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Info: Brandon

MessagePosté: 19 Mar 2013, 01:30
par sixthwarrior
Okay, from here until the release of my next book, I will be posting these little bits of info about certain characters and things.I will also be posting ideas that I've had to see if you like them.This is the info about the Main Character, Brandon.

Avatar info:
So, if you've read my story, you'll know about Brandon's Avatar on Lyoko. The first form is:

A yellow ninja outfit.

The Second form is:

A karate shirt with a black belt and baggy jeans with a hole at the knees (both sides)

Moving on, Something you could not possibly know about him, is that he has a necklace!Why is it so important?You'll understand in my next story.

So, you probably are wondering (on the topics of looks) what he looks like in the real world.Here it is:

Blonde hair that reaches the back of his neck.
A blue shirt.
A red jacket with black stripes.
blue shorts.
black and green shoes.

I hope you liked this little information that I gave you!

Info: Westin

MessagePosté: 21 Mar 2013, 03:42
par sixthwarrior
This one is about (duh) Westin.

Appearance: A white shirt with jeans and black shoes.His hair is black.

Lyoko Form: Probably not going to be one but if there is it's none of your business.

That's it.(What? i'm tired)

MessagePosté: 22 Mar 2013, 14:26
par sixthwarrior
Okay so the release date of my next book is May 1st, 2013.


It's pushed back until somewhere in June.(Really sorry but too many birthdays, computer problems, and some personal stuff)

Info: Brandon 2.0

MessagePosté: 30 Mar 2013, 22:18
par sixthwarrior
This is not about a robot or anything like that.Just another thing about Brandon.This will be about his powers.

Power #1: You remember his power to materialize stuff?Well, that's gonna change.His hand used to glow blue, but not anymore!Instead, his hand will have blue electricity around it.

New Power: Not going to tell you!!!

Power Loss (Alot, too!): Big Plot in my third book.

Short Story

MessagePosté: 20 Avr 2013, 17:02
par sixthwarrior
Here is a little short story That I'm thinking of as I write it.

Okay, so Brandon, Jeremie, and Aelita are in the Lab.

Brandon: So, what do I need to be here for?

Aelita: We are going to show you how to use the Supercomputer.

Brandon: Why Now?[This is gonna take forever.]

Aelita: All we need you to do is know how to Virtualize us and Materialize our Vehicles.

Brandon: But why?

Jeremie: I'm going on vacation for a month and you need to know how to run the Supercomputer.

Brandon: Why not get Aelita to do it?

Aelita: Because I have to deactivate towers.

Brandon: But I can do that too.Plus I'm stronger on Lyoko because I have 3 weapons.

Jeremie: You only have 2.Your Sword and Shuriken.

Brandon: But I can materialize monsters, remember?

Aelita: That is true, Jeremie.

Brandon's phone rings.

Brandon: Hello?

Westin: (on the other side of the phone) Where are you?

Brandon: In the forest.

Westin: Well get back to the dorm!!!Jim is doing an inspection and everybody has to be in their dorm!!!

Brandon: What!!!I'll be right there!!!

Jeremie: What was that about?

Brandon: Jim's doing an inspection and everybody has to be in their dorm!!!

2 and a half minutes later.

Brandon: (comes bursting through his dorm room)Did Jim come yet?!

Westin: No.

Brandon: Phew!!!!I thought I was gonna get detention or something.[Because of stupid Jeremie!!!]

MessagePosté: 30 Oct 2013, 00:39
par sixthwarrior
Okay, so as you can see I finally thought of a name for this fanfiction.(which i dont know why it took so long)