The end?

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The end?

Principal Delmas awoke one morning to a knock on his door.
"Hello officers" Said Principal Delmas as he opened the door.
"Hello Sir. We recived information that some of your students have been leaving campus during school hours. Their names are Odd Della-Robia, Yumi Ishiyama, Jeremie Belpois, Aelita Stone, and Ulrich Stern. We were also told that one of your students, William Dunbar, has gone missing.
"What? I have not been informed of such misbehavior."
"We are aware of that. Now could you please step outside. We have a warrant for your arrest."
"On what charges?"
"Daddy! Daddy!" Said Sissi as she ran towards him.
"Elizibeth! Wait!"
"Wait right there miss." Said an officer.
"Whats happening? Tell me daddy!"
"Well Elizibeth." Said Mr. Delmas, "They think I did something very bad."
"I'm not a baby anymore! Tell me what it is."
"Well you remember William, right?"
"Yes daddy."
"Well they think I kidnapped him."
"What! But daddy! I know you would never do that. Right?"
"That is correct Elizibeth."
"Ohh daddy! Why, Why!"
"It will be alright. Elizibeth."

Later that day the Lyoko warriors found out the news.
"Oh Yeah! No classes at all today!" Said Odd.
"Well don't forget, the principal got sacked over Williams disapearence." Said Ulrich.
"Jeremie. Aren't you going to tell them the news?" Said Yumi.
"What? Oh right. I found an antivirus for Aelita. Though I'm still not sure if it will work."
"Well let's do it right now!
"Well thats the problem, we need to go to Lyoko in order for it to work. So meet me at the factory in an hour."
"Can we make it two hours? I'm starving." Said Odd.
"Fine but no later."
As Jeremie walked away, Yumi said, "Didn't Jeremie seem oddly impatient?"
"That's our Jeremie! Always rushing off to test out new programs!" Said Odd.
At that very moment Ulrichs cell phone rang.
"Yeah. Go ahead Jeremie. Ok. Got it." And with that he hung up.
"We have a problem. X.A.N.A.'s Activated a tower. Jeremie wants us to meet him at the factory right away."
"But we just talked to Jeremie like sixty seconds ago! That means either it's one of XANA's Clones, or dress like Einstein day." Said Odd.
"I'll go with choice one. But which one is the real one?" Said Ulrich.
"One of us should stay here, one of us should go to the factory, and one of us should go get Aelita."
"OK." Said Ulrich.
With that, they split up and did their various assignments.

Jim Moralés was patroling the halls that afternoon. Suddenly he heard a noise coming from behind a door.
"Who's there! I know karate!"
With that he threw open the door. Suddenly he stoped. What he saw, bound and gaged, was Aelita Stone.
"How did you get OOF!"
He was knocked to the floor. As he turned around, he saw Jeremie Belpois as he slumped to the ground. Unconcious.

As Odd arived at the factory, he immediately knew that something was wrong. He saw two Jeremies.
"Wow! Talk about De Ja Vu!"
"I'm the real Jeremie! He's the imposter! How can you not see!" Said one!
"Who are you going to trust! Yourself, or us?"
"Well, only Jeremie could say something that profound. But still. Jeremie hasn't been himself lately. I can't decide."
"Then ask a question that only the real Jeremie would know." Said the first one.
"Ummm... OK. What did Jeremie originally call Aelita?"
"Maia!" They both said.
"Uhh... Well... Your both knowladgeable. I can't tell!"
Suddenly Yumi and Aelita walked in.
"I found Aelita in the broom closet. With an unconcious Jim. Jeremie? Wait! Jeremies?"
"Quick! Make a break for the scanner room!"
Instantly Odd and Yumi ran for the elevator. As XANA Jeremie chased them to the elevator. The other one set the auto-activate for the scanners.

"Scanner! Yumi! Scanner! Odd! Scanner! Aelita! Transfer! Yumi! Tranfer! Odd! Tranfer! Aelita! Virtualization!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Said Spector Jeremie. Now in a split tone voice. Then he picked up Jeremie and hurled him against the wall. "You have interfered enough! I shall FINISH you!"
"But first you have to catch me!"
"Jeremie! We've got trouble! Aelita's almost at the tower, but she's surrounded by hornets!" Said Yumi.
"I'm kind of busy! I got the spector Jeremie on my hands!"
"OK!" Said Odd. "Anyways, this is kinda fun! OOF!"
"Odd! No!"
"It's OK Jeremie! Aelita's in the tower!"
Just then Aelita's voice came through the headset.
"Tower Deactivated."
"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!" Said spector Jeremie.
Suddenly a blinding white light swept over the factory and the school.
It was morning and principal Delmas was just waking up.

"Well, looks like everything is back to normal." Said Yumi.
"Yep! And I'm starved." Said Odd.
"I guess it was spector Jeremie who told us about the antivirus." Said Ulrich. Well, knowing Jeremie, he'll find one in no time.[/quote]

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