Sara Returns

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Sara Returns

Pre Fanfic Warning

If you haven’t read my other 2 fanfics you could be a little confused but you don’t have to read them in order to under stand this fanfic you just have to be a Code Lyoko fan.(Which I hope everyone on this message board is) However If you haven’t read my other 2 fanfics then don’t completely read the introduction just skim over it other wise you will be completely confused) Although you really shouldn’t read this unless you’ve seen the 3rd season of Code Lyoko (Or haven’t seen the end of it)) If you haven’t seen code Lyoko season 3 you have to find a way to watch the episodes online because if you don’t you’ll be completely confused) One more thing before I start the introduction There is one thing that will confuse everyone You’ll just have to find out what it is for your self and unfortunately I don’t have an expiation Sorry:(. (Please note that I gave some Code Lyoko characters use of magic {For example; Aelita is a Fairy, Yumi is a Halfie, and Odd is a DragonMage})


Well Sara, Aubere, and Aelita are in Their dorm.(Well Sort of it’s only Sara and Aelita’s dorm right now) Well Sara is packing. Meanwhile in te dorm room directly bellow(also Known as Odd and Ulrich’s dorm) Ulrich is playing around with a tape-recorder.(Why that’s important you’ll just have to find out later) Ok Back to what’s happening with Sara, Aubere, and Aelita.

Aelita: You really think that Lying to Odd was a good idea?

Sara: ............

Aubere: Careful you’ll make her mad.

Sara: Shut up Aubere!

Aubere: Hey! What did I do?

Sara: Aubere No Talking!(Puts some of her stuff in her suitcase)

Aelita: If you really Like Odd then why did you lie to him I mean I never Lie to Jeremy.

Sara: You think It was easy!?(half way crying halfway about to spit fire at Aelita’s face)

Aelita: (scared) Ummm well.

Sara: Well It wasn’t!

Aubere: (sarcastic) Oh really.

Aelita: Then why did you lie to him?

Sara: Do you know how hard it would have been to say the real reason I was leaving... to tell Odd that the reason that I would never be able to see him again is because the dimension I came from is collapsing and I have to go there and cut off all communication and travel to and from that dimension.

There’s a long silence and in that time Sara continues packing.

Aubere: So what are you going to do if Odd find out?

Sara: it won’t matter the only way he would believe anyone who tells im is with major proof. By the way.(dose some strange and motions and Aubere disappears)

Aelita: Was that a banishment spell?

Sara: It’ll only last a week of corse Knowing her she’ll stay in that dimension longer because of jedi missions

Aelita: So What was the point in banishing her again?

Sara: To keep her from doing something stupid!..(finishes packing and closes her suitcase)......can you do something for me?

Aelita: That depends-.

Sara: Please don’t tell Odd about this (picks up suitcase and prepares to open a portal)

Aelita: Alright.

Sara: And tell him that I’ll miss him a lot.(opens a portal and leaves the portal closed behind her)

Meanwhile down stairs

Ulrich: How the heck do I shut this thing off? (Tape-recorder’s battery goes dead) Well that solves that problem....wait now I have to go find some batteries!

Ok This is what happens when Sara gets to Green Leaf(her home town)

Sara: That’s strange this dimension seems perfectly stable. What’s going on? It seemed close to collapsing when I checked a few minutes ago?

????:(Evil laughing) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha a ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Sara: Darn it Xana tricked me. Oh well I get to kick is butt now!.......ENCHANTIX!!!!!(tries to go into Enchantix form but it doesn’t work) that can’t be good.
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Chapter 1 Odd learns the Truth

This chapter continues where the end of season 3 left off Ok it starts with the last few lines of the episode then it continues wit a bunch of stuff I made up. (I hate some of these lines but I’m typing them any way and Ulrich and Yumi Mumble too much so it’s hard for me to tell exactly what they’re saying and it figures they’d give Odd all the lame lines in this scene-_-)

Jeremy: We have no way to fight Xana now. The entire world is in danger.

Ulrich: It’s impossible to even Imagine it.

Yumi: And William you think he’s....

Odd: (holds his head.... sort of) This is horrible.

Aelita: (holding a picture of her dad) I was really hoping... I’d see my Father again

Jeremy: I’m sorry I did everything I could

Aelita: I know You did Jeremy.(Puts picture down)

Jeremy’s laptop starts beeping

Jeremy: (lifts the top of is laptop) Hey what th- this is incredible

Odd: Well tell us. What’s going on?

Jeremy: I just received a coded message. A message directly from the internet and it’s signed....

Aelita: Who tell us Jeremy.

Jeremy: Franz Hopper.

Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi: Hua??

(Here comes the part that I made up)

Aelita: He’s.... he’s alive?

Jeremy: It seems like it.

There’s a long silence

Odd: All of this is Sara’s fault!

Everyone Looks at Odd Like he’s lost his mind.

Aelita: Jeremy Odd’s been replaced with a clone again!

Odd: Shut up I have not been replaced by a clone! If Sara hadn’t left we wouldn’t have needed any help.

Everyone else: (He sort of as a good point.)

Ulrich: Yumi I need to talk to you outside for a minute.

Yumi: Ok

They go outside and this happens.

Ulrich: I recorded this a month ago by accident I need to know If I Should show this to Odd. (Hands the tape-recorder to Yumi so se can listen to it)

Yumi: (Listens to the recoding up until the part were Ulrich can’t figure out how to turn the tape recorder off) Wow I can’t believe Noone told Odd about this.

Ulrich: (I wonder if she knows that I’m still mad at her for wanting to be just fiends?)So Should I show that to Odd or not?

Yumi: You should have shown it to him right after you recorded it.

Ulrich: It took for ever to find a battery for that thing.

Yumi: Oh........Is there anything else you want to know?(hands the tape recorder back to ulrich)


Yumi: Well Ulrich?

Ulrich: No.

Yumi: (Goes inside and pushes Odd outside)

Odd: Hey!

Yumi: Shut up! (closes the door)

Odd: (looks at Ulrich) What did you do to make her mad at you kiss Sissy again?.... and Why the heck did you have to bring me into it.

Ulrich: (troughs the tape-recorded at Odd’s head)

Odd: Ow! Hey what was that for?

Ulrich: Just listen to that. (Goes inside)
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Salut! :yumi2: ......Hey wait where is Ulrich he was sapposed to help me with this?

He got detention.


I wasn't there so I don't know.

Well Weren't Sara and Odd sapposed to be back up?

They got detention too!


I'll explain that later.

Well what about Jeremy and Aelita.

They're working on a program.

How about- Oh wait Hiroki's sick never mind.

I would have you continue this with the help of Jeremy's cousin Patrick but I can't for 3 reasons.

Which are?

Reason 1 is because his voice hurts my ears!


Reason 2 is because Ulrich would try to Kill me. (It wouldn't work but He would still try)


Ask him not me!

And reason 3

He has detention.

He dosn't go to Kadic.

My fanfics aren't the show he was re-enroled 10 minutes ago.

How did he end up in detention?

Funny story He made the mystake of Flirting with Sara and that maid both her and Odd mad.

So that's how they got Detention!

Now leave my readers alone Yumi! It's bad enough I can't post chapters because the program I saved them in isn't working at the moment and my mom won't let me restart the computer! I don't need you scairing them away!
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Yay it finally works!!!

Chapter 2 Too Much Villain Dialog Can’t Think!!!!!

Well just in case I didn’t make this clear in the first chapter it’s been a month since the stuff that happened in the introduction. Ok on to what’s important narrating the second chapter. Sara is chained to a wall(And Apparently asleep) in Xana’s hideout.(He keeps moving between being a cloud thing on earth and hiding somewhere in the internet and is right now on earth) Xana is pacing(Well Floating) back and forth and William is Just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Ok this is what Happens when Xana starts yelling.

Xana: How long can that stupid DragonFairy sleep!

William: 1,000 years

Xana: Exactly how do you know that?

William: Well what was I supposed to do when we were hiding in the internet?

Xana: Hey just because I can’t destroy that stupid Dragon thing until she wakes up doesn’t mean I can’t destroy you right now!!!!!!

William:(hides being a large Box)

Xana: Wimp! ( If he makes another annoying outburst I’ll make it so he can’t think at all!)

Sara: .........................(she’s still asleep.....well actually she’s in some weird dragon hibernation thing so she doesn’t talk)

William: (goes completely evil and has no thought’s of his own anymore {Being turned evil completely actually takes awhile depending on the person}).................

Xana: (oh and Xana doesn’t know that William can’t think on his own now) You can stop hiding now!

William: (Stands up)

Xana: Now go stand over there! (Points somewhere but since he’s a cloud and has no hands or arms it’s impossible for anyone to tell where he’s pointing)

William: (goes were Xana wanted him to)

Xana: Oh sure now you start being obedient!!!!

Sara: (And I thought Sissy was stupid!)


Sara: (Why? If I wake up you’ll be able to kill me! Hey Xana can’t hear my thoughts so I can insult him all I want and he can’t do anything! Wait making fun of Xana isn’t that fun without Odd. I wonder if everyone is ok. I...I hope I can think of a way out of this soon it’s been too long since the last time I fed my Pokemon the poor things must be starving. I wonder if I have enough magic to warp my Pokemon somewhere safe.{uses almost what’s left of her magic to warp her Pokemon to the Blackthorn city gym...or so she thinks}I hope that worked.)

Xana: (Notices something) What was that?
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Chapter 3 What Are You Talking About?

Remember back in Chapter 2 when Sara thought she warped her Pokemon to the Blackthorn City Pokemon Gym? Well where they actually ended up was Kadic Academy’s park. Thankfully the only one there is Odd.......and Jim’s Machop. (Language translations {french to English, Pokemon to human, or any other language} will be shown te same as thoughts in Italic and parentheses)

Odd: (get’s hit in the head with 6 pokeballs that appear out of nowhere) Ow!

Riri(Sara’s Raichu): (comes out of her Pokeball and looks around) Chu? (Where am I?)

Odd: You’re at Kadic.

Riri: (notices Odd) Ria ri raichu ria! Ri raichu ri ria!!! (You have to help my trainer Sara! She’s in trouble!!!)

Odd: What are you talking about?

Jim’s Machop: Machop? (Where did that Raichu come from?)

A Smeargle that belongs to Kadic’s art/theaterarts teacher walks by.

Chardin’s Smeargle: (sees Riri and panics) Smear! (Help!{Tires to hide behind Jim’s Machop})

Jim’s Machop: (also recognizes Riri and tries to hide behind the Smeargle) Ma! (Yikes!)

The 2 Pokemon belonging to teachers at Kadic continue to try to hide behind each other.

Riri: Ria! (They’re being distracting!)

Odd: Riri please try to focus I can’t help Sara If I don’t know what’s going on.

Riri: Ri ria raichu! (Ok ummm Person.)

Odd: You don’t remember anything do you?-_-

Riri: Ri! ria ri chew!!! (That’s what happens when I’m in my Pokeball for too long.)

Odd’s Dog/Growlith Kiwi comes out of the bushes.

Kiwi: Grooooowlith! (Hello!)

Riri: (remembers everything she forgot) Ri raichu! (I remember!)

Kiwi: Growl? (Remember what?)

Odd: Good now please tell me what’s going on.

Riri: (starts crying) Ria raichu ri ria. (Sara was captured.)

Odd: What!

Kiwi: Growlith!!! Growl growlith growl! (Looks at Odd) Growlith growl. (Your trainer was attacked!!! Oh no that’s terrible! We have to do something!)

Odd: (How could this happen?) Who captured Sara!

Riri: Chu ria! (Xana!)

Odd: How?

Riri: (He made it seem like her home Dimension was collapsing then attacked her when she showed up there.)

Odd: Ok then. (Pulls out cell phone)

Chapter 4 Rescue Planing...Sort of

Almost everyone who fights on Lyoko (and Jeremy) is now at the factory (supercalculator room) and I’m just going to cut to dialog now.

Jeremy: Alright Odd what’s the big emergency?

Odd: Sara’s in trouble!

Ulrich: That’s your stupid emergency? You’ve lost it! Your stupid girlfriend left the Dimension remember?

Odd: She got captured by Xana right after leaving you Brain-Dead, No Imagination Duffus!!!!

Ulrich: Shut up!

Yumi: Will you 2 knock it off!!!

Odd: Ulrich started it!

Ulrich: No I didn’t!

Everyone else: Yes you did!

Ulrich: Oh come on Odd’s just making all this up!

Odd: Tell that to Sara’s Pokemon, they were actually there!

Ulrich: See you are crazy if your talking to Pokemon. Noone else here can understand what pokemon are Saying.

Aelita: Actually that’s not correct.

Jeremy: Yeah there are 3 people in this room who understand pokemon!

Aubere falls trough a portal.

Aubere: Ow

Jeremy and Aelita: Make that 4 people.

Odd: Can we hurry up! Sara’s in trouble and if noone else cares, I’ll save her myself!!!

Aubere: Can someone please explain what the heck is going on?

Odd: That’s it, this is taking too long! (focuses on Sara’s magic Signature then disappears)

Aubere: What’s his problem?
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Chapter 5 The Rescue Part 1

Odd is now outside Xana’s hide out he’s been there for 5 minutes waiting for the perfect moment to go in there and kick Xana’s butt when Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, and Aubere appear out of nowhere behind him.(oh and Aelita somehow got her Enchantix noone knows how not even her so please don’t ask. She’s in Enchantix form right now which makes almost everyone who fights on Lyoko end up in virtual form. also I don’t have a description for her Enchantix form yet but when I come up wit one I’ll post it)

Jeremy: So You’re just going to go in there without a plan and hope whatever you’re doing works?

Odd: You’re not supposed to sneak up on people and I do have a plan.

Aubere: (sarcastic) Sure you do.

Odd: Shut up Aubere!

Aubere: Well if you have a plan what is it?

Odd: I go in there when Xana drops his guard and kick his nonexistent butt!

Aubere: Oh like anything like that ever works?

Odd: Whatever! Oh and anyone who doesn’t want to help might want to stand as far back as possible.

Aubere: (Backs up a little) I know where this is going!

Odd: (uses magic to make a hole in the wall)

Xana: What!?!?

Odd: Shut up Xana!

Xana: Hey you can’t-

Odd: Mystic Electricity! (Attacks Xana with a electrical blast)

Xana: HEY!

Odd: The next blast will be a lot stronger unless you let Sara go!

Xana: William destroy them

William: Yes master! (Pulls his huge sword out of nowhere and prepares to attack)

Odd: Lazer Arrow! (Fires a arrow at William)

William: (falls down but gets up quickly and continue his attack)

Ulrich and Yumi: We’ll handle William you handle Xana.

Odd: Alright (I’m confused now!)

Chapter 6 The Rescue Part 2

Continued from Chapter 5.(oh and Jeremy’s Magnaton is now out of it’s Pokéball so Jeremy can actually be useful for once)

Xana: Nothing any of you do is going to help.

Aubere: Oh look it can’t figure out that it’s outnumbered.

Xana: Shut Up!

Aubere: Why?

Odd: (Is she doing that on purpose?{Launches another electrical blast at Xana})

Xana: Ow! You should stop that it’s starting to get annoying.(Get’s hit by 3 more attacks all of them at the same time {One purple colored Electrical blast used by Odd, A Thunder Shock attack from Jeremy’s Magnaton, and a pink magic energy blast which Aelita used by accident}) Ow!!! Ok now I’m mad!

Sara: (wakes up but closes her eyes before anyone can notice{This isn’t good. What is everyone doing here? They should have just stayed at Kadic and kept themselves out of danger!)

Odd: Noone cares wether you’re mad or not you stupid cloud!

Sara: (Odd better be careful...wait what am I thinking it’s Odd! He’s never careful.)

Xana: What did you call me!?!?! (notices that something’s different)

Odd: You heard me!!!

Xana: (charges electrical energy)

Odd: (Strange how he hasn’t tried to fight back until now.)

Xana: (adds darkness to the electrical energy then fires it at Sara)

Sara: (Ok that hurt...a lot more then it should have. Something’s not-(passes out making her unable to finish her thought))

Xana: (laughs evilly)

Odd: (The Purple spot on his hair starts glowing) ELECTRUS BLAST!!!!! (Blasts Xana with a extremely powerful purple lightning bolt)

Xana: OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! You’ll pay for that!

Odd: I don’t think so! By the way that blast was only half power unless you let Sara go the full strength of the attack will come next!

Xana: (I can’t take another attack like that!) Fine you win! for now!

Both Xana and William disappear

Aubere What just happened?

Ulrich: Did we win?

Yumi: I don’t know!

Jeremy: Can we go back to school now!?

Aelita: Jeremy your Magnaton is attacking it’s self.

Jeremy: Not again!

Magnaton: Mag (Flies into a wall)

Jeremy: (holds out a Pokéball) Magnaton Return!

Magnaton: Magna? (Goes back into it’s pokeball)

Odd: (walks over to were Sara is, and uses magic to make the chains holding her to the wall disappear then catches her so that she doesn’t hit the ground and get hurt more then she already is) Ok now we can leave.
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Chapter 7 New Problem...Sort of

Well everyone(from the last chapter who’s not evil) is at the factory. Sara is laying on the floor out cold, Odd is sitting next to her, Jeremy is exactly where he always is sitting in the chair in front of the supercalculator, Aelita is standing next to Jeremy, Ulrich is standing in a corner of the room(If it even has any corners), Yumi is standing in a random place in the room, and Aubere is using the force to walk on the ceiling. Ok time for dialog.

Aubere: It’s too quiet in here!

Odd: Aubere shut up!

Aubere: No!

Odd: (I can’t sense Sara’s magic Signature anymore something’s not right.)

Aubere: (pulls out light saber and starts swing it around)

Aelita: Watch it you could hurt someone!

Aubere: But I’m board!

Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi: We don’t care!

10 silent minutes later.

Odd: I don’t understand how Sara got captured in the first place.

Aubere: She got tricked duh

Odd: Unlike you she actually has her Enchantix and even with out it she’s strong enough to beat Xana so something must have happened to keep her from using magic.

Jeremy and Aelita: maybe Aubere’s right for once

Odd: No she’s not.

Aubere: What do you mean for once!?!

Yumi: (now standing next to Ulrich) Do you have any idea what the 4 of them are talking about?

Ulrich: No

Sara: (wakes up) Hua? What’s going on? Oh and Aubere why are you upside down?

Aubere: I don’t know!

Odd: Hey Sara welcome back. Are you ok?

Sara: (Why do I feel so strange?) ummm (Turns her head so that she’s not looking at Odd)

Odd: Is something wrong?

Sara: (The strange feeling left when I stopped looking at Odd. Dose that mean that our relationship has changed?)

Odd: Sara what’s wrong?

Sara: (Why do my emotions feel so....wrong? Maybe Odd doesn’t like me as much as before, and if that’s true then dose that mean that...?...I have to get out of here and try to figure out what’s happening.{stands up and starts to walk towards the elevator})

Aubere: Where the heck are you going?

Sara: I need to be alone fore a while!

Aubere: Then why walk? Why don’t you just warp somewhere.

Odd: (Because She can’t!)
Sara: Because I can’t.
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Chapter 8 A Dark Spell

Sara is now in the woods sitting under a the oldest tree ever.....well almost.:D It’s pretty close. Well the tree is the biggest tree in the area. Ok well she’s just sitting there thinking. Meanwhile close by her evil clone Aras is talking to herself.

Aras: I can’t believe that worked! That stupid Dragonfairy should have figured out what’s going on by now. Oh well the longer the spell is in affect the more messed up her emotions will get. Then she’s be easier to destroy. This plan is working so well that even her idiotic DragonMage Boyfriend can’t mess up my plan.

This is what Sara’s doing.

Sara: (What the heck is wrong with me?)

Odd: (Climbs down from a branch on the tree) I figured that you would be here.

Sara: (Makes sure not to look at Odd) Want do you want?

Odd: I want to know if you’re Ok.

Sara: I’m fine!

Odd: You don’t sound fine.... What’s wrong?

Sara: Nothing.

Odd: What’s wrong?

Sara: Nothing.

Odd: What’s wrong?

Sara: Nothing!

Odd: Oh come on we both know that something’s wrong.

Sara: There’s noting wrong just go away!

Odd: Sara you aren’t acting like yourself. If there’s something wrong, which there is, I need to know about it so I can help.

Sara: Go away!

Odd: (sits down next to Sara) You know that you can trust me.

Sara: I... I... I’m not so sure any more.

Odd: That’s not good.

Sara: Can you just leave already I need to be alone.

Odd: Are you sure you’re alright?


It’s really quiet for a few minutes then this happens.

Odd: I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I tink Our relationship is falling apart...

Sara: (What the heck is he talking about now?)

Aras: (Perfect he’s breaking up with her that will mess up her emotions so badly! Of corse it will be a lot more effective without my spell I better remove that.{dose something strange})

Sara: (back to normal but she still remembers some of what just happened{I am so confused!})

Odd: I guess...this means that..... that we..can’ am so not good at this. (It’s even harder to say since I really don’t want to do this and I know I’m going to regret it later.)

Sara: (Is...Is he...? I can’t believe this is happening. No I must be wrong.)

Odd: What I’m trying to say is... Ummm-

Sara: That you’re breaking up with me?

Odd: ...Yeah

Sara: (Crying but trying to seem more angry then hurt) Then leave before I have to hurt you!!!!

Odd: Alright.(walks away)

Sara: (I don’t understand what’s going on. I mean I said some stuff that I would never normally say but I....I.... I don’t... know why I said them and messed things up..... I can’t believe this is happening.{places her right hand over where her heart is. Oh and she’s not trying to hide that she’s crying anymore}And... why dose it hurt so much?)

Meanwhile Odd is walking back to Kadic

Odd: (trying to Ignore a strange pain{Why did I do that? What ever’s wrong with Sara I made it worse. I must have hurt her really bad. Wait Why did I leave her alone Xana could attack her again or worse and who knows what else might happen! I have to go back. I have to go make things right.}Turns around and starts to head back to where Sara is)

Chapter 9 Emotional Damage

Well Sara hasn’t moved at all.

Sara: (I can’t believe this happened.{crying})

Odd: (walks over to Sara) Hey are you ok?

Sara: GO AWAY!!!!

Odd: I’ll take that as a no.

Sara: I SAID GO AWAY!!!!!

Odd: I can’t do that.

Sara: Go jump into the Digital Sea you jerk!

Odd: (sits down next to Sara) I’m not going to do that.

Sara: Why are you bothering me?

Odd: Because I.....I know that I hurt you emotionally and I want to make things right.

Sara: (I’m confused! I wish I could understand what’s going on. And why can’t I use magic?)

Odd: (notices that Sara is crying) Hey don’t cry. (Wipes some tears away from Sara’s eyes as carefully as possible)

Sara: (Why is he doing this? Maybe he’s just as confused as I am.)

Odd: It’s Ok you don’t need to cry.

Sara: Oh really? You think It’s Ok Odd? Well guess what it’s not!!! I thought I could trust you! I guess I was wrong!

Odd: I’m Sorry.

Sara: You should be but that’s not going to help!

Odd: I know!

Sara: Good!(If you knew how bad you really messed up my emotions you would be more then sorry!)

Odd: (I can’t believe I broke her heart like that.) I wish there was something I can do.

Sara: Well there isn’t! (Is is he telling the truth?)

Odd: Then I guess that our relationship is messed up for good.

Sara: No.

Odd: Did you Say something?

Sara: Why did you break up with me?

Odd: I thought I did something to make you not your self and I thought it was the only way to fix it.

Sara: That’s why?

Odd: Yeah. And that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

Sara: (Eyes tear up more) (What is he trying to say?)

Odd: Please Don’t cry.

Sara: I can’t.

Odd: (gently puts his left arm over Sara’s shoulders) It’ll be ok.

Sara: (leans a Little closer to Odd{What’s happening? I don’t know why think something bad will happen.})

Odd: (I guess She doesn’t hate me. That has to be a good sign.{hugs Sara but is careful not to make her mad then blushes}Why did I do that?)

Sara: (blushes) ummmm

Odd: You ok?

Sara: Yeah.

Odd: Good......Hey Sara?

Sara: Yeah?

Odd: I....I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend again? (Please Don’t say no!)

Sara: (YES!!!!! Yes! Why the heck would I say no? I don’t want to say no! I refuse to let my self say no!) I’ll have to think about it.(Why the heck did I say that?)

Odd: Ok. (Oh no I don’t think I’m going to like her answer.)

About an hour later it’s now night and Sara is now sitting on the ground in a random spot but not sitting next to the trunk of the tree. Odd is now standing in a random spot holding a tree branch.

Odd: (It’s too quiet. {Suddenly in pain but trying to hide it.})

Sara: Odd are you ok?

Odd: Yes.

Sara: (turns around to look at Odd) Are you sure? (Crud I was afraid this would happen. Odd’s Emotional Damage is starting to cause Physical Damage.)

Odd: Yes I am

Sara: .................... Hey Odd?

Odd: Yeah

Sara: Remember what you asked me earlier?

Odd: I think so.

Sara: Well the answer..... is yes.

Odd: Cool. (blushes then is in pain again)

Sara: Ok don’t even bother to say that your alright!

Odd: Ok I won’t but I’m not hurt.

Sara: (Walks over to Odd) I’m not so sure about that.

Odd: (Darn it she knows!)

Sara: (hugs Odd and her head ends up in a position where she can hear Odd’s heart and she ears exactly what’s wrong) .........(eyes start to tear up)

Odd: Please don’t start crying again.

Sara: (This can’t be happening!.....Odd can’t be dying! If only I could use my Enchantix I could fix this!!!!)
.....Yay ... just yay
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Chapter 10 New Powers? Not Again!

Ok Continuing from chapter 9 (this chapter is sort of sad)

Odd: Sara why are you crying now?

Sara: Oh like you don’t know.

Odd: No I really don’t

Sara: How could you not know that you’re dyeing!

Aras: (close by) And here I thought that he ruined my plans.

Odd: Oh that. I didn’t know that would happen and when I did I didn’t want to scare you.

Sara: I wish My Enchantix would work!

Odd: Don’t worry everything will turn out ok.

Sara: How do you know

Odd: I... I just do so please trust me on this.

Sara: Ok... I trust you.

(10 minutes later)

Odd is now out cold laying on the ground and Sara is sitting next to him.

Sara: ({Still crying}I hope that Odd’s right. That every thing will be ok.)

Aras: (comes out of hiding) Awwwwww! Is the wittle dwagon faiwy sad because her fwiend is dead!

Sara: ARAS! (Stands up) This is your fault You spelled me you stupid DragonWitch.

Aras: It wasn’t that hard after that Xana thing made it so you couldn’t use magic.

Sara: You’re still going to pay!!!!!!! (I’ll deal with Xana later!)

Aras: Ha! You can’t use any magic how are you supposed to fight me?

Sara: I’ll think of some thing!

????(Voice is heard but she’s nowhere close by): InterDimensional Guardian.

Aras: Oh grate an invisible person.

Sara: What.

????: I am the Sea Goddess Aqua Regina.

Sara: What do you want.

Aqua Regina: I am here to help you.

Sara: Ok

Aqua Regina: You have the ability to imitate any mythical creature. You need to copy the powers used by the Mermaid Princesses now.

Sara: How do I do that?

Aqua Regina: Just say ether the words Dimension Pearl Voice of Sapphire Pearl Voice you will automatically know what to do afterwards.

Sara: Ok. MYSTIC IMATATION! (Glows Sapphire) DIMENSION PEARL VOICE!!!(transforms in to a form that looks exactly like her Enchantix form with out the wings and the tiara and her hair is a lot longer. Oh and se’s holding a strange looking microphone. {For those who haven’t read my other fanfic and don’t know what her Enchantix form it’s a strapless top that ends just before her stomach with purple lighting bolts at the bottom(those do cover her stomach) with a coloration that looks like a mosaic of different shades of blues and purples as well as pail blue transparent gloves like all 6 winx girls have on their enchantix forms, and a skirt that matches the top only with a few small specks of green and the lightning bolts at the bottom are blue and her shoes are maid of the same material as the swirling metal like wire armor from her Charmix from. Her wings are the combined shape fo a Butterfree and a Beautifly’s wings and with the pattern of a Beautifly’s wings only the black parts are a pail swirl of purple and blue and the other parts are shaped like lightning bolts and are pail blue, (but a noticeably darker shad then the rest of her wings) and her hair is the same except for 2 sapphire streaks(1 on each side of her hair) and a taira like the Sailor Scouts have except with a lightning shaped sapphire on it. Everything about he Enchantix form seems to sparkle(and sort of glow)}

Aras: This is so not good.

Sara: (starts singing in Italian {the song is Dolce Melodia from Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene}) L'arcobaleno è la mia scia, che navigo in cerca di quella montagna

Aras: What the heck is she saying? I can’t understand Italian!

Sara: Le luci all'alba, melodia mi portano indietro ad un tempo passato

Aras: (Covers ears) Yuck is this supposed to be a Love song?

Sara: Colori immersi nella scia dell'arcobaleno, che gioca nel cielo
Il vento mi sospinge via, raggiungo le onde dei sette mari

Aras: OW! did she have to put all her emotions in to singing this???

Sara: Gli uccelli che volano alti nel cielo d'oriente
La rotta è sicura, quell' isola cela un tesoro...

Xana: (hiding close by) That mermaid stuff won’t work on me.

Sara: All'alba io vedrò le sette perle che
il destino vuole farmi trovare davvero.

Xana: The second this is Over I’ll destroy her!

Sara: Oh dolce melodia sprigioni vita e
E mi fai cantare forte un messaggio d'amore

Aras: I hate DragonFairies!

Sara: Per sempre tu sarai
In fondo l'anima
Così che neanche il tempo ci può separare

Aras: OWWWWWW!!!!!!

Sara: Oh dolce melodia, sprigioni vita e
Mi fai cantare forte un messaggio d'amore!

Aras: This is stupid (disappears)

Sara: And Don’t come back!!!!

Xana: (comes out of hiding)

Sara: Oh good That saves me the trouble of hunting you down! Now payback will be much easier!

Xana: You can’t use your magic and that mermaid stuff won’t work on me

Sara: Dolce Melodia Might not work on you but Un Monde Sans Danger will!

Xana: What

Sara: Il existe un monde virtuel et différent
Ou chaque seconde fait de nous des combattants
Notre seul espoir est de tout reprogrammer

Xana: OW (Tries to cover nonexistent ears)

Sara: On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Se donner une chance de tout effacer
On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Pour refaire un monde sans danger

Xana: No fair!!!!!

Sara: Code Lyoko tout reprogrammer
Code Lyoko un monde sans danger
Code Lyoko tout reprogrammer
Code Lyoko un monde sans danger

Xana: Stupid Mermaid Powers!!!!

Sara: Tout est numérique et pixellisé dans ce monde
Il nous faudra du courage et de l'entre aide
Mais dites-vous bien que l'on risque notre vie

Xana: This shouldn’t be happening I can’t lose she isn’t able to use magic!

Sara: On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Se donner une chance de tout effacer
On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Pour refaire un monde sans danger


Sara: Code Lyoko tout reprogrammer
Code Lyoko un monde sans danger
Code Lyoko tout reprogrammer
Code Lyoko un monde sans danger

Xana: I need a new plan

Sara: On vous promet de donner le maximum
Contre la menace et de sauver tous les hommes

Xana: Ow Pain!!!!

Sara: On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Se donner une chance de tout effacer
On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Pour refaire un monde sans danger

Xana: That’s it I’m leaving! (Disappears)

Sara: On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Se donner une chance de tout effacer
On ira on saura sauver notre existence
Pour refaire un monde sans danger (Something strange happens [it kind of looks like what happens when a Shadow Pokemon is purified]})........There that got rid of that stupid evil cloud thing. Hey Maybe I can use magic again!!! (Blasts a large rock) Yes...but wait am I able to use my Enchantix again?...I guess not.... (looks at Odd) and Odd is still dying
.....Yay ... just yay
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Chapter 11 Sara’s Healing Powers Revealed.

Well Sara is sitting under the tree trying not to cry again when she notices that the ends of her hair are starting to turn black

Sara: What??What’s happening? Why is my hair changing color?..........Why am I talking to my self out-loud only evil people talk to them selves out-loud!!!!!

(Well in my fanfics anyway)

Sara: I.... I can’t be! No I’m not turning evil!

Half an hour later Sara’s shirt is now gray her pants are dark-gray and her hair is almost completely black only the roots of her hair are still blond when a mysterious voice is heard singing in Italian the song is Assoluto Amore from Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene)

????: Cambierà
con l'amore riuscirò
a spegnere il male che c'è qui
che non può più dividerci

Sara: (2 spots on her hair tat are still blond start glowing)

????: e le bugie
qualche volta sentirò
io le trasformerò in gioielli
di purezza e fedeltà

Sara: (outfit goes back to normal but hair is still black accept the blond parts at the roots and the 2 glowing spots also at the roots)

????: mare che
m'incanti come il cielo blu
le tue principesse lottano
non le abbandonare mai
tu guidaci
e il nostro sogno arriverà
sulla stella del destino
giustizia tornerà

Sara: (hair goes back to blond but then she changes into Enchantix form)

????: l'assoluto di un amore può
rendere caldo il vento freddo
vincendo le difficoltà
che nella vita incontrerà riaccende ogni cuore che
da troppo tempo ormai
si era spento....

Sara: (now in Enchantix form holding an Aquamarine colored bottle wit a purple lid) What? I’m in Enchantix form but how? And that mysterious voice saved me from being turned evil. Wait what’s this bottle?

???????: That’s Bubble Dust!

Sara: WHO’S THERE!!!!!!

???????: Relax! I am Sandara Drake Draconar your ancestor

a strange Transparent yong woman with Pail Blond-Almost-White hair and a long pail blue dress appears in front of Sara

Sara: Ok what the heck is bubble dust.

Sandara: It’s like fairy dust only stronger it can only be used by DragonFairies, MerFairies, and very few specially chosen regular Fairies. It is a combination of Dragon Tears, Fairy Dust, and Oceanic Foam. It is used like Fairy dust only it’s in bubble form.

Sara: How dose this help me right now one of my friends is dead!

Sandara: You mean the one who brought you back to life after you died to save him?

Sara: YES!!!

Sandara: You are a Pokemon Master correct???

Sara: (I hate it when people point out that I’m a Pokemon Master) What dose that have to do anything!

Sandara: Your Bubble Dust has Pokemon Tears in it as well as Dragon Tears and Pokemon Tears have life energy in them.

Sara: I know I didn’t become a Pokemon Master by sitting around you know!.............wait that means that (looks down at the bottle of Bubble dust in her right hand)

Sandara: You hold in your hand the power to Restore life....use it wisely. (Disappears)

Sara: (looks At Odd then the bottle of Bubble Dust) I have to do this! (Flies over to where Odd is{I....I wonder if I should tell Odd how I really fell about him.....No not today but some day I will tell him that....I....I love him}takes the purple lid off the Aquamarine bottle and sees the bubble wand attached to the lid then blows some bubbles so that they land on Odd or pop directly above him) There! (Lands next to Odd) I hope you wake up soon so that I’ll know that your ok!(She’s smiling and crying at the same time)
.....Yay ... just yay
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Chapter 12 Please Wake Up

Sara is now asleep under the tree and Odd is well he’s alive but not awake so basically this chapter should be boring.....No wait Odd just woke up so on to the dialog!!!!

Odd: (sits up and Looks around{what happened?} sees Sara) Not good (gets up and walks over to were Sara is) Hey Sara Wake up.

Sara: (Yawns)

Odd: (Good she’s only asleep) Come on Sara wake up.

Sara: (breathing gets a little louder then goes back to normal)

Odd: (Well this isn’t working. Wait {pulls out a teal colored Nintendo DS} When I went to save Sara before I ended up in the wrong place first and found her InterDimensional Communicator Maybe I can use it to wake her up.}) Sara if you are awake enough to hear me I want you to know that I really hope you’re ok. (I tink I’ll just let her wake up on her own......She’ll probably be starving when she wakes up especially since she went at least a month without any food or water. I’ll have to do something about that.) I’ll be right back so if you wake up please don’t do anything stupid. (Warps away and when he gets back he is holding a red heart shaped box with a pink ribbon. He uses magic to change the color of the box to sapphire-blue and the ribbon to the same shade of blue as Sara’s shirt. then he makes the box cange so that it’s shaped like a lightening bolt)

All 6 of Sara’s pokemon that she warped to Kadic and all 4 of Odd’s pokemon show upnout of nowhere

Riri: Ri ria chew? (Is Sara Ok?)

Odd: I think so!

Wartortle: Wartortle! (Good!

Charchar: ROAARRRRRR! (I think she looks a little cold!)

Treeka: Tree treeco (I agree with Charchar.)

Treeco: Treeco tree treeco! (I agree with Treeka!)

Mudkip: Mud? (Are you 2 going out yet?)

Treeco and Treeka: TREE!!!! (NO!!!!)

Odd: Mudkip! Treeco! Calm down!

Mudkip: Mudkip. (Sorry.)

Treeco: Tree! (Mudkip started it!)

Odd: I don’t care who started it just don’t let it happen again! (Looks at Sara again) You know she dose look cold. I’ll be right back! (Warps to his dorm and grabs the blanket off his bed then warps back to the Old Tree) This should help. (Carefully putts the blanket over Sara(But obviously doesn’t cover her head)) There.

Ivysaur: Ivy! (It smells like tears around here who died???)

Odd: I did but I somehow came back to life.

Lucario: WHAT?

Kiwi: GROWLITH! (No way! Bad Trainer! You’re not supposed to die!!!!!)

Treeco: Tree treeco! (Don’t let it happen again!)

Mudkip: Mud? Mudkip? (What’s going on? Is this a joke?)

Sapphire: Neighhhhhhhh! (Hey be happy that your trainer is alive!)

Ivysaur: Ivy ivysaur! (Yeah what Sapphire said!)

Odd: Will all of you calm down please.

An hour later it’s really quiet until this happens.

Odd: Sara Please wake up.

Sara: Mmmmmmm (roles over)

Riri: RIA!!!! (HELLO!!!!)

Sara: (Wakes up) Hua? What? Riri! What are you doing here?

Odd: Hey Sara good to see that your awake

Sara: (Sits up and Hugs Odd) I’m glad your ok.

Odd: (blushes a little but not much)

Riri: Ri ria-chu? (What about me?)

Sara: (stops hugging Odd) Riri come here!

Riri: Ria! (Yay!{Jumps into her trainer’s arms})

Sara: Riri are you ok? What about everyone else?

Riri: Raichu ria ri! (I’m ok the other pokemon are fine too, but If I hadn’t told Odd and Kiwi about you being captured You wouldn’t be ok right now!)

Sara: I wondered how Odd found out about that. (Smiles at Odd)

Odd: By the way Sara this is your’s I went to the wrong place when I went to try to save you....I guess that’s the down side of tracking someone by their magic signature.(hands Sara her interdimensional communicator.)

Sara: Thanks.

Odd: Oh I also got you something (picks up the lightening bolt shaped box) I got these for you wile you were asleep. (hands Sara the box) I know it’s not much but I figured that it would help, you must be starving after being held captive by Xana for so long.

Sara: (Blushes) Well ummmmm thanks. ([u]Wow he was really worried about me.[/i]) So did anything happen while I was captured?

Odd: Well you already know about Xana’s new minion. Let’s Chardin finally figured out who Thespis is, Ulrich finally found part of his brain, Lyoko was destroyed, Jeremy And Aelita created a Virtual Submarine so we can try to find and destroy Xana, Oh and I was so board while you weren’t here that I started giving the monsters ridiculous names.

Sara: Wait back up. Did you just say that Lyoko was Destroyed (Wow Odd was so bored that he gave the monster’s stupid names. That’s got to be beyond extremely board)

Odd: Ummm well.... (This could take awhile)
.....Yay ... just yay
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Chapter 13 Sara vs. Aubere

Sara and Odd are in the gigantic Old tree Looking down on the place where they used to practice using magic. Odd Is just finishing explaining how Lyoko was destroyed.

Odd: so noone knows exactly how William destroyed the heart of Lyoko but when he did he destroyed Lyoko and everything on it in doing so...well or so we thought. We were wrong. (Smiles)

Sara: You’re happy that Lyoko was destroyed?

Odd: No.....But I’m happy that you’re here. Besides Lyoko was brought back so there’s really no problem

Sara: (blushes and is so red that she almost looks mad{Wow he missed me as much as I missed I’m})

Odd: What did I do now?

Sara: Nothing (stops blushing.)

Odd: That’s good.

Sara: So what was with you naming the monsters?

Odd: Umm well (Tries to imitate Jim’s voice) I’d rather not talk about that.

Sara: (laughs) Wow you’re really good at that.

Odd: Thanks....Well We better head back to the factory the others must be wondering where we are.

Sara: Ok (Makes her Dragon wings come out)

Odd: We’re not going to fly there are we?(also makes dragon wings come out)

Sara: Of corse not a normal person might see us, but gliding is the fastest and most fun way out of this tree.

Odd: Oh.

Sara: (grabs Odd’s hand{Why did I do that? I have to be careful})

Odd: (Blushes {Is she really back to normal? It seems like she is but she’s never held my hand before wow this is so strange Oh well It’s cool too.[/h]}) Well Should we go?

Sara: Yeah. We jump on trois

Odd: right

Sara: Un!

Odd: Deux!!

Sara and Odd: Trois!!! (both jump off the tree they glide down to the ground)

Odd: You’re right that was fun. ([i]It wouldn’t have been fun if you weren’t here though.

Sara: (Let’s go of Odd’s hand and takes a step back) So then.... Shall we go?

Odd: Oui (Starts to walk back to the factory when he is suddenly frozen in a large mass of ice from that large mass grows large frozen spikes)

Sara: (What?.... How?... Aubere!) AUBERE MELISSA JEDIROUS GET OUT HERE NOW!!!!!!

Aubere: (comes put from behind a large bush) How did you know it was me?

Sara: Who else would want to freeze Odd?

Aubere: Let’s see there’s Xana, Icy, Aras, William if he was able to, Sissy if she were able to.... Need I go on?

Sara: Whatever! (Electricity appears around her hands) This is low Aubere even for you!

Aubere: Oh come On I haven’t done anything until now!

Sara: Oh really!?!

Aubere: Yes really!!!

Sara: Well then what about all te times you’ve tried to Kill Odd?

Aubere: Ummmm well

Sara: And the worst thing you’ve done until now was when you told everyone in Greenleaf that I was Half Dragon!

Aubere: How was I supposed to know that they would hate you?

Sara: Unlike you I’m not a Jedi! Most people in Greenleaf like Starwars!! Jedi are off of Starwars!!!

Aubere: Well I ummmmmm-

Sara: Now I have a real reason to attack you! (The electricity around her hands turns into Dragon-Claws maid of electricity) I’m not going to let you get away with hurting Odd!!

Aubere: Fine!(pull’s out light saber and force binders) But I’m defending my self!

Sara: (Her voice suddenly become more powerful and well how shall I put this Echoy. Yes I know that’s not really a word but it works... I think) Alright then. (changes in to a Dragon made of electricity)

Aubere: What....How....I don’t understand how did you do that?

Sara: Gerrrrrrr

Aubere: (Oh so this is what happens when Sara’s emotion’s go out of control.)....Oh crud.

Sara: I am one of 3 Embodiments of Electricity. The Embodiment of Pure Lightening!

Aubere: What? But I thought you were the interdimensional guardian?

Sara: The Embodiment of Pure Lightening and the InterDimensional guardian are one in the same!!! (Tries to hit Aubere with one of her claws but Aubere barely dodges)

Aubere: (That’s the last time I attack Sara’s boyfriend!) Hey come on it was a prank!

Sara: No it wasn’t! (Spits electricity at Aubere )

Aubere: (Hair is now messed up and she has a few electrical burns) Oh that’s it! (Firs a frozen snowy blast at Sara but it melts) What?

Sara: Electrical energy is equally as hot s fire! It’s obvious that your attacks will melt before being able to hit me. (Hit’s Aubere)

Aubere: (Flies backwards into a tree) Ok I give up!(Runs away)

Sara: (Puts one claw on the ice around Odd. It melts and she goes back to normal well Sort of there’s something different)

Odd: Wow that was strange?

Sara: What happened? The last thing I remember Is Aubere deciding to freeze you and me getting really mad.

Odd: Well I’m not exactly sure because I couldn’t hear anything, but you turned in to this cool electrical dragon and kicked Aubere’s butt.

Sara: Wow. How come I don’t remember?

Odd: I don’t know.... Hey you look different but I don’t know how you look different you just do.

Sara: Really? Is that bad.

Odd: No. You look just as beautiful as always.

Sara: (blushes) ......So how do I look different?

Odd: Well Your hair seems slightly different but It could be because it was messed up earlier because of you being captured by Xana.

Sara: Oh.

Odd: Well we better head back.

Sara: And fast. Hey wait I have an idea. (Holds out 5 Pokeballs) Riri, Wartortle, Ivysaur, Sapphire, Treeka, return! (The pokemon go back into their Pokeballs and Sara puts them away) Hey Charchar Mind giving us a lift to the factory?

Charchar: Roar! (Sure thing!{Lower’s her neck}) Roooaaarr! (Climb on!)

Sara: Thanks Charchar. (Climbs on to her Pokémon’s back) Come on Odd!

Odd: Alright (climbs onto Charchar’s back)

Sara: Ok Charchar we’re ready to go.

Odd: Not yet I have to call my Pokemon back into their Pokéballs.

Sara: They went back into their Pokéballs when you weren’t looking.

Odd: Oh

Sara: Well then Charchar! Take Off!

Charchar: Roar! (Flies up into the air)

Chapter 14 Ulrich and the Starly

Ok So Sara and Odd are Almost over the river when a Starly runs into Charchar’s left wing casing them to crash. Here’s the short dialog.

Odd: Sara are you ok?

Sara: Yeah. And you.

Odd: I’m fine.

Charchar: RRRROOOOAARRRR! (I’m ok but that Starly won’t be!)

Sara: What? (Looks up to see a small bird pokemon circling above)

Odd: What is that?

Sara: It’s a Starly A bird pokemon that only lives in the Sinnoh region.

Odd: Oh. (sees a larger bird Pokemon with a sapphire ribbon tied to it’s right leg) What’s that one?

Sara: Staraptor! Starly’s final evolutionary stage and it’s temper is not very good.

Odd: That can’t be good!

The 2 bird Pokemon fight and the Staraptor wins and the Starly falls into a clearing then the scary looking bird pokemon dives down to attack Odd.


Staraptor: Star? (Stops) Staraptor? (Flies over to Sara’s shoulder)

Sara: Don’t attack my friend again ok?

Staraptor: Star! (Yes Mam!)

Odd: I’m confused!

Ok enough about what Sara and Odd are doing this is an Ulrich chapter.(unfortunately for me I have to do at least one every fanfic but for fans of this character It’s a good thing) Well anyway Ulrich is wandering around in the woods Looking for Sara, Odd, and Aubere.

Ulrich: (Why me! And who made Jeremy the leader!)

(wow he actually has a good point {About the Jeremy thing Not the “Oh poor me I’m a grouch Thing” [I know he didn’t say that but it’s funnier]}) The starly from earlier falls out of the sky and crashes into Ulrich’s head.(It’s quite funny)

Starly: Star! (Ow!)

Ulrich: Hey! You crazy Pokemon watch where you’re gong!

Starly: STARLY! (HEY!)

Ulrich: Just go away!

Starly: Star starly star! (I can’t fly right now my wing’s hurt!)

Ulrich: Fine then stay here while I go look for my 2 friends that are Pokemon expert’s! (Yeah right the last thing I need is for Odd to end up with another Pokemon to annoy me with It was bad enough when it was just Kiwi.)

Starly: Star Starly Star Starly? (Can I ride on your head?)

Ulrich: No!

Starly: Star? (Please?)]

Ulrich: Fine! (Picks up the pokemon and put’s it on his head) There happy now?

Starly: Star! (Yes.)

Ulrich: Good now keep quiet! (I can’t believe that I can actually understand this thing)

Starly: (Pecks Ulrich’s head)

Ulrich: Ow!

Starly: Star! Starly star star starly (Sorry! There was a bug....and I was hungry.)

Ulrich: Just don’t do that again.

Starly: Star! (Ok!)

They only travel a mile when they run into a Houndour and it’s trainer Xana’s Minion... William.

Ulrich: What do you want?

William: To destroy you. Houndour use ember!

Houndour: Houn! (Uses the attack)

Starly: STARLY! (Now I’m mad!)

Ulrich: (This is so lame!)

Starly: (Flies off Ulrich’s head) Starly! (uses quick attack on the Houndour KOing it)

William: Houndour! Stupid Starly!

Starly: (Pecks William’s head until he passes out then lands on Ulrich’s arm)

Ulrich: Why did you do that?

Starly: Starly star starly star starly. ( Because you helped me when I couldn’t fly.)

Ulrich: Ok then.

Starly: Starly star starly? (Can I hang out with you for a wile?)

Ulrich: Sure.
.....Yay ... just yay
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Chapter 15 What’s With The Pokemon?

Everyone is at the factory again. Yumi, Jeremy, Aelita, and Aubere are staring at Ulrich.

Ulrich: Why are all of you staring at me?

Yumi: because ummm well

Jeremy and Aelita: ........

Aubere: Because yo have a Starly on your head!

Ulrich: So?

Yumi: You don’t like Pokemon.

Ulrich: Except this one.

Starly: Star!

Odd: Good just make sure it doesn’t make Kiwi mad.

Ulrich: Whatever.

Sara: (Walks over to the elevator)

Odd: Hey Sara were are you going?

Sara: Something doesn’t seem right I’m going to check it out. Oh and by the way Xana’s minion is also his indirect creation (Presses the button and the doors close)

Odd: (Sighs) She’s hiding something again.

Jeremy: And what was that last part about.

Odd: She means that William was in away originally created by Xana.

Yumi: That doesn’t make any sense

Ulrich: (I Knew there was a good reason why I hated that guy.....Oh wait I still hate him!)

Jeremy: I guess I better run a check on that.

Aelita: Yeah If Sara’s right (Again) It could mean that we trusted the enemy and it was Our fault that Lyoko was destroyed in the first place.

Odd: I’m going to see where Sara went (warps away)

Starly: Star starly star? (He uses those kind of spells a lot doesn’t he?)

Ulrich: Yep.

Jeremy: I thought you said that People who talk to pokemon are crazy.

Ulrich: Shut up!

Meanwhile in the factory entrance an Infernape is going crazy. Sara comes out of the elevator.

Sara: Infernape! First Staraptor now you! What is Prof. Rowan thinking! Infernape calm down!

Infernape: (Uses Machpunch On a wall)

Sara: Well You’ve left me no choice! POKETEAM POWER INITIATE!!!!! (Transforms into Poketeam form.{Her hair is now Sapphire and in a pony tail. She is wearing a blue mask, a blue long sleeved shirt with a strange vest that’s a different shade of blue then the shirt, a dark blue skirt, and a pair of long blue pants(almost same color as the shirt) under the skirt, her shoes are blue with Pokeball makings on them, She also has a Masterball pin on her vest}) All right Infernape stop this right now!

Infernape: (looks at Sara)

Sara: Oh crud! (My Pokemon has been turned into a Shadow Pokemon. Xana will pay for that!) How the heck am I going to fix this!

Riri: (Comes out of her pokeball wearing a mask the same as Sara’s) What about combining Poketeam Power with Mermaid Power.

Sara: That’s a good Idea

Riri: Oh and Odd saw you transform!

Sara: WHAT! Ok I’ll handle that later. Right now I have to get Infernape back to normal. (Pulls out InterDimensional Communicator and presses a few buttons and a microphone like off Mermaid Melody {I think it’s called an E-pitch} Appears in her hand)

Odd: (How did Sara do that?)

Riri: (Same kind of Microphone appears in er paws)

(Background music for Torno all'Oceano {From Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene} Starts In the background)[remember that translations and thoughts are formatted the same way

Sara and Riri: Pichi Poke Voice Live Start!

Odd: (What the heck is going on?)

Sara and Riri: Lo sguardo mio
è rapito ormai
da un cielo che ha
milioni di stelle
accese nel blu
che mi spingono

Infernape: fernape?

Sara: Di chi sarà
la voce che
tra venti e mari
mi chiede un aiuto?
Il grido di chi
ha bisogno di
una luce nel buio

Odd: (Wow I didn’t know that Sara was that good at Speaking Italian!)

Riri: Dal destino non puoi scappare mai
ed il cuore mi dice di non arrendermi.
Proteggerò chi
più puro sarà!
La paura non vincerà!

Infernape: (goes back to normal)

Sara and Riri: Torno nell'oceano più blu
tra le onde a cui davo del tu!
Creature del mare, vi posso fermare ancora
cantiamo insieme e
non molliamo mai!


Odd: Darn. (Whispers to Riri) Tattle-Tail.

Riri: (sticks her tong out at Odd)

Infernape: (Starts to use Machpunch on Odd)

Sara and ?????: INFERNAPE STOP!

Infernape: (redirect’s the attack at the strange person)

Odd: What the heck was that about?

Sara: I’ll explain later
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Chapter 16 Sara and Odd vs Professor Rowan

Well the Mysterious person turns Out to be the Pokemon Professor from the Sinnoh Region Professor Rowan. Sara is in a bad mood because she has to find away to make her boyfriend forget that he saw her as a Poketeam trainer, and scare Rowan back to Sinnoh.

Sara: I leave some of my pokemon with you and you let them go crazy! This is the same reason I won’t let Professor Birch take care of any of my pokemon he’s irresponsible!

Rowan: Then leave them with Professor Oak!

Sara: Oak’s a loony poet.

Rowan: What about Professor Elm?

Sara: Elm is psychotic

Rowan: Oh right.

Sara: So why are you here again?

Rowan: I was following your Pokemon who insisted on trying to find you, and one of my old friend’s lived in the area so I thought he might be able to help me get your pokemon under control. However His house was abandoned so I thought he might be in his Lab.

Sara and Odd: (look at each other) That is the stupidest thing we’ve ever heard!

Rowan: So what are the 2 of you doing here? I saw at least one of you come out of the elevator so I already Know you were here before Infernape was.

Sara: InterDimensional Lightening! (Blasts Rowan)

Rowan: Well that was painful.

Odd: Lucario Come Out! (Troughs a Pokeball and Lucario)

Lucario: What is it this time? I hope I don’t have to distract Jim again!

Rowan: A....a legendary Pokemon.

Odd: That’s right! Lucario Please use Force Palm on the freaky Pokemon Professor.

Lucario: Fine but only if I get to go to Lyoko!

Rowan: How dose that Pokemon know about-!

Sara: Staraptor Arial Ace!

Staraptor: (uses the attack!)

Odd: Lucario Lyoko Isn’t safe for Pokemon!

Professor Rowan: (Well actually it is safe for Pokemon but I think I already said too much.)

Lucario: Your going to Listen to the Computer nerd? He’s never been there!

Sara: Odd! Stop talking about that!!!!

Odd: Alright.

Sara: (knocks Rowan out) There that should buy us some time.

Odd: I can’t believe you’re a Poketeam Trainer Sara!

Sara: Don’t believe it because I can’t let you remember that

Odd: What?

Sara: It’s complicated.... But it’s part of the rules.

Odd: Ok I understand.

Riri: (still wearing her mask) Just change the rule! Or make an exception or something!

Odd: What is Riri talking about?

Sara: Ummm well. She sais strange things as Lightening the Talking Raichu but she needs to go back to being Riri..... NOW!

Odd: Wait If Riri Is Lightening the Talking Raichu...then that means that means that you’re-

Sara: The Sapphire Lightening Bolt. Leader of the. Poketeam InterDimensional Unit.

????? ????: Which is the main unit of the Poketeam.

Odd: Sara What’s with Aubere?

Sara: Actually she’s Ditto Girl right now.

Odd: (a strange marking appears in the back of his left hand and starts glowing purple) What’s happening now?

Sara: Something really cool.

Odd: What do you mean?

Sara: You’re a Pokéteam trainer too.

Odd: What?

Aubere: WHAT!!!

Sara and Odd: Shut up Aubere.

Aelita: (comes out of the elevator) What’s going on?

Sara Odd and Aubere: Nothing!

Sara: Just Keeping a Pokemon Professor form Finding Out about Lyoko.

Odd: Wait a minute.

Sara: (put’s her hand over Odd’s mouth)

Aelita: You 2 are acting strange. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go get something. (Walks away)

Sara: That was close. (Takes hand off Odd’s mouth) Sorry Odd.

Odd: That’s ok.

Lucario: I’m board!
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Chapter 17 A Strange Discover

Well Aelita is now at the Hermitage/her house it’s messed up again. (She used magic to fix it in a Deleted Chapter of an earlier fanfic I’ll go back to that thread and post it later.) Ok now she’s talking to her Pokemon.

Aelita: Porygon What are you doing out of your Pokéball?

Porygon: Pory? (Glows)

Aelita: What? You’re evolving right now?

Porygon2: Pory!

Aelita: Wow. Do you want to go back in your-

Porygon2: (Goes back in it’s Pokéball)

Aelita: Never mind.

A pink Zubat flies down from the ceiling

Zubat: Hello Aelita!

Aelita: EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Pink Talking Zubat: Sweety please don’t scream. It’s ok.

Aelita: Who are you.

Pink Talking Zubat: You won’t believe me. Even your father didn’t believe me and I scared your father’s friend who’s supposed to be a Pokémon Professor.

Aelita: I don’t understand. What are you talking about?

Pink Talking Zubat: You’ll panic. I don’t want to scare you.

Aelita: Ok then. Hey what’s this? (Picks up what looks like a DS Card {A Nintendo DS game})

Pink Talking Zubat: I don’t know your father’s friend dropped it.

Aelita: Oh.

Pink Talking Zubat: You Better Return it to him that is if he hasn’t gone back to Sinnoh already.

Aelita: Sinnoh? Where’s that?

Pink Talking Zubat: You’ve been there before but I guess you were too yong to remember

Aelita: How do you know all that?

Pink Talking Zubat: Please stop asking those kind of questions. If I anser them I’ll scare you I don’t want to do that. Well I guess we should try to find- (Gets Pushed against a wall) Ow

Aelita: Are you ok?

Pink Talking Zubat: Yeah but your father seems to think that I’m one of Xana’s tricks.

Aelita: What? But he fell into the Digital Sea. (I hope this Pokémon is right. Wait how dose it know about Xana?)

Pink Talking Zubat: That dosn’t mean he’s gone.

Aelita’s cell phone rings.

Aelita: (Answers her phone) Hello?

Jeremy: I just found something Amazing!

Aelita: What it is?

Jeremy: Well I was checking the Programs on the supercalculator to see if I could find something that can help bring the surface sectors back and I found 2 Programs that Xana created

Aelita: How is that Amazing!

Jeremy: Well one of them is a program that can turn People into Pokémon, and it’s been used 3 times, only 2 of them worked.

Aelita: Jeremy do you think that My father is alive somewhere in the digital sea..

Jeremy: (Well that was random.) Actually he’s activated a tower.

Aelita: That’s great.....well Maybe not for this talking Zubat.

Jeremy: Talking Zubat? That must have been Xana’s other victim. But when was the other time he used it.

Aelita: It had to have been when he Destroyed Lyoko

Jeremy: That makes sense.

Aelita: What about the Other program?

Jeremy: The other is a Program that was used to create a Actual Human by use of the scanners. It was only used once and it worked.

Aelita: What? Do you know anything about this person?

Jeremy: All I can determine is that the program was used before You and Your father went to Lyoko and that the Person Xana created was a Male.

Aelita: Oh Ok. I have to make sure the talking Pokémon is ok now.

Jeremy: Alright but when you’re done there come back. (Hangs up)

Aelita: (hangs up and walks over to where the talking Pokémon is literally pinned to the wall) Sorry about that I guess my dad was worried about me. (Pulls the pins out of the Pokemon’s wings)

Pink Talking Zubat: It’s alright (tries to fly but falls)

Aelita: (catches the small Pokémon) Maybe you should rest for a wile.

Pink Talking Zubat: Well while I rest I suppose I owe yo an expiation now that you know how I became a Pokémon.
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~Info on some of Dragongirl's Upcomming fanfics~


We're here to guive you a sneak peek at afew of Dragongirl's next fanfics. :aelita:

6 of them actually.

3 of them come after this story the other 3 will come after Anime Intrusion. :yumi:

The next story is titled CodeLyoko Meets Garage Kids.

In the story Jeremy makes a mystake with the Transfers to Lyoko and sends everyone into another Dimension where everyone meets the virsions of themselves from the origonal project known as Garage Kids. Sorry I can't tell that much I'm not aloud. Oh but I can say that a portal not going to get anyone back where they belong in this story.

The story after that is the sequal Known as Reverse Dimension Panic. we actually find out alittle more about Sara's past. I can't tell you the summary for this story yet because it guives away the ending to another story.

The last one is Dragon Girl's way around the end of the series. The title is "It's Not Over Yet"

We can actually tell you more about this one then the other 2. you see at the start Aubere quits the group, I end up having to leave bofore Xana's defeat for an InterDimensional Guardian thing, When the actual first chapter begins it's the same as the very end of the series.

You have to read it to find out the rest.

Finally is the Time travel trilagy. the first is TIme Traval Hastel. In the story Sara gets sucked into the future and must find her way back.

........ :boude:

It's your turn Yumi!

I'll talk about the last one.

Fine! In Time Travel Hastel II (She's still working on the second part of the title) Link trust's Odd to keep the Ocarina of Time safe.... Unfortunatly Ulrich get's a hold of it and plays the song of which sends everyone back to when Jeremy first found the supercomputer. The problem is that not everyone remembers and he has to fix his mess.

Time Traval Hastel III starts in the-

Hey I didn't tell the 3 of you you could tall about my stories!!!


Shut up Aubere!

edit. the time travel stories have been canceled as has anime intrusion. and since I'm fixing the plot related problems of all my fanfics that I managed to not lose the data for (including editing this story if that's even possible man did I mess this one up It was way better when I was thinking about it than it ended up being once it was finished.) anyway the characters must feel stupid since all their spoilers are now useless.

Well that was mean,
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Chapter 18 ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!

Ok DragonKatie is making me narrate this chapter By my self which is fine since Aubere cuts Odd’s head off.

No she dosn’t Anna stick to the story or I’m taking over! Or worse Sara might take over.

Fine! Ok let’s see here People are in the Factory’s machine room. Rowan is tied to a chair, Aubere...I mean Ditto Girl is walking around on the ceiling using the force, Sara or since she’s in Pokèteam form I guess that makes her the Sapphire Lightening Bolt is standing ummmm Next to some weird thing, and Odd is standing next to her but he’s invisible.

Rowan: Why am I tied to a chair?

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: Because you are a liar now why are you really here?

Rowan: Because My friend sent me an email telling me to come here and bring something. Which I think I accidentally I dropped at his house.

Ditto Girl: And it was.

Rowan: Something that will allow the Pokèteam to detect Shadow Pokèmon using their InterDimensional Communicators.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: I still don’t believe you!

Aelita enters the room on the upper level of the room.

Aelita: What’s going on here?

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: This dosn’t concern you civilian!

Aelita: Who are you people?

Sapphire Lightening Bolt and Ditto Girl: We’re Pokèteam Trainers.

Aelita: What’s Pokèteam?


Sapphire Lightening Bolt: Calm down Ditto Girl. The Pokèteam is a large group of people who Fight to Protect All Pokèmon and Good Humans from Groups of Humans like Team Rocket, Teams Aqua and Magma, Cipher, Team Galactic, and Team Millennium.

Ditto Girl: Team Millennium is the worst they use Duel Monsters to try to destroy Pokemon.

Aelita: Oh but what are you doing.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: The InterDimensional Guardian is to busy to deal with person who could have caused Dimensional Instability in doing with what he did so she asked us to do it for her.

Aelita: What’s the Interdimensional Guardian’s name?

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: Sara Draconar.

Aelita: Ok then You’re not lying.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: Now leave.

Aelita: No!

Odd: (warps to the doorway behind Aelita just as is Invisibility spell wears off) Hey Aelita Captain Computer Nerd sent me to look for you!

Aelita: Odd If you or Sara calls Jeremy that again I’m going to-

Odd: (sarcastic) Ooooo I’m so scared of the person who is too scared to fight the Stupizoa! (Warps a little farther out of the room)

Aelita: That is not Funny! (Leaves the room)

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: That was close

Ditto Girl: Well! It’s about time your boyfriend made himself useful.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: Shut up Aubere!

Ditto Girl: Hey you’re not supposed to use real names in Pokèteam form! (Sees something On the floor were Aelita was Standing) Oh look Aelita dropped something.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: (jumps to the upper level and picks up the small DS Card) This is strange. (Jumps back to were she was standing) Is this that Shadow Monitor of yours Rowan?

Rowan: Yes. I guess Aelita found it and droped it. You should ether return it to me of give it to her.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: No. The InterDimensional Guardian Instructed me to not listen to you so I’ll Put this where noone can use it.

Rowan: Why? And You’re the InterDimensional Guardian.

Sapphire Lightening Bolt: Because I don’t trust you. You might be Possessed.

Rowan: By what?

Ditto Girl: Let’s just say that-

Odd: It’s none of your business!!!!

Ditto Girl: Hey You can’t be here!

Sara: (in normal form again) Leave him alone Aubere!

Ditto Girl: You can’t call me that when I’m in Pokèteam form.

Sara: I’m the Pokèteam Leader and InterDimensional Guardian I can do what I want!

Chapter 19 Leaving Again

Well It’s now Monday morning and Sara is at the factory by her self.

Sara: (Odd will be mad if I leave again but getting my mom to re-enrol me at Kadic herself is the only way I can come back with out seeming suspicious. I’ll leave later.)

The elevator door opens and Odd comes out.

Odd: Hey Sara!

Sara: Shouldn’t you be in class?

Odd: Chardin Sent me to the infirmary so I thought I would come here instead.

Sara: You used magic to make your self trough up again?

Odd: Yep.

Sara: Just don’t do anything to get your self in trouble.

Odd: Ok......So I bet you’ve been board here all by your self.

Sara: Actually I was thinking about leaving the Dimension.


Sara: Only for a week at most.

Odd: But!

Sara: I Promise I’ll come back.

Odd: Ok. (Goes back into the elevator) Bye! (Hits the Up Button So hard that he breaks it) Oops (Warps away)

Sara: (That could have gone better.{Opens a portal and Leaves})

Chapter 20 Three Weeks And 16 hours
Ok Sara is still at Green Leaf. Well There’s the First Dance of the new school year at Kadic and Odd is really mad because Sara has Broken Her Promise to come back (Oh I grantee that Mermaid Melody fans will like this chapter) Well his is what happens when the Principal makes an announcement. (Some character’s are singing in this chapter please note that I do not take any credit for any songs used in this story some lyrics come form english fandub that are posted on youtube I will guive the people who posted the video credit in that case)

Principal Delmas: Attention everyone. Now It seems that these 3 singers are in town and they have volunteered to sing since Jim broke all the musical equipment. So Enjoy (Walks off stage and 3 girls(Lucia, Hannon, and Karren {Not Rina} in Idol form Walk on to the stage) (Link to the video I used to get the lyrics so you can hear it

Lucia: Good Evening! We Hope You Enjoy The Show!

Hannon, Karren, and Lucia: PICHI PICHI VOICE LIVE CONCERT!.....Painful tears welling up in me overflow into the nightly gusts of the- Blue Sea!

I reach out over the black sea the surface ripples from my hand is saved for The Light!

I can only see one ting the only thing I hear’s my voice but I won’t fall for a room like this I Know There’s More!

Every thing That I believe in. My fath has grown by one more thing With that I know I’M STRONGER NOW!

Odd: (leave the Gym)

Urick: (Looking For Yumi and Avoiding Sissy)

Sissy: (Looking For Urick)

Herve: (Looking For Sissy)

Aelita: (Trying to get Jeremy to dance wit her)

Yumi: (sitting in a corner)

Karren, Hannon, and Lucia: I may have been hurt but I’m shining now it’s thanks to our love and our unbreakable bonds! It can hit just anyone! The one I need is you! (I couldn’t understand this part of the lyrics I guess that’s what I get for typing something I heard from A fandub so I’ll skip that one short part)......Is this a miracle energy? I feel that It’s quickly changing my destiny

Karren: I will through away my doubt

Hannon: I will cast aside the dark

Hannon, Karren, and Lucia: For these bonds that we share I believe!

(Moving to Out side were Odd is sitting on the steps near one of the gym entrances)

Hannon: I’m deep in pain. I’m crying now.

Odd: Stupid Sara. She lied she’s not coming back.

Karren and Lucia: The tears you shed become our suff-er-ing.

Odd: (Why did I believe her.)

Karren: I’m deep in love. I’m smiling now.

Odd: (Great now I have a headache!)

Hannon and Lucia: The smile you have becomes out happiness

Karren, Hannon, and Lucia: We share it all. The pain and love and now together we can overcome. I’ll cross the ocean! The bonds we share will get us through the night!

Lucia: All the riches in this world won’t be enough-

Hannon and Karren: To pay for the strength of our unbreakable bonds!

Lucia: So no matter where you go you can hear our melody.

Lucia, Hannon, and Karren: When you hear you’ll know that you are not alone

(A mysterious voice coming from the park joins the other 3)

Lucia, Hannon, Karren, and[/suze] ????: As the earth spins the seasons will come from dankness the world will always be reborn!

and ????: Though the changes may be slow!

Hannon and ????: They will definitely Grow!

Lucia, Hannon, Karren, and ????: For these bonds that we share I believe!

Odd: (What? No I must be wrong Sara isn’t here!)

(The link to the video where I got the Lyrics for the next song

????: There’s a rainbow wind blowing so extends on a coast on the far horizon!

Odd: (I better make sure this isn’t one of Xana’s tricks{Runs to the park and sees a girl sitting on a tree branch Singing with her eyes closed})

????: As the sun came up I heard a big melody!

~Back at the Dance~

All Kadic Students and Teachers: (What the heck?)

????: It’s a song full of the memories of our bicontihaze (couldn’t understand what that word actually was)

Lucia: Where is that singing coming from?

Karren: (whispers) Maybe it’s another mermaid Princess.

Hannon: (also whispers) Maybe we are in a different dimension.

~Park view again~

????: Birds fill the air flying above! Soaring high to the eastern sky! So let’s fly away like them to a place...that’s beautiful! A paradise alies were the seven seas meet far beyond stars above the stormy sea! A place where I can show my love for you once we are there I will be reborn! Even If a darkness falls upon us when everyone leaves the place we call home! We only need to sing from the seas when I hear it I will not forget! (I hope Odd heard that.{Opens her eyes})

Odd: Who Are You!

Sara: (Imitating Ulrich) What’s the matter Odd can’t recognize your Girlfriend?

Odd: Shut up!

Sara: Why don’t you make me!

Odd: No now shut up Xana!

Sara: I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this but.... Odd you’re an Idiot.

Aubere: (Literally shows up out of nowhere) You just now figured that out?

Sara and Odd: Aubere shut up.

Odd: (I don’t believe it this isn’t one of Xana’s tricks Sara really came back....But for how long?)
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Message 11 Déc 2007, 01:28

Chapter 21 What’s Going On Now

Well there is a strange woman with brown hair and a blue shirt with a ladybug on it at the entrance to the school grounds. Yumi’s mom walks up and this is what happens. (once again I Do Not take any credit for any songs used in this story)

Mrs. Ishiyama: Hello.

Woman: Good Evening.

Mrs. Ishiyama: Are you here to pick up your child also?

Woman: Well sort of my Daughter went to see her friends and I’m waiting for her here.

Mrs. Ishiyama: Oh how long has she been gone?

Woman: About 10 minutes but she said it would take 5.

Mrs. Ishiyama: Oh well maybe one of my children has seen her. We should go ask.

Woman: Alright. Oh my name is Betty Draconar. My daughter is Sara Draconar.

Mrs. Ishiyama: I’m Inconnu Ishiyama. Your Daughter Is One of My Daughter’s friends So that should make things easier
Meanwhile back at the dance.

Hiroki: (Laterally runs into Ulrich) Ow

Ulrich: Watch Where You’re going!

Hiroki: Sorry. My sister’s Over there somewhere if you’re looking for her (points to a corner)

Ulrich: Whatever (walks away)

Mrs. Ishiyama: (walks over to her son) Hiroki.

Hiroki: Yes Mom?

Mrs. Ishiyama: Where’s Yumi?

Hiroki: She’s over there somewhere (Points to a corner)

Mrs. Ishiyama: Thank you now wait by the door while I go get her. (Walks to were her son pointed {Mrs. Draconar Follows her})

A few minutes later in another part of the gym.

Yumi: (This is so boring)

Mrs. Ishiyama: Yumi.

Yumi: Hi Mom

Mrs. Ishiyama: This is your friend Sara’s Mom She’s looking For her Daughter.

Yumi: I haven’t seen her but I know people who might have.

Mrs. Draconar: That’s great

Yumi: Follow me

not to far away Jeremy and Aelita are siting around doing nothing.

Jeremy: (types something on his lap top)

Aelita: (watching Jeremy)

Yumi her mom and Sara’s mom walk up to them.

Yumi: Hey have ether of you seen Sara her mom is looking for her.

Aelita: No Sorry

Jeremy: Ask Odd.

Yumi: Noone’s seen him ether.

Jeremy and Aelita: Then that could be a problem.

Mrs. Draconar: They aren’t any help at all, but at least one of them is partially polite

Hiroki: Parap use peck!

Mrs. Ishiyama: Oh no (runs off to get her son and his Chatot under control)

Sara’s mom leaves to find the principal to see he can help.

Yumi: What is up wit you 2

Aelita: It was Probably one of Xana’s tricks any way.

Sara and Odd: You 2 could have been a little nicer you know.

Jeremy: Please tell me that Wasn’t Sara and Odd talking at the same time!

Odd: It was too bad deal with it.

Sara: Now we need a detraction.

Hannon: With a sound, the colors were changing.
And if you gazed deeply at the blue sky,
you could bring your distant memories back to you.
You know, beyond the seven seas
I just have this feeling someone is crying
With their heart squealing in pain.
Please save me...
Something, anything has to notify me of my destiny.
I embrace the guidance of the stars in my chest.

Sara: (Uses magic to warp her mom out side when everyone is busy watching Hannon Singing)

Hannon, Karren, and, Lucia: It shines forever with blue, like my beloved sea.
To protect the future, now I gather power
for the people and places I should be loving.
Glittering azure, I want to protect these pure feelings the way they are now.
With both of my shoulders lined up, I watched the rainbow.
If I could possibly pass to you my feelings well,
Then now would the place, with you by my side, I guess.

Hannon: Pretty Sugar Pitch!

Karren:I'm so happy about today's morning sun, so happy
that my tears begin to fall without even thinking about them.
Have I seen this somewhere before I wonder? Have I?
Shining continually bright under this same sky
My dream now is still but a dream

Hamster in the background: Let me stay together with you now

Karren: but I'll believe in our place
Will my wish riding on the wind of the aurora reach you?
I'm sure it'll make it there, because I definitely want to see you again.
Even if our two lives are beneath a star-crossed sky
Our hearts are one
and we both embrace the same wish to see each other.
I wonder why we both have
to follow our own different fates?

Sara: (goes Outside)
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Chapter 22 No title

All I can say is that Sara’s Mom is in the principal’s Office.

Principal Delmas: Now Mrs. Draconar can you please explain why you would like your daughter to start coming to school here again.

Mrs. Draconar: Her grades dropped drastically when she started going to school in Green Leaf again and she actually has friends here.

Principal Delmas: Well then I see no reason why Sara can’t attend school here.

Mrs. Draconar: Thank you Mr. Delmas.

Principal Delmas: (writes some stuff down on paper) Now here’s the information about your daughter’s class. Se has the same dorm as before so she should know where it is. (Hands the piece of paper to Mrs. Draconar)

Mrs Draconar: (Leaves the room and hands the piece of paper to Sara)

Sara: (Makes sure noone’s around then warps her mom back to Green Leaf then goes to a room in the science building) where is everyone.

Ms. Hertz: They are on a felid trip which you will not be aloud to go.

Sara: I’m assuming it’s only a field trip to te woods a cross the street?

Ms. Hertz: Yes. Now go to detention.

Sara: You do realize that I was just re-enroled here don’t you?

Ms. Hertz: I don’t care I’ve been trying to get you expelled since you got here the first time!

Sara: You can get fired for that.

Ms. Hertz: Are you trying to black mail me!

Sara: No Black Mail is beneath me. Unlike you I actually have honor. And yes I will be telling te Principal.

Ms. Hertz: I’m a Senior Teacher you’re just a student Who will he believe

Sara: The one with proof.

Ms. Hertz: Just go to detention already.

Sara: Fine But I’m stopping off at the Administration Building on the way. (Leaves the room)
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Chapter 23 Proof

Sara: (Walking down the hall towards one of the science building’s exits {Stupid science teacher!})
Milly and Tamiya: Hey Sara!

Sara: What is it do you need help with something?

Milly: Well actually we were working on a project for Journalism Club and Tamiya managed to get everything Ms. Hertz said on tape.

Tamiya: So you have 4 witnesses for when you tell the principal.

Sara: four? (What are they talking about?.....and since when dose Kadic have a Journalism Club? I thought there was just the school paper?)

Milly: Yeah. Tamiya, Me, Mr Chardin, and Tamiya’s Camera.

Sara: Oh ok then.

The 3 of them leave the building and almost immediately run into Principal Delmas.

Sara: Excuse me Sir but Ms. Hertz is.

Principal Delmas: Yes Mr. Chardin has already informed me.

Milly: If you need more proof Tamiya got the whole thing on tape.

Principal Delmas: Alright then. Tamiya may I please see your camera.

Tamiya: Yes sir (hands her Camera to the Principal)

Principal Delmas: I might need to show this to the school board if something similar happens. Now Ms Draconar I believe You have a field trip to get to.

Sara: Yes sir.

Chapter 24 Worst...Field Trip...EVER!

Sara is wandering though the woods looking for Odd. When a Houndour jumps out in front of her.

Houndour: HOUN!

Sara: (Something isn’t normal about that thing.) Luxray! Come out and stop this strange Pokémon! (Troughs a Pokéball and the slightly scary looking electric Pokémon)

Luxray: LUX LUXRAY LUX! (Ready to fight!)

Sara: Use Spark!

Luxray: LUX! (Uses the attack)

Houndour: (Jumps to dodge the attack and lands on a tree branch next to its trainer)

William: Ha your stupid Pokemon missed!

Sara: Riri use Bolt Tackle!

William: Your stupid Raichu isn’t here how is it going to use- (gets hit from behind by Riri’s Bolt tackle) How did you do that?

Sara: (crosses arms) Like I would tell you!...Oh look an Ariados!

William: (slightly scared) Yeah right

Sara: (turns to a group of Spinarak and an Ariados) Excuse me Ariados! Can you please use Spider Web on that evil person and his Pokemon?

Ariados: Dos ariados? Ariados dos.(Can my children help? They only know string shot but they are still young.)

Sara: Of corse.

William: SPIDERS!!!!!!! (Falls out of the tree panicking!)

Ariados: Dos! (Prepares to use the attack)

Group of Spinarak: Spina! (Prepare to attack)

William: HELP!!!

Sara: Shut up!

Ariados: (uses spider web)

Group of Spinarak: (Use String Shot)

Sara: Thanks Ariados and Spinarak. (Warps herself and her pokemon to another area closer to the river) That was close... and surprisingly easy. Well Riri, Luxray Return (Holds out 2 Pokéballs and her pokemon go in{Ok now to find Odd. Hey I can Copy all supposedly mythical creatures.} Jumps into the water) MYSTIC IMITATION! (Changes into a mermaid Princess which means her hair get’s longer it stays mostly the same only the bangs becomes a little more like Karren’s and the Hair color becomes the same as Hannon’s. The top is pretty much like the tops the mermaid Princesses wear but she has strange long blue-green gloves with pail blue ribbon going down them until stopping at a part that poofs out just before her hands. She has a poofy skirt that tapers down to a point at the back and is longer then the rest of the poofyness. The upperside of the poofy layers of the skirt is pail blue like the ribbons on the glove like things, the underside is a darker shade of blue. Oh and her tail has Sapphire scales){Wow do I look stupid!}

Meanwhile close by Odd and Kiwi are wandering around trying to remember what the field trip was even about.

Odd: This is boring.

Kiwi: Growl!

Ok back at the river Sara is now in the water swimming against the current hoping to run it to Odd.

Sara: (I can’t believe this is working.{Suddenly slows down a little}That can’t be good.{shifts into fairy form}CRUD! That not-{Powers backfire}good. {powers backfire again causing her to pass out and return to normal form})

About half an hour later Odd is wandering around the area whit the Spinarak and their mother(Ariados).

William: Help!

Houndour: (Whimpers)

Odd: Why should I help you? You’re working for Xana!

William: It’s not my fault he created my parents! He can destroy them at any time!

Odd: (Sara was right. Not directly but she was still right. I think he’s at least half lying. I better be careful) And I should care about this why?

William: Because ummm because? I got nothin just help me!

Odd: You got your self into that mess you can get your self out!

William: I’ve tried. Now help me before the spiders come back!

Odd: Why don’t you get your master to help you.

William: Because he’s busy plotting! Now are you going to help me or not!?!?

Odd: Nope!

(In this next section Pokémon are talking to Odd but I’m too lazy to put what they are saying in Pokémon language but that is what they are speaking)

Spinarak#1: Hey! You! Dude with the Growlith!

Odd: What is it?

Spinarak#1: Are you on is side! (Uses string sot to point at William)

Odd: No.

Spinarak#1: Ok:D

Spinarak#2: He’s lying you idiot!

Spinarak#1: You sure about that?

Spinarak#3: Yeah he might be friends wit that girl tat had the Raichu and the Luxray from earlier.

Spinarak#2: Shut up!

Odd: (A girl with a Raichu?) Hey that girl you were talking about what did she look like?

Spinarak#4: She had blond hair and a blue shirt that’s all I could tell.

All other Spinarak: Same here!

Odd: Did she call the Raichu by any specific name?

Spinarak#5: I think she called it Riri.

Odd: (Sara.) Yeah I know her.

Ariados: Hey! Leave my children Alone!

Spinarak#1: Mom It’s ok he’s not evil like thing we trapped!

Spinarak#2: I don’t think so!

Ariados: Quit arguing or you’re grounded!

Spinarak#3: Thanks mom they were annoying!

Spinarak: Brothers usually are

Spinarak5: Sisters are worse!

Spinarak #s 3,4,6,and 8: HEY!

Ariados: Calm down Girls.

Odd: I have to go find one of my friends, so I’ll be leaving now (starts to leave)

Ariados: (Shoots a web just in front of Odd) You are not going anywhere!

Kiwi: Hey Odd Didn’t do anything to you or your kids so back off and Leave my trainer alone!

Ariados: Is that true Kids.

All Spinarak: Yes Mom!

Ariados: Alright (Cuts the webbing that’s in Odd’s way) You can go!

Odd and Kiwi: Thanks! (They leave the area)

Ariados: Now if you kids talk to a strange human again you will all be in trouble

Alright since that’s over I can finally get to the good part of the chapter. Oh and Pokmon talking will be typed in their language now I’m not lazy any more Odd is now at the river.

Odd: Something isn’t right.

Kiwi: (sniffs the ground)

Odd: (I wonder were Sara is.)

Kiwi: Growl growlith growl! (Hey I found something!)

Odd: What is it?

Kiwi: Growlith! (Follow me.{Runs off})

Odd: Hey wait up (follows Kiwi)

Kiwi: (Stops when he comes to a unconscious girl laying face down in the mud) Growl Growlith! (We’re here!)

Odd: Good. (Sees the girl) That can’t be good.
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Chapter 25 Hey Is She Dead Or Not?

Odd: (Puts one hand on the girl’s shoulder and turns her over so that she’s laying on her back instead of face down in the mud, He sees the girl’s face and even covered in mud she seems familiar) Hey girl are you ok? Hey! (wipes some mud off te girl’s face) Sara? (NOT GOOD!!!) Hey Sara wake up.........Come on this isn’t funny! (This is impossible She’s not breathing, her heart has stopped, and her magic is almost gone but...she still as life energy.)

Kiwi: Growl growlith! (More trouble!)

Odd: (turns around to Look at his dog/ Starter Pokemon) What trouble nothing could make this worse not even Xana.

William: Oh really?

Odd: I don’t have time for this!

William: What’s the matter your girlfriend dead? Ha! Mine’s not?

Odd: Yumi Broke up with you when you changed sides.

William: She did. (Darn!)

Odd: Duh! And Besides You and Sissy would have made a better match an way.

William: Shut up!

Odd: Kiwi use Flame Thrower!

William: Houndour copy your opponent and use Flame Thrower too!

The Pokémon both attack, attacks collide but Kiwi’s attack is stronger.

William: Wow that thing is weak.(points at his unconscious Houndour)

Odd: (He dosn’t under stand the meaning of being a Pokémon trainer as the Pokéteam Second-in-Command I will teach him a lesson! Wait I don’t know how to use my Pokéteam powers yet.) You can’t treat your Pokémon like that even if you are evil!

William: Watch me!

Suddenly Sara’s Luxray comes out of it’s Pokéball.

Luxray: Lux! Luxray lux luxray! ([iHey! Leave my trainer alone you creeps![/i])

Kiwi: Growl growlith growl!! (We’re trying to help your trainer!)

Luxray: Lux! (Whatever!!!)

William: (Somehow ends up in virtual form) Cool Something else for me to destroy! And Wile I’m at it I’m going to make sure that the DragonFairy dosn’t come back to life.

Odd and Luxray: :NRV:

Odd: (Changes into a Dragon made of Purple Electricity) SHUT IT!

William: That’s not scary!

Odd: (Spits lightening at William causing him to pass out then goes back to normal) How....did I..... do... that? (Darn I don’t have enough magic to fight if he wakes up anytime soon.)

Luxray: Lux luxray lux? (Hey You’re Odd right?)

Odd: Yes.

Luxray: (Pushes Odd down) Lux lux luxray! Luxray Lux! ray lux! (That was a warning! Stay away from my trainer! you got that!)

Riri: (comes out of her Pokéball) Ri! Raichu ria! (Luxray! Stop that!)

Luxray: Lux?! (Why?!)

Riri: Ria ri raichu ria ri raichu! (Because Odd is Sara’s boyfriend!)

Luxray: (Stairs hatefully at Odd)

Riri: Ria raichu ria ri. Ri ria raichu. Ria ri ria-chu. (You can’t change that Luxray. they will still love each other. No matter what you do.)

Luxray: (Moves so that he’s not standing on Odd any more Kicks dirt into Odd’s face then goes back into it’s Pokéball)

Chapter 26 New Mewmew Transformation.

Odd is now hugging Sara hoping that she’s still alive. Riri and Kiwi are siting close by watching.

Odd: (Sara has to be alive she still has life energy.)

Riri: Ria

Kiwi: (Wipes a tear of Riri’s face with his left paw) Growlith. Growl growlith growl. (Don’t worry. She’ll be ok.)

Odd: Come on Sara you’re so dead so wake up!

Ulrich: (Seemingly shows up out of nowhere) She looks Dead to me.

Odd: Noone asked you Ulrich!

Kiwi: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Attacks Ulrich’s shoe) Rrrrrrrrrrr

Ulrich: Odd get Kiwi off my foot!

Odd: Your foot your problem!

Kiwi: (Takes Ulrich’s shoe and manages to thorough it at his head) Gerrrrr! (Bites Ulrich’s right arm)

Ulrich: OW! Hey let go of my arm I need that!!!

Riri (Giggles)

Odd: What did you go to make him mad this time?

Ulrich: I don’t know.

Starly: (Uses peck on Kiwi) Star....... star...... ly...... starly! (Stop..... hurting..... my.... trainer!)

Kiwi: (Bites Starly’s wing)

Starly: STARLY! (Glows)

Ulrich: What the Heck?

Odd: Your Pokémon is evolving.

Staravia: Avia Star! (Makes a very Mad face)

Ulrich: Cool. (Cellphone rings he answers it) Hello?

Jeremy: Xana’s attacking!

Ulrich: Alright We’ll be right there as soon as we break Yumi out of detention.

Jeremy: Ok but hurry Aelita’s on Lyoko by her self.

Odd: (Gently lays Sara down the Grabs Ulrich’s cellphone out of his hand) There’s no way I’m helping Ulrich with anything no matter what he sais. So I’ll be there in about 10 minutes.)

Jeremy: Hey Odd why didn’t you just use your cellphone?

Odd: Because Ulrich’s Staravia ate it.

Jeremy: Oh.

Odd: (Gives Ulrich is phone back then goes to check on Sara.)

Ulrich: I think Odd’s lost it.

Odd: I’m right here you idiot!

Jeremy: Just hurry! (Hangs up)

Ulrich: (Hangs up and puts his cellphone away) Have fun Hanging out with your dead girlfriend! (Walks away before anyone can attack him)

Staravia: Star! (Follows Ulrich but it’s stomach makes a ringing noise as it hops away flapping it’s uninjured wing)

Odd: It’s about time he leaves.

Kiwi: Growlith! (Yeah he was annoying!)

Sara: (eyelids move slightly)

Riri: RIA! (Hey Look!)

Odd: (looks at Sara) Noting’s happening Riri. (Sara better hurry and wake up)

Sara: Uuuuuu (eyes open) Hi Odd. (Sits up)

Odd: Do you know how bad you scared me!

Kiwi: Growlith? Growlith growl! (What are you talking about? You knew she was alive the whole time!)

Odd: She still scared me!

Sara: Odd calm down!

Odd: Désolé (Sorry)

Sara: Ok

Odd: Oh Xana’s attacking

Sara: (Sarcastic)Great! (Roles eyes I guess we should go to the factory right?

Odd: Yeah.

Sara: Ok I want to try one thing first.

Odd: alright. (This could end badly.)

Sara: STAFF OF DIMENSIONS! (A wooden magic staff appears in her right hand) Mew mew Draco! Metamorphosis! (Changes in to mew mew form but she has to touch the tip of her staff to where her wings horns and tail are supposed to come out in order to bring out said wings horns and tail.) Well that was different.

Odd: Can we go kick Xana’s butt now?

Sara: Sure.
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Chapter 27 To Lyoko Once Again

Well umm all I can say is that this is what Jeremy’s doing so he’s obviously in the supercalculator room/the lab(I will be calling it this from now on)

Jeremy: (Odd better hurry!) Aelita! You only have twenty life point’s left.

Aelita(On Lyoko): That’s good to know.

The elevator opens.

Odd: Sorry We’re late Einstine!

Jeremy: Whatever just go to the scanner room

Sara: Wow He didn’t even look up from the screens? He’s lucky we’re not one of Xana’s tricks.

Odd: Yeah

Jeremy: Isn’t she supposed to be back in GreenLeaf?

Sara: Not anymore!

Jeremy: I don’t care just go to the scanners Aelita only has twenty lifepoints left!

3 minutes later in the scanner room

Sara: (in a scanner) Hurry up Einstine.

Odd: (also in a scanner) Yeah before we fall asleep due to boredom!

Jeremy: Fine!......Transfer Sara! Transfer Odd! Scanner Sara! Scanner Odd! VIRTUALIZATION!

1 second later On Lyoko (Sara and Odd appear)

Sara: Alright let’s get this over with

Jeremy: Just hurry before William shows up!

Sara: He’s trapped by an Ariados and some Spinarak

Odd: No he escaped that.

Sara: How’d that happen?

Odd: I don’t know! But I knocked him out (I just wish I could remember how I knocked him out.)

Sara: Ether way we don’t have to deal with him (notices that Odd’s virtual form outfit is a little different and that he now has cat ears as well as a tail) We’ll that’s different.

Odd: Einstine upgraded everyone’s combat gear while you were gone. (Notices that Sara’s virtual form hasn’t been ungraded at all) except he forgot one person.

Jeremy: Oops Sorry.

Sara: Whatever let’s just get this over with.

Chapter 28 Xana’s new minions

Sara and Odd Catch up wit Aelita and this happens.

Aelita: (flying)What took you so long?

Sara: Shut up.

Aelita: Make me

Sara: Fine! (Punches Aelita in the face)

Jeremy: HEY! Now Aelita Only has 10 lifepoints left!

Sara: I don’t care! If she would stop being like well Sissy we wouldn’t have this problem now would we!

Odd: (This won’t end well.)

Aelita: HOW AM I BEING LIKE SISSY!?!?!?!?!

Sara: I can’t say the list is starting to get too long.

Aelita: Whatever! Can we hurry this up I have a tower to deactivate.

Sara: And you can’t see how you’re acting like Sissy?

Aelita: Nope.

Sara: You know what Just because you’re the only one who can deactivate towers dosn’t mean everything is all about you. Because guess what it’s not. GET OVER IT!

Aelita: :mad: YEAH WELL YOU’RE-

Odd: Will both of you calm the way Aelita Sara’s right as usual.

Aelita: GERRRRRRRRRR! ENERGY FIELD!!!!! (Blasts Odd and he Devirtualizes)

Sara: (Crosses arms annoyed)Why did you do that?

Aelita: because he’s annoying.

Sara: No he’s not

Aelita: Uh yeah he is

Sara: No he’s not

Aelita: Yeah he is

Sara: No he’s not

Aelita: :mad: YEAH HE IS!

Sara: Nope!

Aelita: Will you stop that

Sara: Nope!

Aelita: Please.

Sara: Well since you’re being nice.... Nope!

(Two people that look a lot like the Black Beauty Sister only whit Xana’s marking on their outfits show up without anyone noticing)

??????: Well Look what we have Here Sister Mimi

Mimi: Our Enemies arguing. We should attack now Sister Sheshe.

Sara and Aelita: Who are you idiots

Mimi And Sheshe: We’re the black Beauty Sister’s

Sheshe: I’m the elder Sister Sheshe!

Mimi: I’m the younger Sister Mimi!

Sara: You look like brainless Water Demons to me.

Chapter 29 Pichi Lyoko Voice Live Duet!

Sheshe: How dare you call us stupid! I think It’s time For them To hear out Dark Concert Sister Mimi

Mimi: Right you are Sister Sheshe.

Sara: (This should be boring.)

Mimi and Sheshe: It’s show time!...... Voice in the Dark!
The ~Melody~ of Darkness
that steals the bonds between your pearls.

Sara: (yawns Unaffected)

Aelita: (Covers ears in Pain) Aaaaaaaaa!

Mimi and Sheshe: Voice in the Dark!
Now! Let's begin magnificently beautiful show!

Sara: (still unaffected)

Aelita: (still covering ears) Eeeeee. (This hurts so badly)

Mimi and Sheshe: Voice in the Dark!
Our song is brought forth
with the echo of the power of darkness!
Peace is nothing more but an illusion
falsely reflected off the surface of a mirror.
A string made of waves entwines around one another bundling, and becomes a tide.
The demonic energies in our hearts change into a prank-filled vigor.
Surely, it would bewilder those who are weaker than us.

Aelita: OOOOOWWWW (Still covering ears)

Mimi And sheshe: Voice in the Dark!
A black wave gently plays this melody we sing.

Sara: (Looks at a nonexistent watch)

Mimi and Sheshe: Voice in the Dark!
It stops all love, and becomes a chain with no shape That eddy's about you, within this refrain.
and steals the bonds between your pearls.
Throw away these "feelings" you have.
They're nothing more but a soliloquy that a dreaming
girl would shout out, that reaches no one but themselves.

Aelita: (In pain and crying)

Mimi and Sheshe: Voice in the Dark!
Now! Let's begin magnificently beautiful show!
Voice in the Dark!
Our song is brought forth
with the echo of the power of darkness!

Aelita: (still crying)

Jeremy: (Really worried)Aelita You only have 1 life point left!

Sara: This is geting ridiculous! MYSTIC IMITATION!(A wave of Interdimensional Energy is released)!!! Voix de Perle de Dimension!!!!! (Dimension pearl voice!!!!{Goes into Idol form})

Mimi: Wait first you’re not affected by our song. Then you protect the person you were arguing with what gives!

Sheshe: YEAH!

Sara: She may have annoyed the heck out of me earlier but she’s still my friend.

Aelita: (stops crying surprised at what Sara just said)

Sara: and since Mermaid powers are the only things that will work on you lame dorks I’m stuck copying those.......... There’s a rainbow wind blowing so gently! It extends on a coast on the far horizon-

Black Beauty Sisters: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sheshe: The power of one Mermaid Princess Can’t stop us what makes you think you can stop us alone using a song that only works with 6 or more Mermaid Princesses singing it.

Aelita: (stands up) Actually She’s not alone! Voix de Perle Virtuelle! (Virtual pearl voice.{goes into Idol form [the outfit part is the same as Lucia’s only a different shade of pink. Her hair get’s a little longer but it’s still short and dose not end up in pigtails]})

Jeremy: (What the heck!!!)

Aelita: Well are we going to fight them or what.

Sara: Duh!

Sara and Aelita: (Both transform again their outfit’s change slightly Aelita’s is like Lucia’s second Idol form{Her hair get’s a tiny bit longer again but not by much). Sara’s change is unnoticeable) Pichi Lyoko Voice Live Duet!

Jeremy: (What are they doing?)

Sara and Aelita: Tossed around by the stormy dark sea and it feels as if we’ve lost hope!

Mimi: OW (Covers ears) Make it stop!

Aelita: We keep out heads up high

Sheshe: (covering ears) How are they able to do this there’s only 2 of them!

Sara: and look for love in our hearts!

Sara and Aelita: We can make it through!. For the promise we maid we won’t give up we will always rise up to fight!

Aelita: Dancing in this light

Sara: we will never give up!

Sara and Aelita: No matter what you try!

Mimi: (still covering ears) Make it stop!

Sheshe: (Covering ears) Arrrrgggggg!

Sara: We’re Burning like the sun now! Hotter still!

Aelita: Hotter still!

Sara and Aelita: Hotter still!

Aelita: Out voices raised up high now! Higher still!

Sara: Higher Still

Sara and Aelita: Higher still!!! This Moment’s here! THIS MOMENT’S HERE!

Black beauty sisters: (covering ears) AAAAAAAA!

Sara and Aelita: We lend the duty of out hearts as they beat out loving melody!

Aelita: I feel my Heart may pick up!

Sara: I finally can understand the truth!

Sara and Aelita: A reflection in a pure unclouded mirror here! Should My loving beating heart as it fills up and over flows with my love! I can Feel It beating Reborn in this perfect harmony!!!!!!!

Aelita: .......Love Shower Pitch!

Sara: (That was the lamest saying ever!)

Black Beauty sisters: Aaaaaa!(Disappear)

Sara: That actually worked.

Aelita: I’m going to deactivate the tower now (runs to the tower (which is not to far away))
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Chapter 30 Attendance

The next day in Geography Sara gets to class before all of her friends but none of the other students recognize her. Oh wait there’s some dialog.

Sissy: Hey New girl!

Sara: ........(Who the heck is Sissy talking to?)

Sissy: (Stands directly in front of Sara) New girl!

Sara: Are you talking to me?

Sissy: Of corse I’m talking to you! You’re the only new girl here.

Sara: What to you want Sissy!

Sissy: Oh good you’ve heard of me!

Sara: I Asked you what you want you spoiled brat!

Nicolas: (Laughs)

Sissy: (Glares at Nicolas then looks back at Sara) Will you go on a date with my friend his name is Hervé? (Points at Hervé)

Sara: No

Sissy: Why not.

Sara: He’s not my type.

Sissy: Can I at least tell you the people you need to avoid?

Sara: Are you on that list?

Sissy: Of corse not I’m the most popular girl in school!

Sara: Then..... oh wait what’s that word I’m looking for oh right.... No! By the way popularity is overrated! You only have two friend. So how are you popular? And don’t say that everyone want’s to be like you because noone wants to be a self obsessed brat!

Sissy: (gets a shocked look on her face) I.....I

Sara: What’s the matter? Skitty got your tongue?

Sissy: Humph! (Walks away)

Odd, Jeremy, Aelita, Ulrich, and Aubere Enter the room and this happens.

Ulrich: Hey Odd I dare you to go sit by the new girl!

Odd: No!

Ulrich: Chicken!

Odd: No. I just don’t want Sara to get mad at me for something that’s your fault.

Sara: (Good to know that he cares. But that’s the second time he hasn’t been able to recognize me.)

Aubere: She won’t find out.

Odd: Yes she will.

Sara: (Um hello I’m right here!)

Ulrich: Whatever You chicken!

The bell rings and everyone sits down Sara ends up at the back of the room by herself.

Mr. Fumet: Everyone settle down! (Pulls out his role sheet) Sorya Abulabbas.

Sorya: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Jeremy Belpois

Jeremy: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Elisabeth Delmas.

Sissy: Here! (These teachers don’t get that it’s Sissy not Elizabeth!)

Mr Fumet: Odd Della Robia.

Odd: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Magali De Vasseur.

Magali: Here.

Mr Fumet: Matthew Ducrocq.

Matthew: Here

Mr Fumet: Sophie Florenceau

Sophie: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Paul Gaillard

Paul: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Théo Gauthier

Théo: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Tania Grandjean

Tania: Here.

Mr Fumet: Claire Girard

Claire: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Thomas Jolivet.

Thomas: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Heïdi Klinger.

Heïdi: Here

Mr Fumet: Jeanne Le Bihan.

Jeanne: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Emilie Leduc.

Emilie: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Romain Le Goff.

Romain: Here

Mr. Fumet: Noémie N'Guyen

Noémie: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Alexandre Pepin

Alexandre: Here.

Mr Fumet: Hervé Pichon.

Hervé: Here!

Mr. Fumet: Yannick Piranet

Yannick: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Nicolas Poliakoff

Nicolas: Here!

Mr. Fumet: Jean-Baptiste Pujol

Paul: He’s in the Infirmary!

Mr. Fumet: Bastien Roux

Bastien: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Ulrich Stern

Ulrich: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Aelita Stones!

Aelita: Here!

Mr. Fumet: Thierry Suarès

Thierry: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Azra Ürgüp

Emilie: I think she’s sick.

Mr. Fumet: Alright then moving on. Julien Xao

Julien: Here.

Mr. Fumet: Sara Draconar. Wait this must be a mistake.

Odd: (What!)

Sara: Nope!

Mr Fumet: Oh. Sorry I didn’t realize you were here and not in the United States.(Raises an eyebrow suspiciously)

Odd: (I am in so much trouble!)
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Chapter 31 The Final Chapter.

When Geography ends Odd leaves the room as fast as possible while Mr. Fumet is giving Sara a lecture about showing up out of nowhere and being a Ms. Smarty Pants (I’ll explain later). He avoids Sara for the rest of the day he even skips lunch just to be as far away from Sara as possible. Oh this is what’s happening in the cafeteria.

Sara: (sits down wit her friends) What’s up with Odd? He’s been avoiding me all day.

Aubere: He’s scared of you.

Sara: Why would he be scared of me?

Aubere: Maybe because you’re suddenly smarter then Jeremy and Aelita combined.

Sara: That’s a Dragon thing Dragons have higher IQ’s then humans.

Jeremy: That makes no sense. Dragons are almost extinct so they should be barley smarter then Dinosaurs.

Sara: (Makes a face so angry that even the narrator cringes) Do you want to say that again you lame Human.

Jeremy: (Scared) No.

Sara: Good.

Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi: And you wonder why Odd’s afraid of you?

Sara: Odd hasn’t done anything to make me mad.

Aubere: Maybe because he couldn’t recognize you and thinks you’re mad at him?

Sara: Unbelievable Aubere actually said something that makes sense for once.

Aubere: (frowns) What do you mean for once!

Sara: (stands up) Ok this is boring later. (Leaves)

Meanwhile Odd is Hiding In the Vending Machine Shack (Where The People who know about Lyoko seem to be hanging out a lot since season 3 started and ended) when Milly, Tamiya, and Hiroki run in to the area and hide behind him.

Odd: What’s going on?

Milly: There’s a scary Pokémon.

Tamiya: Yeah and it’s really mad.

Hiroki: It’s a Luxray and it would be so cool if the Pokéball I threw hadn’t bounced off it’s head and caught it instead then it wouldn’t be mad.

Odd: Why don’t you get Sara’s help it’s her Pokémon!

Hiroki: Oh that’s why it didn’t work!

Milly: Hey wait don’t Sara’s Pokemon listen to you?

Odd: Not that one!

Luxray: LUX! (Jumps off the roof!)

Odd: Luxray calm down! Sara’s probably looking for you!

Luxray: Lux? (Really?)

Odd: Yeah.

Luxray: Lux luxray lux! (Ok then by!{leaves})

Tamiya: I thought you said it wouldn’t listen to you.

Odd: I didn’t think it would listen to me it usually attacks me.

Milly: Well thanks any way!

Tamiya: Yeah thanks!

Milly and Tamiya leave then after About 20 annoying and very stupid question (To which Odd’s only response was ask Ulrich and Yumi) Hiroki leaves too. Then this happens.

Odd: (Stomach growls { It’s a good thing I’m next to the vending machine.}{puts the French equivalent of a quarter in the machine then presses a few buttons the machine tries to work but nothing happens}) Not again! What’s with this thing! (Kicks the vending machine)

Electricity surrounds the machine when it disappears the machine drops a cup then pours some hot chocolate into the cup.

Odd: (There is now way I’m drinking that now Xana might have poisoned it.)

??: (looking at the machine which now has a triforce marking on anywhere where Xana’s mark could appear {But hasn’t and can’t because of the Triforce}) Wow this dimension is connected to Hyrual! Awesome!

Odd: Exactly who are you?

??: I’m AJ I’m new here!

Odd: Ok.... then.

AJ: Your name’s Odd right?

Odd: Yeah. (Raises an Eyebrow)

AJ: Sara Draconar is looking for you!

Odd: I’m hiding from her so don’t tell her where I am.

AJ: That’s not going to do any good!

Odd: She’s right behind me Isn’t she.

Sara: Duh.

Odd: (Turns around) Hi Sara.

Sara: Why have you bee avoiding Me?

AJ: I’ll be leaving you two to have your argument alone.....Where’s the Theater Room?

Sara and Odd: We’ll show you later.

AJ: Ok (sees a shiny object) Oooo Shiny! (Stairs at the shiny object)

Odd: What’s with him?

AJ: I’m a girl!

Odd: Oops.

AJ: It’s ok- Ooooo shiny!(Stairs at the shiny object again)

Sara: Ok this is freaky.

Odd: Seriously

AJ: Shiny!

Sara: Oh the electricity around the drink machine was me not Xana.

Odd: Oh.

AJ: Shiny! Wait who’s Xana.

Odd: Noone

Sara: Hey what’s that. (Points at the shiny object on the ground)

AJ: OH like using My ADOS against me will wor- Ooooo Sparkly!(Stairs at another shiny object that appears to be a piece of Ice with the sun reflecting off it)

Odd: (whispers to Sara) What’s ADOS?

Sara: (whispers back) It stands for Attention Deficit Ooo Shiny. It’s a joke used by people with ADD. But she appears to actually have it....or she’s faking.

Odd: (looks at Sara Confused)

Sara: ADD Is Attention Deficit Disorder.

Odd: How do you pronounce all that.

AJ: She’s the Dragon Girl of Greenleaf she’s able to pronounce any word.

Sara: (Is ever more furious now than she was when Jeremy indirectly called her stupid earlier) If you say one more word you will be in big trouble.
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Just for the reccord this story isn't quite over yet. :odd:

Yeah there's still the epilogue. :ulrich:

Can't we Skip that


You'd think atleast one of them would like the epiloge. :jeremie:

Sara dosn't agree with part of it.

Yeah so shut up!


Hey Odd tell your roommate to shut up. (mumbles) maybe he'll listen to you

By the way I'm not skipping the epilogue and Sara and Aubere can't stop me!


Odd, Jeremy, Ulrich, and Yumi are in the Lab (room with the supercalculator {Aelita is on Lyoko}) 3 of them are attacking what they think is the remaining person is trying to find a Pokéball that’s not empty. The elevator suddenly opens just as everyone gets thrown against the wall by a wave of electrical energy.(Jeremy passes out) Sara takes one step out of the elevator Aubere pulls out 2 Pokéballs.

Sara: (hits the so called William in the back with a sphere of sapphire-ish light causing it to change to it’s true form and pass out) This is ridiculous!

Odd: Sara you’re back.

Sara: (Crosses her arms)

Odd: (She is not in a good mood.)

Sara: We’re gone for 12 hours and everything falls apart!

Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi:

Aubere: That’s half a day!....I think.

Sara: Aubere shut up!

Sara: Now someone explain what happened!

Odd: Well once almost everyone was devitalized William showed up on earth.

Sara: No I meant something accurate.

Odd: What do you mean?

Sara: All of you were just fighting Aras.

Odd: Oops.

Ulrich and Yumi: What?

Sara: (pulls out her Interdimensional communicator) will everyone be quiet I have to concentrate. Aubere get to the scanner room.

Aubere: Right. (Presses the button dropping the 2 Pokéballs she’s holding they roll put of the elevator just as it closes)

the 2 pokeballs open and a plusle and Minun come out.

Plusle: Pl pl!

Minun: Mi mi!

Yumi: Wait Jeremy’s out cold so how is Aubere going to get to Lyoko?

Sara: Shush! (Presses some things on the touchscreen of her InterDimensional Communicator {Using her index finger not the stylus}) Got it!

Computerized voice on Sara’s InterDimensional Communicator: (It has a stereotype female british accent) Hacking Mode Initiated.

Sara: Good. (Points her InterDimensional Communicator so that the signal reaches the supercalculator)

Ulrich and Yumi: What the heck?.

Odd: Shut up. Sara needs to concentrate.

Sara: (Holds down the L and R buttons then presses the button combination X-X-A) Transfer Aubere!

Everyone that’s awake(except Sara): :ohh:

Sara: (Still holding down the L and R buttons but this time presses the button combination A-X-A) Scanner Aubere! (Releases the L and R buttons then presses the up and Y buttons) Virtualization.

Ulrich: Since when do you know anything about computers?

Sara: I don’t know anything about computers but I know a lot about video games. Now Shut up!

Odd: That was really cool Sara.

Sara: Thanks. (Presses some buttons) Odd can you hold this for me. (Hands Odd her Interdimensional Communicator)

Odd: Sure.

Sara: Dimension warp Blast (sends Aras somewhere else then warps to the scanner room)

Meanwhile On Lyoko

Aelita: That’s impossible.

Aubere: Is not!

Aelita: Is too!

Aubere: Is not!!

Aelita: Is too!!

Aubere: Is not!!!

Sara Virtualizes only this time her virtual form is actually different. Her hair now has sapphire streaks in it her Outfit is a sapphire-blue version of Odd’s upgraded outfit only it also has a skirt. Her tail is a little longer and not only dose she have ears but Dragon horns as well..... Oh and her gloves are more Like Dragon Claws)

Aelita: Is Too!

Sara: Will you 2 quit arguing!

Aubere: You look different since when did that happen?

Sara: I don’t know. (There’s a strange noise) What was that?

Aubere: I don’t know?

Aelita: It sounds like your InterDimensional Communicator.

Sara: If must be really loud because Odd has it. (Something falls out of her pocket)

Aubere: Sara you dropped something.

Sara: Thanks for pointing out the obvious Aubere. (Picks up the thing that fell) that’s strange. This looks like my InterDimensional Communicator. (The thing rings again) What the heck?

Aelita: I think you better answer that.

Sara: It could be a trap.

Aubere: JUST DO IT!

Sara: Fine but if something bad happens it’s your fault. (Answers the whatever it is) Hello.

Odd: Sara there’s something behind you.

Sara: I already know Odd but thank’s any way. (Hangs up) that was freaky. (Turns around and scratches William across the face causing him to disappear.)

Aubere: How did you-

Sara: We don’t have time for that.

Aelita: (Waves her right hand over the star shaped bracelet on her left arm and her wings appear) I’ll deactivate the tower. (Flies away)

not long later back on earth Jeremy finally wakes up.

Jeremy: What happened?

Odd: Sara Sent her self and Aubere to Lyoko.

Jeremy: ......... That’s impossible.

Aelita: Actually it’s true.

Jeremy: But how?

Sara: Can we go back to school now! We already missed the boring stuff Art and Theater Arts are all that’s left.

Odd: Actually I think that we need a new leader.

Sara: (Apparently I’m invisible.)

Ulrich: Odd’s right.

Yumi: Yeah no offense Jeremy but you make a terrible leader.

Aelita: :NRV:

Jeremy: None taken but since when was I the leader.

Odd: You’re the one who caused this whole mess.

Jeremy: What do you mean?

Ulrich: You were the one turned the supercalculator back on in the first place!

Jeremy: Oh that.

Aubere: Can we just hurry up and vote on this already.

Sara: Yeah before Xana attacks again.

Odd: I think we need paper.

Sara: Fine then. (Uses magic to make 7 pieces of paper appear) There Just put a check mark next to the person’s name who you want to vote for.

A few minutes later. Everyone forces Sara to count the votes due to the fact that the Dragon half of her DNA Keeps her from cheating.

Sara: Ok let’s see here. One vote for Aelita.

Aelita: Hua?

Sara: One vote for Aubere.

Aubere: Yay!

Sara: One Vote for Jeremy.

Jeremy: (slightly upset) Aelita!

Aelita: What I think you’re doing great as a leader.

Sara: One vote for Odd......that’s strange this one’s blank. (Picks up another piece pf paper) This one too. (Picks up the last piece of paper) Another blank one. You know what I don’t even see why a group of friends even needs a leader!

Odd: I vote for Sara!

Sara: WHAT!

Ulrich and Yumi: Us too!

Aubere: Looks Like You win Sara.

Sara: Then I quit someone else can be the leader!

Odd: (frowns)

Sara: Odd that’s not going to work!

Odd: (Frowns even more)

Sara: Nope still not working.

Odd: (Frowns quite a bit more trying to look as sad and pathetic as possible) S'il vous plaît

Sara: Not going to work.

Everyone in the room except Sara: S'il vous plaît.

Sara: NON! (Starts to leave)

Odd: (Grabs Sara’s arm) Please Sara you are the only one qualified to be the leader.

Sara: (looks at Odd) Fine but if I don’t act like a leader should It’s because I never wanted to be one! Besides I still say a group of friends Doesn’t need a leader!

Well of this story anyway :blink:

Ok Good news and bad news first the bad news I keep forgetting to do between chapter entertainment so I wont be doing anymore of them......Well don't ewveryone start crying or whineing at once.

Ok some good news Instead there will be bloopers I won't be doing them someone else on the forum will

More bad news She's deciding who by guiving you all a quiz.

Sara shut up! Anyway whoever gets the highest score Wins.
the winner will beable to post bloopers and behind the scenes type stuff on my next story once it's posted it's title Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids. the winner can also add their own characters to the bloopers however I already have most of the story typed so they won't show up in the actual story. The quiz will be posted sometime not today so study.

Warning it's alittle long. and could get longer

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go look for a calculator.
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