Code Lyoko without Lyoko (Restricted)


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Message par Frederic Martel » 04 Avr 2019, 04:08

Re: Code Lyoko without Lyoko (Restricted)

When Sissi insults Milly, Ulrich tolds her that's he got a plan. Later in afternoon, Ulrich and Jeremy take pictures of Sissi's body and navel in her underwear with a little hidden camera. Next day, the pictures appears both in Kadic's Echoes. Sissi saws the pictures and panics. Her father is very angry and wants to know who take pictures of his daughter's belly. Ulrich decides to tell the truth, but explains his motivation. Ulrich and Jeremy got 2 hours of detention, while Sissi gets 3 for insulting Milly.

To be continued...

Message par Frederic Martel » 30 Sep 2018, 00:51

Code Lyoko without Lyoko (Restricted)

Ulrich woke with a start in his bed in the middle of the night. He had just seen the supercomputer's airlock shut, but was it a dream? He was very mixed in his head. He turned his head and saw Odd sleeping, which relieved him a little. Then his doubts returned immediately after, when he saw the hairstyle of his friend: his hair was not in tip. They were the same as at their first meeting. But the samurai had tangled memories. He wondered if their long fight against XANA was just a dream of his imagination. Two years in one night, is it really possible? Does Aelita really exist? If so, was she a 22-year-old or a 12-year-old girl? Was Yumi real? William too? All he was sure of was that he had a father and a mother, but was no longer sure of their temper. Was he really a student of Kadic? Many questions haunted him for a few more minutes, then Ulrich calmed down and decided to check the next day.

Note : Odd will have his famous haircut after this night in history and for all the fanfiction.

Ulrich saw that his wardrobe only contained his 4th clothes. His anxiety increased. He got dressed and went to see the secretary, Mrs. Weber. He asked him if there was a pupil named Jeremy Belpois.
Ms. Weber: Of course. He's in your class, Mr Stern.
U: Thank you.
He hurried back to the dormitory and knocked at the door he was most convinced that matched Jeremy's room. We opened.
??? : Yes ? Well, you would not be in my class, you?
U: Jeremy ? Yes it's me. Ulrich!
J: Is your name Ulrich? And you know my name?
U: Of course ! But ... you do not remember me?
J: No. Finally Yes. I know you're in my class, but I do not really know.
At that moment, Ulrich was relaxed, but sad enough. This fierce fight against XANA's plans was indeed a most incredible dream.
J: Uh, are you ok? You look sad.
U: I need to talk to you.
J: Talk to me?
U: Yes, to you. Please.
J: Uh ... okay.
The young blonde lets him in. Ulrich sits on Jeremy's bed. A calendar displays "October 10, 1999". He (Ulrich) recognizes Albert Einstein's poster.
U: 1999?
J: What?
U: I thought we were in the 21st century.
J: So ... what do you want to talk to me about?
U: First, promise me to listen to me and not to interrupt until I tell you I'm done. OK ?
J: Uh ... OK. I would try.
The young samurai starts. He tells in detail his dream that he thought was the reality over two years in one night. He obviously mentioned the XANA monsters, attacks, etc. No detail escaped Ulrich. When he finished, Jeremy showed an impressed countenance.
J: I ... I do not know what to think of that. Honestly, I believe in your story. Or rather your dream.
U: Is there something I do not know or am wrong?
J: Well, a few. First of all, Aelita really exists and is called Schaeffer. She has just turned 11 years old. Her parents are still alive and she was born in the same years as the other 5th. It's also my girlfriend. As for Odd, he is really his cousin. He has just arrived in Kadic as an intern. Aeltia is internal too, although her parents live nearby. She will sleep at home at the end of the week. The house you described to me is real too and located where you said. In the park. Also, Milly Solioveff is her adopted sister.
U: Cool. But wait. We are in 5th?
J: Yeah. What did you think?
U: Bof. I thought I was in 4th.
J: As for me, my family is quite different from what you told me about. I do not have any cousins ​​with a cool look and their name is Patrick. I have two brothers and a sister, the eldest is biological, the second is adopted and the third is my twin, who are studying here. These are Mathias Burel, the one who wears swimming trunks at the pool, Emmanuel Maillard, the adoptive one, and Heidi Klinger, the blonde in purple bikini. But Mathias is rather my half-brother, to be precise. Her real father is Janne Laukannen, a professional hockey player in North America. Heidi is the only one who is neither half nor adopted, since we are twins, of course.
U: You amaze me.
J: And then, my mother and my grandmother work in Kadic too.
U: Oh good? Who is it, your mom? Ms. Weber, the secretary? It must be said that you are a little similar anyway.
J: But no. My mother is Yolanda.
U: The nurse ?? She's your mother?
J: Yes, yes. She had Mathias at 17 years old. So, she is 30 years old.
U: She is young!
J: My grandmother too. She is only 48 years old. By the way, it's Mrs. Hertz.
U: The science teacher ?!?
J: Yeah! But do not worry, she is not authoritarian and strict as in your dream. She is very kind and gentle to the students, especially me. And when I say grandmother, it's my mother's mother. The nurse's mom, da ?
U: Too nice. But to return to Odd and Aelita, what is their relationship?
J: In fact, Odd's mother is the older sister of Aelita's mother, by 2 years older, the same age as my mother. In addition, the Schaeffers likes me a lot.
U: Really?
J: No, they want my head on their desk and my guts in pig food. Of course they love me! My mother and Aelita's mother are even best friends since childhood.
U: Phew! You were going to scare me with this headache story on their desk and all that stuff.
J: For Odd, there is a detail that comes back to me. It's not really a boy. He has been transgender since he was 9 years old.
U: What ?? That's why he had a very high voice.
J: Basically, she regularly stares at girls with love and often dresses like a boy to what I remember, in Aelita's words. At age 8, a psychologist diagnosed her as a lesbian. To avoid being persecuted, her parents asked her if she wanted to change sex and she said yes. Now, it's a boy.
U: I see.
J: To come back to Aelita, we were pretty close together since the 6th, when we became real classmates. In fact, we were both at the same primary school but in different classes. Since we arrived in Kadic, we had often teamed up for robot creation competitions. I was already in love with her. Our romance began two or three months ago when the week ended. I was walking in the park when I heard cries of distress. I followed them and I saw Aelita being intimidated by Sissi, Nicolas and Herb.
U: They are already her henchmen ?
J: Yes, but let me finish. While Herb ransacked her equipment and Nicolas stood still laughing like an idiot, Sissi insulted and intimidated her. It made her sob. I could not stand there doing nothing. So I advanced and took the effects of Aelita from the hands of Herb who strangely escaped by panicking. Nicolas has decided to leave as well, claiming he sees no reason to hurt Aelita. Sissi had insulted me and made threats, but I was not afraid. Not to defend Aelita. In addition, Jim was nearby and heard Sissi's words to me and sent her to the headmaster, who is his father, of course. Aelita thanked me for defending her and kissing me on the cheek. So I gave her a very soft hug, then she told me her love for me. I told her my mutual feelings and we kissed each other on the lips. I offered to take her home and she agreed.
U: Her parents were made aware?
J: Yes, they were even outside, on the balcony. Aelita fattened her parents and told them what had happened. Her mother thanked me so much, while her father gave me his eternal gratitude. Since then, I and Aelita are dating.
U: By the way, does Odd have a girlfriend?
J: No, but he told me he really wants to.
U: To have a girlfriend?
J: Of course. Da.
U : Sorry, but he could want to something else.
J : OK.
U: By the way, does Yumi exist?
J: The Japanese? I don't know about it ... Oh yes, wait! Yes, it's up to me. Mathias told me about her. He told me that almost every boy in the class was staring at her almost every day. Except him, he already has a girlfriend, Émilie Leduc.
U: Yeah ... But thanks for the information ... and for believing me.
J: Who told you that I believed you?
U: Uh ...
J: I'm joking you, Ulrich. I confirmed it to you a little earlier.
U: Phew. Thanks again.
J: There's nothing, Ulrich.
U: By the way, do we have classes today?
J: Uh ... no. It's Saturday.
U: OK. Thank you.
J: You're welcome again.
With that, Ulrich goes back to Yumi to find out if they met well in the course of penchak-silat.

Ulrich sees with luck Yumi alone under the arcades. He runs towards her and starts the conversation.
U: Yumi?
Y turning: Yes? Oh hi. Is it you against whom I fought last night in penchak-silat?
U: Yes. If I had my black camisole and my blue-black pants.
Y: So, it's you. You want revenge?
U in his head: So, my dream started at the vending machine.
U: Uh ... yes. But just friends. Moreover, if I win, we will only be tied.
Y: That's right. So, when will the revenge?
U: In 30 minutes, it's good ?
Y: OK.
U: Cool. See you.
Y: Yeah, see you later.
Y in his head: He is still so beautiful.

The fight is in full swing. After some prowess, Ulrich emerged victorious.
U to Yumi: By the way, did I tell you my name?
Y: No You left offended.
U: Well, my name is Ulrich Stern.
Y: Nice to meet you, Ulrich.
U: Me too.
Y: I find you very beautiful.
U: Thank you. You are very pretty as well. We see your little belly button. Without wanting to offend you.
Y: Thank you. It's nothing, I like your comment. Showing off my navel is very nice. My mother does it too. Especially she and I are bathing in a bikini.
U: Wow! Your mother must be super nice!
Y: Yes, she is! We hang out a lot together at the pool, the beach and the amusement park. She has a navel piercing since the same age as me. She promised me that I will have one before the end of college.
U: It's nice!
Y: Do you want to flatter my belly?
U: Can I?
Y: Absolutely. You are very nice and you deserve it.
U: Thank you.
Y: No Thanks to you.
Ulrich smiles and tenderly puts his right hand on the pale abs of the young geisha. The latter even pulls his sweater to please his friend.
U: It's very silky.
Y: Thank you. My mom applies me moisturizer every night on my belly. She also lets me touch her belly anytime. She has abs.
U: Great! You are very lucky, Yumi!
Y: Thank you. Otherwise, we are now tied. When was the third round?
U: Tonight?
Y: Wait, there. Two fights in a day, it's still exhilarating.
U: Yeah, you're right. Tomorrow at noon ?
Y: Okay.
They hug and leave on their side.
Y in his head: Would it be the man of my life that I just met?

Jeremy told Ulrich's dream to Aelita, who was not wearing overalls or a little dress, but a magenta pink t-shirt and brown jeans with a blue belt and neon green shoes.
A: Wow! It's fantastic. On the other hand, I think that the end of his story is a bit of a target. Me who finds himself orphaned.
J caresses her abs : Not a story, a dream. And your parents are not ready to die, I'm sure.
A: Thank you, Jeremy.
The couple of genies kiss on the lips.
Anthea (Aelita's mother): Here. Hi Jeremy. Do you have something planned today?
J: It depends. Why ?
Anthea: What would you say to having dinner with us?
J: Okay. I just have to go see Mum.
Anthéa: All right. It will be ready at 17:00.
J: OK. I will be back for 16:00.
Anthea: It's perfect. See you later.
J: Tonight, ma'am. (To Aelita) Tonight, sweetie.
A: I love you, Jeremy.
They kiss on the lips. Jeremy returns to college while Anthea comes to caress the little pink head and the belly of her lovely daughter.
Anthea: What would you say to put yourself pretty for tonight?
A: Show the navel?
Anthéa flatters her abs: Show the navel.
A rubs her belly: Okay, but provided you show yours too.
Anthéa: No problem. Let's get ready as girls.
They went up hand in hand.

Jeremy knock at the infirmary. His mother Yolanda let him in and locked the door. The room had two pairs of bunk beds, a very recent computer, an ultrasound system, and so on. Mathias was already in his underwear and was waiting patiently for Jeremy to be in his underwear.
Yolande: Boys, I'd like to do an abdominal ultrasound to check your organs.
Mathias: Are you saying that because of my abdominal cramps?
Yolande flatters his chest: Yes, among others.
J: And because of my irritated colon ?
Yolande: Also.
Mathias: So, why do we have to show our legs?
Yolande: Because I am your mother.
J: Huh?
Yolande: Actually, I also want to check your weight on the scale. Mathias, it's you first.
The young man lies down on the bed and gets his stomach examined. Muscular atrophy was detected.
Yolande sad: I do not like my offspring to suffer abdominal pain.
Mathias: Is it treatable, at least?
Yolande: Of course, but you have to make several complete injections in your belly.
Mathias: Stings ??
Yolande: Yes.
Past injections, Jeremy is now under ultrasound.
Yolande: Your intestines are better, it seems.
J: The drugs worked visibly.
Yolande: Yes, you may have r ... (Inspires shocked)
The young mother drops the probe and squeezes Jeremy into her arms, sobbing.
J: Mom? What's wrong ?
Yolanda is struggling to regain his senses, but still speaks.
Yolanda beating in tears: You ... have ... l ... the ... sniff ... sniff ... the dia ... b ... betes ... (Sobs)
J: Diabetes?
Yolanda nods approvingly.
J scared : I'm going to die ??
Mathias: But no, little brother. You have to inject insulin into your abdomen and everything will be fine.
Yolanda is drying her tears.
Yolanda : Check your blood sugar first.
J: On the finger or somewhere else?
Yolanda : Let's try the belly.
J: OK. By the way, where are Emmanuel and Heidi?
Yolanda : Emmanuel is at the pool, Heidi is resting.
The young woman pushes a disinfected sewing needle under the navel of Jeremy. She takes blood and checks his blood sugar.
Yolanda : 5.2. I inject you at least a small amount for the rest of the day.
J: Okay.
She plants the syringe right next to the first hole under the belly button and injects the insulin. Two round band-aids are placed on the holes in question.
Mathias: Now, weight gain. I begin.
Mathias weighs 50 kg. Jeremy weighs 30 kg.
Yolande massaging the belly of Jeremy: You have to eat more than that at meals.
J: Exactly, speaking of meals, Anthea invited me to her place for dinner. Can I go?
Yolande: But of course. Me and Mathias will find something to occupy us.
J putting on his pants: Okay. Me, I have to go. Good night.
Mathias: Good evening, little brother.
Yolande: See you later, my darling.
J embarrassed: Mom! Please !
Mathias: I will not have laughed at you, bro. I hate to insult or hurt you.
Jeremy smiles. He had exactly the kind of brother everyone would like to have in his family.
J: In any case, bye.
Yolande and Mathias: Bye Jeremiah.
Jeremy puts his sweater out. Mother and son are thinking about what they will do.
Mathias: Can we go swimming with Emmanuel?
Yolande putting his hand on the chest of Mathias: It's a great idea. But first, softening cream.
Mathias: Yes, I love it.
The cream is spread on the soft belly of Mathias on which Yolande makes her hands dance.

Ulrich returns to his room and finds Odd in underwear. His belly was covered with a good inch of fat, which offended him. There was also a tribal tattoo above his navel that was pierced with a yellow-purple barbell.
U: Hi Odd.
O: Oh hello.
U rubs Odd's navel: I think, you know. I would love to be your friend.
O: Really? Yet, you pushed me back yesterday.
U: I know, I'm sorry. I had a hyper realistic dream that night that seemed to have lasted 2 years.
O donning shorts: huh? What have you dreamed of?
U: That me, you, Jeremy, Aelita and a Japanese girl who makes me crack up were fighting an evil multi-agent program called XANA that wanted to dominate the Earth.
O: How come you know Jeremy and Aelita ??
U: Because of the dream, precisely. However, Aélita was locked in a supercomputer for 10 years and appeared to be first a super-developed AI.
O: Wow. It's amazing.
Ulrich continues to tell him the dream as he did with Jeremy in the morning. Odd can not help but believe it.
O: Wow! I was a sexy cat!
U grabs Odd's bead: Exaggerate not. I said you were a cat-man in a tight suit.
O: Yes, but the tight suits make it sexy. It's known.
U: Yeah ... not necessarily.
O: By the way, is your Japanese chick, is she reserved by someone?
U: No touch or I tell everyone that you were a girl before!
O: I do not care. Everyone already knows it. It did not even push the girls away. But how did you know it, exactly?
U: Your "cousin-in-law" told me so.
O: Cousin-in-law ? (Understands) Eh Oh! You're exaggerating! Jeremy and Aelita are only 11 years old. I respect their love anyway.
U: In any case, do not touch Yumi.
O: Yumi? It's a nice name, that.
U: ODD !
O: I'm kidding, let's see. I target the 5th. Your Yumi, I leave her to you, big jealous.
This nickname warms the heart of Ulrich who feels more and more close to the universe of his dream, without Lyoko.

Note: In this fan fiction, the abandoned factory exists, but not the lab, the scanners, or the supercomputer. The story centers on a kind of real reality.

Aelita and her mother were in underwear. The door was heard.
Waldo (Aelita's father): It's me, the girls! I'm home!
Anthea speaks loudly: Hi, my love! I'm in Aelita's room but can not come back! We change for dinner!
Waldo: Okay!
Aélita wore a dark pink bra and a blue boxer. Anthea had a bra of the same color but was wearing a green-yellow slip. Her belly was a inch fat and tattooed twice. First time on the tribal side, second time on the lower abdomen showing a bird per hip holding a banner on which is written "Aelita & Milly". Her navel was pierced with a pink barbell.
Anthea: So what will please Jeremy ?
A: Well, all the girls have already shown their belly button each, but not me. It makes me feel uncomfortable.
Anthea caressing her daughter's belly : I said that I will show mine too and I will keep my promise. You do not have to be embarrassed, sweetie. (Kisses her on the forehead.)
A: I know, but it will be the first time.
Anthéa: We'll start with a tank top, it'll help you already.
A: OK. Thanks Mom.
The girl with pink hair puts on her magenta tank top and puts on her brown jeans and her Quebec-like blue belt. Anthéa puts on a sky blue crop top and a dark green skirt.

Mathias and Emmanuel watched their mother swimming.
Mathias: Is it normal that she is sexy?
Emmanuel: Uh ... I don't not. She must hold that of grandma. Her body is pretty, too. For an elderly woman.
Yolande pulls her head out of the water. She was wearing a brown bikini. Her belly was tattooed with a purple umbilical tribal circle, representing Heidi, and three hearts on his epigastric umbilical, each representing his sons. Her navel was pierced with an green-orange barbell.
Yolande: I hear you, boys. But I like what you say. We are proud, your grandmother and I, to be madly sexy while having children.
Emmanuel: I would have liked to be your real son, m'man. My belly is very much in the family.
Mathias: By the way, how old were you adopted, already?
Emmanuel: From birth. The doctors told me that my real parents died around the time of my delivery. My real father committed suicide while I was a fetus and my real mother died in bed.
Yolande comes out of the pool: No, not exactly. I was your surrogate because your parents were ... uh ...
Emmanuel: What?
Yolande does not lie: A couple of serial killers ... I invent nothing at all ...
Emmanuel frozen and stumbling: Con ... continue ....
Yolande wiping herself: Your mother became pregnant, but the law wanted to prevent you from following in their footsteps. Then, some doctors took you out of your genitals and I was voluntary so that my stomach would welcome you. (Knots her towel on her hips)
Emmanuel having quickly calmed down: Thank you for giving me life ... mom.
Yolande puts her hand on the belly of the young man and kisses her on the cheek.
Yolande: I love you, son.
Emmanuel scratches his mother's navel : And your belly always succeeds in remaining pretty.
Yolande: Sexy, you mean.
Mathias: Our family is really cool. We are free to show the belly when we want. Except in class.
Emilie and Priscilla arrive in bikinis.
Yolande: Hi girls.
E and P: Hi, Yolie.
Émilie: Matie, my love!
Priscilla: Manu, my heart!
They kiss the lips of their respective lovers.
Mathias: Do you know that your glasses are pretty?
Émilie: Yes.
Priscilla: Manu. How do you find me?
Emmanuel: Sexy.
Yolande: Come on, sexy young people. We are taking a shower !
All: Yeah!
They all dive into the pool simultaneously.

In the meantime, Jeremy and the Schaeffers eat ground beef with mashed potatoes and slices of steamed carrots. Milly Solioveff had returned from her friend Tamiya Knight-Diop, with whom she had spent the weekend, and Samantha Knight-Diop, the older sister of the latter.
Waldo: ... Otherwise we could go to New York next summer. We would visit the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center.
Anthea: It's an interesting idea.
A: Yeah. (To Milly) So, Milly. How do you find Tamiya's sister?
Milly: Very nice. She always lets us flatter and / or color her belly. She loves Tamiya as you love me. That is to say very much.
Aelita chuckles.
J: It's nice to love your little sister. Even if Milly is only adopted.
A: I know, but I consider her to be more than that.
Anthea: We hear you, sweetie. But you say very beautiful things right now.
Waldo: Jeremy is right. Besides, you never argue with her.
A rubs Milly's hip: I do not want to hurt her. That's all.
Milly puts her hand on A's: And I have nothing against her. She is so nice, we can not hate her. (Move A's hand toward her belly button.)
J annoyed by a memory: Except Sissi.
Anthea: Yeah. She is so a bitch as we should ruin her sexy body. But who isn't it as much as Aelita.
The pink-haired girl's eyes widen, withdraws her hand from Milly's belly and blushes hard.
Anthea laughing: It was a compliment, my dear.
Milly massages her abs: She just says you're very pretty, big sister.
Aelita smiles and kisses Milly on the forehead, which makes her parents smile and Jeremy embracing her.
J put his hands on the belly of A: What would you do without you, my rose?
A: I do not know. I love you too much to make this kind of idea.
They kiss on the lips.

Ulrich sees Odd in the refectory.
U: Hi Odd.
O: Hi.
U: Say. I would like to reunite the band as in my dream ...
O: Huh? But what if Jeremy and Aelita refuse?
U: I know, but you are the only people I want to be friends with in this school.
O: By the way, did you know it was an abdominal high school?
U: What?
O: My parents told me that abdominal exhibition and non-modesty are very popular in Kadic, both in public and in private. Do you imagine the girls' bodies?
U: Mmh ...

During the night...
Aelita woke up screaming with terror, waking Milly. She had just had a nightmare. Anthea rushed to her room to see if her daughter was fine.
Anthea puts her hands on her daughter's head and belly: Aelita, how are you? Is it you who shouted?
Milly: Aelita?
The pink-haired girl did not answer and snuggled into her mother's arms crying.
Anthea: You had a nightmare, right?
Yes indeed. Sniff ...
Anthea: Oh Aelita. Everything is fine now. Come on, it's over, darling.
Milly: We're here for you, love sister.
A: I love you, mom. I do not want you to leave.
Anthea: Why do you say that? I'm 28.
A back on the back: It's that ... I dreamed that ... you were eaten raw by wolves and ... under my eyes ... (Weeping hot)
Milly: Wolves who eat mom?!?
Anthea leaves her hand on her belly: Do not be afraid, Milly. (To A) Aelita, it was only a bad dream. I can promise you that I am not ready to die and that I will love you for life.
A drying her tears: Thanks, mom.
Milly: What about me? I do not like me?
A burst of general laughter.
Anthea kissed Aelita on the forehead and then caressed her cheek.
Anthéa: Do you need a massage?
A : Yes. On the stomach, please.
Anthea: Okay, sweetie.
Aelita stretches and lets her mother massage her abdomen. The massage lasts 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Milly takes the time to go back to sleep without thinking too much about Aelita's dream.
Anthéa caresses the navel of A: Try to forget these wolves, my little rose.
A smiling at the nickname: Okay. Thanks again, mom.
She kisses her forehead again and goes back to bed. Aelita goes to sleep in peace.
Milly waking up: Aelita.
A : Yes ?
Milly: I love you too. Very strong.
To me too. With all my heart.
The two sisters go back to sleep.

The next day, noon ...
Ulrich is waiting for Yumi at the gym for the third round. She arrives 5 minutes after him.
U: Ready?
Y: Ready.
U: Then. In one, in two, in THREE!
The duo is linked with passion. Each fighter sends and dodges repeatedly. Ulrich wins in the end.
U: Won.
Y: Bravo.
The young samurai remembers the moment of his dream where the energy ball interrupted their fight. It is this unforeseen that could have forged their relationship. But this time, nothing. Ulrich decides to declare himself.
U: Yumi. I dreamed of you.
Y: Huh? What do you mean ?
U: The night after our confrontation, I had a dream that seemed very real to me.
He continues to describe his dream honestly. The girl is moved by the scenario of the dream. When Ulrich finishes speaking, Yumi declares herself to him.
Y: Ulrich. During our first confrontation, you seduced me by your beauty and exceptional agility. And your dream is so incredible that I believe it. Destiny seems to have decided that we are in love, you and me. But the part "Friends and that's all" of your dream does not suit me. I want us to be more than friends.
U: So, what do you think I think?
Y: And you?
The two pesilats smile at each other. They then exchange a first kiss of love.
Y: I love you, Ulrich.
U: Me too, more than my being.
Ulrich takes off his shirt and gently takes Yumi's hand.
U: Do you want to flatter my belly to me?
Y: Because you flattered my belly?
U: Yes.
Y: I will be delighted.
She puts her fingers on the samurai's abs and shudders. Her new lover is very sexy.
U: So?
Y: I love your belly. It's the most beautiful in the world. No ! Of the universe ! In fact, no word can compliment it enough !!!
U: Thank you, my dear. Relax, just love my belly.
Y: I have an idea. Do you want to go to the pool? I would like to show you my physics. I have a bikini, remember?
U: Yes. And I agree to go swimming with you, Yumi.
Y: Oh, thank you. You're so nice to let me dress in a bikini for you. (Kisses him on the lips.)
U laughs: Say, you're more emotional about sensuality, you.
Y: Yes, indeed.
They kiss and leave the gym together, determined to stay in love forever.

Ulrich and Yumi are at the pool. While the samurai is already in short, Yumi leaves the locker room, the towel around the body, to surprise her lover.
Y: I'm ready, Ulrich.
U: OK. But what is the towel for?
Y: I'm going to take it off. Be careful ... are you ready?
U: I'm ready.
Y let go of the towel: VOILÀ!
Yumi wears a lovely black bikini with the same shape as Sissi's. Her belly is very beautiful: pale, silky, tender, muscular. We see a vertical line from the navel to the sternum, which distinguishes her abs.
U: Wow! Yumi ... you are very beautiful ...
Y: Thanks, Ulrich. You are very beautiful, too.
U: Thank you. Uh ... I would flatter your abdomen.
Y: Sure. You have the full right. I'm your girlfriend now.
U: Thank you.
Y: Thanks to you too.
Ulrich tenderly puts both hands on Yumi's abs. The couple shivers with joy. Yumi smiles as she calms down.
Y: My mother gave me this bikini for my 13th birthday.
U: Have you been wearing it for a year, then?
Y: Uh, no. This is the age I will have in 1 month. I just had it.
U: Oh, that's right. You're in 4th, I'm in 5th ... wait? Are you 12 years old ??
Y: Yeah.
U: I thought you were already 13 years old.
Y: Oh.
U: Sorry.
Y: It does not matter.
She caresses his abs.
U: Ooh. My turn ?
Y: Yes. But you can continue to flatter mine.
U: Owl. Thank you.
He kisses her on the lips.
Y: Thank you for touching my belly. It's a very nice feeling.
They sneer and kiss each other again. Suddenly, the two pesilats are covered each other's eyes by hands.
U and Y: Hey!
? and? : SURPRISE !!!
U: Mom?!?
These are Lilian, Ulrich's mother, and Akiko, Yumi's mother. The two young women each wear a bikini, military and sky blue respectively.
Y: Yeah !!! Mom !
The girl is huddled in her mother's arms. Ulrich is surprised that Lilian have her navel pierced.
Lilian to U : You're older than Yumi and I'm a tattoo artist.
Ulrich sobs following the kisses that Lilian gave him on the lips and navel. She massages his stomach to console him.

At noon tomorrow ...
U: You'll see, Jeremy and Aelita are going to be good friends for you, I'm sure.
Y: I hope.
O: Hi Ulrich.
U: Hi Odd. This is Yumi, the beautiful girl I told you about.
Yumi blushes: Nice to meet you, Odd.
O: Huh? But I was expecting an Asian accent and a prettier face.
Y upset: Huh?
U pissed: Odd, be nice!
O: I was joking. Nice to meet you, Yumi. It's just that I'm more looking for someone from my year.
Y: Mmm.
Jeremy and Aelita arrive.
J: Hi Ulrich.
U: Hi Jeremy. Hi Aelita.
A: Hi Ulrich.
U: This is Yumi, my girlfriend.
Yumi blushed again: Nice to meet you. Is it you, Aelita? You are really pretty.
Aelita chuckles.
U: Come on, sit down. I have something to say.
All sit at the table.
U: So ... my dream ... I was very sad when I woke up. XANA may not exist, but we were not friends before my dream.
Y: We are, now. Well I think.
O: He wants us to be a band as in his dream.
J and A: Mmh?
U: Finally, you will be my only true friends in my eyes. I just want to make sure ... well ... we all love each other ...
Y: I'm with you, Ulrich. I did not have any friends either before our meeting. And I want to stay with you forever.
U: Thank you, Yumi. (To others.) And you? What do you think ?
Jeremy, Odd and Aelita reflect and then answer Ulrich.
J: Nobody is interested in me in the class, except Aelita .. But with you, it's sure to change.
A: Apart from Jeremy, my only friends were the girlfriends of his brothers. I'm up.
O: Me, I've already been for a few days.
Ulrich smiles, pours a tear of joy and gets up.
U: Come on, we hug.
The band comes to make a collective hug to their leader.
U: So, friends?
Y, J, A and O: Forever.
Y: And forever.
Ulrich kisses her on the cheek.
U: I love you, Yumi.
Y: Me too.
They kiss on the lips.

At the end of the day, Ulrich escorts Yumi home.
U: So how do you find them?
Y: Aelita is really cute and sweet. I understand that in your dream, I consider her as my little sister.
U: Yeah. She seems very sensitive.
Y: It's here. Thank you for bringing me back, Ulrich.
The young couple exchanged a kiss on the lips.
Y: By the way, I have something to say to you.
U: Yes?
Y: You know, the boy you told me about in your dream? William?
U: Yes, what?
Y: It exists for real. He was my childhood friend.
U: Oh good?
Y: Yes, but do not be worried. I saw him for the last time at age 11, but he did not seduce me at all. Even as he tried to flirt with me, I kept pushing him away. Now he is in another college.
U: Phew So it's me you like or ...?
Y: You and only you. I would never love anyone else more than you.
U: I would be ready to die for you.
They kiss one last time before returning to their side.
U: Good night, Yumi.
Y: Good night, Ulrich.
Akiko: Ulrich. You can stay with Yumi, you know? You are invited to dine with us.
U: Wow! Thank you, Akiko.
Y: Yes, thank you mom !
Akiko: It makes me happy. Your love is important to me.
Ulrich and Yumi both receive an abdominal ultrasound from Akiko. The young mother holds both probes simultaneously. The gel softens their sexy bellies.

Yolande and her daughter Heidi are in the room of the second who is wearing her new purple bikini.
Yolande: You're very beautiful, Heidi.
Heidi: Thank you, mom. You too.
Yolande flatters her abs: Your tummy is too pretty. (Kisses her Young navel) Sexy to death.
Heidi: Thank you very much.
She embraces her.

To be continued...


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