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Message par Snape » 18 Mai 2008, 06:54

I like him too. However, sometimes I wonder if he is not a plain old fraud, or a joker (maybe he is here in the series as comic relief, or as as balance of good vs. evil).

It is always funny how he always tries to impress his students and his colleagues, but often manages to get a sprained ankle, a bad back... etc.

NB: His art of evading from a subject often rather amuses me more than anything (esp. when he says "I'd rather not talk about that" = "je préfère pas en parler")

Message par tyciol » 06 Mai 2008, 02:54

Jim is awesome, Jim has got to be the mascot of Lyoko, even moreso than the dog, because he's JIM.

He seems to me like the quiet soft type. I think he's mean at types because he feels like a big lug who doesn't fit in or something, but I think he cares about the students.

Message par Mymye » 26 Oct 2007, 04:33

You MUST see this video! Jim look very cool in this one!!!

Jim make a man out of you

Message par Mymye » 01 Sep 2007, 07:37

Yay! I'm not the only one who like Jim!!! He's so strong, courageous and funny! And my father like him too!

Message par kagetsu » 24 Aoû 2007, 05:40

Jim is a cool character. I like that he has so much knowledge of the world, but it isn't quite how he relates it . He has his simple times but is overall understanding and capable. I dislike when an episode makes him too much an idiot.

Message par Mymye » 23 Aoû 2007, 15:40

Well, Jim is my favorite character, yes! I wish that we will know more about him in the future. He was too important in the last episode of the first season for just forget him.

Go Jim! I'm your number 1 fan-girl!!! Go Jim!

Message par Chauve-Souris » 07 Déc 2005, 14:46

Jim: "...when I was a volunteer research subject for the space exploration program...."
Episode#45: "COLD WAR"
The latest edition of Jim's resumé (additions and corrections welcome):
Sewer worker
Army (ep.39)
Volunteer research subject for the space exploration program (ep.45)
Salvage diver (ep.46)
Psychiatric hospital worker (ep.47)
Kadic faculty (20 years) Image

Message par Chauve-Souris » 06 Déc 2005, 09:28

Crikey, Jim is extremely strong:
Note that he is holding two healthy collège kids clear off the ground, and even walks with them held that way.
Both: Episode#39: "A BAD TURN"

Message par Chauve-Souris » 01 Déc 2005, 04:19

garooob a écrit:Jim's resume:
Current: Kadic Jr. High gym teacher
Former: sewer worker, army

In the interest of getting a formal list established, here's the full resumé as I know it (additions and corrections welcome):
Sewer worker
Salvage diver
Psychiatric hospital worker
Army (ep.39)
Kadic faculty (20 years)
Image (But I really don't want to talk about them....)

Message par exo » 06 Nov 2005, 01:37

I noticed it too.

Message par garooob » 04 Nov 2005, 08:11

In Holiday in the Fog, did Jim say he's worked at Kadic for 20 years?

Message par garooob » 30 Oct 2005, 06:18

Jim's resume:
Current: Kadic Jr. High gym teacher
Former: sewer worker, army

(Shoot, this was going to be a good post, but I forgot what other jobs he had.)

Message par Chauve-Souris » 14 Oct 2005, 13:06

Mr. Tree, this is Jim....Jim, Mr. Tree....
Episode#41: "ULTIMATUM"

Message par garooob » 18 Sep 2005, 00:39

Worked in the sewers, huh? That could be any number of jobs.

Message par manson » 18 Sep 2005, 00:18

these spider monsters are called " kankrelats "
and i agree with garooob , it was a nail gun ( a magic one with infinite ammo :lol: ) but it looked a bit powerfull !

maybe it is the reality , i never stole a nailgun in order to shut an ennemy . ( but in some video games like manhunt , we can use a nailgun and it looks to be very very harmfull )

apparently , Jim worked in the sewers before being teacher :? ... ( like teenage mutant ninja turtles ^^ ) maybe i didn't understand but i think he said that in the second season .

Message par exo » 17 Sep 2005, 20:11

A nail gun? Thought so, and I'll trust you on it. It just didn't look like it was shooting anything when he was destroying the spider thingies. What are those spider monsters called, blocks?

Message par garooob » 17 Sep 2005, 19:21

It was a nail gun. Maybe it ran out of nails?

Message par exo » 17 Sep 2005, 15:38

Well if it was a laser gun then it wouldn't just be lying there. Jim must have found it in that room with the conveyor belt, but then why would he abandon it? And it didn't even look like it was shooting anything when Jim was using it.

Message par Chauve-Souris » 17 Sep 2005, 05:22

I don't remember where they got it in the first place. It certainly wasn't a firearm though -- some kinda laser, I assumed. It must have had one heck of a battery, because I kept worrying about it running down, but it never did.
Dang! Now I am going to have to go back and take another look at it. That's okay though, because I need to limber up my DVD for the big recording session Monday afternoon, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, etc., etc. Yay!! :hecate:

Message par exo » 17 Sep 2005, 03:12

What was that gun thing Jimbo was using in False Start? When Odd used it it looked like a laser gun, but I thought that'd be strange just lying on the floor, even in a high-tech factory. I was guessing Jim was using a staple gun, but then it didn't look like it. Anyone know what the heck it was?

Message par garooob » 16 Sep 2005, 04:36

Probably because he's not that popular, as evidenced by CS' post. Now that you bring it up, yeah, why aren't upperclassmen RAs?

Message par Chauve-Souris » 16 Sep 2005, 02:58

Kiwi and I don't like the bum. He's just a big bully -- even when he was "helping" fight XANA at the end of Season.1, he was still just being a big bully.
Furthermore, he should not be allowed to prowl in the dormitories. Those places are supposed to be policed by upperclassmen, not by scroungy old guys.
Phooey on Jim(bo)! :NRV:

Message par exo » 16 Sep 2005, 00:34


Why has no one made a topic about Jim yet?


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