Final Fantasy


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Message par sixthwarrior » 06 Jan 2013, 04:06

Updated List:

*= Beaten

Final Fantasy Games:

Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 4*

Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes Of Light

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire Of The Rift

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring Of Fates[Damn that game is hard!]

Kingdom Hearts Games:(On a side note these games are SOOOOOO Easier than Final Fantasy Games)

Kingdom Hearts 365/2 days*

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded*

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Message par elfos » 22 Juil 2012, 19:23

Re: Final Fantasy

I have played FF4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10-2 and 12. Among those, I've completed FF 5, 6, 7, 8, 10; did not have the courage to complete the first CD of FFX-2 - I dislike this game so much ...
Haven't played Kingdom Hearts yet, but I intend to correct this mistake :p

Message par sixthwarrior » 04 Mai 2012, 23:12

FF and KH

These are the ff and kingdom hearts games I have.
?=I don't even know where I am in that game
@=Not beaten

Final Fantasy

FFtacticsA2:Grimoire of the rift
FF:4 heroes of light

Kingdom Hearts

358/2 days

Message par garooob » 13 Mai 2006, 08:55

Final Fantasy 12 is not out yet and they're already talking about 13. It's a shame, though, because Final Fantasy isn't what it used to be. I like the turn-based battle system of FF1-X-2, but it seems like that's a thing of the past. There was that online one, 12 has some wacky online-imitation battle system and 13 is purely an action game (from what I've seen in the E3 videos). Oh well.

Message par Chauve-Souris » 13 Mai 2006, 06:07

Re: Final Fantasy

garooob a écrit:Well, I finally beat Final Fantasy X-2. That brings me up to date until FF12 arrives.

They were talking about FF on the G4 coverage of the E3 convention, but I think they were saying "13", not twelve.
I didn't pay much attention to what they were saying, as at best it would only be a discussion of an advertising trailer -- not a hands-on review of the game itself. But one can conclude that it is coming....Image

Message par Chauve-Souris » 07 Mai 2006, 07:15

Re: Final Fantasy

garooob a écrit:I own and have beaten 4 through X-2.

Geez, you don't like FF by any chance, do you?(arf)
Anyway, on which machine does one play FF (pardon my ignori)?Image

Message par garooob » 07 Mai 2006, 02:56

Final Fantasy

Well, I finally beat Final Fantasy X-2. That brings me up to date until FF12 arrives.
A lot of people didn't like FFX2 and I kinda have to agree with them. The story was ok; some interesting twists. Characters were passable. I cringed everytime Brother was on screen. He was just creepy. The battle system threw me at first. It took about 7 hours to really get comfortable with it, but once I did, nothing stood in my way. Again, like FFX, the last boss was pitifully easy. What happened to the difficulty of FF4, 5 and 6? I know 3 other people who played FFX2, but none of them bothered to finish it. If you don't know, this game has a multitude of side quests and it keeps track of how much of the game you've completed. When I finished, I had 48%... Maybe someday I'll play it again.

Anyone else play Final Fantasy or any other RPGs? Some quick FF facts about me:
I own and have beaten 4 through X-2.
I own, but have NOT beatten the original Final Fantasy for NES... (Actually, I think it's lost now.)
Favorites: 6, 7 and 8
Least Favorites: 5, 9, X-2
Final Fantasy Tactics is awesome beyond belief!
FF11 doesn't exist in my book.
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is almost a joke.


I think I'm going to play Kingdom Hearts next.


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