Message 25 Mai 2012, 00:27

Re: Code Lyoko Meets Garage Kids

Ugh I'm so bored when's she going to start typing our story?

It's not her fault she lost the data.

She should have used a better antivirus program.

actually she probably needed to start over completely on that one anyway since She didn't really have personalities for Reverse Aelita, Reverse Ulrich or Reverse Yumi.

... So She only had personalities for half of us? That's a load of-

:odd: Whoa chill out!

Yeah Reverse Dimension Panic may be teen rated but this one is still pg.

.........whatever i'm out of here. later morons!

Reverse Odd is kind of a jerk.

I'm sure he has his reasons. Anyway he's only mean when he's angry.

But he's always mean? does that mean he's always mad too?

Wow reverse Jeremy is no genus that's for sure! :odd2:

Definitely not.

hey! I didn't give any of you authorization to do this!

I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me!

I am ashamed to share a name with you.

just all of you go away and stop scarring away the readers!
.....Yay ... just yay