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MessagePosté: 01 Jan 2008, 00:53
par DragonGirl
Change of Plans I have to post the quiz today Because I won't be able to tomorow......BUt first the Credits


Main Characters

Sara Draconar
Aubere Jedirous
Odd Della Robia
Aelita Hopper
Jeremy Belpois
Yumi Ishiyama
Urick Stern
William Dunbar(Even if he is an evil loser)


Supporting Characters (Even if all of them didn’t show up [Most are background Code Lyoko character’s])

Betty Draconar
Inconnu Ishiyama
Hiroki Ishiyama
Milly Solovieff
Tamiya Diop
Anne-Sophie Munier
Anouche Bedoyan
Julie Vigouroux
Ninon Costes
Sandra Dialo
Véronique Fayolle
Emilio Rodriguez
Lola Kieffer
Mohamed Kantaoui
Pierre François
Tristan Brossard
Xavier Gosselin
Alexandre Pepin
Azra Ürgüp
Bastien Roux
Claire Girard
Emilie Leduc
Heïdi Klinger
Jean-Baptiste Pujol
Jeanne Le Bihan
Julien Xao
Magali De Vasseur
Matthieu Ducrocq
Noémie N'Guyen
Paul Gaillard
Romain Le Goff
Sophie Florenceau
Sorya Abulabbas
Tania Grandjean
Théo Gauthier
Thierry Suarès
Thomas Jolivet
Yannick Piranet
Anaïs Fiquet
Caroline Savorani
Christophe M'Bala
Emmanuel Maillard (known in Season 1 as Mike)
Maïtena Lecuyer
Matthias Burel
Priscilla Blaisse
Gilles Fumet
Gustave Chardin
Nicole Weber
Hans Klotz
Gaston Lagrange
Rosa Petitjean
Yolande Perraudin
Michel Rouiller
The Black Beauty Sisters

Show creators(in the case of an anime adapted from a manga the manga artist gets credit)

Code Lyoko~ Moonscoop, Antifilms, and Taffy entertainment
Tokyo Mewmew ~Mia Ikumi
Mermaid Melody(All versions) ~Pink Hanamori
Winx Club~ Rainbow S.P.A

Songs (includes where Lyrics came from and where the song came from/ the Musical artist {If I can get who the musical artist is if not their name wont be listed but they still get credit})

Un Monde Sans Danger~ I’m not sure I only know the musical artist for the english version, And Until I learn more french I wont be able to find out.

A World without Danger(I didn’t use it in the actual story but in deleted scenes yes)~ Noam

Legend of the Mermaid~ (who ever crated the songs for the Anime version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch) ~English lyrics from the fandub on Youtube titled [Fandub]Mermaid Melody- Legend of Mermaid and Koudou ENGLISH

Koudou~ (who ever crated the Anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)~ English lyrics from the fandub on Youtube titled [Fandub]Mermaid Melody- Legend of Mermaid and Koudou ENGLISH

Kizuna (I think there’s another song wit the same title tough)~ (who ever crated the Anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)~ English lyrics from the fandub on Youtube titled [fandub]Mermaid Melody English - Kizuna

Ever Blue~ (who ever crated the Anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)~ english Lyrics from

Aurora no Kaze ni Notte~ (who ever crated the Anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch)~english Lyrics from

Kuro no Kyousoukyoku ~concerto~ ~ (who ever crated the Anime Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch) ~english Lyrics from

Dolce Melodia~ (Whoever dubbed Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch/ Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure in to Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene)~ Italian Lyrics from a random youtube video

Torno nell'oceano~ (Whoever dubbed Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch/ Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure in to Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene ~ Italian Lyrics from a random youtube video

Assoluto Amore~ (Whoever dubbed Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch/ Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure in to Mermaid Melody Principesse Sirene) ~ Italian Lyrics from a random youtube video

Special thinks to

My friend who helped me narrate chapter 18 and also created Aubere
My friend AJ who the character in the story with the same name is based off of well mostly just her name,
My Family
The readers the very quiet readers.

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par DragonGirl
And now the quiz there are 35 questions and I need help figureing out how manny points they should be per-question there are also 4 bonus questions that are 5 points each. Post your awnsers on this thread please But I will tell you what your scors are through Privat messages incase someone gets all questions right. (No cheeting)

No you can not look back at the story to anser any questions on this quiz..... I might not be able to stop you from cheating but if you do you will feel guilty so please don’t.

1. Why did Sara Originally go back to GreenLeaf?
A. Her Parents Made her
B. Aras was causing trouble
C. Aubere Got her to Hate Odd.
D. Dimensional Instability

2. Why did Sara Lie to Odd?
A. She hates him.
B. She cares about him
C. She switched brains with Aubere
D. She was under Xana’s control.

3. Who recorded Sara, Aelita and Aubere’s conversation?
A. Jim
B. Jeremy
C. Ulrich
D. Sissy
E. Principal Delmas
F. Mr Chardin

4. Who Captured Sara?
A. Xana
B. Baltor
C. Naraku
D. Aras

5. Why did Odd blame Sara for William destroying Lyoko?
A. He thought She was helping Xana
B. He thought Aras was helping Xana and Aras and Sara share the same DNA
C. He Thought that Sara Should have been there to help
D. He just felt like blaming her

6. Why couldn’t Xana kill Sara in Chapter 2?
A. He Needed her powers.
B. Odd Wouldn’t let him
C. William kept being distracting.
D. She was in a special defensive hibernation

7. How did Sara’s Pokemon end up at Kadic?
A. They escaped on their own
B. Sara Warped them there by accident
C. We don’t know you never told us DragonGirl
D. None of the above

8. What was Odd’s plan to Rescue Sara in chapters 5 and 6
A. He didn’t have one.
B. To enter Xana’s hideout when he drops his guard and kick his nonexistent butt.
C. Something so complicated that Noone understands not even him.
D. To challenge Xana to a Pokemon battle
E. He was making it up as he went

9. What woke Sara up In chapter 6?
A. An earthquake
B. Tornado sirens
C. Odd’s voice
D. Pick C or else I never fully explained that so this one is a freebie!

10. Why did Odd breakup with Sara?
A. He thought he has hurt her emotionally
B. Ulrich Dared him to
C. Aubere Threatened to kill Him if he didn’t
D. He was Possessed by Xana

11. Why was Sara mad at Odd in chapter 9?
A. She lost control of her dragon half
B. She thought he had broken up with her for no reason
C. Something that’s Aubere’s fault.
D. Xana tricked her again.

12. Why did Odd "die" in chapter 10?
A. Because Sara Attacked him
B. Aras attacked Sara and Odd died protecting her
C. The Emotional Damage form chapters 8 and 9 became Physical damage.
D. A Xana attack.

13. Who helped Sara in chapter 10?
A. Her ancestor
B. Odd’s Ancestor
C. Aqua Regina
D. Hannon, Karren, and Noelle
E. Both A and B

14. What were the 2 songs Sara used to fight Aras and Xana?
A. A world without Danger and Un Monde Sans Danger
B. Dolce Melodia and Fantastica poesia
C. Assoluto amore and Portami con te
D. Dolce Melodia and Un Monde Sans Danger
E. None of the above

15. Who helped Sara and kept her from becoming evil like Aras?
A. Odd
B. A ghost and her ancestor
C. The Original Orange Pearl Mermaid Princess and her ancestor
D. Noone Sara helped her self.

16. How did Odd come back to life?
A. Sara’s Enchantix
B. He absorbed some life energy from plants without meaning to
C. Who cares Besides Sara?
D. Both A and B

17. Which of Sara’s Pokemon Hates Odd?
A. Infernape
B. Staraptor
C. Blaze the Blaziken
D. Luxray

18. What are all of Odd’s Pokemon
A. Kiwi (Half growlith half normal dog), Mudkip, Treeco, and Lucario
B. Kiwi (Half growlith half normal dog), Mudkip, Treeco, Lucario, and Beedrill
C. Kiwi, Mudkip Treeco, and Turtwig
D. Lugia, Shinx, and Chimchar.

19. What is Ulrich’s Only Pokemon?
A. Starly
B. Staravia.
C. Piplup
D. Chatot

20. How many pokemon dose Sara have?
A. You mean we’ve seen all of them?
B. Too many to count.
C. 6
D. 30
E. She has more that we haven’t seen So how are we supposed to know?

21. What is William’s Pokemon?
A. Hoothoot
B. Xatu
C. Houndour
D. None of the above.

22. Is this quiz getting too long and annoying?(This isn’t really a question it dosn’t count but anser it anyway)
A. Yes
B. No
C. Heck Yes
D. Jeremy And Aelita are the only ones who Like Quizzes DragonGirl

Real Question 22. What happened to Odd’s cellphone.
A. Kiwi ate it
B. A teacher took it up
C. Luxray Fried it with Thunderfang
D. Ulrich’s Staravia ate it back when it was a starly

23. Who pretended to be William in the epilogue?
A. Odd
B. Aubere’s Ditto
C. Noone
D. Aras

24. Who did Delmas get to sing at the dance after Jim broke the CD player?
A. Sara
B. Yumi and boy was that a bad idea
C. Hannon, Karren, and Lucia
D. Musa
E. Rina

25. Why Didn’t Odd think Sara was coming Back?
A. She was gone longer the she said she would be
B. He thought she had been captured again
C. He didn’t care any more

26. What was up with AJ?
A. She was staring at a shiny abject
B. She was upset that Odd thought she was a boy
C. I don’t Know But it’s not B that’s for sure
D. Both A And B

27. Who became the Lyoko group’s new leader?
A. Aubere
B. Sara but reluctantly
C. Aras
D. Odd
E. William
F. Jeremy stayed Leader
G. Aelita
H. Yumi
I. Ulrich
K. There is no leader!

29. Did Sara’s Cousin Appear in this Fanfic?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Sara has a cousin?

30. Did any of Odd’s family appear in this story? (Kiwi Doesn’t Count)
A. No
B. Duh
C. Yes
D. Do Pokemon count?

31. What almost happened to Ms Hertz?
A. She almost got Sara Expelled
C. She almost Died
B. She almost found out about Lyoko
D. Hey what gives B and C are in the wrong places?

32. Who did Sara tell Aelita she was acting like?
A. Jeremy
B. Sissy
C. Hervé
D. Jim
E. William

33. Who are Xana’s New Minions?
A. The Dark Lovers
B. Pokemon
C. The black beauty sisters
D. Ulrich (Changed sides)

34. What pokemon Dose Yumi’s brother Hiroki have? (There are 2 anseres for this question pick at least 1 of them for half credit)
N. Pikachu
V. Chatot
Q. Piplup
Y. Bonsly
Z. What ever happened to A, B, C, and D?

35. What was Sara’s excuse for leaving?
A. Aras was causing trouble
B. Her Parents Made her
C. Dimensional Instability
D. She was mad at Odd


*1. How did Sara get her Enchantix? (I only want to know who she saved and what Her sacrifice was)

*2. Name All of Sara’s Pokemon so far.

*3. What School did Sara go to before Kadic?
A. Albatross Middle School (AMS)
B. Green Leaf Middle School (GMS)
C. Crossdimension Ninth grade Center
D. None of these..

*4. Are we having fun yet?
A. Yes
B. Heck yes
X. Of corse
Z. Got any other choices?
G. A freebie for a bonus question? Are you crazy?

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par DragonGirl
oh come on! Someone hasto beable to awnser the quiz!?!?

Re: Sara Returns

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par DragonGirl
Wow I skimmed over this one and ... Well It is in serious need of a rewrite. I was just going to edit these earlier ones but wow. What was I thinking?

Anyway I don't remember which story Sara's normal and virtual forms got upgraded so I'm just gonna post those pictures here. thease were drawn afew years ago and my drawing like my writing has improved since then.

Sara earth form 2

Sara Lyoko form 2

Re: Sara Returns

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par DragonGirl
So I think I'm going to replace this entire story with what Sara and Aubere did while they were gone (well for the new direction the old stories will be taking once re-written) but since I have three stories to completely do over and one to edit to fit. I'm going to need help with this one If anyone wants to volunteer to help out with this one it's going to be based around the pokemon dimension and the possibility of Xana related trouble there. If more than one person volunteer then I'll decide who gets to help by who can suggest the best new title for this fanfic. (suggestion must be given via PM)

MessagePosté: 21 Mar 2013, 03:35
par sixthwarrior
I could help.I'm gonna miss this story once it's edited.This was one of my favorites!


MessagePosté: 21 Mar 2013, 03:54
par DragonGirl
sixthwarrior a écrit:I could help.I'm gonna miss this story once it's edited.This was one of my favorites!

Really I think this is actually my weakest and started me down the path of giving Sara way to many powers but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. It does make me a little sad that this story won't fit in the new time line no matter how much I do with it.
At any rate I'd appreciate your help.

Re: Re:

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par sixthwarrior
new time line

New Time Line?So are you going to edit all of your stories?

Re: Re:

MessagePosté: 22 Mar 2013, 05:24
par DragonGirl
sixthwarrior a écrit:
new time line

New Time Line?So are you going to edit all of your stories?

yes, well sort of some of them will be re written but this is the only one that will have a completely different plot. I'll fill you in on that later.