again.

Odd: (hugs Sara) What happens in this dream? Maybe I can help it stop?

Sara: Um… we should go we’re going to be late for class. (pulls out of Odd’s hug)

Odd: Alright we’ll talk about it later. (turns around and sees Reverse Herve blocking the way with crossed arms) Uh can I help you with something. (Makes the meanest face he can)

Reverse Herve: You two aren’t acting right.

Odd: What’s it to you!?

Reverse Herve: You can fake it all you want but now you’re a pathetic weakling not the rage monster you usually are. (Grab’s Odd’s arm and throws him against a tree)

Odd: Ugh. Lucky shot.

Sara: (Looks around then glares at Reverse Herve) You just made a big mystake. (Releases her claws)

Reverse Herve: Y-you’re not human.

Sara: (growls) Of course not and you’re just a whiny kid who doesn’t seem to know what acne cream is no matter what dimension you were born in. You just use violence as a coping device unlike the other you.

Reverse Herve: You’ll pay for that you thing. (pulls a knife out of his pocket)

Sara: (knocks the knife out of Reverse Herve’s hand using her tail) You can’t hurt me.

Reverse Herve: (Reaches into his backpack) We’ll see about that you bitch.

Odd: Hey (tries to stand up) leave Sara alone

Reverse Herve: You won’t have to worry about her much longer. (pulls a gun out of his backpack and aims at Sara)

Sara: (Not good) You’ll regret it if you don’t put that away right now.

Odd: (manages to stand up and move between Herve and Sara)

Reverse Herve: Yeah right. (cocks the gun)

The IDCS Manager appears behind Reverse Herve grabs his arm and forces him to fire the gun strait up into the air then takes the gun unloads it into the ground between Reverse Herve and Sara and Odd, then places it back in Reverse Herve’s hand.

IDCS Manager*: (In a strange voice that sounds more mature than in his previous appearances and a little deeper) You should know better than to play with weapons. Now you’re going to jail Kiddo. (releases Reverse Herve and dissapears)

Reverse Herve: What just happened?

Sara: (Returns her hands to normal and hides her tail) That voice? It can't be. There's just no way. (Hides behind Odd and tries to look scared)

Reverse Mrs. Hertz: (hits a pressure point in Reverse Herve’s back knocking him out.) Are you kids ok?

Odd: I think so.

Sara: I- I’m not sure.

Reverse Mrs. Hertz: (looks over her shoulder at reverse Jim who just entered the clearing) Jim Call the Police.

Reverse Jim: Already Done Suzanne. I’ll get these two to the infirmary can you keep him restrained until the authorities get here?

Reverse Mrs. Hertz: (Holds Reverse Herve’s hands behind his back) Not a problem.

meanwhile Reverse Odd, Reverse Ulrich and Ulrich are sitting in their dorm room. neither of the Ulrichs is happy and Reverse Odd seems pre-occupied with something.

Reverse Ulrich: Why do I have to sleep on the floor?

Ulrich: Because It’s my room.

Reverse Ulrich: Fine then (looks over at Reverse Odd) Hey Odd it’s your turn to sleep on the floor tonight.

Reverse Odd: Not happening. (Pulling on his sock.)

Reverse Ulrich: Come on. I slept on the floor last night it’s you’re turn

Reverse Odd: (Pulling on other sock) Not happening.

Ulrich: Is he always like that?

Reverse Ulrich: No believe it or not he’s being more anti social than usual. Normally he’d be yelling by now. Then again I think our dimension’s Jeremy might be provoking him into fights back home. Right Odd?

Reverse Odd: Not happening.

Reverse Ulrich: Dude are you Ok?

Ulrich: Let’s try this. (Pulls out a water gun and shoots Reverse Odd in the face)

Reverse Ulrich: I thought I was supposed to be the immature one?

Ulrich: It works on this Dimension’s Odd.

Reverse Odd: (Staring at his shoes which are sitting on the floor in front of him.)

Reverse Ulrich: Wow that did nothing. (pokes Reverse Odd in the face) Still nothing?

Ulrich: Something is definitely wrong. Stay here I’ll go get Jeremy. (Leaves the room)

Reverse Ulrich: Snap out of it Odd. (Slaps Reverse Odd across the face)

Reverse Odd: (Glares at Reverse Ulrich) What was that for?

Reverse Ulrich: Are you Ok man? You’re not acting like yourself ... Or like this dimension’s you.

Reverse Odd: I’ve been thinking about something.

Reverse Ulrich: Is it how to get home? Because this dimension’s Jeremy seems to be having trouble.

Reverse Odd: No It’s about Sara.

Reverse Ulrich: Oh. You gonna ask her out.

Reverse Odd: Hell no. I am going to put an end to the fight we had so people in this dimension wouldn’t be suspicious.

Reverse Ulrich: Why?

Reverse Odd: Because I want to have things ready for when we switch back. Less work from this dimension’s us.

Reverse Ulrich: Just Admit it you like her.

Reverse Odd: (Blushes) I do not.

Ulrich enters the room with Jeremy following him.

Jeremy: Everything alright.

Reverse Ulrich: Yeah he’s fine. It was just girl problems.

Reverse Odd: (Kicks Reverse Ulrich)

Reverse Ulrich: Ungh. See he’s fine.

Jeremy: Is this kind of thing normal for him?

Reverse Ulrich: Sort of. He’s acting like himself. He’s just acting like himself while pretending to not have a crush on someone.

Reverse Odd: (Stands up and punches Reverse Ulrich in the back of the head) We should get to class now.

Jeremy: You guys go. I’m going to see if I can’t make some progress on something I’m working on.

Reverse Odd: (closes the door) Quiet down we can’t let anyone notice that there are two Ulrichs.

Ulrich: Is it a way to contact the others?

Jeremy: No. I’ve already got that covered on our end. We just need Aelita to use the data she and Yumi got from sector five to set up communications from that side.

Ulrich: Then what are you doing?

Jeremy: Just a program that will keep Xana from interfering when we switch back.

Reverse Ulrich: So Which one of us is going to class.

Ulrich: I am. If I let you mess up my grades any more my dad will be pissed.

Reverse Odd: From what I hear you grades weren’t that great to begin with.

Ulrich: Shut up.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

yes Hannibal is the sector 5 access code from reverse dimension side. I picked it because Hannibal was a general from Carthage on the opposite side of General Scipio from Rome who's name is the sector 5 acdess code on the show

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Hannibal?Is that for the reverse dimension?

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 34 A Really Long Day

Sara wakes up in the reverse dimension’s lab with Yumi, Aelita, and Reverse Jeremy standing over her. She sits up and looks around.

Sara: Ugh. What happened? I feel like someone stabbed me, and I got hit by a bus right after that.

Aelita: Odd and Aubere wouldn’t say.

Sara: Hua. It must have been bad for neither of them to talk about it. (Looks over at Yumi) Sorry. We found an Ulrich but It wasn’t ours.

Yumi: I know. It’s alright.

Sara: Are you Ok? You look sick.

Yumi: I- I’m fine.

Sara: What the heck did I miss!

Yumi: The IDCS Manager told us that we’ll never find Ulrich and we should just stop trying.

Sara: What a jerk.

Yumi: (Seriously you arrogant bitch? One of your friends is lost forever and that’s all you can say?)

Aelita: That’s not exactly what he said. He said It was unlikely. And he did assure us that Ulrich is alive.

Sara: (stands up and immediately falls back down) I must not be fully healed yet.

Yumi: Pfft. (turns away from Sara)

Sara: Hey. The IDCS Jerkbag has been wrong before. He’s deffinatly wrong now.

Yumi: (We’ll at least she’s trying.) You have no proof that he's ever been wrong.

Sara: He's wrong because he's human. even if he is an immortal.

The elevator door opens and Odd and Aubere shuffle out covered in cuts, burses, and burns with their clothing ripped and scorched and their hair messed up. Odd is in significantly worse condition than Aubere.

Aubere: I heard what you said and he's not all human he just looks it.

Sara: (again tries to stand up) Ugh.

Reverse Jeremy: What happened to you guys?

Odd: The IDCS Manager attacked us.

Aubere: With how angry he was we’re lucky he didn’t kill us.

Yumi: Was he possessed?

Aelita: He wasn’t upset when we talked to him just before you got back.

Yumi: He did seem a little annoyed though.

Odd: Well he’s pissed now.

Reverse Jeremy: Are you sure your enemy didn’t do this?

Yumi: Will you stop doing that. Our enemy’s name is Xana and he’s you’re enemy too.

Aubere: If Xana was controlling him he would have killed us immediately or at the best case scenario beat us withing a inch of our lives.

Sara: (Managed to get up and stumble over to Odd and Aubere) Are you ok?

Aubere: We’re fine. No lethal injuries.

Odd: I still have a headache from when he devitrualized us.

Sara: So that’s why I feel like bleep.

Aubere: Just cuss like a normal person Sara. It’s not cute.

Odd: I think it’s cute.

Aubere: Yeah well the IDCS Manager scrambled your brain… more. It was already messed up to begin with.

Aelita: So I found a way to contact our Jeremy. We’ll have to access sector 5 from this end though.

Aubere: Ugh. So we’ll have to go to Lyoko? Greaaaat We’re in no condition for that!

Aelita: You’re forgetting the twenty-four hour wait before I can virtualize you again. We didn’t need a return to the past so that hasn’t been reset.

Odd: It’s funny where we ended up they only had a twelve hour wait before they could go back to Lyoko.

Yumi: (rolls her eyes) Yeah that’s real interesting. I’m going to the scanners. (Walks to the elevator)

Reverse Jeremy: Ooh me too!

Aelita: No you’re staying here. Sara, Odd, and Aubere are all in a weakened state. Someone has to protect them if Xana attacks.

Sara: You’re kidding. Xana isn’t a problem. Even If I’m not at full strength I don’t need to be protected. I’ve got this.

Aubere: (Showing more of your true personality? Is that intentional or another accident? You don’t need to hide. Everyone knows the way you really are you you should just drop the act all at once.)

Reverse Jeremy: See I can go.

Aelita: No. You’re staying If they don’t need you you can go back to school and make sure the spectors are behaving the way they should

Yumi: So Am I going on a Solo-mission?

Aelita: (Stands up and walks over to Yumi No I’m going too. Aubere will you send us to Lyoko?

Aubere: Sure. (Sits down in the chair) What co-ordinates?

Aelita: As close to the edge of any sector as possible. On our side I have this memorized but on this one-…

Aubere: Yeah I get it. I’ll figure that out for you

Aelita: Once we reach the edge of the sector a window mentioning something about either Rome or Carthage should pop up when it does enter the code Hannibal.

Aubere: Got it. Wait in the scanner room for a few minutes. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.

Sara: (Stareing off into space)

Odd: Hey Sara are you ok?

Sara: hua? Oh um. I’m fine.

Odd: Are you sure.

Sara: Yeah I was just thinking about something.(looks up and sees everyone starring at her) Why are you all staring at me like that? I said I’m fine!

Reverse Sara paces around the lab carefully stepping over Reverse Odd and Reverse Ulrich who are unconscious. Reverse Yumi is standing in the corner reading a magazine. Jeremy just watches in silence. Finally he sighs.

Jeremy: Do you want to talk about what happened?

Reverse Sara: N-not really.

Jeremy: Look you seem really freaked out. Is this going to affect me and my friends?

Reverse Sara: I-I don’t know. It’s possible.

Jeremy: Then I need to know what happened.

Reverse Sara: We were just talking. I found out that Ulrich had stolen my MP3 player and I got upset… then I sensed something. Some sort of very powerful energy it… it felt familiar somehow. I don’t know if it was Xana or something else but it’s dangerous. I used false rage as an excuse to get us out of there as fast as I could. I can still sense it not as well as in the other dimension but I can still feel it. Are you sure HE hasn’t escaped.

Jeremy: If you mean your dimension’s William then I’m sure. He’s right where you left him.

Reverse Sara: I think we should reorganize the teams. I’m going to go find Aelita and Aubere. Can one of you keep an eye on them until they wake up?

Reverse Yumi: (Looks up from her magazine and gives reverse Sara a thumbs up.)

Reverse Sara: Thank you (walks towards the elevator) I’ll be back soon. (Presses the button to close the door)

Ten minutes later Reverse Odd and Reverse Ulrich wake up. Reverse Yumi is still reading and Jeremy is typing something.

Reverse Odd: Ugh. (Rubs his head)

Reverse Ulrich: Looks like we’re back.

Reverse Odd: Where’d Sara go.

Jeremy: (typing) She went to get your dimension’s Aubere and Aelita. She should be back soon.

Reverse Odd: Alright then. So how long till you can get us home.

Jeremy: (Still typing) If we can’t establish communications with your side of Lyoko it will be at least another week

Reverse Odd: Another week. Man that’s more time for your dimension’s version of me to ruin my grades.

Jeremy: (Stops typing) That’s weird. There’s some sort of anomaly in the forest sector.

Reverse Ulrich: Want us to go check it out. I could really use the action.

Jeremy: Not just yet. (resumes typing) Can all of you just wait in the scanner room just in case?

Reverse Ulrich: Ok. (walks to the elevator) Sounds boring but it’s still better than nothing.

Reverse Yumi: (nods and moves towards the elevator)

Reverse Odd: C-can I stay here?

Reverse Ulrich and Reverse Yumi leave for the scanner room.

Jeremy: Sure I guess. (stops typing) Uh oh. It looks like the anomaly just released your dimension’s William.

Reverse Odd: That doesn't look like a monster.

Jeremy: (Adjusts his glasses and leans closer to the screen) Hua? How did I not notice that? (begins typing again) I hope it’s not too late. (Presses enter) Materialization Ulrich.

Reverse Odd: Your Dimension’s Ulrich? How’d he get back here? Didn’t you cut all the connections?

Jeremy: Except sector 5 but he was in the forest. I have no idea how he got there. Anyway We”ll get out answers in a minute.

Reverse Odd: Or once your Ulrich wakes up.

Jeremy: Go to the scanner room and see if you can’t help the others I’ll be right behind you.

Reverse Odd: (Heads for the maintenance hatch) I’m on it!

Reverse Ulrich and Reverse Yumi stand in front of a closed scanner waiting for the door to open. both are braced for combat. When the scanner opens Reverse Yumi reverts to a calmer stance while Reverse Ulrich punches without thinking.

Ulrich: (Rubs his cheek) You’re going to regret doing that.

Reverse Ulrich: Dude are you supposed to be me?

Reverse Yumi: (Facepalm)

Reverse Odd: (Climbing down the ladder) What the heck is he awake already? I thought traveling between dimensions knocked people out?

Ulrich: (Kicks his Reverse Self in the stomach then steps out of the scanner)

Reverse Ulrich: So you want to fight do you? I’m going to enjoy this. I can beat you because I know all your moves. (Tries to kick Ulrich who counters the attack with a kick of his own)

Reverse Odd: (Steps off the ladder and turns around) Why is almost everyone I know an Idiot?

Reverse Yumi: (clears her throat then crosses her arms angrily)

Reverse Odd: (Looks at Reverse Yumi) What? I said Almost!

Reverse Ulrich: Not much of a talker are you Mr.Freeman? (Punches Ulrich Laughing)

Ulrich: (Blocks the attack then sort of flip-jumps over his reverse self and punches him in the back of the neck)

Reverse Odd: Will you stop hitting yourself already!

Ulrich: Hey he started it I finished it.

Reverse Ulrich: How did you do that?

Ulrich: I copied what Sara does every time she beats me by cheating. Not sure how I did that without wings. I’m athletic but not enough to do that. (Seriously how did I do that. Wait why am I talking to these people I don’t even really know where I am)

Jeremy: (Over the intercom) Hey all of you need to get out of there! NOW!

The four teenagers vanish into thin air just as a scanner closes.

Meanwhile back in the Reverse Factory Sara and Odd are sitting in the corner of the room. Odd sleeping Sara just sitting there staring off into space. Aubere Sits in the chair looking at a map.

Aubere: Ok you need to go east alit bit.

Yumi: Got it. But couldn’t you have gotten us any closer?

Aubere: If I could have I would have… Ok now go North.

Aelita: It looks like we’re almost there.

Yumi: It’s about time.

Sara: (Looks at Aubere and just watches for about a minute before carefully scooting away from Odd) Hey Aubere?

Aubere: Yeah Sara what is it? Shouldn’t you be sleeping or something? You need to regain your strength. You’ve been through a lot of crap recently.

Sara: I-… Can I talk to you about something?

Aubere: (looks over at Sara and notices something strange about her facial expression) Sure just a sec. (looks back at the screen) Hey guys I need to check on Sara Real quick though I’m sure you heard that already. You’re almost there just keep going North. I’m going to turn off communication from my end. I’ll still be able to hear you though so just yell when you get there or if something happens. (types something then turns to Sara) So what’s wrong Sara are you ok.

Sara: (shakes her head) No. Not really. I had a dream. But it wasn’t a normal dream.

Aubere: You think you’re seeing the future?

Sara: Don’t wake Odd up.

Aubere: Fine. Look you’re having an adverse reaction to this dimension’s energy.

Sara: I wasn’t in this dimension when I had that dream. Now I just have this feeling that the poop storm we’ve gone through is just starting up.

Aubere: I’m sure it’s nothing. Traveling to dimensions outside your zone can mess with your head. You’ll be fine once we get home.

Sara: Home? Where do you mean? Every other time you’ve said that you meant the place I’ve spent years trying to get away from. Are you still trying to make me go back there?

Aubere: I meant Kadic… not this dimensions version the other one. I’m sorry by the way. I didn’t realize how awful that place is for you. If I had known I would have brought your pokemon with me when I came looking for you. then you wouldn’t have had to go back at all.

Sara: It’s alright. It’s not like I ever told you.

Aubere: Anyway like I said It’s probably nothing. It might keep having that dream for a little while but that’s normal in these situations. If it happens for more than a few weeks let me know then we’ll talk about it in more detail.

Sara: Yeah Ok

Aubere: Hey. Try to get some rest alright. I’m sure Odd wouldn’t mind if you used his shoulder as a pillow.

Sara: Yeah alright. Wait did you say something nice-ish about Odd? Who are you and what have you done with our Aubere?

Aubere: Very funny. ( Turns back to the computer monitors then types something) Hey you were supposed to tell me when you got there what happened?

Aelita: We needed a minute to rest.

Yumi: Isn’t it strange that Xana hasn’t tried to stop us at all?

Aelita: He could be setting a trap for us in sector 5 we should careful.

Aubere: Or his attention is focused somewhere else.

Aelita: By the way Aubere how is Sara doing?

Aubere: She’s about the same as when you left. Odd is actually the only one in this room who’s condition seems to be improving at the moment. Anyway what was the code again? Hannibal?

Aelita: Yeah. We’ll need you to keep your eyes on the screen from this point forward to help watch for traps.

Aubere: Got it. (types in the code)

Sara: (moves closer to Odd and leans on his sholder)

a black sphere with Xana’s mark on the front in white drops Aelita and Yumi in the main entrance to Sector Five. They look at each other, nod then run into the next room to look for the button to keep the sector from closing in on them. Aelita just barely manages to reach it with the help of her wings and a boost from Yumi. Just as they reach the celestial dome Xana seems to finally notice them.

Aubere: Heads up the screen is showing six monsters headed for you. You guys haven’t let me do this much till now so I can’t exactly tell what they are. Wait I figured it out they’re mantas.

Yumi: We can see that.

Aubere: Do you guys need any help? I could send this dimension’s Jeremy to help you guys.

Yumi: Thanks but we don’t need it.

Aelita: We could use the overwing.

Aubere: We don’t have access to our vehicles on this end.

Aelita: What about our reverse selves? Try their vehicles.

Aubere: Can’t most of them are only half finished. The closest one to being done is a horse. A regular horse not a Pegasus or pegicorn.

Yumi: it might be able to float or something try it.

Aubere: Alrght.

a horse with half a face, one front leg missing, and empty space where it’s buttux should be so that it’s back legs are just there not attached to anything appears next to the platform where Yumi and Aelita are standing it immediately falls until it’s out of sight.

Aubere: That didn’t help any did it.

Aelita: That was supposed to be a horse?

Yumi: We are in serious trouble here.

Back in the lab on the main dimension’s side Reverse Sara, Reverse Aubere and Reverse Aelita walk in to find Reverse Yumi, Reverse Ulrich, Reverse Odd, and Ulrich unconscious. Jeremy is stuck in the metal framing above the supercomputer’s terminal. Reverse Aubere stares up at Jeremy. Reverse Aelita just stands there. Reverse Sara steps forward creates a small tornado that she uses to pull Jeremy out of the framing and lower him to the ground. Reverse Aelita turns and stares shocked at Reverse Sara.

Reverse Sara: He escaped didn’t he.

Jeremy: Nods.

Reverse Aubere: Why are there two Ulrichs

Jeremy: One of them is this dimension’s version.

Reverse Aelita: We should have them dress differently. So we can tell them apart.

Reverse Sara: That’s a good idea.

Reverse Aelita: Thanks.

Reverse Aubere: (Glares at Reverse Sara) This doesn’t mean that you’re off the hook for saying that being paired up with me is a punishment.

Reverse Sara: I’m not in trouble for that to begin with because it’s true.

Reverse Aubere: Being here has changes you. You’re starting to act like HER!

Reverse Sara: Which her do you mean? The one that lives here? Or Aras?

Reverse Aubere: Both.

Reverse Sara: I assure you I’m nothing like them. (starts checking the supercomputer for damage) We have to figure out what to do now. We can’t let the two Williams meet. Not on earth.

Reverse Odd: Ugh my head.

Reverse Aubere: Oh I see YOU’RE still alive.

Reverse Odd: Shut up. (stands up and walks towards the elevator)

Reverse Aubere: Don’t walk away when I’m talking to you.

Reverse Sara: You shouldn’t leave Odd. It’s too dangerous. With our Dimension’s William running around on earth we have to stay in a group. Two groups if we absolutely have to split up. Everyone should stick with someone who has magic at all times.

Reverse Odd: Ok I’m on your team then.

Reverse Aubere: Like hell you are!

Reverse Odd: We could actually have three groups if we wanted to. Four if this dimension’s Ulrich can make another fireball.

Reverse Sara: What? Who’s the other mage?

Reverse Odd: He is. (Points at Jeremy) He teleported us all up here right before our William was devitalized.

Jeremy: I told you before I don’t know how I did that.

Reverse Sara: Hum. Something’s off here there seems to be a blip in the central point of the holomap.

Jeremy: (sits down in the chair and pulls up the map screen for sector five.) It looks like Aelita and Yumi. The ones from here are having trouble with monsters in the celestrial dome. (Puts on the headset) Aelita can you hear me.

Reverse Aubere: (looks at Reverse Aelita) He’s talking to the one in the computer not you.

Reverse Aelita: I know I’m not stupid like you seem to think everyone else is.

Reverse Aubere: Pffft self centered little brat.

Ulrich: Ugh my head.

Jeremy: It’s no good they can’t hear me (starts typing) but maybe. (presses enter) Bingo! that should help them out some. We should all get some rest It’s been a long day.

Ulrich: Yeah no kidding

Aelita and Yumi try to attack the mantas and creepers that have them completely surrounded. Aelita just bearly manages to destroy one of the creepers as it climbs up the side of the platform. Yumi destroys a few more of them. the mantas are more difficult to hit and all of the girls’ attacks miss.

Aelita: This isn’t working we need to beable to fly and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold them off if I use my wings.

Yumi: We may not have a choice.

Suddenly the overwing appears next to the platform.

Aelita: Jeremy.

Yumi: I’ll take out the mantas you handle the rest of the creepers and set up communications between the two sides.

Aelita: Right. It’s been a really long day.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

I like your story. :thumbleft:

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

yes parallel dimensions can cause confusion. It's just as confusing for the characters. But just in case...

the reverse warriors are from the reverse dimension which when I get to the point of explaining more about that in the story I'll be careful to make it as simple to understand as possible.

as for the characters from dimension-e those are the evolution versions of the characters. this won't be their last appearance in my series of fanfics. they won't show up often.

It's going to get more confusing if I don't explain this now. So there are the originals who don't show up but who will be loosely referenced later in the series of fanfics (and possibly this fanfic), and the fanfic versions of the characters. You know what. I'm going to make a doodle of the map that Maxwell drew earlier in the story and use that to explain this in a few days. If anyone is confused still let me know

edit. I've been busy and haven't been able to make the map. I'll post a new chapter soon. luckily I have a few in backstock.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

I'm the most confused person in the world.So There are originals, reverses, and E's?

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 33 Bad Decisions Part 2: One is Too Many

Aubere, Odd and the unconscious Sara sit in the living room of a strange looking version of the hermitage. That dimension’s William is sitting nearby watching them.

Aubere: So are your friends going to show up soon? And are you going to quit starring at us like a creep?

William-E: No and I don’t know.

Aubere: You don’t know if you’re going to stop being creepy? Ok that is really reassuring!

Odd: ( holding Sara’s hand) Just leave him alone Aubere. I think something is seriously wrong with Sara.

Aubere: As long as the scanners are still working in the Reverse Dimension I’m sure she’ll be fine. I hope.

William-E: Pfft. You people aren’t real. By the time Jeremy and Aelita finish analizing the data our twelve hour wait will finally be up and we’ll be able to stop whatever this plan is.

Aubere: Ugh. You’re in denial. The sooner that you accept that you are this zone’s guardian the sooner what’s actually going on will sink into your thick head!

Odd: (Stands up and walks towards the kichen)

William-E: (glares at Odd) and Just where are you going?

Odd: To get Sara some water.

Aubere: Odd this is the last time I’m going to tell you this but we’re in virtual form. Sara doesn’t need water.

Odd: Whatever. (Walks into the kitchen)

Ulrich-E: Why do I have to do it? Why can’t Odd?

Yumi-E: Because he secretly respects you. If we had Odd tell him there’s no telling how he could react.

Ulrich-E: Yeah right. Oh heads up the other odd is here.

Odd: So is your William always like that?

Ulrich-E: Pretty much
Yumi-E: Not really

Odd: Well which is is?

Ulrich-E: Anyway Jeremy managed to confirm that you guys are from another dimension.

Odd: Good now we just need to get back to our dimension.

Yumi-E: Is your friend Ok?

Odd: I don’t know. She’s still asleep.

Ulrich-E: Hopefully she’s not in a coma

Yumi-E: (elbows Ulrich-E) Ulrich.

Odd: It’s fine she’s not in a coma. She’s done this before. It’s how she keeps surviving near death experiences.

The sound of something breaking is heard form the next room.

Aubere: You’re wrong. You know that you’re wrong and if you say that I’m working with your Xana one more time the next thing I throw will hit you!

William-E: Oh sure that’s really convincing!

Yumi-E Ugh (Pinches the bridge of her nose)

Ulrich-E: I’ll go try to calm William down? (walks into the living room)

Odd: (Walks into the living room and grabs Aubere’s sholder) We shouldn’t pick a fight.

Aubere: He threw a cushion at me! He started it.

William-E: Hey you’re the one who threw the lamp!

Aubere: You’re damn right I threw the lamp!

Jeremy-E and Aeilta-E walk into the room.

Jeremy-E: Unbelievable we’re gone for twenty minutes and you’re at each other’s throats.

William-E: You guys are the ones who are trusting the enemy.

Jeremy-E: We checked their DNA. The data shows that they’re from a different dimension. By the way I found that our zone contains eight dimensions and theirs contains thirty.

Aubere: W-what! Thirty! That’s impossible. (There’s no way Sara can handle that. There's just no way. )

The IDCS Manager’s Magic door appears and he bursts out wearing the same robes as last time. He glares at Jeremy-E with blue glowing eyes.

Odd-E: (Walks into the room from a hallway) Did his eyes do that last time?

Odd: Do you need some eye drops or something?

IDCS Manager*: Shut up Odd. (Glares in the direction of Odd and Odd-E)

Odds: Which one?

IDCS Manager*: Both of you! You simpletons! (Refocuses his attention on Jeremy-E) What is your problem. Why is it that every version of you seems to be intent on unleashing Xana on the IDCS! You’re lucky I was able to seal this dimension off from the IDCS Before your Xana noticed. One was bad enough I can’t have three Xanas infecting the IDCS.

Aubere: Three? What?

Odd: Did you count wrong or something?

IDCS Manager*: Anyway. (Looks at Aubere) We have to get you all back where you need to be. Right now.

Odd: Sara’s not awake yet.

IDCS Manager*: We can’t afford to wait. We have less time before the entire zone collapses than I thought. You have to go.

Aubere: Alright. then send us home.

IDCS Manager*: Gladly. (Stabs Aubere in the stomach with a beam of light)

Aubere: N-no fair. (devirtualizes)

Odd-E: What the heck?

IDCS Manager*: (Rolls up one of his sleeves revealing a set of claws) Your turn.

Odd: (takes a few steps backwards) W-wait a minute.

IDCS Manager*: (Slashes odd actoss the stomach) There’s not enough time for that.

Odd: AAARGH! Hey that REALLY hurt!

IDCS Manager*: Hum. How are you still-

Suddenly the IDCS Manager is hit with a blast of light covered in a black aura that slams him through the wall into the next room. Everyone stares in awe of what just happened. The IDCS Manager climbs out of the hole in the wall and begins dusting himself off.

IDCS Manager*: (trying to remove as much dust from himself as possible) Damn it. These are my ceremonial robes. It’s going to take a month to get this dirt and oil out of these things. Why was there oil in there anyway what the hell is wrong with this place.

Odd: Holy crap!

Odd-E: What the hell just happened?

Jeremy-E: What was that weird light?

Ulrich-E and Yumi-E: (just staring at William-E)

William-E: (Holding out his hands towards the IDCS Manager. Smoke is rising from his palms) WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO?

Sara: (Eyelids move)

IDCS Manager*: (Turns towards William-E) Well that’s the first time an InterDimensional Guardian has attacked me. (Magically throws William-E against the ceiling) Try that again and I will make you wish you were never born.

William-E: (becomes cloaked in a black aura)

Sara: (Becomes cloaked in a sapphire aura)

IDCS Manager*: What?

Odd: S-Sara?

The two guardians’ auras grow and create a blinding light that quickly fades. The IDCS Manager’s watch makes a low pitched sequence of beeps. He rolls up the sleeve again so he can look at his watch. This time his hand is a normal human hand.

IDCS Manager*: Aw what the hell? Alliance Treaty? What the heck is that. Damn it that little distraction wasted more time! (Turns his hand into claws again and stabs Odd in the head devirtualizing him) Now. There’s just one last thing. (pins everyone except Sara and himself to the wall) I can’t have any of you interrupting me again. (walks towards Sara) I’m sorry. (Stabs Sara in the stomach Devirtualizing her.)

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Wow that is really interesting. Not!

hey don't dis the readers. Sorry bout that. Note to self put Reverse Odd and all other anti-social characters in a cage when I'm not writing.

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Yeah Xion and Riku!One of my two favorite characters out of Five!

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 32 Off Shift: Part 2 Bonding

Reverse Odd wakes up beneath a large tree. Reverse Ulrich is taking a nap under a smaller nearby tree. Reverse Odd stands up, stretches, then starts looking around for Reverse Sara.

Reverse Odd: Where’d she go?

Reverse Sara: Hey Odd. Up here.

Reverse Odd: (Looks up to see Reverse Sara sitting above him) Oh right I forgot you liked high places.

Reverse Sara: Come up here.

Reverse Odd: Why?

Reverse Sara: You wanted to see where I was born right? This tree has the best view of it.

Reverse Odd: Fine. But I’m holding you responsible if I fall. (starts making his way up the tree)

Once at the top of the tree reverse odd looks out at the horizon. A sea of trees with a town in the distance lies in front of him. He notices that Reverse Sara is facing the opposite direction and turns around. He sees an ocean in the distance.

Reverse Sara: This is where I was born.

Reverse Odd: (looks a little to the left) do you mean that town over there because if you’re from this tree or the ocean then I may have to drop you off at a mental hospital on the way home.

Reverse Sara: I actually meant this dimension.

Reverse Odd: Oh. Right. I feel stupid now.

Reverse Sara: Ok you’ve seen it can we go home now.

Reverse Odd: You don’t want to go see your parents first. Hopefully your weird twin isn’t there.

Reverse Sara: Aras isn’t that weird. She’s just… a little broken. Like me but in a different way. Anyway I don’t have parents.

Reverse Odd: Oh. Sorry. (Strange. She said she doesn’t have parents. Maybe she meant that they died? Maybe when she was little? No then she would have adoptive parents or foster parents or something. Ok I need to question this or it’s going to bug me all day.) Um so what about your grandparents do you want to visit them?

Reverse Sara: I don’t have any.

Reverse Odd: Oh. (I should have known that’d be a bad question. Why the hell am I overthinking this I mean the way she worded it was a little weird but I not that weird. I better change the subject before this gets anymore awkward.) So. Um. I guess once Ulrich’s awake we’ll go home.

Reverse Sara: Yeah.

Reverse Odd: So I guess we’ll play videogames in the meantime.

Reverse Sara: I left all my games in the other dimension.

Reverse Odd: Oh right. Oh that reminds me. That “mouse” in the other you’s dorm was a Raichu. It was really docile too. I don’t know what you were so afraid of.

Reverse Sara: Yeah Pokephobia is at the top of my long list of ridiculous fears.

Reverse Odd: That doesn’t really make sense but ok. So um list your top 5 favorite videgame characters.

Reverse Sara: Oh that’s tough. In what order.

Reverse Odd: most favorite last lowest of the top five first.

Reverse Sara: Ok um. Tidus, Zidane, Luke, Xion, and Fon Master Ion

Reverse Odd: Why them? I mean you have two womanizing main characters on the same list as a final boss with a tragic past a major NPC, and a spoiled noble who destroys an entire town!

Reverse Sara: Tidus isn’t really a womanizer.

Reverse Odd: Still why them?

Reverse Sara: I don’t know. I guess those are just the ones I relate to the most. What about you?

Reverse Odd: Oh um let’s see. Chell, Riku, Amarant, and Neku.

Reverse Sara: Do you relate to them? Or do you just enjoy those characters.

Reverse Odd: Yeah I guess you do.

Reverse Sara: So you relate to the tenacious silent bad ass, the misunderstood jerk, the mostly silent misunderstood jerk, and an anti-social kid?

Reverse Odd: Ok I get it. My list is weird too. (progress by ayumi hamasaki starts playing in the background.) Where’s that music coming from?

Reverse Sara: (looks down at Reverse Ulrich who looks like he’s still sleeping) Is he fakeing?

Reverse Odd: It’s in Japanese he must have stolen Yumi’s MP3 player again.

Reverse Ulrich: (yawns and his hand twitches)

the song changes to Morning Glow from the final fantasy X-2 vocal collection.

Reverse Odd: Ugh! Knock it off Ulrich!

Reverse Ulrich: Not happening. I’m providing the atmosphere you two just keep talking. (accidently presses a button on the MP3 player changing the song to brentalfloss’s final fantasy classic with lyrics) oops

Reverse Sara: Hey wait that’s my MP3 player.

Reverse Odd: Serriously why do you have J-pop in there?

Reverse Sara: Because it’s pretty.

Reverse Odd: (Bursts out laughing)

Reverse Sara: What’s so funny?

Reverse Odd: (what’s wrong with me why am I laughing? It’s not that funny.) It’s this song. (It’s not the song. It’s funny but it’s never made me laugh. At least not like this.)

Reverse Sara: (Glides down and takes back her music player) I’ve had enough of this place! We’re going back now! (opens the portal)

Reverse Odd: (“This place?” Did I drag up some memories I shouldn’t have?[starts to climb down but falls]) argh!

Reverse Ulrich: You ok man?

Reverse Sara: (Pulls Reverse Odd up) We’re leaving. Now!

Reverse Ulrich: Are you ok Sara you’re not acting right.

Reverse Sara: Just get in the portal.

Reverse Odd: (Something is wrong.)

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

31 Bad Decisions Part 1: Two

Sara and Odd sit in the lab of the Reverse Dimension’s factory waiting for the others. Finally Aubere, Yumi, Aelita, and Reverse Jeremy enter the lab.

Aubere: Ugh. Alright what’s Odd’s crazy idea this time?

Sara: He looked at that map he got from that mysterious guy, I still think that thing is a fake by the way, anyway he got it in his head that Ulrich wandered into one of the parallel dimensions on the map.

Yumi: That could have happened. We have to go check it out.

Aubere: It couldn’t have happened. Those versions of Lyoko aren’t connected to this one he would have had to go through the IDCS if they’re even connected.

Aelita: It does sound like it’s something that can’t happen. But it wouldn’t hurt if we look anyway. We may be able to find out how to get home once we’ve found Ulrich. are you able to open a portal Sara?

Sara: If I could we wouldn’t be stuck here.

Aubere: We’re not actually going through with this are we?

Aelita: I think we should.

Reverse Jeremy: I volunteer to go to the other dimension!

Sara: That’s not happening. Besides no portal no go.

Odd: Too bad we can’t use the scanners.

Aelita: (sits down in the chair) Actually we can. I’ll send you, Sara, and Aubere.

Yumi: I want to go too.

Aelita: No we can’t afford to have all four of you in another dimension. Sara and Aubere have the best chance of getting you all home safely.

Yumi: (Punches the wall)

Odd: You can go instead of me if you want?

Yumi: (turns around) No. Just make sure to bring Ulrich back safe if you find him.

Odd: (nods)

Sara: Alright let’s go.

Aubere: I don’t like this it’s a really bad idea but I guess we’re doing this.

Aelita: It will take a few minutes for me to set up the program. We don’t know what we’re going to find so try to prepare your selves. (turns around and starts typing) I want all of you to come back safely.

Over an hour of Reverse Dimension time later Aelita finally manages to send Sara, Aubere, and Odd to another dimension. The three teenagers find them self in a strange area surrounded by trees next to a bizarre concrete bunker. Aubere looks at Sara and notices that she looks strange.

Aubere: You look different somehow Sara.

Sara: (looks at Aubere then at Odd) Same to you guys.

Odd: (Already climbing on top of the bunker) Hey what’s this?

Sara: Odd don’t play with that you don’t know what’s in there.

Aubere: Please fall in.

Sara: You are just asking to get kicked aren’t you Aub- Ungh. (collapses)

Aubere: (looks down at Sara) What the Heck?

Odd: (jumps down from the bunker) Sara? Are you Ok?

Aubere: She’s unconscious she can’t hear you. But why did this happen? Why now?

???: Who are you?

Odd and Aubere look up and see three boys in standing in front of them a few meters away.

Aubere: (whispers to Odd) Are they supposed to be this dimension’s you and this Dimension’s Ulrich?

Odd: Looks like it. I’m guessing the third one is supposed to be William.

Odd-E: Answer Ulrich’s question already.

William-E: Hey one of them kind of looks like you Odd.

Ulrich-E: Except his hair is longer.

Odd-E: I knew I shouldn’t have cut my hair.

Ulrich-E: Why are there two of you?

William-E: The other one must be a specter.

Ulrich-E: Probably but isn’t it strange that he hasn’t attacked us yet?

Odd-E: Hey Specter. Who’s your cute friend?

Aubere: Was he talking about me or Sara?

Odd: I don’t know.

Aubere: You’re not the least bit concerned that they think you’re one of Xana’s toys?

Odd: Not really.

Aubere: (facepalm) Idiot. (Walks over to the parallel versions of her friends and enemy and holds a hand out towards them) Hello my name is Melissa. My friend and her boyfriend are from a dimension parallel to this one.

William-E: (reaches for Aubere’s hand but if stopped by Ulrich-E)

Ulrich-E: Don’t touch that William you don’t know where it’s been.

Aubere: You don’t have to trust us. Just tell us whether or not you’ve seen an extra Ulrich around here or not and we’ll leave as soon as my friend wakes up.

William-E: Thank god no. One is too many as it is. Not to mention Xana’s specters.

Ulrich-E: You’re telling them too much.

William-E: One of them is practically dead already. They’re no threat.

Odd: (Stands up) Don’t talk about Sara like that or You’re the one who will be Practically dead.

Willlam-E: (Crosses his arms) Was that supposed to be a threat?

Odd: You got a problem with that?

As the boys prepare to fight an ornate door appears in the area. It swings opened and a man in a sliver cloak trimmed with a strange blue-ish white metal steps out into the center of the conflict.


Odd-E: Who’s this kook?

Aubere: Really? You’re wearing your dress robes? Aren’t those only for ceremonial events?

IDCS Manager*: My regular robes were being cleaned. (Turns to Aubere and steps towards her) Tell me. Why do you insist on bringing your zone’s InterDimensional Guardian out of her jurisdiction. As Previous InterDimensional Guardian you should know the consequences.

Aubere: What are you talking about? There is only one InterDimensional Guardian right?

IDCS Manager*: ...You really didn’t know did you?... Even after every other time Sara Came back damaged from dimensions out of her zone. I had no idea that, that information wasn’t among the stuff learned instinctively. Or maybe you never got the chance. No matter. (Turns towards Odd) Now. I send someone who would help you get home. Let him think He was doing it secretly and manipulated him into pointing out an unstable dimension so no one would try to go back that way. Even worse this dimension drifted into a different zone after the map was made making it more dangerous. How could you even suggest coming here!

Odd: Hey I didn’t pick which dimension we came to.

IDCS Manager*: But this was all you idea. The second Sara wakes up you all have to leave.

Odd: Wait do you know why she ended up like this.

IDCS Manager*: (sighs and crosses his arms) It’s a failsafe. To keep two InterDimensional Guardians from meeting except on neutral ground. The multiverse is split into Zones of six to twenty separate Dimensions. Each Zone is kept stable by the energy emitted from the body or it’s InterDimensional Guardian

Odd-E: Hey Ulrich do you think we should go find the others while these guys are distracted.

Ulrich-E: Maybe but for some reason William seems pretty interested in this stuff. One of us should stay here and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

IDCS Manager*: It’s possible for InterDimensional Guardians from different zones to kill each other and take each other’s strength. Early in the time of my predecessor over a hundred eons ago there were wars to take control of territory and magical power. In order to stop this my predecessor made it so that the zone its self would attack any foreign InterDimensional Guardian. To further discourage fighting he fixed it so the closer two guardians were to each other location wise the damage would increase. He then killed any guardians who were not deterred by this failsafe. (Kneels down next to Sara and checks her pulse) For her to be in this condition this zone’s Guardian must be nearby.

Aubere: How close?

Odd-E: I texted Jeremy he wants us to find out as much as we can and meet him at the hermitage.

IDCS Manager*: Couldn’t have been more than a few yards away at the time you entered this dimension. I imagine whoever it is, is still close by.

Ulrich-E: (Shakes William-E’s Sholder) Hey come on we have to go.

William-E: Don’t touch me.

IDCS Manager*: Is there a problem here boys. (Turns towards the three boys standing behind him.)

Ulrich-E: No problem here.

William-E: (Glareing at Sara)

IDCS Manager*: Your friend seems to have one. (Grabs William-E’s right arm and rolls up the sleeve) That burn on your arm came from the same situation as her’s (points at Sara)

William-E: Let go you psycho.

IDCS Manager*: Seems your power hasn’t awakened yet. Still I’m going to ask you to help them until they’re able to leave your zone. I’ll return once (motions towards Sara) She wakes up to escort them back to where they need to be.

William-E: Humph. We don’t know who they are we can’t trust them.

IDCS Manager*: I suppose ask wasn’t the right word for me to use. Different zone or not you are going to help them. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with me. You do not want to make me an enemy. I could destroy this dimension at the first sign that your Xana becomes a threat to the IDCS.

William-E: Ugh. Fine.

Ulrich-E: (facepalm)

IDCS Manager*: Good then we’ve reached an understanding. (Points at Odd and Aubere) I’ll deal with your punishments once you’re safely in your Dimensional Zone. (walks back towards his door then stops and looks over his shoulder at William-E revealing part of his face) One last thing. Don’t let Sara die. Her zone is one of the larger ones and could take several others with it if it were to collapse. Including yours. (Continues through his mystic door which closes behind him and disappears)

Odd-E: We’re not going to actually believe that guy?

Ulrich-E: He could have been one of Xana’s tricks

William-E: We can’t take the risk that he’s not. We’ll leave this Decision up to the others and bring them along for now.

Ulrich-E: Who said you were in charge? That crazy guy? This is obviously Xana’s work.

Aubere: (Leans against the bunker) Get comfortable Odd this could be a while.

Odd and Odd-E: (point at eachother) Did you mean me or him?

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 30 Off Shift Part 1 Explanations and Prep

Reverse Yumi, Reverse Aelita and Jeremy walk out of the machine room just as Reverse Sara sends Ion, Luke, Asch, Neku, and the pile of blocks away. Back to where they came from. She glides back down from the rafters holding her laptop.

Reverse Odd: What the heck was that?

Jeremy: I’d like to know what’s going too. Did you activate a tower?

Reverse Sara: Yes.

Reverse Odd: So those videogame characters? What was that?

Reverse Sara: Physical manifestations of characters from the three nearest videogame save files I could find.

Jeremy: So specters.

Reverse Sara: Sort of but it’s not the same as the polymorphic clones you use to get out of class. These "specters" remember world of the video game they came from and have their own minds. Once returned to the video games they came from they will remember what happened while they were in this world. They won’t say anything about it. The Game’s programming won’t allow them to but, their lives continue in their own world.

Reverse Odd: Hold on you used the save data from three games? I courted two games. Neku from “The World Ends With You” Luke, Asch, and Ion from Tales of the abyss. that’s only two games. What was the third one.

Reverse Ulrich: The bricks.

Reverse Odd: What? I thought Neku summoned those?

Reverse Ulrich: (Pulls an Gameboy Advanced SP out of his pocket.) I found this in the other me’s side of the dorm. Beat his high score. Huh? Hey I had this turned off!

Reverse Odd: Let me see that. (takes the game system and opens the screen) Tetris? Really Ulrich?

Reverse Ulrich: Hey It’s not mine it’s the other me’s

Reverse Odd: That explains the bricks then. (hands the game system back to Reverse Ulrich then Looks at Reverse Sara) Why didn’t you use anyone from Dissidia?

Reverse Sara: I um. I didn’t have it with me.

Jeremy: Why did you even need to do all that?

Reverse Sara: (points at William) He was trying to get to Lyoko. We stopped him the first time then Xana took over. We ran out of options. Is the other one still contained on Lyoko.

Jeremy: Yeah. Speaking of Lyoko I know a way to get you all home.

Reverse Odd: That’s great. What do we have to do!

Jeremy: I just need to remove the connections between the eight surface sectors. That will leave Sector 5 as the only remaining way to travel between the two halves that way Xana Can’t keep changing the connection points between our half of Lyoko and yours.

Reverse Sara: Sector 5?

Reverse Odd: There is no fifth sector.

Jeremy: It makes sense now. The communication hub between the two sides is sector 5 and you guys haven’t accessed it from your side preventing communication between the two.

Reverse Odd: Hummm I guess that makes sense. I wonder why we never found it.

Reverse Sara: I’m more concerned with why Xana is so intent on releasing the other William.

Reverse Yumi: (Says something in Japanese)

Reverse Odd: I guess that’s possible. (looks at Reverse Sara) Do you think Xana could control the other William?

Reverse Sara: He could try. But that William is too powerful there’s no way Xana could keep control even if he could gain it. What’s worse if the other William regains full power he could take control of Xana. Or worse destroy the multiverse.

Jeremy: All the more reason to keep the two Williams apart.

Reverse Sara: We can’t risk something like this happening again. We’ll have to watch him. (points at William again) And none of us can be alone. Not after what happened today. We’ll have to split into three groups.

Reverse Odd: Alright how should we handle this.

Reverse Sara: (looks at Reverse Yumi) Yumi would you mind pairing up with this dimension’s Jeremy. Aubere would just let get in his way and well We’re not sure how useful Aelita would be. (Looks at Reverse Aelita) No offense intended.

Reverse Aelita: (putting on makeup) Hum You say something?

Reverse Yumi: (Nods)

Reverse Sara: (looks back at Reverse Odd and Reverse Ulrich) since we handled this attacks we’ll need to rest. So the three of us will be the second group.

Reverse Odd: hummmm. (frowns)

Reverse Ulrich: I have no problem with that, but Aubere might.

Reverse Sara: I really don’t care what Aubere thinks. I’m sick of her acting like I’m her child. She’s younger than me by two years she shouldn’t boss me around.

Reverse Aelita: So Who’s group am I in?

Reverse Sara: Aubere’s

Reverse Ulrich: She really won’t like that.

Reverse Sara: Well that’s her problem.

Reverse Aelita: W-wait so being paired with me is a punishment? Then forget this! (storms out of the factory.)

Reverse Sara: Wait it’s not safe.

Reverse Odd: It will be fine. We’ll contact Aubere and have her meet up with Aelita.

Reverse Sara: Alright. (looks at Jeremy) How long will it take to disconnect the surface sectors?

Jeremy: (adjusts glasses) About ten minutes. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. My friends would have to be on Lyoko at the same time for us to make the switch and unless they access sector 5 on your side then there’s no way to contact them.

Reverse Sara: Otherwise things will be off balance and both dimensions could collapse.

Jeremy: Exactly.

Reverse Sara: We’ll find a way to get a message to them.

Reverse Ulrich: Looks like We’re Off shift. (Stretches) So what do you guys want to do.

Reverse Odd: (Looks at reverse Sara) There’s something I’ve been wanting to know. If you’re not from our dimension then… Where are you from?

Reverse Sara: hummm. I’m not sure we should leave the dimension.

Reverse Odd: Come on. We won’t be gone long.

Reverse Sara: People that aren’t used to traveling between dimensions often lose consciousness who knows how long it will take you both to wake up.

Reverse Ulrich: I’m cool with some nap time.

Reverse Sara: What if something bad happens while we’re gone?

Jeremy: I’m sure it will be fine. If we really need you we’ll send your Aubere to get you.

Reverse Sara: Fine. (Pulls a PS2 memory card out of her pocket) Here. (hands Jeremy the memory card) If things start getting bad and you need some extra help the program I used earlier should still be on the laptop. I’m sure any hero characters from the save files on this card would be willing to help. Just don’t lose it. Oh and be careful.

Jeremy: Ok.

Reverse Sara: Oh you can only extract 3 characters per game save file and only use one save file per device.

Reverse Odd: We should go get your PSP. If we leave Dissidia with him too he can use six characters. and have more options.

Reverse Sara: I can’t get in to my dorm.

Reverse Ulrich: Why?

Reverse Sara: There’s a um a really large mouse in my dorm.

Reverse Ulrich: So just tell a teacher.

Reverse Sara: It’s too big. There’s nothing they’d be able to do.

Reverse Odd: Man you’re pathetic. I’ll get your PSP. How big could it really be? (walks away)

Reverse Ulrich: Dude we’re supposed to stay in groups!

Reverse Sara: Go with him. I’ll stay here with Yumi and this dimension’s Jeremy. we’ll leave when you guys get back.

Reverse Ulrich: (nods and runs to catch up with Reverse Odd)

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

yay coincidences.

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Hmm?That's weird.I was considering changing my picture to that of Neku.(Before this chapter):p

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 29 Boss fight against William phase 2

William opens his eyes his pupils are replaced with Xana’s emblem. He begins laughing. His laughter contains a deep electronic echo that doesn’t so much echo as it does overlap every laugh. Reverse Odd Looks down and sees William’s eyes. He stomps on William’s Chest again shortly before being thrown straight up by a burst of energy. He slams back first into the ceiling. He grabs a support beam and swings up and lands on top of it. Kiwi quickly hides in the elevator.

Reverse Odd: Damn. How’d he get so strong all the sudden?

William: (Stands up and Stretches) Who’s next?

Reverse Ulrich: (takes a fighting stance but begins shuffling backwards positioning himself behind Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (Spreads winds and releases her tail) You will not pass.

William: (more of his own voice and less electronic echo) How cute the Chicken-Dragon thinks she’s Gandolf.

Reverse Sara: Make all the jokes you want. I have something far scarier than you trapped on Lyoko and I’m not letting you release him.

William: (Back to the deep voice and more echo) Just try to stop me. (Shoots lightening at Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (Takes the hit) Ungh. (Flaps wings but can’t seem to fly)

William: You’re Pathetic. You can’t handle a little electricity?

Reverse Sara: (fires a jet of air at Willaim but he redirects it So that it hit’s Reverse Odd) What!?

William: Was that little bit of air the best you can do?

Reverse Sara: (Creates a small tornado and Launches it at William)

William: (Disperses it) Killing you may be easy after all.

Reverse Ulrich: (Moves between Reverse Sara And William then whispers to Reverse Sara) I’ll distract him get out of here while you can.

Reverse Sara: (Pauses for a second, nods then flies away)

Reverse Ulrich: Hey. I bet you can’t punch yourself in the face!

William: What.

Reverse Odd: (What the heck? I knew she was a coward but seriously?)

Reverse Sara: (hiding on another support beam nearby) Pssst. Odd.

Reverse Odd: Hum? (Looks over his sholder)

Reverse Sara: I have a plan. The rafter your sitting on should have a laptop sitting on it somewhere. find it and toss it over to me.

Reverse Odd: What If you don’t catch it?

Reverse Sara: Trust me I won’t drop it.

Reverse Odd: Ok um... (Looks around for the laptop finds it and tosses it over to Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (catches the laptop using a small tornado then moves it closer to her) Alright now I need you to help Ulrich distract this Dimension’s William.

Reverse Odd: Right. I’ll need you to help me get down there.

Reverse Sara: (Grabs the laptop and sets it down next to her then jumps over and sits next to Reverse Odd) Give me your hands and tell me where you want me to set you down.

Reverse Odd has Reverse Sara take him about halfway down then throw him so that he can kick William in the head. Unfortunately they miss and Reverse Odd crashes feet first into William’s crotch twisting his ankle in the process. What’s worse is that William only flinches slightly from the pain.

Reverse Odd: (Falls to the ground) Ungh! (Grabs his right ancle) Xana Is defiantly in control for this fight.

William: Is that the best you can do?

Reverse Ulrich: (Runs over to Reverse Odd forces him to stand up then helps him hide behind a pillar) What do we do now?

Reverse Odd: We keep fighting.

Reverse Ulrich: How’re you supposed to fight with a hurt leg?

Reverse Odd: I have an idea. I need you to go run to the other side of the room.

Reverse Ulrich: why?

Reverse Odd: Ugh you’re hopeless.

Reverse Ulrich: How am I supposed to know what you want me to do if you give barely any info!

Reverse Odd: Well he’s headed for the elevator so you better do something.

Reverse Ulrich: (Runs to the other side of the room away from the elevator) Nothing’s happening.

Reverse Odd: Try taunting him

William: (waits for the elevator to come back up)

Reverse Ulrich: Hey dummy! I bet you want to kill me.

William: (Looks over his shoulder at Reverse Ulrich.) You’re no threat.

Reverse Odd: (facepalms) Ugh. this isn’t going well.

Suddenly a boy with purple and black clothes, Orange spiky hair and headphones appears out of nowhere. He looks around for a minute with a confused expression on his face. He pulls a phone out of his pocket and looks at it. William looks at the strange boy. A look of panic flashes across his face for a second followed by rage. He glares at Kiwi who’s growling in the corner then tries to enter the elevator but doesn’t quite make it. Two boys with dark red hair appear in the elevator. One with long hair and dark cloths the other with short hair light cloths and his bellybutton showing. William backs up.

Reverse Ulrich: Where did they come from. (walks over to stand next to reverse Odd)

Reverse Odd: This is impossible.

Reverse Ulrich: Why?

A strange girl with green hair and fancy looking robes appears outside the elevator near the two red haired boys. Reverse Sara glides down to stand next to her two friends.

Reverse Odd: What’s going on here Sara.

Reverse Sara: This is my plan. I’ll handle the rest of the fight. The two of you should rest.

Reverse Ulrich: S-serriously? You sure?

Reverse Odd: (Nods) Be careful.

Reverse Sara: (Walks towards the orange haired boy.) Excuse me.

Reverse Ulrich: Are you sure about this Odd? She’s not exactly the group’s strongest fighter.

Reverse Odd: She knows what she’s doing. Just watch.

Orange haired boy: What. Wait you can see me are you a player or one of THEM.

Reverse Sara: Neither. You’ve been pulled from the reapers game temporarily. I would like to request your help. it won’t take long.

Orange haired boy: I have to get back. My partner can’t do anything on his own.

Reverse Sara: I know how to send you back. but I can’t help you until I’ve dealt with my own problem.

Orange haired boy: Fine I’ll help. It looks like I have no choice.

Reverse Sara: Sorry about that um..

Reverse Odd: (Don’t say his name he’ll get suspicious and won’t help you fight.)

Orange haired boy: My name is Neku Sakuraba.

Reverse Sara: Thank you for your help Neku.

William: (Growls and tried to force his way into the elevator by attempting to push the red haired boys out of the way.)

Short Red Haired Boy: HEY!

Long Red Haired Boy: (Stabs William in the foot)

William: (Charges electricity)

Short Red Haired boy: Looks like this guy means business. (Takes a defensive stance)

Long Red Haired Boy: (Pulls sword out of William’s foot then kicks him in the stomach) He’s nothing.

Green haired “Girl”: Don’t underestimate him Asch.

Asch: Stay out of this Fon Master!

Short red haired boy: He’d right Fon Master Ion. It’s too dangerous for you here.

Neku: Are they helping too?

Reverse Sara: I haven’t asked them yet but It looks like I might not need to.

Neku: What do you need me to do?

Reverse Sara: We have to stop him. (points at William) Knocking him unconscious is preferred.

Neku: (Puts a hand in his pocket) Leave it to me.

Reverse Sara: (Nods) I know support magic. I’ll do what I can to help you.

Neku: Riiight. (Walks towards William who’s now being attacked by Both red haired boys.)

Asch: Stay out of my way Luke.

Luke(Short red haired boy): You’re the one who’s in my way!

Ion: Please Don’t fight each other.

Neku: (stops walking and looks at Ion) Before I help your friends I have one question.

Ion: Yes?

Neku: What are you.

Ion: I’m not sure I understand the question?

Reverse Odd: (Facepalm)

Neku: are you a girl or are you a guy in a dress.

Ion: I’m a boy. But I guess the cerionial robes I have to wear do look like a dress.

Neku: Ok that was bugging me for some reason. (Uses energy to slash William across the back)

Asch: what the?

William: Humph. (Turns around) Impressive. But not good enough!

Several blocks of various shapes and colors appear around the area.

Neku: Well this is convenient. (The blocks levitate and converge crashing into William)

Luke: Nice one.

Asch: Don’t compliment him dreck. We don’t know who’s side he’s on.

William: (Climbs out of the pile of blocks)

Reverse Sara: If you give up I’ll deactivate the tower?

William: Gerrrrrr.

Reverse Sara: This fight could go on for days you won’t win this one. I gave you an out. I suggest you take it Xana!

Willaim: (Closes his eyes for a full sixty-five seconds when he reopens them Xana’s emblem is gone.) Ungh. What. What the heck?

Asch: (Hits William with the hilt of his sword Knocking him out) Time to finish this. (Raises Sword to decapitate William)

Reverse Sara: Stop! You don’t want to do that!

Asch: If I don’t he’ll wake up and try to kill us.

Reverse Sara: He has half the power of an evil mage sealed away inside him. If you kill him the seal is broken and the mage will regain his full power and destroy the multiverse!

Asch: (Lowers his sword) Say something sooner next time.

Reverse Sara: I’m sending you all home now Hopefully there won’t be a next time.

Ion: I could reinforce the seal if you’d like.

Reverse Sara: That would be very helpful. Thank you. I’ll get started sending you home.


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