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Étendre la vue Revue du sujet: SAVE THE TEEN TITANS!

Message par Mymye » 25 Aoû 2007, 03:57

Well... I live in Quebec, maybe we don't have the movie yet! I will search it. Thank you for the title :D

Message par kagetsu » 24 Aoû 2007, 05:33

You've not seen it? It was TeenTitans in Tokyo It wasn't bad, but not a real "grabber". I don't think tehy could ever top the Raven saga.

Message par Mymye » 23 Aoû 2007, 15:31

A Teen Titans movie? Cool! Maybe it would be based on the video game? It would be cool! I'm really a Teen Titans fan! Cyborg and Raven are my favorite. My favorite bad guy is Slade. And I like the Raven/Cyborg, Terra/Beastboy and Robin/Starfire couples!

Message par garooob » 27 Aoû 2006, 18:48

Well, it looks like the Teen Titans are saved. I've seen ads for a Teen Titans movie premiering this fall!

Message par Lisa » 27 Mai 2006, 23:37

I like Teen Titans but a plot is always similar has got episodic !

Message par Shelly's » 27 Mai 2006, 23:32

I lOve teen titans!!!!

Message par kagetsu » 06 Avr 2006, 23:06

I've never seen Martin and only know of it because (Ibelieve) it's produced by SIP that also does WITCH. I was looking through their site to see if they had any pic and music goodies like MoonScoop,,, they don't. I was thinking it looked like it would be reasonably good just from the minimal discription they had.

We had something like four episodes of Dragon Hunters, but CN dropped it. The stories were a bit weak but it was sure different and I really liked the characters, but it needed more girls ;)

Message par Chauve-Souris » 06 Avr 2006, 05:47

kagetsu a écrit:...Totally Spies. If the only characters in that show were the three girls, it wouldn't be bad.....

Kags-kun: Have you caught "Martin Mystery" yet? It's another French show, with visual similarities to "Spies". Martin's sister, whose name escapes me for the moment, is a lot like the three cuties on "Spies" (ooh, ooh, Alex!), but not quite so outrageously delicious, and thereby more believable and attractive. The show in general, too, is a little less outlandish, although it includes a lot of magic/sci-fi. It also uses a lot of chibi character depictions when appropriate, which are done pretty well. It's fun to watch now and then....Image

Message par Chauve-Souris » 02 Avr 2006, 05:34

kagetsu a écrit:...Get Ed is a Jetix show that I see on Family channel on Saturday. It's almost impossible for me to describe the show as I don't understand it all myself.....

"Get Ed" isn't high on my priority list, but it's not bad. Sorta fun. The main female is really cute, and that's half the battle, eh?Image

Message par kagetsu » 31 Mar 2006, 22:58

ummm, kinda confused,,,,

Season 2 of WITCH is appearantly starting with the Nerrisa(sp?) saga, Which I haven't read, and most likely won't see when it all moves to Disney channel :cry:

Get Ed is a Jetix show that I see on Family channel on Saturday. It's almost impossible for me to describe the show as I don't understand it all myself.

Probably best to see it Here

Message par Chauve-Souris » 31 Mar 2006, 05:35

Here's a TV question -- if Dizzy (sic) want to have a collection of shows called Jetex, why do they spell it "Jetix"? Conversely, if they want a collection labeled "Jetix", why do they insist on pronouncing it Jet-ex? Mysterious....
W.I.T.C.H. has come to a series completion, but of course old Lizard-Buns didn't get seriously killed, so he'll be back. Meantime, we are getting some pilot-type episodes from the beginning, which are great fun.
If you can tear your eyes away from the five well-drawn sweeties (six, counting the princess), you start to discover that the rest of the artwork is outstanding too. The views of the city and neighborhoods thereof are downright ARTY, and interiors are great too.
Unlike the Myasaki crowd, they don't let things get nauseatingly ugly. The bad guys look like bad guys, but they don't make you start reaching for the remote. The old lady who herds the girls is likeable, and doesn't have maggots crawling out of her eyesockets and warts on her warts, like most shows do these days. Of course, old Lord Moldybutt is pretty repulsive, but that's his job, hein?
Heck of a show!Image

Message par garooob » 31 Mar 2006, 05:19

Sorry, haven't heard of Get Ed. What channel is it on?

Message par kagetsu » 31 Mar 2006, 03:49

hmm, I'm sure no one watches Get Ed. I started with it slowly and now Like it alot. It's mostly the very good 3D animation but the characters are fun. Loogie and Dr Pinch I could do without, but,,,

I'm having a very hard time finding pics, especially of Deets and Fizz.

Message par Chauve-Souris » 29 Mar 2006, 06:57

Kagetsu a écrit:I'm sure I've said this, the really bad thing about Avatar on Nick is it starts 10 before the hour and has that "slime time" at all the C breaks :p

Those slime-breaks make it completely unwatchable for moi. Morons squirting green moron juice on other morons -- and breaking the mood of the beautiful anime show. I never watch the episode debuts anymore, but catch it later in the evening or during the following week. Worry not -- they are going to repeat every episode a jillion times and you won't miss anything.Image
Kagetsu a écrit:Jacks whinning took a little getting used too in XS, but the humour is good and the animation is interesting.

You lost me on this one. I think the character designs are pathetic and unlikable, and the animation is completely lifeless -- an abuse of computer imagery generation. I have given up trying to watch it. (Other than that it's really neat though (erf, erf, erf...))

Message par Invité » 29 Mar 2006, 06:09

I'm sure I've said this, the really bad thing about Avatar on Nick is it starts 10 before the hour and has that "slime time" at all the C breaks :p

Jacks whinning took a little getting used too in XS, but the humour is good and the animation is interesting.

I just found out WITCH is made in France, anyone know some good Fr sites for it. Martin/Irmalover posted a clip that was cut from the US show.

Message par garooob » 28 Mar 2006, 08:42

Xiaolin Showdown is actually not too bad. I've been watching it cause it's on after Code Lyoko and I'm usually still eating dinner.

Message par garooob » 21 Mar 2006, 05:56

Avatar is a good show. The thing is, it's on Nick and in order to watch it, I'd have to change the channel. Yeah, that's probably the only reason I don't watch it... Sad, huh?

Message par exo » 14 Mar 2006, 04:59

I've seen an episode of Avatar. I'll try to watch it sometime soon. Especially since Lego just got a licensing deal with the show.

Message par kagetsu » 13 Mar 2006, 22:42

I was so surpized the animation brillince of avatar was anywhere near Nick.It is such a wonderful show, with so much depth to the characters. Of course the "beams" from theisr hands(a way for a show to have conflict without actual hitting) is the basis of element bending. The best explaination was the "agnekai" (I forget the episode)that has Zuko feuding with the Admiral (forget his name) Each bending ability has a corisponding martial art style that makes it a dream to watch. The deoth of this show is amazing.

Message par Chauve-Souris » 13 Mar 2006, 06:33

Egad! I might have acquired another addiction! I have never paid much attention to "Avatar" but today Nick showed six episodes in a row, and I got drawn in -- completely. Garshk, what a QUALITY show! Great characters, witty scripting, coherent stories, and absolutely top-quality artwork! (I could, as usual, do with less of magic beams coming out of people's hands, and lovably(?)-grouchy masters, but I always have those complaints.)
Needless to say (but I will anyway) Katara is devastating! And of course I predictably find Momo irresistible. My favorite episode, by far, is the Aunt Wu and the volcano story, which included another great character, Meng, the gap-toothed and unruly-haired cutie. The angle that they explored in this episode about prognostications that are worded so that they can't fail to come true was very commendable, too.
Anyhoo, Nick's latest offerings certainly aren't very promising, i.e., X-Family and Kappa Mikey. I don't find Catscratch very entertaining either, despite the presence of another gap-toothed cutie, Kimberly. But Avatar is definitely on my list. Image

Message par exo » 12 Mar 2006, 18:36

I noticed in the commercials of Xiaolin Showdown, the names are all mispronounced.

Message par Invité » 09 Mar 2006, 03:45

kagetsu a écrit:...It's listed as "Tangled Web", the third episode. So it should be tomorrow.

I DVD'ed most of today's episode, and I think they were fussing about some sort of comb thingy, so it might be your "Tangled Wed" epi, but I was not available to pay full attention to it. I'll check it out later this evening.
Chauve-Souris a écrit:...I haven't even caught on to the scheduling yet, but I'll watch for it.....

Well, I've caught on to the scheduling now. Crikey!
--18:00 ET: It's on, but CN's listing says it's "Codename KND".
--21:30 ET: It's on again, I believe with the same episode as earlier, but this time it's listed as "The Grim Adventures...."
These erroneous listings would not be any problem except for the fact that we don't get any information about what episodes are scheduled for ImageXiaolin. And I haven't caught any episode naming during the opening credits of the program either. Pesky!

Message par kagetsu » 08 Mar 2006, 05:12

I been using more now that it's settled down a bit. So I popped over to ... mmary.html
It has a good episode guide and the info seems accurate at a glance. Of course by now you know it will be on weekdays at 6:00pm ( my EST)

If you would happen to get screenshots of Kimiko in her kimono,,, that would be sO cool :D

Message par Chauve-Souris » 08 Mar 2006, 03:29

kagetsu a écrit:..."Tangled Web", the third episode. So it should be tomorrow.

Thanks, Kaggers. I haven't even caught on to the scheduling yet, but I'll watch for it. Image

Message par kagetsu » 08 Mar 2006, 02:21

That Xiaolin Showdown has moved to CN is just great. It's not a priority show for me and gets supercede by other shows on Saturday morning if I'm not here to tape it. The stories got a little dull in the middle but are getting better again that they've brought in more evil villians like Chase Young. I like the show mostly for it's quirky humour and Kimiko's outfits. I she rarely wears the samething twice. My favorite episode should appear early in this season that's showing on CN. If I can find what it's called I'd explain more, but Kimiko has to deal with her firery temper,,,, and wear a kimono to use the "Tangle Web Comb" woo. This episode is a scream.

Wow, It's listed as "Tangled Web", the third episode. So it should be tomorrow.


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