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Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

Ok before I post chapter 1 I have to put info about Garage Kids for Poeple who don't know (Hopefully there aren't that many)

First what everyone should already know.

Grarge Kids was the project that ended up being changed alot until it became Code Lyoko. there were going to be actual episodes of Garage Kids before it became Code Lyoko but they were never made... just the about 5 minutes long pilot. the exact personalities of the characers were not defined well enough and still I am posting this fanfic.

The Pilot of Garage Kids which I found on Youtube (if you pay close attention when they go to the factory you will see that they have a Yellow couch there but it only lasts about a second or 2)

Ok on to pictures of the characters planed to be in Garage Kids but never show up as well as pictures of what Odd and Yumi were sapposed to Look like In Xanadu.








And now some Code Lyoko pictures to compaire them to.









I'll post Chapter 1 when I get the chance. (Those pictures were not that big when I found them Something Isn't right here. Oh well)

Update: 6/30/14
This story like my others older fanfics has had some parts re written. While It is not receiving a total plot overhaul like my first three stories several plot elements will be slowly edited from this point forward so that they will reflect the plot changes made to the previous stories and match up with future stories.
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Chapter 1 A New Program or a Xana Attack Waiting to Happen?

Sara, Odd, and Aelita are standing in the scanner room listening to Jeremy talk about something that dosn’t make sense until finally.....

Odd: We get it you can shut up and transfer us now!

Sara: Hold on Odd. Aelita did Jeremy even test the new Lyoko transfer protocol?

Aelita: I’m not sure but since he was reluctant to transfer me as well I’m guessing no.

Sara: That’s all I needed to know. (Grabs Odd’s arm and drags him away from the scanners)

Odd: What are you doing.

Sara: I don’t think we should get in the scanners until the program is tested.

Odd and Jeremy: It will be fine.

Sara and Aelita: We aren’t so sure about that.

Odd: Sara you don’t have to go to Lyoko right now if you don’t want to but I’m going.

Sara: It’s not Lyoko I’m worried about it’s that program. It hasn't been tested! Let it betested on a rock or something first. Heck If he needs a living subject I'll go catch some squirrels or something!

Odd: You worry too much.

Sara: I do not worry too much!!! (Heads toward the elevator) If any needs me I’ll be on the roof! Good luck with the stupid unnecessary program! That thing is a Xana attack waiting to happen! (Gets in the elevator and presses the up button)

About 20 minutes later once again in the scanner room.

Jeremy: Everyone ready.

Ulrich: How did I get tricked into going along with this?

Odd: It’s too late to turn back now. (Already in one of the scanners)

Aelita: Can we hurry up so we can get back to class. (Gets in one of the scanners)

Ulrich: Fine. (Gets in the remaining scanner)

Meanwhile in the lab.

Yumi: You’re sure this is safe?

Jeremy: Positive.

Yumi: Alright but I’m not going to watch. (Leaved through the door to the factory’s boiler room)

Jeremy: Ok then....... Transfer Odd, Transfer Ulrich, Transfer Aelita! Scanner Odd, Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Aelita! VIRTUALIZATION! (Presses enter when he sais Virtualization)

At that moment a window pops up on one of the supercomputer’s three screens containing a red circle with an also red exclamation mark inside it the window causes the supercomputer to start beeping.

Jeremy: That can’t be good.

Meanwhile in an alternate dimension, in a mysterious alternate factory, two boys that look almost exactly the same as Odd and Ulrich are running up some stares to what appears to be three oldish looking scanners.

Alternate Odd: We’re Ready! (Gets in one of the strange looking scanners)

Alternate Ulrich: Yeah so hurry up Jeremy! (Also gets in to a strange looking scanner)

Alternate Jeremy: (Messing with some stuff on part of a strange control panel) I’m working as fast as I can! (Moves over to the part of the control panel with the keyboard)

The doors of two of the strange scanners close. Suddenly the entire “Alternate Factory” shakes as if an earthquake had just occurred causing a girl that looks almost exactly the same as Yumi to fall down.

Alternate Yumi: things appear to be getting worse.

Alternate Jeremy: I noticed (Presses enter twice on the strange looking control panel keyboard)

About two seconds later on the virtual island known as Xanadu the Alternate Odd, and Alternate Ulrich appear there’s just three problems.

Odd: Who are you?

Alternate Odd: Who are we? Who are you?

Aelita: (This is impossible how can they be in two places at once? It has to be one of Xana’s tricks!)

Ulrich: Something seems wrong here.

Alternate Ulrich: No duh!

Alternate Odd: (looks at Alternate Ulrich) Wow I almost forgot that you could talk....(looks back at the real Odd and Ulrich and notices Aelita) Who’s the chick with the pink hair?

Aelita: (Has a slightly annoyed look on her face) Excuse us for a second. (Drags the real Odd and Ulrich over to a near by rock)

Ulrich: What’s going on around here.

Aelita: I don’t know But those people look a lot like the two of you.

Odd: Hey I think they can still hear us.

Ulrich: Shut up Odd.

Alternate Ulrich: (Whispers to Alternate Odd) What do you think they’re talking about?

Alternate Odd: (Whispers back) One of them has the same name as me that’s kind of freaky.

Aelita: So where do you think we are?

Ulrich: It’s not Lyoko that’s for sure.

Odd: Thank you captain obvious.

Alternate Ulrich: (Whispering to Alternate Odd again) What’s Lyoko

Alternate Odd: (Also whispering again) I don’t know I’ll ask.

Alternate Ulrich: Wait I don’t think that’s such a good ide-

Alternate Odd: (talking loudly to Aelita, and the Real Odd, and Ulrich) HEY WHAT’S LYOKO!

Odd: See I told you they could hear us.

Ulrich: Shut up!

Aelita: (Walks back over to the two Alternate Lyoko Warriors or Xanadu Warriors as I might be calling them later) Excuse me but you just interrupted a private conversation.

Alternate Odd: Oops my bad.

Alternate Ulrich: Start explaining!

Aelita: No

Odd: (I wish Sara were here she’d know what to do.)

Chapter 2 What The Heck?

Sara is sitting in the rafters of the factory’s entrance when Yumi comes out of the Machine Room.

Yumi: I thought you were on the roof?

Sara: I decided that the roof was too far I need to be close by incase Something goes wrong. (Her Pokegear rings) Let’s hope this isn’t extremely bad news. (Answers her pokegear) hello?... What?!.... Didn't I tell you something bad would happen? ....Are you sure they disappeared? .....................You can't track them!..... Why did you use Kiwi as a gerbil especially after you already got your friends lost? Not to mention the fact that I offered to catch some more appropriate subjects for you! You're almost worse than Jade....He's one of my paralells and A man you never want to meet. Back to the subject at hand Odd’s not going to like that when he finds out.......Oh yes he will......Because If Kiwi didn't show up where Odd, Ulrich, and Aelita then I'm going to tell him what you've done after we get them all back here........ Alright I'll go let Aubere Know then we'll be right there. Yumi will be there before Aubere and I are don't do anything until we get there! If you so much as touch that program again before then I swear I will make sure you never use your friends as test subjects again...... I'll leave that up to your imagination. (Allows her dragon wings to sprout from her back, glides down to the elevator then retracts her wings)

Yumi: (gets in the elevator) What do you think happened?

Sara: I need more info before I can try to figure out what happened. (Presses the down button)

A short time later in the lab Sara is just finishing her never use your friends as Lab-mice, Gerbils or, Guinea pigs speech which only took her 2 minutes to think up but 12 to yell (though she may have been makeing it up as she went.).

Sara: ...Putting people In danger like that makes you no better than Xana!

Jeremy: Ok I get it I messed up so get off my back!

Yumi: So where they exactly?

Jeremy: I don’t know. I’ve searched all of Lyoko and they’re not there.

Sara: Which dosn’t make sense. They’re not on Lyoko, they’re not in the digital sea, they’re not here and they certainly are not in virtual limbo so where the heck are they?

Yumi: Maybe they’re on one of Lyoko’s replikas.

Jeremy: That’s possible and if that is the case then all we need to get them back is the Skid.

Aubere: Not gonna work.

Jeremy: What?

Aubere: Your plan is flawed! You completely forgot about the Multi-Dimensional Transfer!

Yumi: Oh hey that's right. If they were sent to another dimension by mistake then how are be going to find them?

Jeremy: Impossible. If that had happened I should have simply been able to materialize them the second the program went wrong.

Aubere: Have you checked the Materialization program? Your new program probably broke it.

Sara: Yeah. What Aubere said.

Aubere: The only option is for one of us to go through the scanners with some sort of tracking device.

Sara: We'll use our Pokegear phones.

Jeremy: I tried tracking their phones already.

Sara: But you haven't set up the supercomputer to track their Pokegear yet.

Jeremy: But who’s going to go through the scanners?

Sara: You should because this whole thing is your fault... But because of Dimensional stability risks I have to.

Jeremy: Alright just let me set up a tracking program. (Starts typing)

Less then 20 minutes later Sara is standing in a scanner.

Sara: Will you hurry up!

Jeremy: FINE!

The doors of the scanner Sara’s standing in close.

Sara: (It’s about time!)

Jeremy: Launching the updated tracking program!... Transfer Sara, Scanner Sara, Virtualization!

Back in the lab once again the same alert appears on the screen of the supercomputer.

Jeremy: Something isn’t right the tracking program should have started working by now.

Yumi: We’ll have to try again (starts to head towards the sliding panel floor that blocks the latter to the scanner room and to a higher up exit)

Jeremy: (I hope it works this time)

Meanwhile in the “Alternate Factory” Sara comes out of one of the scanners.

Sara: (looks around)

Alternate Yumi: What was that?

Alternate Jeremy: It sounds like someone came out of the scanners..... But everyone’s still in Xanadu even the three extra people.

Alternate Yumi: I’ll go check it out. (Starts to go up the stares but only gets halfway up before Sara glides down using her dragon wings) Who are you?

Sara: You don’t need to know who I am.

Alternate Jeremy: (Talking to Alternate Odd and Alternate Ulrich) Your Weapons are charged!

Sara: Dork with glasses! You appear to be the computer nerd around here so explain what’s going on!

Alternate Jeremy: (Turns His chair so he can look at the stranger talking to him) I’m not inclined to answer that question or anything else you might ask.

Sara: That wasn’t a question that was an order!

Alternate Jeremy: I’m still not telling you anything I’m much too busy. (Turns back to the Keyboard)

Sara: I’m really getting annoyed.

Alternate Yumi: We’ll explain everything if you explain a few things to us. Like who you are what you’re doing here and where you came from.

Sara: I’m not aloud to anser most of those and you don’t need to know who I am.

Alternate Jeremy: The Jedi Mind trick only works in movies.

Sara: (It’s a good thing Aubere isn’t here!) I wasn’t trying to use that! I don’t have to!

Alternate Yumi: We don’t have to tell you anything ether

Sara: Oh shut up!

Suddenly the real Yumi Comes out of one of the strange scanners.

Alternate Jeremy: (More unwanted guests.)

Yumi: What the heck is this place?

Sara: Oh good some backup?

Alternate Yumi: Who are you people?

Yumi: (Starts to descend the stares) We could ask you two the same question.

Alternate Yumi: Why do you look like me?

Yumi: I don’t know!

Sara: (Oh I get it this is ether one of Xana’s tricks or an alternate version of the factory meaning there’s an alternate Kadic and Possibly an alternate Lyoko. If that’s the case then what else is the same?) We’ll Explain where we came from but only if you prove we can trust you.

Alternate Yumi: We shouldn’t have to prove anything.

Yumi: Too bad!

Meanwhile on Xanadu Aelita and the two Odds are sitting on a log watching the two Ulrichs fight each other.

Aelita: How much longer before one of them gets tired?

Odd: Since they’re both the same person I’m guessing that it will probably be a few hours.

Alternate Odd: I’m not so sure. (Staring at the real Ulrich’s second sword which is still in it’s sheath on his back)

Ulrich: TRIPLICATE! (Splits into three of himself)

Alternate Ulrich: (Jumps backwards)

Aelita: So exactly where are we?

Alternate Odd: On a virtual Island called Xanadu.

Odd: And how do we get out of here exactly?

Alternate Odd: Well noone told me but I fell off a tower and ended up back on earth last time....but I really don’t recommend doing that.

Aelita: (Getting tired of watching the Ulrich twins attack each other and listening to Odd have a conversation with himself) This is getting annoying! (Moves her left hand over the star shaped bracelet on the wrist of her right hand causing her ghostly angle wings to appear then flies over to the two Ulrichs) Will you both stop fighting!

Both Ulrichs: (Point at each other) He stated it!

Aelita: I don’t care! All 4 of you are giving me a head ack!

Both Odds: What did we do? Ulrich was the one being stupid.

Both Ulrichs: Shut up Odd!

Aelita: Why don’t all of you go to four different areas of this place.
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my computer is not working correctly so I can't open the program I saved the fanfic in so no chapter 3 yet. I would have tried earlier but I've been sick.
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Chapter 3 Two Jeremys, Two Yumis, and a Sara

In the lab at the regular factory Jeremy is talking to himself trying to figure out what to do. Aubere has gone back to school to create a cover story for all the absences as well as feed the pokemon Sara left behind.

Jeremy: It happened again. I have to do something but what (thinks for a second then sighs) I guess I don’t have any other choice. (Presses three buttons and a countdown window comes up labeled “Big Fat Cheese Head” once that happens he goes to the scanner room and gets into a scanner)

back in the alternate factory the two Yumis are yelling at each other. (something about trying to figure out which one was a clone)

Sara: Will you both give it a rest already neither of you is a clone! There's an easy way to prove this. One of you pinch yourself.If you both feel the pain then you are parallel versions of each other.

Alternate Jeremy: What are you talking about now!

Sara: Shut up!

Alternate Jeremy: (Acting brave) And if I don’t?

Sara: (Electricity appears around her hands)Then I zap you into another dimension.

Alternate Jeremy: Y-you’re bluffing.....aren’t you?

Jeremy: (Has just finished caching his breath after getting out of one of the scanners) Unfortunately she never bluffs. But she dose tell people off a lot.

Sara: Well look who finally decided to grow a spine.

Jeremy: (sarcastic) Ha ha very funny.

Sara: Shut up!

Alternate Jeremy: Th-th-this is.... impossible.. I can’t.....I can’t be in two places at once.

Jeremy: Good because you’re not! (Pinches himself)

Alternate Jeremy: Ow! What the heck!

Sara: (looks at Jeremy) Oh so you do know how to listen! Why won't you do that when I warn you not to test programs on your friends!

Yumi: Could one of you explain what this place is? We don't really know where we are.

Alternate Yumi: Yeah. Maybe once you explain what's going on?

Sara: It will be hard to explain but- apparently there are 2 dimensions that are very similar both of them are connected to a virtual world and have different versions of the same people living in them.

Alternate Jeremy: She’s making this stuff up right?

Jeremy and Yumi: No.

Alternate Yumi: But that’s crazy?

Alternate Jeremy: It’s beyond crazy maybe even beyond insane!

Odd: (Still in Xanadu) What the heck is going on out there?

Both Jeremys: Odd Shut up.

Alternate Odd: (also still in Xanadu) Were they talking to me or you?

Odd: Dose it matter?

Alternate Odd: I guess not.

Sara: (Hits the real Jeremy)

Jeremy: OW! (I should probably watch what I say around Sara.)

Alternate Jeremy: Ouch!

Alternate Kiwi: BARK BARK! BARK! ARF BARK! Awwwwwoooooooo! (Looks at the scanners then hides behind a pillow on the yellow couch)

Kiwi: Gerrrrrrrr! Arf arf! Gerrrrrrr (Runs up the stares)

Alternate Yumi: What’s with them?

Yumi: Nothing good.

Sara: Let’s hope whatever shows up this time is unarmed.
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Chapter 4 A Pokemon Battle? Now?

William cones out of the scanners in virtual form but without his oversized sword. Instead he’s holding a Pokéball with a black top that has a seal on it that appears to be his Master’s mark

Alternate Jeremy: A friend of your’s?

Yumi and Jeremy: He’s no friend.

Sara: He’s an enemy. (Pulls out a Pokéball and presses the button to make it a little bit larger)

Kiwi: Gerrrrrrrrr! Arf arf! Arf arf arf! Gerrrrrrrr!

William: Move it you dumb mut! (Kicks Kiwi causing the dog to fall down the stares)

Sara: Hey Traitor!

William: Shut up!

Sara: Make me!

William: NO!

Sara: I’m still going to kick your butt.

William: (sarcastic) Oooo I’m so scared... Not! Houndoom Come out! (Troughs the evil looking Pokéball in the air and a Houndoom with Xana’s mark on its forehead comes out) You’re supposed to be a Pokémon Master then why don’t you prove it?

Sara: (Mumbles something) I’ll make you a deal! If I win you Stay away from us until we find away back to out dimension, and completely ignore your master during that time then I'll battle you. One on One, No Items, and No interference from Xana, and no Mega-Evolution. Not like You could pull something like that off anyway.

Alternate Jeremy: (Whispers to Regular Jeremy) What’s she talking about?

Jeremy: I’ll explain later

William: And when I win! You will obey only Xana!

Sara: Boy is someone over-confident!

William: That someone is you!

Sara: No it’s not.

Jeremy: Don’t you think You need a better battle field?

Sara: Of course.

William: Here is fine.

Sara: No it's not. Do you accept the terms of the agreement or don't you?

William: (nods) Yeah. I'm going to beat your stupid Pokemon to a pulp.

Not long later on the bridge outside

William: Can we start now!

Sara: RIRI COME ON OUT! (Kisses the top of Riri’s Pokéball before thronging it causing the Raichu to come out)

Riri: RIA!

William: Houndoom use Flame Thrower!

Houndoom: HOUN! (Uses the attack)

Sara: Riri dodge it and use Thunder!

Riri: (Dodges) RI! RIAAAAAA-CHEW! (Uses Thunder)

William: Oh like that’s going to do any-

Houndoom: HOUN! (Tries to dodge the attack but gets hit) Hooooooouuuuun! (Howls in excruciating pain then falls down)


Riri: RI RIA RI CHU!!!

Sara: Riri’s right! You lost because you mistreated your Pokémon!

William: Oh no not another Pokémon are friends speech I just got one of those last week.

Sara: Then You’re overdue for another one.

William: Shut up!

Houndoom: (Gets up) Gerrrrrrr

William: Ha I haven’t lost yet! Houndoom use bite!

Sara: (Sighs) Discharge.

Riri: CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU! (Electrocutes Houndoom with a burst of blue electricity.)

Houndoom: Hoooooooun (Loses consciousness)

William: Gerrrrrr

Sara: (Picks up Riri) You did great Riri

Riri: Rai raia raichu!

William: You make me sick.

Sara: Likewise.

William: (Recalls his Pokemon) Sorry Doomz. Nice work

Sara: (Tilts her head) Hua? (Did I imagine that?) Anyway you lost. So you're going to leave now!

William: (puts away Houndoom's Pokeball and shrugs) I would love to keep my end of the deal, but we both know Xana isn't going to let that happen.

Sara: Xana would have to break the spell I cast before the battle first.

William: Wait what?

Sara: Think about it. Could you even hear Xana that entire battle? Granted that only took like what three minutes? Maybe four?

William: ... Now that you mention it-. Well Guess I'm free for a little while. Some one let me know when you find away out of this place. Bye. (Walks away)

Yumi: Did that really just work?

Sara: Looks like it. But who knows how long he'll REALLY keep up his end of the deal.

Aelita: (Comesout side) Those doors are heavy...(sees that there are two Yumis and two Jeremys)...Not again!

Sara: Hey Aelita have you seen Odd anywhere.

Aelita: Yes but there’s two of him so good luck telling them apart......I think I need to go lie down

Sara: You’re not the one who just had to make a magical deal with Xana's Minion.

Aelita: How much did I miss?

Jeremy: Not much.

Alternate Jeremy: Where do you people keep coming from!

Aelita: I’m really confused right now.

Jeremy: Calm down Aelita.

Aelita: I’ll try......Why do I suddenly feel less confused?

Chapter 5 New Problem. (Sort of)

The Alternate Odd, and Alternate Ulrich are now back on earth the real ones on the other hand are still trying to figure out how to get to the Garage Kids/Alternate version of the factory when Sara's Pokegear rings.

Sara: (answers InterDimensional Communicator) Ello?

Aubere: I leave the factory for ten minutes and everyone is gone!

Sara: Sounds like time moves faster on this end. Look Just stay out of the scanner room until we figure things out.

Aubere: Ok... But what do I do If a strange boy just came out of one of the scanners?

Sara: What....

Aubere: A representative from the IDCS just stepped out of the scanners. Which is weird because I thought there was just one guy running the entire thing.

Sara: A guy from the what now? Ok look it doesn't matter. Just lock him in a closet somewhere and we can figure things out when we get back.

Aubere:... I was wrong apparently She's a woman.

Sara: Doesn't matter same solution.

Aubere: So Is everyone else safe?

Sara: Yeah. We're going to have a hard time getting everyone back. It could be a couple days.

Aubere: Do you want me to recruit some of our Paralells to help. I'm sure Yuri, and Zelos wouldn't mind helping out on Lyoko if we need them. And I bet Jade could figure out how to get you all home.

Alternate Ulrich: (Tring not to look confused)

Sara: (sighs) Aubere. Aelita is the only one who can deactivate towers. There is no need to have any of my paralells or yours to help out. Besides Zelos would just hit on you the entire time.

Aubere: But what about Jade? Or Professor Sycamore?

Sara: Aubere. I am only going to warn you one time. Stay as far away from Jade Curtis. I don't care how useful he would be in this situation the trade off is not worth it.

Aubere: Ok. What about the Pokemon professors though?

Sara: Again no. Just lock up the unwanted visitor and wait for us to call you back with any updates. (hangs up)

Alternate Odd: (Petting Kiwi {both at the same time})

Yumi: (Yawns)

Suddenly Sara passes out just as two of scanners close then re-open the real Odd and Ulrich come out of them but for some reason Odd’s hair is the way it was before he went to Lyoko for the first time and decided to change his hair style.

Odd: (Looks around)

Ulrich: I’m glad to be out of that place! (Steps out of a scanner towards the railing then makes the mistake of looking down) Yikes!(Takes a few steps backwards)

Alternate Odd: Is he afraid of heights or something.

Odd: Yeah pretty much!

Ulrich: Shut up!

Odds: Make us!

Ulrich: Fine! (Tries to punch Odd in the face)

Odd: (Dodges) Missed me.

Both Jeremys, Aelita, and Yumi: Ulrich let it go!

Alternate Ulrich: (They better be talking to the other one!)

Ulrich: He started it! (Points at Odd)

Odd: What are you five?

Aelita: Both of you are now shut up! We have a problem! How are we supposed to tell everyone apart?

Alternate Jeremy: What’s her name is right!

Jeremy: Her name as Aelita!

Alternate Jeremy: Whatever I have work to do!

Jeremy: (I really hope I’m not annoying like that lousy copy!)

Odd: That’s a problem? It dosn’t seem like one all we have to do is see who knows about Lyoko

Alternate Odd, Alternate Jeremy, and Alternate Yumi: What’s Lyoko?

Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi: ODD!

Odd: See only the people who already know about Lyoko are mad at me!

Aelita: He has a point but it’s only a temporary solution.

Odd: So I guess Sara decided not to come?

Alternate Odd: Who?

Odd: Noone!

Riri: RIIIIAAAAAA!(releases a small amount of electricity from her cheeks as a warning)

Odd: What’s Riri doing here?

Kiwi: Bark!

Jeremy: (Adjusts Glasses)


Odd: I am not an idiot!

Kiwi: ARF woof arf!

Odd: I am not! (Notices Sara and after a whole minute realizes that she’s out cold) WHAT HAPPENED!

Aelita: She lost consciousness.

Odd: I CAN SEE THAT! What caused Sara to pass out?

Alternate Jeremy: You expect us to know that?

Odd: Well since you were here to see what happened to her YES!!!!!!

Alternate Kiwi: (whimpers and hides behind Alternate Odd)

Alternate Ulrich: (Looks around)

Alternate Yumi: It could have something to do with that magic thing she did earlier?

Odd: What magic thing?

Aelita: I think you’re going to need a full explanation.
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Chapter 6 Explanations. Lyoko and Xanadu

Both Yumis and Jeremy have just finished telling Odd what happened back in Chapter 4 and he is not happy.


Sara: (moans) Odd shut up!

Alternate Odd: (Talking to Regular Odd) She was talking to you right?

Odd: (Turns to look at Sara who is now awake and standing behind him) What the heck were you thinking?

Sara: I shouldn’t have to tell you to shut up twice! (Mumbles) You are seriously starting to act more like a scrawny idiot than a teenager.

Odd: Yeah! Well you-

Sara: (Angrily raises an eyebrow)

Odd: Never mind.

Sara: (Crosses arms) No finish what you were going to say!

Odd: You’re a Smarty-pants half Dragon thing who thinks she knows everything when she doesn’t!

Aelita: (Whispers to Jeremy) Unbelievable they are actually Xana attacking?

Jeremy: (Whispers back) No I think they really are mad at each other for once.

Ulrich: What are you guys talking about it? They fight like this all the time they just try to hide it.

Sara: (uncrosses her arms) Well at least I’m not a reckless idiot!

Odd: Hey I am not an idiot! (I completely agree with her on the reckless part though but she says it like it’s a bad thing.)

Sara: Yes you are! Also you just showed me that everything your sisters say about you is true.


Sara: (Uses magic to open the door) Why don’t you make me? Oh that’s right you’re a scrawny wimp! (Leaves the alternate factory and uses magic to slam the door behind her)

Everyone just stays standing where they are or in the case of alternate Jeremy stays sitting. Four of the five Lyoko warriors in the room have shocked looks on their faces, Odd is standing there trying to forget what Sara said to.... or rather yelled at him. Finally the silence is broken.

Alternate Yumi: So exactly what is Lyoko?

Aelita: Lyoko is a virtual world.

Alternate Jeremy: We kind of figured that part! Tell us something that’s not obvious.

Aelita: (now slightly annoyed) You want a more complicated expiation?

Alternate Jeremy: Sure

Alternate Odd, Alternate Yumi, and Alternate Ulrich: No

Alternate Jeremy: and explain who Xana is while you’re at it.

Aelita: Fine. Lyoko was supposed to be a virtual paradise that my father created until the government hacked into the computer that my father had used to make Lyoko and used it something they called Project Carthage and used it for their own needs, so my father created Xana to counter Project Carthage however Xana went rogue and turned against my father.

Alternate Jeremy: Ok now that’s just scary. And are you some kind of computer program?

Jeremy: Aelita is not a computer program! Now why don’t you explain your virtual world. (At least she didn't tell them everything or even the complete truth)

Alternate Jeremy: Why should we?

Alternate Ulrich: Because they explained the virtual world they fight in.

Alternate Jeremy: Fine but I’m not explaining it! I’m going to try to figure out how they got here. (Starts checking the protocol for the scanners)

Alternate Yumi: I explained it last time Odd it’s your turn.

Alternate Odd: Hey I’m still new to this! I barely know what’s going on around here half the time.

Alternate Yumi: (Talking about the other Alternates) You have to because Jeremy refuses to and Ulrich doesn’t talk very much.

Alternate Odd: But I still don’t understand what’s going on yet!

Alternate Yumi: (Now annoyed) Fine (done talking to Alternate Odd)..... Xanadu is a virtual Island surrounded by a virtual ocean. Noone knows why it exists but there’s something wrong with it.

Yumi: So our enemy’s name is part of the name of your virtual world.

Alternate Yumi: It looks like it. So we can understand why you were all suspicious of us earlier especially since we were suspicious of you too.

Jeremy: (adjusts glasses again{I still don’t trust these people the sooner we can get out of here the better})

Ulrich: (Finally manages to get down the stairs then waves one hand in front of Odd’s face) Wow no reaction.

Alternate Ulrich: Try hitting him with something.

Ulrich: Like what?

Alternate Ulrich: Like a book or something.

Ulrich: Dose any one have a book.

Meanwhile outside Sara is standing on the bridge holding her Pokegear.

Sara: (sighs) I can’t deal these problems any more. I wish I could get advice from one of my paralells right now.... but Kratos is dead, Well I'm pretty sure he's dead anyway. I can't go back to that dimension to find out so I just have to guess, and Alvin is from the same dimension. I guess there's Always Clair or Professor Sycamore but they're only helpful in situations related to Pokemon... Maybe I should just leave. (Sighs and drops her Pokegear off the bridge.)

Chapter 7 Possible Reasons

Both Ulrich’s are now unconscious for trying to hit Odd with a book, Odd is now sitting on the couch trying to figure out why Sara was mad at him in the first place. The two Jeremys and Aelita are busy trying to work on establishing a connection with Lyoko’s supercomputer after having figured out that it was a scanner malfunction in that Dimension that caused this whole mess....well most of it. The Yumis are just standing around. Oh and Alternate Odd has absolutely no idea what’s going on.

Odd: I still don’t get it She shouldn’t have been that mad at me.

Yumi: You sure about that?

Odd: Yes

Alternate Yumi: If you’re not you might want to think harder.

Odd: I Know that I said something wrong but I just don't know what.

Yumi: It’s probably a bunch of things leading up to five minutes ago.

Odd: Like what.

Yumi: How am I supposed to know that! You’re her boyfriend so you should know!

Odd: Well there was about two hours ago when I wouldn’t listen when she tried to warn everyone that something could go wrong with the scanners.

Alternate Odd: (Oh so he’s going out with that scary blond girl that makes much more sense than them just randomly having a fight like that.)

Yumi: she’s mad at everyone for that. There’s probably something else too.

Odd: like what?

afew houres later at the alternate factory Alternate Odd is asleep on the floor. Oh right I completely forgot the Ulrichs are awake and are helping the Yumis try to find out why Sara is Mad at Odd when Jeremy interjects.

Jeremy: It’s probably his nearly constant bragging.

Aelita: I doubt it. If that was the reason Sara would have dumped him by now.

Odd: (Looks at Jeremy and Aelita with enough anger to make them cringe) No one asked you.

Ulrich: Besides All Odd’s bragged about lately is how he has the greatest girlfriend ever.

Alternate Ulrich: Well It looks like he can’t say that any more.

Odd: (Punches Ulrich in the face)

Ulrich: Why did you do that! (I should have seen that coming.)

Odd: Because you deserved it!

Ulrich: Why? I didn’t say that!

Odd: Your alternate did and you were closer! Besides I should have done that a week ago any way!!!

Alternate Jeremy: (adjusts glasses)

Alternate Odd: (Snores)
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Sorry I can't seem to open the Program this story is saved in so I can't post new chapters yet.
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Chapter 8 Meanwhile in the lab

Ulrich: Look just call Aubere. She probably knows what you did.

Odd: Yeah but she'll probably say that Sara just came to her senses and shouldn't have gone out with me in the first place.

Yumi: It's still worth a try.

Jeremy: If you're all done dealing with side problems can we get back to trying to find our way home please?

Odd: (pulls out pokegear)

Aubere sits across from a very androgynous young woman. The strange young woman sits with her arms tied behind her back and her feet tied together.

Aubere: My patience is starting to run out. Tell me who you are and who Really sent you. I've met the IDCS Manager and he works alone.

???: I told you My name Is impossible to pronounce in your languages. Just call me AJ. As for my boss. I only recently started working for this man but I worked for his predecessor for three of my past lives.

Aubere: I will have to call him to confirm.

AJ: If he will even answer. Lately he refuses to take calls from anyone but a spacific person. She seems to want nothing to do with him.

Aubere: There's no reason for me to believe you. (Pokegear rings) Excuse me for a minure, (looks at caller ID before answering) What do you want Odd I'm busy?.... Dealing with a serious problem. I know Sara told you about it already!..... What do you mean you don't know......uh hua........ and she just left....... how long ago......That's not like her. I don't know what's wrong with Sara but you have to go find out. And would it kill you to apologize?

Chapter 9 What Happened?

Odd exits the alternate factory and starts to walk across the bridge when he hears a noise coming from the river. (Please note that he is quietly thinking out loud and not talking to himself)

Odd: What’s that noise? (walks closer to the railing and listens) That can’t be what I think it is? Can it? (looks down into the river) That's defiantly Sara's Phone. Could she have fallen into the river? No she’s not as reckless as I am she wouldn't let herself fall. Well I better go get that.

Odd retrieves Sara’s Pokegear and checks to make sure it still works. luckily it’s waterproof meanwhile back in the Alternate Factory Alternate Odd has just woken up, suddenly a portal opens and Aras, Sara’s evil clone, comes out. The portal closes immediately afterwards.

Alternate Jeremy: (sarcastic) Great another one!

Lyoko Warriors: Oh crud.

Alternate Odd: I’m assuming she’s an enemy

Alternate Ulrich: What was your first clue?!

Alternate Yumi: Hey she looks almost exactly like that girl who freaked out earlier.

Aras: Drat this stupid headache must be getting worse. Now I’m seeing double, and the doubles are stupider than the originals. (headache intensifies causeing Aras to grab her head.) Ugh why is this happening?

Aelita: (Ok something isn’t right here.)

Aras: What happened what am I doing here?.......(Re-notices the Lyoko Warriors and the Xanadu Warriors) Oh Hello.

Ulrich: What the heck?

Alternate Odd: Why is she suddenly being nice.

Kiwi: (Sniffs Aras’s hand, halfway wags his tail then realizes that it’s Aras and growls)

Alternate Jeremy: What the heck just happened?

Chapter 10 So Is she evil now?

Odd wanders along the riverbed trying to find Sara. As he begins to approach the woods he happens to see William sitting at the edge of the riverbed holding his head in pain.

William: Ugh. Stop trying to talk to me. I can't hear you all I can hear is painful static. I can't do anything for you until I get back there so either get me home or leave me alone. At least stop trying to make my head explode or whatever it is you re doing? I'm no use to you if I'm dead.

Odd: (Is he talking to Xana?)

William: Ugh! Just stop it already. Look That stupid magic is keeping me from doing anything to hurt them but it doesn't mean I can't spy on them. Just stop this stupid noise.

Odd: (Should I do something or just leave him here?)

William: Thank you.......Ugh Nevermind (looks around and see's Odd standing there) How does she do it?

Odd: What?

William: How does your girlfriend block Xana out! I know she can hear him. She's used that to help you guys a lot. How does she block him out.

Odd: I don't know. She went through some meditation ritual.

William: (scarcastic) Thanks. UGH, That really helps.

Odd: Speaking of Sara you haven't seen her have you?

William: I haven't seen anything! I've been sitting here since I had a stupid spell cast on me to hold me to a deal that I shouldn't have agreed to.

Odd: This wouldn't be a problem if you had just stayed away from the Schiphozoa.

William: I was hearing Xana way before that happened.

Odd: Well there's nothing we can do to help you now. If you hadn't made yourself Xana's pawn we could have helped you.

William: Well how the hell was I supposed to know that. God I hate you all.

Odd: I don't have time for this If you're going to complain to me about this then you better help me find Sara.

William: I guess anything is better than just sitting here listening to Xana's static.

Odd continues his search for Sara with William following him, and as per Odd's invitation complaining the entire time. Mostly about Sara, and Ulrich, a little about
Aubere, and occasionally about Xana. Finally they find Sara sitting under a tree starring out at the water. Not moving, at all.

William: Jeeze. What the hell is wrong with her?

Odd: There you are. (Walks towards Sara) I'm sorry for everything I said earlier. I shouldn't have said those things.... Sara?.... Hey are you ok?

William: She's ignoring you dude.

Odd: Sara? Please say something. I know I made you mad but please just let me know that you're not hurt.

Sara: (Why is this person that I hate talking to me?)

Odd: Can you even hear me? (Gently puts a hand on Sara’ s shoulder) I asked if you’re ok?

Sara: (Electrocutes Odd, however not enough to kill him,)

Odd: (Quickly takes his hand off Sara’s shoulder braking the circuit) What (gasps trying to catch his breath) Was that (takes a deep breath similar to the gasp from a few seconds ago) for?

Sara: Don’t touch me.

Odd: A...... Alright.

Sara: Don’t talk to me ether.

Odd: But how am I supposed to apologize if you won’t let me talk to you?

Sara: You’re supposed to leave me alone! (Looks at Odd with a hateful stare that sends chills down his spine)

Odd: B-But I-

Sara: (Stands up) I don’t care if you apologize or not. It won’t do you any good.

Odd: What are you talking about Sara?

Sara: Nothing you do will change the fact that I hate you! (Levitates)

Odd: W-what?

William: What the hell is she doing?

Sara: Why won’t you leave?!

Odd: I’m not going to leave! Not until I get you back to normal!

Sara: He he he!

Odd: What’s so funny?

Sara: The Sara Draconar you knew is gone. For good!

Odd: (Darn it she won’t listen she’s still to mad at me! I have to get her back to normal some how.) I don’t care! I’m not going to give up.

Sara: Then Die! (Black colored electrical energy appears around her)

Odd: (I have to think of something quick!)

Sara: (Shoots lightening at Odd but misses) You shouldn't have ever talked to me.

Odd: (Drat there’s no reasoning with her. But... I can’t fight her. I’ll have to keep trying to talk to her.) Hold on a second why do you hate me exactly?

Sara: (hovers over the river then charges energy to attack) I just do! Now shut up! (Blasts Odd but he dodges)

Odd: Hey I was just wondering!

Sara: (Blasts Odd again this time he’s unable to dodge) You aren’t trying to fight back? Big mistake! (Charges energy again)

Odd: I won’t fight you Sara!

Sara: Then your death will come faster. (Fires a burst of air at Odd)

Odd: AAHGH? (Is slammed against a large rock) Don’t you feel Gulty? You’re attacking someone who’s trying to help you!

William: Hey! Being Evil is my thing right now! Are you going to take that from me too!

Sara: You have no place in this convorsation. (Conjures a small tornado that lifts William up and whisks him away somewhere.)

Odd: Sara please Stop.

Sara: (Charging energy once again but stops when she looks Odd directly in the eyes) Shadow Electricity!! (Blasts Odd again)

Odd: (Ignoring pain {She held back instead of using full power. That means part of her dosen’t hate me. That part of her is still good. That’s the part I need to talk to.)

Chapter 11 Returning to Normal

Sara: (I hesitated why did I do that? I can’t make that mistake again.)

Odd: Sara I know you can hear me!

Sara: No duh stupid!

Odd: I mean the person you really are!

Sara: (What is he talking about?)

Odd: I just want you to listen to what I have to say. Then if you still hate me then I’ll leave and You’ll never have to see me again.

Sara: Fine! You have 1 minute.

Odd: Look I’m sorry I made you mad! I’m sorry that I didn't listen to you when you warned me that something was too dangerous! And I’m sorry for that stuff I said to you earlier I didn't mean any of it!

Sara: Is that it?

Odd: Well yeah... So will you please forgive me?

Sara: (No I still hate him! Wait what am I thinking I could never hate Odd. No I hate him. I need to stop thinking that! Great now I have a headache again!)

Odd: Well do you still hate me or not? You’re not evil Sara you never were.

Sara: G-go away! (Why did I say that? He’s right I’m not evil! I fight against evil! And I don’t hate him!)

Odd: Alright then I guess that we’ll never see each other again. (Turns around so he’s not looking at Sara)

Sara: (Never see Odd again? But I- I wouldn't have anyone who actually understands me, and I’d be back to never completely trusting anyone! Except my cousin of course.)

Odd: (looks at Sara again and sighs {I wish things could go back to the way they were.})

Sara: (It dosn’t look like Odd is happy about what he said maybe there’s still a chance that-. Oh why do I keep trying to trick myself there’s nothing that can stop this.{her eyes tear up just as Odd starts to leave then stops.})

Odd: So I guess... this is...good bye. (Closes his eyes and turns arround)

Sara: No. (At that moment her powers backfire causing her to louse consciousness and fall into the river)

Odd: (Hears the splash and turns around) What just-? (Doesn’t see Sara anywhere and realizes what happened) Oh no (walks back towards the river and stands near the water’s edge)Please Don’t be hurt Sara. (He waits a minute and when nothing happens he jumps into the water)

William: (Walks back out of the woods) Ugh Ow. What happened. (sees Odd come up for air before going back under to find Sara) For crying out loud (takes off his jacket) I'm gone for three minutes. (Walks into the river)

Odd: (Comes up for air again this time with Sara) How did this even happen.

William: (Grabs Odd's shoulder and Sara's arm then drags them back to shore) How did things get flipped so fast? (Lets go of Sara and Odd)

Odd: I don't know. (Lays Sara down on the shore then sits down next to her) Thanks for helping us out... Why did you help us.

William: I guess I just didn't have anything better to do. (picks up his jacket) You're lucky I'm on vacation otherwise I would have Killed you both without a thought. (walks away) Now if I could just make this damn noise in my head stop...

Odd: (Shakes his head) Sara are you ok?

Sara: ..........

Odd: Come on Sara wake up! Please!......Come on Sara you can’t die.

Sara: (eyelids move slightly)

Odd: (sighs) Please wake up.

Sara: Mmmmm. (Coughs then opens her eyes, looks at Odd, and smiles) Salut Odd.

Odd: Salut Sara.

Sara: ......Odd.

Odd: Yes?

Sara: I don’t hate you.

Chapter 12 Dimensional Fabric.

Odd: So are you ok?

Sara: I don’t think I can move very much but other then that I’m fine. And you?

Odd: I’m fine.

Sara: I didn’t hurt you too badly did I?

Odd: No. So has anything like this happened before?

Sara: No. I don't know what happened.

Odd: Oh.

Meanwhile back at Kadic Aubere was just leaving class when Mr. Fumet grabs the back of her shirt.

Mr. Fumet: Not so fast Aubere! (Waits for Aubere to turn around) Where are all your friends.

Aubere: I already told you they must be sick or something. I know Sara is sick. She couldn't even leave the dorm this morning. I tried to get the nurse to come look at her but she was too busy with another student.

Mr. Fumet: All six of them? I doubt that!

Aubere: (Darn it! There’s no way I can get out of this mess!) What can I say it must be an epidem-

Suddenly AJ comes out of nowhere and hits Mr. Fumet in the back of the head with a text book while laughing insanely with a small hint of evil in it.

AJ: MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! (Runs off)



Mr. Fumet: (Chases after AJ)

Aubere: Wow That was.... Convenient.

Aubere goes to the factory to find a man in a silvery blue cloak standing next to the elevator.

Aubere: I was wondering when you'd show up.

????: Where is the InterDimensional Guardian?

Aubere: I don't know. She won't tell me anything. She's gotten her self stuck somewhere again. This time it's her own decision.

????: And why can't she just open a portal, or a rip in the Dimensional Fabric.

Aubere: The rest of us call that the InterDimensional Barrier.

????: Whatever just answer the question.

Aubere: You know her just as well as I do. You know that she wouldn't just leave her friends behind.

????: I'm glad to see she's made friends with people who aren't her parallels.

Aubere: I'm not so sure that one of them isn't her parallel.

????: It doesn't matter. There's no way all of them are.

Aubere: That's true and I haven't seen any signs that one of them is her parallel.

????: So how do you plan on getting them home? Xana can't be allowed to go unchecked.

Aubere: Sara needs to figure this out on her own. The stability of the multiverse depends on her and she can't even open a simple portal. The Xana thing does pose a problem though. It could take months for Sara to come up with a plan. But Xana can't be allowed to destroy the world. The only options are either send Sara a serious Hint or... fine one of Aelita's Parallels to deactivate the towers until we get them back.

????: I can hold Xana off for a little while. But there's only so much I can do from the IDCS control center. You have to fix this.

Aubere: I can't do this on my own. I can't even make a decent excuse to keep everyone out of trouble.

????: (Sighs) I'll do what I can to help on that front but if you can't get them back here in one week then I will be forced to rip apart the Dimensional fabric of whatever universe they ended up in and drag them back here.

Aubere: WHAT! Isn't that jumping to drastic measures a little quickly!

????: If it keeps the rest of the multiverse from falling apart then it's what needs to be done. I suggest we get to work. (Disappears)
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Sorry for the long delay, but My computer still has issues and I must be going Insane because My instincts are saytng that Xana is causeing the Messups. (Well him or Jeremy but like I said I'm probably lousing my mind {Well it's got to be better then being Normal})

So here's Chapters 13-19 (I wouldn't try to read all of this post at once)

Chapter 13 About Two Hours Later.

Sara is still laying on the ground now able to move her arms but still unable to sit up, stand up, or walk. Odd is sitting against a tree half way asleep.

Sara: (manages to roll over on her side)

Odd: What is it Sara?

Sara: We can't stay here.

Odd: (now a little more awake.) Are you Ok? What’s wrong?

Sara: You know how Xana's started being able to attack other dimensions.

Odd: Yes.

Sara: He's not the only thing capable of doing that.

Odd: Really?

Sara: My powers backfiring drew some unwanted attention. Something's here. I don't know what it is but whatever it is is bad.

Odd: Are you sure?

Sara: I can feel that something is wrong.

Odd: We have to go warn the others right?

Sara: (nods)

Odd: It will be easier if I just call them. You're in no condition to move.

Sara: No. We're not safe here. Between Xana and what ever just entered this dimension.... We just need to go.

Odd: (Sighs and stands up) Alright. I'm sure the others are starting to get worried by now anyway.

Sara: (Tries to sit up) UNGH. Ok that's not gonna work.

Odd: (Kneels down to help Sara up) You hurt yourself pretty bad hua?

Sara: I'm not sure. It feels more like how I feel right after Zelos hits on a woman.

Odd: So hey I know I've already asked this but why are all your parallels guys? (Pulls Sara up and makes her lean on his shoulders)

Sara: Like I keep telling you, and Ulrich,... and Yumi,... and Aubere. I would really like to know that too.

Odd: I guess we should get moving.

Sara: Yeah. I still don't understand what's wrong with me.

Odd: You'll be fine when we get home.

Chapter 14 The Nightmare

Sara falls asleep on the way to the factory. Odd leans her against a large tree he finds at the edge of the woods and sits down next to her.

Odd: I hope what ever you think is after us isn't around right now. (looks at Sara) I wonder what you're dreaming about...

~Sara’s dream~

Sara: (wakes up and is under an Oran Berry Tree) What happened?

Odd: (Hanging upside down form a tree branch) You fell asleep.

Sara: Are you sure that what You’re doing is safe?

Odd: Positive (picks a berry) Here (hands the berry to Sara)

Sara: That branch doesn't look stable.

Odd: It’s fine.

(A soft cracking sound is heard)

Sara: Odd I really think that you need to come down from there.

Odd: Relax Sara I’ll be fine.

(The cracking sound gets slightly louder)

Sara: You’re going to get hurt now get off that tree.

Odd: Ok Fine! (The Branch Odd is hanging from breaks and falls to the ground taking him with it)

Sara: Odd!!!! Are you ok?........Oh no. (Goes to where Odd is under the tree branch) Odd? (Moves the branch from her friend’s motionless body) Come on say something! (Puts her head over where Odd’s heart is for just long enough to see if he has any heartbeat) no.

~Back outside Sara’s head~

Sara: (Still sleeping but restlessly) Mmmmm.

Odd: (Looks over at Sara and holds her hand.) It’s ok Sara you’re just dreaming. (Poor Sara I wish I could help her.)

~Sara’s Nightmare~

Sara: Why did this have to happen?

(Darkness closes in around Sara until there’s only her and...nothing)

Sara: This can’t be good.

????: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Sara: Show your self!!!

????: Why don’t you come make me!

Sara: Oh I can make you show your self from right here!

????: You were saying Sara? (Comes out of the darkness and appears to be Odd)

Sara: Who are you!? Why are you impersonating my Friend!?

????: Well You figured out that I was an Imposter good for you now you just have to meet your demise. (Becomes a large shadow)

Sara: I don’t think so! (Charges electricity but only manages to get a small amount before her powers quit on her) Darn it!

????: I’m waiting! Attack me!

Sara: What are you up to! You can’t kill me this is a dream! If I die here I'll just wake up. I don't know what you are but your influence isn't strong enough to kill me.

???: Well then. I’ll just have to force you to watch your friend die repeatedly until you lose your sanity. (Disappears)

Sara: What the hell is that supposed to mean!

Chapter 15 Sara’s Nightmare continues

Warning!!!!! This chapter contains a lot of death. This chapter could be upsetting to some people! (It’s upsetting me just typing the dang thing!) You have been warned! (Update to chapter 15 warning chapter now includes mild cussing)

Alternate Jeremy looks at his watch then looks around the factory.

Alternate Jeremy: Hey! Your 2 friends have been gone a long time.

Jeremy and Aelita: We’ve noticed!

Alternate Yumi: What time is it?

Alternate Odd: About 5:30

Alternate Ulrich: We should probably be going back to school now.

Alternate Jeremy: (Talking to Jeremy, Aelita, Yumi and Ulrich) You all are free to stay here as long as you need to. But if something happens with Xanadu don’t do anything. Just wait for us to show up.

Jeremy: alright.

The alternates leave. Meanwhile Back under the tree Odd has just woken up from having dozed off. He looks around

Odd: (It’s starting to get dark out. I better take Sara back.{Carefully Picks Sara up and starts to carry her back towards the bridge.)

~Sara’s Nightmare~


???????: Quit Yelling!

Sara: (Turns around ans Sees William Holding his Oversized sword near Odd’s neck)

Odd: What the hell is going on?

William: Shut up (Cuts Odd’s head off)

Sara: This is crazy. this... this can’t be real!

It suddenly Returns to absolute nothingness then Odd is again alive. Standing in front of Sara.

Sara: (Whispers to her self) This isn’t real.

Odd: Are you feeling ok Sara?

Sara: ...........

Odd: You look thirsty. I’ll be right back I’m just going to go get you some water. (starts to walk away but walks into the blade of one of Ulrich’s swords which goes through his heart)

Ulrich: Oops! By the way what am I doing here?

Sara: It’s not real.

Nothingness again then Sara is suddenly back at Kadic!

Sara: It’s not real.

Odd: Sara? Do you know any cures for bad headaches?

Sara: N-non.

Odd: Then I think I might need to go to the Infirmary.

Sara: ......I-

Odd: (Collapses and blood comes out of his mouth)

Sara: I-It i-it’s not real.

Aubere: It looks like your boyfriend just had a Brain Aneurism Sara....Except the blood coming from his mouth thing I don’t know what the heck that’s about.

Sara: It’s not real!

Suddenly on the roof of the Administration Building and for some reason the ground has been replaced with millions of sharp spikes.

Sara: It’s not real.

Aubere: (under the control of Xana and holding a red light saber)Gerrrrr (Force pushes Odd off the roof onto the sharp spikes below)

Sara: It’s not real.

Suddenly On Lyoko.

Jeremy: Bad news everyone the scanners aren’t working correctly.

Sara: It’s not real.

Jeremy: What is she talking about?

Ulrich: Who cares!

Yumi: Can you please just fix the problem.

Jeremy: I can try.

Odd: And clean your glasses while you’re at it Einstine! You completely forgot to warn us about the monsters! (Gets destroyed by a Krab)

Aelita: He was right Jeremy You really should have warned us.

Sara: It’s not real.

Returns to nothingness

Sara: It’s not real.....It’s not real.

????: Do you give up.

Sara: N-Never!

????: Have it your way then!

The nothingness instantly becomes the Digital Sea.

Sara: .....It’s not real.

Odd: (looks around)

Sara: It’s not real.

Odd: (Loses consciousness)

Sara: It’s-....It’s not-....... No!... Not this Time!(Swims over to Odd and drags him in the direction of what is ether Lyoko or one of the replikas unfortunately he drowns and disappears forever before they can get there) No.

????: Stubborn girl. Now do you give up?

Chapter 16

Sara: NO! I Won’t give up!

????: You’re far more annoying than I thought!

Meanwhile outside of Sara’s dream at the Alternate Factory Sara is still asleep laying on the couch, Odd is standing next to her, Ulrich and Yumi are on the other side of the room, and Jeremy and Aelita are near the control panel.

Odd: (looking at Sara) Do you think she’ll be ok?

Ulrich: Nope! (Yumi hits him lightly in the back of the head.) Ow.

Yumi: Don’t make him feel worse.

Odd: Hey you’re making it sound like it’s my fault that Sara’s like this!

Yumi: No offence Odd but it kind of is.

Odd: No it’s not! You can ask Sara when she wakes up.

Jeremy: Don’t you mean if she wakes up?

Odd: What the heck are you talking about?

Aelita: I think what Jeremy means is that what’s happening to Sara is the result of something unknown. Something that isn't Xana.

Jeremy: It's likely that what Sara said about attracting something dangerous was correct, But Unless we can figure out how to stop it then she may not wake up. Ever.

Odd: Damn it.

Chapter 17 Worst Team Ever.

????: You will submit.

Sara: Wait a minute.... I know who you are! I Don't know what you think You're doing but I will not be tortured by a summon spirit!

????: What makes you think you can stop me?

Sara: (Growls and holds up her hand) Shut up Volt. I know how to block you out. (a simple sword appears in her hand. She thrusts it into the ground at her feet.) All I have to do is find the memory you've infected and kick you out. Just like I did to Xana.

the scene around Sara shatters she finds herself in Kadic's park. Alone. But also not alone. Now that she knows he's there she can feel volt's energy all around her. William steps out of the bushes holding hes ears and groaning.

William: DAMN! Even In my dreams I can't make it stop.

Sara: (Tilts her head in confusion.) So Volt got you too hua?

William: (Looks up at Sara) Get out of my head.

Sara: This is your own fault. If you had just learned how to block Xana out Volt wouldn't be using you as an amplifier.

William: Explain this!

Sara: (Sighs) You made yourself the enemy. I don't have to tell you anything.

William: This is your fault. If you had just stayed in your own universe this wouldn't be happening.

Sara: Things are more complicated than you think.

William: You know how to make this noise stop right?

Sara: I can stop Volt's Static. Blocking out Xana and his static is something you'll have to do on your own. Still stopping Volt will quiet things down.

William: (Takes one hand off the side of his head then offers it to Sara.) Then can we have a temporary truce until then. You're just as trapped as me.

Sara: (nods and shakes William's hand) Fine. But try to stab me in the back and I'll make you wish you were never born.

William: How do we make it stop!

Sara: Well since it seems that Volt has burrowed into your head and not mine... He'd have to be infecting one of your memories. Xana likely has your more important memories sealed off.

William: So Xana is protecting me.

Sara: Not exactly. You'll understand when we're done. So what memory do you think would be the easiest for Volt to latch on to.

William: Why are you asking me. You know what's going on here.

Sara: Hey it's your head!

Chapter 18 The Way William Sees Things.

Sara: Come on think! Is there any thing that you fins yourself thinking about whether you want to or not?

William: Well actually-

Before William can finish his sentence the scene shifts to Lyoko's Desert sector. Sara finds herself alone. Aelita, and Yumi virtualize into the space followed shortly by Ulrich and William. William falls flat on his butt in his Pre-Xanafication outfit his oversized sword lands next to him narrowly missing his hand. The scene freezes as Ulrich turns to say something to Yumi and Aelita.

Sara: (Sighs) Your first trip to Lyoko? Really?

William: I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since it happened.

Sara: Then it makes sense. Things that cause torment tend to be the easiest to latch on to. I'm actually wondering if anything is even going to be different. If this moment has really haunted you for this long then Volt wouldn't need to change any thing to gain control.

William: Then what the heck do we do?

Sara: We'll keep looking for differences as planned. I'll try to come up with a new plan in the meantime. (What the hell are you doing Volt...Which version are you anyway? )

William: So I just let this memory continue... by the way I can hear your thoughts.

Sara: I figured as much. Just ignore them. And yes continue.

The scene resumes movement.

Ulrich: So how are we handling the vehicle situation? I'm not riding with him.

William: (Stands up) Good I didn't want to ride with you either.

Yumi: He could use the overboard. Since Odd's not here.

Jeremy: Something's not right. I can't seem to bring up any of the vehicles. I'll see if I can fix it. Start heading for the tower.

Ulrich: Speaking of Odd any word from him?

Jeremy: No still nothing.

Yumi: I don't like this.

Aelita: The sooner we get to the tower the better. Jeremy will send the vehicles when he gets the chance let's get going.

William: So which way is this tower you guys keep talking about? (picks up his weapon) Hey this thing is lighter than it looks.

Aelita: (Points at a distant white pillar with a red aura around it.) There.

William: It's that far? Couldn't we have landed closer?

Ulrich: Huh. Hey Jeremy why did you visualize us so far away from the tower?

Jeremy doesn't respond.

Aelita: Jeremy? .... Are you there?

the group starts walking

Yumi: First Odd disappears and now Jeremy. I don't like this.

Ulrich: One of us should go back.

Aelita: We have to get to the tower.

Aubere: Unbelievable We're gone for three days and you guys let Xana go unchecked! What the heck have you all been doing!

Sara: (That's right Aubere went ahead to the lab while I tried to help Odd.)

Yumi: What happened to Jeremy.

Aubere: He got knocked out trying to help Odd stop Sara's Pokemon. There are monsters headed your way.

Ulrich: Thanks for the warning. Can you bring up the vehicles?

Aubere: Yeah it will take a minute.

The scene flashes ahead to when the group is closer to the tower surrounded by a group of monsters. William destroys a Kankralat and turns around to see the scphozoa hovering near him.

William: Well you're an ugly one.

Aelita: (Throws a sphere of energy at a blok) William get away from that thing!

William: What. It can't be tougher than the ants.

Ulrich: Quit being stupid!

Willaim: (Swings his sword at the Scphozoa but is quickly disarmed)

Sara, Aubere, and Odd virtualize nearby.

William: (Steps backwards but is caught by the Scphozoa)

Yumi Reaches out and tries to pull William out of the monster's grasp.)

The scene freezes again.

William: (Looks back at Sara) Why'd you stop it.

Sara: Yumi Didn't try to save you. She couldn't have.

William: What then Aelita did, or Odd? You certainly didn't help.

Sara: Odd and I were too far away. Odd tried to help but he wasn't in the best shape when he was virtualized so his accuracy was on the low side.

William: Well It wasn't Ulrich. He tried to Kill me.

Sara: No. I was there at this point. I saw everything. Odd was the one trying to hit you and only to send you back to earth.

William: Yumi was the one. She was the only one close enough.

Sara: She wasn't even on Lyoko. She had Ulrich Devirtualize her because her life points were low and she wanted to help keep an eye on Jeremy. She's the one who sent me, Odd and Aubere to Lyoko.

William: ....Wait so everyone except Ulrich tried to save me?

Sara: Ulrich is the one who tried to pull you free.

William: That- that can't.

Volt: The task it complete. My job here is finished.

Sara: Wait hold on!

Chapter 19 Are we done yet?

Sara wakes up and looks around.

Odd: Hey You're ok.

Sara: (What was that all about Volt? You were trying to tell me something I know it.) Uh. Yeah. Are we any closer to getting back to school?

Jeremy: Not yet If I could just establish a connection to Lyoko...

Sara's Pokegear rings. Sara looks at the caller id before she answers it.

Sara: What do you want?...........Well Aubere wouldn't have these kind of problems if she would mind her own business every once and a while..........Oh he is is he?... Like I care what Uncle Devlin thinks........ Tch. She's just as bad for enabling him.

Ulrich: (raises an eyebrow at Sara's tone)

Sara: So how are things for you cuz? Uncle Dirt bag must be making your life miserable with out me there to beat up on!..............Well now you know how I felt! I did the same thing you did. the Only difference is I'm not going back to that universe..... You abandoned me when I needed you most. Why should I help you!.....Oh.... (looks away from her friends) I suppose you can... I'm not a little kid. I'm the InterDimensional Guardian. Things aren't like they were when we were little... now that I think about it you weren't there for me much then either.... I know.... You too. Don't overwork yourself just to avoid your dad... Take care of yourself. (hangs up her pokegear)

Odd: Your cousin?

Sara: (nods) Aubere was trying to track down my mentor. She must be getting desperate. So how long was I out?
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Sorry I've been haveing more computer trouble and i'm still tweeking chapter 20
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Ok I need help now (Or at lease advice). The program I type and save my fanfics in refused to finish loading and when I go to windows Task manager to see what's wrong It says it's not responding(Even though I already knew that part) and that it's taking up 100% of the CPU usage just trying unsuccessfully to load the stupid thing. It's not a virus because I've scanned the computer multapul times and the Virus Protection Program has been updated recently. I don't know what to do. My dad insists that it's a virus and I can barely Remember from the technical applications class I had to take in 8th grade. (I think you get the point that I need help)

Edit: None of this post is relevant anymore.
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Chapter 20 What?

Aelita: Well it's been five hours since Odd brought you back here.

Yumi: Long enough that this dimension's versions of us went home.

Sara: That long hua? What a waist of time.

Jeremy: Ugh. So close.

Ulrich: What happened?

Jeremy: I was this close to establishing a connection to Lyoko. (Holds his hand up with his index finger less than a centimeter away from his thumb.)

Sara: (pulls out her pokegear) Is there anything Aubere can do on her end.

Jeremy: I suppose we could have her use the skid to look at digital sea that surrounds Lyoko.

Sara: No.

Jeremy: It might be our only option.

Sara: Aubere crashed a replica star-speeder. You really want to trust her with something that important?

Ulrich: She crashed the Overbike too.

Odd: I still say she did that on purpose.

the Alternate factory starts shaking.

Sara: What the heck was that?

Jeremy: (tries to type something through all the shaking)

Aelita: (Looks over Jeremy's shoulder while using his chair for support.)

Yumi: Is Xana doing this?

Jeremy: I don't think so.

Chapter 21 Darn it!

Alternate Jeremy is asleep in his Dorm when Some thing comes out of his computer waking him up. He Wakes the other 3 alternates they sneak off school grounds and then Something happens but it’s too dark to see(At least form my point of view

Alternate Jeremy: Darn it The path is blocked!

Alternate Yumi: We have to go around.

Alternate Odd: I don’t think that’s possible these whatever those things were blocked that way too.

Alternate Jeremy: Well then What the heck do you think we should do?

Alternate Odd: You know I don’t think!

Alternate Ulrich: (That explains So much!)

Alternate Yumi: We have to do something if we don’t who knows what could happen we don’t have time for you to yell at each other.

Alternate Jeremy: Yumi has a point.

Alternate Odd: But no one was yelling.

Alternate Jeremy: So seriously what are we going to do?

Alternate Ulrich: We let the other us handle this until we find away out of this mess.

Alternate Jeremy: Are you insane? We cant trust them!

Alternate Odd: They don’t seem evil.

Alternate Yumi: Ulrich’s right. We Need their help right now.

Alternate Jeremy: Well how are we going to get out of this mess!

Other 3 Alternates: We Don’t Know!

Chapter 22 Xanadu

Back at the Alternate Factory Jeremy is Looking at the control panel slightly upset.

Jeremy: Are you sure we can do this?

Sara and Odd: Yes!

Aelita: I don’t think We have a choice .

Jeremy: But I don’t know how the transfers work here.

Aelita: It will be fine Jeremy. Just do your best.

Jeremy: Ok. (Types something but nothing happens) No that’s not right. (Tries again this time the 3 scanners close) Ok I think I’ve got it now. (Presses Enter)

A few seconds later in Xanadu.

Odd: It’s the same as it was earlier.

Aelita: Except that. (Points at a tower with some smoke like things circling around it)

Sara: (looks around)

Ulrich, and Yumi,

Yumi: That was Worse than the transfer’s to Lyoko.

Odd: If you think that’s bad then try jumping off a tower.

Sara: (Glares at Odd) What!

Odd: It was Ulrich’s idea!

Ulrich: No it was your alternate’s idea.

Odd: Would it kill you to play along!

Sara: Can we just hurry this up!

Aelita: How this isn’t like Lyoko I can’t deactivate towers here we don’t even know how they handle things like this.

Yumi: We have to do something though!

Sara: (sighs and walks over to the tower with the smoke creatures around it and aims at one of the smoke creatures) Ice Arrow! (Fires at one of the creatures destroying it) 1 down about 25 to go.

Odd: Sara what are you doing!

Sara: Not standing around like everyone else is that’s for sure! I still wish I wasn't stuck with ranged combat though.

One of the creatures bumps into the tower the virtual island shakes. Back on earth the alternate factory shakes.

Jeremy: (So that’s what those things are doing.) Everyone! Protect the tower at all costs. If it or any of the other towers are destroyed Earth will be effected as well... at least in this dimension anyway.

Aelita: That’s good to know.

Odd: Lazer Arrow! (Fires an arrow at a smoke monster but misses and hits the tower) Oops

Ulrich: Watch where you’re aiming Odd!

Odd: Shut up.

Sara: I really hate this place.

Aelita: Energy Field! (Blasts a smoke creature but it gets bigger) What?!

Yumi: (Throws one of her fans at the creature that Aelita accidentally made larger destroying it)

Ulrich: (Cuts up a smoke creature)

The Lyoko Warriors eventually destroy all the smoke monsters.

Chapter 23 Wait You Mean We Can’t Leave?

Well the Lyoko Warriors except Odd and Ulrich are back on earth. Sara and Yumi are not happy about this Jeremy Hasn't moved what so ever, Aelita is checking to make sure the scanners are correctly connected

Yumi: (Arms are crossed) Why does this keep happening?

Jeremy: I.... I don’t know I guess they got glitched up somehow

Sara: If that’s the case then It couldn't have been an accident or Xana.

Jeremy: What do you mean?

Sara: Aelita was transferred at the same time as they were if it was an accident she would be glitched too?

Aelita: It could just be their Digital DNA.

Sara: Have any proof?

Odd: (Voice comming through the computer) Calm down Sara!

Sara: (Growls)

Aelita: I found the problem. All that shaking pulled some wires loose. (Pushes a wire back into place)

two of the scanners close then reopen Odd and Ulrich step out then Ulrich’s Cellphone rings And his Ring-Tone is Breakaway By the Subdigitals.

Ulrich: (sarcastic) Oh great what now! (Checks the caller ID but just stares at it instead of answering)

Odd: (looks at Sara who appears to be in pain then glares at Ulrich) Well?

Ulrich: It could be one of the teachers.

Odd: Then turn your phone off.

Ulrich: Shut up Odd (Answers his phone finally) Hello

Ulrich’s Dad: Where the Heck are you! I’m not sending you to school so you can skip classes!

Ulrich: (hangs up) Did you lose your phone again Odd?

Odd: ...Maybe

Ulrich: Well My dad just found it!

Odd: Aubere is the one not doing a good job of covering for us. Why's your dad going through MY stuff anyway?

Ulrich: I heard someone in the background. Maybe one of your parent's gave him permission.

Sara: Sounded more like Herve to me. I have better ears than you. You just got pranked. Still Aubere should have been covering for us.

Jeremy: Bad news guys. We can’t use the scanners to get out of here. We would have to establish a connection to Lyoko’s Supercalculator and apparently I can’t do that from here.

Ulrich: Wait you mean we can’t leave?

Yumi: That’s what it sounds like.

Aelita: Wait! This Supercomputer might not be able to connect to the Supercalculator back home but the supercalculator connected to this supercomputer before.

Jeremy: What?

Sara: No duh that’s how we got into this mess!!!

Aelita: Why wouldn’t it be able to do it again.

Jeremy: Good idea Aelita.

Ulrich: (Sarcastic) Sure until Aubere breaks something

Sara: The Idiot has a point for once.

Ulrich: HEY!

Jeremy: Well Right now it’s the only plan we have.

Chapter 24 Technical Work.

Aubere is asleep in a lonely dorm when her pokegear rings. She answers very annoyed and half asleep.

Aubere: It’s 2:00 am. What could you possibly want?.... You want me to do what?....... Why?......You actually think I can do that?.......Wow you all must be desperate then, and no I’m not going to do that.........Fine I’ll try just stop yelling. By the way this early I’ll probably mess something up. (Hangs up and leaves the room wearing her pajamas and no shoes)

As Aubere is walking down the hall When She notices something in the shadows.

Aubere: What are you doing AJ? Are you trying to get both of us in trouble?

AJ: You have good eyes. (Becomes visible in front of Aubere) You shouldn't have been able to see me.

Aubere: Shut up and answer the question.

AJ: My boss ordered me to follow you around. Make sure you handled the situation like you promised.

Aubere: I'm working on it. Just leave me alone.

AJ: No.

Aubere: Fine then stay out of my way.

Aubere and AJ head to the lab. the man in the silver cloak is there messing with the supercomputer when they arrive.

????: You're late.

Aubere: Why are you here?

????: Fixing your messes. You said you would handle this

Aubere: I am handling this.

AJ: So what are you trying to do exactly? (taps one of her long pointed ears)

Aubere: Connect this supercomputer to one in a different Dimension then program a Return to The Past.

????:That won't work. The dimension Your friends are in is on a dangerous cycle. It's constantly collapsing then reforming. It's hit the collapsation phase. The point where communication with that universe is possible at all is at the end point. I'll have to disconnect it from the IDCS. There shouldn't have been a connection in the first place.

Aubere: Then what can we do?

????: Send this InterDimensional Guardian the tool she needs to get back. Before it's too late.

Aubere: You're not going to take Drastic measures.

????: She can do this herself. She just needs a little push.
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My Mom Fixed the Computer! She acidntally deleted Internet Explorer and Outlook express but once my dad got them back the conputer sped up it work's like it did when we first got it! now some bad News......I've lost....My mind

New chapter tomorow (if My mom let's me on the computer)
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DragonGirl a écrit:My Mom Fixed the Computer! She acidntally deleted Internet Explorer and Outlook express but once my dad got them back the conputer sped up it work's like it did when we first got it! now some bad News......I've lost....My mind

New chapter tomorow (if My mom let's me on the computer)

Well It was Nice for the short time it lasted
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Chapter 25 You help?

The alternates arrive as Jeremy looks at his watch.

Jeremy: What's taking her so long?

Aelita: Maybe something wrong.

Sara: this dimension is changing. That might be causing problems for her.

Ulrich: We have to get back soon. I already have to do damage control with my dad. If He's going through Odd's stuff he's probably already read my diary.

Sara: That was Nicholas and Herve not your dad. Making them forget shouldn't be a problem but You're catching the squirrel.

Yumi: We can't keep using that method.

Sara: It's not un-ethical if they agree to it.

Yumi: No I mean William became Immune to the returns to the past because of that.

Jeremy: Actually that was outside interference from Xana I wish I could figure out why.

Sara: (I have A feeling I'm not going to like the real reason if we ever figure it out. Heck. I probably already Know I just don't want to accept the answer)

Alternate Jeremy: Sorry to interrupt your conversation. We have an Idea that could help get you home.

Jeremy: What is it?

Alternate Jeremy: If we can find similarities Between Our virtual world and yours we might be able to come up with a plan.

Jeremy: That could work. At least until we get word back from Aubere.

Alternate Yumi: At least one of you will have to go to Xanadu to make the comparisons though.

Odd: (Raises his hand) I volunteer.

Sara: Put your hand down Odd. I'll go.

William: (Standing behind the Alternates) Anything I can do to help?

Ulrich: After what happened the last time you helped us? No thanks.

William: Hey I'm just as stuck here as you are. And I'm free of Xana's orders until we get back. I won't attack any of you until we're home.

Yumi: You expect us to trust you?

Sara: It'll be less trouble for us if we just leave you here. (Growls as she walks towards the Scanners)

Ulrich: Well It would be easier for us to keep an eye on him

Sara: (Glares back at Ulrich)

Yumi: (looks at Ulrich) Serriously.

Ulrich: (Shrugs) If we don't watch him he'll just get in our way.

William: I will not.

Aeltia: We'll talk about it. Just go sit somewhere for now.

William: Ok but let me know if I can help

Sara We don't need you help.

Chapter 26 A little push

Sara looks around Xanadu for any similarities to Lyoko aside from the towers which have proven to be no help to the current situation. She throws a rock into the Virtual Ocean as the Xanadu Warriors call it and there’s another beam of energy (Which on the game for Wii is called a data leak so that’s what I’m calling them from now on in this story and all future fanfics) shoots up from the water.

Sara: (I wonder what it looks like down there? It would have to be connected to this dimension’s equivalent of the internet..... Which is connected in some way to the InterDimensional Comunication System.... I wonder-... Oh well it's not like I can check it out.)

suddenly she glows with a bright light and levitates off the ground there's a blinding flash when it fades she's in a strange new fairy form that includes boots that are also pants. As a final touch her hair splits off into pigtails then come together at the bottom.


Once the transformation is over she loses consciousness and falls hitting the edge of the virtual island before crashing into the digital sea

Meanwhile back on earth...

Odd: What!!!!!

Aelita: I told you. Sara just fell into the Digital Sea.

Odd: How?

Aelita: I don’t know. I would tell you to ask her but that’s not currently possible.

Ulrich: (halfway asleep sitting on the stares) Will you both be a little quieter?

Yumi: (Halfway asleep standing against the wall) It’s really early in the morning and people are tired enough as it is.

Aelita: We should go back. Maybe something will happen so we can get her back

Jeremy: (Moves his hand a little {Yes he fell asleep over the Keyboard again})

Alternate Jeremy: (Sleeping on the... floor roles over)

Odd: Then let's go!

Aelita sends Odd and Yumi to Xanadu. they search the area of Sara's last know position. With no luck suddenly she flies out of the water and lands on the top of the nearest tower.

Sara: What did I miss?

Odd: Wow Sara you look great.

Yumi: You fell into the digital sea. Are you ok?

Sara: Yeah I'm fine. Though I seem to have developed another level of fairy transformation. It seems to make me invincible while I use it so this one actually seems useful. I Get the feeling that this is a one time thing though so I'm just going to stay here. We could use this to get us back home by the way I have an idea.

Jeremy: (Just woke up and is completely awake) Why do I get the feeling I’m not going to like this idea.

Sara: Shut up!

Ulrich: Can’t you tell us tomorrow.

Sara: I might forget by then.

Yumi: Then be quick about it please.

Sara: Fine.... All we need is to get the skid here. If I can travel through the InterDimensional Communication System and get to Lyoko I can drive the skid back here and Aelita can drive us back

Jeremy: I was right I don’t like that Idea.

William: Better than nothing...Which is what you have!

Jeremy: But it’s completely impossible! The Skid can only travel through the network it-.

Sara: can also travel through InterDimensional Communication System.

Jeremy: Hua?

Aelita: That actually might work.

Jeremy: But we don’t know if the skid has enough power for that kind of trip. And if Xana can’t even stand to be in the... What ever Sara called it-

Sara: The InterDimensional Communication System.

Jeremy: Yeah that. Anyway if Xana cant stand to be there the skid will never be able to survive!

Sara: Oh really I saw exactly where the InterDimensional Comunication System Is and Guess who’s controlling it!

Odd: Xana?

Jeremy: No That’s a stupid guess.

William: Actually that's how Xana trapped you all here in the first place. I was just supposed to keep you here until something happened. Honestly He was probably going to Kill me too.

Jeremy: But-

Sara: So much for that theory of yours!

Jeremy: How do we know you’re not making it up?

Sara: I swear on my honor as InterDimensional Guardian that I’m not lying or making this up.

Jeremy: Then that means it will extremely dangerous.

Aelita: I still think We should Use Sara’s Idea.

Jeremy: What?

Yumi: Well she’s the only one who’s had an Idea that might work.

Sara: If I leave right now I could be back by morning.

Jeremy: We don't know how long that transformation is going to last.

Sara: We don't have a choice. Besides I can feel somethings seriously wrong. We have to get home by noon this universe's time.

Odd: You're going to be careful right?

Sara: (Nods) I'll be right back ok. (Dives back into the Digital sea)
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Message 25 Mar 2008, 03:26

Chapter 27 Collapse

Aubere sits in front of the supercomputer. The man in the cloak and his minion AJ left over an hour ago now all Aubere can do is wait. Suddenly a strange Icon appears on the screen. Aubere leans closer to the screen then quickly launches the materialization program and heads for the scanners.

Sara slaps Aubere across the face the second she steps out of the scanners.

Sara: What did you do! Now there's a 24 hour wait! I needed to get to the skid and bring the other's back here.

Aubere: There's no time for that the universe you were just in is about to collapse.

Sara: WHAT! We have to get everyone out of there.

Aubere: The only way is with a portal

Sara: Then do it! You should have done that already!

Aubere: I tried I can't do it anymore.

Sara: (Growls) It's up to me then.

Aubere: Don't worry about that universe's residents. They'll all be reborn when that world reforms. It's our friends we have to worry about.

Sara: Got it.

Back in the Alternate Dimension Odd and Yumi have returned to earth. Everyone is waiting for Sara to return with the Skid. Jeremy looks at his watch.

Jeremy: I knew this was a bad idea.

Aelita: We could have just had Aubere to bring the skid here. Sara didn't have to do something so reckless.

Ulrich: Well it's not like We could have stopped her.

William: She still should have come back by now. Lyoko isn't that far.

Alternate Jeremy: Sounds like your friend ran in to some kind of trouble.

William: (Suddenly stands up) Everyone get down!

The alternate factory starts shaking.

Alternate Yumi: Not again.

Alternate Odd: Time to go to work again.

Alternate Jeremy: Not this time.

Alternate Yumi: (looks at alternate Jeremy) You don't think this is THAT time again do you.

Alternate Jeremy: I know it is.

the shaking stops

Alternate Odd: We were so close this time.

Alternate Ulrich: (Shakes his head) No we weren't

Alternate Yumi: How is this going to affect them?

Alternate Jeremy: (shrugs) Nothing like this has happened before.

Jeremy: What are you all taking about.

Alternate Ulrich: You better tell them.

Ulrich: (growls) Tell us what?

Alternate Jeremy: (pushes his glasses up his nose) Our universe and everyone in it is on a reincarnation cycle. Our experiences with Xanadu allow us to retain our memories every time things restart. Like with your returns in time and the way you keep your memories.

William: (Stares at the ceiling) Wouldn't that be something to tell us right when we got here?

Odd: (Raises an eyebrow.)

Jeremy: (adjusts glasses)

Alternate Jeremy: Usually we know before hand. We were expecting you all to be out of here by then.

Everything begins shaking again a rip in the InterDimensional Barrier forms

William: Tch. Figures that she'd just leave us here to die.

Odd: Sara wouldn't do that.

William: She just did.

Odd: Take it back.

William: It's true.

Odd: I said take it back! (Punches William in the face)

Another rip forms in the InterDimensional Barrier. Meanwhile in the lab Sara surrounds herself with electricity.

Sara: Come on. If Zelos can do it so can I. (moves the electricity to her right hand.) Come on. I have to save the others.

Aubere: Don't you need a sword to do this right?

Sara: There's no time. (right hand changes to claws) If we waist time the others will die. (Slashes her claws through the air.) Ugh (Rubs her face) What the heck?

Back in the alternate factory.

William: (Rubs his face) Decent hit.

Sara steps halfway through a rip in the InterDimensional Barrier.

Sara: Everyone come this way quick!
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Message 30 Mar 2008, 01:15

Wow still no reaction? Why dosn't anyone connent on fanfictions anymore? I've read afew other people's fanfics and If they hadn't left the froum I would have commented.

Well so far I have failed at getting people to post more often but I don't give up so easily.
.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 23 Avr 2008, 00:35

Chapter 28 Aftermath

Odd: HA! I told you so.

Sara: (growls) Odd get your butt through this portal NOW. You can finish bragging later.

Odd: (gloat dances through the rip in the interdimensional barrier)

The remaining Lyoko warriors shake hands with their other selves and head through the rip in the interdimensional barrier.

Alternate Jeremy: Maybe after our world is reborn we can meet again under better circumstances.

Jeremy: (nods) Yeah maybe.

William: (looks around then looks at the rip in the interdimensional barrier)

Ulrich: (looks back through the rip in the interdimensional barrier) Hey are you coming or are you just going to stand there?

William: I'm not going back there. I'd rather stay here than go back there with all of you.

Sara: Hey moron! You realize you're going to die if you stay there right? You aren't part of that universe. You won't be reborn like everyone else there. You'll just disappear.

William: I really don't care.

Yumi: (rolls her eyes) Stubborn as usual. That's why you fell under Xana's control in the first place.

No one notices Ulrich slip through the rip in the interdimensional barrier and position himself behind William.

William: That happened because... You know what just forget it and close the dang portal!

Ulrich: (kicks William in the back causing him to fall forward) This is going to go two ways. You can go back to our world or I can beat you until you do.

Aubere: I'm pretty sure that was Sara's line.

William: (Growls) Don't be stupid.

Ulrich: Get moving.

Sara: If you both don't get through this portal now I'm going to kick both your butts!

William's Houndoom bursts out of it's Pokeball and grab's William's shirt in it's mouth.

William: Hey let go!

Sara: (sighs and re-enters the other universe. She shoves Ulrich through the rip in the interdimensional barrier then grabs the back of William's neck) Offing yourself here won't block out Xana's rambling. It just makes it louder! (Throws William through back into the main dimension)

Houndoom: (barks a thank you to Sara then follows it's master)

Sara barely makes it back through the rip in the interdimensional barrier before the other dimension enters the final stages of collapse and the inter-universal gap closes with a burst of light.

Aubere: That was way too close.

Odd: (petting Kiwi) Seriously. We almost didn't make it.

William: (Lying on his face) Ugh. I hate all of you.

Yumi: Has Xana taken control of you again yet or are you just mad?

William: I really do Hate all of you right now. Xana or no. (holds up houndoom's pokeball while still lying on his face)

Houndoom: (licks William's hand)

William: Doomz quit it.

Ulrich: Did you get stuck like that?

William: Shut up or I'll kill you.

Jeremy: (rolls his eyes) Look we've all been gone for too long. I see no other choice but to do a return to the past.

After Jeremy programs the return to the past Sara finds herself sitting on what at times seems like Kadic's only bench. She polishes the pokeballs of all her Pokemon begin careful not to accidentally set any of them lose on the school. Riri, treeka, and Ivysaur would be easy enough to hide. All she would have to do is make them pretend to be stuffed toys. Blaze, Infernape, and Ampharos however are too big to hide that way and Wartortle, Manectric, and Jolteon can't stand to hold still for more than three second, Quilava poses a different problem. She could easily pretend to be a stuffed toy if she didn't flare up every time she gets too comfy. Aubere manages to sneak up on Sara while she's thinking up new methods to hide her pokemon.

Aubere: Hey! Are you thinking about who your parallel in this universe could be again? Because I'm still betting that it's Odd

Sara: It's not Odd I already determined that.

Aubere: You're already Paralelled to Zelos Wilder. And he's just a creeper version of Odd so-

Sara: Will you shut up about that!... Oh and Sissy you should know that you suck at hiding, I can see you, and that there’s nothing that you could use against us later so why bother even eavesdropping?

Aubere: (Woops how did I not notice her? I almost blew our cover. I feel so stupid right now.)

Sissy: Why do you have to spoil my fun?

Aubere: Making fun of people is fun?

Sissy: But of course.

Sara: So you admit that you make a point to be rude to my friends every single day.

Sissy: Well not everyday but I Know you all are up to something and I intend to find out what!

Aubere: There you go accusing us of something that happened only in your mind.

Sara: I’m really getting sick of you treating the everyone in the entire school like you have the right to boss them around.

Sissy: Except I do.


Sissy: (turns around and sees her father standing directly behind her) But Dad-

Principal Delmas: NO BUTS! YOU ARE GROUNDED YOU ARE NOT TO LEAVE YOUR DORM EXCEPT FOR CLASS AND MEALS! I’M ALSO GIVING YOU 2 HOURS OF DETENTION! (Looks at Sara) Ms. Draconar I am sorry for not believing what you told me earlier about m Daughter’s behavior.

Sara: It’s quite alright sir.

Sissy: (Glares at Sara and hisses) I'll get you for this.

Sissy and her dad walk away. Meanwhile in the cafeteria Odd has just finished eating.

Jeremy: You’re finished already?

Aelita: Wow he really is a walking stomach.

Odd: (Frowns)

Ulrich: Or he wants to see Sara as soon as possible

Odd: (Frowns even more) Shut up. I left something in the dorm that’s why I ate so fast.

Ulrich: (smirks) Oh so you are going to give Sara that picture you drew of her.

Odd: You know if you can’t manage to get Yumi to go out with you then you should ask Aubere out. You’re both obnoxious enough!(Chuckles as he walks away)

Ulrich: (Frowns)

Aelita: Speaking of Yumi where is she.

Ulrich: Probably still at home.

Jeremy: Well at any rate Odd‘s right you can be really obnoxious sometimes.

Ulrich: (Frowns again)

Jeremy’s laptop beeps.

Aelita: Sounds like Xana’s launched another attack

Jeremy: Right but at least things are getting back to normal

Ulrich: I’ll call Yumi


Ulrich, Yumi ,and Aelita are in the scanner room and Jeremy is in the lab.

Aelita: Where are Sara, Odd, and Aubere?

Ulrich: Sara and Odd managed to get Detention. Aubere had to stay behind and distract Jim. They'll catch up later.

Jeremy: Everyone Ready? The activated tower is in the forest sector.

Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi: Ready.

Jeremy: Transfer Aelita, Transfer Yumi, Transfer Ulrich.. Scanner Aelita, Scanner Yumi, Scanner Ulrich...Virtualization!

They make it to Lyoko but after a few minutes of fighting Kankrelats they become completely surrounded by uncountable numbers of kankrelats and Bloks, Yumi manages to lose both her fans and Ulrich Lets her borrow one of his swords until Jeremy is able to program new ones for her.

To be continued in Reverse Dimension Panic
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Message 25 Avr 2008, 16:24

Well It looks like I won't beable to even start typeing Reverse Dimension Panic untill I get my computer fixed it looks up when word pirfect dose it's timed backup. Maybe I could get my dad to let me type it on his laptop. he's paranoyed about viruses but he dosn't seem to get that typeing something in a word program isn't goring to give the computer a virus. anyway I'll post the next story as soon as I can.
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Message 05 Avr 2012, 04:33

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

i love your stories especially this one!FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD ON A STICK!
I'm back!
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Message 01 Mai 2012, 00:46

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids


Dude what are you doing?

Seeing what kinds of stuff DragonGirl wrote before she created us.

Ah reading over the old fanfics and learning about the character's that came before us

Exactally. I have to say she's gotten alot better since way back in her fan fic days

Well duh she's taken a creative writing class since then. I wonder why ever stoped writing thease?

From the file I read her other intrests were mixing in so bad that the individual fanfics lost their plot

Well that was just that one story. Her other ones are atleast worth finishing

Serriously man shut the heck up

There's no reason to tell me to shut up. Your points are irrational

annyway the sara in this story is alittle too overpowered and Pokemon master? THAT'S OVERDOING IT CONCIDERING ALL THE POWERS SHE HAS!

I can't argue about her being overpowered but I think DragonGirl fixes that by buffing the rest of the characters and superbuffing the villans. As for becoming a Pokemon master Any Kid with a gameboy or DS can do that. It's not difficult. though I do question the idea of having a Pokemon/ordinary dog hybrid that seems alittle weird, and unnecessary

Hey! What do you think you're doing invadeing fanfic territory! Your from a diffrent part of her creative brain you have no right to judge. Besides Fanfic helps buld her writing skill and Ive read the stories you guys are in and while her writing skills have improved she's out of practice so more fanfic = more practice and less ideas foating arround in DragonGirl's head keeping her from makeing new characters

I take back all my insluts

That's right I made you so you better be nice to me or your character design will go in the paper shreader.

Your Logic is bad and you should feel bad!

And Sara don't insult the other characters. some of them were partially based off you.

Those jerks started.

Don't care. Behave yourself!

Fine. I'll be nice.
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Message 05 Mai 2012, 04:33

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

So apparently DragonGirl hit a snag when planning the sequal to this story... she never finished it.

Then there's the problem of having to edit it.

But she still plans on posting it. by the way who are you?

I'm Sara Draconar the second your character design was the base model for mine.

so youre another clone?

no more like your grandaughter... sortof... I guess.

can you change your text color?


Hey what are you doing on my computer?

.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 06 Mai 2012, 07:42

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

Keep up the good work! I think you've got a good thing going on here and I like it. And the fact that more English speaking CL fans are becoming more active on this site.
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Message 07 Mai 2012, 23:40

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

thank you. I'm glad that people are enjoying my stories.
.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 21 Mai 2012, 06:56

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

So once I get my computer back I'm going to finish a couple more chapters in Reverse Dimension Panic (this story's direct sequel) then I'm going to start posting it. But both of those things combined could take anywhere between 2 weeks and a little over a month, and that's with favorable conditions so to keep/ possibly renew interest in it (including my own since I stopped for so long and am out of practice with writing for the Reverse Lyoko Warriors) Please ask the characters as many questions as you would like just please No questions that could spoil any plot points as the characters will probably lie to you. actually they will lie to you so ask away their lies may end up being funny. also just a warning there are 4 incarnations of Sara in my fanfics two of them have yet to be revealed and any of them could answer any question asked (Sara II is not included in fanfics she exists in a completely different "dimensional-multiverse" there for she will not answer any questions even if asked) I'll write their answers once there's at least 3 questions

Hold on back up there's FIVE of me total?!

six if you include your prototype design

My head hurts now!

Your head hurts? I created all of six of you and my head doesn't hurt so quit whining and stop trying to scare the readers away!

*Edit: 5/22/2012 worst case scenario just happened the virus ate more vital data than we anticipated and the only way to fix it is with a system restore meaning I just lost all my data for all my fanfics... excluding the ones I posted since I can copy and paste them back into a word document chapter by chapter. the only Way I'll be able to pose reverse Dimension Panic any time soon at this point is If I typed it on my mom's computer before I got my computer and copied the file over unlikely but At least it's a small chance* **Edit to the edit: same day. nope It's gone I gotta start over. this sucks**
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