The Battle Within

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The Battle Within

Here is my Code Lyoko story.


Title: The Battle Within
Author: Jumpinsoraa (deviantART)/Agent Johnson (Yumi2004)
Rating: T

Several chubby rain droplets ran down my face as I hustled to Hertz’s class from the park bench located near Kadic Academy’s very own forest of doom – depending on Xana’s method of attack. Ugh. I would have probably just skipped but it just can’t be done. I’m a prisoner in my own body, and as far as he is concerned, his hostess’s free will can fall into ditch and die a painful death. My attending science class was of the utmost importance to him. The aforementioned freak inhabiting my body is none other than an agent straight from the Matrix universe; where millions of human suckers live a false reality, specifically designed to keep them docile like sheep. And most of them won’t even cast a second glance in their savior’s direction without turning into gun brandishing men in dark-green monkey suits; whose primary purpose is to kill enlightened peeps aware of the Matrix’s secret and harass exiled programs. How do I know this? Because the tall creep knows his Gestapo crap. By the way, agent-boy calls himself Agent Anderson. Anderson rhymes with Homer Simpson! Get it? I’m making a clever reference to the yellow-skinned fatty who made his way to fame long before Peter Griffin plagiarized his way upon it.

You guys suck. Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. This brunet creep and his agent/polymorphic specter programming, stuck to my brain stem when he was in the middle of being deleted by Jeremy Belpois’ killing program, which failed its intended task! Truthfully, this leads me to believe that Einstein probably got his mad scientist license from Doofenshmirtz, am I right? Now, here’s a word of advice from yours truly: never send a middle-schooler to do a pro’s job. The point of this being that Anderson crossed the line! I can’t even check out my favorite Star Wars comic books at the public library anymore! It’s all about keeping a close watch on my friends now. Agent-creep appointed himself guardian of the Lyoko Warriors. I learned that his kind is obsessed with purpose. Apparently in his universe, lacking a purpose is a ticket straight to the "bucket." So he had no other choice, I guess… Jerk.

"Hey, Lisa!" a sickeningly familiar voice shouted, distracting me from my thoughts.

I turned to face Mr. Delmas’ raven haired daughter, Sissi - also known as to us as the school’s conceited drama-bitch. Normally, I would have said something funny like, "that ego stick is shoved in there real tight" or something like that, but no! Anderson butted in.

"No time. I’ve got science class with Mrs. Hertz," came my/his monotonous reply.

As usual, she placed both hands on those swelled, five-pounds-overweight hips of her, probably thinking that her so-called beauty is the eighth wonder of the world.

"Huh, I see Jeremy’s turned you into a real space-cow person like William."

Unfortunately, my speech patterns and memories are at his disposal when he needs them to keep people in the dark about what is truly going on with me.

"Say what? Heh heh heh. Me? His lab-rat? No, that would be you, Miss Drama-queen!" Anderson replied, letting out a convincing chuckle. Wow. He’s actually getting better at copying me. Creep. "I’m afraid the brain surgery he gave you was a complete flop! Ha ha ha ha ha! You’re a hopeless case!"

Sissi furrowed her eyebrows, her expression indicating irritation at Anderson’s surprisingly funny joke.

"Oh, shut up!" she huffed, turning her back on me.


To be continued...
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Re: The Battle Within

Your story is good so far. It'e enjoyable even though I don't get all the matrix references.
.....Yay ... just yay
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Re: The Battle Within

today i watched the matrix reloaded.No offense to some people,but most of the beginning was bor-ring!Other than that,i liked it
I'm back!

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