The Adventure Begins


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Message par sixthwarrior » 30 Oct 2013, 00:39

Okay, so as you can see I finally thought of a name for this fanfiction.(which i dont know why it took so long)

Message par sixthwarrior » 20 Avr 2013, 17:02

Short Story

Here is a little short story That I'm thinking of as I write it.

Okay, so Brandon, Jeremie, and Aelita are in the Lab.

Brandon: So, what do I need to be here for?

Aelita: We are going to show you how to use the Supercomputer.

Brandon: Why Now?[This is gonna take forever.]

Aelita: All we need you to do is know how to Virtualize us and Materialize our Vehicles.

Brandon: But why?

Jeremie: I'm going on vacation for a month and you need to know how to run the Supercomputer.

Brandon: Why not get Aelita to do it?

Aelita: Because I have to deactivate towers.

Brandon: But I can do that too.Plus I'm stronger on Lyoko because I have 3 weapons.

Jeremie: You only have 2.Your Sword and Shuriken.

Brandon: But I can materialize monsters, remember?

Aelita: That is true, Jeremie.

Brandon's phone rings.

Brandon: Hello?

Westin: (on the other side of the phone) Where are you?

Brandon: In the forest.

Westin: Well get back to the dorm!!!Jim is doing an inspection and everybody has to be in their dorm!!!

Brandon: What!!!I'll be right there!!!

Jeremie: What was that about?

Brandon: Jim's doing an inspection and everybody has to be in their dorm!!!

2 and a half minutes later.

Brandon: (comes bursting through his dorm room)Did Jim come yet?!

Westin: No.

Brandon: Phew!!!!I thought I was gonna get detention or something.[Because of stupid Jeremie!!!]

Message par sixthwarrior » 30 Mar 2013, 22:18

Info: Brandon 2.0

This is not about a robot or anything like that.Just another thing about Brandon.This will be about his powers.

Power #1: You remember his power to materialize stuff?Well, that's gonna change.His hand used to glow blue, but not anymore!Instead, his hand will have blue electricity around it.

New Power: Not going to tell you!!!

Power Loss (Alot, too!): Big Plot in my third book.

Message par sixthwarrior » 22 Mar 2013, 14:26

Okay so the release date of my next book is May 1st, 2013.


It's pushed back until somewhere in June.(Really sorry but too many birthdays, computer problems, and some personal stuff)

Message par sixthwarrior » 21 Mar 2013, 03:42

Info: Westin

This one is about (duh) Westin.

Appearance: A white shirt with jeans and black shoes.His hair is black.

Lyoko Form: Probably not going to be one but if there is it's none of your business.

That's it.(What? i'm tired)

Message par sixthwarrior » 19 Mar 2013, 01:30

Info: Brandon

Okay, from here until the release of my next book, I will be posting these little bits of info about certain characters and things.I will also be posting ideas that I've had to see if you like them.This is the info about the Main Character, Brandon.

Avatar info:
So, if you've read my story, you'll know about Brandon's Avatar on Lyoko. The first form is:

A yellow ninja outfit.

The Second form is:

A karate shirt with a black belt and baggy jeans with a hole at the knees (both sides)

Moving on, Something you could not possibly know about him, is that he has a necklace!Why is it so important?You'll understand in my next story.

So, you probably are wondering (on the topics of looks) what he looks like in the real world.Here it is:

Blonde hair that reaches the back of his neck.
A blue shirt.
A red jacket with black stripes.
blue shorts.
black and green shoes.

I hope you liked this little information that I gave you!

Message par sixthwarrior » 13 Mar 2013, 19:54

Preview: Code Lyoko: Under X.A.N.A's Control

Here is the preview of my next book:

Coming Soon...

Code Lyoko: Under X.A.N.A's Control

When Brandon is forced to work for X.A.N.A, will it be game over for Team Lyoko?Will X.A.N.A delete Lyoko with him?Will X.A.N.A have a new Permanant slave?Will Westin find out about Lyoko? Will I ever stop asking questions?Find out in Code Lyoko: Under X.A.N.A's Control!


Brandon: Fine...I'll...Be your slave, X.A.N.A.

X.A.N.A: Very good William.You have gotten the boy to join us.
Aelita: Brandon!What are you doing?!!You can't destroy the core!!!

Westin: What's a Loko?

Ulrich: It's Lyoko.
Jeremie: Why did you tell him?!

Yumi: We're going to need all the backup we can get to save Brandon from X.A.N.A!
William: Why did you stop?DESTROY THE CORE NOW OR DIE!

Brandon: Why should I?Hyyyahhhhh!!!(Throws a shuriken at William but it misses)

William: X.A.N.A knew you would betray us.(Throws sword at core)

Jeremie: Be careful!X.A.N.A shut the scanners off somehow!

Sakura:NO!THE CORE!(Jumps in front of the core and get's hit by William's sword)


Is it the end of Lyoko?Is Sakura dead?Find out in:

Code Lyoko: Under X.A.N.A's Control

Message par sixthwarrior » 13 Mar 2013, 19:04

Chapter 17 Part 2: The End

Continuing off of the last chapter:

Brandon: That's why I haven't seen Westin in a while.X.A.N.A kidnapped him!But where would he take him?[I need to figure this out fast.]

20 Minutes Later.

Brandon: (Walks up to Jeremie)Hey, Jeremie, can I ask you something?

Jeremie: Yeah, what is it?

Brandon: If X.A.N.A were to kidnap someone, do you know where he would probably take them?[If he says Lyoko I'm going to be in trouble.]

Jeremie: Well, Not Lyoko.He would, although, hide them somewhere in the Factory.

Brandon: Okay.Bye![I'm off to the factory!]

Jeremie: Why did you want to know?

Brandon: Umm...ummm...[DISTRACTION!!!I NEED A DISTRACTION!!!]Umm...Hey!!!A double rainbow!!!(points to the sky)

Jeremie: Where?!(Looks to where Brandon is pointing)

Brandon: (Runs Away)

Jeremie: (Turns to where Brandon was)Oh, wow.I can't believe I was stupid enough to fall for that.

At the factory.

Brandon: (Looking in all the rooms{Even the non important ones from some episodes})Secret Spot...Secret Spot...Aha!(Finds a secret door and goes through it)Ugghhhh, He's not in here!I guess X.A.N.A's smarter than I thought.Hey!Another door!(goes through it)Westin?!Is that you?!

Westin: (His mouth is taped shut)MMMMM!!!!!MMM MMM MMMM MMMMMMMM!!!!!

Brandon: (Takes the tape off)I'm so glad you're okay!!!

Westin: Barely...The guy...shocked me really bad....oww...

Brandon: I've got to get you out of here!

Brandon + Westin: (Hear Footsteps)What?!

Brandon: (Whispering)Now I REALLY have to get you out of here!

Westin: I can barely walk!

Brandon: Shh!!Keep your voice down.I've got a distraction!(Says something and Westin turns invisible)

Westin: Wow!!!I forgot you have powers!

Brandon: I'll hide you in some other spot.(Moves Westin)I'm gonna go distract him.(Makes himself invisible and leaves)

Brandon goes to the computer room.

Brandon: Delayed Virtualisation!(goes to the scanner room)

On Lyoko.

Brandon: There has to be an activated tower.(looks around and sees it)Okay, I see it.(His vehicle {Completely Blue Mantas} Appears and he gets on it)Uh-Oh!Tarantulas!(The tarantulas shoot his mantas and he falls)AHHHHH!!!(Hits the ground)Owww!!!Must have lost like 30 life points!(Sees William)Oh no.

William: (starts running towards Brandon)You're dead!

Brandon: Not today!!(Makes a shield around himself)Ha!Can't get me now!

William: Can't I?(Breaks the Shield with his sword)

Brandon: I'm toast...

Back over on Westin's side.

Westin: [I have to be completely silent!]

Specter: (Comes in the room)He better be on Lyoko...

Westin: [What's Lyoko?]

Specter: Hey!Where's the kid?!

Back on Lyoko.

Brandon: I won't be able to protect myself from you AND THAT!!!(Points to the scyphozoa)Oh yeah.You can't attack me because if I get devirtualised I can't go to Sector 5, now can I?

William: Fine!

Brandon: So you'll let me deactivate the tower?

William: mmm....I guess.

Brandon: (runs in the tower, deactivates it, and comes out) Bye-Bye!(summons a sword and stabs himself)

William: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Back in the factory.

Brandon: (gets to the computer room)Return to the Past Now.

Goes back to when Brandon was about to get the text.

Brandon: Let's hope it worked...

Westin: (Walks through the door)Hey Brandon!

Brandon: Westin!

Westin: Yeah?

Brandon: Ummm...Do you wanna go to the movies?

Westin: Sure!

The End.

Message par sixthwarrior » 13 Mar 2013, 04:08


Countdown!!!On March 13, 2013, at 12:00 Noon, I will post the Final Chapter!I'm Happy and Sad.

I'm happy because:

I finished my first Code Lyoko Story!

I got to show people my one of my talents.

I've officially started my own series of books on this website!

I've gotten help by many people, both in constructive criticism, and being nice when using it.

I'm sad because:

My story is ending.

It wasn't that long.(Trust me guys, the next one will be about 2x bigger!)

After I post the final chapter, I will post a preview of my next book.(Yes, I've been working on it since, like, chapter 7!)

Message par sixthwarrior » 12 Mar 2013, 00:18

Okay, before anyone might get confused, Jeremie did NOT tell him to look up that song.Brandon's other friend from his other school called and told him.

Message par sixthwarrior » 12 Mar 2013, 00:02

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

DragonGirl a écrit:one word narration can be confusing for the reader. Next time make sure to tell the reader how much later and the location. Other than that you're doing good

Okay, I'll edit that right away!

Message par DragonGirl » 11 Mar 2013, 22:41

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

one word narration can be confusing for the reader. Next time make sure to tell the reader how much later and the location. Other than that you're doing good

Message par sixthwarrior » 11 Mar 2013, 03:42

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

Really?Nothing?Don't leave me hanging guys!I have to get a reaction before I post the last chapter!

Message par sixthwarrior » 10 Mar 2013, 21:17

Chapter 17 Part 1: The End

This is part one of the last chapter.

Brandon: (Finishes meeting everyone) Phew...Now I just need to get back to my own time.I can create a portal.

...What?I never said he couldn't make a portal for himself, did I?(rhetorical)

Brandon:(goes back to own time)(phone rings)Hello?...Yes, this is Brandon...ODD DID WHAT?!THAT IDIOT IS DEAD!!!WHERE IS HE?!...mmhmm...Okay.Bye.I can't believe Odd...(phone rings again)Hello?mmhmmm...What song?Why should I?Ugh shut up idiot!(hangs up)Stupid...

About an Hour later in Brandon and Westin's Room.

Brandon: (looks up the song)Owwww!!!!This is torture!!!(falls out of his chair in his room)OWWWW!!!!!(Gets up and turns off song)

Westin: (Walks in the dorm)Hmm?Why do you look ticked off?

Brandon: It's nothing...

One hour later next to the cafeteria:

Brandon: (sees odd)HEY!!!

Odd: Hmm?

Brandon: Why would you go through MY PERSONAL STUFF!!!

Odd: How did you find ou-

Brandon: Jeremie.

Odd: He so owes me...

Brandon: And YOU owe ME!!!

Odd: What do you want?

Brandon: What do I want?What I want Is MY JOURNAL BACK!!!

Odd: Okay.(hands over journal)

Brandon: (takes it and leaves)

One day later.

In Brandon and Westin's room:

Brandon: (looks at phone)Hmm?A new text.

Brandon: Hmm?"Go to Sector 5 or Westin dies. XANA"

Brandon: Oh no...

Dun Dun Dun!!!!

Message par sixthwarrior » 09 Mar 2013, 21:18

Chapter 16:....Anyone, anyone got a title?

Continuing from the last chapter:

Brandon: WAIT!!!![Oh no...]

Inuyasha: What?

Brandon: Um, we have a problem.

Inuyasha: Which is?

Brandon: You..*gulp*..Didn't...Have to go to the past...

Inuyasha: What?!

Brandon: I was gonna launch a Return To The Past, but that would be dangerous if your in the past.

Inuyasha: I could just find the bone eaters well.

Brandon: Okay.

*Sometime later*

Inuyasha: Found it!

Brandon: okay.

*In the factory*

Brandon: Return to the past now.(goes back to when meeting naruto and Sakura)

Brandon: Any minute now...

William: There he is.

Brandon: Aha!(turns around and attacks William)

William: Owww...(disappears)

Brandon: (goes to meet them)

Message par sixthwarrior » 09 Mar 2013, 20:27

Chapter 15:....Still can't think of a title

Okay,first,I'm really sorry about not posting anything.Now I'm going to try to make more chapters starting now but it's getting hard to make ideas.and if I can't think of ideas I'll post previews of what I've been thinking.This and the next chapter are being back to back.(about 20 minutes after this post I'll post the next chapter)

Inuyasha: So you want me to fix the past?

Brandon: Yup.Here is a earpiece so I can tell you what to do.

Inuyasha: Ughhh!Fine!

Brandon: [I just thought of something.I could just launch a return to the past back to when I met all of them.]

Inuyasha: Okay...(Runs into a portal to the past)

Brandon: No!!WAIT!!![Oh no...]

To be continued....

Message par sixthwarrior » 13 Jan 2013, 23:49

Sorry, no chapters until about after February.I have to study for a spelling bee thing, and I have to get started on my science fair project(Both due in February.).

Message par sixthwarrior » 01 Jan 2013, 17:58

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

Happy New Years Everyone!

Message par sixthwarrior » 01 Jan 2013, 17:54

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

DragonGirl a écrit:
sixthwarrior a écrit:
DragonGirl a écrit:You're still doing good so far but I recommend you be careful with your use of time travel.

Do you mean stop using it so much?

That's not exactly what i meant. I meant to be careful. Time travel can make things confusing really fast. If you take your time, make sure everything matches up and be careful with how you word things you'll be fine.

Ok.I'm starting to have to many characters from different shows so I'm going to get rid of some.Here is the list:

Inuyasha: Definitely getting rid of.(He was a one time thing)

Sakura: Have to keep.(You'll understand in my next story)Well might not keep but just switch parts with someone.

Korra: Same as Sakura.

Westin: Have to keep no matter what.(Oh and he's not from a show he's my actual friend)

Alan Meyer: I know that he's an important plot in the show and my story but he is gonna stay low for awhile until the show airs here because, well I have no pretty much no info about him yet.

Message par DragonGirl » 01 Jan 2013, 03:15

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

sixthwarrior a écrit:
DragonGirl a écrit:You're still doing good so far but I recommend you be careful with your use of time travel.

Do you mean stop using it so much?

That's not exactly what i meant. I meant to be careful. Time travel can make things confusing really fast. If you take your time, make sure everything matches up and be careful with how you word things you'll be fine.

Message par sixthwarrior » 30 Déc 2012, 20:56

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

DragonGirl a écrit:You're still doing good so far but I recommend you be careful with your use of time travel.

Do you mean stop using it so much?

Message par DragonGirl » 30 Déc 2012, 05:47

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

You're still doing good so far but I recommend you be careful with your use of time travel.

Message par sixthwarrior » 29 Déc 2012, 18:28

Chapter 14:..... Can't think of a title that makes sense

Brandon: I can't go back in time to change it cause that would cause a time paradox......Can't ask anyone, cause they would find out about my magic/ wouldn't believe me.Would ask Westin, but I don't even know where the heck he is...Aha!(Snaps his fingers) Why do people always snap their fingers when they get ideas?

Westin: Are you talking to yourself?

Brandon: (Has Been Standing the whole time) What The?!!(Sweep kicks Westin)Oops!!Sorry!!

Westin: Oww!!Whatever, class is starting.(Gets up and walks away)

Brandon: Anyway...(Teleports someone with silver hair, dog ears, a dog nose, and sharp teeth to him)H-

???: Brandon?!What the heck?Why did you bri-

Brandon: I need your help.I need you to -

???: No Way!!!I ain't helping you!!!

Brandon: Sit.

???: (Falls straight on his face)Why you-Only Kagome is supposed to be able to do that!!

Brandon: SUCKS TO SUCK!!!Anyway, can you go through that stupid bone-eaters well for me?

???: Why?

Brandon: Because I said to Inuyasha!!!

Inuyasha: Your worse than Miroku...

Brandon: :angryfire: What was that?

Inuyasha: Nothing!!

Message par sixthwarrior » 29 Déc 2012, 18:10

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

DragonGirl a écrit:You're still doing good but it's beginning to get confusing. ( a little confusing isn't always bad just be careful)

Yeah I re-read it and it was kinda confusing.

Message par Olivier » 22 Déc 2012, 12:40

Re: My version of Code: Lyoko

Looks like some people were faster than us, subtitles are already available!


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