What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?


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Message par Frederic Martel » 07 Juil 2019, 19:54

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?


John produces Hot Tub Time Machine, The Last Airbender, Iron Man 2, Megamind, Shrek Forever After, How to Train your Dragon, Little Fockers, 127 Hours, Dinner for Schmucks* and Yogi Bear.
John acquires Touchstone Pictures and its complete catalog and rights for $ 3,5 billion.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 02 Juil 2019, 18:38

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?


John produces Avatar, Transformers 2, Monsters vs. Aliens, Terminator Salvation, The Hangover, X-Men Origins : Wolverine, Hotel for Dogs, Star Trek, The Solist, Up In the Air, Planet 51 and I Love You, Man.
DreamWorks and Paramount bought Paranormal Activity rights.
John produces also Spliced !, a very funny comedy cartoon.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 06 Juin 2019, 16:22

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

Godzilla vs. Lennon's Toons (2009)
The next ToonVerse's installment is another Godzilla crossover. This time, Godzilla serves as antagonist.
1955. Godzilla and Anguirus are fighting before getting frozen in an iceberg created by avalanche. 54 years later, in summer 2009, the iceberg approaches US waters and collides with an nuclear submarine. Godzilla and Anguirus are released from the iceberg and both absorbs nuclear energy from the submarine, changing their appareance (2004 look). However, global warming alters on them, shrunking them to 2 meters. They destroy the submarine and swim to Western coast.
Meanwhile, in Montréal, John Lennon and his toons from Code Lyoko, All Grown Up and Total Drama Island are living good. Lyoko-warriors are however frustated to be considered as sex-symbols with cute belly buttons and not as real cartoon heroes. Phil and Lil both try to relax them, as they are considered as the prettiest characters of their series because of their navels too, with Kimi. Duncan takes a sadisctic pleasure to mocking Lyoko-warriors.
Godzilla and Anguirus send a calling roar to their kaijus friends from Japan as they arrive in Vancouver. They are walking to nuclear plants, but they scaring people in streets. Police and army arrive and attack them in defense, but it provocating thekaijus who are killing them with fire breath and/or physically. King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan and Zilla, all measuring 2 meters because of global warming, arrive and finish the job. They get uranium from nuclear plants, but the metal is poor in radioactivity. The kaijus are angry and burn all of West End disctrict, killing teenagers and gay people (I'm not homophobic, West End is Vancouver's gay village.).
John watchs the news and contacts Canadian and US armies to negociate a battle plan. John agrees to send his toons to fight the kaijus after some discussion. The latters agrees to do it for following conditions :
-Owen wanna go eat to Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's for free forever.
-Duncan wants a Wii, a Xbox 360 an a PS3.
-Courtney and Gwen both want their navel pierced.
-Tommy and Kimi want Chuckie to let them startig a relationship.
-Phil an Lil want their bellies tattooed with purple stars and all Nintendo 64 games they don't own.
-Dil wants a Game Boy Advance SP.
-Chuckie wants a gold medal.
-Ulrich and Yumi wanna be husband and wife.
-Jeremy and Aelita want their stomachs hairless.
-Odd wants his abdominal hair dyed in purple.
Their conditions are accepted.
The toons are in helicopter who goes to 30,000 feet. They make a halo fall on Banff, Alberta. Duncan deals his, but his friends get hurt. After walking in forest, they arrive on a lake where the kaijus arrive soon. Duncan puts some napalm bombs on the top of cliff. Toons fight against Kaijus on a soundtrack with Motley Crue' Kickstart My Heart. After long minutes of action, the toons espace on helicopter after Duncan detonates bombs that create rocks sprotching kaijus, but they survive. They grown 100 meters in Ontario.
The kaijus arrive in Montréal and create death and horror in downtown. Godzilla take a third of the Tour de la Bourse and throw it on Square Victoria, killing military soldiers. They leaving the town in river after sploding battleships. Next morning, pacing is horrible in Montréal. There is a lot of death people. In Olympic Stadium, John and Aelita found Milly's corspe. Duncan flees to Québec City to kill Godzilla by his own.
John and the other toons came in Québec City with a blowing up ray. John grows the lyoko-warriors in a plasma cage after the kaijus arrive to Québec City Summer Festival. They are fighting like in Kingsman, but there is more violence and brutality. At the end, Godzilla is the only Kaiju alive. He destroys the ray, shrunking toons in normal size. Before Godzilla stomps the toons, they are revealing secrets. Lil is lesbian, Duncan have put estrogen in Ulrich and Odd's ultrasound gel (fatting their belly skin) and steroids in Yumi and Aelita's same gel, creating hair on their navel and abs. Lyoko-warriors are Deadly angry at Duncan for fucking up their tummies. Suddenly, Godzilla's sons, Minilla and Godzilla Junior, both appear and communicate with their father. They supplicate* him to leave John and the toons alive. They attacked kaijus because they were scared. Godzilla see tanks and soldiers with guns. He leaves Québec City to stop this war.
6 months later, Québec people hardly forgive Godzilla for killing families. In Nunavut, John, Paul and Ringo saw Godzilla and his sons contouring North America by Artic* Ocean to return in Japan. In Alaska, Godzilla turns around to Americans and roars before the end credits.

Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron
Screenplay by Paul Verhoeven, Michael Bay and Joe Dante
Story by John Lennon
Executive producers : Jon Landau, Shogo Tomiyama, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Gale Anne Hurd
Music composed by James Horner and Mark Mothersbaugh and conducted by John Powell
Edited by Michael Kahn and John Ottman
Cinematography by Dean Cundey
Casting by Allison Jones
Visual effects by Dennis Muren, Joe Letteri, Richard Legato and John Bruno for Industrial Light & Magic, Pacifc Data Images, Weta Digital and Digital Domain
Production company : Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon Movies, Amblin Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, MoonScoop Animation, Klasky-Csupo and Hanna-Barbera
Distributed by DreamWorks Pictures (North America), Universal Pictures (International) and Toho (Japan)
Budget : $ 100-150 million
Theatrical release : July 10th 2009
Home media release : Novembre 2nd 2009

Live-action cast
John Lennon as himself
Paul McCartney as himself
Ringo Starr as himself
R. Lee Ermey as submarine captain

Voice cast
Casper Van Dien as Ulrich Stern
Neve Campbell as Yumi Ishiyama
Ryan Reynolds as Odd Della Robbia
Hayden Christensen as Jeremy Belpois
Natalie Portman as Aelita Schaeffer
Will Ferrell as Owen
Jim Carrey as Duncan
Emilie Claire Barlow as Courtney
Emma Stone as Gwen
Elizabeth Daily as Tommy Pickles
Kath Soucie as Phil and Lil DeVille
Dionne Quan as Kimi Finster
Nancy Cartwright as Chuckie Finster
Tara Strong as Dil Pickles

Release and reception
Godzilla vs. Toons released on July 10th 2009 alongside Brüno, Blood : The Last Vampire, Humpday, Soul Power and I Love You, Beth Cooper. Gross projections were $ 40-55 million on his first american week-end and $ 47-62 million on international markets, for a global opening estimated at $ 87-117 million. It finally gross $ 97,75 million on his first local week-end and $ 105,3 million internationally, for a global opening of $ 203,05 million. The film grosses $ 1,296 billion worldwide ($ 746 million in North America, $ 550 million internationally).
It receives critical acclaim. 98 % on Rotten Tomatoes. Praise was aimed to screenplay, direction, acting, action, score, effects and humor, while violence, sexual allusions and coarse language were critized.

Budget : $ 100-150 million
Box-office : $ 1,296 billion
Actors' box-office parts : 1% each
Part per actor : $ 12,96 million
Total parts (14) : $ 181,44 million
Profile : $ 964,56 million

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 01 Juin 2019, 15:40

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

John serves as producer for X-Men : The Last Stand, Snakes On a Plane, She's the Man, Over The Hedge, Nacho Libre, Charlotte's Web, Flushed Away and Dreamgirls.
John Lennon and Nintendo made a wrestling video game on GameCube and Wii : Teletoon Wrestling
Characters :
-Teletoon : Total Drama, Johnny Test, Code Lyoko, Zimmer Twins, etc.
-Nickelodeon : Rugrats (All Grown Up), SpongeBob Squarepants, Danny Phantom, Fairy OddParents, Avatar : The Last Airbender, etc.
-Cartoon Network : Kids Next Door, Powerpuffs Girls, Johnny Bravo, Billy and Mandy, Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, etc.
-Nintendo/Sega : Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Bowser, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Toon Link, Tetra, Ganondorf, Eggman, etc.
GameCube release : April 2nd 2006
Wii release : November 11th 2006

ToonVerse continues in a series on Netflix.

Teletoon Retro is launched in October.
John serves as executive producer for Spider-Man 3, Shrek The Third, Transformers, There Will Be Blood, Bee Movie, Blades of Glory, Norbit and Sweeney Todd.
Total Drama Island is launched by John Lennon, James Cameron, Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch. Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey both remains as Owen and Duncan's voices. Emma Stone and Samuel L. Jackson both portray Gwen and Chef Hatchet's voices respectively.

Marvel Cinematic Universe starts with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. John Lennon and Kevin Feige will be both the main producers for the whole film franchise.
John produces Indiana Jones 4, Madagascar 2, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Kung Fu Panda, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Tropic Thunder.
John directs a drama and a spoof : 4 generations and Star Wars : First Shit.
-4 generations starts Richard Attenborough, John Lennon, Daniel Day-Lewis and Heath Ledger.
-Star Wars : First Shit stars John Lennon, Hayden Crhistensen, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Casper Van Dien, Keanu Reeves, Michael Biehn, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Frank Oz and Ian McDiarmid in a half-spoof half-serious movie.
Avatar : The Last Airbender's finale, Sozin's Comet, deserves a theatrical release. It finally wons Academy Award for Best Animated Film.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 20 Mai 2019, 17:23

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

Twelve Labours of Godzilla (2005)
After Toho's acquisition two years earlier, John wrote his own Godzilla reboot as an ToonVerse's installment. Kaiju effects remains suitmation, with CGI animation for nuclear powers and more realistic visual effects for the monsters' size.
John Lennon and characters from SpongeBob SquarePants and All Grown Up ! helps Godzilla and Anguirus to save the world by defeating King Ghidorah and lots of kaijus. There is also Frakes brothers who both want to use Toons' DNA to gain immortality and own King Ghidorah to rule on Earth forever. John Lennon and his little friends would get help from Toons rookies : Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph from Avatar : The Last Airbender and Owen and Duncan from Total Drama Island.
Live-action actors/actresses
John Lennon : Himself
Kevin Bacon : Sebastian Frakes
Denis Leary : Edward Frakes
Denise Richards : Chris Frakes
Daniel Day-Lewis : Himself
Bruce Willis : Himself
Marcia Gay Harden : Herself
Toons' voice actors/actresses
Jim Carrey : Duncan
Will Ferrell : Owen
Elizabeth Daily : Tommy Pickles
Kath Soucie : Phil and Lil DeVille
Nancy Cartwright : Chuckie Finster
Tara Strong : Dil Pickles
Dionne Quan : Kimi Finster
Tom Kenny : SpongeBob SquarePants
Bill Fagerbakke : Patrick Star
Zach Tyler Eisen : Aang
Mae Whitman : Katara
Jake DeSena : Sokka
Jessie Flowers : Toph Beifong
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron
Screenplay by Paul Verhoeven, Michael Bay and Joe Dante
Story by John Lennon
Based on :
-Godzilla created by Ishiro Honda, Eiji Tsuburaya and Tomoyuki Tanaka
-SpongeBob SquarePants created by Stephen Hillenburg
-All Grown Up ! created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and John Lennon
-Avatar : The Last Airbender created by Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko and John Lennon
-Total Drama Island created by John Lennon, Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch and James Cameron
Executive producers : Shogo Tomiyama, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Gale Anne Hurd, Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, Stephen Hillenburg, David Silverman and Joseph Barbera
Production company : Nickelodeon Movies, Amblin Entertainment, Lightstrom Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera, Klasky-Csupo, Toho and United Plankton Pictures
Distributed by : DreamWorks Pictures (North America), Paramount Pictures (International) and Toho (Japan)
Visual effects provided by Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Pacific Data Images and Digital Domain
Visual effects producers : Stan Winston, Patrick Tatopoulos, Michael Lantieri, Robert Legato and Hoyt Yeatman
Edited by Michael Kahn and John Ottman
Music by Basil Poledouris and Mark Mothersbaugh (End credits theme by John Powell (Mountain chase in Horton Hears a Who))
Casting by Sarah Halley Finn and Allison Jones
Cinematography by Dean Cundey
Budget : $ 75-100 million
Release date : January 7th 2005 (Theatrical), June 1st 2005 (VHS and DVD)
Hey Arnold ! characters are supposed to appear, but there was already too much characters. In the original script, Arnold and his friends weren't very useful to the story. It is the last film Basil Poledouris provide the score for. He would pass away 23 months after the film's release. It's also the first appearance for Duncan, Owen, Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph on screen. Avatar : The Last Airbender would start the next month and Total Drama Island won't exist before July 2007. The film serves as a direct sequel to Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, so as a sequel to Godzilla Heisei era and the second installment in John Lennon's ToonVerse, after Code Lyoko : Aftermath (2004). It ignores the events of Code Lyoko Godzilla (1990).
John Lennon has always wanted both Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey to provide their voices to Owen and Duncan respectively. They initially refuse or wanted to switch their characters, but they accept after meeting John. In case of official refusal, Owen would have been voiced by Jack Black, Andy Richter or Zach Galifianakis and Duncan by Hugh Jackman, Josh Brolin or Sacha Baron Cohen. John Lennon would say later that Mae Whitman give a beautiful voice to Katara. Zach Tyler Eisen and Jessie Flowers' voices were mixed to sound a bit older.
February 2004 to May 2004. It took place in Québec, Japan, Italy and Greece.
It releases on January 7th 2005, alongside White Noise.
Reception$ 35-45 on international week-end, for a global opening estimated to $ 71-93 million. After earning $ 19,9 million on its first day, domestic projections increased to $ 50-62 million. It wents on its first week-end with a domestic gross of $ 75,5 million. Global opening was finally $ 135 million.
It grosses $ 601 million in North America and $ 403 million on other territories, for a worldwide gross of $ 1,004 million. It was projected to gross $ 36-48 million on its first north-american week-end and
The film receives critical acclaim. 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics praised the film for its direction, screenplay, action, acting, pacing, effetcs and score, while the violence, runtime and tone were critized. Audiences' reactions were polarized for the film, with praise for action, score, effects and acting, but some criticism was aimed to graphic violence, dark tone, runtime and coarse language.
Twelve Labours of Godzilla was highly anticipated. A teaser trailer was released in September 2004, shown before Ghost in the Shell 2, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and First Daughter. The official theatrical trailer was released in November 2004 and shown before The Incredibles, The Polar Express, National Treasure, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Christmas with the Kranks.
Video game
Twelve Labours of Godzilla : The Video Game was released on December 22th 2004 on Nintendo GameCube and Dreamcast and January 29th 2005 on Xbox and PlayStation 2.
Critical reception on Metacritic :
-Dreamcast : 82/100
-GameCube : 79/100
-Xbox : 74/100
-PlayStation 2 : 67/100
*Saturn Awards 2006
-Best Fantastic Film
-Best Director (John Lennon)
-Best Supporting Actor (Kevin Bacon)
-Best Visual Effects (Stan Winston, Patrick Tatopoulos, Hoyt Yeatman, Michael Lantieri and Richard Legato)

Actors box-office parts : 1% each
Part per actor : $ 10,04 million
Total parts (13) : $ 130,52 million
Profile : $ 773,48 million

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 11 Mai 2019, 20:14

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?


John Lennon serves as executive producer on The Ring 2, Madagascar, Wallace and Gromit : The Curse of Were-Rabbit, War of the Worlds, The Island, Just Like Heaven, Memoirs of a Geisha, Munich and Yours, Mine & Ours.
John purchases Viacom for $ 40 billion, before the conglomerate splits. The Beatle now owns Nickelodeon, CBS, Paramount Parks, MTV, Comedy Central, etc.
After the purchase, DreamWorks Home Entertainment releases the Nickelodeon Movies' 10th anniversary collection. Paramount Pictures is not a distributor anymore, leaving the duty to DreamWorks Pictures.
February. John Lennon, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko launch Avatar : The Last Airbender, an animated television remake of the 1980-1982 film trilogy.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 01 Mai 2019, 02:31

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

John Lennon starts the ToonVerse (Toon cinematic universe) with Code Lyoko Aftermath (2004).
The lyoko-warriors prepare themselves to leave France because of moving in Quebec. During the preps, they are entertaining their own bellies with tattoos and ultrasounds. Aelita gets a huge tattoo on her stomach (She gots Drew Barrymore's butterfly on bladder, an angel on aorta, an tribal on pancreas side, an flower chain on liver side and an blue heart on her navel she made pierced a second time). When they arrive, John Lennon is freaking upset that they were on abdominal erotic fantasy. There is the first 30 minutes, the 60 next ones are about the lyoko-warriors discovering the Quebec.
John Lennon is the main director. The main producers are Lennon, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. All stories are from John. The main screenplayers, for all installments, are Paul Verhoeven, Michael Bay and Joe Dante. Kathryn Bigelow would be one of executive producers until 2009.
Main production companies : DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment, Nickelodeon Movies, Lightstorm Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera and Pacific Data Images (Until 2015/16)
Box-office (CLA) : $ 278 million
Budget : $ 40-50 million
Rotten Tomatoes : 38%
The film receives negative reviews. Criticism is aimed to over-the-top alvinolagnia, first part of the movie, language and sexual references. Voice acting, screenplay and live-action/animation blend received praise.
Academy Awards 2005
-Best Adapted Screenplay (Paul Verhoeven, Michael Bay and Joe Dante)
Golden Globes 2005
-Best Supporting Performance in Motion Picture - Drama, Musical or Comedy (John Lennon as himself)
Saturn Awards 2005
-Best Director (John Lennon)
-Best Screenplay (Paul Verhoeven, Michael Bay and Joe Dante)
Razzie Awards 2005
-Worst Remake or Sequel (John Lennon)

Actors b-o parts : 1% each
Part per actor : $ 2,78 million
Total parts (10) : $ 27,8 million
Profile : $ 250,2 million

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 19 Avr 2019, 15:51

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

John produces Spider-Man 2, Shrek 2, Meet the Fockers, Shark Tale, Terminal, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, Anchorman, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Scooby-Doo 2.
John Lennon and Peter Jackson won 11 Academy Awards for The Return of King. He wons 3 another Academy Awards with Universal Pictures for Lost in Transition and Master and Commander : The Far Side of the World and 1 last with DreamWorks Pictures for The Barbarian Invasions, which the latter releases on international markets.

The last year, John Lennon acquires Toho Company Ltd. for ¥ 113 billion (US $ 1 billion). He then re-issues every Godzilla movie into DVDs on North America, including Quebec. It features also the original Gojira with all-new English voices such as Brian Tee (Akira Takarada/Hideto Ogata), Togo Igawa (Takashi Shimura/Dr. Kyohei Yamane), Hiroyuki Sanada (Akihiko Hirata/Dr. Daisuke Seriwaza) and Margaret Cho (Momoko Kochi/Emiko Yamane).

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 08 Avr 2019, 23:21

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

John Lennon is the co-creator of All Grown Up !, the Rugrats spin-off series.

He directs 7 episodes for the series :
-Blind Man's Bluff
-It's Karma, Dude
-Dude' Where's My Horse (Both parts)
-Separate But Equal
-A DeVille House Divided
-Trading Places
-TP + KF

All Grown Up ! receives mixed reviews, with criticism for scenarios, lack of satire and less adventural, but was praised for being more family-friendly than Code Lyoko, humor, Soucie's performance and entertaining plots. It is considered as a improvement for John Lennon in animated television.
John gets really involved for the 4 last seasons. He makes characters' physical modifications, making them looking a bit like Lyoko-warriors, especially Kimi and the twins.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 30 Mar 2019, 16:19

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

John Lennon continues his film career.

John realises John Wick 2, the sequel of John Wick. Patrick Swayze reprises his role. Brad Pitt portrays the main antagonist.
John serves as producer in X-Men, Gladiator, Chicken Run, Cast Away, Meet the Parents, Rugrats in Paris : The Movie, Snow Day, The Road to El Dorado and What Lies Beneath.
John buys Universal Pictures for $ 15 billion.

John produces several famous movies : The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring, Jimmy Neutron : Boy Genius, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Shrek, A Beautiful Mind, Jurassic Park 3 and The Fast and The Furious.
George Harrison dies in November 2001. He gets a tribute in Jimmy Neutron : Boy Genius. His pancreas is extracted and frozen in case if Patrick Swaye got a pancreatic cancer.
John realises 3 films : John Wick 3, Mercury Gemini Apollo and Planet Hollywood 2.

John produces another famous movies : Spider-Man, Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones, Minority Report, Clockstoppers, Hey Arnold ! The Movie, The Ring, The Wild Thornberrys Movie, Catch Me If You Can, Scooby-Doo, The Powerpuffs Girls Movie and The Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers.
John realises Rugrats and Teletubbies' Knight Adventure. It's a mediaval crossover between Rugrats and Teletubbies. It also includes SpongeBob SquarePants main characters. It receives positive reviews, with praise for Rugrats and Teletubbies' chemistry, screenplay, tone and humor, but with criticsm for violence, Teletubbies' talking and lack of originality. It grosses $ 456 million at box-office.
-A.p : 1,5% each
-P.p.a : $ 6,84 million
-T.p (9) : $ 61,56 million
-Profile : $ 294,44 million
At Academy Awards in 2002, Shrek and Jimmy Neutron : Boy Genius are both nominees for Best Animated Feature. The winner is finally Shrek. DreamWorks wons also a 3rd consecutive Academy Award for Best Picture, for A Beautiful Mind.
It is Quebec City 2002 Winter Olympic Games. There is a Quebec hockey team, featuring Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy and Éric Desjardins.

John produces The Lord of the Rings : The Return of King, Hulk, X-Men 2, Rugrats Go Wild, Seabiscuit, Sinbad : Legend of Seven Seas, Terminator 3, The Cat in the Hat and 2 Fast 2 Furious.
John's career influences Academy Awards' nominees.
Academy Awards 2003
-Best Picture
--Minority Report is included
-Best Animted Feature
--Hey Arnold and The Wild Thornberrys are included because of their original screenplay

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 23 Mar 2019, 04:56

Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

2D/3D animated reboot (1999 theatrical film and 2000-03 sequel TV series)

Code Lyoko (1999)
After Code Lyoko Godzilla's release, John Lennon wants to restart the project that makes him more famous then before. With animation experience from Rugrats and after watching some Pixar's shorts, he decides to product and direct an animated remake. Pre-production starts in 1992, with Lightstorm Entertainment and Hanna-Barbera as producers and Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures as distributors. Paul Verhoeven serves as writer and producer. However, there is no CGI studio who is interested in the movie, especially since Pixar joins up Disney for Toy Story. Production is putted on hiatus in 1993. But in 1994 (the next year), DreamWorks SKG is founded. Its founders Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen are hiring Lennon as their first president. John then restarts the production. Spielberg and Katzenberg both join him and DreamWorks, Amblin Entertainment and Nickelodeon Movies are added to production companies. The film's release is scheduled for Christmas 1998. DreamWorks bought 40% of Pacific Data Images.
John moves the production in France, because of his knowledge of future. He meets Thomas Romain and Tania Palumbo, 20-year old animator students who both created Les enfants font leur cinéma short movies, which characters' design have been inspired on Code Lyoko's stars. He also hires French animation studios Antefilms and France Animation to create animation for the movie, but the results are disappointing John, because they are not more design then Season 1-like graphics. Pacific Data Images then completes the CGI graphics, who looks like Season 2 after it, while Antefilms and France Animation take 1 year to polish characters' 2D look, to get Season 3 and 4-like designs.
John Lennon and Sarah Halley Finn start the voice casting in 1997. Leonardo DiCaprio is hired to voice Ulrich Stern, but after recording 20% of Ulrich's dialogue, John isn't convinced by DiCaprio's voice, which sounds a bit too young for the character's stature. John dismisses DiCaprio and then hires Casper Van Dien, who portrays Johnny Rico in Starship Troopers. After recording 5% of Ulrich's dialogue for testing, John is convinced. For Yumi Ishiyama, John doesn't consider necessary to hire a Japanese or even Asian actress to voice her. John auditionned Denise Richards, wanting Patrick Muldoon to voice William Dunbar in the series, to recreate Johnny-Carmen-Zander love triangle in Starship Troopers, but he finally leaves off this idea. Finally, Yumi Ishiyama's voice is Neve Campbell, who would appear alongside Denise Richards in Wild Things the next year. Odd Della Robbia's voice was supposed to be Paul Walker, but John prefers Macaulay Culkin. Jeremy and Aelita are both voiced by Hayden Christensen and Kate Winslet. Anna Faris is the only choice for Sissi Delmas' voice. Jim Moralès and J-P Delmas were supposed to be voiced by J.K. Simmons and Bryan Cranston respectively, but their voice are finally Mike Myers and Armand Assante. For the series, William Dunbar would be voiced by Keanu Reeves after the latter's performance in Matrix.
Animation is completed very fast because of a huge crew. Vocal recording takes place from August to December 1998, after actors get coached by Jean Reno and Gérard Depardieu to speak all with a French accent. Release date is delayed to June 1999, but John decides to avoid competition with The Phantom Menace and delayes again the date to October 9th 1999, his own birthday and also the day when the plot starts.
The MPAA rated the film PG-13 because of intense violence, language and some mature elements. After being re-edited, it gets a PG rating.

It's the prequel, but lengthened for a 75 to 80-minute runtime. Characters turn into french tweens in Kadic Academy in Paris, France. Kadic's name is a tribute to Philip K. Dick.
Starring the voice talents of :
Casper Van Dien : Ulrich Stern, the eldest lyoko-warrior, the team's leader, Yumi's crush and main protagonist
Neve Campbell : Yumi Ishiyama, the second eldest lyoko-warrior and Ulrich's crush
Macaulay Culkin : Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich's new roommate and best friend
Hayden Christensen : Jeremy Belpois, the youngest lyoko-warrior, the team's brain and Aelita's crush
Kate Winslet : Aelita Schaeffer, the young elf girl and Jeremy's crush
Anna Faris : Sissi Delmas, J-P's daughter who is at first friend then nemesis of the lyoko-warriors
Mike Myers : Jim Moralès, the sport teacher (His voice sounds a bit like Shrek's one, because of been both voiced by Mike Myers)
Armand Assante : J-P Delmas, Sissi's father and Kadic Academy's principal
Laurence Fishburne : Franz Hopper, Aelita's father and Lyoko's creator (Cut scene)
Teri Polo : Nicolas Poliakoff, a boy who will be one of Sissi's sidekicks
Dina Meyer : Herb Pichon, a boy with a crush on Sissi, becoming one of her sidekicks
Anne-Marie Duff : Yolande Perraudin, Jeremy's mother
Kristin Scott Thomas : Suzanne Hertz, Jeremy's grand-mother and Yolande's mother
Directed by John Lennon, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg
Produced by The Beatles, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Jeffrey Katzenberg, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Screenplay by William Wisher and David Koepp
Story by John Lennon and Paul Verhoeven
Executive producers : Di Sabatino Brothers and Paul Verhoeven
Line producers : Kathryn Bigelow, Mario Kassar, Andrew G. Vajna and Gale Anne Hurd
Co-producers : Jon Landau, Kathleen Kennedy and Ed Neumeier
Music by James Horner and Basil Poledouris
Theme song (Un monde sans danger) by Franck Keller and Ygal Amar
Edited by Michael Kahn and John Ottman
Production company : Nickelodeon Movies, Amblin Entertainment, Lightstorm Entertainment, Hanna-Barbera, Antefilms, France Animation and Pacific Data Images
Distributed by : DreamWorks Pictures (North America), Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures (International)
Casting by Sarah Halley Finn
Release date : October 8th 1999 (Quebec), October 10th 1999 (France and United Kingdom), October 15th 1999 (United States and Worldwide)
Budget : $ 100 million

Code Lyoko is released alongside Fight Club, The Omega Code, The Story of Us and The Straight Story. It was expected to gross $ 36-40 million for its first week-end in order to break-even with a worldwide box-office of $ 250-300 million. To the producers' and critics' surprise, trailers created a huge anticipation from Code Lyoko's fans. The film have grossed $ 35.8 million on its first day, increasing five-day projections to $ 75-90 million. It went out its first week-end by grossing $ 97.8 million and holds box-office first place until the release of Pixar's Toy Story 2.
Code Lyoko receives critical acclaim and was a unexpected but massive box-office success, grossing $ 989 million worldwide. Reviews praised voice acting (especially Van Dien, Christensen and Winslet), screenplay, direction, score, appeal towards teenagers and action scènes, but few critics critized Odd's redesign and adding navel piercings to students' characters. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Home media release (VHS and DVD) : August 29th 2000

A.p : 5% each
P.p.a : $ 49,45 million
T.p (5) : $ 247,25 million
Profile : $ 641,75 million

-Saturn Awards 2000
--Best Music (James Horner and Basil Poledouris)
-Critics' Choice Awards 2000
--Best Animated Film (John Lennon)
--Best Composer (James Horner and Basil Poledouris)
--Best Family Film (John Lennon)
-Annie Awards 2000
--Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Theatrical Feature (DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Hanna-Barbera)
--Outstanding Achievement in Directing (John Lennon, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg)
--Outstanding Achievement in Effects Animation (Pacific Data Images)
--Outstanding Achievement in Character Animation (Antefilms)
--Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting, Male (Casper Van Dien as Ulrich Stern)
--Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting, Female (Neve Campbell as Yumi Ishiyama)
-Kids' Choice Awards 2000
--Favorite Movie (John Lennon)
--Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie (Casper Van Dien as Ulrich Stern)
--Favorite Movie Couple (Casper Van Dien and Neve Campbell as Ulrich Stern and Yumi Ishiyama [respectively])
--Favorite Rising Star (Anna Faris, tied with Frankie Muntz)

Code Lyoko (2000 TV series)
Some actors didn't wanted to continue to the series. Macaulay Culkin and Kate Winslet both resigned. Cobie Smulders was hired to replace Winslet, but John prefers Natalie Portman to her. Portman dubs Aelita's voice during her breaks.
Casper Van Dien : Ulrich Stern
Neve Campbell : Yumi Ishiyama
Hayden Christensen : Jeremy Belpois
Ryan Reynolds : Odd Della Robbia
Natalie Portman : Aelita Schaeffer
Keanu Reeves : William Dunbar
Anna Faris : Sissi Delmas
Mike Myers : Jim Moralès
Armand Assante : J-P Delmas
Laurence Fishburne : Franz Hopper
Teri Polo : Nicolas Poliakoff, Heidi Klinger
Dina Meyer : Herb Pichon, Anaïs Fiquet
Michelle Tratchenberg : Milly Solioveff
Lupita Nyong'o : Tamiya Diop
Rachel Bilson : Hiroki Ishiyama
Nicole DeHuff : Johnny Cleary
Danai Gurira : Samantha Knight
Denise Richards : Mathias Burel, Emmanuel Maillard, Priscilla Blaise
Jodie Foster : Yolande Perraudin
Kristin Scott Thomas : Suzanne Hertz
Laura Dern : Anthéa Hopper
Guest starring
Daniel Day-Lewis : Walter Stern
Marcia Gay Harden : Lilian Stern
Ralph Fiennes : James Dunbar
Elizabeth Shue : Félicia Dunbar
Ken Watanabe : Takeo Ishiyama
Lucy Liu : Akiko Ishiyama
Dylan McDermott : Michel Belpois
Kevin Sorbo : Robert Della Robbia
Julia Roberts : Marguerite Della Robbia
Marilyn Manson : Chris Moralès

The series received generally mixed reviews.
For Season 1, praise was directed towards performances of Van Dien, Campbell, Christensen, Reynolds, Day-Lewis, Assante, Scott Thomas and Myers, score, romance and action ; criticism was aimed at performances of Portman, Faris, Meyer, Polo and Richards, tone, violence and clothes.
Season 2 receives negative reviews, critizing tone, plot, excessively hornying alvinolagnia, lack of extracurricular involvement, characters' behavior (especially Yumi and Aelita), clothes, violence and language, but received praise for Van Dien, Campbell, Christensen and Reeves' performances, action, romance, story, effects and animation. Episodes Marabounta, Déjà vu and Tip-Top Shape were considered by fans as « a dumb excuse to turn the lyoko-warriors into premature sex symbols », but the first one receives praise for starting Ulrich and Yumi's romance.
Season 3 receives praise for Reynolds, Van Dien and Reeves' performances, action, effects, animation, score and story, but criticism was aimed to romance, lack of episodes, violence and predictable plot. Straight to Heart, The Secret, Temporary Insanity and Final Round were critized respectively for Yumi's behavior, swimming pool scene (because of Mathias Burel's belly), Ulrich's wrist getting crunched and secondary characters' behavior, but the latter receives praise for Daniel Day-Lewis' performance.
Season 4 receives positive reviews for effects, animation, plot, tone, score and vocal performances of Van Dien, Reynolds, Campbell, Portman, Christensen, Manson, Myers, Faris and Reeves, but criticism was aimed to Jeremy's behavior, short action scenes and lack of lyoko-warriors appearing togheter on Lyoko. Fight to the Finish receives praise for animation, action and using score from Starship Troopers but was critized for plot and ending, both considered as unepic.
Despite this, the series break audience's records. 7.3 million [of] viewers for nearly every episode as of 2002. Season 4 gets 9.3 million viewers by episode in North America.

-Kids' Choice Awards
--Favorite Cartoon (John Lennon and Paul Verhoeven)
--Favorite Song (A World Without Danger by Noam)
--Favorite Rising Star (Hayden Christensen)
-Annie Awards (November 2000)
--Outstanding Animated Primetime or Late Night Television Program (John Lennon)
--Outstanding Achievement in Directing (Paul Verhoeven and Jérôme Mouscadet)
--Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting, Male (Casper Van Dien as Ulrich Stern)
-Emmy Awards (September 2000)
--Outstanding Voice-Over Performance (Casper Van Dien as Ulrich Stern)
-Kids' Choice Awards
--Favorite Male Butt Kicker (Casper Van Dien as Ulrich Stern)
--Favorite Cartoon (John Lennon, tied with The Simpsons)
--Favorite Rising Star (Ryan Reynolds)
-Annie Awards
--Outstanding Achievement in Voice Acting, Male (Keanu Reeves)
-Kids' Choice Awards
--Favorite Cartoon (John Lennon, tied with Spongebob SquarePants)
-Annie Awards
--Best Animated Television Production (John Lennon)
--Best Animated Television Production Produced for Children (John Lennon)
-Kids' Choice Awards
--Favorite Cartoon (John Lennon)
-Annie Awards
--Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Television Production (John Lennon)
--Character Design in an Animated Television Production (Tania Palumbo)
--Directing in an Animated Television Production (Paul Verhoeven and Jérôme Mouscadet)
--Music in an Animated Television Production (James Horner, Basil Poledouris, Franck Keller and Ygal Amar)
--Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production (Keanu Reeves as William Dunbar, tied with Jeff Garcia for Jimmy Neutron)
--Writing in an Animated Television Production (Sophie Decroisette, Ed Neumeier, Bruno Regeste and William Wisher Jr.)

To be continued...

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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

John Lennon is well travelling the 1990s decade by doing a lot of work.

Moon Shuttle
-Starring : John Lennon (Hummus Gleason), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Allen Sheldon), Patrick Swayze (James Loverboy), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Riddick), Jeff Goldblum (Eddie McDivin), Sam Neill (Johnny Lawyer), Kristin Scott Thomas (Christina MacLefLef), Frances Fisher (Val Terra), Clint Eastwood (Wielbert Van Open), Richard Attenborough (Dean Clayton) and Peter Stromare (Youri Terra)
-Directed by John Lennon
-Produced by John Lennon and Mario Kassar
-Screenplay by Warren Skaaren and Harold Ramis
-Story by John Lennon and Harold Ramis
-Music by Jerry Goldsmith and Mark Mothersbaugh
-Budget : $ 45 million
-Box-office : $ 267 million
-Praise : Lennon's performance, effects, direction and originality
-Criticism : Humor type, characters' names, tone, pacing and story
John serves as executive producer for Ghost and Total Recall.

John releases 2 movies : X-Men and Spy.
X-Men is produced by James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow. It stars Patrick Swayze as Wolverine. Swayze gets very tired because of filming Point Break in the same time. With a huge cast (who includes Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough) and a $ 50 million budget, the movie received positive reviews for its acting and effects and grossed $ 238 million worldwide (6th highest grossing film of 1991).
-Starring : Patrick Swayze (Wolverine), Jeff Goldblum (Cyclope), Richard Attenborough (Xavier), Clint Eastwood (Magneto), Ronny Cox (William Stryker), Sharon Stone (Jean Grey), Madonna (Mystique) and Angela Bassett (Storm)
-Directed by Kathryn Bigelow
-Produced by John Lennon, James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow
-Screenplay by William Wisher Jr., Gale Anne Hurd and Steven E. de Souza
Spy is a action comedy starring Kathy Bates as Susan Cooper and co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rick Ford), Patrick Swayze (Bradley Fine), Sigourney Weaver (Nancy B. Artingstall), Sean Young (Rayna Boyanov), Julie Andrews (Elaine Crocker), Armand Assante (Sergio De Luca), Marcia Gay Harden (Karen Walker) and Tim Curry (Aldo), featuring Michael Jackson's and George Clinton's cameos. It received critical acclaim and grossed $ 130 million at box-office against its $ 29 million budget.
John serves as executive producer on Terminator 2 : Judgment Day and have co-produced The Silence of the Lambs. He is also the main producer for Rugrats.

John releases Spider-Man, starring River Phoenix as the title character. It received poitive reviews and grossed $ 280 million worldwide against its $ 60 million budget.
He also directed a new adaptation on Charlie and the chocolate factory. The film, titled as Charlie and the great Willy Wonka, stars Freddie Mercury as Willy Wonka and James Franco as Charlie Buckett. Filmed in black and white from October 1990 to February 1991, it was released after Freddie Mercury dies from AIDS, with mixed-to-positive reviews and grossing $ 244 million on its $ 40 million budget.
John has worked on Wayne's World : he has showed Bohemian Rhapsody's sequence to Freddie Mercury who agrees the scene's use in the movie.

John serves as executive producer on Jurassic Park and Philadelphia, despite being uncredited for the latter. He has directed no films for this year.

John releases Hulk, starring Michael Biehn in the title role. It grossed $ 499 million for a $ 75 million budget and received positive reviews.
Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen create DreamWorks SKG in October. They choose John Lennon as DreamWorks' first president, who accepts the job.
John serves as executive producer on Forrest Gump, True Lies, Dumb and Dumber and The Flintstones.

John co-directs Batman Forever and Judge Dredd. He directs Danger Trip, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Casper Van Dien.
John Lennon and Paramount Pictures create Nickelodeon Movies. John will serve as executive producer on every Nickelodeon film.
John buys the Quebec Nordiques franchise for $ 80 million USD, saving them from relocation.
John supports Quebec sovereignty since the 1980s, despite being british. His support finally helps Québec being a country. The YES team wins 1995 referendum with 50,01%.
Quebec City gets 2002 Olympic winter games.

John releases Godzilla vs. Avengers, the final installment of his Marvel film series. It received negative reviews and grossed $ 191 million against its $ 90 million budget.
John buys Turner Broadcasting System for $ 12 billion, with contribution from Apple Corps, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. He then acquires Dunkin' Donuts for $ 2 billion and Klasky-Csupo + 50% of Nickelodeon channel for $ 1,5 billion. He trades Turner Classic Movies to Time Warner for HBO.
An artificial elevation is erected on Le Massif de Charlevoix for Olympic Games' ski rules.
John serves as executive producer on Harriet the Spy, Nickelodeon Movies' first feature ever.

John creates Sherlock, an TV miniseries starring Daniel Day-Lewis as Sherlock Holmes and Viggo Mortensen as John Watson. It's a modern adaptation on Arthur Doyle's book. The 2011 version is a remake of this series.
He releases [i]The Arena[/i], a remake of the 1974 film of the same name, and co-directs Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers.
John serves as producer on Titanic, Batman & Robin, The Lost World : Jurassic Park, Good Burger, Amistad, Austin Powers and The Peacemaker.
He is the co-producer for child TV series Teletubbies.

Starship Troopers (1997 film)
Directed by Paul Verhoeven and John Lennon
Music by Basil Poledouris
Visual effects by Phil Tippett and his crew for Sony Pictures Imageworks and Industrial Light & Magic
Casper Van Dien (The cyborg who kills Christopher Waltz's daugther in Alita Battle Angel) : Johnny Rico
Dina Meyer (Allison Kerry in Saw) : Dizzy Flores
Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen's wife, appearing in Scary Movie 3) : Carmen Ibanez
Jake Busey (Gary Busey's son, appearing in Predators as the son of his father's character) : Ace Levy
Neil Patrick Harris (Patrick Winslow in The Smurfs and himself in Harold & Kumar) : Carl Jenkins
Patrick Muldoon (No famous movie) : Zander Barcalow
Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs' voice in Spongebob SquarePants and Byron Hadley in The Shawshank Redemption) : Zim
Michael Ironside (Richter in Total Recall) : Jean Rasczak
Seth Gilliam : Sugar Watkins
Marshall Bell (George/Kuato in Total Recall) : General Owen
Dean Morris (The principal in Fist Fight) : Commanding officer
Anthony Ruivivar (Batman's voice in Beware the Batman) : Shujumi
Budget : $ 105 million
Production company : Tristar Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, HandMade Films and Jon Davison Productions
Distributed by : DreamWorks Pictures (Quebec), Sony Pictures (United States and Canada), Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (International)
Box-office : $ 213 million
-A.p : 1% each
-P.p.a : $ 2,13 million
-T.p (3 (Van Dien, Meyer and Busey)) : $ 6,39 million
-Profile : $ 101,61 million
Rotten Tomatoes : 64%
In June 1997, before the film's release, John has shown the final footage to :
-Steven Spielberg
-James Cameron
-George Lucas
-Leonardo DiCaprio
-Kate Winslet
-Bill Paxton
-Billy Zane
-Liam Neeson
-Ewan McGregor
-Natalie Portman
-Samuel L. Jackson
-Jeff Goldblum
-Sam Neill
-Laura Dern
-Julianne Moore
-Mark Hamill
-Harrison Ford
-Carrie Fisher
-James Earl Jones
He places 2 cameras in the room : one behind the viewers, another on their size. Their reactions would be recorded while watching the movie. After the projection, viewers critized the film for fascism, violence, excessive acting, Richards' performance and nude scenes, but praised the visual effects, score and Van Dien's performance.
Critics praised effects, action, sex equality, screenplay, Poledouris' score, Lennon's direction and acting (especially Van Dien, Busey, Harris and Muldoon), but criticism was aimed to fascism themes, co-ed shower scene, militarism, plot's inaccuracies, graphic violence, Verhoeven's direction and some performances (especially Richards, Ironside and Brown).
-Academy Awards 1998
--Best Visual Effects (Phil Tippett, Scott E. Anderson, Alec Gillis, John Richardson and Tom Woodruff)
-Saturn Awards 1998
--Best Director (John Lennon and Paul Verhoeven)
--Best Costumes (Ellen Mirojnick)
--Best Visual Effects (Phil Tippett, Scott E. Anderson, Alec Gillis, John Richardson and Tom Woodruff)
--Best Music (Basil Poledouris, tied with Danny Elfman for Men In Black)
--Best Writer (Edward Neumeier)
--Best Science Fiction Film (John Lennon, tied with Men In Black)
-MTV Movie Awards 1998
--Best Action Sequence (Bug Attacks Fortress)
-Razzie Awards 1998
--Worst Actress (Denise Richards as Carmen Ibanez)
--Worst Supporting Actor (Clancy Brown as Zim)
--Worst New Star (Denise Richards and Jake Busey)

John serves as executive producer for several famous films : Saving Pivate Ryan, Godzilla, Deep Impact, The Prince of Egypt, Antz, Blade, Pleasantville, Small Soldiers, American History X and The Rugrats Movie.
He also produces The Wild Thornberrys.

John releases John Wick, starring Patrick Swayze in the title role. It's directed by Paul Verhoeven, John serving as producer.
John directs Batman Unchained, with Daniel Day-Lewis (Bruce Wayne/Batman), Chris O'Donnell (Dick Grayson/Robin), Alicia Silverstone (Barbara Wilson/Batgirl), Patrick Muldoon (Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow), Danny Glover (Lucius Fox), Denise Richards (Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn), Jack Nicholson (Joker), Arnold Schwarzenegger (Victor Fries), Sylvester Stallone (Anthony Fries) and Casper Van Dien (Tim Drake/Nightwing).
John also produces Star Wars Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace, American Beauty, Austin Powers 2, The Green Mile and Galaxy Quest.
HandMade Films is absorbed into DreamWorks SKG.

To be continued...

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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

Code Lyoko Godzilla (1990)
The fifth and final installment in the Code Lyoko film series is a crossover with the Godzilla franchise.
One year after defeating Biollante, Godzilla reappears in Tokyo Bay and confrots Japanese Army shortly before leaving Japan for East, going to Pacific Ocean.
Meanwhile, in Montréal, Ulrich Stern and Yumi Ishiyama get married. William Dunbar, encouraged by Waldo, Odd and Aelita, asks Sissi Delmas' hand, but her father J-P is not sure about letting his daughter to get married, even if she's 33 years old.
Godzilla arrives in Montréal. Theo and Laura Gauthier will get killed by the kaiju, but they will be resurrected by Waldo's assistant with robotic prostheses.
Arnold Schwarzenegger : William Dunbar
Patrick Swayze : Ulrich Stern
John Lennon : Waldo Schaeffer
Jeff Goldblum : Theo Gauthier
Carrie Fisher : Laura Gauthier
Daniel Day-Lewis : Waldo's assistant who resurrects Theo and Laura
Directed by John Lennon and James Cameron
Produced by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Screenplay by Ed Neumeier, Terry Rossio, Dean Delvin and Ed Solomon
Story by John Lennon, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio
Co-producers : Steven Spielberg, Mario Kassar, Jon Davison, Tomoyuki Tanaka and Hanna-Barbera
Music composed by James Horner and Akira Ifukube
Music conducted by Basil Poledouris
Edited by Michael Kahn and John Ottman
Visual effects by Industrial Light & Magic (Stan Winston, Phil Tippett, Douglas Turnbull and Dennis Muren)
Production company : HandMade Films, Carolco Pictures, Lightstorm Entertainment, Toho, Hanna-Barbera and Nickelodeon
Distributed by : Universal Pictures (North America), Paramount Pictures (International), Toho (Japan)
Budget : $ 80 million
Box-office : $ 965 million
-A.p : 5% each
-P.p.a : $ 48,25 million
-T.p (10) : $ 482,5 million
-Profile : $ 402,5 million
Critical reception
The film received universal acclaim. Reviews praised its acting, direction, screenplay, visual effects, score, action and tone, while few ones critized XANA's absence, brutal dead scenes and runtime.
-Academy Awards 1991
--Best Original Score (James Horner, Basil Poledouris and Akira Ifukube)
--Best Sound (Geoff Emerick and Paul McCartney)
-Golden Globes 1991
--Best Original Score (James Horner, Basil Poledouris and Akira Ifukube)
-BAFTA 1991
--Best Sound (Geoff Emerick and Paul McCartney)
--Best Adapted Screenplay (Ed Neumeier, Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio and Ed Solomon)
--Best Special Visual Effects (Stan Winston, Phil Tippett, Douglas Turnbull and Dennis Muren)
--Best Original Film Score (James Horner, Basil Poledouris and Akira Ifukube)
-Saturn Awards 1991
--Best Music (James Horner, Basil Poledouris and Akira Ifukube)
--Best Special Effects (Stan Winston, Phil Tippett, Douglas Turnbull and Dennis Muren for Industrial Light & Magic)

To be continued...

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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

Ninjago (1986)
John prefers to produce another original film than making a Lyoko/Plouffe cross-over.
Intro with rotoscopic shadows
A narration explains the origins of Ninjago World. The First Master of Spinjitzu created the 4 Golden Weapons : the Scythe of Quakes, the Shurikens of Ice, the Nunchucks of Lightning, and the Sword of Fire. Two unknown armies engaged a fight against him, forcing him to split Ninjago in 2 parts. A few years later, he gots two sons from a Japanese wife : Garmadon and Wu. One day, Wu loses a training weapon and was too lame to get it back by himself. Garmadon gets it, but a non-natural snake bites him. Garmadon takes years to turn evil because of the snake's venom, becoming Lord Garmadon. Wu must fights him, but Garmadon got stroked by a lightning, disfiguring him severly. Garmadon falls shortly after in the Underworld. 10 years later, Wu recruits 4 students.
Going back to live-action
Wu approaches a blacksmith shop. Its owners, Kai and Nya, both get their lifes changed : Nya is captured by Skeletons Under Garmadon's autority and Kai is therefore recruited by Wu for training. Nights later, Kai fights 3 ninjas, but Wu stops the fight. The ninjas are his others students : Jay, Zane and Cole. Wu makes them the Masters of Elements : Fire for Kai, Lightning for Jay, Ice for Zane and Quakes for Cole. They start their journey to save Nya.
The Ninjas recover the Golden Weapons and found the Underworld. They fight the Skeletons, but Lord Garmadon gets their weapons from Samukai, the second-in-command. But Samukai, with four arms, wants to use the weapons against Garmadon, but their powers are too expensive. He dies in an explosion thats creates a portal for the Dark Dimension that Garmadon takes to escape the Ninjas. Nya is saved and the Ninjas get back in the Real World.
Weeks later, Garmadon have been seen in a village. The Ninjas find out that it's Lloyd Garmadon, Garmadon's son and Wu's nephew. They punish him for his bad behavior, but Lloyd later walks in mountains and finds a snake tomb, He opens it, realizing the Hypnobrai tribe who follows him to thank him for freeing them. They took the village, but the Ninjas fight them and win.
Two days later, Zane follows a falcon in the forest and finds Lloyd's new treehouse. Tomorrow, Zane and the ninjas destroy it, but the Snakes have burned down their mojo. The Ninjas are angry against Zane, but Wu orders them to apologize him, but Zane flees. Meanwhile, Lloyd is vanished by the new Hypnobraid leader, after a fight for leadership, because of his behavior. Zane came back and the Ninjas are sorry, but Zane said that the Falcon shows him a new home for them : The Destiny's Bounty. Later in night, Lloyd heards them and flees.
Lloyd then releases the Fangpyre snake tribe. Jay's parents, Ed and Edna, visit him and his friends. Later in night, the Fangpyres attack Ed and Edna. Tomorrow, the Ninjas' dragons abandons them for their moult. The Ninjas visit Jay's parents, but they are turning into snakes because of Fangpyre's venom. The Ninjas fight them and create vehicles with their weapons. They took Fangpyre's scepter to save Ed and Edna from their transformation. After this, Nya looses it to the Fangpyres.
Lloyd is betrayed by the Fangpyres who decide to join forces with Hypnobrais. Zane dreams of the falcon showing him the Green Ninja, who gets fire powers, Cole's strength and Jay's weapon. Lloyd releases Pythor, the last Anacondrai snake. They seem to be friends. Later in the day, Lloyd and Pythor hostage Lloyd's former school for expulsing him, in attempt to trap the Ninjas. They arrive and free the students. Pythor takes Lloyd's snake tombs' map and disappears. Lloyd is taken by Ninjas, but Wu turns him good after reading a moral story.
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon and Jon Davison
Screenplay by John Lennon, David S. Goyer, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio
Story by John Lennon
Music by Basil Poledouris
Visual effects by Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren, Ken Ralston and Michael J. McAlister
Edited by John Ottman
Production company : HandMade Films and Jon Davison Productions
Distributed by : Universal Pictures (North America), Warner Bros. Pictures (International)
Kyle MacLachlan : Kai
Matthew Broderick : Jay
Daniel Day-Lewis : Zane
Dylan McDermott : Cole
David Mendenhall : Lloyd Garmadon
Sandra Bullock : Nya
Mako : Sensei Wu
James Earl Jones : Lord Garmadon
Frank Welker : Voice of Samukai
Peter Cullen : Voice of Pythor
Chris Latta : Voice of Skales
It is a trilogy. Filming is scheduled from December 1984 to January 1986. Go motion and animatronics are extensively used.
Video games (Metacritic)
1987 : Nintendo Entertainment System (89%)
1988 : Nintendo Entertainment System (91%)
1989 : Nintendo Entertainment System (84%) and Mega Drive/Genesis (93%)
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
First film (1986)
-Budget : $ 50 million
-Box-office : $ 460 million
-A.p : 2% each
-P.p.a : $ 9,2 million
-T.p (7) : $ 64,4 million
-Profile : $ 345,6 million
Second film (1987)
-Budget : $ 55 million
-Box-office : $ 322 million
-A.p : 2% each
-P.p.a : $ 6,44 million
-T.p (8) : $ 51,52 million
-Profile : $ 215,48 million
Third film (1988)
-Budget : $ 63 million
-Box-office : $ 553 million
-A.p : 2% each
-P.p.a : $ 11,06 million
-T.p (11) : $ 121,66 million
-Profile : $ 368,34 million

1987. John bought rights on Spider-Man, X-Men and Hulk for 4 film adaptations on Marvel Comics, for the 1990s. Meanwhile, John is reuniting 6 Hollywood studios for an Sci-fi movie.

Planet Hollywood (1989)
2289. We are in a futuristic universe where popular culture have influenced technologic advances. A military crew, leaded by John Lennon's ascendant, arrives to a planet with life in Andromeda Galaxy, where an unknown bioenergy turns the planet's population into famous fictional film's characters when each of them has created 300 years ago his rebirth. Lennon and his division lands on the planet and then meet the pacific cartoon's characters, such as Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Flinstones, Tom & Jerry, Smurfs, Garfield, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. They learns that the toons are hiding from evil and aggresive Aliens, Predators, Terminators and Stormtroopers leaded by Godzilla. The humans have to save the pacific toons.
Cast (as their ascendants)
John Lennon
Sigourney Weaver
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Carrie Fisher
Patrick Swayze
Linda Hamilton
Michael Biehn
Geena Davis
John Travolta
Jennifer Grey
Jeff Goldblum
Bill Paxton
Jennette Goldstein
Tom Cruise
Kim Basinger
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron
Screenplay by Joss Whedon, Zak Penn and Milton Grey
Story by John Lennon
Music by George Martin and Hans Zimmer
Edited by Michael Kahn and John Ottman
Visual effects by Stan Winston, John Dykstra, Douglas Turnbull, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren, Ken Ralston and Richard Williams
Production company : Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists
Budget : $ 85 million
Box-office : $ 754 million
The film received critical acclaim. Reviews praised acting, direction, screenplay, effects, action and score, while audiences critized the film for its graphic violence and gore scenes. 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.
-Academy Awards 1990
--Best Adapted Screenplay (Joss Whedon, Zak Penn and Miltron Grey)
--Best Cinematography (The Wachowskis Brothers (film debut))
-Golden Globes 1990
--Best Director (John Lennon)
-Saturn Awards 1991
--Best Writing (Lennon and his huge crew)
--Best Music (George Martin and Hans Zimmer)
--Best Special Effects (Stan Winston, John Dykstra, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren, etc.)
-BAFTA 1990
--Best Visuals Effects (Stan Winston, John Dykstra, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren, etc.)
Video game (Metacritic)
1989 : Nintendo Entertainment System (85%) and Mega Drive/Genesis (91%)

To be continued...

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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

Fourth installment
As Jeremy and Aelita recreate Lyoko's territories, William reappears suddenly and seems normal. However, Aelita is kidnapped by William, revealing that he is still possessed by XANA. Sent on Lyoko, the duo leaves the 5th territory and flies over the digital sea. Jeremy urgently sends Ulrich, Yumi and Odd to rescue Aelita and release William at the same time. Odd catches Aelita at the last minute and devirtualizes Yumi before she plunges into the digital sea. Jeremy installs the exorcist program in one of Ulrich's katanas that pierces William barely. The latter then reappears in a scanner, released from the grip of XANA.
A few months later, at the approach of graduation, Jeremy finds himself embarked in a flying experience by plane because of Odd who sent the names of all his friends to participate. Meanwhile, Yumi assist Suzanne Hertz in her outdoor science class with Hiroki and Johnny's class.
Years later, the lyoko-warriors became adults. Odd and Sam started a family. Jeremy sees his cousin Patrick (Sylvester Stallone). XANA wakes up from a lethargy.
William, Odd and Aelita are sent to Siberia where they discover an army of Terminators under construction.
Patrick Swayze : Ulrich
Joan Lin Feng Jiao : Yumi
John Travolta : Jeremy
Linda Hamilton : Aelita
Michael Biehn : Odd
Angela Bassett : Sam
Arnold Schwarzenegger : William
Kim Basinger : Sissi
Sylvester Stallone : Patrick
John Lennon : Franz Hopper
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Screenplay by Gale Anne Hurd, Terry Rossio and David S. Goyer
Story by John Lennon
Production company : HandMande Films, Carolco Pictures, Nickelodeon, Pacific Western and Hanna-Barbera
Distributed by : Universal Pictures (North America), Paramount Pictures (International), Toho (Japan)
Budget : $ 75 million
Box-office : $ 909 million
-A.p : 5% each
-P.p.a : $ 45,45 million
-T.p (10) : $ 454,5 million
-Profile : $ 379,5 million
Rotten Tomatoes : 97%
Soundtrack (All from Queen, except the first one)
-The Stroke (Billy Squier)
-Under Pressure
-Life Is Real
-Hammer To Fall
-I Want to Break Free (Outside United States)
-Radio Ga Ga
The film receives critical acclaim. Reviews praised acting, action, direction, screenplay, effects and score, while the tone and runtime were critized.
-Academy Awards 1985
--Best Director (John Lennon)
--Best Original Score (James Horner and Brad Fiedel)
--Best Visual Effects (Phil Tippett, Stan Winston, Joe Johnston and Steven Lisberger)
-Golden Globes 1985
--Best Screenplay (James Cameron and William Wisher Jr.)
-Saturn Awards 1985
--Best Supporting Actor (Mike Myers as Johnny Cleary)
--Best Special Effects (Phil Tippett, Stan Winston, Joe Johnston and Steven Lisberger (tied with Chris Walas for Gremlins))
-BAFTA 1985
--Best Sound (Wendy Carlos and Brad Fiedel)
--Best Special Visual Effects (Phil Tippett, Stan Winston, Joe Johnston and Steven Lisberger)
--Best Original Score (James Horner and Brad Fiedel)

John Lennon marries Pam Grier in November 1984. The wedding is largely mediatic, because of their differents ethnicities.

To be continued...

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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

Third installment (1980)
John didn't write any story for events between 2nd and 4th installments. He prefers to make another film project. The direction is handled by the three other Beatles.
To imagine...
Patrick Swayze : Ulrich
Joan Lin Feng-Jiao : Yumi
John Travolta : Jeremy
Michael Biehn : Odd
Linda Hamilton : Aelita
Arnold Schwarzenegger : William
Technical sheet
Directed by Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Produced by The Beatles, William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Mario F. Kassar and Andrew G. Vajna
Screenplay by William Wisher Jr. and William Peter Blatty
Story by James Cameron and Paul McCartney
Music by James Horner
Visual effects by Douglas Turnbull, Stan Winston, Phil Tippett and Dennis Muren
Production company : HandMade Films, Hanna-Barbera, Carolco Pictures and Pinwheel (credited as Nickelodeon)
Distributed by : Universal Pictures (North America), Paramount Pictures (International), Toho (Japan)
Edited by Michael Kahn
Budget : $ 70 million
Box-office : $ 587 million
-Actors parts : 3,5% each
-Part per actor : $ 20,545 million
-Total parts (8) : $ 164,36 million
-Profile : $ 352,64 million
The film receives positives reviews, who praised acting, screenplay, effects and Horner's score, while direction, plot, tone, pacing, lack of action and dialogue were critized. 54% on Rotten Tomatoes.
-Academy Awards 1981
--Best Original Song (Another One Bites The Dust by John Deacon (Queen))
-Golden Raspberry Awards 1981
--Worst Director (Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr)

The TV channel Pinwheel joints the production in 1979. It became Nickelodeon shortly after.

The Last Airbender trilogy (1980-82)
John Lennon wrote a script called « The Last Airbender ». It turns into a trilogy. Filming took place from January 1978 to August 1979. CGI graphics are extensively used for the first time in cinema.
It stars Aang, a 16-year old master of all the elements (Water, earth, fire and air), who is travelling the world with two water masters : Katara, a 16-year old girl, and Sokka, the latter's 18-year old eldest brother.
First film (1980)
Aang, Katara and Sokka are going to North Pole.
Daniel Day-Lewis : Aang
Marcia Gay Harden : Katara
Bruce Willis : Sokka
Sandra Bullock : Toph Beifong (II-III)
Kevin Bacon : Zuko
Kristin Scott Thomas : Azula (II-III)
John Lennon : Iroh
Ken Hutchison : Fire Lord Ozai
Melanie Griffith : Suki
Robert Redford : Hadoka
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon, Saul Zaentz and John Daly
Screenplay by Eric Roth, Terry Gilliam and Bruce Joel Rubin
Story by John Lennon
Music by Basil Poledouris
Budget : $ 40 million (I), $ 45 million (II) and $ 55 million (III)
Visual effects by Phil Tippett, Stan Winston, Fred Parke, Edwin Catmull, Nelson Max and J. Turner Whitted
John Lennon make an fictionnal history arch with three film series : Code Lyoko, The Last Airbender and Masters of Spinjitzu.
Context :
-There was 3 big bangs.
-The first one starts the first age (The Last Airbender).
-The second one starts the second age (Code Lyoko).
-The third one starts the third age (Masters of Spinjitzu).
The trilogy receives critical acclaim. Acting, direction, screenplay, effects, score, action and pacing receive praise.
I : $ 413 million
-A.p : 5% each
-P.p.a : $ 20,65 million
-T.p (4) : $ 82,6 million
-Profile : $ 290,4 million
II : $ 435 million
-A.p : 5% each
-P.p.a : $ 21,75 million
-T.p. (6) : $ 130,5 million
-Profile : $ 259,5 million
III : $ 829 million
-A.p : 5% each
-P.p.a : $ 41,45 million
-T.p (8) : $ 331,6 million
-Profile : $ 442,4 million

In 1982, John and Cynthia divorced. Actress Pam Grier fall in love with him the next year.

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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

July 17, 1976
The 1976 Summer Olympics open in Montreal. The canvas is retracted. There are also musical performances, including that of René Simard. Queen and the Beatles follow.
Titles of Queen:
-Bohemian Rhapsody
-Seven Seas of Rhye
-Killer Queen
-Keep Yourself Alive
-You're My Best Friend
-Stone Cold Crazy
-I'm In Love With My Car
-Now I'm Here
-God Save the Queen
Beatles titles:
-Detroit Rock City
-The Stroke
-Helter Skelter
-I Want You (She's so heavy)

Code Lyoko's second installment (1977)
While Jeremie searches for Aelita's human memory in Lyoko, Ulrich is confronted with a relational problem since Yumi often hangs out with William Dunbar. At the same time, Odd and Sam meet Theo Gauthier (Jeff Goldblum) and his little sister Laura (Carrie Fisher). The first seduces Sissi but is in love with Yumi, the second seduces and loves Jeremiah. After a week of imbalance in love, Ulrich and Aelita, with Odd and Sam, bring their friends back to their senses with more or less success. As for XANA, it cooks a very ingenious plan.
During driving lessons, Ulrich and William fight to impress Yumi, especially as their respective parents are present. William passes the test while Ulrich fails miserably. Yumi then refuses to be William's girlfriend, pretending she was only hanging out with him out of friendship. But the pot-de-glue is not convinced and allows himself to insult Ulrich (He calls it "underside of moldy foreskin.") The samurai then inflicts a severe correction in front of everyone, despite the physical Herculean of his rival. The class officer (Jason Robards) then arrests Ulrich, but his father (Clint Eastwood), a former colonel of the Canadian Army, intervenes and releases him, having heard the insult swung by William. The latter then gets up, manages to tear the door of the vehicle and sends it on Ulrich. The latter dodges it and it is Milly who receives it on her stomach, causing her navel to bleed and sending her to hospital. The families of the rivals then point to the office of Jean-Pierre Delmas. In the face of Walter's strong arguments (Ulrich's father) and the whimsical attitude of the Dunbar, Ulrich is only stuck for 4 hours and William is suspended for 3 weeks for breaking equipment and hurting a student. However, shouts are heard, followed by an explosion. Ulrich looks out the window and then rushes out of the principal's office. XANA has materialized a Krabe in the real world and uses it to try to kill the Lyoko Warriors. Jeremy and Aelita go to the lab alone while Ulrich and Yumi try to neutralize the creature. William insists on helping the Lyoko warriors, only Odd lets him lend a hand. Jeremiah and Aelita arrive at the lab, but one of the scanners is destroyed because of the Krabe. Aelita must dive alone. Jeremy hurries as another Krabe comes out of the second scanner. The young elf lands when a third Krabe destroys the last scanner. She must turn off the tower without help and make a return to the past. She also wears a more modern combat outfit like the season 4's one, except it exposes her waist, including the navel and the abs.
Ulrich and Yumi head to Yumi's home as the second Krabe shows up. Odd and William take care of the first Krabe and destroy it by sending the car of the course to explode on him. Jim sees the third Krabe heading towards Place des Arts.
Aelita, hidden behind an iceberg, organizes her plan. Indeed, several Kankrelats block access to the tower. Jeremy sends him a motorcycle to a wheel he has just designed (The Overbike). The girl then rushes on the flock and avoids them painfully (Her belly get shot) before entering the tower and disables it, while Ulrich tries to protect Yumi and his family from the Krabe. The return to the past is started and brings the heroes back to Ulrich's turn. The latter then succeeds. William congratulates him surprisingly and offers him to join his bodybuilding club. The samurai accepts to Yumi's surprise.
Weeks later, Jeremy despairs to find the memory of Aelita in Lyoko, but discovers that his girlfriend has the keys to Lyoko, which allows to be free of the supercomputer and to walk in the global NCP, but the young girl ignores how to use it. He also discovers the existence of a fifth territory named "Carthage", which is located in the heart of Lyoko. As going back to her room, she feels a short pain in her belly. During her sleep, her navel became red and is poorly increasing temperature.
As Jeremy try to find her memory, Aelita kills the time at the pool. While she's swimming, she feels a diarrhea-like pain in her tummy and run to the bathroom. When she's there, the pain disappears and is replaced by a huge peristaltism. Her abs become red and her navel starts to bleed. She then faints because of pain. Something alive goes out of her navel and roars.
In the night, Aelita wakes up at the hospital, lied with her sister Milly. They are watching their bellies : they're all blue. Aelita turns suddenly sad and then rubs Milly's abs. She reveals what happens to her during the last summer and Lyoko's secret. Milly answers that she already know about Lyoko. They are hugging in love.
Meanwhile, Ulrich and Yumi walks to the hospital for visiting Aelita and Milly, but the japanese girl heards something strange. A creature then attacks her : it's a Rampant, which is the thing who's comes out of Aelita's navel at the pool. Ulrich try to take the Rampant off Yumi's waist/ribs, but the creature strangles him. William then arrives as he was going to visit Milly for apologizes, he helps Ulrich and Yumi to fight the rampant. William finally kill it as skewer its skull with a crowbar, after few and long minutes. Ulrich and Yumi thanks him, he apologizes the young geisha for annoying her and the samouraï for trying to stole his girlfriend. They become friends.
Shortly after, Ulrich and Yumi tell to Aelita what happens. The young elf is very worried and takes Milly's hand.
1 month later, Aelita gets back to McGill after being enough recovered. She and Milly are in the latter's room, both in bras and shorts, talking about their crush as rubbing each other's abs with lotion for a total recorver. William suddenly enters the room with a T800-like face. He knocks out the both sisters and grabs Aelita on his shoulder. Another William appears in frnt of him and gets scared, revealing that the first one is a polymorphic clone. The real William gets pushed to the wall while the fake William starts running to the factory.
The real William wakes out and fellow the lyoko-warriors to the factory. When they arrive, the clone has dissipated in metal parts it turns into a Terminator. While William and Odd are fighting the Terminator, Ulrich and Yumi are send by Jeremy into Lyoko, where they discovers their own season 4's outfits. Yumi, like Aelita, see her waist being exposed, but oddly, she loves and enjoy to show her belly button to Ulrich, who's laughing because Yumi's passion is too much weird. Then, John Lennon appears as himself severly correcting Joan Lin that, in the screenplay, Yumi is not suppose to enjoy showing her tummy. He then puts out a paper board to marks his future movies' « 4th wall's breaks », who will became a recurring gag.
The filming and the story continues... And bla bla bla ! I'm too bored for this plot ! I'm gonna edit it ! The movie finish as Aelita became human even if XANA gets free as stoling her keys. The lyoko-warriors are starting to watch Franz Hopper's records just as the ending credits, showing We Will Rock You and We are the champions' promos, starts.
Patrick Swayze : Ulrich Stern
John Travolta : Jeremy Belpois
Joan Lin Feng-Jiao : Yumi Ishiyama
Michael Biehn : Odd Della Robbia
Linda Hamilton : Aelita Schaeffer
John Lennon : Franz Hopper
Paul Newman : Jean-Pierre Delmas
Jack Nicholson : Jim Moralès
Arnold Schwarzenegger : William Dunbar
Jeff Goldblum : Théo Gauthier
Carrie Fisher : Laura Gauthier
Kim Basinger : Sissi Delmas
Jennifer Grey : Milly Solovieff
Lorraine Toussaint : Tamiya Diop
Angela Bassett : Samantha Knight
Clint Eastwood : Walter Stern
Jane Fonda : Lilian Stern
Akira Takarada : Takeo Ishiyama
Momoko Kôchi : Akiko Ishiyama
Jet Li : Hiroki Ishiyama
Richard Attenborough : Michel Belpois
Charles Bronson : James Dunbar
Diana Douglas : Félicia Dunbar
Jason Robards : Drive class officer
Michael Keaton, Robin Williams, Jeff Daniels and Tom Hanks : McGill's students
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
Screenplay by James Cameron, Sylvester Stallone and Carl Gottlieb
Story by John Lennon
Production company : Apple Films and Hanna-Barbera
Distributed by : Universal Pictures (North America), Paramount Pictures (International), Toho (Japan)
Budget : $ 65 million
Box-office : $ 797 million
Universal Pictures must partner with another major to allocate the necessary film budget and the salaries required for a now all-star cast. 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures are the volunteer studios. However, the production of Star Wars leads the Fox to withdraw. Columbia wins, but Close Encounters of the Third Kind is also in production. Finally, Paramount will co-distribute and co-finance the rest of the Lyoko tetralogy.
This film introduces the parents of lyoko-warriors. Ulrich's father is portrayed by the well-known Clint Eastwood. Richard Attenborough is the father of Jeremy. Yumi's parents are played by Akira Takarada and Momoko Kochi, the main actors of Godzilla (1954).
The film receives a critical reception as positive as the first installment and is a commercial success. There are 91% positive reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes out of 67 reviews. At the global box office, the film totals $ 797 million, including 590 million in North America. Reviews praised acting, direction, action scenes, visual effects and score, while abdominal nudity and weird relationnal plot were critized. However, Queen's songs We Will Rock You and We are the Champions both became worldwide music hits.
-Academy Awards 1978
--Best Visual Effects (Douglas Turnbull, John Dykstra, Stan Winston, Phil Tippett and Dennis Muren)
--Best Sound (George Martin and Geoff Emerick)
-Golden Globes 1978
--Best Original Song (We Will Rock You by Brian May (Queen))
-Saturn Awards 1978
--Best Supporting Actress (Carrie Fisher as Laura Gauthier)
-BAFTA 1978
--Best Supporting Actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger as William Dunbar)
Actors b-o parts : 2% each
Part per actor : $ 15,94 million
Total parts (10) : $ 159,4 million
Profile : $ 572,6 million

John remembers the movie Pulp Fiction from his dream and thinks about making it in 1978, but he decides to give his plot to 15-year old Quentin Tarantino.

A History of Violence (1977)
John Lennon and John Wagner wrote a script. Wagner would adapt it into a graphic novel for DC Comics.
John Lennon : Thomas Starr/Joey Mulroney
Faye Dunaway : Heidi Starr
Marlon Brando : Carl Fogarty
Elvis Presley : Dick Mulroney
Daniel Day-Lewis : Jake Starr
Laura Dern : Sarah Starr
Dennis Hopper : Sam Carny
Clint Eastwood : Leland Jones
Sylvester Stallone : Billy
Jeff Goldblum : Bobby
Michael Jackson and Angela Bassett : Couple in hostage in Thomas' diner
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by John Lennon
Screenplay by John Milius and David Cronenberg
Story by John Lennon and John Wagner
Music by Basil Poledouris
It is the only film ever to reunite three popular music legends : John Lennon, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson
Daniel Day-Lewis shoots Marlon Brando : The method rookie kills the method veteran
Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley both inspired the Beatles

To be continued...


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Re: What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

First installment (1975)

In June 1975, Franz Hopper (John Lennon) and his daughter Aelita (Linda Hamilton) flee two officers from a top secret government agency looking for them. The father scientist takes him to his secret laboratory located under Expo 67. He records a video calling for help, saying that whoever reads this message must save the planet first. The duo descend in retractable cylinders, promising Aelita that they will be safe.
Three months later, Jérémie Belpois (John Travolta), a student at McGill University, realizes the disappearance of Aélita, who was his best friend. Milly (Jennifer Grey), Aélita's younger sister and a university reporter, tells her that she had gone home to their father in June, but disappeared soon after. She does not know where she is. Assisted by Ulrich Stern (Patrick Swayze), the eldest of the class and his best friend, they find the track of Aelita to the laboratory of Franz Hopper. Jeremy turns on the supercomputer, then off, under the authority of Ulrich. The computer turns on and Aelita appears on the screen. Believing first in a video game, the duo remarked with astonishment that the girl speaks to them as through a window and that it is indeed their missing friend. She has lost her memory, remembering only her name and her family.
On Lyoko, Aélita has the appearance of an elf in pink and green kimono. His arms and face are all exposed and dark pink. His neck adorns a curious symbol, the eye of XANA. Jeremy wonders what XANA is. The trio decides to resume their conversation tomorrow.
The next day, Ulrich badly supports his new roommate Odd Della Robbia (Michael Biehn), the cousin of Aelita and Milly he met the day before, because of the puerile and immature behavior of the latter. He's going on a penchak-silat course, taught by Jim Moralès (Jack Nicholson). An attractive Japanese girl, Yumi Ishiyama (Joan Lin Feng-Jiao), arrives. The two students follow a duel that Yumi wins. Ulrich, despite his shame, is seduced by the beauty of the girl and it seems reciprocal with her.
In the evening, Jeremy returns to the lab to talk with Aelita. In the meantime, Ulrich discovers his bed ravaged by a shih-tzu, Kiwi, belonging to Odd. However, he must find Jeremiah in the lab. The latter discovered the retractable cylinders, which are actually teleporter scanners that send any living thing on Lyoko. He concludes that Aelita has come to the virtual world with this device and suggests testing the machine to ensure that she can send a person to meet Aelita. Ulrich offers to use Kiwi, especially for revenge.
While taking the dog, Ulrich is spotted by Odd after a canine bark. Sissi Delmas (Kim Basinger), who wanted to see Ulrich and was wearing a bra and a skirt to conquer him, finds himself involved in Ulrich's pursuit by Odd, the latter falling on Sissi, hands on the belly of the girl who blushes. She helps Odd hunt down Ulrich without understanding the situation. The hunted arrives in time and places the animal in a scanner. Jeremy then activates the process of virtualization, but Odd arrives, pushes Ulrich and leaves Kiwi machine, but the scanner is closed and Odd is invaded by a blinding light. Shortly after, he falls into a coniferous forest and sees himself dressed in a mauve slinky suit with ears and a cat's tail and feline paws for hands. Jeremy's voice is heard, the latter communicating with a microphone connected to the supercomputer. The genius explains that the computer automatically provides the virtual dress to the person sent according to his dreams. The explanation is quickly interrupted by a laser beam that passes close to hit Odd. Then comes a deadly patrol boat, a 2 meter robot with two assault pump rifles as arms and a plasma gun on the shoulder, which Odd will call tanks. Ulrich is sent in reinforcement. He sees himself as a samurai in a yellow-fitting suit and equipped with a retractable katana, which will soon be nicknamed "lightsaber". The young Pesilat comes to Odd's rescue and destroys the robot. However, creatures with spider legs and octopus heads pop up and open fire at the duo that flees towards a large white cylindrical tower. Odd will call them "Kankrelats". They enter but fall into a digital tunnel that leads them to a new territory by another tower. The territory in question consists of pack ice and ice and the sky is at night. New creatures, cubes with paws, arrive and destroy the duo with their lasers. Odd will call them "Blocks". Sissi, panicked, goes back and discovers Jeremy suspended by electric cables possessed. Ulrich and Odd take out scanners, having only been devirtualized, and neutralize the cables by intermingling them, causing them to be electrocuted themselves. Sissi, terrorized by the events, massages her own midriff and wants explanations.
The next day, the quartet discusses Lyoko. Jeremy explains that Aelita is more at risk for monster attacks, due to the temporary shutdown of the computer. Devirtualization then represents a definite death for the young elf. Ulrich proposes to turn off the machine, but Jeremy refuses and prefers to find a solution to save Aelita. Because of a vine from Odd, Jeremy accidentally confesses that he fell in love with Aelita. Ulrich defends him and says he knows the same thing for another girl, Sissi getting excited. Jeremy announces that everyone, except him, will go to Lyoko the same evening. Sissi agrees as long as she goes to belly dance classes with other girls.
Sissi makes her abs dance, supervised by Jim. She returns to change but is followed by Nicolas Poliakoff (Bill Murray) and Herb Pichon (Joe Pantoliano), two real uglies who admire her physical beauty. She closes the door in her face and removes her top. Suddenly, a luminous sphere emerges from the electrical outlet. Sissi, in bra and skirt dancer, sees the sphere penetrate into her abdomen and receives a very brutal electric shock, which fails to kill her. Nicolas and Hervé break down the door, alarmed by the cries, and discover a dying Sissi, her belly is completely burned.
Informed by some students on the campus, Ulrich, who returns from a second duel against Yumi, won by the samurai, takes the latter and the others to the lab, taking things in hand. Jérémie is now sending and guiding the team on Lyoko. Yumi then becomes a warrior geisha. She wears a black-red kimono and a yellow belt, with white trousers. It is armed with two sharp fans like razor blades and launching like shurikens or boomerangs. The trio then meets Aelita, whom Odd confesses to recognize him an incredible beauty. Yumi is very protective of her, while Ulrich organizes their battle plan which is to bring Aelita to a red tower that would handle any attack on Earth and that the elf is the only one able to disable.
In the meantime, Sissi is recovering uncomfortably from the incident. His father Jean-Pierre (Paul Newman), then director of the university, flatters his belly burnt. In pain and panic, she breaks the group's promise to keep Lyoko secret and informs her father and Jim of the existence of the supercomputer. Back on Lyoko, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi fight bravely to protect the young elf from the monsters. Ulrich is also seduced by Yumi's passion. However, a new monster, the Krabe, appears and creates trouble for the quartet. Ulrich succeeds in destroying it by planting his sword in the shell of the virtual crustacean. Odd discovers his power, which is to shoot plasma darts with his wrists. He will call this power "Laser arrows". The trio destroys the monsters and Aelita goes to the tower. She puts her hand on the interface and turns off the tower, erasing the electrical sphere that had returned and attacking the campus. As the trio returns from Lyoko, Sissi arrives with her father and Jim. J-P discovers the threat that the supercomputer represents and implores Jeremy to extinguish it, ignoring the existence of Aelita. Sissi, seeing Yumi's presence as Ulrich's betrayal, encourages his father's opinion. Ulrich treats her violently as a dirty traitor. Jeremy refuses to turn off the machine and starts a return to the past.
12 hours earlier, the trio is found and looks for Jeremy. Once found, the latter does not understand why Ulrich is no longer the only one to know the existence of Lyoko and Aelita. He recontacts the latter which confirms the words of the trio. It must therefore immunize itself from temporal returns. Aelita asks her to forget it and turn off the computer, noting the significant threat the machine poses to not only the city of Montreal, but the whole planet. Jeremy refuses and replies "A world without you is not one. ". As the elf insists, the genie cracks and declares his feelings for her. The girl is moved and then shed a tear to the surprise of his friends. While Ulrich and Odd already wanted to continue, Yumi finally agrees to help the gang and tells Aelita that she is like a little sister to her. The four students leave the room, but Sissi, affected by the return to the past, scolds Ulrich for failing to report to his room. The latter sends him a finger of honor and threatens to not reappear in their field of vision.
One month follows the assembly of the Lyoko Warriors. Jeremy discovers that the monsters and attacks are works of XANA, a multi-agent program residing in the supercomputer. On Halloween, a new student, Samantha Knight (Angela Bassett), arrives at the campus. Odd is immediately in love with her and it seems reciprocal. Meanwhile, Ulrich and Yumi prepare the hall for the Halloween ball when Sissi, now flanked by Hervé and Nicolas, severely insults the young Milly, hinting that she attracts no one. Ulrich can not help when she asks him to be his rider, because he has already invited Yumi and they are too old. She runs to the dormitory crying. As for Jeremy, he is making excellent progress. After materializing a hair of Aelita, he finds the official key of materialization of the young pink-haired elf when Odd accidentally escapes chocolates on his keyboard.
Odd surprises Sam with poking computer equipment into the science classroom. All of a sudden, the door closes and locks, enclosing Sam in the room. In the refectory, Yumi sees his glass break in his hand, causing a small but bloody cut. Ulrich disinfects the wound and puts on the bandage. The sweetness of the beautiful boy moves the young geisha who confesses his feelings for him. Ulrich is on the verge of kissing her, but Kiwi begins to sink and the window explodes. Plus, Milly's Teddy Bear disappears.
Sissi is in bra and thong in her room when its effects begin to fall off the shelf. Finally, the Teddy Bear appears, owned by XANA and in full metamorphosis, and jumps on Sissi, who ends up beaten by the teddy bear. Tamiya Diop (Lorraine Toussaint), the best friend and roommate of Milly, photographs the plague chamber when the campus, including the hall in the middle of the festival, begins to tremble. Odd manages to get Sam out of the room when the ceiling begins to fall. Odd takes his girlfriend to the lab to hope for his support. Jeremiah and Aelita discover that XANA is taking it hard: he has owned and transformed Milly's Teddy bear into a giant 25-meter-high bear and has begun to emit powerful ultrasounds to destroy the campus and kill the lyokos. warriors.
Ulrich and Yumi evacuate the room while Odd returns to college to evacuate the dormitories. The two pesilats then fight the imposing teddy bear and succeed after many prowess to cut his throat, which neutralizes it. Odd is however trapped with Milly and Tamiya in the dormitories when the upper floor opens on the lower floor. Sam comes back and helps them out. We learn that Sam and Tamiya are sisters, which brings Odd to include the journalists in their group. For their part, Ulrich and Yumi meet Jim who is fighting against Kankrelats. They take him to the lab to get strong hands. However, Sissi remains stuck under the debris of the campus. William Dunbar (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a student secretly in love with Yumi, rescues her after meeting Odd and providing help.
Jeremy virtualizes the trio on Lyoko while Jim, Sam and the reporters protect the entrance. However, XANA remains active and takes possession of the four bulldozers destined for the future renovation of the gymnasium to direct them to the lab to destroy the equipment that is harmful to it. Ulrich and his friends then land in the middle of a desert with canyons and holes. They find Aelita, but two metal spheres move towards them and stop to open. A laser discharge is then projected against them. Yumi uses telekinesis to drop a big rock on a mega-tank, nickname by Odd. The latter discovers his anticipation flashes, he sees Aelita fall into a hole. On Earth, Jim and the others see the bulldozers and throw pieces of rocks and metals to slow them down, without success. On Lyoko, Aelita receives a sharp belly in the belly and falls into the hole, but Odd catches her by the narrow margin. Yumi removes the stone from Aélita's belly, which does not bleed. The young elf, however, lost 10 life. The other megatank arrives and pursues them in a tunnel that leads to a passing tower taken by the activated tower. Jeremiah discovers however that it leads to the territory to the activated tower. Aelita goes there with Odd. Ulrich and Yumi must watch the tower that lets anything go, even the monsters. On Earth, Jim climbs a bulldozer to extinguish it, but to no avail. The mechanical troop destroys the pavilions hiding the entrance to the lab. On Lyoko, Yumi gets a shot in the belly of a new monster, a humanoid metal endoskeleton that Ulrich, and not Odd, calls "Terminator". The latter drops his rifle and opts for a hand-to-hand combat. Ulrich is then thrown against a rock and Yumi is fatally wounded in the belly by the brutally brutal fists of the robot. Ulrich gets up, mad with rage, and sends the Terminator into the digital sea, the ocean that Lyoko underpins and represents the TCP/IP (ancestor of the Internet). Yumi is weakly recovering from her abdominal aggression, having lost 60 life. Ulrich hugs her and then ... kisses her tenderly on the lips.
Odd and Aelita arrive at the forest but there is a big problem. Ultrasound has disrupted Aélita's materialization process. If it turns off the tower, it will evaporate and so will die. Aelita learns and thinks quickly, but finally resolves to save humanity. Odd destroys monsters until devirtualized. Aelita, however, manages to disable the tower, then dissipates peacefully. Jeremy cries for his beloved. Jim and Sam go to the scanners, being the only official volunteers to continue the adventure before the genius launches back to the past.
Ulrich, encouraged by Yumi, agrees to be Milly's rider and Sissi back, claiming she does not have enough brains to go out with him. In the lab, Jeremiah realizes that he still has Aelita's hair and that the process of materialization is intact. He informs the band, including Jim and Sam, and starts the proceedings. Aélita landed in a scanner, warmly welcomed by Jeremy and the band. However, he discovers that XANA has stolen Aeleita's human memory, which has tied her to the computer. Jeremy kisses Aelita and then starts repairing the superscan, a device that will spot the activated turns and allow the young elf to stay on Earth.

Patrick Swayze : Ulrich Stern
John Travolta : Jérémie Belpois, scientific leader
Joan Lin Feng-Jiao : Yumi Ishiyama
Michael Biehn : Odd Della Robbia
Linda Hamilton : Aélita Schaeffer
John Lennon : Franz Hopper
Paul Newman : Jean-Pierre Delmas
Jack Nicholson : Jim Moralès
Arnold Schwarzenegger : William Dunbar
Kim Basinger : Sissi Delmas
Joe Pantoliano : Hervé Pichon
Bill Murray : Nicolas Poliakoff
Angela Bassett : Samantha Knight
Jennifer Grey : Milly Solioveff-Schaeffer
Lorraine Toussaint : Tamiya Diop-Knight

Technical sheet
Directed by John Lennon
Produced by The Beatles, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Screenplay by James Cameron (Film debut), John Milius and James Dickey
Story by John Lennon
Music composed by James Horner (Film debut) and conducted by Paul McCartney
Songs composed and performed by Queen (Film debut, their commercial revelation)
Budget : $ 50 million
Production company : Apple Films and Hanna-Barbera
Distributed by : Universal Pictures (Worldwide), Toho (Japan)
Opening credits :
Universal Pictures and Hanna-Barbera present
A Apple production
A John Lennon film

-Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen), ending credits
-Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd), opening credits
-I'm in Love With My Car (Queen), Ulrich's introduction
-Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
-Girl (The Beatles)
-Keep Yourself Alive (Queen), fight scene
-Killer Queen (Queen), Yumi's prowess
-Now I'm Here (Queen), Jim's help in the final battle
-Seven Seas of Rhye (Queen)
-You're My Best Friend (Queen)
-Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles)

Critical reception
The film receives critical acclaim. Reviews praised its visual effects, acting, direction, screenplay, action and score. On Rotten Tomatoes, there are 100% positive reviews on 59 different reviews. Code Lyoko is considered to be the best film of 1975 with Jaws. Several critics say that the film is ahead of its time. However, George Lucas, a friend of Steven Spielberg, accused John Lennon of plagiarism. Lucas was working at the time on a pre-production film called "Star Wars", featuring lightsabers similar to that of Ulrich Stern, then the main weapons of Star Wars protagonists. Lennon, to ease tensions, asked Lucas the year he began his project. The latter replied that he had his first ideas in 1972. Lennon reluctantly replied that he had the idea of ​​Code Lyoko in 1966. So Star Wars is canceled, but Lennon asks him to continue his project and proposes that the lightsabers of Star Wars do not link with those of Code Lyoko. Lucas accepts despite the lack of credibility that Lennon does perceive. After the release of Star Wars, Lennon will repeatedly explain his agreement, but the opinions of fans remain ambiguous rather than official. Lucas changes the name of the weapon to "sabrolaser" (in french) to his universe, despite the French doublers continuing to say "lightsaber" (Sabre laser). The ambiguity only lasts a few months and fans of both franchises are now accustomed to the use of the weapon in two different worlds. However, and quickly, Spielberg proposed that Code Lyoko and Star Wars are common universes, the second being derived. John and Lucas accept this idea.
The film concludes the Quiet Revolution of Quebec and is a major representative of New Hollywood.

Code Lyoko is a phenomenal success, with gross receipts of US $ 774 million at the global box office. He became the first film to win more than 700 million worldwide box office and remained the most lucrative film of all time until 1977 by the release of his sequel. Despite his great satisfaction with the recipes, John Lennon said the film would have slightly more revenue if it had been released earlier in the summer, but Steven Spielberg's Jaws deserved, according to the Beatle, to be a success . Especially since John Lennon met Steven Spielberg and other New Hollywood filmmakers (Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, George Lucas, Dennis Hopper, etc.). He decided to let Jaws go out first and have box office success so as not to harm any of the two films (Jaws and Code Lyoko).

Actors b-o parts : 2% each
Part per actor : $ 15,48 million
Total parts (5) : $ 77,4 million
Profile : $ 646,6 million

Code Lyoko receive a lot of awards at Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Saturn Awards and BAFTA.
-Academy Awards 1976
--Best Director (John Lennon)
--Best Original Screenplay (James Cameron)
--Best Scoring : Original Song Score and Adaptation or Scoring : Adaptation (Queen)
--Best Original Song (Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen)
-Golden Globes 1976
--Best Director (John Lennon)
--Best Supporting Performance - Actor (Jack Nicholson as Jim Moralès)
--Best Supporting Performance - Actress (Angela Bassett as Samantha Knight)
--New Star of the Year - Actor (Patrick Swayze as Ulrich Stern)
--New Star of the Year - Actress (Linda Hamilton as Aelita Schaeffer)
-Saturn Awards 1976
--Best Science Fiction Film (The Beatles)
--Best Actor (Patrick Swayze as Ulrich Stern)
--Best Actress (Joan Lin Feng-Jiao as Yumi Ishiyama)
--Best Music (James Horner (main theme) ; additional themes by Jerry Goldsmith, Wendy Carlos and Basil Poledouris)
--Best Writing (James Cameron)
--Best Special Effects (Douglas Turnbull, Stan Winston and Fred Parke)
--Best Make-Up (John Lennon and James Cameron)
--Best Cinematography (John Lennon, James Cameron, Dean Cundey and Ringo Starr)
-BAFTA 1976
--Best Film (The Beatles)
--Best Actress (Joan Lin Feng-Jiao as Yumi Ishiyama)
--Best Screenplay (James Cameron)
--Best Production Design (Anton Furst)
--Best Costume Design (Zandra Rhodes and John Lennon)
--Best Sound (Paul McCartney, George Martin, Geoff Emerick and Brad Fiedel)
--Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music (James Horner (tied with John Williams for Jaws))
--Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles (Michael Biehn as Odd Della Robbia)
-National Film Registry
--Induction in 1989

John creates The Lennon Entertainment Corporation, owned by Apple Corps to manage his film revenues and Beatles shares.

The film represents, with Jaws, the power of Universal Pictures on modern cinema.

The Beatles then come back to the music. Since they have emptied most of their juice and John has to take care of his films, they release compilations of songs that have been recorded during the last albums but have not been used for.

October 25, 1975
The Beatles are the musical guests of the 3rd episode of the 1st season of Saturday Night Live, Rob Reiner being the host.
-Band On The Run
-Stand by Me
-Get Back

To be continued...

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What if John Lennon was the creator of Code Lyoko ?

This fic is uchronic, that is to say a rewrite of the History starting from the modification of an event of the past, according to Wikipédia.

Warning : This alternate Biopic may contains some logical inaccuries.

March 1, 1966
John Lennon has a very crazy dream that predicts his future and other information of popular culture, which drives him to change his character.
-Tragedia of Apollo 1
-His assassination in 1980
-The separation of the Beatles
-The Code Lyoko series
-Total Drama TV series
-The amazing world of Gumball TV series
-Grojband TV series
-Montreal Expos
-Québec Nordiques
-The Montreal-Mirabel International Airport
-The Olympic Stadium of Montreal and its inclined tower
-Quebec's bid for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games
-The referendums of 1980 and 1995 on the sovereignty of Quebec
-Dunkin 'Donuts' decline in Tim Hortons' ascent

March 4, 1966
He explains very clearly to Maureen Cleeve that teenagers seem to prefer the Beatles to religion. The precision of his explanation avoids the religious controversies against him and the group.

July 3, 1966
John accepts Imelda Marcos' invitation to a meal.

August 1966
He agreed his friends to do 2 concerts a year (one in England, one in America) instead of canceling the performances.

August 29, 1966
John asks that the Candlestick Park concert be filmed and considers this same concert as the real last of the Beatlemania.

Autumn 1966
John and his family (his wife Cynthia and his son Julian) go on vacation in Montreal. John then discovers the Expo 67 site and all the beauty of the city.

End of September 1966
NASA offers John Lennon the first civilian to travel in space and, as a result, the first British astronaut during the last-minute Gemini 13 mission. He agrees, provided he selects his own commander, condition then accepted. He first chose Jim Lovell, but he was already selected for the Gemini 12 mission. Lennon then hesitated between James McDivitt, Charles Conrad, Thomas Stafford and Walter Schirra. It is finally Stafford who is chosen, McDivitt as a reservist. Gemini 13 is set to depart on December 29, 1966. The goal is to break the Gemini 7 flight record and attempt an extravehicular ride for the two astronauts. Lennon has to return quickly to England to train and set up Strawberry Fields Forever in his spare time. NASA then created a British industry in London, NASA-Beatles, to train British astronauts. Paul McCartney is then selected as a reservist if John Lennon is unavailable.

December 29, 1966
After 3 months of rapid training, John Lennon, now a trained pilot, follows Commander Gordon Cooper to the Gemini 13 capsule at Cape Canaveral, Florida. The other three Beatles as well as Cynthia, Julian and the Rolling Stones attend the launch from the beach. The takeoff is no problem and the capsule is placed in orbit easily for a precise duration of 14 days. John sprays several records:
-First civilian in space
-First musical artist in space
-First British astronaut
-Youngest astronaut in history until then (26 years old)
-British young man in space
Two orbits later, John performs the first EVA of the mission.

January 13, 1967
John Lennon and Gordon Cooper come back and safe on Earth.

January 27, 1967 (Two weeks later)
Virgil Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee died in the Apollo 1 fire.

February 1967
Before returning to England, John complains that the designers of the control module has sent the wrong capsule to NASA. They will not ban the Beatle for their upcoming flights.

May 7, 1967
The Beatles perform at the NME Poll Winners 1967 at the Wembley Empire Pool in their Sgt Pepper's outfits.
Titles played:
-Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
-With a Little Help from My Friends (1967)
-Drive My Car (1965)
-Girl (1965)
-Taxman (1966)
-And Your Bird Can Sing (1966)
-Getting Better
-Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise, 1967)

June 2, 1967
While Sgt. Pepper's officially released in America, the Beatles learn that the record was listened to the day before at Expo 67 in Montreal. John chooses the same city to give the Beatles concert. The other three Beatles are rather reluctant, because Ringo was treated as a Jew by the Montrealer in 1964. Fortunately, Quebec is in full revolution, Tranquil and moreover, fascism is very badly seen by society. However, there is also the rise of Quebec nationalism, resulting in the promotion of French. A British band performing in Quebec would then cool the subject, even if in France, anglophone groups were accepted, including Beatles 2 years earlier. John then asks Brian Epstein, their manager, to send a telegram to Jean Drapeau, the mayor of Montreal at the time, to tell him and his people.

June 3, 1967
Jean Drapeau receives the telegram. He discusses with some politicians to know how to proceed to the proposal of the Beatles. Indeed, the telegram specifies that the band has stopped the tours because of the events of the fair sex that cover their music. We must also take into account the incidents of the previous American tour, some fans have misunderstood about John on Jesus despite the accuracy.

June 4, 1967
Jean Drapeau summons the people of Montreal to Jarry Park for their opinion on the eventual coming of the Beatles in Montreal. The effect is immediate. 98% of Montrealers want to see the Beatles at home. Of this 98%, 73% are Francophones.

June 5, 1967
The Beatles receive Jean Drapeau's reply by telegram. They are welcome at Expo 67.

June 25, 1967
The Beatles perform All You Need Is Love on Our World, with 400 million viewers around the world. John hopes this success has delivered his message.

June 30, 1967
The Beatles are at London's Heathrow Airport.

July 1, 1967
The Beatles arrive at Dorval Airport, where 10,000 fans welcome them. They spend the summer at Expo 67 instead of going to Greece.

August 29, 1967
The Beatles play at the Place des Nations, protected and insured by a monster security. Indeed, the soldiers of the army are gathered around the public, political personalities (Jean Drapeau, Charles de Gaulle, Elizabeth II, Lyndon B. Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Jackie Kennedy, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, etc.) whereas several Police are mobilized in the stands, where the fans sit. During the concert, the fans are irritated by the blinking warning to shout during the songs and scream loudly to make their voice heard screaming. George begins to get bored in the middle of the show but agrees to play one last song. However, during the same song, a fan manages to escape the security and speed towards the stage. Drapeau, informed of the Beatles that all admirers have tried to stage, that the non-lethal cartridges are issued, so that their message is transmitted to the Beatlemania and they are interrupted during concerts. The groupie has actually got a non-lethal bullet on the leg. The show was interrupted, the boys having had the jump. Many people are frightened by the girl who is suffering. At the end of 30 minutes, while the groupie is transported to the hospital and it is announced that it is not blessed, the concert resumes with the songs and sweet and this time, no scream. The hysteria of Beatlemania is now over. Later, John succeeds in reproducing the song Tomorrow never knows on stage. In fact, he is content to manipulate a sound table containing the song. The concert is filmed and recorded. The recording will be released at the 1968 New Year as a live album under the title The Beatles: Live at Expo 67 (The Beatles: Vive le Québec libre! In Quebec, The Beatles in Montreal in international French). The title And your bird can sing is not there, for an obvious reason. The video will become a special film broadcast on April 28, 1968, one day after Expo 67, on Radio-Québec. And Your Can Sing Bird, explain what happened. At the end of the concert, John pronounces the French word and announces that he is already subject to Quebec deserves all it takes for it to be England, in the same way as the United Kingdom, France, the States United States, Germany and Canada. He yells (in french) "Long live free Quebec! And "Quebec French Forever !!! That caused the euphoria in the crowd while the other three Beatles remain silent, too worried about the consequences they want to return to England.

August 31, 1967
The Beatles leave Expo 67 with good memories. Before leaving, John informs Drapeau that Montreal will have a baseball team in 1969 and summer Olympics in 1976. The Beatle therefore advises to move on as such possible, with the same architect (Roger Tallibert) and the same place (Maisonneuve), in the same aspect (Shell, inclined tower, etc.). At first reluctant, Jean Drapeau accepts the earpiece.

September and October 1967
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour is filmed.

February to April 1968
The Beatles are in India, but the Yogi sexually harasses Mia Farrow. Only John and George remain.

May 1968
The Beatles are all reunited after the return of John and George. On the 12th of the month, they perform at the NME Poll Winners 1968.
Titles played:
-Tomorrow Never Knows (1966)
-Baby You're the Rich Man (1967)
-Hello Goodbye (1967)
-Lady Madonna (1968)
-Across the Universe (1968)
-Hey Bulldog (1968)
The next day, they leave for New York to launch the promotion of Apple Corps. On the 15th, they play at Shea Stadium in front of 56,000 fans who missed them.
-Tomorrow Never Knows
-Hello Goodbye
-Hey Bulldog
-Nowhere Man
-If I Needed Someone
-Drive My Car
-Day Tripper
-Paperback Writer
-Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
-All you need is Love

June 1968
John learns the beginning of the construction of the Montreal Olympic Park and the expropriation of Mirabel to build the airport.

December 1968
John informs Jean Drapeau and Roger Tallibert that the Olympic tour will not be entirely constructed of concrete, otherwise the structure will collapse and be evacuated with him by the structural rings. The concrete is at half of the tower and remains in steel for the weight.

January 30, 1969
The Beatles are playing on the roof of Apple Studios in rehearsal for the upcoming concerts at Wembley, Woodstock and the Montreal Forum before this spring and summer.

March 1969
While Paul gets married to Linda Eastman and goes in honeymoon with her, John learns that the Jarry stadium finally came out of the Montreal Expos, the new team of MLB Montreal, making their debut this spring, while the Olympic stadium is only half built.

May 11, 1969
NME Poll Winners Concert at Wembley.
-Get Back (1969)
-Don't Let Me Down (1969)
-Nowhere Man (1965)
-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (1967)
-All You Need is Love (1967)
-Hey Bulldog (1968)
-While My Guitar Gentilly Weeps (1968)
-Birthday (1968)
-Yer Blues (1968)
-Helter Skelter (1968)
-Revolution (1968)
-Hey Jude (1968)

May 26, 1969
The Beatles are coming back to Montreal for the first time since Expo 67. Their families are still on the trip, but John's dream has also predicted outfits for years to come, especially the feminine naked belly button. So, the Beatles' wifes each expose their belly button, although John has only told them about the fashion of the future and not impose it on them [right away]. Nevertheless, John learns the beginning of the construction of Mirabel Airport. He insists that everything be built at first sight in the smallest details (Autoroutes, Dorval-Mirabel metro, terminals, runways, etc.). Jean Drapeau and Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the new Prime Minister of Canada, promise him that Mirabel will be complete by the 1976 Olympics.

June 1, 1969
The Beatles recorded Give Peace A Chance in Montreal, in the 1742 Suite at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, where they reside for the holidays. Cynthia and Linda are each painted the symbol of peace on the belly, green and blue respectively.

June 24 and July 1, 1969
The Beatles play at the Montreal Forum to celebrate St. John the Baptist and Autostade for Canada Day respectively. The first concert contains recent songs, the second of the Beatlemania songs.
Titles 1 (Montreal Forum) :
-Get Back (1969)
-Nowhere Man (1965)
-If I Needed Someone (1965)
-Day Tripper (1965)
-Taxman (1966)
-And Your Bird Can Sing (1966)
-Paperback Writer (1966)
-Tomorrow Never Knows (1966)
-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band With a Little Help from My Friends (1967)
-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (1967)
-Getting Better (1967)
-Good Morning Good Morning (1967)
-Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Resumed, 1967)
-A Day in the Life (1967)
-All You Need is Love (1967)
-Baby, You're the Rich Man (1967)
-Hello Goodbye (1967)
-Lady Madonna (1968)
-Hey Bulldog (1968)
-Don't Let me Down (1969)
-Revolution (1968)
-Hey Jude (1968)
-Helter Skelter (1968)
-Dear Prudence (1968)
-While My Guitar Gentilly Wheeps (1968)
-Give Peace to Chance (1969)
Titles 2 (Autostade) :
-Twist and Shout
-Love Me Do
-Please Please Me
-I Saw her Standing There
-Do you want to know a secret?
-From me to you
-Thank You Girl
-She Loves You
-I Want to Hold Your Hand
-Roll Over Beethoven
-It Won't Be Long
-All My Loving
-Please Mr. Postman
-I Wanna be your man
-Can't buy me love
-A Hard Day's Night
-Things We Said Today
-If I Fell
-I Should Have Known Better
-And I Love Her
-This Boy
-I Feel Fine
-I'm Loser
-She's a Woman
-Baby's in Black
-Rock and Roll Music
-I'll Follow the Sun
-Kansas City
-Eight Days a Week
-Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
-There's a Place
-Act Naturally
Between these dates, Cynthia poses in a bikini for Linda.

July 3, 1969
The Beatles leave Montreal. John is reassured that the Olympic Park and the airport are planned as he planned. However, when the group and his family arrive in London, John learns from Mick Jagger that Brian Jones, the Beatles' closest Stone, has been dead for 1 month, 1 week after their departure.

August 15, 1969
The Beatles arrive at Woodstock. They are flabbergasted by festival-goers who strip their bodies partially or totally. John dedicates at least their upcoming concert in memory of Brian Jones.

August 18, 1969
The Beatles are the last musicians to perform in Woodstock. They play 40 songs in total.
-Get Back
-Don't Let Me Down
-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band Club / With a Little Help frm My Friends
-Please Please Me
-Getting Better
-I Saw Her Standing There
-Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
-I Wanna be your man
-Nowhere Man
-A Hard Day's Night
-Hey Bulldog
-Eight Days a Week
-All you need is love
-Ticket to Ride
-Hey Jude
-I'm down
-Helter Skelter
-I Want to Hand Your Hand
-Day Tripper
-I Feel Fine
-Paperback Writer
-I'm looking through you
-Roll Over Beethoven
-If I Needed Someone
-She Loves You
-From Me To You
-Drive My Car
-Love Me Do
-Do you want to know a secret?
-And Your Bird Can Sing
-Can't buy me love
-Good Morning Good Morning
-Twist and Shout
-Dear Prudence
-Give Peace a Chance

August 20, 1969
The Beatles return to the studio and complete I Want You (She's So Heavy).

September 26 and October 1, 1969
Abbey Road is released.

December 1969
The Beatles are gearing up to close the decade by playing at 3 symbolic venues: Candlestick Park (Dec. 29), Star-Club (Dec. 30) and Cavern Club (Dec. 31).
-Love Me Do
-Please Please Me
-Twist and Shout
-I Want to Hold Your Hand
-She Loves You
-From Me To You
-Can't buy me love
-A Hard Day's Night
-I Feel Fine
-Ticket to Ride
-Day Tripper
-Paperback Writer
-All you need is love
-Hello Goodbye
-Lady Madonna
-Hey Bulldog
-Hey Jude
-Helter Skelter
-Get Back
-Come Together
-Heres Comes the Sun
-Octopus's Garden
-Give Peace a Chance
-Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band
-The End

January 1, 1970
The Beatles celebrate the New Year at Fairfield Halls, in front of 1,800 people.

April 1, 1970
The Beatles publicly announce their dissolution. Later, in the evening, they chant "April Fools !" live on TV.

April 2, 1970
A few hours after their joke, the Beatles announce that, to congratulate their fans for having calmed down, the tours will resume by August.

May 8th and 18th, 1970
Let it Be is released.

May 12, 1970
Montreal is named host city of the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Olympic facilities are almost completed, except for the tower (Half concrete just completed), the roof (Not installed obviously) and the rowing pool (Not yet dug) . In the meantime, the main part (2 runways and 1 terminal) of Mirabel has been completed, while the major highways are taking shape very quickly.

August 1970
The Beatles embark on their first real American tour since 1966. The band then plays in the arenas of the NHL.
-Montréal Forum (August 1, 1970, 18000 people)
-Maple Leaf Gardens (August 3, 1970, 16000 people)
-Boston Garden (August 5, 1970, 14000 people)
-Madison Square Garden (August 7, 1970, 20000 people)
-Olympia Stadium (August 9, 1970, 16000 people)
-Chicago Stadium (August 11, 1970, 17000 people)
-Forum of Los Angeles (August 13, 1970, 18000 people)
-Pittsburgh Civic Arena (August 15, 1970, 17000 people)
-Spectrum of Philadelphia (August 17, 1970, 18000 people)
-Metropolitan Sports Center (August 19, 1970, 15000 people)
-St. Louis Arena (August 21, 1970, 20000 people)
-Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena (August 23, 1970, 15000 people)
-Pacific Coliseum (August 25, 1970, 16000 people)
-Buffalo Memorial Auditorium (August 27, 1970, 16000 people)
-Colisée de Québec (August 29, 1970, 10,000 people, additional concert)
-Get Back
-Paperback Writer
-Hey Bulldog
-Hey Jude
-Helter Skelter
-Dear Prudence
-Come Together
-Heres Comes the Sun
-Octopus's Garden
-I Want You (She's so heavy)
-Dig to Pony
-I Me Mine
-Maggie Mae
-Don't Let Me Down
-I've got a Feeling
-Across the Universe
-Sgt. Pepper 's Lonely Hearts Club Band
-Let It Be
-The Long and Winding Road
-The End

September and October 1970
A strike broke out on the construction site of the Olympic Park, the workers complaining of having to build a tower inclined on a stadium and to obey a French of France (Tallibert). John flew to Montreal and took part in the strike. He recalls that Place Ville-Marie was designed by an American [New York] and that the tower is very important for the games of 1976, because it will allow the roof to retract. The workers regain confidence and continue to build the facilities. The steel half of the tower is started.

November 27 and 30, 1970
The Beatles release one of their best albums: All Things Must Pass.
The titles are:
I'd Have You Anytime (George Harrison)
My Sweet Lord
Is not It a Pity
What Is Life
Let it down
Beware of Darkness
Run of the Mill
Behind That Locked Door
All Things Must Pass
Mother (John Lennon)
Working Class Hero
Man We Was Lonely (Paul McCartney)
Singalong Junk
Teddy Boy
Maybe I'm Amazed
Night and Day (Ringo Starr)
Sentimental Jouney
Instant Karma (John Lennon)
Power to the People
Give Peace a Chance
Isn't It a Pity (Version 2)
The band goes on a world tour 1 week before the release finally to promote the album.
Dates of the tour:
-Wembley Stadium (November 14, 1970, 82000 people)
-Goodison Park, Liverpool (November 16, 1970, 40,000 people)
-Jarry Park Stadium, Montreal (November 18, 1970, 28000 people)

Note : From 1966 to 1970, John don' wear glasses, he didn't play in How I Won the War.
Mirabel Airport got the most expensive work crew ever.

January 1971
John decides to produce an original sci-fi film: Code Lyoko. The Beatles go to America to realize the project of their leader.

February 1971
Phillip K. Dick refuses to take part in the production of the film. John decides to trust the youth. He therefore hires young James Cameron, 17, to write his synopsis. The result impresses the Beatle greatly. The latter is in discussions with some American minor studios (American International Pictures, United Productions of America, Embassy Pictures, Hemdale, etc.), but none are interested. United Artists did not renew his cinematographic contract with the Beatles, anyway. John discusses with the majors of the cinema. Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Pictures are the first to discuss, but they are not interested. John is ignored by Fox and MGM. Finally, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios are both attracted to the Beatles leader's project. Paramount has just released Love Story as Universal has released Airport. In the end, it's Universal that John chooses. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are also interested in the project and are joining in quickly.

March 1971
The highway and the underground railway line connecting Mirabel and Dorval airports have been completed. The railway line was started at the beginning of the previous year.

April 1971
The stadium is completely finished. The tower will follow by Christmas or next year.

May 1971
The Beatles continue recording their next album whose title remains secret until its release.

June 1971
The Olympic Village is completed. As for Mirabel, half of the terminals are built in a crazy time, just like the TRRAM and the tracks to the south.

September 9 and October 8, 1971
The Beatles release the album Imagine.
Titles :
Jealous Guy
How do you sleep?
Monkberry Moon Delight
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey
Eat at Home
Beaucoup of Blues
The Back Seat of My Car
Bangla Desh
It Do not Come Easy
Another Day
The Stroke
Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
More Than A Feeling
The world tour begins on August 29th.
Dates of the tour:
-Autostade, Montreal (August 29, 1971, 35000 people)
-Stade of the National Exhibition, Toronto (August 31, 1971, 33000 people)
-Ottawa Civic Center (September 2, 1971, 10,000 people)
-Winnipeg Arena (September 4, 1971, 15000 people)
-Edmonton Gardens (September 6, 1971, 5000 people)
-Stampede Corral, Calgary (September 8, 1971, 6000 people)
-Empire Stadium, Vancouver (September 10, 1971, 32000 people)
-Seattle Center Coliseum (September 12, 1971, 16000 people)
-Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Portland (September 14, 1971, 13000 people)
-Candlestick Park, San Francisco (September 16, 1971, 42000 people)

December 1971
All the trails of Mirabel are complete. A fourth terminal is completed and a fifth is under construction.

February 1972
John wants an unknown band to make the songs of the movie. He chooses the Queen group.

May 1972
The tilted Olympic Stadium tower is finally complete, but the retractable Kevlar roof has not been ordered yet. Fortunately, there are still 3 years before the games.

August 1972
The 6th and last terminal of Mirabel is started and the additional installations (Adaport and maintenance zone) are completed.

August 30, 1972
To help the world's underprivileged, John decides to organize a charity mega-concert featuring the biggest stars of popular music in Central Park, New York City.
-The Beatles
-The Rolling Stones
-Elvis Presley
-Johnny Cash
-Led Zeppelin
-The Who
-Cat Stevens
-David Bowie
-Deep Purple
-Black Sabbath
-Bob Dylan
-Elton John
-Neil Diamond
The event attracts 1 million spectators, making it the biggest musical concert to date.

June 12 and September 15, 1972
Ram is released.
-Ram On
-Woman is the nigga of the world
-Cold Turkey
-Sunday Bloody Sunday 1
-Love Is Strange
-Give Ireland back to Irish
-Attica State
-Mary has a Little Lamb
-Detroit Rock City
-Back Off Boogaloo
-Hi, Hi, Hi
-Love Gun
-Ram On (reprise)
-Sunday Bloody Sunday 2
The promotional tour is initiated by the Central Park concert.
-Shea Stadium
-Yankee Stadium
-Exhibition Stadium
-Empire Stadium
-Candlestick Park
-Los Angeles Memorial Stadium
-Dodger Stadium
-Atlanta Stadium
-Comiskey Park
-Fenway Park
-Wembley Stadium
-Goodison Park
-Princes Park
-Berlin Olympic Stadium

December 31, 1972
Mayor Jean Drapeau announces the opening of Montréal-Mirabel International Airport and the Montreal Olympic Stadium. Respectively, international flights are official and the Expos have their home.

January 1973
NASA having set aside a sufficient budget for a last Apollo mission after the 17th, Apollo 18 is made official with John Lennon and Jim Lovell among the crew. John will not be credited as the first civilian to walk on the Moon since he has already made a space flight. Jim Lovell, meanwhile, will be on his third Apollo mission, unable to walk on the moon at Apollo 13.

February 1973
The command module driver is James McDivitt, who came out of retirement from the mission.

March 1973
During the free time of his training, John continues the casting of Code Lyoko with the help of Ringo Starr and Marlon Brando, who has just played Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather. Patrick Swayze and John Travolta are chosen for the respective roles of Ulrich Stern and Jérémie Belpois. Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton are selected later to portray Odd Della Robbia and Aelita Schaeffer respectively. Joan Lin is chosen as Yumi Ishiyama, Arnold Schwarzenegger as William Dunbar, Kim Basinger as Sissi, etc.. Jack Nicholson and Paul Newman are Jim Moralès and J-P Delmas. At the end of the year, the distribution is complete and filming will begin in early 1974 for a schedule to be released in 1975.

May 1, 1973
The Apollo 18 mission (Jim Lovell, James McDivitt and John Lennon) takes off from Cape Canaveral.

May 4, 1973
Jim Lovell sets foot on the moon, followed by John Lennon.

May 30, 1973
The album Band On The Run is out.
-Band On The Run
-Live and Let Die
-Mind Games
-Meat City
-One Day (1)
-Mrs Vandebilt
-Helen Wheels
-My Love
-Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
-Sue Me, Sue You Blues
-The Light That Had Lighted the World
-Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
-Who Can See It
-That Is All (1)
-I'm The Greatest
-Photograph 1
-You're Sixteen
-Oh My My
-That's All (2)
-Photograph 2
-One Day (2)
Promotional tour, with Queen in the first part:
-Wembley Stadium (May 29, 1973)
-Goodison Park
-Princes Park
-Berlin Olympic Stadium
-Montreal Forum
-Colisée de Québec
-Madison Square Garden
-Nassau Coliseum
-Boston Garden
-Maple Leaf Gardens
-Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
-Tokyo National Olympic Stadium
-Nippon Budokan
Titles by Queen:
-Keep Yourself Alive
-Son and Daughter
-Jailhouse Rock
-Shake, Rattle and Roll

January 1974
John is facing a serious problem: John Travolta (1.88 meters) and Michael Biehn (1.83 meters) are taller than Patrick Swayze (1.78 meters) and Linda Hamilton (1.68 meters) more than Joan Lin (1.65 meters). John insists that Swayze and Lin each receive additional growth or Travolta, Biehn and Hamilton are removed parts of the skeletons. The first option is chosen.

February 1974
The University of Utah is committed to designing the opening credits with 3D graphics. This opening is designed by Frederic Parke, creator of a video representing faces created in 3D two years earlier, and generated by a Cray supercomputer prototype.

April 1974
Filming begins with scenes without Swayze or Lin.

August 1974
Swayze and Lin are ready for filming. They measure 1.88 meters and 1.7 meters respectively.

November 1974
The shoot ends in November for a $ 30 million budget provided by Hanna-Barbera and Universal Pictures. The actors themselves make the stunts, causing bone injuries, and the scenes on Lyoko are shot in the studio and in nature.

September 26 and October 4, 1974
Dark Horse
-Dark Horse
-Hari's on Tour (Express)
-So Sad
-Bye Bye, Love
-Ding Dong, Ding Dong
-Far East Man -With Ron Wood-
-Simply Shady ...
-... Real Slim Shady
- (It's All Down To) Goodnight Vienna
-Snookeroo -With Elton John-
-Call Me 1
-No No Song
-Only You (And You Alone)
-Easy For Me -With Harry Nilsson-
-Junior's Farm
-Going Down On Love
-Whatever Gets You Thru the Night -With Elton John-
-Old Dirt Road -With Harry Nilsson-
-Bless You
- # 9 Dream
-Call Me 2
- (It's All Down To) Goodnight Vienna (cover)
-Baker Street -Featuring Gerry Rafferty-
Promotional tour, Queen in the first part:
-Stade of Wembley (September 21, 1974)
-Goodison Park
-Parc des Princes (September 25, 1974)
-Forum of Montreal
-Colisée de Québec
-Ottawa Civic Center
-Exhibition Stadium
-Madison Square Garden
-Nassau Coliseum
-Kemper Arena
-Omni Coliseum
-Hartford Civic Center
-Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
-Candlestick Park
-Nippon Budokan
Titles of Queen:
-Seven Seas of Rhye
-Jailhouse Rock
-Keep Yourself Alive

After a quick editing of the sequences and an improvement of the actors' health, the film is released on August 30, 1975 in Montreal. The film wins $ 550 million at the North American box office and another 274 million at international, totaling more than $ 770 million !

February 17 and 21, 1975
Rock 'n' Roll
-Venus and Mars
-Call Me Back Again
-Rock Show
-Letting Go
-Listen to What the Man Said
-A Bit More of You
-This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying)
-You can not catch me
-Come Together (Live in Central Park)
-Sweet Little Sixteen
-And that's a Shame
-Do you wanna dance?
-Peggy Sue
-Since My Baby Left Me
-Venus and Mars (cover)
-Stand by Me
-Stand Up for Rock and Roll
Promotional tour, last with Queen in the first part:
-Wembley Empire Pool
-Empire Theatre
-Olympia of Paris
-Forum of Montreal
Titles of Queen:
-Now I'm Here
-Stone Cold Crazy
-Keep Yourself Alive
-Jailhouse Rock
-Seven Seas of Rhye
-Killer Queen

To be continued...


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