Good News, Bad News


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Message par valentind48 » 13 Nov 2019, 11:06


Cobra johnson a écrit:Yes a lot of beautiful girl here... but ^^ YUNA is Mine !! xD !!

No, it's a joke ^^"

>> Miaame And Garooob congratulation Garde Meubles Lyon. When you'll invit us for the D-Day ?!!^^"

Scopa 8)

Good or bad news, it depends on how we perceive things.

Message par garooob » 27 Sep 2006, 04:55

Good news: I get to be with miaame!
Bad news: I have to quit my job to do it.

Message par garooob » 30 Aoû 2006, 03:13

bad news: 6 fillings!
good news: The drilling is done...

Message par garooob » 13 Juin 2006, 05:07

Good news! CZE 3 - 0 USA
Bad news. USA 0 - 3 CZE

Message par KageSama » 12 Juin 2006, 02:36

Good news: My story, "Echoes of Coventry" is the fifth-best selling book at in the Science Fiction category.

Bad news: I have absolutely no idea what that translates to sales. For all I know it might equal seven sales. . . .

Message par garooob » 09 Juin 2006, 20:42

Good news: I got a day off of work!
Bad news: It was because I came this [---] (not to scale) close to passing out after they drew blood at the doctor's office. That sucked!

Message par miaame » 06 Juin 2006, 05:51

Happy anniversary! ^_^

Good news: I got paid for 4 hours of work
Bad news: I sliced open my hand in 3 different places with a box cutter.

Message par KageSama » 04 Juin 2006, 22:44

Thank you Hika-chan.

But that wasn't my 15th birthday. <g>

That was my 15th Wedding anniversary. :D

By the way, I love that drawing in your signature. Did you do it?

Message par Hika-Chan » 04 Juin 2006, 13:45

Hoooo... ^^
Happy Birthday KageSama (too late XD)

Message par KageSama » 04 Juin 2006, 07:54

Good news: I celebrated my 15th Anniversary on 01 June.

Bad news: I'm not as far along with my rewrites on <i>Harbinger of Darkness</i> as I would like to be.

Message par miaame » 04 Juin 2006, 06:19

Good news: I'm not at work right now
Bad news: I work every day this week and next week, too!

Message par garooob » 04 Juin 2006, 00:04

Good news: I got to work 4 hours of overtime!
Bad news: It's reeeeeeeeally hot outside and I have to get the car washed.

Message par Chauve-Souris » 23 Mai 2006, 06:16

garooob a écrit:Bad news: It was so windy at lunch, that my sandwich tasted like dirt. (Dust storm)

Good News #1: Lord of Shadows! Très cool!
Good News #2: I finished building a new .38acp pistol a few days ago.
Bad news: It's been too windy to go out and test it!Image

Message par garooob » 23 Mai 2006, 05:57

Good news: It was cool enough to ride my bike today!
Bad news: It was so windy at lunch, that my sandwich tasted like dirt. (Dust storm)

Message par KageSama » 23 Mai 2006, 00:41

It means "Lord of Shadows"

Good news: I've found a cool forum to discuss one of my favorite cartoons.

Bad news: I've found something to distract me from getting any writing done. :shock:

Message par Chauve-Souris » 22 Mai 2006, 06:50

KageSama a écrit:Hard to say....

Good News: We seem to have a "new guy" in the forum. You are most welcome, KageSama! You are obviously able to contribute a lot to our profound discussions, too.
Bad News: I don't have the smarts to know what the derivation of your pseudo-name is. Wottsit mean, eh?

Message par Chauve-Souris » 21 Mai 2006, 05:05

Olivier a écrit:...I'm still here and reading, C-S, don't worry ;)

Good News: He's aliiiiiive!Image

Message par Pete » 18 Mai 2006, 14:23

Good news : I'm an oracular guy, according to Chauve-Souris. It's nice :oops:

Chauve-Souris > I guess Olivier will come back on the next week-end; or this evening for the riddle ;)

Message par garooob » 18 Mai 2006, 08:03

Bad news: I miss Code Lyoko.
Good news: I have the DVDs!

Message par Chauve-Souris » 17 Mai 2006, 07:18

Bad News: I haven't seen the oracular Olivier around here for a long time now.ImageWhere is that utterly cool guy?
Good News: We still have the equally-oracular Pete, anyway....Image

Message par garooob » 12 Mai 2006, 03:22

I guess that is bad news, huh?
Good(?) news - It doesn't affect me, because I haven't been able to watch it since it moved to 4 anyway.

Message par aelita_lyoko129 » 11 Mai 2006, 23:42

:cry: :cry: :cry: CODE LYOKO IS :cry: :cry: :cry: OFF AIR!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: [/quote]

Message par garooob » 07 Mai 2006, 03:00

Good news: I beat Final Fantasy X-2!
Bad news: I'll probably play Kingdom Hearts next and I don't know how I feel about Disney characters in my RPGs...

Message par garooob » 05 Mai 2006, 06:01

Good news: I got off work an hour early today!
Bad news: I had to go in to work an hour early...

Sorry about your puppy, Hika...
Pixelizer - That IS good news, but the bad news is, I work until 6pm!

Message par Pixelizer » 04 Mai 2006, 22:21

Good News: Today, False Start has aired, meaning the 2nd Season starts again.
Bad News: Less of return to the past, meaning less continuity fun, AND less of the Lyoko Team defying the others. And, If they had used the RTTP function more, the series would progress quite quickly in production, don't you think?


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