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Chapter 41 Darn it I’m running out of chapter titles

Sara touches the Wind Waker to Odd’s right hand nothing happens then it glows for 5 minutes then nothing then 20 minutes later there’s still nothing going on..... Well until this happens.

Sara: Darn it!!! (Opens a portal to Hyrual and troughs the Wind Waker through it (the portal closes afterwards))

Kikki: See this is why I need to become a Witchling too!!!!

Sara: Shut up Kikki

Meanwhile in Hyrual

Spyro: (the Wind Waker falls on his head) Ow

Ember: Hey Spyro! Why are we in Hyrual again?

Spyro: I don’t know

Zelda: Shut up! (Grabs the wind waker)

Spyro and Ember: WHY?

Link: Go back to the Dragon Realms already!

Meanwhile On Lyoko in a sector that looks like the Mountain Sector only the brown parts are black, the few trees are ether burnt or on fire, lava inside some of the mountains, the occasional eruption, and the Digital Sea is replaced by lava that has an Instant-devitalization effect instead of Permeant-Virtualization (Unfortunatly this also works on monsters). Well one of the towers Activates only instead of changing to red, white, or green it becomes purple. Oh and a portal opens close by. Ok here’s what team Lyoko is doing.

Sara (and everyone else): ................................................................

Kikki: It’s way too quiet in here!

Odd: (Seriously)

a portal opens

Aelita: Where’d that come from? (Points at the portal)

Jeremy: I don’t know!

Ulrich And Yumi: Who cares!!!

Sara: (staring at the portal) .......................................

Kikki: Why is it Purple?

Miabelle: Yeah Aren’t portals usually more than 1 color?

Dorie and Caitlin: Ummmmmmm we don’t know!

Reanne: I think Mirabelle’s right

Sara: Will the 5 of you just shut up for a minute I’m trying to think.

Kikki and the witchlings: Ok!!!!

Sara: Someone needs to See where the portal goes!

Everyone else: .................................

Sara: Do I have to do everything that involves magic around here? (Goes through the portal them comes back) It goes to Lyoko.

Aelita: Why Lyoko?

Sara: Don’t ask me I didn’t open the portal!..........Oh I did notice that the coloring around one of the towers was different.

Ulrich: There’s an activated tower so what just have Aelita go through th portal and deactivate it..

Sara: It was purple.

Ulrich: Your point?


Sara: Actually It means that someone with magic is really board!

Odd: (I am so busted!)

Aubere: That’s impossible because the only person who would be board enough and annoying enough to do that is dead besides we’re not in science or math right now.

Sara: Oh really Aubere? (Raises an eyebrow)(We’ll just see about that.)

Aubere: (No fair why do you get to have telepathy?)

Sara: (Because My interdimensional equal is Princess Zelda!)

Amanda: Wow it got quiet in here fast!


Odd: (sits up) Ok that’s the last time I ever make you mad. (I hope. Other wise I’ll have a problem worse then my 5 older sisters and Xana combined to worry about.)

Aubere: Why couldn’t you have just died?

Odd: Shut up Aubere!

Jim walks in through the hole in the wall!

Jim: What’s going on here and what’s that? (Points at the portal)

Sara: (whispers) Dimension warp Blast! (Warps Jeremy and Aelita to the factory)

Jim: What the heck is going on here!

A few seconds later at the factory!

Jeremy: RETURN TO THE PAST NOW!!!! (Presses enter)

Ok a blue light passes over basically everywhere and everyone knows what that means.
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Chapter 42 The Dragon flu

4 of the original Code Lyoko characters and Sara are in the park they have just got out of Art and Ulrich is complaining about his grade in that class AGAIN!!!!

Ulrich: I can’t believe I got a 0 in Art! My dad is going to kill me.

Sara: A bit of advice stop drawing only stick people that’s an automatic F. And you would have a better grade in theater if you saved the drama until then.

Ulrich: Shut up!

Odd: You should know by now that telling Sara to shut up is a bad idea.

Ulrich: What eve- (Sara punches him in the face) OW!!!!

Odd: I warned you!:D

Sara: (sneezes fire) Ok why did I just sneeze fire?

Odd: I don’t know.

Sara: (sneezes ice) Ok what’s with the Ice. (sneezes bubbles) well at least that breath ability was useful for once:D (points at Ulrich who’s trapped in a bubble)

Ulrich: That’s not funny!!!!!

Sara, Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita: Yes it is.

Sara: (sneezes water) Darn I can still the other breath ability that is rarely useful.

Odd: Sara are you Ok?

Sara: Yeah. (sneezes electricity)

Odd: You don’t sound ok.

Sara: Seriously I’m fine (sneezes all breath abilities) Ow that actually hurt.

Odd: See something’s wrong!

Sara: No It’s probably just a cold (passes out)

Odd: Oh crud!!!!!

The bell rings.

Odd: Ok who was thinking that things couldn’t get worse?

Jeremy and Aelita: We don’t know.

Ulrich: Noone cares Odd!
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Chapter 43 Hospitalization

Ok 20 minutes later in where ever the science class is being held (obviously somewhere in the science building)the people that were in the last chapter just came in to class late (except Sara who’s in the infirmary).

Ms Hertz: Why are the 4 of you late!?!?!?!?!?!

Odd: We had to Take Sara to the Infirmary.

Ms Hertz: You expect me to believe that!

Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita: Yes!

Ulrich: I don’t care!

Ms Hertz: Too bad!!!

Odd: (Why do I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen?)

A siren is heard!

Ms Hertz: (looks out the window and Sees an Ambulance) That’s strange.

Odd: (I told Captain Computer Nerd(Jeremy) that taking Sara to the infirmary was a bad idea!)
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Chapter 44 Forty-seven Minutes Later at the Hospital

Ok just look at the chapter title to find out what’s going on before the dialog Oh Sara’s awake by the way.

Sara: Ok who’s idea was it to Take me to the infirmary because it was obvious that I would end up here!

A bunch of people point at Jeremy.

Jeremy: How was it Obvious?

Odd: The normal tempature for Dragons and Half-Dragons is 213 degrees Fahrenheit!

Jeremy: Well how was I supposed to know that?

A girl with long blue hair that’s up in a ponytail walks into the room.

Girl: Excuse me but is anyone missing any pokemon?

Sara: Not that we know of.

Riri, Kiwi, a purple Treeco, a Magnamite, a pink Porygon, and a blue Treeco run through the door.

Kiwi: Growl Growlith! (Jumps on Odd and starts licking him then goes back into dog form)

Odd: Kiwi stop that you’re not even supposed to be here!

Riri: Ri raichu!!!!! (Runs up to Sara and hugs her)

Sara: Riri calm down ok?

Riri: Ri Ria Raichu. (Ok Sara.)

Purple Treeco: Tree?

Sara: (looks at the small lizard like Pokemon) Hey Odd I think your Treeco’s here.

Odd: Really? (The purple treeco jumps on Odd’s head) I think you’re right. Treeco get down from there.

Blue Treeco: Tree treeco tree?

Girl: Ummm Hey sick girl this Treeco Sais it belongs to you!

Sara: First of all My name is Sara Draconar and second My Treeco’s name is Treeka and she should be with one of the pokemon professors I don’t remember which one right now but whatever!

Girl: You are so not Sara Draconar she’s the Youngest Pokmon Master in the world

Odd: (looks at Sara) You did all that stuff?

Sara: Yep Oh and Clare needs to shut up!!!!

Clare: Hey You can’t tell the Blackthorn city gym leader to shut up!

Sara: I’m a Pokemon Master so actually Yeah I can

Treeka: Tree!!!!!! (Hugs Sara)

Sara: Treeka what are you doing here and please get off my face!

Treeka: Treeco! (Ok!) (Lets go of Sara’s face)

Treeco: (looks at Treeka and starts blushing the jumps on Odd’s shoulder) (whispering to self) Tree tree tree treeco. (Wow that blue girl treeco is pretty.)

Odd: (Graaaaate My Treeco Has a crush on Sara’s Treeco.....Maybe that could be useful?)

Magnamite: (Flying around Jeremy’s head) Mag magnamite magnamite mag!!!!

Jeremy: Magnamite cut it out!!

Magnamite: Mag!:D (Still flying around Jeremy’s head)

Jeremy: (holds out pokeball) Magna mite return

Magnamite: Magna? (Goes into the pokeball)

Jeremy: Finally!

Porygon: Gon pory gon! (Floats over to Aelita then hovers in front of her)

Aelita: (picks up the Porygon) There you are you silly Pokemon why do you keep floating off like that?

Clare: Oh one of the nurses told me to tell you weirdos that visiting hours are over.

Chapter 45 That night

Ok it is now night and Sara is really ticked off. Here’s what’s happening. Oh and Clare is in the room too!

Sara: Stupid doctors won’t let me leave I know that I’m fine but Non magic beings know nothing about magic and what they do know is wrong.

Clare: Then Escape!

Sara: I can’t

Clare: Why not?

Sara: (InterDimensionalCommunicator starts ringing and she answers it) Odd stop calling every two hours!

Odd: Alright... So are you Ok?

Sara: Yes I’m completely fine now please stop calling and go to sleep.(hangs up) That’s why not

Clare: Then turn your InterDimensionalCommunicator back to Nintendo Ds mode then go Mew mew and Fly out the window go to your secret base or better yet the head Pokétea- (Sara covers her mouth)

Sara: Not another word!....... Oh for get this (makes dragon wings come out)

Clare: (Opens the window) Well You should leave now!

Sara: I guess so! (Flies away)
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ok just alittle info about Winx Club to help people who dont know that show please note that this story is mainly code Lyoko but has elements from other shows too (examples are Winx Club Mew Mew Power{Or Tokyo Mewmew which I will put info for later to help people under stand some more things in this story} and Magical DoReMi)

(English Winx opening{season 3} Everywhere except America)

(English Opening American Version{also season 3 but seasons 2 and 1 are basicallly the same)

(French season 1 I cant understand this virsion but I like it)

(English season 2 {there's another virsion of this but part of it dosn't make sense it's called the Rai English viesion)

(Charmix explination{it's towards the end along with darkar gloating})

Enchantix explination:(only applies to fairies but it will be nessicary for someting later in this fanfic){I'll post Clips of character transformations later I cant right now because My dad is rambling about nothing again[winx Club Charactors I can't make transformations for Characters I created but I wish I could])

Enchantix is the final fairy transformation and is earned by saving someone from your own planet(or relm{It said nothing about restrictions on Dimensions}) And making a major sacrifice. When Enchantix is earned the fairiy's magic increases in strength and they gain new powers like use of Fairy Dust (Which can remove the affects of dark magic and sapposidly has healing powers but) and shrinking{minaturization} other than that really nothing is too diffetent(Except the major fairyform outfit change).
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Chapter 46 Reason # 206 Why Xana and Dorkar are the Most Annoying Villains Ever!
(At least for now)

Ok this is what the 2 idiotic villains are doing. Ok why is it that villains talk to them selves so much? Oh and they’re in some underground base that looks like a cross between Shadow Haunt and Sector 5. (This place is important later in the story why.......You have to wait until later to find out:D)

Darkar: (thinking out loud) There has to be some way to find out where the InterDimensional Crystal is

Xana: Who are you talking to?

Darkar: (blinks Well I think he dose but it’s hard to tell) You mean I said that out loud?

Xana: Yes!

Darkar: Darn it! (Starts hitting his head against the wall) OW OW OW OW OW!


meanwhile frozen in an ice block somewhere in the Omega Dimension. (note this part is not important it’s funny I’ll have to cut off after a short point because well you’ll figure it out:D)


Ok back to what Xana and Dorkar are doing before Baltor sais things that I don’t want to (and Can’t) Type

Darkar: (Still hitting head on the wall) OW OW OW OW OW!!!


Darkar: (Stops) Ok.

Xana: you are such a idiot.......Now what as that thing you said out loud before? Something about a crystal?

Darkar: The InterDimensional Crystal contains the power of the InterDimensional Guardian.

(That’s completely wrong any way we all know where this is going(if you don’t yet you will:D))

Xana: So?

Darkar: So with it we can open portals to anywhere.

Xana: (Oh grate the Realix thing again!!!!)

Darkar: And we could get into Realix without the Codex!

Xana: and I should be interested in this why?

Darkar: Because With the power hidden Realix we could make it so that you wouldn’t have to activate those stupid towers any more!

Xana: Couldn’t I just destroy Lyoko?

Darkar: You want to get stuck Living in that internet thing humans use?

Xana: No.

Darkar: Then we have to find the InterDimensional Crystal!

Xana: (remembers something from earlier in the fanfic)

~Xana’s flash back~(to when Sara got her Charmix

Sara: CHARMIX!!!!!!!!!!! (flashback somehow shows a close of the pin on Sara’s charmix)

~end flashback~

Xana: This Crystal thing..... is it perfectly round, completely clear, and sort of flat?


Xana: I know where it is

Darkar: WHERE!!!!

Xana: That Draconar girl has

Darkar: I’m guessing you have a plan?

Xana: Duh! (Leaves)
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Chapter 47 Trouble at the factory

Well Sara is now at the factory and is sitting on the floor of the lab when all the screens on the supercalculator go black

Sara: That can’t be good. I guess should go see what’s going on (stands up and goes to the elevator and then to the room with the on off switch and sees the ugly blob of a clout that is Xana) What are you doing you stupid cloud? (turns everything back on{As If I don’t already know what Xana is doing.)

Xana: You showed up faster than expected. (turns everything off again)

Sara: (What? Something isn’t right here. I better be careful.) (turns everything back on)

Xana: Well are you going to try to stop me (turns everything off again)

Sara: (There’s definitely something wrong here he’s way too calm.) Duh!!!!! (turns everything back on) POWER PENDANT MEWTAMORPHOSIS!!!!!!(goes into Mewmew form)

Xana: (Darn she didn’t go fairy that probably means she wont go Charmix ether oh well I’ll just have to force her to go Charmix!) That’s not going to work. (Blasts Sara but it has no affect)

Sara: Dragon Breath Bracelet (her Mewmew weapon appears in her hand) Breath Ability Spiral! (Blasts Xana with every dragon breath ability except Electricity)

Ok the fight goes on for a long time and when it finally ends Sara is unconscious. Oh and Xana turns everything off again before leaving.

Chapter 48 Jeremy! Will You Stop Saying That Already!!!

Ok everyone who fights On Lyoko (except Sarina who is at Alfea and Jeremy who is there but dosn’t go to Lyoko) are now at the factory (Amanda and Aubere are waiting in the factory’s entrance) Well this is what happens when everyone goes to the Room with the on/off switch and sees that Sara’s dragon wings are shredded and there’s blood all over the room.

Odd: (Has a shocked look on his face)....................................................(Who ever did this is going to pay!!!!! Wait why did I just think that?)

Aelita: What happened here?

Jeremy: (walks over to the on off switch and turns it back on) Isn’t it Obvious?

Aelita, Ulrich, And Yumi: Not really

Jeremy: Ok then I’ll explain it! Sara Turned Lyoko off and tried to make it look like she was attacked but she over did it which makes it obvious!!!!!!!


Jeremy: Odd the proof is here. Sara lied to you so GET OVER IT


Ulrich: Odd’s actually right for once. a little harsh but right.

Odd: What do you mean “for once”?

Jeremy: It doesn’t matter Sara did this so she’s out of the group!

Odd: fine! Then... I QUIT!!!!!

Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi: WE QUIT TOO!!!

Chapter 49 What Do We Do Now?

Ok Everyone from the last chapter (except Jeremy) is now At the Hermitage (Aelita used magic to clean it up a little. From the outside it looks like it dis before it was messed up. and on the inside a little better.) well Sara is laying unconscious on a table and Odd is standing next to her everyone else is standing around in random places close by close by.

Amanda: So what now?

Aubere: How am I supposed to know our Magic Expert is out cold!

Amanda: Odd do you have any Ideas?

Odd: .............................

Ulrich: He’s spaced out so he’s useless. This usually happens when he’s drawing. (But only if it’s a picture of Sara for some reason.)

Aubere: I can fix that. (Pulls out Light saber) This will ether kill him or snap him out of it. The problem will be fixed ether way.

Sara: (using Telepathy which she can only use because Princess Zelda is her Interdimensional Equal)(Aubere Melissa Jedirous If you do anything that could Hurt Odd you’re dead!!!!!!)

Aubere: (puts Light Saber away)

Odd: We have to do something before Sara losses any more Blood.

Aubere: Oh look it finally speaks!

Aelita: Aubere I really think that insulting Odd is a bad idea even if Sara’s unconscious.

Sara: (Duh!!!!!)

Ulrich: Let’s just Take her to the infirmary and leave her there!


Yumi: What about those 3 magical schools.

Sara: (RedFountain dose not count as a magical school!)

Odd: That actually might work but we really only have one choice since very few people at Cloudtower can be trusted, and there’s this loser ex-dragon slayer who is surprisingly more brainless then Ulrich works at one of the others.

Ulrich: Hey!

Odd: Which means the only Choice is Alfea.

Aubere: Then open a portal already!!!!!!!

Odd: Fine!!! (opens a portal and everyone goes through)


Well Odd’s portal spell lands everyone in Professor Paladium’s class room in the middle of class. And well all I can say is this chapter is going to be very funny (well the end of it will be any way:D)

Ulrich and Yumi: Are we in the right Place.

Amanda: Yes!

Aelita: This place is cool.

Sarina: (Stands up after seeing the damage Xana had done to her younger cousin) What happened.

Paladium: Oh like I didn’t have enough Problems with Stella asking stupid questions about things not related to this class every five minutes.

Stella: HEY!

Paladium: What are you people doing.

Odd: (The Idiot can’t even see that there’s a dyeing DragonFairy who needs help immediately!!!)

Aubere: Ok Maybe letting Odd open the portal was a bad idea!



Aubere: You realize you just told a teacher to shut up?

Odd: Yes and I really don’t care!

Paladium: Is anyone going to anser my question?


Paladium: Oh shut up you scrawny human!

Sarina: (Well if what Sara sais is true then that was a bad idea.)

Odd: I AM NOT SCRAWNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2 large purple Dragon wings appear on his back )

Paladium: (I’m going to guess that begging forgiveness is not an option.) That can’t be good.

Odd: (Carefully sets Sara down on the floor then flies over to Paladium and starts to attack using mainly Dragon instinct and very little magic he ends up giving him a black eye, a bunch of scratches, and a bruise the size of Alaska......actually looks a little like Alaska too.)

Paladium: OOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!

Odd: (walks over to Sara and gently picks her up again then uses magic to open the door and leaves the room)

Ok very one who came through the portal (and Sarina) Follows Odd. Oh and Ulrich ends up going the wrong way getting him self lost I’ll tell you about that later.
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Message 17 Oct 2007, 00:56

Chapter 51 Sara Finally Wakes Up.

Ok skipping straight to the dialog. Oh and all the people who actually fight on Lyoko(except Urick who’s lost somewhere in Alfea) are in Alfea’s nurses Office (I’m not sure what they call it)

Sara: (Sits up) What happened?


Sara: Did you have to use my middle name?

Sarina: Anser my question!!!!

Sara: I got attacked by Xana it’s not my fault.

Aelita: Hey what were you doing at the factory anyway?

Sara: And stay at a NMB hospital when there was noting wrong with me? Like that would ever happen!!!!!!

Aubere: Oh I am so Going to use your middle name against you!!!!

Odd: (makes Dragon tail come out and hits Aubere in the face with it)

Aubere: THAT’S IT(pulls out light saber)

Sarina: Aubere You can’t have that here.

Aubere: Why not?

Griselda: (shows up out of nowhere) For one thing this is a school not playground!.

Sara and Odd: (Oh grate another Jim!!!! oh well Aubere Deserved it!!! )

Aubere: Sorry-_- (puts her light saber away)

Ms Faragonda: Sara I need to talk to you in my office for a second.

Sara: Ummmmmmm Ok.

Chapter 52 Meanwhile in the hall

Darn I have to do another Ulrich chapter Ok well He’s just wandering around te hall when he runs into a girl who’s had way too much sugar.


Girl: (talking really fast) Hi I’m Mimi And you’re a jerk with bad attitude (runs away)

Ulrich: what the heck was that all about? (Walks away and trips over Professor Wizgiz) OW!!!!

Wizgiz: Hey watch were your going!

Ulrich: (gets up) Sorry Midget!

Wizgiz: Hey I’m not a midget I’m a Leprechaun!

Ulrich: Sure and Odd Didn’t beat up that weird dude who’s no hiding behind is desk.

Wizgiz: Your friend Beat up Palladium? God for him. And by the way I am a leprechaun so shut up!

Ulrich: No you’re midget!

Wizgiz: I’M NOT A MIDGET!!!!!!!

Ulrich: yes you are!!!

Wizgiz: THAT’S IT!!!!!! (Attacks Ulrich)

Three minutes later Ulrich looks worse then Palladium dose.

Chapter 53 The Identity Of The InterDimensional Guardian

Ok this is what’s happening in Ms Faragonda ’s office

Ms Faragonda: Now Sara you need to under stand that you’re not ready to hear what I’m about to tell you. However recent events have left me no choice.

Sara: (Get on with it already!)

Ms Faragonda: Have you heard the legend of the InterDimensional Guardian?

Sara: Yes. But what dose that legend have to do with what you were going to tell me?

Ms Faragonda: It is the main part of what I’m trying to tell you.

Sara: (starting to get annoyed) Which is?

Ms Faragonda: That you are the InterDimensional Guardian.

Sara: What? That is completely impossible!

Ms Faragonda: No it’s not, for Thousands of years the power of the InterDimensional Guardian has moved from magical creature to magic creature and finally it is where it belongs in the descendent of the first recorded InterDimensional Guardian.

Sara: ...............Hold up!!! The first recorded InterDimensional Guardian died before having any kids especially since she died at the age of 17!!!! That is unless the part of an ancient stone tablet that me and my friends found and translated was wrong!!!

Ms Faragonda: No it was correct however it does not tell the whole story.

Sara: Well?

Ms Faragonda: The first thing you should know is that your Ancestor’s name was Sandara Drake Draconar.

Sara: Can you just explain how I can be the descendant of someone who died and didn’t have kids?

Ms Faragonda: when Sandara Died she used magic so that someone with almost the exact same DNA as she had would be born sometime in the future. That person is you.

Sara: Ok is there anything else I should know about?

Ms Faragonda: Your ancestor wasn’t the only person who used a spell like that something similar happened to one of your ancestor’s friends and your ancestor’s friend used te exact same spell.

Sara: Except My ancestor’s friend was the Prince of the Planet Electrus.

Ms Faragonda: How did you know that.

Sara: I know a lot of things you don’t oh and I know what the Solarians did to the people from Electrus and they will pay for it! (Leaves the room then walks down the hall and around the corner)

Odd: (shows up in front of Sara) Hi are you okay do your wings hurt?

Sara: A little but Not for long.

Odd: What do you mean?

Sara: Oh you’ll find out in a little more then five minutes I think I’m not good with math I’m better with Art and Theater Arts.

Odd: Yeah can you believe Chardin didn’t know who Thespis was?....... He’s supposed to be the theater arts teacher!!!

Sara: Apparently the principle doesn’t care about the creative classes otherwise he would have hired a Theater Arts Teacher who knows what he’s doing instead of having the Art Teacher teach both classes. Now just stop talking for a second. We can talk back before Xana shredded my Dragon wings.

Aelita: (Shows up out of nowhere) Why are you using past tense?

Sara: You’ll find out in about a minute.

Meanwhile at the factory.

Jeremy: (just watched a recording that showed him what really happened/that he was wrong) I better fix this mess before Odd attacks people for no reason again. (types something)....... RETURN TO THE PAST NOW!!!!! (presses enter key) and A blue light passes over everything[Even alfea])
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Chapter 54 March 1st (unedited viersion)

Ok So I skipped the rest of December in my fanfic and all of January and February well This is what Sara is doing. (She is in her dorm and Aubere is there too) all I did was re-add afew tings that were cut from the origonal. (I only left the origonal up for 1 day)

Aubere: So Sara are you Excited about your birthday tomorrow?

Sara: No Something bad’s going to happen.

Aubere: Like what?

Sara: I don’t know But I’m sure it will happen sometime around midnight.

Aubere: So how many people here know that it’s your birthday?

Sara: Two

Aubere: Who are they?

Sara: The only people in this room that aren’t pixies.

Aubere: But that’s us.

Sara: Exactly

that night in Odd and Ulrich’s dorm everyone is asleep (I’m counting Odd’s Pokemon {and Kiwi who’s half dog half Pokemon}) until Odd’s cell phone rings and wakes him up. (but for some reason noone else) well it turns out that there was noone calling but there was a textmessage that said..........

Go to the Science Building’s roof alone or your friends will be destroyed.

(Xana’s mark is where a name would be)

Ok Odd dose what the message sais (He is followed by 4 people but doesn’t know it and they end up falling really far behind because they have to avoid Jim) well Here’s the dialog of what’s happening on the roof.

Xana: Well well. I'm suprized you actually showed up.

Odd: I don't care if you hurt me but leave my friends out of it!

Xana: Alright.

Odd: Well?

Xana: You need to do exactally what we say.

Odd: No!

Xana: Why not?

Odd: Because my friends would eventually find out and would hate me. And I AM NOT GOING TO BETRAY THEM!

Xana: Well then I'll just have to take controle of you and force you to kill them, and the rest of your classmates and your family. You'll see what you're doing, but you wont have the sontrole over your self to stop it.

(Wow I knew that Xana was Evil and Twisted but I didn't think It could be this bad seeing as he's a computer program :shock:)


Xana: Yes I would!

Odd: You can’t control anyone without activating a tower and you can’t control anyone who fights On Lyoko anyway!

Darkar: (comes out of the shadows) But I can!

Odd: (Looks at Xana with intense furry) You said you would leave my friends out of this!!!

Darkar: He lied!

Xana: Will you shut up and let me handle this!

Darkar: Fine.

Xana: (redirecte his attention back towards Odd) The fact is that you have a difficult choice to make. Ether you lose your friends, or they lose their lives

Odd: :kallisto:......Fine.....I’ll do whatever you say.
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Chapter 55 Odd’s a traitor!?!?!:odd2:

Ok the people who followed Odd are now in the stairwell to the roof of the science building listening what’s going on. By the way they just got here. (Note: background Dialog featured in this chapter will be smaller then normal Dialog and will be Bold and Italicized.

Odd: Fine.....I’ll do whatever you say.

Sara: :ohh: ........................................................ :grrr: (eyes glow blue and electricity appears around her hands)

Aubere: (Pulls out light saber) I knew he was trouble.

Aelita: (This is bad.)

Ulrich: I’m confused. :Tot:

Odd: So what do you stupid losers want me to do?

Xana: We want you to get the Interdimensional crystal!

Odd: Where is this stupid crystal?

Sara: I can’t believe this.

Darkar: In your DragonFairy friend’s Charmix!

Odd: WHAT!!!!

Xana: You heard what Darkar said!!!

Aubere: (Whispers) I hate all of those evil Losers!!!!

Odd: If you know where it is Why do you need me to get it? I refuse to do anything tat could hurt anyone!

Darkar: Because the Magic Crystal in a fairy’s Charmix can only be removed by the fairy to which it Belongs.

Xana: And she trusts you,

Sara: Not any more I don’t that traitor is going to pay. (Uses magic to change her hair color to black and her outfit to gray and dark-gray)

Aubere: Your not thinking of making yourself look like Aras then going out there and attacking everyone are you?

Sara: Yes!

Aubere: You can get payback on the traitor tomorrow! (I’ll teach that Idiot to mess up my Best Friend’s birthday!!!!!!)

Sara: Ok (changes hair color and outfit back to normal)
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Chapter 56 Monday, March 2, 2006

Ok almost all the Lyoko warriors who have dorms at Kadic are eating breakfast.... Well this is what happens when Odd shows up.

Odd: Salut (hi)

Everyone else:.......................

Odd: Hello?

Everyone else:.......................

Odd: Hello Earth to silent people? Hey are you guys even awake?

Heïdi: Finally people are ignoring him.

Claire: Yeah. I bet even his girlfriend Sara hates him now.

Emilie: They aren’t going out. But if she dose hate him then it’s about time! She's the only girl in the school blind enough to have a crush on a freak like Odd Della Robia.

Amanda: Aelita did you hear something?

Aelita: Nope

Amanda: What about you Aubere?

Aubere No Unless you mean Sissy spreading rumors again because She talks so loud that everyone can hear her.

Odd: What is this Ignore Odd Day?

Jeremy and Aelita: (stand up and move to another table)

Odd: Are they mad at me or something?

Amanda: Oh shut up Traitor!

Aubere: Oh way to Ignore the enemy Amanda!

Odd: What’s going on? (Why Did Amanda Call me a traitor........Unless that dream I had last night was real? No It cant be real there’s no way I would do something like that!!!)

Ulrich: You know exactly what’s going on You scrawny backstabbing idiot!!!!


Ulrich: You heard what I said. Go jump into the digital sea!!!!!

Sissy: Digital Sea? what are they talking about.

Hervé: I don’t know. Sissy

Odd: No! (Walks away)

Tamiya: What’s with them?

Milly: I don’t know but it sounds like a big scoop.

Ok so as the day goes on Everyone who fights on Lyoko (except Yumi Who’s in 9th grade in this fanfic (this fanfic is somehow in-between seasons 2 and 3 how that happened Don’t ask me even though this is my fanfic) and Sarina who goes to alfea)) sits on the opposite side of the room as Odd in all their classes. Well later during lunch Odd is Looking for Sara e has just started to look in te park when he finds his pixie.

Rani: You need to change my name now!!!!!

Odd: Why?

Rani: Because the name you gave me before was a girl’s name and the name of a disney character!!!!!!!

Odd: Oops!

Mitch(he’s Ulrich’s pixie of corse people who read my other fanfic should know that already): HA A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

Rani: (Punches Mitch in the face) At least I’m not bonded to a completely normal person!!!!

Mitch: Ow!!!!(Flies away)

Rani: So change my name now already.

Odd: Ok ummmmmmm How about Tiko?

Tiko: Yeah that will work.

Odd: Now if you’ll excuse me I have to find Sara and see what’s going on. I have to find out why evryone’s mad at me.

Tiko: You betrayed them.

Odd: No I didn’t

Tiko: Yes you did.

Odd: No I would never do that!

Tiko: You don’t remember last night when you told Xana and Dorkar you’d get the InterDimensional Crystal for them?

Odd: You mean that wasn’t a bad dream?

Tiko: Duh!

Odd: But why would I- ......................I remember now If I didn’t do what they said they would take control of me and force me I can’t even think about it.

Tiko: Oh and by the way however mad everyone else is at you Sara will be 40 times as mad.

Odd: Why? I mean it should only be 20 times worse then everyone else.

Tiko: Because you wrecked her Birthday.

Odd: Yesterday was her birthday! Why didn’t anyone tell me.

Tiko: Actually her birthday is today and if you hadn’t betrayed everyone she wouldn’t be mad at you and everything would be fine right now. Also I just found out about this and Aubere would have told you except she likes torturing you.

Odd: But how would anyone find out about this.

Tiko: Well 4 people were there and a few pixies including me.

Odd: But Sara wouldn’t believe stuff like that.

Tiko: Actually..........Oh forget it you’ll find out soon enough(flies away)

Odd: Crazy pixie. (Walks farther into the park and runs into his Pokemon and they all attack him) HEY!!!!!!


Kiwi: Growl!!!!!! (Yeah!!!!!!)

Mudkip(it’s a normal Mudkip not unusual like the other 2): MUDKIP!!!!! (WHAT KIWI SAID!!!!!)

Odd: But-

Kiwi: (almost crying) Growl growlith growl! Growl growlith growl growl growlith! (You were going to abandon us just like you did to your friends! So we’re ditching you before you can abandon us!)

Odd: What? No I wasn’t going to-

Kiwi: (now crying) GROWL-ITH!!!!!!(SHUT UP!!!!!!)

Odd: Kiwi stop that I would never abandon any of you. (walks over to Kiwi, picks him up then starts petting him to try to calm him down) Mudkip Treeco Come here.

Treeco: TREE!!!! (NO!!!!)

Mudkip: Mud! (I’m thinking!)

Kiwi: (waging tail) Growl!...........(Wait what am I doing?) Growlith (Stops waging tail then bites Odd) Growl.(jumps out of Odd’s arms and runs away)

Odd: OW!

Treeco: TREE!!!!! (WAIT UP!!!!!) (follows Kiwi)

Mudkip: MUD MUDKIP!!!! (Wait for me!!!!) (follows Treeco)

Odd: And now my Pokemon hate me.

Sara: That’s because you’re a pathetic lying traitor.

Odd: Not you too?

Sara: You don’t actually think that you can get away with what you did do you? (Electricity appears around hands)

Odd: How do you know that Aubere Isn’t just spreading Rumors?

Sara: Because I was there!


Sara: I know enough. (Blasts Odd but misses on purpose) That was a warning the next time I see you we’re enemies. (Starts to walk away)

Odd: Wait you should know the reason why I-

Sara: (stops) I know all I need to know Odd. (Walks away)
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Chapter 57 This place Looks familiar.

Sara is at the factory in the supercalculator room waiting for Jeremy and Aelita to show up. Well this is at happens when they finally show up.

Sara: What took you 2 so long?

Aelita: We had class.

Sara: Whatever I need to go back to my dimension.

Jeremy: Then open a portal or something!

Sara: Portal and warp spells are too easily tracked!

Jeremy: (sighs) I’ll start Program InterDimensional!

Sara: (Wow he really doesn’t have any creativity.)

Aelita: I’ll help.

Sara: I’m supposed to go to the scanner room now right?

Jeremy and Aelita: yes!

Sara: Ok (gets in the elevator and presses te bouton to make it go down)

Well they send Sara back to er dimension and se ends up in a strange place that looks like the scanner room but different. Here’s the dialog

Sara: where am I (This place Looks like the scanner room except the wires on the top of these scanners go into the floor instead of the ceiling.)

????: (Comes down the stairs (I forgot to mention that this place doesn’t have an elevator) and sees Sara) Telia, Phoenix, I think you 2 need to come down here.

?????: (yelling down the stairs) What do you want now Mimi!

Mimi: We’re not the only ones here!
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Chapter 58 Meet the Second Team.

?????: (Walking down stairs) Yeah right Mimi there’s noone- (sees Sara) Oh hi I guess Mimi Was right I’m Telia.

Sara: Ummm hi.

Phoenix: (coming down stairs) What’s going on down here (sees Sara) Hi Sara

Sara: Hi Phoenix.

Mimi and Telia :You 2 know each other?

Phoenix: Yeah I ran into Sara the first time she showed up at Alfea. Or at least I think it was the first time.

Sara: You had it right.

Phoenix: Hey Sara have you heard about the kid who got beat up by Wizgiz?

Sara: No I didn’t hear about that.

Mimi: I heard about that I think his name was Urtic Or something like that.

Sara pulls out her Interdimensional Communicator and Dials Ulrich’s number this is the conversation.

Ulrich: (answers phone) Hello?

Sara: You got beat up By a Leprechaun, You got beat up By a Leprechaun, You got beat up By a Leprechaun Ha ha ha ha ha ha! What Kind of idiot gets his butt kicked by a Leprechaun? Apparently the kind that get’s a 0 in are and a 12 in Theater Arts (hangs up)

Ulrich: That was annoying. (Turns off Phone)

Mimi: What was that all about!?

Sara: I like torturing a specific person that get’s on my nerves every day.

Mimi: Ok..........Hey did you hear about te Kid who Kicked Palladum’s butt?

Sara: Yes.

Phoenix: I heard about that too I don’t know what that person’s name was though.

Mimi: I hear that it was some kid named Odd Della Robia.

Sara: (eyes start glowing) SAY THAT NAME AGAIN AND YOU’RE DEAD!!!!!

Telia: (Ooooo Mimi made the new girl mad!!!!!)

Mimi: Why?

Sara: Because Odd Della Robia is a lying traitor who betrayed is friends and went to work for a evil thing and some dude who wants to be a bird.

Mimi: (I heard the person she’s talking about is cute but I better net say anything about that.) Oh

Phoenix: A thing?

Telia: You mean you don’t even know what it is?

Sara: Can the 3 of you keep a secret?

Telia and Phoenix: We can but Mimi we aren’t so sure about.

Mimi: Hey I can keep a secret too!

Sara: Ok first of all....(Explains everything about Lyoko and everything that happened since
Chapter 55 up until now) and that’s how I ended up here.

Mimi: Wow.

Telia: There’s something I think you should see. (Has Sara follow her up stairs) We just found this place today but after hearing what you said I think this place is connected to a virtual world similar to Lyo-(gets to the top of the stairs and sees something that causes her to cut off her sentence)

Sara: What? (Gets to the top of the stairs and sees a 5 screened computer that looks a lot like the supercalculator.) It’s a computer what’s the problem?

Telia: It wasn’t on before. (Turns left and goes upstairs again to a room with a on/off switch) yep someone snuck in here and turned this thing On

Sara: have you been up here before?

Telia: No.

Sara: Then Maybe It was on already It was probably in Sleep mode until I showed up........By the way were is this place.

Mimi: (Comes up stairs) Under a abandoned Intermediate Ichool.

Sara: I mean what Town.

Telia: Green Leaf........I better turn this off before something bad happens.

Sara: I wouldn-

Telia: (flips switch into the Off Position) There

Suddenly everything starts shakeing.

Mimi: What’s happening?

Phoenix: I don’t know!

Telia: It’s an earthquake there must be a fault line near here.

Sara: No there’s not. Not in this State!

Telia: How do you know?

Sara: Because This is the town I live in.

Mimi: I thought you lived at Kadic?

Sara: No I go to school at Kadic which is a boarding school! (Turns switch back into the On Position and the Earthquake stops)

Telia: You were right that Earthquake wasn’t natural.

Mimi: Ok messing with the On/Off switch bad idea.

Sara: And I know why.

Mimi: Oo oo! Tell me tell me!!!!!

Sara: Haven’t any of you heard the Story?

Mimi, Phoenix, and Telia: (shake heads) no

Sara: Well back when this town was first built and the only school was an Intermediate School there was a 5th grader who everyone said would grow up to be evil. Well one day that kid found a place that would probably be just like this place except everything was off. Well since the kid was a 5th grader and didn’t know any better he turned on the main power switch and then something escaped into the ground and spread all over the town well under the town but you get the idea, then the kid just disappeared he probably became the computer or something. Later on a 12th grader found the same place-

Mimi: (raises hand) How can a 12 grader go to a intermediate school?

Sara: It was the only school in the town I already explained that.

Mimi: But Shouldn’t there be a high school somewhere close-


Mimi: Fine but you can’t tell me what to do.

Sara: Yes I can I’m the InterDimensional Guardian that gives me te Authority to tell you to shut up.

Mimi: You’re the InterDimensional Guardian? Yeah right the InterDimensional Guardian is a lot stronger than-


Mimi: (her hair is now really frizzy and she has some minor burns [Blinks]) what just happened, why is my hair messed up, why do I hurt everywhere, why is the ceiling sapphire, and most importantly What’s that smell?

Sara: That smell is you and by the way your shirt’s on fire.

Mimi: (sees flames on the sleeve of her shirt) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Runs around in circles)

Phoenix: (uses magic to put out the fire [half way laughing]) sheash Mimi aren’t you supposed to have power over fire or something?

Sara: (laughing while talking) Darn why didn’t it have that affect when did the same thing to Aubere? (Stops laughing) ok back to the story. Well the 12th grader finds the On/Off switch and turns everything off then a major earthquake occurred and the school was damaged badly until the 12the grader moved the switch back to the way it was and the earthquake stopped the 12th grader died a few minutes later and that’s all anyone knows besides the fact that there’s an earthquake every time someone tries to tear the school down..

Mimi: Boring!!!!!

Sara: Whatever I’m going home. WARP!!!! (warps to her bedroom and goes to sleep)
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Chapter 59 You Out Now!!!!!

The next day Sara gets up get’s dressed and warps to the school she went to before she went to Kadic... Albatross Middle School(also known to as AMS) well this is what happens in 1st period Math. (Most of Teachers at AMS I could not tink of names for so I’m using letters so just pretend they’re shortened versions of the teacher’s names)

Mrs L: If anyone’s seen Sara Draconar let me know so I don’t count her absent like every single day since September.

Sara: You mean I’m still n the role sheet? You’d think they would have update that thing by now.

Mrs L: Oh good you’re here for once.

Mimi: Yay We have the same class.

Sara: (sarcastic) Grate.

Mrs L: Am I missing something?

Sara: Yes I transferred schools and I just came back today.

Ok Math is boring so I’m skipping to theater arts. Here’s what happens.

Sara: (Walks into the class room) Hi Mr B.

Mr B: Sara What are you doing here weren’t you going to a boarding school?

Sara: I had some problems so I left that school. (Goes to her seat and sits down)

Girl: Oh Look The Dropout’s back!

Sara: I did Not dropout I got transferred to a French Boarding school!

Girl: Yeah Right.

Sara: (sais something in french and I can’t type what she sais in ether language)

Girl: Ok You did go to a french boarding school but you got throne out.

Elise: (whispers to Sara) Just ignore her.


Mr B: Sara I think you should go to the councilor’s office.

Sara: Ok (leaves the room)

Elise: Why she should have listened to me and Someone (points at the girl who was being mean to Sara) shouldn’t have been mean to her in the first place!!!!!

A few minutes later in the councilor’s office the councilor (Miss S) Hears a knock on the door

Miss S: Come in.

Sara: (Opens the door and walks into the room) Hi Miss S.

Miss S: Sara wha- what are you doing here.

Sara: I hade a problem with one of my former friends from Kadic and had to leave so I came back to this school and Mr B sent me here due to a near dragon freak out.

Miss S: Kadic is the school you transferred to right? Well what happened with your friend at Kadic?

Sara: It’s too complicated.

Miss S: Oh really? What makes it so complicated?

Sara: It’s InterDimensional Guardian thing.

Miss S: (coughs for a few minutes) You- you know about that already.

Sara: Yes...........Wait you Knew I was the InterDimensional Guardian this whole time!?

Miss S: Yes.

Sara: And you didn’t tell me this in 7th grade why?

Miss S: You weren’t ready.

Odd walks into the room wearing a different outfit and wit is air the way it was before he spiked it up but without the purple spot. (He changed it’s color so that it would look compleatly blond using magic so Sara wouldn’t recognize him)

Sara: (That disguise would have worked If I was an idiot!!!)

Miss S: Hello Can I do anything to help you?

Odd: Ummmm yes I’m new here and kind of lost can you tell me where the Theater Arts room is?

Miss S: Sara’s going back there anyway. She can show you where it is.

Sara: Follow me. (Leaves the room)

Odd: (Follows Sara)

Sara: (Heads for the stage instead of the theater room then when she’s sure noone except her and Odd are around She uses magic to Make the spell Odd used to hide the purple spot on Odd’s hair wear off) Odd you lame DragonMage you are not aloud to come to this Dimension (opens a portal)

Odd: But you’re supposed to take me to the theater room.

Sara: Not any more!(Pushes Odd through the portal) Ok good now that that’s fixed I better go back to class.

A long time later after Sara gets home from school......... well this is what happens.

Sara: (gets to her front door) Finally this school day is over (tries to open the door but it’s locked) Darn now I have to warp inside.... I just need the right spell (warps inside) Hi Mom

Sara’s Mom: Wha! (Falls down) Sara don’t do that.

Sara: Sorry Mom! (helps her mom up)

Sara’s Mom: So how was School?

Sara: It was Lame I got sent to the councilor’s office 7 times today because my dragon half almost went out of control!!!!

Sara’s Mom: Hold on you haven’t said anything like that since you started going to Kadic what’s going on?

Sara: I didn’t go to Kadic today.

Sara’s Mom: YOU SKIPPED SCHOOL!!!!!!!! (crosses arms)

Sara: No I went to school just not at Kadic.... I went to AMS.

Sara’s Mom: Oh thank goodness.

Sara: Mom is it ok if I finish out the year at AMS?

Sara’s Mom: Of corse it is!

Sara: Thanks Mom.

Sara’s Mom: So you couldn’t come home for your Birthday back in March?

Sara: Mom My birthday was yesterday....................Oh right time goes by faster here, and this Dimension and Kadic are only on the same time during October and November.....So what month is it here now.

Sara’s Mom: May and school is out next week.

Sara: Really? Wow Kadic put me ahead of the stuff their teaching at AMS except in are in Theater Arts I’m ahead of Kadic’s teacher in that class.
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Chapter 60 Flashbacks (A recap chapter)

This chapter basically is a review of some things that happened earlier in this fanfic and in the fanfic before it (note some tings were not in ether fanfic but I have a code to tell you which ones happened during the 2 fanfics but weren’t posted in them *&*&*=first fanfic, *@*@*=this fanfic. Well Sara is sitting on the floor of her room Petting Riri.

Sara: Why did Odd do that I still can’t believe that he’s a traitor.(almost crying bur being half Dragon she can’t cry)(a flashback starts)

(Sara’s flashback)

Sara: OW! Note to self never step into a portal on my floor ever again.(suddenly notices Odd standing by the tree)

Sara: Hi

Odd: Um Hi

Sara: can you tell me where I am?

Odd: Um your in the park near Kadic Acadmy.

Sara: where is that.

Odd: Ummmm I don’t know but I do know that Kadic is a French boarding school :D?

Sara: (laughs a little bit) You’re kind of funny.

Odd: Where did you come from?

Sara: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Odd: You’d be surprised at what I’ll believe.

Sara: All right. I’m from another Dimension and I have no idea how to get back to where I came from

Odd: Oh Cool.

(End flashback)
*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*

Sara: Grate now my emotions are messing up again.(Has another flashback)

*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*
(Sara’s flashback)

Sara: Whoa (falls off overboard while trying to do a trick) Ow That trick is hard.

Odd: Please stop doing that you’ll get hurt.

Sara: No I’m Trying again Sara Draconar Doesn’t give up!!!!

Odd: your last name is Draconar?

Sara: Oops I the part with my last name was in my head. My last name is messed up I know.

Odd: No It’s a cool last name mine is worse.

Sara: Really?

Odd: Yeah my last name is Della Robia .

Sara: ..........That’s not worse?(jumps in te air dose a backflip lands on her overboard then tries the trick again and actually dose it right) Cool (dose a bunch more tricks stuff even Odd can’t do)

Odd: Ok now you’re just showing off.

Sara: So you were earlier!

Odd: I know.

Sara: (staring at Odd and crashes into a rock Oh and she ends up laying on her back) Ok. Now I know how a turtle feels

Odd: (laughs)

Sara: You thought that was funny?

Odd: Yeah.(helps Sara up)

Sara: (Blushing) Ummmmmmm.

(End Flashback)
*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*

(Yet Another flashback)

Odd: Hello!... Is any one here?

Sara: Hey Odd!!!

Odd: Who’s there?

Sara: (Jumps down from a tree and lands right in front of Odd) I can’t believe this I’m gone for one hour and you can’t even recognize my voice!!!

Odd: Sara?

Sara: Duh!

Odd: So that means-?

Sara: My mom said that it’s ok for me to go to school in this dimension.

Odd: Really?

Sara: Yes! (Smiles)

Odd: That’s awesome!

Sara: Come on lets go pull a prank on Sissy and her two loser friends!

Odd: One of them moved but we can still mess with Sissy and Her future boyfriend (Hervé)

Sara: Ok.

They both start laughing.

(End flashback)
*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*

(Well this chapter is called Flashbacks after all)

Sara: You lost me after Salut, Ca va, and Désolé.

Odd: Come on. We have to keep trying if you can’t understand french by the end of the week Ms. Hertz will get you expelled.

Sara: This is Impossible noone can learn any language in that quickly.

Ulrich: (Mumbles) She just now realized that?

Odd: Ulrich you do realize that she heard that right?

Ulrich: So!

Sara: (Punches Ulrich in the face) Shut up!

Ulrich: Maybe you 2 can continue this some where else I have to pass the test in Geography tomorrow?

Odd: Then Why are you reading a history book?

Ulrich: (looks at the book’s cover) Oops.

Sara: Who’s stupid now?

Ulrich: The person who is going to get expelled.

Odd: (Grabs the book from Ulrich’s hands and hits him with it) Now shut up Sara Isn’t going to get expelled. Ms. Hertz dosn’t have that power, and Delmas can’t expel her for something that ridiculous.

Ulrich: She’ll still get thrown out of school if she dosn’t know enough in 3 months.

Odd: Get out!

Ulrich: This is my Dorm too you cant kick me out!

Sara: (Ok time for plan B..... I can’t believe Odd actually tried to help me learn french in 1 week. He’s a lot more helpful than his friend that’s for sure.)

*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*


Sara: Tired of being a magical being , sick of the entire magical universe, I’m tired of being a fairy so make me a-

Odd comes out of a portal in front of her.

Odd: Don’t finish that spell!!!!!!!

Sara: Whoa (falls back wards) Who................................. What are you doing here?

Odd: Stopping you from getting rid of your magic!

Sara: How did you get here and more importantly...How did you know where I was?

Odd: I used a portal to get here but I don’t know how I knew you were here.

Sara: I..............I.............................I need a better hiding place. (Opens a portal and jumps through it)

Odd: You’re not getting away that easily. (Runs through the portal)


Sara: Oh crud (tries to open another portal but Odd stops her)

Odd: You’re not escaping into another dimension this time.

Sara: Odd why are you doing this.

Odd: Well Ummmm because your magic is part of who you are and you’d be completely différent without it.

Sara: You’re right.

Odd: So you’re not going to get rid of you magic?

Sara: I promise I won’t.

Odd: I’m not so sure that you do.

Sara: Ok fine I swear on my word as a dragon.

*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&

*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*

Melissa(What Aubere was called in the first fanfic): Stupid Cynaclons got my light saber stuck!!!

Odd: No duh miss points out the obvious!

Melissa: Shut up stupid head!

Sara: That’s something I would expect from Darkar the loser who got destroyed by the Winx Club, and sucks at insults.

Odd: So what do we do now?

Sara: I have it covered.

Corina: Before you do any thing else I suggest you un tie us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara: Shut up Corina! (Pulls out her inter dimensional communicator and presses a strange button)



Icy: Who the heck are you!!!!

Odd: My Name is Odd and I’m not going to let you hurt Sara any more.

Icy: Fine I’ll just lave to eliminate both of you then.

Odd: SHUT UP!!! (blasts Icy)

Icy: Why you little!!!!! (Blasts odd with the came attack she had just used on Sara.)

Odd: (somehow ends up laying on the ground next to Sara.



Sara: Hey Odd est il juste moi ou est ce danser vraiment barbant? (Hey Odd is it just me or is this dance really boring?)

Odd: Ouais ce danser est barbant! (Yeah this dance is boring!)

Kikki: (Runs past Sara and Odd) Yay!

Sara: qu'est-ce qui étais qui? (What was that?)

Odd: Je avoir non idée (I have no Idea!)
Mirabelle: Hey Kikki wait up!!!! (Runs past Sara and Odd)

Odd: D'accord qui étais definitely un de les Witchlings. (Ok that was defiantly one of the Witclings.)


Sara: (I wish there was just some way that I could trust Odd again.)

*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&*

Odd: Hi Sara!

Sara: (stops walking)......................... Hi

Odd: ......................Do you want to go to the dance with me?(He starts blushing)

Sara: Yes.(starts blushing) (Oh grate now I have to find a dress. Worse I have to wear one!!![ /i])

Odd: Ok good.

*&*&*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *&*&

Sara: (3 tears leave her eyes but that’s all)

Meanwhile outside

Odd: [i]no
I have to find some way to fix this.

Mimi: (shows up Behind Odd) HI!

Odd: (turns around) Who are you?

Mimi: I’m Mimi Who are you?

Odd: I’m Odd

Mimi: ...........................(He’s cute.......wait Maybe this is the guy Sara was talking about.) Is your last name Della Robia?

Odd: Yes.

Mimi: (slaps Odd across the face)

Odd: I deserved that. (But not from you!)

Mimi: DARN RIGHT YOU DESERVED THAT AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO HER (point’s through the window at Sara) I MEAN SHE TRUSTED YOU AND YOU BETRAYED HER(continues to talk about how Horrible Odd is)

3 hours later!

Mimi: AND ANOTHER THING!!!!!!......... wait what was I talking about?.

Sara: (the window is now opened and she’s looking out it) Mimi what are you doing.

Mimi: Telling this guy off. (Notices that Odd is gone) hey where’d he go?

Sara: He left.

Mimi: Were you crying?

Sara: Ummmmmmmmmmm.

Mimi: You used to like Odd didn’t you.

Sara: (blushing) Well I.... ummmmmm SHUT UP.

Mimi: You still Like him don’t you?

Sara: (blushing more) I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about!!!!!

Mimi: Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.
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Chapter 61 Sara vs. Odd

Ok Sara and the 3 Second team people are heading for the buses (They’re taking a shortcut through the gym by the way) and Mimi is begging Sara to show them how fighting in a virtual universe against a Demonic Artificial Intelligence is supposed to be done however Sara is thinking about Odd for the 1,000th time(and that’s just in the last hour.[WOW She’s more ADD than I am]) Well this is the dialog

Mimi: Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

Sara: No!

Mimi and Phoenix: Pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara: No!

Mimi: Plea-

Sara: NO!!!!

Telia: I told you 2 that was a bad idea.

Sara: (Senses a portal and stops walking) You all go ahead

Phoenix: (turns around) You sure Sara?

Telia: Yeah You’ll miss your bus?

Mimi: In case you don’t remember she’s a DragonFairy

Sara: You have to leave too Mimi

Mimi: Darn

Telia: Ok well Let’s go(leaves)

Phoenix: Ok (follows Telia)

Mimi: (waits until the last second then follows the others)

Alright Odd falls out of a portal and gets stuck in a Basketball Net (Oh Aubere and my friend who created her would so be laughing their heads off right now) Well this is the dialog and one sided fighting that takes place

Sara: CHARMIX!!!!!!!!! (goes charmix form)

Odd: Oh come on you’re still mad at me!?!?!?!?!

Sara: Shut up traitor!

Odd: I didn’t betray you

Sara: ( Half sarcastic half wanting to believe him) Oh really? Then Every thing I saw and heard was a Lie:mad!!!!! (Blasts Odd with a orb of electricity)

Odd: Ow. Will you let me explain the part you missed!

Sara: NO!!!!!!!!!! (Blasts Odd with the same Attack)

Odd: Hey If You’re just going to keep using that same attack then Why are you even in charmix form You can do that in normal form I’ve seen you do it.(gets down from the basket ball net)

Sara: (blasts Odd again) Shut up.(Starts charging mor energy for another arrack)

Odd: (sounding very Decorate) Please let me explain.

Sara: (stops charging up for the next attack) fine.

Odd: (walks over to Sara) The only reason I had to listen to them was because if I didn’t they would take complete control of me and force me to do something horrible.

Sara: L...Like what?

Odd: They were going to force me to k!ll the people who are Closest to Me emotionally All my friends and Family.

Sara: (stairs at Odd Who’s almost crying but he cant because he wont let himself and he’s half Dragon) You’re telling the truth I can tell. (Takes 4 steps back then Pulls out a Pokeball) There Are some pokemon I want you to meet.

Odd: I thought you only had 6 pokemon?

Sara: The Ones you met are hanging out with One of the Pokemon professors just not one of the 3 who are crazy. I’ve switched it out so I have my 6 strongest pokemon with me now.

Odd: If you’re trying to have a pokemon battle against me I cant accept you’d beat me too badly even if my pokemon didn’t hate me now

Sara: Kiwi doesn’t hate you.

Odd: He said he did.

Sara: Pokemon can lie too.

Kiwi: (runs into the gym and starts Licking Odd’s face Followed by his 2 other Pokemon)

Treeco: Tree!!!!

Mudkip: Mud mudkip

Sara: And I don’t want to battle you I just want you to meet my first 4 Pokemon....well you already Know Riri and She’s my starter Pokemon. So (troughs 3 pokeballs in the air and a Ivysaur a, Wartortle, and a Charazard) Charchar is the only one out of these 3 who has I nickname(points at the Charazard) I better get her back in her Pokeball before she burns the school down. Charchar Return!(recalls her Charazard) Ivysaur can you do me a favor?

Ivysaur: Ivy!(Sure!)

Sara: Can you use Sleep Powder on my friend over there It doesn’t look like he’s slept in 3 days. (points at Odd)

Ivysaur: Saur!!! (uses the attack)

Odd: wa-? (Falls asleep [and so do all his pokemon])

Sara: (walks over to Odd then takes the interdimensional crystal out of her Charmix)

Mimi: (Comes out of Hiding) WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Sara: Shhhhhh!!

Mimi: You can’t give him The Interdimensional Crystal.

Sara: Why I’m the only one who can use it.

Mimi: What?

Sara: That’s right so even if it falls in to the wrong hands it’s useless to them

Mimi: You could have mentioned that earlier.

Sara: Whatever (puts the interdimensional crystal in Odd’s right hand and then whispers something in his ear) I’m sorry. (Kisses Odd on the cheek)

Mimi: I was right You do still-(Sara covers her Mouth)

Sara: Shush he’ll wake up and hear you. (Takes hand off Mimi’s mouth and wipes her spit off)
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Chapter 62 Odd’s plan.

Well 2 more weeks have gone by (which is 2 days for the people at Kadic) well Summer vacation has started for all the schools in the town of Greenleaf so Sara is at her grandparent’s house in a city which I’m still trying to make up a name for. And for those who don’t remember Sara calls her grandma Babcie which is the Polish word for grandma.

Sara: Hey Babcie I’m going outside if someone named Mimi Mellody shows up don’t let her in she hasn’t left me alone since I met her.

Babcie: Ok Oh and by the way- (notices that Sara’s already out side standing under a small tree and that the back door is closed) (I guess It’s too late to tell her that her friend Odd is here.)

Ok on to what’s happening out side.

Odd: (Shows up behind Sara) Salut Sara

Sara: (not showing any emotion) Salut Odd.

Odd: Are you Ok?

Sara: Yes.

Odd: Are you sure?

Sara: Yes.

Odd: Ok I was just making sure because you sound a little upset and confused.

Sara:.................................................Hey Odd.

Odd: Yeah,

Sara: Remember when I said we weren’t friends.

Odd: Yeah? (Did you have to bring that up?)

Sara: I didn’t mean it.....I never wanted to believe tet you were a traitor..... It’s just.....I

Odd: I understand...........Oh I have a plan to stop Xana and Dorkar

Sara: (trying to keep her emotions under control) What is it?

Odd: (whispers To Sara) I maid a copy of the InterDimensional Crystal I’ll give them the copy and then listen to hear what their plan is. You’ll be watching through magic.

Sara: (also Whispering) While I’m asleep.

Odd: (Still Whispering) Right and Once You know their plan You’ll warn the others and I’ll stall them from activating their plan for as long as possible.

Sara: (Still Whispering) Odd that’s too dangerous what if something goes wrong and......they kill you?

Odd: (Still Whispering) They won’t get a chance to.

Sara: (Still Whispering) I don’t want something bad to happen to you.

Odd: (Still Whispering) If they get the InterDimensional Crystal they’ll have the power to destroy the magical universe!!!

Sara: (Still Whispering) No they won’t

Odd: (Still Whispering) What?

Sara: (Still Whispering) Only the InterDimensional Guardian and the Back-up InterDimensional Guardian can use the InterDimensional Crystal.

Odd: (Still Whispering) Ok so then we need to find a new plan.

Sara: (Still Whispering) No we don’t because they don’t know that they can’t use it.

Odd: (Still Whispering) Oh I get it................By they way You might need this back (hands Sara the real Interdimensional Crystal)

Sara: Thanks.

Babcie: (opens the back door) Sara Your friend Aubere And 2 other kids are Looking for you.

Sara: Tell them to leave!

Babcie: Aubere is already trying to climb over the roof.

Sara: She always has to do things the hard way.....wait who were the other two people?

Babcie: I can’t pronounce their names.

Sara and Odd: Oh crud.

Sara: Make them leave now please!

Babcie: I’ll try.

Sara: And I’ll deal with Aubere.

Babcie: (Leaves)

Sara: Odd you might want to hide somewhe-

Aubere: Sara and Odd sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Sara: Interdimensional Lighting! (Blasts Aubere and misses by less then an inch) That was a Warning shot!

Aubere: Why aren’t you attacking him?

Mimi: Because She Likes him!

Aubere And Mimi: Sara and Odd sitting in a tree-

Sara: Oh you 2 are so going to get it! And Mimi isn’t even supposed to be here!

Aubere: Back to fighting Sith!(Opens a portal and leaves)

Mimi: Yipes!!!!!(leaves)

Odd: Well I guess I’m going to put our plan in to action.

Sara: Be careful Odd.
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Chapter 63 Back to Kadic

Odd’s plan form chapter 62 (That was also the title of the Chapter) had a problem So Odd is now chained to a wall in Xana’s Hideout (Darkar quit due to Xana’s foul language well...... actually I Don’t Know why Dorkar quit I’m just making stuff up) well the second team is at Sara’s house and Mimi won’t shut up and Sara is asleep. Well Let’s see what Sara is seeing in her dream that’s really happening.

Odd: Ha I ruined your plan. Now you’ll have to come up with a new one.

Xana: That’s what you think I’m still going to attack them I just won’t be as powerful.

Odd: Except Sara is stronger then you and will keep your plan from working.

Xana: Not without your help she won’t.

Odd: (sarcastic) Oh really?

Xana: Enough with saying things that you don’t mean.

Odd: It’s called sarcasm you idiot!

Xana: It doesn’t matter Because Once I get rid of you not even the Interdimensional Guardian will be able to stop me.

Odd: You can’t beat Sara she’s stronger then you.

Xana: what part of Once I get rid of you not even the Interdimensional Guardian will be able to stop me didn’t you understand?

Odd: I under stood it perfectly I just know that your wrong.

Xana: Except I tricked Some Person Named Aras in to telling me what the Interdimensional Guardian’s weak ness is.

Odd: How do you know that that info is accurate?

Xana: Shut up! (Blasts Odd with electricity)

Odd: Wimp!!!!!!!

Xana: (blasts Odd again then continues doing so until Odd passes out then blasts Odd 200 more times before checking to make sure that he’s dead then finally leaving)

Sara wakes up.

Sara: Not good!

Mimi: What?

Sara: Shut up.

Mimi: Fine you meanie sleepy dragon person.

Sara: Whatever you 2 year old I’m leaving

Phoenix: Wait isn’t this your house?

Sara: Yes But I have to leave.

Mimi: Are you going back to Kadic?

Sara: yes.

Mimi: Can I come?

Sara: NO!!!!

Mimi: Wwwwwhhhhhyyyyyy?

Sara: It’s too dangerous

Telia: I thought you said DragonFairies couldn’t cry?

Sara: What are you talking about?

Telia: You’re crying and you don’t even Know:?

Sara: Shut up.

Mimi: Something bad happened?

Sara: YES!!!!

Mimi: Well What happened.

Sara: Someone died. (Opens a portal and leaves)

Well Sara ends up in her dorm her Pixie is the only one there besides her.

Athena: Where have you been? You have to go find the others something bad is happening.

Sara: I know.(goes to leave the room)

Athena: You might want to put on a disguise before leaving.

Sara: Right. (Puts her hair in a low ponytail and then pulls out a pair of glasses that are lame but not Nerd like and they don’t have lenses in them) Ok now all have to do is get past Jim.

Ok Later in the woods she runs into Xana.

Sara: Well If it isn’t the Idiot who actually listens to something Aras sais?

Xana: I hate sarcasm!

Sara: (Goes in to fairy form then Xana pours water on Her causing her powers to backfire) Darn it Aras wasn’t lying for once!
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Chapter 64 The Escape

Somewhere in Xana’s hide out.

Odd: ......................................... (3 hours later.)........................(5 hours later).................(wakes up) What? I’m still alive? I guess Electricity can’t hurt me as badly as it did before. (destroys the chains that are keeping im from leaveing) I better go help the others. (Opens a portal and leaves)

Meanwhile at the fight wit Sara and Xana.(Sara is still in fairy form)

Sara: You’re going to pay for what you did to Odd!!!!

Xana: You know about that?!?!?!

Sara: Yes and I Refuse to let you get away with it! CHARMI- (Xana hits her with water causing her powers to backfire)

ok meanwhile in an area close to the Hermitage Odd comes out of a portal. (Continued in Chapter 65)

Chapter 65 The Strange Battle

Odd: Darn. Wrong place I was trying to get to the factory. (Gets hit from behind with an electrical blast but absorbs the attack)

Jeremy: That wasn’t supposed to happen. Ok Magnamite let’s try Thunderbolt this time?

Magnamite: Mag!!!! (Uses the attack On Odd but it still has no affect) Maaaaaagggggnnnnaaaammmiiittteeee! (Evolves)

Jeremy: What just happened?

Magnaton: MAGNATON!!!!

Aelita: Your Magnamite just evolved.

Jeremy: It did? But none of it’s attacks were working?

Aelita: That could be Sara trying to pull a prank on us.

Odd: (Senses that Sara’s in trouble) You Don’t know how to tell what someone’s magic signature is do you?

Aelita: Porygon use Tri Attack.

Porygon: Gon! (Uses the attack and the fire and ice parts do some damage)

Odd: Stop Attacking Me!!!!

Aubere: Ok This is getting stupid the 3 of you will setal this with a Pokemon battle. Odd and is pokemon against you two so DON’T LOSE!(points at Jeremy and Aelita)

Jeremy and Aelita: Fine.

Odd: I don’t have time for this Sara’s in trouble!

Jeremy: Fine Chicken.

Odd: When did you grow a spine?

Jeremy: So are you going to do something or what?

Odd: Fine! Kiwi! Lucario! Come on Out!

Jeremy: Lucario?

The two Pokemon come out.

Kiwi: Growl!!!!

Lucario: (looks at Odd) Do you need something?

Aelita: That’s.... that’s a Legendry pokemon.

Jeremy: What?

Odd: Do you two give up already?

Aelita: No!!!!

Jeremy: Definitely not! Magnamite use Sonicboom!

Magnaton: Magnaton!!!!!

Jeremy: Oh sorry Magnaton use Sonicboom!

Magnaton: MAG!!!! (uses the attack on Kiwi)

Aelita: Porygon return(Porygon goes back into it’s Pokeball) Go Deoxys (sends out a pink Baby Deoxys) Deoxys Use Hyperbeam!!!!!!!

Deoxys: (changes to Attack form and Uses Hyper beam On Lucario)

Odd: Kiwi Use Overheat! Lucario use Aura Sphere!

Lucario: Alright! (Uses the attack against both Magnaton and Deoxys)

Kiwi: (hits both Magnaton and Deoxys and they Faint)

Jeremy: How did that happen?

Odd: I learned Everything I know from the Best Pokemon Master Ever. Now I have to go help her (Calls back his Pokemon and runs away)

Aubere: Ok he seriously over did it Sara isn’t that good yet.

Jeremy and Aelita: We’re confused!

Chapter 66 The Full Power of Odd Della Robia

Odd Shows up at the river side clearing where Sara is getting her butt kicked by Xana. Noone notices him (well Except Ulrich and Yumi but their hiding in a bush so they don’t count) ok Time for me to Go on a Soda break and time for you to read Dialog.....What Narrators get breaks too you know.

Xana: You can’t win I know your weakness. It’s your Own Powers!!!!!!

Sara: (Now in normal form) You don’t have the strength to control the power of the Interdimensional Guardian and steeling someone else’s powers has already been done you’re just copying Icy, Darcy, and Stormy!!

Xana: Oh shut up. Darkened Dimension Blast (Attacks Sara with what appears to be a evil version of Shining Dimension blast.) Just give up you can’t win.

Sara: (falls down) Never!!!

Xana: Have it your way! (Charges up for another attack)

Sara: (closes eyes{I’ve failed.})

Xana: Interdimensional Lightning! (Blasts Sara)

Ok I’m back. So there’s a lot of dust and when it clears Odd is standing in front of Sara with the electricity from Xana’s attack (Or rather Xana’s copy of Sara’s attack) around him.

Odd: Leave Sara alone!

Xana: How are you here I killed you?!?!?!?!?! YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!!!!!

Odd: Electricity can’t hurt me anymore and I just now figured Out That I’m the Back-up InterDimensional Guardian,(eyes start glowing) SO AS THE BACK-UP INTERDIMENSIONAL GUARDIAN I CANNOT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE SARA’S POWERS AND USE THEM AGAINST HER!!!! AND AS HER FRIEND I WILL NOT LET YOU HURT HER ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xana: You weakling What Are you going to do?

Odd: This!!!! (takes the power of the Interdimensional Guardian from Xana And Puts it back inside Sara where it belongs.)

Sara: (Odd’s alive? I should have known it’s like he’s Immortal or something? No He’s just really good at escaping death.)

Xana: This is an unexpected change. No matter I’ll Just finish Her off then Destroy you!

Odd: (The purple spot on his hair starts glowing) NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!........ELECTRUS BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Blasts Xana with a Purple electrical blast that’s te exact strength as Sara’s Interdimensional Lightning attack was the first time she used it)

Xana: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! did.... you..... do that?

Odd: Like I’d Ever Tell you. (How did I do that?)

Sara: (Interesting Odd just used an attack That hasn’t been used since Solaria took over the planet Electrus.)

Odd: (Goes to check on Sara.) Are You Ok?

Sara: Yeah (stands up)

Odd: Ok I’ll distract him yo get out of here.

Sara: Not going to happen we’re fighting this stupid evil thing together......CHARMIX!!!!! (goes into charmix form)

Odd: Fine.

Chapter 67 Reinforcements.

The fight goes on for a little while and now Sara and Odd are both lousing Until Someone troughs a rock at Xana. Then Everyone who fight’s On Lyoko (except Amanda who quit and Sarina who has her Own problems to deal with at Alfea) and Jeremy Show up.

Sara: Oh finally you all decide to help!!!!!

Aubere: (Hitting Xana with Light saber) Why.... Isn’t.....this....working!.

Xana: -_-

Sara and Odd: (Look At eachother for half a second) MYSTIC ELECTRICITY!!!!! (they use the same attack On Xana at the same time.)


Jeremy: Magnaton use Thunderbolt!

Magnaton: Mag! (Uses the attack)

Aelita: Porygon use Tri Attack.....Deoxys Use Hyperbeam.

Porygon: (Uses the attack)

Deoxys: (Uses the attack)

Aelita: VIRTUAL REALITY BLAST!!!!!! (uses a Pink Energy blast on Xana)


Ulrich: (troughs a rock at Xana)

Yumi: (Attacks Xana with a black colored magic-energy orb)

Xana: (Yumi’s attack bearly works and Ulrich’s doesn’t work) Ha ha!

Aubere: Hey everyone Look What I can do! MAGIC WINX!!!!!(goes into fairy form {The transformation cry Magic Winx is used in every version of Winx club except the 4kids version}) CHARMIX!!!! (goes into charmix form {The pin is a snowflake with a small pail blue light saber [the blade of the light saber is a magic crystal] and the bag is also a snowflake}) FROSEN BLAST! (Blasts Xana)

Xana: Lame!

Sara’s interdimensional Communicator rings(It’s ring tone is the code Lyoko full theme song A World Without Danger) Here’s the conversation

Sara: Hello?

Sarina: We need help Alfea is under attack.

Sara: By who? Icy Darcy and Stormy?

Sarina: No the Cynaclons! And this pink flying thing just spit some gold shiny thing at me.

Sara: Ok hold the gold thing and yell the words Power Pendant Mewtamorphosis. I have to go kick Xana’s sorry butt now bye (hangs up)

Sarina: (hangs up)
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No New chapter today sorry. Instead I have an importandt anouncement rregarding my next fanfic and all fanfica after.

Not all season 4 events will have affrect on my fanfics Here's a list of that stuff.

~Elements from season 4 that make it into fanfics~
The Skid
New combat gear
Patrick Belpois
Mention Of Odd's 5 sisters
The Recroom
William being evil.

~Things that will have no affect on my fanfics~
Xana's Defeat on the show (Not happening in my fanfics anytime soon)
William Returning to Normal (It's explained why in a later story but he "never returns to normal" In my fanfics {I gave you a hint})
(I Am still working on this list it will get much longer)
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Chapter 68 The Unicorn Mew and the Fairy of Flame

Sarina: Ok Let’s see if what Sara told me to do will work. POWER PENDANT MEWTAMORPHOSIS!!!!! (goes from Charmix form To Mewmew form which is a green dress. Other then that she’s normal except for the unicorn horn on her head)

Zoey Shows up Out of nowhere with the rest of the mew mews (except Sara)

Zoey and Sarina: Mewmew stile Mewmew grace Mewmew power in your face!!!!!

Sarina: (I Hope this battle is over Quickly then I can go help my cousin.)

Kikki: Fruit Paste Attack!!! (uses her attack On the Cynaclons)

Bridgette: DEEP SEA SURGE ATTACK! (Uses her attack)

Corina: (Fileing nails)

Estelle: Ribbon Zakuro Pure! (uses her attack)

Berry: Ribbon Love-Berry Check! (uses her attack but misses and hits Stella) Oops.


Ringo: Reborn Apple Pop! (Uses her attack to heal aftw injured Fairies (but not Stella who is far oo rude to desteve help))

Sarina: What can I do?

Zoey: Say the first thing that comes in to your head follow your instincts!

Sarina: Uni-Staff! (A pink Staff with an Emerald Unicorn On it appears in her hand) FLAMEING UNICORN BLAST!!!!!!!!! (Blasts the cynaclons)

All 3 Cynaclons and the St Rose Crusaders who showed up out of nowhere: OW

Zoey: Rose Bell Full Power! (Uses attack on the cynaclons but they leave before the Attack can hit them) I hate it when they do that.

Chapter 69 Xana’s Temporary Defeat and a New Problem

Everyone attacks Xana at the same time and he leaves Dialog time!

Sara and Odd: Oh finally that stupid thing gives up!

Ulrich: Maybe we scared him away for good?

Everyone else: Not likely!

Aubere: Ew ew ew! (Pulls out a toothbrush) I just agreed with That thing! (points at Odd then starts brushing teeth)

Sara: Grow up Aubere that is so kindergarten!

Aubere: FINE

Jeremy: (Whispers to Aelita) I don’t think they can see the irony in that do you?

Aelita: (Whispers back) Actually Sara is a walking Dictionary and both Sara and Odd both have Dragon hearing so it’s a bad idea to say that stuff.

Jeremy: (Whispers to Aelita) Oops I forgot about that.


Aelita: Oops.

Aras: (shows up out of nowhere) Well look at that all 7 of you losers are together that makes you easer to find.

Sara and Odd: ARAS!!!!!!

Aras: Oh look the stupid DragonFairy and the stupid DragonMage are talking at the same time.

Sara: Get lost Aras!

Aras: Not before destroying you!!! That’s why I waited for that Xana thing to weaken you. (Starts charging up magic)

Odd: Not good!

Sara: (I’m stronger then Aras knows.)

Aras: BLAST OF DEATH!!!! (Blasts Sara)

Sara: (Dodges the attack) You Missed.

Aras: No matter I’ll just attack your little friend. BLAST OF DEATH!!!!!! (Fires the attack at Odd)

Odd: (tries to get out of the way but can’t)

Sara:{Her thoughts are really fast} (no. I have to stop her attack. No not stop it just redirect it But I can’t redirect it at er she’ll send it at everyone 10 times as Powerful...Wait I know what to do!)
.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 11 Nov 2007, 22:09

~Pre-chapter message~

Salut Everyone! For those who Have forgotten that we annoy the heck out of DragonGirl/DragonKatie....

Or remembered but forgot who has what text color.

I'm Sara! (Yes from the story!)

I'm Yumi! :yumi:

I think They can tell seeing as you type in black. :odd:

Odd Shut up! :ulrich:

Will you guys quit it!

:aelita: Yeah you're being really Imature!

He Started it! (Point at eachother)

:jeremie: You 2 really need to grow up!

Don't you have programming to do or something?

If any of you have a point You better get to it! And Ulrich You just lost typeing privledges!

That's not fair.

Fine then You lose your typeing privlages too!...There That solves the problem.

Not quite! (Pulls out light saber)

Aubere don't you dare!


Ok ok you don't have to yell!

Yeah we're right here

........Is she gone yet!

I think so.

Ok then Well DragonGirl will post the rest of the story in a little bit Imeadatly after the 7 of us(Once Ulrich and Yumi manage to regain their typeing privlage) Will post a preview of Her next story.

And maybe there will be a few deleted scenes in this story too.
.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 12 Nov 2007, 01:00

Chapter 70 A Death

Aras: Emotional Connections! That’s what make fairies, humans, and NMBs weak!!!

Sara: No!!!! Lack of Love and Friendship is what makes Evil beings like you weak! MYSTIC REDIRECTION!!!!! (Redirects the attack)

Aras: HA HA HA! Using my attack against me won’t do any good!

Sara: I wasn’t redirecting the attack at you. (Attack hits her and she falls to the ground) You lose Aras.

Aras: You die and I lose?......That makes no sense!!! (Leaves completely confused)

Odd: (is suddenly able to move again and goes over to where Sara is) What were you thinking?

Sara: (Having trouble talking) That I couldn’t let one of my friends die.

Odd: But-

Sara: Please don’t do anything stupid.....That goes for all of you.

Odd: (Almost crying.)

Sara:...........To thine own selves be true........................

Aubere: What was with the modified Shakespear quote?

Odd: (Now closer to crying)........................................(starts trying random healing spells)


Odd: (Ignores Aubere and continues using healing spells)

Aelita: She’s right Odd.

Jeremy: It’s impossible to bring someone back to life...even with magic.

Odd: Shut up.... She still has enough life energy to live.

Everyone Except Odd and Aubere: What’s that?

Well Sara's Dead the story's over........Or is it? Odd Dosn't think so This story isn't a tragity but I need to buld sespense so Anyone currently Reading this tell me if you like where yo u think the final ending is going
.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 12 Nov 2007, 01:51

Oh forget this I'm done waiting!

Chapter 71 Life Energy

Everyone in this chapter is crying for the entire chapter (Except when Odd and Aubere are fighting they stop crying for that part). Ok Continuing from chapter 70.

Aubere: Life energy is what keeps people everyone and everything alive.

Odd: Except the people without magic only have enough to Live. People with magic have more then that.

Aubere: What? How do you know that?

Odd: Because I can sense Life energy It’s a standard thing for most magic people I think.

Aubere: ...............HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! That’s the only funny thing you’ve ever seriously How do you know that.

Odd: I told you I can sense life energy.

Aubere: That’s impossible noone can sense life energy.

Odd: Where did you hear that from? Yoda?

Aubere: NO! I heard it from Obiwan’s ghost!

Odd: You Need to go to a Mental health facility, you know that right?

Aubere: That’s It!!!!!!!!!!!(Pulls out light saber) FEEL THE WRATH MY LIGHT SABERS LAZER BLA- Wait this is a stick!

Ulrich: (Odd was right annoying Aubere is fun![i])

Odd: Ha ha serves you right.(Uses a strange spell) No.

Everyone else except Aubere(remember that Sara is Dead): What?

Aubere: What now?

Odd:(crying 40x worse then everyone else) The spell I just used was supposed to keep Sara from lousing any more Life energy and It worked....But it worked a second too late. She really is dead now

Aubere: (crying 20x worse then everyone else(not including Odd) No duh!

Odd: Wait I think I know a way to reverse this. I just need to remember something from when I fist started learning magic. (Flashback Sequence)


Sara: There are 3 spells that are dangerous to the user 2 of them are spells that can only be used by the Interdimensional Guardian and will cause instant Death

Odd: Who’s the Interdimensional Guardian?

Sara: I’ll Explain that later but Exactly who the Interdimensional Guardian is I know not.

Odd: Well What’s the 3rd spell?

Sara: It’s a spell that’s supposed to take some life energy from the user and put it in someone else.

Odd: That sounds helpful.

Sara: It’s dangerous if the user puts too much of his or her own life energy into someone else they will most likely die.

Odd: Oh.

Sara: There’s noone who knows that spell anyway the only person who knew it died to save a friend’s life.


Odd: Darn it!

Strange Voice in Odd’s head: I can help you bring your friend back to Life.

Odd: ([i]Who said that???

Strange voice: I am your Ancestor

Odd: (You really know how to do that?)

Strange Voice: Of corse how do you think I died.

Odd: (The Life Energy Transfer Spell)

Strange voice: It’s not really a spell It’s more like a special power....But yes that’s basically what it is.

Odd: (But Won’t I die if I Put my life energy into her? She sacrificed her own Life to save mine I don’t want her to have done that for nothing but I don’t want her to be dead ether?!)

Strange Voice: No she has almost enough of her own life energy so you only have to let her barrow a small amount of yours.

Odd: (What do I have to do?)

Strange Voice: All you have to do is make physical contact with the person you want to give Life Energy to then focus on what you want to do.

Odd: (That’s all?)

Strange voice: That’s all and you’re the only person in every dimension and every Universe that has this power..... Be care ful however if something goes wrong your friend will stay dead and you will die as well

Odd: (Ok.)

Strange voice:.....I have to go before your friend’s ancestor gets mad at me Bye!

Odd: I hope this works (Hold’s Sara’s left hand and he starts Glowing Blue [Oh and Sara starts Glowing Purple])

Chapter 72 A Dead Fairy’s Enchantix.

Ulrich and Yumi Aren’t in this chapter at all I think they went back to School but they aren’t where this chapter takes place.

Odd: (stops glowing and lets go of Sara’s hand she stops glowing then Odd checks to see if she’s breathing/staring to come back to life) Darn It didn’t work.

Aubere: What didn’t work?

Odd: Shut up!

Suddenly a sapphire orb of light comes gown from nowhere and softly touches Sara then there’s a bright blue flash and Sara is in a completely new form. The outfit part is a strapless top that ends just before her stomach with purple lighting bolts at the bottom(those do cover her stomach) with a coloration that looks like a mosaic of different shades of blues and purples as well as pail blue transparent gloves like all 6 winx girls have on their enchantix forms, and a skirt that matches the top only with a few small specks of green and the lightning bolts at the bottom are blue and her shoes are maid of the same material as the swirling metal like wire armor from her Charmix from. Her wings are the combined shape fo a Butterfree and a Beautifly’s wings and with the pattern of a Beautifly’s wings only the black parts are a pail swirl of purple and blue and the other parts are shaped like lightning bolts and are pail blue, (but a noticeably darker shad then the rest of her wings) and her hair is the same except for 2 sapphire streaks(1 on each side of her hair) and a taira like the Sailor Scouts have except with a lightning shaped sapphire on it. Everything about this new form seems to sparkle(and sort of glow from with in) and she her new form seems for beautiful then any other fairy(or other mythical creature) ever(Or at least in Odd’s Opinion.{But who knows for how long})

Odd: Sara’s Enchantix!

Aubere: No fair she’s a head of me again!!!!

Jeremy and Aelita: (Look at each other and leave)

Odd: But how could she get her Enchantix?

Aubere: You’re not a fairy you wouldn’t understand (Walks away [I’m leaving before he attacks me. I have no defense since I’m out of magic and stupid Ulrich stole my Light Saber.])

Odd: (I wish Sara would wake up.[/])

Sara: (wings move slightly)

Odd: ([i]No way! It actually worked! She’s alive!

Sara: (Sits up then Slaps Odd across the face)

Odd: Ow! Why did you do that?

Sara: You could have gotten your self killed with that spell you used.

Odd: Sorry.

Sara: (Hugs Odd)

Odd: That was random.

Sara: (Now crying) I’m just glad that your ok.

Odd: You do realize that you just got your Enchantix and shouldn’t be crying.

Sara: What? Oh well.

Chapter 73 Mimi Shut Up!

Sara: (Stops hugging Odd) The second team people are spying on us.

Odd: Again?


Mimi: (comes out of hiding)No fair how come you get your Enchantix you’re only 14!

Sara: So what yow shut up before you start yelling about nothing again.

Mimi: It’s not fair just because you’re the InterDimensional Guardian you get your Enchantix faster!?!?(Continues rambling and refuses to shut up)

10 Minutes later

Sara and Odd: Mimi SHUT UP!

Mimi: NO! It’s not fair!

Sara: You know what’s not fair being forced to bare the fate of all the dimensions!!!!!

Mimi: Shutting up now.

Sara: (whispers to Odd) Wow I cant beleive that actually worked.

Mimi: This is boring! (Leaves)

Telia and Phoenix: (come out of hiding) Wow how’d you get her to stop talking?

Sara: DIMENSION WARP BLAST! (Sends them back To greenleaf)

Chapter 74 Back to March 2

Well Sara and Odd are still in the same spot as earlier so here’s the dialog.

Odd:.............................So your Enchantix looks awesome. (Actually It looks a lot better then that but I don’t want to sound stupid.

Sara: Thanks. By the way there’s no way you could sound stupid.

Odd: Oops That wasn’t supposed to be out loud.

Sara: It wasn’t I used the Hyrualian Telepathy thing.

Odd: Oh. (Turns so that he’s not looking at Sara) ........Hey Sara?

Sara: Yeah.

Odd: I was wondering....ummm if... you.. would (Blushes) be my girlfriend.(Blushes more{Oh crud she’s going to say no.})

Sara: (blushes) Well ummmm. ([Stops blushing] Walks over to Odd then taps him on the shoulder he turns around then she kisses him on the check)

Odd: (Blushing So much that if he weren’t so surprised he would look furious)

Sara: (smiles) That was a yes by the way.

They kiss each other (for people who are grossed out by kissing scenes calm down they’re not making-out they are kissing normally So Don’t post any eeewwww gross comments I never do fanfictions with that stuff {For the people who Wanted Sara and Odd to Make-out... TOO BAD DEAL WITH IT!}) Meanwhile back at the factory this happens.

Jeremy and Aelita: RETURN TO THE PAST NOW!!!!! (Both press the enter key together)
The back in time scene from the show happens. Well it’s now March 2, 2006, 4:00 Am at Kadic (again) and This is what happened in Sara and Aelita’s Dorm this time around. (Remember that Amanda Left the Dimension Permanently) Oh there’s a knock on the door.

Aelita: Go away!

Sara: People are trying to sleep!

Ulrich(Outside): See Odd they don’t want to help with your stupid plan.

Jeremy(Outside): How did we end up helping Odd with his stupid plan again.

Odd: Shut up. (Opens the door to Sara and Aelita’s dorm and walks in)

Aelita: Odd leave now. (Hey that door was locked! How did he do that?)

Sara: Shut up Aelita.

Jeremy: Hey you can’t-

Sara: I’m the Interdimensional Guardian so yeah I can.

Odd: Happy Birthday Sara.

Everyone Except Sara and Odd: It’s Sara’s Birthday?

Sara: Duh. Can I go back to Sleep?

Odd: Sure after I apologize for messing your birthday up the first time.

Sara: Alright apology accepted.

Odd: I just wanted to tell you that.

Sara: Ok Well You better leave before Jim shows up and you get in trouble

Jim: Actually I’m helping with Odd’s stupid plan to- (Aubere cover’s him mouth)

Sara: Ok What the heck Is Going On?

Odd: You’ll find Out in a few hours. (Leaves the room)

Later after art all the other classes are canceled.

Sara: Odd how did you manage this?

Odd: I had help. Oh I almost forgot. (Pulls out a box with a ribbon on it) This is for you. (Hands the box to Sara) Go ahead open it.

Sara: (opens the box and sees a necklace with a lightening bolt shaped pendant then looks at Odd) What-

Odd: My sisters had to send me some money for destroying some of my stuff, so I had enough to get you a decent birthday present.

Sara: Thanks Odd but you didn’t need to do that.

Odd: I know I wanted to.


It’s the last day before vacation (Not to mention the actual end to this story) well Sara and Odd have Just gotten back from Lyoko and this happens.

Odd: I have no Idea what’s going on. First Xana escapes into the Internet and Now he decides To send a bunch Of villains From Hyrual To Sector 5 and Noone can figure out why. What’s next Jeremy becoming Magic?

Sara: Probably.

Odd: What’s wrong aren’t you excited School’s going to be over tomorrow except we only get 2 weeks before coming back for ninth grade.

Sara: I won’t be coming back.

Odd: What?

Sara: I don’t know why but my parents are forcing me to go to the new Ninth Grade Campus back in Greenleaf.

Odd: That’s terrible what if Xana attacks and we need your help badly?

Sara: I won’t be able to help I’m sorry.

Odd: Ok I’ll come to see you as much as Possible then.

Sara: You can’t

Odd: Why not?

Sara: I just think it would be better if you pretend that I never existed.

Odd: ButYou can't just leave!

Sara: Je suis vrament desole. (I am truly sorry.{Starts to leave})

Odd: Wait-

Sara: Good Bye Forever.

.....Yay ... just yay
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Message 12 Nov 2007, 03:49

Bonsoire et welcom to a privew of DragonGirl's next Fanfic.

As you just read Sara was forced to leave the group.

We managed to make a sortof offical sounding privew for the next story(Now if only we could make animate it but Jeremy Wont let us use his computer and DragonGirl's computers don't have the right programs)

The events in the story take place after season 3 at the beginning of the story then after the episode Maiden Voiage after chapter 1 after that point the not manny season 4 events have anything to do with DragonGIrl's fanfics thing comes into effect.

So If everyone's ready! We'll count down to the start of the preview!

We're counting in french right?

Fine! Aelita Will you start.












Anouncer: Sometimes people leave!


Odd: But you can't just leave!

Sara: Je suis vrament desole. (Starts to leave)

Odd: Wait-

Sara: Good Bye Forever.

~End clip~

Anouncer: Sometimes they are banished!


Aubere: So what are you going to do if Odd find out?

Sara: it won’t matter the only way he would believe anyone who tells im is with major proof. By the way.(dose some strange and motions and Aubere disappears)

~end clip~

Anouncer: They are blamed for grate tragities!


Odd: This whole mess is Sara's fault!

~end clip~

Anouncer: But can they rerurn?


Aelita: Watch it Aubere you could hurt someone!

Aubere: But I’m board!

Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi: We don’t care!

~fade to new clip~

Sara: (wakes up) Hua? What’s going on?

Odd: Hey Sara welcome back. Are you ok?

~End ckips~

Anouncer: New revilations!


Aelita: I don’t understand. What are you talking about?

Pink Talking Zubat: You’ll panic. I don’t want to scare you.

~disolve into new clip~

Jeremy: The other is a Program that was used to create a Actual Human by use of the scanners. It was only used once and it worked.

Aelita: What? Do you know anything about this person?

Jeremy: All I can determine is that the program was used before You and Your father went to Lyoko and that the Person Xana created was a Male.

~end clips~

Anouncer: Sara Draconar and Aubere Jedarous are back in a whole new story!

Sara Returns.
(comming 15 Novembre 2007)

~end preview~

Well I hope you all liked it!

Sorry to interrupt but I forgot to post the credits

Credits (Imagine the Full French Code Lyoko theme song In the back groung Un Monde Sans Danger or the English Verison which has the same title only translated into English [which is A World Without Danger] but the words are not the same as the translations of the french version which can get confusing )


Sara Draconar
Aubere Jedirous/Melissa Magix
Amanda Mermosa/Amanda Magix
Mimi Mellody
Sarina Uniaria
Odd Della Robia
Jérémie Belpois
Aelita Hopper/Aelita Stones
France Hopper
Urick Stern(Ha ha I spelled his name wrong on purpose again!)
Yumi Ishiyama
Sissy Delmas/Elisabeth Delmas
Hervé Pichon
Jim Moralés
Jean-Pierre Delmas
Suzanne Hertz

Other Characters(most of whom are background Characters on code Lyoko and weren’t mentioned in this fanfic but might be in a blooper or something later[it’s true they are actual background characters from code Lyoko episodes and there’s too many of them]) [/i
Milly Solovieff
Tamiya Diop
Anne-Sophie Munier
Anouche Bedoyan
Julie Vigouroux
Ninon Costes
Sandra Dialo
Véronique Fayolle
Emilio Rodriguez
Lola Kieffer
Mohamed Kantaoui
Pierre François
Tristan Brossard
Xavier Gosselin
Alexandre Pepin
Azra Ürgüp
Bastien Roux
Claire Girard
Emilie Leduc
Heïdi Klinger
Jean-Baptiste Pujol
Jeanne Le Bihan
Julien Xao
Magali De Vasseur
Matthieu Ducrocq
Noémie N'Guyen
Paul Gaillard
Romain Le Goff
Sophie Florenceau
Sorya Abulabbas
Tania Grandjean
Théo Gauthier
Thierry Suarès
Thomas Jolivet
Yannick Piranet
Anaïs Fiquet
Caroline Savorani
Christophe M'Bala
Emmanuel Maillard (known in Season 1 as Mike)
Maïtena Lecuyer
Matthias Burel
Priscilla Blaisse
Gilles Fumet
Gustave Chardin
Nicole Weber
Hans Klotz
Gaston Lagrange
Rosa Petitjean
Yolande Perraudin
Michel Rouiller

[i]Characters provision credits

My friends from school
My cousins
Princess Valeria (From the 4kids tv message boards)
hkids (From the 4kids tv message boards)
codelyoko28 (From the 4kids tv message boards)

Special Thanks to...

My parents for......... well I had to put them in the credits:D

Princess Valeria, hkids, and codelyoko28 for commenting on both fanfics consistently and for bring good Friends

Antifilms For creating Code Lyoko

Rainbow SPA For making Winx Club (even if 4kids messed it up a little when bringing it to the United States)

Moonscoop for continuing production of Code Lyoko (I shouldn’t be thanking them since they did a Terrible job with season 3... at least season 4 is better)

Whoever Originally created Magical DoReMi (even though I cant spell the Original Title of the show)

Whoever created Tokyo Mew mew (Notice I am not acknowledging 4kids in this or the DoReMi thing because of the Terrible job they did dubbing these shows [which is why every version of Mew mew Power was canceled before the end of the series except the french version])
.....Yay ... just yay

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