Of navels and bellies (PG-13)


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Message par Frederic Martel » 03 Oct 2018, 01:54

Re: Of navels and bellies (PG-13)

** (It is from this moment in history that we see an abnormal concentration of abdominal fantasies so that only « perverts » and « pedophiles » will be able to read this part without vomiting or having nightmares.) * *

*** But it will be more like ultrasounds, caresses, etc. ***

During the pool class, Aélita donned a new pink two-piece swimsuit that exposed her belly, including the belly button. It did not really please her, Sissi even allowed herself to comment.
Sissi : Well, well. Our pink cloddish does not like to show her stomach like the real girls.
O : And you, you would not have a real brain ?
Sissi : Shut up ! I have abs ! Look.
A vertical line was actually drawn above the navel.
U : Well, that does not stop Aélita from being prettier than you.
Sissi walks away annoyed.
J : It's true that Aélita is prettier than Sissi. Thank you for defending her, Ulrich.
U : She's our friend, I'll not have left her under the hold of Sissi.
A : I'm fine, at least ?
J : Wonderfully, Aélita. You are ... uh ...
O : Well, tell it out !
J blushing : Splendid.
Aelita chuckles as blushing with joy. She then kiss Jeremy on the lips.

Monday was a weird and embarrassing day : Abdominal evaluation of all. Jeremy was furious.
J: I can't believe it ! We are all obliged to be shirtless along the evaluation !
Y and A : What ?!?
O : What's the problem ? It will be fun. We will see Aélita's tummy.
A : ODD !
J : And mine too ! As long as that, rather show my thighs!
U : Calm down, guys. They said we could keep our pants.

Everyone was shirtless in the infirmary (girls keep their bra). Aélita was really embarrassed to expose her belly and her navel, we saw red on her chubby face. Nicolas was doing the pectoral dance to try to attract the girls, but to no avail. Milly and Tamiya each held their belly with their hands: the first was massaging the stomach and the abdominal muscles, the second was scratching the skin. Sissi flattered her abs to pass the time. Jim had disguised himself as Tinky Winky for no specific reason.
Yolanda : Hello, everyone. Today, the abdominal evaluation will replace the annual medical checkup. You will have your abdominal skin inspected, palpate and "hit" your organs, listen to your digestion and the aorta, and have an ultrasound. To be honest, gastroenterology is the branch of medicine of which I am the most experienced.
Jim : Belpois. It's you, the first. Others will see how exactly it goes.
J : Uh ... okay.
The young blonde genius lay on the bed for inspection [first]. His belly was larger than Odd's, but less muscular and [less] firm. A good ¾ centimeter of fat lodged on his abs and hips. Yolanda began to feel and hit his abdomen with her left hand. During the auscultation, the stethoscope made Jeremy react, since it was cold. Yolanda was surprised to hear sounds unknown to Jeremiah's colon. She went on ultrasound for the first time in her life and on a student. And yet, Jeremy felt more relaxed.
Yolanda : Uh ... Jeremy.
J : Yes, Ma'am ?
Yolanda : I see white on your intestines and your abdominal muscles. I think you're suffering.
J : Huh ? What ?
Yolanda : I would say diverticulitis and muscle infection, but it can be cured.
J : What is diverticulitis ?
Yolanda : An inflammation in the small intestine. It is sometimes very painful.
J : What ?!?

The girl with pink hair lay on the bed. The nurse proceeded to the inspection: her belly was not abnormal. Only sweet and mellow, according to Yolanda. She then proceeded to the palpation, then the percussions. During the auscultation, she heard a strange sound in the abdominal aorta. By doing the ultrasound, she saw what she was looking for.
Yolanda : I think you have Crohn's disease, Aélita, but I'm not sure.

It was then Tamiya's turn. She had navel pain and itching on her abdominal skin. During the inspection, Yolanda noticed a start of vitiligo, a dry epidermis (probably eczema) and an abnormal hair thrust around the navel. The palpation, the percussion and the auscultation were done without problem. Ultrasound was uncomfortable for Tamiya.
Yolanda : Oh my god.
T : What ?
Yolanda : It's nothing personal, but you have a very advanced cancer to the abdominal muscles, Tamiya.
T : What ?!? I have cancer ?!?
Yolanda : Yes, and I do not think we can change anything.
T : But ... And the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Could it heal me?
Yolanda : If the cancer was less advanced, yes. But given the stage, the chemo will not be useful at all. I think you have at least a year to live. I'm really sorry, Tamiya.

Milly was really sore on the abs. She was almost crying. The ultrasound showed only a stretch of the muscles.
Yolanda : Jim, you should be less excessive in class. Milly is very sensitive.
Jim : Come on.
Yolanda : Oh ! Oh no. Milly, you have acute pancreatitis !
M : What is it ?
Yolanda : A deadly inflammation and very difficult to treat. I'm sorry, but you will die in 1 year too.
M : But ... but ...
Yolanda : I'm sorry Milly, but we can not do anything.
The girl began to cry hot tears. This time, Sissi did not want to make fun of her. Aélita then came to comfort the little journalist with a hug.
A : Do not cry, Milly. Take your life.
M : But it's too hard for me ...
A : Do not worry. I will be for you. And for Tamiya too.
M : T ... thank you, Aélita.
The girl with pink hair kissed her on the cheek. All are moved.

It was Ulrich's turn afterwards with the auscultation. His belly was a little dry, but soft.
Yolanda : Good. Your abdomen looks in great shape, Ulrich. You have to do a lot of sport.
Y : He trains with me at penchak-silat.
The nurse did the ultrasound.
Yolanda : The bladder is intact.
U : That's the bladder ?
Yolanda : Yes. The abdominal aorta is very clear too.
Hiroki : Wow ! We can see a lot of things in an ultrasound !
Yolanda : Oh, I see something in the colon.
U : What do I have ? A parasite ?
Yolanda : No. It's irritable bowel syndrome.
U : That's serious ?
Yolanda : No, but it's permanent. However, your eczema will not exacerbate your condition.
U : Okay, ma'am.
Yolanda : Good. The ultrasound is finished. You're really sexy for your age, Ulrich ! Without wishing to embarrass you. I understand that Yumi is your girlfriend, she is very beautiful too.
Ulrich and Yumi both blush.

It was Yumi's turn. The palpation tickled her. The ultrasound revealed yet another intestinal disease.
Yolanda : Yumi, I'd say you're suffering from Whipple's disease.
Y : What is it ?
Yolanda : A rare autoimmune disease. Abdominal pain is coming. It takes antibiotic treatment without delay.

Yolanda : Hiroki, you have an abdominal hernia.
H : It's healing ?
Yolanda : Yes, but you have to be operate for.

W : I'll finally know why my navel hurts.
Yolanda doing ultrasound on W's tummy : Uh, William. You have cancer too.
W : What ?!?
Yolande : In the small intestine. He is very advanced too. You will not live more than 12 months. Chemo is therefore useless. I am sorry.

Sissi : Please, do not tell me I'm fat, ma'am.
Yolande : I admit that you lost weight, Elizabeth. You're much prettier without your yellow thing in your hair.
Sissi : So who has it in my belly ?
Yolanda : Uh ... a very advanced cancer too. In the colon, this time. The hell ?!? Will all students die in 1 year?
Sissi : One minute. I have colon cancer ??
Yolanda : Yes, sorry. You'll be dead shortly before William.
Sissi : But ... but ...
She got up and threw herself into William's arms with hot tears, so it was unfair to her.

O : Huh ? My belly ! It is fattening ! Why ?
Yolanda : I'll find out soon.
O : Ok.
Yolanda : Oh, oh. Fatty cellulitis.
O : What is it ?
Yolanda : An increase in the adipose tissue of the epidermis and ... Oh no !
O : What ?
Yolande : You risk aneurism of the abdominal aorta, Odd !
O : How much ?
Yolanda : Between 25% and 40%.

The abdominal evaluation ends in fear and sadness. All the students (literally all) had a disease in the abdomen and the majority of them learned that they will be dead within 13 months. Mr. Delmas suddenly demanded the attention of the students.
J-P : Due to an imminent heat wave that will last until the end of November this year, all students will have to finish the year shirtless, girls can keep their bra of course.
A : What ?!?
Jim : But you can stay in pants.
J : But that is perverse !
J-P : The director of weather news has a fetish for the bellies and navels and the French director of health is autistic. It's the two of them who decided that. In addition, it is for your good.
Y : It still hurts our modesty.
Yolanda : Do not be worried. We ordered special clothes to make you feel better.
Jim : Uh ... These are rather short camisoles. We'll see all your bellies.

Odd, now shirtless, was lying on the bench in the yard and flattered his soft belly uneasily.
O : Shit. I have almost an aneurysm and I'm only 14 years old.
A familiar voice suddenly came from behind.
??? : Hi, Odd.
O turning around : Huh ?!? Sam ?!?
Samantha Knight had returned to Kadic, this time permanently. Prevented by the health regulations, she was wearing a bra and knee-length skirt.
S : Hey, yes. You're not mad at me yet, I hope ?
O in his head : Come on, Odd. XANA is dead and William is free. You do not have to blame him anymore, now. Besides, she's the only known girl who is in love with you.
O : Uh, no. It's okay. I'm not angry anymore. By the way, what are you doing in the neighborhood ?
S : My school closed in full year. It's crazy, huh ?
O : I admit it, yes.
S : As a result, all students, including myself, were dispersed to other schools across the country, including Kadic.
O : It's cool.
S : Besides, I could see my half-sister and take care of her.
O : You have a half-sister who studies in Kadic?
S : Yeah. I think you know her. Her name is Tamiya Diop.
O : Huh ?!? Tamiya is your little sister ?!?
S : Half-sister.

Note : The relationship between Sam and Tamiya is pure imagination.

Sam knocked on the door of Milly and Tamiya.
Milly in tears : Come in.
O : They do not seem to be fine.
Indeed, the two journalists were lying on their backs and had their hands on their stomachs. They were in pajamas ... new, rather sports bra (White Pink for Milly, orange for Tamiya) and trousers lace up belts (same respective colors). Their tears, on the other hand, represented their common fear of death.
S : Hi, Tamiya.
T : Samantha ?!? You finally arrived !
The africa sisters hug hard in love. Sam caresses Tamiya's hips.
O : She knew about your venue ?
S : Yeah. - Turn to Tamiya- Do you want me to help you with something ?
T : Yes. My tummy really stings me and I need you to apply the aloes gel. Please ?
S : With pleasure, paternal sister.
M : Odd ? Could you massage my belly, please ?
O : Okay.
S : What ? Have you ever had your belly shaved ?
T : Yes.
Sam put gel on her forefinger and twirled it around Tamiya's belly button. After, she put her palm on her abs.
S in a soft voice : Do you feel better?
T : Yes. Thank you.
O to Milly : Now that you, too, feel better, I'll tickle you.
Then he held her with his hand under her ribs. The other tickles her abs and navel.
M : Ha ha ! No, please Odd ! Stopped !
S : Well, I leave you, you and Milly. See you tomorrow.
Then Sam kisses and flatters Tamiya's belly under the confused eyes of Odd and Milly.
O tapping Milly's belly : I'm pulling myself too. Good night girls.
The two lovers left the room.
M : Tamiya. Is this the first time she's kissing your tummy ?
T : Well ... Yes and no.
M : What do you mean ?
T : When we were younger, she kissed me on a wound if it was on the arm or on the leg.
M : Okay. By the way, I wanted to tell you something.
T : What ?
M : I want a tattoo on my belly, more precisely around the navel.
T : Really ? When ?
M : When I'll have time. Currently, I have to rest the abs. Yolande said it would help if we did not put the blanket on our belly. Good night, Tamiya.
T : Good night, Milly.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 29 Sep 2018, 22:55

Of navels and bellies (PG-13)

Warning: This story is concentrated in belly button and bellies. If you are easily disgusting, do not read this fan fiction.

Actually, there will be about ultrasounds, tattoos, kisses, piercings and massages on the characters' bellies.
And this is my first fanfiction ever. So, be indulgent.

It's been a month since the lyoko warriors had turned off the supercomputer and resumed their normal lives. Ulrich was taller than Sissi and as much as Yumi. Odd and Jeremy had grown to a common size. They passed Aelita, but remained smaller than Ulrich. Odd and Aelita had also changed their style of dress: Odd wore his purple fitness t-shirt with a gray white sweatshirt, rolled up sleeves, and black jeans with a coffee-colored leather belt. and orange white sneakers; Aelita was wearing a red t-shirt, no sweatshirt, and brown jeans with a sky blue leather belt, as well as neon green shoes. Jeremy, meanwhile, alternated his top between his usual brown sweater and a white short-sleeved shirt. Ulrich and Yumi each kept their respective outfits (from season 4).

Ulrich, haunted by the events of season 2 involving William, can not take about being Yumi's friend and that's all and decides to invite Yumi to the pool, which accepts. Rendered there, the Japanese girl noticed the bizarre head of Ulrich.
Yumi : Are you ok, Ulrich ?
Ulrich : Yeah, yeah. I'm okay.
They saw William appear before them.
William : Hi Yumi and Ulrich.
Y : What do you want, William ?
W : I must confess that I can swim in reality. I insinuated not to know it because I felt bad for Ulrich.
U : Why ?
W : When Jim made you mouth ...
U : Oh please ! Do not mention it !
W : Anyway, do you think I do not have a big heart ?
U : OK, it's good ! I understood !
W : Also, I'm a little embarrassed when I'm shirtless. Ulrich has more muscles of me.
U amused : That's a compliment ! Thank you !
W : Besides, I feel like having girl hips.
Ulrich and Yumi giggle.
Y continuing to laugh : Come on, William. They are only a bit wide. Nothing more.
W : Yeah. I leave you.
U : Okay.
Ulrich decides to take a dive from the same altitude as last time, but he controls himself. Yumi asked Jim, present, to let her do word-of-mouth herself not to humiliate him. Ulrich was dizzy and sinking. No flat. Impeccable. He himself was surprised like the others. Yumi helped him out.
Y : You were great. Better than William.
U : Thank you, Yumi.
He kisses the girl on the cheek that blushes.
W : Uh ... I'm right here.
Y : Oh come on. It's only a kiss of friendship.
U vexed : Yeah. A kiss of friendship.
Y : Now, my turn.
Yumi rushed to the same diving board. As she gets ready to dive, Johnny arrives from behind.
Johnny : Hi Yumi.
Y surprised : Huh ?
But the girl loses foot and suffers a flat stomach. Ulrich hastens to get the Japanese out of the water. And the long-awaited moment for him arrives. He will put his lips on those of Yumi. And Jim does not interfere.
Sissi arriving : Oh no Ulrich ! Do not even think about it !
But the concerned does not listen. He is mouth-to-mouth to his geisha. She woke up and thanked Ulrich for a hug.
U : Now we are quits.
Jim : Actually, not quite. She did not undergo MY mouth-to-mouth and I try to balance.
U and Y : Jim, no !
Jim : Sorry, but I have to.
The teacher does word-of-mouth to the girl who becomes traumatized. Ulrich comforts her.
Jim : Here, I think about it. Dunbar was there too and must suffer the same thing.
W : What ?? NO !
But the supervisor starts chasing him and Sissi.
Jim : Come on ! Come on those called "glue pots" !
W and Sissi : NOOOO !
But Yumi is not more consoled. Ulrich kisses her to change her air ... or breath.
Y : Thanks, Ulrich. Your lips are nicer to kiss than Jim's.
U : Yumi. I would like to tell you something.
Y : What ?
U : I love you.
He had finally said it. Yumi was thrilled. She kissed again the beautiful samurai she had loved for a long time. Jim spared this show to William and Sissi by pursuing them.

Today was another learning of the rules of the road. This time, it was out of the question for Ulrich to fail.
Jim : Stern ! It's you who start.
U : OK.
He entered the car.
U to himself : Come on, I'm concentrating.
To the surprise of all, and of himself, he had successfully learned.
U : Is this a dream where I really succeeded?
O in a comical tone : It's a dream and you'll wake up after a hundred years of coma.
U : WHAT ?!?
J : No, he carries you. You succeeded impeccably.
U : Yeah ! I succeeded ! Do you hear that, William ?
William sitting in the stands : Yes, but there is nothing to brag about.
Aelita was next, she failed strangely.
A : But what is it ? Do not believe it ! I am bad.
J : It does not matter, Aelita. What matters is to have tried.
U : If it's any consolation, I wish it had been William who had such a disastrous result.
A : Thank you, Jeremy. And Ulrich too.
The two lovers (Jeremy and Aelita) hug each other. Ulrich, meanwhile, wants to be sure that Yumi loves him.
U : Yumi, I have to talk to you immediately.
Y : Uh ... okay.
U : The "friends and that's all" came to ruin my life a bit. And did you like the kiss at the pool?
Y : Ulrich. I must admit that it hurt me to say "friends and that's all", but I just wanted to avoid being jealous of the other. And for the kiss, yes, it was the most beautiful moment of my life so far.
U : Does that mean you love me too?
Y blushing : Yes.
Ulrich grabbed her face and kissed her.
W : Yumi ?!? But what ... ?!?
Y jumping up : William ?!? You saw us ?
W : Yes, and I find this act really horrible on your part. I now know what you did at the pool with Ulrich.
Y : Sorry William, but that would never have worked between us. I like Ulrich, point of the line.
Jim : Dunbar, it's your turn !
W : Okay. -Turning to Yumi- Be still happy even if it disappoints me.
William was sure he was going to succeed like the last time. But he failed on the contrary. At each turn, he crushed every cone he wanted to avoid.
O death of laughter : So that's what's called karma !
U : At least he and I are quits. Especially since last year, when I saw him with Yumi at her home, I was furious.
Y : I pushed him back, do not worry.
U : I love you Yumi.
Y : I love you Ulrich.
Then they kiss each other again on the mouth.
U to William : So who is it who is nil now ? Eh ?!?
W lowering his eyes in sadness : It was not necessary.
Sissi is next, but she notices William's sorrow head.
Sissi : What's happening to you ?
W: Ulrich and Yumi are dating.
Sissi : What ?!?
The latter turns around, sees the two lovers kissing and becomes shocked. She approaches them in anger.
Sissi : Ulrich, what are you doing with this anorexic crow ??
U : You've been anorexic since Yolanda told you that you weighed 50 kilos.
Sissi let out a small, shocked cry as she stared at her navel.
Sissi : Uh ... I mean, I do not care. And you (turning to Yumi), you move away from my Ulrich on the spot.
Y : Hey, it's not your Ulrich. He's in love with me, not you, I'll let you know.
Sissi : It's not even true ! I'm much prettier than you, bitch !
Y : Hey ! I am not a bitch ! I am much more mature than you, and above all, more beautiful by nature.
U : So that's true.
Sissi to Y : FUCK YOU !
She then slapped the Japanese girl with all her strength. The latter then began to bleed from the nose and moan with pain. Ulrich was shocked, as he never was. Without thinking, he threw himself on Sissi and bombarded her with violent fists in the face with all the rage he had in him. All the students present looked at them in amazement. William stepped in to protect Sissi, but received an involuntary nudge from Ulrich who stopped and became confused before resuming.
Jim panicked and upset : STERN ! WHAT THE ... ? STOP ! STOP IMMEDIATELY !
Ulrich heard the voice and stopped for real. He then saw Sissi suffer and sobbing, covering her nose while lying on her back on the grass. Everyone, including his friends, even Yumi and Odd, was flabbergasted. It was the first time Ulrich had « killed » (massacré figuratively) a student like this ! Jean-Pierre Delmas arrived at the scene and saw at once his crying daughter with bloody face.
J-P : What's going on here ? Sissi ?!? OH MY GOD ! Who did you do that ?
Sissi still crying : Ulrich ... Stern.
J-P very furious, almost shouting : STERN ! In my office ! RIGHT NOW !
U : Uh ... Yes, sir.
Y interposing : No, wait sir. He was just defending me.
W holding his nose : Well, I got his elbow in my face. And he also kissed Yumi.
Jim : What ? All this for a quarrel in love ?
Sissi to J-P : Dad ! You know that I love Ulrich since kindergarten. Please, help me. Please !
J-P : I am the principal of this school, not an expert in romantic relationships. For now, come to, Dunbar and Ishiyama. And you too, Sissi. I would need details on exactly what happened.
Y and W : Yes, sir.
Sissi : Yes, dad.
And the four teenagers followed Mr. Delmas to his office.

Later, in Mr Delmas' office ...
J-P : So, I'm listening to you. Who wants to start ?
U : Me, sir.
J-P : Go ahead.
U : Mr. Delmas, with all due respect, your daughter has never interested me at the relational level. I would have agreed to be friends, but never to be in love.
Sissi was annoyed by what Ulrich had just said.
U continuing : Then one day, I met Yumi in a penchak-silat class. She was ... IS beautiful. Very beautiful. I flashed on her as soon as I saw her. We almost even kissed once, but something prevented us. Then, when I was about to tell her I love her, William appeared in my life and almost ruined it !
W : What ? But I...
J-P : Do not interrupt him, Dunbar. Continue, Stern.
U : So, I tried to conquer her by all means. First at the pool, but Jim gave me word-of-mouth while Yumi was about to do it and that, I still do not support it as a souvenir.
Jim : Hey! I thought you drowned.
J-P : Well, do it to girls only. It's less gay.
U : Thank you, sir.
Jim : Uh ...
U : Then the night I was going to tell her for good, but William was there and then the next day, driving, I had failed and William insulted me. I really wanted to kill him !
W : Hey !
U : You, shut the fuck up !
J-P : Watch your language, Stern.
U : Sorry, sir. Finally, at the beginning of this school year, Yumi had preferred that she and I, we are friends and that's all.
Y : But I got tired of William shortly after, sir.
W : Oh ! It's not fair !
J-P : Stern, keep going.
U : I did not want to stop there, though. So, I declared myself to her, yesterday and today. The end.
J-P : You kissed her, I hope ?
U : Oh yes, sir.
Sissi : WHAT ?!? YOU HOPING, DAD ?!? AND ME THEN ?!?
J-P : Sissi, he does not love you, let's see. You should have tried to find someone else, I think.
Y : Like William, for example. You would go well together, I think.
W and Sissi blushing : WHAT ?!? NO BUT, IT'S NOT THE HEAD ?!?
U : Well, she's right. Since you are two real pots of glue.
Sissi : Uh ...
W : Uh ...
J-P : Well, who wants to talk now?
Y : Me, sir.
J-P : We are listening to you.
Y : I fell in love with Ulrich as soon as I saw him. He is so handsome and muscular.
Ulrich blushed and smiled.
W : What ?!? And me ?
Y : You'd be better with Sissi.
W : Uh ...
Y continuing : On the other hand, there was always Sissi and William who landed at any moment. Me and Ulrich were always jealous because of them. I decided that we were friens only to avoid other disputes and fits of jealousy, but I loved Ulrich too much to respect that phrase. And I still love him.
W vexed : And you could say that me, no.
U : Maybe Sissi loves you, she.
W : Uh ... what ?
Y : Now, I thank Ulrich for telling me that he loves me. And that means no more "friends and that's all" anymore ! Even though Sissi slapped me.
J-P : You slapped her ?!?
Sissi : Uh ...
Then Yumi leaned over to kiss Ulrich again.
Sissi : Worst day of my life !
Y : You do not have to hate this day. You have to kiss William and this day will end well for you.
Sissi : ARG !!! Stop it !
J-P : Sissi. Your turn.
Sissi : I'll be brief. I like Ulrich and not William ! I tried to be prettier to seduce Ulrich. I took off my blindfold and changed my clothes. Admit that I'm sexy like that, finally !
U : For me, no. For William, surely.
Sissi blushing : Oh shut up ! I do not like William ! Well I think.
U : Do you think so, you say ?
W : My turn !
J-P : Go ahead, Dunbar.
W : Yumi failed to tell you that she and I were childhood friends. When I saw her, I was in love. She is always very pretty, especially with the belly button permanently exhibited.
Y lowering his head: Huh ?!?
Seeing her belly button, she immediately pulled her t-shirt down with an embarrassed expression on her face.
W : Finally, short. Yumi should have gone out with me at least once. But there, given the circumstances, I had to choose someone else to seduce.
U : That would not be Sissi, by any chance ?
W blushing all over his face : Oh, but ... why do you always go on that Sissi and I love each other ?
Y : That's right ! You are two real pots of glue and never let go. This is not the kind of love you dream of ? Who does not let go of the other without displeasing him ? Admit it.
William and Sissi both look embarrassed.
W : Ok. I admit it. It's Sissi that I like now and that I want to seduce.
Sissi blushing : Wh... What ? You love me ?
W hugging Sissi in his arms : Yes.
Sissi on the verge of sudden tears : Mm ... mm ... me too.
She lolled over her shoulders and cried with tears of joy.
W raising her head with the hand : Hey. Look at me, Sissi.
Then he kissed her passionately on the lips. Sissi put her arms around his neck.
U : Yeah. Bravo. We will not be harassed any more.
W and Sissi not very serious : Oh, shut up.
Ulrich and Yumi could not help but kiss each other again.
Jim : Uh, I remind you that I'm here and we're not in a church, but in the principal's office.
J-P : That'll be fine, Jim. At least, it ends well.

To be continued...


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