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Message par kagetsu » 29 Nov 2006, 07:21

No one seems to know for sure

At the moment it seems to be on hold. I've heard they still have some unshown episodes that will likely be seen sooner or later. But the main consensus is that it's likely to be dropped. But that's just random talk, doesn't seem many people liked it.

Message par garooob » 21 Nov 2006, 07:52

That's a good question. It was on Saturday mornings and Toonami for a while, then it just disappeared.

Message par Yumiko » 19 Nov 2006, 00:42

Okay, dumb question, but whatever did happen to Moonscoop's Fantastic 4? I never even saw it advertised...... :?

Message par kagetsu » 02 Sep 2006, 01:30


Yep, the animation looks great too. I've never been a fan of Fan4,,, never really heard much about them, but I'm hoping this is going to give Toonami something good. I'm not sure what it's replacing, i hope it's not my double Naruto or Zatch,,, I hope it's Bobo-bo :p

Message par garooob » 27 Aoû 2006, 18:48

So the Fantastic 4 being advertised on Cartoon Network is Moonscoop's?

Message par kagetsu » 22 Aoû 2006, 22:28

:D Sometimes I don't think we are, but from what people from the UK and Canada say,,, we have it a little better.

Message par Benjeremie » 19 Aoû 2006, 20:00

garooob a écrit:Well, Code Lyoko should be coming back soon, too!

On Cartoons Network Garooob I hope Fast ,Because is more Easy , Because Your are more lucky than us(More (episodes Aired at each realease).
++ Benjeremie

Message par garooob » 19 Aoû 2006, 19:47

Well, Code Lyoko should be coming back soon, too!

Message par kagetsu » 19 Aoû 2006, 04:34

Ok, yes. Even I'm ignoring Xiaolin Showdown unless I'm already watching tv. :roll: [/lol] Still, it's better than Squirrel Boy ;)
It seems they're revamping our Saturday morning. In September, after the loss of my beloved Jetix shows. They say we get season 1 reruns og TeenTitans at 11:30.

We also finally get to see the Antefilms Fantastic 4. Not a favorite superhero group of mine, but we'll see how it is :?

Also we get Team Galaxy from Marathon, the producers of Totally Spies. I don't expect much from this either

New episodes of Robotboy sometimes aren't so bad

Of course this will likely change along the way as new episodes of other shows come online.

Message par kagetsu » 05 Aoû 2006, 23:41

:cry: Yes,,, yes you are [/lol]

This is the only show that I like, other than Ben 10 that CN hasn't given the "deathslot". I'm psyched (sp?) for new episodes. Anything after Omi became one of Chase Youngs kittens, I've missed :?

Usually they only "run to death" shows I hate, KND, Monkey Gym Partner, Lazlo :p (yuck) making me hate them all the more. :roll:

But that's just me. ;)

Message par garooob » 22 Juil 2006, 02:59

Ok, am I the only one who's tired of Xiaolin Showdown? They've been playing the same 26 episodes for like 4 months and it's on like 5 times a day. I'm so tired of it, I don't even want to see the new episodes.

Message par kagetsu » 09 Juin 2006, 04:17

garooob a écrit:Someone said they liked the Ben10 theme. Well, it's now available for download at www.ben10.com!

That could have been me though I don't remember saying it here. That was a real shocker. I never expected CN to give something that nice. You have to jump through hoops to get C-cards, and the pics aren't that good and the important ones of Ophelia and Jody aren't there. :roll:

I've got a random shot of Officer Jenny,,, she was an O for an alphabet character game

Message par garooob » 08 Juin 2006, 04:07

Someone said they liked the Ben10 theme. Well, it's now available for download at www.ben10.com!

Message par Chauve-Souris » 20 Mai 2006, 05:24

garooob a écrit:There's an editorial on the new Pokémon dub here: Anime News Network

Well, I'll be darned! Thanks for that informative reference. Frankly, the voices weren't bothering me that much, although I had noticed that they were different. But maybe the different "feel" that is bothering me is coming partly from the voices without my realizing it.
The main reassuring point is that Jesse and James still sound like Harvard twits, and that's what's important.ImageIf I can just catch some screenshots of Nurse Joy, Offica Jenny, and Ninetails, I'll be happy, but they are on at such an inconvenient time (14:00 on DirecTV) that I often miss them anyway.

Message par garooob » 20 Mai 2006, 04:34

There's an editorial on the new Pokémon dub here: Anime News Network

Message par Chauve-Souris » 19 Mai 2006, 08:56

Well, I caught the Thursday edition of Poké and Misty was back. And Brock went goofy over a mysterious princess. Jessie is still extremely cool too, so I guess everything's okay then.Image

Message par Chauve-Souris » 17 Mai 2006, 07:10

Re: Other Series News & Comment

Chauve-Souris a écrit:...Also, I'm trying to find the name of the smooth lady dog who seems to be in charge of the Dog Star Patrol in "Krypto...."

That was in February. I know you will all be tremendously relieved to read that the answer is here! Her name is Brainy Barker, and a heck of a good-lookin' dog she is, I must say....always floating around headquarters on a pillow and supervising the fight against crime.(arf?)Imagel hope to smiley-ize her one of these days.

Message par Chauve-Souris » 17 Mai 2006, 06:54

Other Series News & Comment

I know the Teen Titans subject was being used to cover this miscellaneous stuff, but this sujet makes non-Titans discussion more legal (i.e., non-HS), I hope.
Anyhoo, I just want to express my outrage after watching the new Pokémon program on Tuesday and discovering that there is no Misty in it! How can you have Pokey without Misty! That would be like Code Lyoko without Aelita!
And Brock seems to have lost his compulsive wolfish habits, a previous source of many laughs. They met up with a foxy girl and the Brockster never went dippy over her. Crikey, now they probably won't even have the two super-sweeties, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny anymore. It's disgustipatin', I tells ya!Image


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