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Ok I'm going to finish this story up today then post Interdimensional Catastrophy tomorow here is a compleat list of the stories in the order which they will be posted here.

    This Forum's order

    Interdimensional Travel*
    Interdimensional Catastrophe*(70 chapters long in like 50 something posts I don't know how yet but I will make this thing shorter even If I have to ask a mod or admin to delete the entire thread and start from scratch)*
    Code Lyoko meets Garage Kids *(At this time edits have been completed more in the future are unlikely however I'm not going to say there won't be more becuase I was a kid when I started this stuff and never thought I'd change anything in any of these stories but I was wrong about that.)*
    Code Lyoko Pure, and Mremaid Melody Quest for infinity
    Reverse Dimension Panic*(finished at this time But I will go make a few edits every once and a while)*
    Sara Returns *
    Anime Intrusion
    Time Travel Hassle
    Summer at Kadic
    Cross Dimensional Disaster*
    A New Beginning* (I may change the title of this one)

Wait no more between chapter entertainments?

You can do more in Interdimensional Catastrophe.


Odd shut up!

He doesn't have to!

Go away so I can post the next chapter!

Edit: Pretty much all of these stories have been canceled. most of them because they were stupid ideas to begin with I just didn't know at the time I have placed an asterisk next to titles that will be edited, replaced with newer versions(this story included), or will still be made eventually but in a different form than what I originally intended... so better. The full list will remain so we can all laugh at the bad Ideas I had when I was younger.

Seriously though I really need to fix the problem with InterDimensional Catastrophe being too long In the rewrite that thing is going to be maybe thirty chapters If I can even stretch it that far. I think At last count there were 75 chapters or something and since I posted multiple chapters in one post a few times I think It came out to around 50 total posts of fanfiction that I now have to replace. I really Don't think I can do that unless I can delete some of those extra posts or outsource for filler chapters or something.
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Chapter 15 Bonding Part 4: Ulrich

Ulrich walks into the Hermitage around eleven at night. He had insisted on taking what would have been Odd’s third shift of watching Sara alone. He walks over to Aelita and taps her on the shoulder to let her know it’s time to go to bed. The pink haired girl nods and goes upstairs to her room.

Ulrich sits alone watching Sara for more than twenty minutes before he gets bored, pulls out a device that looks exactly like a game boy advanced SP, and begins playing Tetris.
Sara sits up and looks around. Ulrich pauses his game and looks over at her.

Ulrich: So you finally decided to wake up.

Sara: (Rubs her head) You are not who I expected to see.

Ulrich: (shrugs and unpauses his game) Sorry to disappoint you.

Sara: I’m not. Just suppressed. I assumed you wanted nothing to do with me.

Ulrich: (frowns and puts his game away) Let’s get something straight. I’m only here to protect my friends from you!

Sara: (nods) Makes sense. None of you know me everyone else is being reckless by trusting me too soon. Someone has to be careful.

Ulrich: (glares at Sara) You’re being way too understanding.

Sara: Which I’m guessing is making you more suspicious. The fact is that while getting back to my universe would be much easier if you guys helped me, I will eventually get back there by myself. I would like help but I’m not going to go out of my way to win your trust.

Ulrich: (I don’t want to trust her but she doesn’t seem to be lying… she hasn’t lied to us this whole time. She does keep leaving things out but she might have a good reason for that. The squirrel thing is proof enough that that’s possible. [shudders at the memory of the squirrel.] There’s only one thing I can do to really test how much we can trust her. But should I even bother? If she doesn’t deserve out trust then I’d just be wasting my time.)

Sara: (stands up and stretches) I slept for way to long. If you need me I’ll be on the roof. (exits the house)

Ulrich: (Who should I talk to about this? Not Yumi she’d be asleep plus she’s on vacation with her family. I’d rather not wake up Aelita. Awake or not Odd would be useless. Jeremy it is then [pulls out his phone and begins texting])

Sara sits on the roof of the Hermitage listening to the sounds of the woods surrounding her for a while before she hears someone exit the Hermitage. She looks down and sees Ulrich step off the porch and turn around.

Ulrich: (stares up at the roof) Um. Hey can you come down here?

Sara: (Moves closer to the edge of the roof.) Is there a reason why you can’t come up here?

Ulrich: Just hurry up will ya.

Sara: (Sighs and shakes her head) Alright (slides down the edge of the roof and lands on safely on the ground just behind Ulrich on one hand, one foot, and one knee)

Ulrich: Are you crazy? That building is three stories high (Points at the hermitage)

Sara: (Stands up) I know my limits. Besides you’re already suspicious of me (Spine tenses up) there’s no point in me hiding my abilities.

Ulrich: ([tilts his head] Did she just lie?)

Sara: So what do you need?

Ulrich: Fight me.

Sara: …What?

Ulrich: I want to test my strength against your magic.

Sara: No. I haven’t figured out how to control the strength of my magical attacks and I have never been able to use a healing spell successfully. I could end up accidentally killing you. If you want to fight then fine but I won’t use magic. I know I can hold back my physical skill.

Ulrich: (Wow she is really arrogant.[Takes a defensive stance]) We’ll see about that.

Sara braces herself for an attack but after a few minutes of nothing happening she smirks and turns to walk back to the house. At which point Ulrich finally makes his move attempting to punch Sara in the back of the head. Sara anticipated this and ducks just in time before quickly kicking Ulrich in the shin. Ulrich weather’s the attack and retaliates with a kick of his own. Sara dodges this with a bizarre spin. Sara seems to be left opened by that move which based on her reaction was supposed to deal some damage. Ulrich uses this to his advantage and manages to land a hit.

Sara: (Rubs her cheek) Decent shot. Not good enough though. (kicks Ulrich in the stomach then knocks his feet out from under him) Are you sure you want to keep going with this?

Ulrich: (stands up, picks up a stick, and starts wielding it like a sword) I’m just getting started.

Sara: (Sighs) I’m starting to get annoyed. This was fun at first but I could seriously hurt you if I’m not careful. Or something worse could happen and that doesn’t mean I would accidentally kill you. I have enough restraint to avoid that even by accident.

Ulrich: What could be worse than accidentally killing me!? (Strikes at Sara)

Sara: (catches the attack) I meant worse for me not you. The situation I was thinking of you’d be fine but I end up being hunted constantly. (Throws Ulrich to the side) Please I’m asking you to stop!

Ulrich: (Looks up at Sara) …So you are hiding things from us. (Stands up)

Sara: (Sighs) Keep attacking me if you want but I’m done. I won’t fight back but I won’t let myself be killed either.

Ulrich: (Tosses the stick away then brushes himself off) It sounds like the things you’re hiding are your own business. Something that put your life in danger before. I know what I need now.

Sara: (Growls) What do you know.

Ulrich: You’re only hiding things from us to protect yourself. We don’t need to know. It’s none of our business. (Turns towards the gate and waves over his shoulder) If Aelita asks I’m going back to school. Odd and I will come check on you girls tomorrow.

Sara: (Tilts her head) Thanks?

Ulrich: Just make sure to call us if… Drat I forgot Jeremy gave your weird phone thing to Odd to return to you. We’ll get that back to you tomorrow.

Sara: There’s no rush on that.

Ulrich: Have a nice night don’t do anything stupid. (leaves)
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Chapter 16 The Shunned

As vacation reaches its last week Aelita returns to the dorms leaving Sara alone at the Hermatage. Seeing no real point in staying at the Hermitage Sara goes back to sleeping at the factory. After finishing off the last of a boar she caught in the woods a week earlier Sara decides to ease her loneliness a bit and go visit the Lyoko warriors instead of waiting for them to come see her. She decided to take the sewers to the hermitage passageway instead of one of the secret passages inside Kadic then walk to the school’s front gate. Once Sara Arrives at the gate it isn’t long before Jim walks by.

Sara: (Waves as Jim) Excuse me sir!

Jim: Hua? (Looks over at Sara then walks over to the gate) What can I help you with young lady?

Sara: I’m a student at a school across town and I have some friends attending this school. I figured I’d come visit them before vacation ends.

Jim: What’s your name?

Sara: I’m Sara.

Jim: And who is it you want to see? They may not even be here since it is vacation after all. Most of Kadic’s students are home with their families.

Sara: There are three of them. Odd Della Robbia, Aelita Stones, and Ulrich Stern.

Jim: Yep all three of them are here. Stones is in the cafeteria eating breakfast. Stern and Della Robbia are confined to their room for the remainder of vacation.

Sara: (Oh yeah I do remember Aelita and Yumi both describing Odd as a troublemaker.) What did they do now? (I have to pretend I know them better than I actually do If this plan is going to work.)

Jim: They refused to eat breakfast or dinner yesterday!

Sara: …. (I know where this is going.) You were the chef for those meals I’m guessing?

Jim: Yes.

Sara: (Sighs) So you essentially grounded them because they bruised your pride.

Jim: When you put it that way it makes me sound mean.

Sara: Well it wasn’t so much mean as it was… how should I put this? Kind of… strict for the sake of being strict. And you’re just hurting yourself by doing it. (I don’t like doing this but I’ll have to be manipulative here.)

Jim: What do you mean?

Sara: Well think about it. This school is on break. You’re still here because there has to be an adult to take care of the students who didn’t go home for vacation and at this point the ones who came back a few days early. Well that and, this is just a guess but, you kind of live here and don’t have anywhere else to be.

Jim: (face turns red) Yeah well what’s your point?

Sara: You’re a teacher here right? Then this is your vacation too. Granted you’re the adult in charge but that doesn’t mean you should spend all your time in work mode. All you have to do is make sure the students are safe, come back on time if they go off campus, and don’t get into fights with each other. You still have plenty of time for yourself. Even with Odd being a goof.

Jim: Hey that actually makes sense.

Sara: Of course it does. (Sara tries not to roll her eyes [How stupid is this guy?])

Jim: Alright (opens the gate) come on in uh… I’m sorry what was your name again?

Sara: Sara. (That answers that question.)

Sara follows Jim to the cafeteria.

Jim: Alright I’ll have to go get Stern and Della Robbia. I can’t let a non-student in the dorms after all. Especially a female non-student in the boys dorms.

Sara: I understand not following that rule would freak some parents out.

Jim: (nods) Good. Stones should still be eating breakfast but, if she’s not then just check the library…. or the computer lab… wait you don’t know where those places are. Shoot uh. If you can’t find Stones just ask Dunbar or Pichon. They’ll be able to help you. (Walks away)

Sara: (sighs) Well I guess I should get this over with. (Aelita shouldn’t be too hard to spot with her pink hair.)

Aelita finishes her breakfast, the grainiest oatmeal anyone could imagine flavored with mud and sweat socks, and goes to put her tray away. As she moves to leave the cafeteria Sara walks in.

Aelita: H-HEY! (Hurries over to Sara) What are you doing here?

Sara: I came to visit you, Odd, and Ulrich. My school’s on vacation too after all.

Aelita: Oh right. (What kind of cover story did she make up?) Well Odd and Ulrich got grounded.

Sara: I convinced.. which teacher was it-? Uh Jim yeah I convinced Jim to let them off the hook

William: (Yells across the room) If you can manage something like that then where were you three days ago?!

Sara: At my own school. This conversation doesn’t concern you so shut up.

William: (hurriedly stands up) Wait a minute You’re that girl that was hiding in the bushes before vacation!

Sara: (Aw crap that guy!? Really! He couldn’t have gone home. Or at least forgotten me. I’ll just have to remain calm what would Alvin do in this situation?) Sorry kiddo it sounds like you’ve got me mixed up with someone else.

William: Uh. What? You don’t seriously think-

Sara: Better luck next time (Moves her shirt collar as if she was adjusting a scarf)

William: What the heck?

Aelita: We better be going. (Guides Sara out of the cafeteria once they’re a safe distance from William she mumbels) What the heck was that? Your entire demeanor changed.

Sara: I was behaving the way one of my parallels would act in that situation and I guess I over did it… again. Still not my best impression-

Aelita: What?

Sara: Oh right I haven’t explained that yet. I’d rather explain to everyone. It’s better then just telling you now and having everyone else be lost later.

???: Well Odd and Ulrich would be lost at least.

Sara and Aelita turn around to see Jeremy behind them holding a suitcase.

Aeltia: Jeremy? I thought you weren’t due back until tomorrow night?

Jeremy: I convinced my dad to bring me back early. We got here sooner than I thought we would. (looks at Sara) So why are you here?

Sara: I’m visiting isn’t it obvious?

Odd and Ulrich join the conversation.

Jeremy: I thought you two were grounded?

Ulrich: Jim had a change of heart or something.

Sara: You’re welcome.

Odd: What did you say to him.

Sara: I just reminded him that it’s his vacation too. So anyway what do you guys do around here when there’s no school?

Ulrich: A whole lot of nothing.

Odd: Video games. (glances around) If Xana gives us the time.

Jeremy: Some of us have more important things to do with our time Odd.

Sara: So there’s nothing to do around here? They don’t give you anything to do with down time? That sucks.

Aelita: apparently there have been some plans for a rec room but no one’s followed through with them.

Sara: Well that’s no fun.

Jeremy: (lowers his voice) I have to put my stuff away. I’ll meet you guys at the factory in about an hour. My dad’s still hanging around here somewhere so I’ll stay here until he leaves. Shouldn’t be too long but still we can’t be too careful.

The group nods and Jeremy walks away. Before they can do anything else Herve approaches them.

Herve: H-hey guys.

Ulrich: (rolls his eyes.) What do you want?

Herve: Well um… I was wondering if you guys wanted to hang out or something?

Odd and Ulrich look at each other. Aelita Shakes her head.

Aelita: No offense Herve but what You and Nicholas helped Sissy do the day before vacation just isn’t something we can forgive.

Herve: B-but that was Sissy’s idea.

Ulrich: And you went along with it. You almost got Yumi suspended!

Sara: (Scratches her head) I have no Idea what you’re talking about.

Odd: I’ll tell you the full story later.

Herve: I didn’t know what Sissy had planned!

Ulrich: There’s no way we would hang out with you. Just get lost.

Herve: (looks at His shoes and walks away.)

The group watches as Herve approaches William.

Sara: I kind of feel bad for that kid.

Odd: He’ll be fine.

Ulrich: We have to go to the factory soon anyway. We can’t risk him following us.

Sara: (watches as Herve is rejected by William and returns to the dormitory building) There may have been a better way to handle that.

Odd: (Tilts his head as he watches Sara.)

Ulrich: Well there wasn’t and it’s done.

Odd: (Is it me or did her eyes just go catish for a second?)

As Jeremy unlocks the door to his room Herve enters the hallway and calls out to him. Jeremy stops what he’s doing, rolls his eyes and turns to his classmate.

Jeremy: Yeah what?

Herve: I was wondering if you wanted to play a game of chess with me? Tournament rules?

Jeremy: Oh gee I’d love to Herve but I wanted to hang out with my Dad a little before he leaves.

Herve: Ah I see. How about later then?

Jeremy: (Ugh just leave me alone already.) Yeah maybe… No wait I already promised Aelita I’d hang out with her. Maybe tonight after dinner. If there’s still time.

Herve: (sighs) Yeah alright. See you later. (walks away)

Jeremy enters his room.

Herve returns to his dorm and sits down on his bed.

Herve: (Punches his pillow) Why does everyone hate me? Sissy keeps ignoring me. Stupid Ulrich. Thanks to Nicholas not staying for vacation I got stuck playing board games with Jim and that was just when William disappeared. After what I helped Sissy do there’s no way Odd or Aelita would hang out with me. Still I might have gotten them to accept an apology if it wasn’t for stupid Ulrich. Even Jeremy blew me off. Sure he offered to play chess with me after dinner but he probably just wanted to prove that he’s smarter than me again. Ugh. I HATE THEM ALL!!!

The lights in Herve’s room flicker.

Jeremy searches through the pile of disks he has dumped onto his bed. When he finds the first one he was looking for he shoves it into his backpack he does the same with the next two before he removes his laptop from his suitcase opens it and presses the power button. Nothing happens.

Jeremy: Dang it. I forgot to charge this thing. So stupid. I’ll have to fix that before I do anything else. (Sets the laptop down on his desk. then begins rummaging through his bag through his suitcase for the charger.) This is what I get for letting mom pack my stuff. At least I was able to get these disks in.

The doorknob to Jeremy’s room moves slightly.
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Chapter 17 Transformation

Sara stares at the main building. Her spine tenses up for a few seconds. The rest of the group begins walking towards the park.

Sara: Something’s wrong.

Odd: (Looks back at Sara) What?

Sara: Something’s wrong. Or if it’s not it’s about to go very wrong.

Ulrich: (crosses his arms) What exactly is wrong?

Sara: I just felt an electrical disturbance from that direction. (points at a window in the main building) It only lasted a second but there was definitely something.

Aelita: Maybe you were just imagining it? After all you did have Xana invade your head not too long ago. What you felt could have been an after effect.

Sara: (Shakes her head) No. I want you to be right but if I don’t trust my instincts then things tend to go bad really fast.

Aelita: If Xana were doing something then Jeremy would have told us by now.

Sara: Alright. If you guys are sure then I’ll take your word for it. But I’m keeping my guard up.

Odd: So let’s go to the park.

The group starts heading for the park only to be stopped by Jeremy’s father.

Mr. Belpois: Have any of you seen Jeremy? I wanted to tell him I was leaving.

Odd, Ulrich, and Aelita all look at each other. Sara glances back at the main building.

Aelita: He told us he would be with you.

Mr. Belpois: I assumed he would be with all of you.

Ulrich: He did say he was going to put his stuff away first. He’s probably still in his dorm.

Mr. Belpois: Thank you. I thought he would have finished by now but apparently not. (Walks towards the dorms)

Sara: Still think my danger instinct flared over nothing?

Odd: You were right we were wrong. Best two out of three?

Aelita: Now isn’t the time for jokes Odd.

Ulrich: We’ll go check out the dorms. You girls keep an eye out down here.

Sara: You know we could go check the girl’s dorms while you check the boys right? (Crosses her arms)

Odd: Which floor was that disturbance you mentioned before on?

Sara: The second floor.

Ulrich: That’s the boys dorms now we don’t have to check the classrooms on the first floor or the girls dorms.

Odd: Someone’s got’a keep Jim busy. (Odd laughs heading for the main building)

Ulrich: Odd wait up. (hurries to catch up to Odd)

Sara: So now what?

Aelita: (Shrugs) Guess we’ll wait in the quad.

After ten minutes of waiting William begins pestering Sara and Aelita. This causes Sara to lose her patience and punch him in the stomach, which in turn starts a fight, which attracts Jim to them to break up the fight. Before Jim can actually make it across the quad, Sara and William’s fight is stopped by the sound of glass shattering. Everyone looks at the main building to see Jeremy, Odd and Ulrich helping Jeremy’s father climb out a window of one of the first floor classrooms.

Jim: What the heck?

Sara: (Squints as she stares into the room)

Herve floats almost a foot above the ground and shoots a bolt or electricity out the window.
Odd, Ulrich and Jeremy manage to duck in time. Jeremy’s father is not so lucky.

Jeremy: DAD!

Jim: Everything going crazy (Rushes over to help but Sara stops him.)

Sara: Don’t be stupid you need a distraction to get them out of there.

Jim: You stay out of the way.

William: Besides how the heck are we supposed to distract that! (Gestures to Herve)

Sara: By staying out of MY way. (Starts rubbing her hands together.)

Aelita: What are you doing?

Sara: (still rubbing her hands together) Just get to the “park” Aelita.

Jim: All you kids need to get somewhere safe.

Sara: Not happening. You should take Edgy mc jerkface to the gym. Stay away from anything metal especially if it’s sharp (Still rubbing her hands together)

William: What makes you think you’re in charge?

Sara: Because I can do this! (Moves her hands apart so that electricity arcs between them) And you can’t

Odd Ulrich and Jeremy manage to Drag Jeremy’s father over to the group.

Jim: How’d you-

Sara: (Resume’s rubbing her hands together) New plan Jim was it? You and Edgy take him with you, Odd, Ulrich and Jeremy you go to the “Park” with Aelita

William: Why can’t we go to the park? It sounds safer.

Herve by this time has come out the window and it already floating a cross the quad.

Sara: Because I say so and I’m the superhero here not you. You’re gonna want to stand back. (Separates her hands again causing electricity to arc between them she claps her hands above her head while this is still happening causing a blinding flash when the light fades she has large butterfly wings on her back covered in zigzagging patterns, her clothes have become a crop top and skirt that hands about an inch below her knees both colored in a mosaic of different shades of blue with a few purples mixed in both the top and skirt have zigzag fringe hanging from the hem. She’s also wearing semi transparent blue elbow length gloves, and purple cords wrapping around her calves and feet that apparently are supposed to serve as shoes, a simple gold circlet sits on her head, and a single blue streak cascades down her hair. The entire outfit and the wings sparkle garishly) Hua? When did this transformation get upgraded? I don’t remember meeting the conditions for Enchantix? Dang this outfit is skimpier than the old form.

Jeremy: What did she just-

William and Ulrich: What the heck?

Odd: (Stares at Sara)

Aelita: (Punches Odd)

Jim: (Takes Jeremy’s father supporting him on one shoulder)

Sara: (makes a magical wall between the group and Herve) I’ll take care of things here.

The Lyoko warriors all look at each other.

Jeremy: Alright but you owe us an explanation.

Sara: Of course. Now hurry.
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Chapter 18 Rush to the Tower.

The Lyoko Warriors make their way to the sewer passage and rush to the factory. Jeremy hurriedly sends everyone to Lyoko’s mountain sector.

Jeremy: Who knows what’s happening back at school. We have to hurry.

Aelita: Which way is the Tower?

Jeremy: North. I’m sending the vehicles.

Meanwhile back at Kadic Sara is dodging Herve’s attacks gracefully flying around higher than he can hover.

Sara: Hey you have to fight what’s controlling you. It’s taking advantage of you!

Herve: (Shoots at Sara again)

Sara: (Dodges) Ok this isn’t working I’ll have to fight back after all. (Blocks the follow up attack) The problem is this form requires ranged combat… If I change to the form I usually fight in that will scare everyone. (Dodges another attack) hey cool it down there for a minute so I can think.

Herve: (reaches up and manages to grab one of Sara’s wings)

Sara: Crud.

Herve: (Pulls Sara out of the sky)

Sara: Now I’m mad.

Back on Lyoko Odd has stopped to stall some Krabs while Aelita and Ulrich go ahead to the tower.

Jeremy: The tower’s not much farther. Hurry who knows what’s going on back at school.

Ulrich: Any monsters?

Jeremy: Just a few kankrelats. And the Krabs Odd couldn’t finish off.

Aelita: He devirtualized already? Is that a new record?

Ulrich: No Jeremy holds that record.

Jeremy: Ha ha very funny… I’m worried about my dad. I’m gonna call and see what’s going on back at school.

Meanwhile back at school. Sara is using a barrier to keep Herve from getting to the gym while William and Jim peek through the door.

Sara: Will you two get inside! You’re making my job harder.

William: You sure you don’t need help?

Sara: Just shut up and get inside.

Herve: (trying to force his way through the magic wall)

Sara: You’re not getting through here! (Sara’s pokegear rings) Ugh really? I can’t answer that thing right now. It’s literally part of the fibers of this skirt.

When Sara’s Pokegear stops ringing William’s cell phone rings.

William: Why are you calling me?..... Your dad is fine. ……. She keeps saying she can handle it but she’s having a really hard time.

Sara: (Low growl forms in her throat) I am not you liar!

William: You are not! Some superhero you are.

Sara: Careful your angst is showing.

Herve shatters the magic wall and stomps towards Sara.

Sara: (facepalms) Crud. (She shoves Jim and William into the gym. She stands holding the door shut from the inside.) Is there another entrance?

Jim: Yeah. There’s one right over there. (points across the room.) And there’s one in the locker room.

Sara: Push something in front of those doors. I want there to be one entrance. It will be easier to stall for time. Beating sense into him isn’t going to work. (Hurry up guys)

Back at the factory Jeremy hangs up his phone and shakes his head.

Jeremy: Hey things aren’t going well at school.

Ulrich: We’re going as fast as we can! You’re lucky Odd told us about the megatank

Odd: You’re welcome!

Back at school Herve bursts through the side door. William is a little too close to the door. Herve immediately goes after him.
Sara flies across the room.

Sara: Idiot! You couldn’t have just stayed with Jeremy’s Dad like I told you!

Back on Lyoko Aelita enters the tower.

Back at Kadic Sara grabs Herve’s arm and pulls him away from William.

Back in the tower Aelita begins floating up the second level of the tower doing a back flip on the way up.

At school Herve turns around and grabs Sara’s neck.

In the tower Aelita lands on the platform and approaches the interface which appears in front of her.

At school Jim and William try to pull Herve off of Sara but can’t seem to. Herve tightens his grip on Sara’s neck.

Back in the tower Aelita places her hand on the interface.


At school Herve passes out. Jim rolls Herve off of Sara.

Sara: Ugh. (Stands up and rubs her throat) That could have gone better.

William: We have to restrain him till the police get here.

Sara: No need. The thing possessing him’s been calmed. That’s why I was just stalling for time and not really fighting.

Jim: Alright young lady you seem to know what happened here so start explaining.

Sara: Uh how about no. Hurries outside and flies away.

A wave of blue light passes over everything.

The day begins over again. This time Sara sneaks in to Kadic, and goes to talk to Aelita.

Aelita: So you’re not going to get Odd and Ulrich ungrounded this time?

Sara: No. It’s easier for Xana to take control of someone in a weakened emotional state. Ulrich is the main cause of that last attack. They’ll be fine in their room. They were playing videogames when I checked on them. Anyway even with whatever what’s-is-name did he still didn’t deserve to be treated that badly.

Aelita: It makes sense. But Xana won’t be able to act again for a while he has to regain his energy.

Sara: Shh

Aelita: What?

Sara: Someone is outside. The door.

Sara and Aelita listen as whoever was outside walks away.

Sara: Ok now it’s safe. Anyway you guys still need to make it up to what’s-is-name. He may have wronged all of you, mainly Yumi from the way it sounded, but it sounds like he just caved to peer pressure. He was feeling lonely and powerless trust me I know how that feels.

Aelita: Alright I’ll tell Jeremy and see what we can do.

Sara: I better get out of here before I get you in trouble.
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Chapter 19 Sara goes “home”

Once vacation ends The Lyoko Warriors meet Sara in the lab to get the explanation she owes them. Sara stands with her arms crossed. Odd sits on the floor holding Kiwi.
Yumi: Odd why’d you bring Kiwi with you.

Odd: I overheard Jim taking to Mrs. Hertz about a supprise dorm inspection. Lucky fur us right Kiwi?

Kiwi: Arf!

Jeremy: (shakes his head at Odd’s pun)

Ulrich: Well are you gonna say something or not?

Sara: I’m trying to figure out what you want me to explain first. There’s kind of a lot.

Aelita: Start with why you suddenly act like a completely different person sometimes.

Sara: (Sighs) That should be simple enough. So everyone who travels to other universes has a natural ability that awakens after the first time, regardless of magical ability. Usually it’s something small. This ability grows stronger with every dimension traveled to. Mine is that I’m a mimic. In difficult situations I can take on the personality or mannerisms of one of my parallels for a short time. Like when captain angst recognized me a week ago. I took on the behaviors of a parallel of mine named Alvin. Sometimes I just gain a power similar to that of one of my parallels and not the ability to copy them completely. Everything has its limits. You can gain other powers by traveling to other worlds too if you do it enough.

Jeremy: Just what do you mean when you say Parallel?

Sara: Oh right you guys wouldn’t know about that. So in every universe there is another you. They may not look like you or act exactly like you, the ones that do look like you will usually be extra different personality wise, but they are the you for that world. These other yous are called Parallels. The general rule seems to be two parallels per planet with no more than ten to one universe and no less than one per universe. For some reason all but two of my parallels so far have been men. (Sighs) It’s kind of weird. My only human friend back home had mostly parallels who are the same gender as her so I don’t understand exactly how it works.

Yumi: So there are hundreds of Odds all over the place that sounds unpleasant.

Ulrich: (laughs)

Odd: HEY!

Jeremy: I think that covers everything for now.

Everyone except Aelita looks at Jeremy with confusion.

Sara: Seriously cuz I have more things I could explain.

Jeremy: If you mean about how you’re not quite human we already know. Your DNA tells us that every time you go to Lyoko. Besides we saw you transform.

Sara: Well that’s not quite-

Aelita: Anyway Jeremy has great news.

Jeremy: I’ve found a way to use the scanners to send one of us to another universe. I think I can use it to send Sara home.

Sara: Wow already?

Odd: Aw.

Yumi: That was fast.

Jeremy: Well I worked on it all vacation.

Ulrich: Great. When were you thinking of sending her back?

Sara: Don’t talk about me like I’m not standing right here.

Aelita: We were thinking about right now.

Sara: You’re sure you’ve got the right dimension?

Jeremy: Positive.

Sara: (Rairai, Blaze, am I really going to see you soon?) Let’s get this over with then.

Sara goes down to the scanners and gets in one of them, while Jeremy inserts the disk containing the program into the supercomputer’s disk drive. Sara waits for the program to start. The scanner closes and Sara begins hovering in the tube. Back in the lab Jeremy is typing away on the keyboard. Aelita watching one of the three screens for him so he can focus, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi watching over Jeremy’s shoulder.

Jeremy: Alright the final phase is starting.

Aelita: Everything’s stable

Jeremy: Perfect. Thirty seconds to dimensional transfer.

Yumi: What if something goes wrong.

Aelita: The worst that will happen is Sara will end up on Lyoko instead, if that happens we’ll just materialize her.

Jeremy: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Execute! (presses enter)

All windows except the maps of Lyoko close and are replaced by a window with a green plus sign in a circle. Jeremy and Aelita high five.

Yumi: So what happens if you sent her to the wrong place?

Jeremy: My calculations aren’t wrong. I got her to the right dimension. She’ll be able to get back to her family for sure.

Yumi: Are we sure she even wants to see them?

Odd: Yeah from the sound of it her uncle is worse than all five of my sisters and Ulrich’s dad combined.

Jeremy: That does sound bad.

Ulrich: (Shakes his head) Nothing we can do now.

Yumi: anyway what makes you think you got it right?

Jeremy: I matched the energy frequency of her transformation to the universe she came from. There’s no way I’m wrong.

Odd: I bet you ten bucks you messed up.

Ulrich: I’ll go in on that too.

Jeremy: That is a bet you gentlemen will lose.

Yumi: (Rolls her eyes) Really guys really?

Jeremy: It’s not like you guys can do the math to prove me wrong.

Yumi: (shakes her head)

Odd: We don’t have to do math we can just call her. (Pulls out his phone and tries to call Sara’s pokegear)

Jeremy: She’s in another universe. There’s no way that’ll work.

Yumi: (Sighs) Come on Aelita, let’s go back to school before someone notices that we’re gone.

Sara appears in a different universe and is immediately in pain for a few seconds. when she regains her composure she finds herself standing in front of a large pale pink building the only man insight is a leprechaun who shapeshifts himself into a ferret. Sara facepalms.

Sara: Wow Jeremy was way off. At least I know where I am. (Scaly tail swishes like an agitated cat. She blinks and looks back at her tail then notices her clothes.) I look like I do on Lyoko. Why? Am I only here in virtual form? There’s only one way to find out for sure. Go provoke my Parallel in this world and her friends.

Sara wanders around inside the pink building, every group of girls she passes as she roams the halls whispers about her, mostly about her clothes. Sara ignores them and continues her search until a girl with very long blond hair exits a room and bumps into her.

???: Youch! Hey watch where you’re going.

Sara: You’re the one who didn’t look when you exited that room! (Low growl forms in throat)

???: Your outfit is hideous! You have to let me fix it.

Sara: Uh no. Not happening miss pushy.

???: Wait I know you! You’re that girl from a different dimension that got stuck here last year! What was your name again.

Sara: My name is Sara and if you try to touch my clothes I will hurt you. (Growls)

???: But your clothes are so disgusting! Who dressed you!

?????: Stella who are you insulting now? (exits the room)

Sara: (tail swishes)

Stella: Bloom you’re on my side right? Her outfit is horrible she has to let me dress her!

Bloom: Just leave her alone Stella. Remember what happened last time you tried to change her look.

Stella: But this is just so bad!

Bloom: (Shakes her head.) So Sara why are you here?

Sara: Uhhh. Virtual reality accident. I’m pretty sure I’m here in virtual form. Need help proving that. If I really am here in virtual form then I have to take enough damage to be devirtualized.

Bloom: We’ll go ask Techna she should be able to help.

Sara: Whatever just hurry up and get me out of here. (I hate being in this dimension.)

Sara follows Bloom and Stella into the room they came out of and to a room near the back with music booming through the doors.

??????: Musa do you have to have that so loud!

Musa: Sorry Techna.

The music grows quieter

Bloom: (opens the door) Hey Techna Sara here needs your help.

Techna: (Stands up from the chair she’s sitting in) Hummmm You’re here as a virtual being?

Sara: I think so but I’m not sure. If I am I need someone to attack me to send me back where I was.

Techna: (pulls a small device out or her pocket and points it at Sara) Hum. You’re definitely virtual. And you seem to already be at half health.

Sara: Someone attack me please.

Bloom: I’m sure we can find a better way.

Sara: You’re no help. I’d attack you to get myself back but I don’t want to accidently kill you.

Musa: That’s not a cool thing to say.

Sara: (Shakes her head.) I hate being in this universe so much. Maybe I can shoot myself in the foot a few times?

Aisha: (Punches Sara in the back of the head as hard as she can.) That’s for what you did last time you were here!

Sara devirtualizes.

Aisha: Woops. I didn’t mean to hit her that hard.

Sara steps out of the scanner into an empty factory.

Sara: Ugh I can’t believe that got me back. (Walks towards the elevator) I bet they all went back to class. They’ll find me next time there’s a Xana attack if I wait in the lab. I could call one of them but I only have Odd, and Aelita’s numbers it wouldn’t be a big deal if my pokegear could text. (sighs) I’m talking to myself out loud again.

Back at Kadic Jeremy and Aelita are standing next to the vending machine waiting for the others when Yumi walks up.

Aelita: Have you seen Odd or Ulrich anywhere.

Yumi: (Laughs) Aren’t they in your class.

Jeremy: We haven’t seen them since history.

Yumi: You sure Odd’s not in the cafeteria?

Jeremy: We already checked there. It’s weird for him to miss lunch like this.

William (happens to walk by)

Aelita: Hey William can you let us know If you see Odd or Ulrich anywhere.

William: Yeah sure. (Gives the group an unenthusiastic thumbs up and keeps walking)

Yumi: (once William is out of earshot) Do you think it’s Xana?

Jeremy: I wish I knew. Turns out sending Sara back where she came from bugged up the superscan. I launched the old scan but it’s going to take a little while longer.

Aelita: Maybe we’re worrying over nothing and they just went to check on Kiwi. If they’re not back before lunch ends then we should worry.

Sara steps out of the elevator into the lab to find Kiwi whimpering on the floor. she doesn’t notice him at first.

Sara: (the elevator was slower than normal)

Kiwi: (Sees Sara and sits up) Bad!

Sara: (Looks at Kiwi) Oh hey I forgot you’d be here.

Kiwi: Bad! Bad! BAD!

Sara: Why do you think I’m bad?

Kiwi: Bad! You took away my human!

Sara: Hold on what do you think I did to Odd?

Kiwi: You came and took away my human and spare human! You hurt them real bad first! Bad!

Sara: (shakes her head.) I really miss my Pokemon right now. Look Kiwi even without language barriers I’m still having trouble understanding you. I know you’re upset but please try to bark more clearly.

Kiwi: (growls) You are bad! (sniffs the air) Wah? (walks over to Sara and sniffs her) Oh! You’re not bad. Bad you smells very different.

Sara: I think I get what you’re trying to tell me. Do you know where Bad Me took Odd and… Uh your spare human? I can’t remember weather spare human meant Ulrich or Jeremy.

Kiwi: (tilts head) Spare human is spare human. Don’t know where they went but I can smell My Human.

Sara: Can you lead me to him?

Kiwi: (wags tail) Yes! You’re going to help?

Sara: (nods) We have to hurry.

Kiwi: The smell goes up first. (trots over to the elevator)

Odd wakes up chained to the underside of a metal table. He struggles against the chains.

Ulrich: Good you’re alive too.

Odd: (Stops squirming) Ulrich? Where are you?

Ulrich: Chained to the top of this table. Guess I could have it worse.

Odd: No kidding. Why would Sara lose it like that? So much for Jeremy sending her home. Maybe Xana possessed her?

Ulrich: Not really important right now.

Sara?: Your friends will come for you and then I can destroy you all at once. I can’t believe you thought I was ever on your side.

Odd: See that sounds more like something Xana would say.

Ulrich: Seriously Odd shut up!

Sara follows Kiwi to a row of warehouses. She hears Odd and Ulrich both scream.

Sara: Wait here Kiwi I’ll take it from here.

Kiwi: (Hides in a bush) Don’t have to tell me twice lizard.

Sara: (groans) I’m not a lizard. (What am I going to do though? I need to have the element of surprise. Whoever’s in there probably isn’t expecting me… unless Aras found this universe then she’s totally expecting me. Although If I was someone no one really expects… [Grabs a charm bracelet that hangs from her wrist just under her shirt.]) Mimicry.

Sara?: Hum. I was sure someone would be here by now.

A second Sara with black hair jumps down from the rafters.

????: Alright this time we end this for-…. wait you’re not the original… You’re not Sevey either? Who are you? Did they make more?

Odd: What the hell is going on all I can see is the floor.

Ulrich: I have no idea what I’m looking at right now.

Sara?: (eyes flash Xana’s emblem) Who are you again You seem like the forgettable sort.

????: I am Aras. And You are more phony than me. Never thought I’d be saying that one.

Red Headed boy?: (steps into the warehouse holding a metal pipe) Now don’t fight over me my darling hunnies. There’s enough of Zelos to go around. (Ugh I feel sick saying that. If I could have been someone else I would have.)

Aras: (Raises an eyebrow) Who are you?

Sara?: Stay out of this.

Zelos?: Hum… You must be the imposter the Real Sara asked me to take care of for her. (points at Sara?. Xana’s clone)

Sara?: (Kicks the table Odd and Ulrich are chained to onto its side.)

Aras: This isn’t my business. I’m out. (Disappears into the shadows.)

Ulrich: Great now I can’t see anything.

Odd: Are we sure the guy with long red hair isn’t a pretty lady.

Zelos?: I am insulted by that comment now do you want me to save you or are you zeros going to be a distraction. (Rushes the Xana-clone with the pipe only to phase through.) That’s how you want to play eh? Well have some of this. Lightning! (Calls down a bolt of lightning from nowhere on the clone who quickly recovers)

Sara?: (fights back grabbing Zelos?’s arm and throwing “him”).

Zelos?: (aerial recovers, lands, then swings the pipe close to the ground then straight up) Demon Fang!

Sara?: (steps around the energy that travels along the ground towards her.) Pathetic.

Zelos?: (runs towards the Xana-copy and swings pipe at it) Light sphere!

Odd: That attack contained neither of those things!

The Xana-clone takes Odd’s distraction as a chance to fling Zelos? against the ceiling. A silver bracelet falls off landing right in front of Odd. Zelos? turns back into Sara before hitting the ground.

Sara: Dang it. At least that confused Aras into leaving but dang it! (Stands up) Looks like that charade was a bust.

Xana-clone: (Surrounds herself with electricity and looks at Odd and Ulrich)

Sara: Oh no you don’t! (waits for the last second then jumps in front of the attack. While the clone recharges She breaks the chain holding her friends with her bear hands causing them both to fall) Time to go.

Ulrich: (gets up)

Odd: (Grabs the bracelet then gets up)

The three teenagers flee the warehouse Sara using herself as a shield for the others one more time on the way out.

Odd: That was close

Ulrich: Close and weird as heck! What was all that.

Sara: I told you guys I had more things to explain. By the way Jeremy got the wrong universe.

Ulrich: The others are probably worried about us lets go back to the factory.

Sara: So uh. Just a warning the black haired girl that called herself Aras she’s my clone and is actively trying to find and kill me. She’s not evil she just really hates me so she should leave you guys alone as long as you don’t get in her way. If she does attack just leave everything to me. She and I are equally matched so she usually runs away. (I’m better than she is though.)

Odd: How’d you find us.

Sara: Thank Kiwi.

Kiwi pops out of the bushes and the group hurries back to the factory talking along the way.

Ulrich: How’d you turn into that red head?

Sara: I can temporarily take the form of one of my parallels if I have a strong enough bond with them and if I have something that belongs or belonged to them. The red headed guy I took the form of is Zelos Wilder. The fact that I’m paralleled with him at all raises a lot of questions that I do not have the answers to.

Odd: I don’t think She’s following us anymore.

A blue light passes over the city.

Jeremy sits in the chair in the lab frowning. Everyone else is as they were right before They sent Sara "home".

Jeremy: I was sure it would work.

Sara: Well it didn’t. I was in virtual form so even If I did get back it would have been temporary and it was the wrong universe.

Ulrich: Looks like someone owes us ten bucks.

Odd: Each.

Jeremy: (Groans)

Yumi: (shakes her head)

Aelita: Well since we know you’ll end up in virtual form each time we can keep trying until we find the right dimension then work on getting you there permanently.

Sara: True but it sounds like Jeremy still owes Odd and Ulrich ten bucks.

Odd: Each.

Sara and Odd both start laughing.
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Chapter 20 Cynaclons part 6
The Second Attack

This Chapter starts in Jeremy’s room....... Oh right Odd walks in to the room. Also Xana is spying on them as usual.

Odd: Just so you 2 know I’m only sleeping in the same room as the both of you because Jim is making me I’d rather sleep in sector 5

Xana: (That can be arranged.)

Jeremy: Odd when are you going to get it through your head that Sara is working for Xana?

Xana: (Why would I have a weak little human work for me?)

Odd: Stop saying that! (Blasts Jeremy’s computer)

Jeremy: Hey!

Odd: Serves you right!

Xana: (That has to be tho only good thing that little pest has ever done.)

Ulrich: Odd Chill out will ya.

Odd: First you, your girlfriend, and Captain Computer Nerd vote to through Sara out of the group. Then Kiwi goes missing and I know you 2 had something to do with it.

Jeremy and Ulrich: No we didn’t!

Odd: Yes you did!

Jeremy and Ulrich: No we didn’t!

The Cynaclons Use a Predicite to crash through the wall.

Odd: And that explains what happened to Kiwi.

Meanwhile somewhere in the woods.

Sara: Ok I think I know where the cynaclons are, but I also think we should go Mewmew before we do anything else.

Zoey: Ok you lead the way.

Sara: Ummmmm ok............ POWER PENDENT!!!!!

All Mewmews: MEWTAMORPHOSIS!!!!!!!.

They all go in to Mewmew form.

Zoey: Mewmew stile mewmew grace mewmew power in your face.

Sara: Zoey do you not realize how stupid that sounds.

Corina: Can we hurry up I have shopping to do.

Bridget: Will people see us?

Sara: Most likely.

Zoey: What!

Sara: Don’t worry the won’t know any of this ever happened.

Kikki: What do you mean?

Sara: I can’t explain.

Estelle: We’ll need backup.

Sara: Don’t worry that’s taken care of. I even have backup for the backup. Now follow me. (Slowly flies away and the rest of the mewmews follow)
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Chapter 21 Cynaclons Part 7
Mewmews to the Rescue!

All I can say is that the cynaclons are arguing again and have been for the last 10 minutes. Oh and Ulrich is hiding behind Jeremy.(I think he’s finally lost it)

Tarb: I’m not taking that guy’s spirit!

Dren: Well I did it last time!

Sardon: Do I have to do everything around here?

Odd: (blasts Sardon) Will you 3 cynaclons just shut up!!!

Dren and Tarb: No.

Sardon: Humans are weak and useless.

Xana: (No duh!)

Sardon: This is taking too long (Start trying to take Odd’s spirit)

Predicite: Bark bark bark!!! (spits fire at Dren)

Tarb: Bad Predicite sit!

Predicite: Bark Woof!

Odd: (Blasts Sardon {again}) Take that you lousy cynaclon!!!!

Sardon: OOOOWWWW! (Pulls out some weird thing that I can’t think of how to describe) This isn’t worth it. (Prepares to attack)

(Picture of Sardon and part of the object I can't discribe)

The mewmews show up.

Sara: Hey Cynaclons leave my friend alone or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dran and tarb: Not this again.

Sardon: Don’t worry I’ll take care of that dragon girl.

Sara: That’s dragonfairy to you cynaclon!

Sardon: ARIAL TEMPEST!!!! (Uses the weird thing to make a bolt of lightning hit Sara)

Sara: Thanks for the power boost stupid!!!..........MYSTIC ELECTRICITY!!!! (Launches an electric blast that not only hits Dren and Tarb but also hits Xana)

Tarb: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dren: (sarcastically) Nice one Sardon.

The fight goes on with Mewmews attacking cynaclons, Sara and Odd Blasting cynaclons, the predicite spiting fire at Dren, Xana ocoasionly trying to help the cynaclons using lightning, but making things worse, Jeremy standing in his dorm completely confused, and Ulrich hiding behind Jeremy. Ok the Cynaclons finally end up close to winning when Amanda and Melissa show up in fairy form. Oh and Aelita shows up too but she has absolutely no idea what’s going on. Also Melissa is holding her light saber.

Amanda and Melissa: Backup has arrived.

Sara: Finally you two distract the cynaclons We’ll take care of the predicite.

Amanda and Melissa: Right! (They do what Sara told them to)

Sara: Breath Ability Bracelet!!!!!! (a circular object appears in front of her and she grabs it) Dragon Breath spiral!!!!!!!!!!!(Launches a twisting blast of fire, ice water and electricity at the predicite)

Corina uses her attack.

Bridget: Combat castanets!!!!!! (green castanets with pink bows on them appear in her hands) Deep Sea Serge Attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(launches a watery blast at the predicite)

Kikki: Golden Tambourine Attack!!!! (a gold colored tambourine appears in front of her. she grabs it) Tambourine Trench (Sorry I don’t know how to describe Kikki’s attack)

Estelle uses her attack.

Zoey: Rose Bell Full Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Some strange light changes the predicite back to normal)

Kiwi: Bark bark! (Wags tail)

Odd: (Cool Kiwi’s back to normal!!!)

All Cynaclons: Oh grate Our plan is ruined!

Dren: (is hit by Melissa’s light saber) OW

Melissa: Take that stupid Cynaclon.

Tarb: Give me that! (Grabs Melissa’s light saber and get’s it stuck in the ground)

Melissa: Hey!!! That’s it! FROZEN MAGIC BLAST!!!!!!!!! (launches a ice covered blast at Tarb but misses and hits a tree)

Sara: Melissa your aim was off. I’ll handle it!. MYSTIC ELECTRICITY!!!!! (launches a powerful electric blast at the cynaclons but misses and hits Xana instead) Well at least I hit one enemy.
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Chapter 22 A New Fairy

Ok what happens next is to confusing for me to under stand completely. All I know is that Xana shows up(or rather comes out of hiding(This is before he was hiding in the internet so he’s some strange cloud thing), the cynaclons panic and fly away wetting themselves in the process, Sara and Odd get thrown against some trees, Zoey ends up in a tree, Estelle, Bridget, and Corina end up tied to a tree, Kikki ends up face first on the ground, Amanda is out cold, Melissa is trying to get her light saber out of the ground, and Ulrich is hiding under Jeremy’s bed. Ok this is what happens next.

Xana: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I wonder who I should Attack next.

Ok Xana ends up attacking Jeremy but that’s a bad idea because it makes Aelita very very mad, so mad that she starts glowing then is surrounded by a bright pink light. When the light disappears she is in fairy form which is really hard for me to describe all I can say a bout it is that it’s completely pink even the wings are pink.

Aelita: (looks down at outfit and notices that she isn’t even on the ground)(What the? Wait I can use this to my advantage I just need to find out how to attack.)(Flies up higher) Leave Jeremy alone Xana.

Xana: (turns around) I’m confused.

Aelita: Good!!! (blasts Xana with an attack Similar to one of Tecna’s attacks)

Xana: Oooooowwww!

Jeremy: (Whoa!)

Aelita: Serves you right you dork.

Xana: What’s a dork?

Aelita: You are!!!!( Prepares to blast Xana again)

Xana: Oh crud! (Gets blasted by Aelita) Owwwwwwwwww! (Floats away)

Aelita: (flies over to Jeremy) Are you ok?

Jeremy: Yes.... but how did you do that?

Aelita: I....don’t know.

Meanwhile at ground level.

Melissa: Stupid Cynaclons got my light saber stuck!!!

Odd: No duh miss points out the obvious!

Melissa: Shut up stupid head!

Sara: That’s something I would expect from Darkar the loser who got destroyed by the Winx Club, and sucks at insults.

Odd: So what do we do now?

Sara: I have it covered.

Corina: Before you do anything else I suggest you un-tie us!!!

Sara: Shut up Corina! (Pulls out her inter dimensional communicator and presses a strange button)

Meanwhile at the factory Tecna’s cell phone starts beeping.

Digit: Is that the signal?

Tecna: I think so. (Types some thing on the keyboard of the 3 screened computer and presses enter launching a Return to the past)
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Chapter 23 Bonded Pixies

Everyone is in the woods (note the mewmews and Tecna went back to their dimensions) this is what happens.

Melissa: Is this going to take very long?

Livy: I hope not.

Melissa: Oh Livy I have something for you.

Livy: Really?

Melissa: Yes.... Here! (gives Livy a pixie sized light saber the exact same color as her light saber pail blue)

Livy: I........ I get a light saber!!!

Melissa: Yep!

Livy: Cool!!!

Glim: Goo ga ga ag goo!! (you 2 are weird!)

Athena: Dose any one know what Glim just said?

Everyone except Amanda and Glim: No

Amanda: I do!

Glim: Goo ga goo goo ga ag oog!! (Shut up Athena!)

Athena and The Pixie of Pranks: Shut up Glim!

Amanda: Don’t you tell Glim to shut up you 2 shut up!

Sara: and Odd: Don’t you tell our pixies t shut up!!!

Pixie of Knowledge: I’m confused. I’m never confused!

Pixie of Wisdom: Same here!

Jeremy and Aelita: Us too.

Ulrich: I don’t care!

Pixie of Attitude: Me ether!

Sara and Athena: Shut up you dorks!!

Urick and the Pixie of Attitude: Make us!!!

Odd and the Pixie of Pranks: Make us make you!!!!

Yumi and the Pixie of Telekinesis: This is really lame!

Pixie of Knowledge: All of you shut up you’re giving me a headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every one else: ...........................................

Pixie of Knowledge: Wow that actually worked!

Pixie of Wisdom: At least every one stopped arguing.

5 minutes later.

Sara: Ok now that’s done....................How am I going to say this...... all of you have pixies.

Jeremy: What in the world are you talking about!!!

Odd: for some one who’s supposed to be a genus you an idiot when it comes to magic.

Jeremy: Shut up!

Odd: No

Jeremy and the pixie of Knowledge: Just shut up!

Sara: see Einstine I told you. you have a pixie.

Athena: Yeah so just name it already so we can move on!

Jeremy: Fine. (turns to the Pixie of Knowledge) Your name is Tyler.

Tyler: Ummm cool.

Sara: Ok some one else name their pixie.

Aelita: I’ll name mine! (Turns to the Pixie of Wisdom) I think your name should be Atilea.

Atilea: Yay.

4 minutes later.

Odd: (talking to the Pixie of Pranks) your name should be Rani un-less I can think of some thing better which I can’t right now.

Rani: You better think of some thing that isn’t as dorky!!!! (And that doesn’t sound Like a girl Disney “fairy’s” name)

Pixie of Attitude: The person you’re bonded to is really lame! (a rock falls on his head) Ow!

Sara: Ok came some one name the 2 remaining pixies now because I’m really getting annoyed!

Yumi: Fine! (Turns to the Pixie of Telekinesis) Your name is going to Lourana.

Lourana: Ok cool!

1 hour later!

Sara: Ok you loser (points at Ulrich) You are going to name your pixie now!!!!!!!

Ulrich: Fine! (Turns to the pixie pf attitude) Your name is going to be Mitch.

Mitch: Whatever
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Message 23 Aoû 2007, 02:52

Chapter 24 Odd’s starter Pokemon?

Ok so Sara Decides to show every one her Pokemon she is telling them what pokemon are when Odd’s dog Kiwi runs out of nowhere and crashes in to Sara’s Electrike. Also a lot of characters don’t talk in this chapter but they are there.

Electrike: Elec? Elec electrike? (Hua? Hey what gives?)

Kiwi: Bark! (This!)(spits fire at Electrike)

Electrike: Elec (falls down but gets back up again) Elec elec (starts charging electricity)

Sara: (Holds out a Pokeball) Electrike return!!! (electrike goes inside the pokeball)

Odd: What just happened?

Sara: I don’t know but apparently Kiwi can spit fire.

Everyone else that’s human: This is confusing!

Blaze: Blaziken! (Seriously!)

Jolteon: Jolt jolt! (weird!)

Sapphire: Neigh (Creepy!)

Salamince: Roar! (I’m board!)

Riri: Ri ria. (Hits Kiwi on the head with her tail turning him in to a Growlith)

Kiwi: GROWL! Growl gorwl growllliiitthhh!!! (OW! Hey no fair!!!)

Sara: Whoa! Odd your dog is really a pokemon! Well maybe half Pokemon.

Odd: Well what do I do.

Sara: Here (hands Odd a Pokéball) I’ll show you how to use that later.

Odd: Good because you have some things to explain!!!!

Sara: like what?

Odd: That Dragon Thing!!!!!!!!!

Sara: Oh that well ok First of all when my eyes glow it has nothing to do with my fairy half.

Odd: What do you mean?

Sara: My eyes only glow if someone makes me really mad or if my dragon instinct kicks in.

Odd: and what a bout you being able to completely turn in to a dragon!!!

Sara: you know about that too!!! That’s something that I can’t explain to you yet sorry.
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Chapter 25 the Untold Legend Starts Again

They all go back to school. This is what happens in Sara, Amanda, and Aelita’s dorm.

Sara: Hey There’s something weird going on!

Amanda and Aelita: Like what?

Sara: That box over there. (points at a midnight-blue ceramic box that’s sitting on a bookshelf.) Normally it doesn’t give off any magical signature but now-

Amanda: well then open it.

Glim: Ga goo!

Aelita and Atilea: Yeah.

Sara: Ok (she opens the box and there’s a clear, round magical crystal wit h a smooth surface) what’s this? (Picks up the crystal)

Athena: (whispers to self) The Crystal of Dimensions.

Sara: What did you say Athena.

Athena: I unfortunately can’t tell you but I’ll ask the Pixie Elders a bout it tomorrow!

Meanwhile somewhere above the city Darkar had just come out of a portal.

Darkar: This place seems easy to destroy at least there are no fairies, pixies or witches here to mess up my plans.

Xana: Sais you!!!

Darkar: Who the heck are you, and what’s that supposed to mean?

Xana I’ll tell you all about it if you team up with me.

Darkar: Deal!

The End
For now!!!
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I could fast read everything, I love your text, this really definitely ecrit would need that you post more of Fan Invention

Traduction en Français: J'ai pu rapidement tout lire,j'adore ton texte,ces vraiment bien ecrit faudrait que tu poste plus de Fan Fiction!
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Message 27 Aoû 2007, 00:00

Fan Fiction a écrit:I could fast read everything, I love your text, this really definitely ecrit would need that you post more of Fan Invention

Traduction en Français: J'ai pu rapidement tout lire,j'adore ton texte,ces vraiment bien ecrit faudrait que tu poste plus de Fan Fiction!

Thank you very much. I have finished this story but I posted the sequal InterDimensional Catastrophy. It's nice to hear exactally what people think of the story. I would like to know things I could use to improve the stories I have not finished typing yet. if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it.

Now here's the badly translated french virsion of what I typed in english (sorry I'm snot good with french yet sofat all I can understand with out a translator website is Non, Oui, Désolé, Bonjour, Bonsoir, and Salut) Maintenant voici virsion français mal traduit de que j'ai tapé l'anglais

Merci beaucoup. J'ai fini cette histoire mais j'ai posté Catastrophy Interdimensionnel sequal. Il est agréable d'entendre exactally que gens pensent à l'histoire. Je voudrais savoir des choses que je pourrais utiliser pour améliorer les histoires que je n'ai pas finies de taper encore. si quelqu'un a un conseil j'aimerais l'entendre.
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Message 10 Juil 2012, 06:30

Re: Interdimensional Travel

So Yeah this was my first fanfic I will be editing this so it makes more sense with the way my fanfics are going now.

Also Sara's first earth and Virtual forms. they're almost as old as this fanfic but enjoy.

Earth (ignore the necklace If I remember correctly that doesn't come into play until the sequel and that will probably change too so just ignore it for now.)

Lyoko. (Her tail is a dragon's tail now but other than that everything is pretty much the same also the stupid expression I drew onto her face that was not intentional so Ignore that too)
.....Yay ... just yay

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