Ulrich sees the speed limit signs in the computer about USA.

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Message 22 Mai 2006, 18:54

Ulrich sees the speed limit signs in the computer about USA.

Mr.Delmas said,It's SATURDAY,a refeshing weekend.
Mr.Delmas went to Ulrich's room and said,Good Morning,Ulrich!
Ulrich said,Hi,Sir!
Mr.Delmas said ,Ulrich what are you doing inthe laptop you newly bought?
Ulrich said,Looking at the speed limits in the United States.
Mr.Delmas said,I'm planning a vacation to the United States and the city is New York City!
Ulrich said, here ate the Speed limits:30mph or 50km/h for all vehicles in the cities,towns,and suburbs;55-60mph or 90-100 km/h on the outside the built-up areas(cities,towns,and suburbs)for cars,motorcycles,motorcycles with sidecars,light trucks(pick-ups and vans)50mph or 80 km/h for vehicles over 3.5t+,6.5t+,buses ,motorcycles with trailers,and cars with trailers;40mph or 60 km/h for vehicles over 7.5t+.
Speed-zones are 20mph(30km/h)
Weathery cond's.are25-35mph(40-55km/h)
Congs.20mph or 30km/h.
Autobahns are 130-150km/h or 80-95mph for these vehicles:
light trucks (pick-ups and vans without heavy bulk)
motorcycles w/sidecars
vehicles over 3.5t+ or over 6.5t+
Autobahns are 55-75mph for these vehicles:
Motorcycles w/sidecars
cars w/trailers
vehicles over 7.5t+
vehicles 3.5t+,6.5t+,and 7.5t+ with trailers
motorcycles w/trailers
Mr.Delmas said, Thanks for the info,Ulrich!

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Message 22 Mai 2006, 21:02

Strange story. Why Ulrich says the speeds limits ?

Message 05 Avr 2007, 18:11

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that story has no interesting plot or events. A story has to appeal to the reader, and Ulrich reading the traffic signs is not very appealing. I may be new here, but I know a good fanfic when I see one, and that wasn't it.

Sorry. :?

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