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code lyoko meets inuyasha

if u dont know what inuyasha is, dont worry, one of the characters from it will explain. if u dont know what code lyoko is, why are u on this site!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Aelita is running trough the forest, talking on her cell phone, and headed twoard the man hole.

Aelita: Jeremy, im almost there.

Jeremy: Hurry up, their almost done attacking the monsters!

Aelita: got it!

when she reaches the man hole, a weird old-fashioned, wooden well is there


Aelita: jeremy, there's a weird well next to the man hole.

Jeremy: what! ignore it, just come and de-activate this tower!

Aelita: got it!

5 minutes later, they all come out of the man hole, and see the well.

Odd: Why put a well next to a man hole!?! directly under is the suer!!!

Ulrick: Odds right, its down right weird

Jeremy is now bending over and looking in it

Jeremy: Theres nothing in here but bones!!

They all rush over and look

Yumi: I guess this well wasnt for water, do you think this is XANAs doing?

Aelita: No, this doesnt affect us in any way. But it is weird.


A girl with long, black hair, a strangly shaped head (sence she isnt from code lyoko, her head has a different shape) brown eyes, a green, white, and red schoolgirl outfit, long socks, and brown school shoes was at the bottom of the well


kagome: Who are you!?!

Aelita: We should be asking that question!

They all back up so kagome could come out, then kagome notices how their dressed, and the fact that they have cell phones

Kagome: Oh no! the bone eaters well didnt send me to futal japan!

Odd: japa__ this is AMERICA. And what do you mean by "futal" japan?

Kagome: Exacly that!

Yumi wispers to aelita

I think shes lost it!


Yumi: Im sorry, but seriously, You think that well can take you back in time!

Kagome: No, i KNOW it can!

Yumi: coocoo....

Kagome: I AM NOT CRAZY!!!

Jeremy: Why do you call her crazy? Our supercomputer can take us back in time.

Yumi: yea, but that has all that math a science behind it.

Kagome: Supercomputer!?!? I just need to find out what went wrong! Can i use your computer, maybe ill be able to contact someone trough it, and i dont want to make a long distance call on your phone.

Odd: Our computer isnt like that, you see programed on it is a vutual worl___

Everyone from code lyoko except odd: ODD!!!!!!

Jeremy: I guess we'll have to show you, follow us.

He opens the man hole

kagome: O.O Into the SUER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jeremy: Its the closest way.

All of the ppl from code lyoko jump in.

Kagome: why me?

She jumps in.


Inuyasha is sitting next to the well in futal japan, Image

Inuyasha: Where's kagome, she said she would be here by now!

Miroku: Be patient, im sure shes on her way. i hope


this is songo.

miroku touches songo's butt and as usual,
[img] ... _sango.gif[/img]

srry about the crappy pic, but this is basicly what happend at the end

thats all for 2night, its like 2:53 here LOL