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Message par sixthwarrior » 31 Déc 2012, 04:46

Re: My verson of code lyoko

I like it.Two never once got aelita's name right and you also put jim's name wrong.other than that i like it.

Message par zanna00 » 31 Déc 2012, 04:04

My version of code lyoko

episode 1: a lost family member part 1

This is part of my first script, please tell me how i'm doing

Chapter 1: The lost family member part 1

Script for a new season of code lyoko; pre-queakal episode

Ulrich get hit by the laser of a crab and get devitalized
Aleta trips over the edge
A person appears out of nowhere and lifts Aleta back up.
Aleta gets hit by a laser of a crab and falls to the ground
The stranger pulls out a sword and kills the crab
The stranger goes into the activated tower and deactivates it
Jeremy quickly sends Odd and Yumi into Lyoko.
Odd finds the stranger dragging Aleta into a tower before she loses all her life points
Odd: Are you Zana?
Odd aims at the stranger ready to shoot a laser arrow
Jeremy: No, he has a similar genetic sequence code to Aleta
Odd + Yumi: What does that mean?
Aleta: It can’t be, my mother was taken away
Stranger: I was born after she was taken away
Jeremy: Then how are you here on lyoko?
Stranger: France Hopper
Yumi: looks like you found a lost family member.
Aleta: Will my materialization program work on my lost brother?
Jeremy: we could give it a try.
Odd and Yumi: take the stranger to the way tower in the forest.
Jeremy run Aleta’s materialization program on the stranger
Jeremy brings all the others in before checking that the strange made it to earth
Jeremy: I’m off with a fake letter to the principal
Aleta: See you soon
The stranger slowly wakes up
Aleta: Do you remember your name?
Stranger: Kyle
Kyle stands up but slips suddenly, Aleta catches him
Kyle: Thanks
Ulrich: Sissy is going to give you a hard time, as well as Gim
Odd: Aleta was lucky that you were there
Aleta: Odd I think he knows that
Jeremy runs back to them.
Jeremy: all set
Yumi: I have to go my parents are going to be worried sick.
Ulrich: See you tomorrow
Odd: We’ll let you have some fun with your brother, we’ll see you tomorrow.
Aleta and Kyle are left alone
They start walk to the academy and then Gim comes pops up in front of them.
Gim: Good, Aleta you can take your brother to the principal’s office!
Kyle: whispers to Aleta, what did I do?
Aleta: Nothing
Kyle: Then why did he yell at me?
Aleta: to get your attention
Kyle: Oh
The principal hand Kyle a key and tells him that he is sharing a room with Jeremy
Aleta takes Kyle to Jeremy’s Room
Jeremy: Aleta you know that next week starts Christmas break
ALeta: That great
Jeremy: Except that i'll be by myself for a week
Aleta: Don't worry about me
Jememy: Aleta you better go back to your room before Gim catches you
Aleta: Alright
Aleta leaves the room.
Night passes over quickly.
The next morning Jeremy leaves at 6 a.m.
Ulrich wakes up Kyle.
Odd: Time to wake up
Kyle: Alright, i'm up
Ulrich: Odd faked another letter saying that Kyle is your brother
Aleta: Jeremy left with his dad for christmas break
Ulrich: I'm staying here
Yumi: I'll be at here too
Odd: How come Jeremy didn't detect you?
Kyle: He was focused on Aleta
Ulrich: So now we have two people to deactivate the towers
Yumi: My parents want me to go home for now, just call me if there is any trouble
Yumi runs home
Aleta: Odd, Ulrich do you thing that you can project a simulation bubble if I make one sure
Ulrich: Sure
They all rush to the factory taking the entrance at the park.
Aleta Ulrich you should take Jeremy’s place after I launch the delayed virtualization program.
Aleta starts the program then Aleta drags Kyle to the scanner.
Soon they reach lyoko.
Aleta uses her creative power to make a simulation bubble.


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