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Real Lyoko, virtual earth.

I got a code lyoko story i have thought about for a long time. Please tell me what you think about it. It happens in season four. I call it “real Lyoko, virtual earth.” My english is not the best so sorry for that.

After destroying one of XANAs replikas, the gang returns to earth, finding out that the supercomputer had bugged in the moment of materialisation. They look just like they do when they do when they are teleported to the real world to destroy XANAs supercomputers.
They wonder what to do since they got school tomorow, and they cant just go like they are.
So they all stay at the factory while Jeremie and Aelita work on debugging the materialisation. Unfortunatly, they dont manage, and the principal have warned them all coming late to class again. Therefore all exept Jeremie, who still need to debug the program, go to school.
At school people begins laughing at them, saying they look like clowns, espescialy Odd. And Ulrich got Sissi on his tail all the time, because she thinks he look more handsome than ever in his "new outfit."
Allthough they have superpowers they cant use them because that would mean they would have to do a return to the past, and they dont want to make XANA stronger.
Things change when xana activates a tower in the ice sektor and starts to materialise tarantulas to the real world.
Jeremie calls the others about the tower, and they rush to the factory (Ulrich uses supersprint.) When they get to the factory, the entrance is blocked by two tarantulas. Ulrich triplicates and manage to kill one of them, Yumi trows a fan and kills the other, and they go to the elevator.
When they get to the main frame of the supercomputer, they find a tarantula attacking Jeremie. Odd quickly fires lots of laserarrows at the tarantula, effectivly killing it.
Jeremie tries to shut of the scanner XANA is using, but XANA have taken complete control over it, so Ulrich disides to stay in the real world to take care of the tarantulas.
Odd, Yumi and Aelita want to go to Lyoko and deactivate the tower, but Jeremie is sceptical to send them to Lyoko without having debugged the program. But he finaly cave in and sends them to lyoko.
Before they enter the scanners, a tarantula apear in the infected scanner. Everyone attack it and its killed before it had time to fire even one laser.
In Lyoko, the team find themselves with the same clothes they usualy have in the real world, no weapons and no powers.
They get their viechels and rush to the tower, but 3 crabs are blocking the way. Odd manages to get past with Aelita, while Yumis overwing get shot and disapears. Having no powers, she is forced to run. Two crabs follow Odd and Aelita while one follows Yumi who takes cover in a cave
Jeremie tells them that he has almost debugged the program, and they just have to hang in a little longer.
Meanwhile, ulrich is starting to get tired, and has been hit by lasers many times (you can see it on the marks on his clothes.) He can barely defend himself against one tarantula, and when another one comes out of the scanner, he has to take cover, wondering what is taking the others so long.
In lyoko, Aelita and Odd have escaped the two crabs, but in front of the tower is a megatank. Odd tells aelita to jump of the overboard and get as close to the tower as she can, and, if possibly, enter it when he say so. Aelita asks what he is planning, but Odd just says its gonna be fine.
Meanwhile Yumi is still hiding from the crab. Jeremie tells her that he will rematerialise the overwing, and so he does. Yumi runs on it and manage to get a head start. Jeremie also tells her that it could be a mater of seconds till he is done debugging the program.
On Odds side, the megatank have started to load a shot.
Just as the megatank fires, Odd doges and tells Aelita to jump. She does so, and while the megatank is loading for another shot, Odd flies the overboard into the eye of XANA, making great fireworks.
Just before Aelita enters the tower, Jeremie tells them that the debugging was done, and now they just needed to devirtulise them selves.
Just as this is anounced, Yumi is shot by the crab and devirtulised.
While Aelita is in the tower, Ulrich is pretty beaten up. Yumi shows up in the last moment and give a tarantula a solid kick in the eye of XANA, killing it. She couldnt use her fans because the debugging had worked.
Meanwhile Aelita have shut down the tower, making sure that XANA cant use the scanner to send more tarantulas.
While Yumi distracts the last tarantula Ulrich gets behind it and kills it.
Ulrich is then virtualised to where Odd and Aelita are. Jeremie uses the materialisation program and get them back to earth, and the debugging program had worked on them to.
Since nobody else then them had seen the monsters XANA had materialised, there was no need for a return trip.
Back on school, the other pupils say that they had really been cool in the other clothes, and Sissi tells Ulrich to wear his costume a little more often.
It ends with Jeremie getting six hours of detention for skipping a whole day, and the others get 2 hours for skipping the last part of the day.

I got the idea of this from the episode "temporary insanity," where Odd and Ulrich see Lyoko when they are in the real world, and the real world while they are in Lyoko.