Reverse Dimension Panic

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 11 Acting Failures and Games.

A week goes by in both dimensions. Neither group making any progress with finding a way home. The Reverse warriors sit down at a lunch table with the exception of the reverse versions of Sara and Odd. Reverse Aubere begins showing concern. Wondering where Reverse Sara is and rambling about how suspicious it is that Reverse Odd is also missing. Finally annoyed with Reverse Aubere’s yapping Reverse, Yumi stands up and walks away. Reverse Aelita who barely ate anything but is already done has a compact mirror out and is putting on makeup. About five minutes later she’s still doing so as Jeremy walks up.

Reverse Ulrich: Ok are you really putting that stuff on your face or are you faking again?

Reverse Aelita: Shut up.

Jeremy: (sits down) Um. Hi guys.

Reverse Ulrich: I’m just wondering if you’re trying to look like a clown or not.

Jeremy: (Sighs) Guys act normal please. (tries to discreetly motion towards Sissy who’s staring over at the group of friends.

Reverse Aubere: (lowers voice) shouldn’t you be trying to get us home?

Jeremy: I needed a break.

Reverse Ulrich: So where do you think Sara and Odd are?

Reverse Aelita: No one cares.

Reverse Ulrich: Aubere seems to care and annoying her is fun.

Reverse Aubere: (Stands up) That’s it I’m going to look for them.

Jeremy: (trying to act like everything’s normal) Sit down Aubere. There’s no reason to freak out.

Reverse Aubere: (sighs) Fine sorry. (sits down)

Reverse Odd walks into the factory and looks around. He leans against a Pillar and pulls out a Nintendo DS. He puts on headphones the cheap kind not the good noise canceling ones and starts playing a game. Suddenly he hears something other than his game, takes off the head phones and puts his DS in his pocket.

Reverse Odd: (What was that?)

Someone: (Sneases)

Reverse Odd: Bless you. Wait now I know I’m not hearing things. (Looks up into the rafters and sees someone’s foot) Alright show yourself!

Reverse Sara: (looks down over the large support beam) Oh hi.

Reverse Odd: What are you doing up there?

Reverse Sara: Well – I was. Just um. I was trying to find a way home but I wasn't making any progress and I do my best thinking in high places so… I figured I’d come up here and think.

Reverse Odd: (Notices that Reverse Sara is holding a thin black object) What’s that in your hand?

Reverse Sara: Well I got bored so I figured I’d take a break from thinking and. (the black object slips out of her hand) Oops.

Reverse Odd: (Catches the object and looks at it) This is a PSP. You play video games.

Reverse Sara: I was going to. But my battery died.

Reverse Odd: Hum. (opens the UMD drive and takes out the game to look at it) You play Dissidia?

Reverse Sara: Yeah.

Reverse Odd: Who do you main? (puts the game back in the system)

Reverse Sara: Zidane, Tidus, Firion, and… sometimes Shantoto.

Reverse Odd: (Facepalm) no that’s a list of who all you play as. Not who you main. Which one do you use the most.

Reverse Sara: I don’t know. I guess Firion. Or maybe Zidane. I don’t know. It’s been a while. I've been playing Tales of the Abyss lately instead.

Reverse Odd: You play “the Tales Games”?

Reverse Sara: Sort of. Just Abyss so far.

Reverse Odd: I didn't think someone like you played video games at all.

Reverse Sara: I’m scared of most things. And I’m not….

Reverse Odd: Not what?

Reverse Sara: I have a weird condition that makes it unsafe for me to be physically active. The only way I can have any kind of adventure is through videogames. It’s kind of like-

Reverse Odd: Your escape from reality? Yeah I know the feeling. (Your weird condition didn't prevent you from climbing up there)

Reverse Sara: You’re acting different than you normally do.

Reverse Odd: I don’t really like people in my space. It’s hard to deal with people when I’m trying to get them out of my space.

Reverse Sara: I see. Oh thanks again for saving me the other day.

Reverse Odd: Whatever.

Reverse Sara: Oh and thanks for saving my PSP.

Reverse Odd: Sure. You can have it back once you come down here.

Reverse Sara: That might be a while. I should really get back to figuring a way out of this.

Reverse Odd: I’ll hang on to this for you then. Is that alright? (There’s something strange about you. What is it? I’m going to watch you and try to figure it out.)

Reverse Sara: Yeah sure.

Reverse Odd: (puts Reverse Sara’s PSP in his pocket, puts his headphones back on and goes back to his game)

Meanwhile in the Reverse Dimension Sara, Odd, and Ulrich are standing in a class room in front of Reverse Jim who has a pissed off look on his face)

Reverse Jim: Would any one like to explain why my two best students are suddenly failing this class over night.

Sara: And that would be…

Reverse Jim: Not him. (points at Ulrich) His grades have actually gone up. (looks at Ulrich) Keep it up And I might have you placed back in the normal class.

Odd: (whispers to Sara) We’re his best students?

Sara: I guess so.

Reverse Jim: Be quiet! Now why are all of you acting so differently?

Sara: I don’t know.

Odd: We thought it would be nice to act differently for a change.

Reverse Jim: Enough lies.

Sara: (makes a few subtle movements with her hands)

Reverse Jim: I want a real explanation right n- (frozen in place)

Sara: Let’s get out of here.

The three teenagers leave the room and make their way to the park.

Ulrich: What the hell. You guys almost blew out cover again.

Sara: It’s not like we can just start getting good grades out of nowhere.

Ulrich: You were passing back in out dimension.

Sara: I was cheating off of Aubere.

Odd: How?

Sara: I used a magic object to read her mind. She found out so now I can’t do it anymore.

Odd: That makes sense.

Ulrich: See that’s why we've had so many close calls.

Sara: What are you talking about?

Ulrich: You’re supposed to be scared of everything and Odd is supposed to hate everyone and be a horrible person neither of you are doing that.

Sara: So you keep going back to your grouchy self. Heck Yumi’s the only one who hasn't blown our cover so far.

Aubere: (walks into the park) Hey Sara you find the right portal spell yet.

Sara: No I’ve been too busy pretending to be afraid of everything.

Aubere: You’re the InterDimensional Guardian you have to take this seriously.

Sara: I’m going to go take a serious nap. (walks away)

Aubere: (looks at Odd) Oh darn you found some hairgel. I liked your other stupid hair cut better.

Odd: Don’t you have someone else to annoy?

Ulrich: Hey I’ve been meaning to ask. You know the IDCS Manager pretty well-

Aubere: He already said he wouldn't help us.

Ulrich: That’s not what I was going to ask. Did you know he was watching us the whole time?

Aubere: No. I sort of suspected since Xana is a massive thread to the IDCS and he’d want to keep track of that. But I didn’t think he would go actually go as far as to spy on all us.

Ulrich: …. Why don’t I believe you?

Aubere: I don’t know. I don’t have any reason to lie.

Odd: Well what did he mean when he said Sara isn’t supposed to be the InterDimensional Guardian?

Aubere: I can’t read minds. How the hell should I know? Both of you just stop asking questions about that! It won’t get us out of here! (Walks away)

Ulrich: She’s hiding something

Odd: I know someone we could ask about that but. I don’t know how to get in contact with him.

Ulrich: You’re not thinking of asking the IDCS Manager?

Odd: No. I only know this guy’s name but I think he’s her boyfriend or something.

Ulrich: Aubere has a boyfriend?

Odd: Well I don’t know for sure that he’s her boyfriend.

Ulrich: What’s his name.

Odd: I think his name’s Maxwell.

A nearby tree shakes and there’s a thud.

Ulrich: What was that?

Odd: I don’t know.

Reverse William: (Steps out of the nearby bushes) Hi guys! What’ch do’in!

Odd: Nothing go away.

Reverse William: are you going to that place you always go.

Ulrich: What are you talking about?

Reverse William: I know you sneak off to that abandoned wear house or whatever all the time. I wanna come too.

Odd: Hell no!

Reverse William: Pfft. Well I guess I’ll just go by myself then. (Opens the sewer passage) I don’t need you wimps to show me the way.

Odd: We don’t know what you’re talking about!

Reverse William: (glares at Odd) You going to try to stop me you original dimension jackass?
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 12 Reverse William is Insane

Ulrich shifts into a fighting stance. Odd starts to take a step back but Reverse William grabs his shirt, pulls Odd close, punches him in the face, then throws him against a tree.

Reverse William: I can’t have you getting in my way now that the seal is gone.

Ulrich: (Tries to kick Reverse William)

Reverse William: (Catches Ulrich’s foot) I hope that’s not your best.

Ulrich: Ungh! (Pulls his foot from Reverse William’s grip losing his shoe and falling down in the process)

Reverse William: Pfft. You’re pathetic. Nothing can stop me from leaving this dimension especially not you humans.

Ulrich: Hey you’re human too. (stands back up)

Reverse William: You think I’m one of you? Ha! I am far from human. I’ll admit that this empty vessel I claimed as my own during the birth of this dimension has its limits but I am still an all powerful Immortal.

Odd: What the heck?

Ulrich: Xana was bad enough now we have to deal with some creep with a godcomplex?

Reverse William: You dare insult me? I was going to be merciful and spare your pathetic lives however I’ve reconsidered that.

Ulrich: (This guy is serious) Crap

Reverse William: I don’t think you worthless lower beings comprehend the gravity of the situation you’ve placed yourselves in. (Tosses Ulrich’s shoe aside)

Strange Hooded Man: OW! (comes out of the bushes rubbing his face with his right hand and holding Ulrich’s shoe in his left) Now it’s my turn to be pissed.

Reverse William: (Looks over at the strange man) Who do you think you are?

Strange Hooded Man: Well for starters I’m the one who sealed you into this dimension the second you found a useable vessel. What are you anyway? An ancient evil bent on destroying mankind? No not possible for this dimensional zone. It’s only 500 lontyars old. You’re too old for that. You must be a wizard who obtained Immortality but doesn’t understand how it works.

Reverse William: What did you say!

Strange Hooded Man: The idea that full Immortality is possible is a farce! Those who have obtained Immortality cannot die from, age, illness, or poison. All other means of death are possible. You can be killed by a average human. Now (raises his right hand towards Reverse William) the threat you pose will be put to an end. (Launches a sphere of energy at Reverse William Slamming him through eight trees, and a fence, then into a parked car.) Humph. That should hold him off for a long time. Are the two of you ok?

Ulrich: We’re fine.

Odd: Speak for yourself. My back is killing me.

Strange Hooded Man: Do you mean literally or is that just an expression?

Odd: What? Um I don’t know.

Strange Hooded Man: (helps Odd up) No matter. (releases a burst of blue light into Odd’s body) That should help either way. (Walks over to Ulrich) I believe this is yours. (Hands Ulrich his shoe)

Ulrich: Um. Thanks. Who are you anyway.

Strange Hooded Man: I am the man in charge of the IDCS.

Odd: …. Hey have we met before?

Strange Hooded Man: W-what? No you’re mistaken. (vanishes)

Ulrich: He sure left in a hurry.

Odd: I know I’ve heard that guy’s voice before.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 13 Guess Who’s Back. Again

Reverse Sara sits in a tree in the park typing on Aelita’s laptop, she’s wearing regular Sara’s cloths. Suddenly the branch she’s sitting on is struck by lightning from below and she falls out of the tree. A girl that looks just like her only with black hair (thought it’s blond at the roots), and dark cloths.

Reverse Sara: A-Aras.

Aras: Hello Original. Bad news for you is I’ve gotten stronger since the stuff that happened in the parallel dimension. You won’t survive this time.

Reverse Sara: I- I’m not going to fight you Aras.

Aras: Good then this will be quick! (Charges Energy)

Reverse Odd: (Walking past on his way to the sewer passage. Stops) What the hell now there’s two of you? One chicken is enough thank you!

Aras: (looks over her shoulder at Reverse Odd) Not you again. Look just stay out of my way.

Reverse Odd: What are you her sister or something?

Aras: Hua? Wait you’re different. Is this another parallel dimension. I was sure I had the right coordinates. Oh well (returns attention to Reverse Sara) I have a full charge one hit and you’re dead.

Reverse Odd: (sighs) Yo! Evil twin chick? If you’re going to do something then quit stalling.

Aras: Excuse me! (Fires a beam of energy as she starts to turn towards Reverse Odd but misses causing Reverse Sara to scream) Wait a minute. She really is afraid? (Points over her shoulder at Reverse Sara) Oh I get it. (Looks back at Reverse Sara) You’re the other one. I don’t have a problem with you. You gotta dress different though. I can’t keep confusing you with the real one. This is what the seventh time.

Reverse Sara: It’s t-the eighth time.

Aras: Don’t correct me. Well no point in staying here (disappears)

Reverse Odd: Your sister is weirder than you are.

Reverse Sara: (mumbles something inaudible)

Reverse Odd: What was that?

Reverse Sara: Nothing. T-thanks for saving me again.

Reverse Odd: What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything.

Reverse Sara: If she had hit me with that attack-

Reverse Odd: Are you kidding me she was bluffing.

Reverse Sara: Thank you anyway.

Reverse Odd: Whatever. (continues on his way mumbling) That was suspicious. Then again almost everything about that girl is. I guess that’s just normal for her.

Meanwhile in the Reverse Dimension Aubere walks through the sewers to the factory to meet Sara and Aelita to see if they’ve made any progress when Odd sneaks up behind her. She turns around and punches him in the face.

Aubere: Why are you following me!

Odd: I wasn’t I was going to see how Sara’s doing and you just happened to be going to the same place.

Aubere: Whatever just go keep Reverse Jeremy out of trouble they guy’s a bigger idiot than you.

Odd: Yeah. Hey! Anyway I’m tired of being an asshole at least here I can drop the act for a little while.

Aubere: I guess it’s good that you’re better at acting than Sara is. Or we’d be in deep shit.

Odd: She’s not that bad at acting.

Aubere and ???: Yeah she kind of is.

Odd: (looks around) Who else is here.

Aubere: (shrugs)

Maxwell: (steps out of the shadows) Sorry to scare you It’s only me.

Aubere: M-Maxwell what are you doing here?

Maxwell: I was looking for you. Do you guys always hang out in the sewer?

Aubere: I Um It’s a shortcut to a pizza place.

Maxwell: Uh hua.

Aubere: OH look at the time I should be going now. Bye. (runs off towards the factory)

Odd: You’re not going to follow her?

Maxwell: Naw. I just wanted to freak her out.

Odd: Why are you here anyway.

Maxwell: Eh I got bored. I wanted to see how you were doing with your girl troubles.

Odd: (What’s with this guy?) Oh um things are going good. I’m dating the girl I liked now I didn’t really get to use your advice though. She actually asked me out.

Maxwell: That’s good. So what’s the girl’s name? You never told me that last time we talked.

Odd: Oh right. Her name is Sara

Maxwell: Ok then so how are things between the two of you?

Odd: Good other than being in a parallel dimension where we both have to pretend to hate each other when we’re around people from this dimension otherwise we’ll be in huge trouble. Oh speaking of huge trouble I actually ended up using both the magic save someone from near death stones you gave me. So thanks.

Maxwell: Both of them? I hope it wasn’t on the same person.

Odd: Actually…

Maxwell: It was Sara both times wasn’t it. I should have known. She and Aubere are always getting into trouble but at least Aubere’s careful in dangerous situations. Sara’s so reckless

Odd: Yeah but how do you know that?

Maxwell: I’m from the same town as Sara and Aubere. We’ve all been friends since we were little kids. They’re almost like my sisters.

Odd: Oh that makes sense. Oh hey we’re stuck in this dimension. Is there any way You could help us get back?

Maxwell: Sorry I’m sort of on Magical probation. Anywhere I go and my reasons for going there has to be approved by the IDCS manager. He told me I’m not allowed to help anyone in this dimension regardless of the situation. Which totally sucks because what if I saw a guy having a heart attack or choking or something I wouldn’t be able to help him. Anyway he obviously wants someone to do something on their own and doesn’t want me accidently preventing that. Though I suppose since your problem is that you’re stuck here, (pulls out a piece of paper and a pencil) I could draw you a map it probably won’t help you but looking at it may give you some inspiration on how to figure out your problem on your own.

Odd: That sounds good. I guess.

Maxwell: Ok (sits down on the concrete) Pardon my drawing Art’s not my best subject. And it’s just going to be a bunch of circles anyway. (looks up at Odd) You’re probably gonna want to sit down.

Odd: Oh right. (sits down)

Maxwell: (Draws a circle) This circle is a dimension parallel to yours. Actually this is the original yours was formed later. (Draws two circles) form this dimension formed another dimension that divided into two dimensions that were exactly the same in every way. That is until an outsider (Draws a star on the lower circle) Entered this one. This is your dimension. (Draws a circle off in a corner) this is the dimension that Sara, Aubere, and I are from. Now (Draws another circle that just barely overlaps the circle with the star on it) This is a dimension that was formed from an energy burst from yours. (draws another circle next to the upper circle) This is a dimension that’s starting to form parallel to your dimension’s twin It's highly unstable and is actually not even in the same dimensional zone. Don't ask about it because it's not important to your situation and I'm not explaining it. Anyway I'm just going to Label this one EU DNE as in Extremely Unstable Do Not Enter. (hands Odd the map) There. Like I said It’s not going to help you but who knows it may give someone in your group an epiphany.

Odd: What?

Maxwell: An idea.

Odd: Oh thanks.

Maxwell: By the way that’s just a small part of this dimensional zone it’s not the whole dimensional universe. I better get out of here in case I did break the no helping anyway rule by giving you that map. Bye. (Disappears)

Odd: Hum. Ok. Now how am I supposed to explain this to the others. (takes another look at the sheet of paper) Oh good he left notes. (Continues on his way to the factory)

I swear that Odd and Maxwell's conversation will make more sense once I've gone back and edited my old stories to make them better.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 14 TV Makes You Into Zombie… Like Creatures.

Jeremy sits in the lab at the factory when the supercomputer starts beeping.

Jeremy: Uh oh. Activated tower. Alright Xana what are you up to this time? (Types something) Controlling the TV signals again? Whatever you’re up to I’ll stop it. (Types something) There that should slow you down until the others can get to the tower. Wait how am I going to get in touch with them. Wait no I’ll have to get their reverse selves to help I just hope I can contact them.

Meanwhile Reverse Odd gets a soda from the vending machine shack and begins walking towards the park when he notices a huge crowd of students just stumbling around.

Reverse Odd: Ugh. I can’t get through this way.

Reverse Aelita: Uhhhhng (stumbling towards Reverse Odd)

Reverse Odd: Hey you don’t look so good. You should go see the nurse.

Reverse Yumi: (Stumbles up behind Reverse Odd and grabs his arm) Unnnnngh

Reverse Odd: W-what’s going on here?

Reverse Ulrich: (Crawls up and Pulls Reverse Odd’s leg out from under him) Bwarrr

Reverse Odd: This isn't funny! (kicks Reverse Ulrich and stands up)

Reverse Yumi: (starts Scratching Reverse Odd’s arm)

Reverse Odd: OW QUIT IT!

Random student: (Stumbles up and starts trying to rip Reverse Odd’s hair out) Uuuungh!

Reverse Odd: AHHHG! Get away from me. (Kicks his way out of the group of people and starts running blindly into the crowd) Get away Get away! (trips over someone one the ground) Stay away! You Zombies! (Kicks the person he tripped over)

Reverse Sara: OW! Please Everyone snap out of it.

Reverse Odd: You’re not one of them? Sorry. (Grabs Reverse Sara’s arm) Come on we have to go. (gets up and runs again dragging reverse Sara with him.)

Reverse Sara: Where are we going?

Reverse Odd: underground. It should be safe there.

The two Reverse Warriors head for the sewer passage. Once inside with the manhole cover sealed behind them they stop to catch their breath.

Reverse Odd: Damn it. huff . So. Huff. many zombies.

Reverse Sara: This is probably the enemy forming an army out of those poor people

Reverse Odd: Whatever it is it’s affecting the others. All of them even that narcissist that deactivated the towers.

Reverse Sara: Aelita’s not a narcissist she just has some slightly narcissistic tendencies.

Reverse Odd: Whatever.

Reverse Sara: It’s like how you’re not really a jerk. You just act mean to keep yourself from being hurt.

Reverse Odd: H-how would you know why I do anything! Bitch.

Reverse Sara: You’re right I barely know any of you except Aubere. I have no right to judge. Really I’m just giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Reverse Odd: I hope the zombies go back to normal soon. I don’t know how long I can stay down here.

Reverse Sara: Let’s go to the factory. Maybe there’s something we can do to help all those people.

Reverse Odd: Since when are you brave?

Reverse Sara: I’m not. I’m terrified right now. But If I don’t start trying to become stronger I’ll end up being so afraid of everything that I never leave my house. I’ll be like the crazy old ladies with the cats except in my early 20's… and afraid of cats.

Reverse Odd: Well what about your condition that you never actually said what it does? We’ve been doing a lot of running.

Reverse Sara: Physical exertion won’t trigger my condition. It’s more if I’m in a fight or something the combination of exertion and damage causes my body to break down.

Reverse Odd: (She sounds like a robot the way she’s talking.) That’s normal for anyone who takes too much damage.

Reverse Sara: It’s not the same as normal for me. It’s complicated. Anyway let’s go. The sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get away from these rats that look like they want to eat us. (hides behind Reverse Odd)

Reverse Odd: (Pulls away From Reverse Sara) Were you touching me!? (Punches Reverse Sara in the stomach)

Reverse Sara: (coughs) S-sorry I- I p- panicked.

Reverse Odd: Whatever. Let’s just get out of this cramped drainage tunnel.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 15 This Might Be a Problem.

Reverse Sara And Reverse Odd reach the factory only to find it infested with more zombie-people.

Reverse Odd: Damn it.

Reverse Sara: I-I guess we can’t g-go this way.

Reverse Odd: Guess not. Maybe if we wait here this attack will just end.

Reverse Sara: You know someone has to deactivate the tower in order for all this to end.

Reverse Odd: Well who’s going to deactivate the tower? The Narcissist is the only one who can deactivate towers and she’s one of THEM! (Points down at all the zombies who look up when he yells)

Reverse Sara: We’ll think of something. But we have to get there first. (Looks up then starts climbing one of the ropes hanging from the rafters)

Reverse Odd: Where are you going?

Reverse Sara: I can see the situation better from here. You should come too they can’t climb up here if we cut the ropes.

Reverse Odd: With what! You got a pair of safety-scissors you baby?

Reverse Sara: Not exactly.

Reverse Odd: I’ll pass. It’s cramped up there with all the support beams. Just cut the ropes so they can’t get to you and they have to go the long way to get to me.(Turns towards the entrance)

Reverse Sara: A-alright. But it’s not cramped up here at all.

Reverse Odd: Still pass!

Reverse Sara: (her hand’s turn into dragon’s talons which she uses to cut the ropes)

Reverse Odd: Wait how are you going to get down later? (Turns around)

Reverse Sara: (Hides her talons behind her back) I already have that planned.

Reverse Odd: What?

Reverse Sara: (Gasps) Odd behind you!

Reverse Odd: Hua? (Turns around) Aw Crap. (Backs up as a hoard of zombies approaches him trough the entrance) This might be a problem. (Finds himself almost over the edge of the upper walk-way and the lower main area of the factory with hundreds of Zombies below ready to grab and attack him) A really big problem.

Reverse Sara: (Releases her wings ripping the back of her dress in the process) Don’t move.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 16 Um Stuff is Going Down. And They’re Doing Nothing to Stop it?

Having not heard Reverse Sara’s warning, Reverse Odd takes another step backwards as the hoard of zombies clogging the factory’s main entrance approaches him. He falls down into the even larger hoard of zombies below. The zombies immediately start trying to rip him apart. He tries to run but there’s barely any room to move much less run. He tries to fight but finds himself unable to free himself from the grip of the Zombies that are attacking him to even fight. As he begins to lose consciousness in the sea of Zombies Reverse Sara glides down before hovering just above the portion of the zombies who are attacking Reverse Odd. Using the air from her wings to push the Zombies back to make space she lands next to Reverse Odd who at this point has completely lost consciousness. She uses magic to generate a mini-tornado. With her and Reverse Odd safely protected by the eye she picks him up and flies back to the rafters of the factory just as the tornado disperses dropping the zombies it picked up injuring some but not killing anyone. She lies Reverse Odd down on the support beam, retracts her wings, and heals his injuries. During this process he wakes up.

Reverse Odd: Ughh. Am I dead? (Looks over at Reverse Sara) Oh you’re here too? So are we dead or what. If so what did you do to end up in hell?

Reverse Sara: Heh heh. We’re still in the factory. And you haven’t done anything bad enough to go to hell?

Reverse Odd: Seriously? You thought that was funny? Wait did you just say you don’t think I’m a bad person.

Reverse Sara: Yeah. You’re a good person you’re just mean to people.

Reverse Odd: What about all the emotional torture for the past few years.

Reverse Sara: Your dimension only formed a few weeks ago. Two point five weeks to be exact. All your memories before that time are real for you and people born with the dimension but people pulled into the dimension at the moment of its creation… Our memories of events that happened to us in there only go back to… To the beginning of that Dimension’s existence.

Reverse Odd: (sits up) What are you talking about the world was created over millions of years.

Reverse Sara: I Don’t doubt that. It takes millions of years for dimensions to naturally form but the dimension you were born and everyone in that dimension is a clone of this dimension and everyone in it.

Reverse Odd: And clones age faster. Ok that makes sense now. For a second there I thought you were rejecting scientifically proven fact.

Reverse Sara: It did kind of sound like that.

Reverse Odd: So Time moves faster in our dimension?

Reverse Sara: Not as fast as it use to. The Time Guardian slowed time down there so the dimension wouldn’t naturally collapse within a year when it usually takes millions of years for an entire dimension’s energy to cause a natural collapse Or at least I think she did. There’s no way to know for sure. Now it’s just approximately 21 hours faster than this dimension.

Reverse Odd: Cool. So. What exactly is your take on string theory?

Reverse Sara: Taking into consideration that Dimensions as defined by string theory and dimensions as defined by travelers of the multiverse are not the same thing... I really can’t say. I guess It’s possible that multiple strings could exist in an individual universe but other than that I don’t have enough data to create any more theories

Reverse Odd: I see. So you’ve been to a lot of other dimensions hua?

Reverse Sara: Yeah. Trying to find a place where I belong where I’m not in anyone’s shadow.

Reverse Odd: So you travel between different dimensions but you still can’t get us home?

Reverse Sara: This is a difficult situation the two dimensions overlap at some point so opening a portal between the two is not possible. The scanners seem to be our only option.

Reverse Odd: Can we take a longer route. Go into a different dimension then back to ours from there?

Reverse Sara: That’s extremely difficult. Long story short Aubere already tried that and she’s still lost somewhere. I’m sure she’ll be back here soon. I made her memorize this dimension’s signature something I wish we had done for our dimension.

Reverse Odd: Damn the tubes of death really are our only option.

Reverse Sara: Say Odd. Are you claustrophobic?

Reverse Odd: What? Where did you get that idea.

Reverse Sara: You try to avoid elevators as much as possible, you seem more irritable in the drainage tunnel any time we have to travel through it, You’re uncomfortable in crowds, and you keep calling the scanners tubes of death.

Reverse Odd: I should have known you’d figure it out. I wasn't making any attempts to hide it but no one else seemed to notice. Or care.

Reverse Sara: I’m sorry for all those times you had to go to the virtual world.

Reverse Odd: It’s fine. It’s not like Aubere would let me stay behind if I had said anything.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 17 Finally!

Reverse Sara looks down into the sea of zombies.

Reverse Sara: We have to do something. We’re safe up here but who knows how many other people are getting hurt because of this.

Reverse Odd: You’re right but what can we do? If we go down there we’ll be ripped apart. Even if we could get to the lab it’s probably overrun too.

Reverse Sara: We have to try.

Reverse Odd: I don’t know I like living.

Reverse Sara: If we don’t millions of people could die.

Reverse Odd: …. Damn. Alright. You got a plan?

Reverse Sara: If we can get to the elevator…

Reverse Odd: Which we can’t.

Reverse Sara: I could keep them away until the door closed. You could stay on the roof until them then you can drop down through the maintenance hatch.

Reverse Odd: How would that work?

Reverse Sara: Well you’d have to get in the elevator before it got low otherwise they’ll get in through the roof.

Reverse Odd: Not that. The you keeping them away part. Are you sure you can handle that?

Reverse Sara: Please just trust me.

Reverse Odd: But how will we get down there?

Reverse Sara: (Releases her wings) We’ll glide.

Reverse Odd: Whoa.

Reverse Sara: (Moves closer to Reverse Odd) I’m going to need touch you in order to get both of us down there. Is that alright with you?

Reverse Odd: (Holds out his hand) Alright let’s hurry this up.

Reverse Sara: (Takes Reverse Odd’s hand) If I carry you by just your hand I’ll drop you. I don’t have the strength.

Reverse Odd: (Sighs pulling back his hand) I was afraid you’d say that. (Stands up) Now we really need to Hurry.

Reverse Sara: Raise your arms please.

Reverse Odd: You’re confident all the sudden. (Does as he’s told)

Reverse Sara: (grabs Reverse Odd’s armpits using her elbows) Actually I’m terrified, But this is something we have to do. You can lower your arms now.

Reverse Odd: (lowers his arms) Do you need me to jump of the edge or what?

Reverse Sara: On three we both jump. One. Two… Three.

The two Reverse Warriors jump off the support beam and float over the zombies to the elevator. Reverse Sara Lets go of Reverse Odd once above the elevator. She hovers above for a bit giving him a chance to move before landing next to him. Reverse Odd opens the maintenance hatch and looks down into the elevator.

Reverse Odd: There’s a lot of them in there. You sure you’re up for this?

Reverse Sara: No but we don’t have a choice (uses magic to force the zombies out of the elevator then drops down into it)

Reverse Odd: Holy Cthulian puppies! What the hell did you just do?

Reverse Sara: (using wind to hold back the zombies) Cthulhu is actually a fictional multiverse-beast called Carlootose the Protector who was misidentified as a destructive monster by the beings of many dimensions due to his size, clumsiness and nightmarish appearance.

Reverse Odd: What the hell? Did you just make that up?

Reverse Sara: Nope. (Pushes a bunch of the zombies against the wall with a powerful burst of wind before she presses the button) Quick get inside. (pushes the next wave back with another burst of wind as the door starts to close)

Reverse Odd: (Jumps into the elevator and closes the maintenance hatch just before the elevator begins moving) That was amazing.

Reverse Sara: Thank you.

Reverse Odd: (starts breathing faster) Oh huff crap huff. (sits down) I forgot huff how huf cramped huff it was huf in here huff.

Reverse Sara: Careful! You’ll hyperventilate and pass out!

Reverse Odd: I need huf a distraction huf. Tell me huf about huf the huf Cthulhu huf thing huf again huf.

The elevator door opens into the lab.

Reverse Sara: No need. We’re here.

Reverse Odd: (Stands up and rushes into the lab moving as far away from the elevator)

Jeremy: It’s about time! While you two were discussing string theory Xana’s been having the zombies cause all kinds of damage. If things aren’t stopped soon someone could die.

Reverse Odd: (coughs)

Reverse Sara: Sorry.

Jeremy: So What happened to the others?

Reverse Odd: They were affected by the outbreak. (stands up regaining his composure) It’s just us.

Jeremy: This isn’t a virus like in some stupid game. Xana used television signals to gain control of almost everyone in the city. If we don’t do something he could do it again somewhere else. Or worse.

Reverse Odd: Would turning the super computer off for a few minutes be enough to stop this?

Jeremy: Maybe but If we do that we lose all the progress we’ve made trying to get you all home.

Reverse Odd: First of all. What progress! We’re not any closer to getting home. Second the only other way is to deactivate the tower that’s not possible. And finally it’s called saving your progress! Are you stupid.

Jeremy: I did save, but Xana planted a virus in some of the data we turn of the supercomputer and everything gets deleted. Including the program that runs the scanners. Turning the supercomputer off isn’t an option until I’ve gotten rid of the virus.

Reverse Odd: Well we can’t deactivate the tower. Only the pink haired narcissist can do that. Oh and I Guess your version can too.

Reverse Sara: We could try destroying the tower.

Reverse Odd: …. Maybe that could take hours we don’t have that kind of time.

Jeremy: If you both go to Lyoko and cut the tower’s connections that might be enough for me to be able to hack the signal and reverse it’s effects.

Reverse Sara: I’ll go. (moves hand to press the elevator button but Jeremy stops her)

Jeremy: We have a no solo missions policy here. You both have to go.

Reverse Sara: But. (Looks at Reverse Odd) um

Reverse Odd: Go ahead. He was watching us he already knows.

Reverse Sara: Odd’s claustrophobic. He just had an anxiety attack from being in the elevator. making him get in the scanners right away would be dangerous for him. We might not even need two people to go anyway. Let me go first see what I can do on my own. If we need to Odd can come help after he’s had time to recover.

Jeremy: I don’t know.

Reverse Sara: This is non-negotiable. (presses the button)
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 18 Back to Lyoko

Reverse Sara lands on Lyoko’s forest sector in a slightly altered virtual form. She’s no longer carrying the laptop she had before.

Reverse Sara: This is different.

Jeremy: Is everything alright.

Reverse Sara: My outfit is different and I don’t have anything to use as a weapon now.

Reverse Odd: Yes you do I went in and made a few changes. The USB cables are retractable now and built in to a device on your right arm that replaces the laptop. Tap the circle and a holographic screen and keyboard should come up.

Reverse Sara: Wow this is great but I’m right handed.

Reverse Odd: I know I meant to put it on your left arm but I messed up I’ll fix that with the next upgrade. Oh and you should still have a power cord plugged into your left shoulder. It can make the attacks of the monsters you plug into stronger but at the cost of some of your life points.

Reverse Sara: Thank you.

Reverse Odd: Maybe now you can be useful in a fight.

Jeremy: The tower is just south of your current position. Hurry and get to the tower.

Reverse Sara: Right.

Meanwhile on the Reverse Lyoko Sara, Yumi, and Aelita are inside a tower. Aelita is messing with the interface inside the tower.

Sara: How long is this going to take.

Aelita: The more we know about this dimension the easier it will be to find the point where the two dimensions intersect.

Sara: But using the towers? What good will that even do? There won’t be any data on the nature of the dimension’s energy.

Yumi: You’re the InterDimensional Guardian. You should have found that out by now.

Sara: Yeah but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to be the InterDimensional Guardian. I can tell when a dimension is unstable because its energy will attack me and shorten the amount of time I have to live. I get temporary abilities from it. This dimension is stable that’s all I can tell.

Aelita: I think I’ve got all the data I can for the moment. At the very least Maybe we can open a line of communication between the two dimensions.

Aubere: (on earth running the supercomputer) That would have been easier if this dimension wasn’t cut-off from the IDCS

Aelita: That’s not something we have control over.

Ulrich: (Also on earth) It doesn’t help that the guy in charge of the IDCS hates Aubere.

Aubere: I wouldn’t say he hates me. He’s a bit peeved that I accidently did something to hurt his little sister but he doesn’t hate me.

Sara: You’re hiding something Aubere I don’t like that.

Aubere: Look It doesn’t matter.

Yumi: Whatever just get us back to earth already.

Back on Lyoko Reverse Sara is running low on life points. She’s a short distance from the tower but there are too many enemies for her to make a break for it. Reverse Odd slowly appears a few feet away in the air above her. He drops down landing on one knee one foot and one hand. He stands up and draws one of his weapons.

Reverse Odd: Damn. I was worried I would have to get in the tubes of death sooner than that.

Reverse Sara: Sorry.

Reverse Odd: Why are you sorry? It’s a compliment. Look out! (Shoots a tarantula in the spot on its head containing Xana’s mark destroying it)

Reverse Sara: (Plugs the end of a USB cable into a hidden spot on a Megatank and uses it as a shield)

Reverse Odd: The second we have an opening we’ll run for the tower and se it for cover. Maybe we can trick them into destroying it for us.

Reverse Sara: Right. (nods) I think I have a way to make an opening but I’ll need help.

Reverse Odd: (Looks at Reverse Sara) What are you-? Oh I get it. (walks over to Reverse Sara and ducks down behind the Megatank) so how are we going to do this?

Reverse Sara: On three I’ll unplug this thing then we push

Reverse Odd: Right let’s do this.

Reverse Sara: One. Two. (Grips the end of the USB cable) Three!

Reverse Sara yanks out the USB cable which quickly retracts into her wrist. The two Reverse Warriors start pushing the Megatank towards the group of monsters. Luckily there’s a slight slope and they don’t have to push long. The spherical monster rolls towards a wall of Bloks knocking several of them over the edge of the platform. The Megatank its self manages to recover stopping it’s self before it too can fall over the edge. Reverse Sara and Reverse Odd run tower. The Megatank Opens and turns towards them.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 19 The Attack’s End but new problems begin

Reverse Odd looks back and sees the monster preparing launch its attack. He looks back at Reverse Sara who’s heading towards the back area of the tower where the wire-like things come up from the ground into the tower. He pushes her into the side of the tower the jumps in behind her.

The platform inside the tower shakes just as Reverse Sara stands up knocking her back off her feet.

Reverse Odd: Are you alright? (Stands up and holds out his hand to help Reverse Sara up)

Reverse Sara: Yeah. That was close.

Jeremy: (Yelling into his microphone causing a staticy noise with every word) Hey! If you guys are going to do something it has to be now!

Reverse Odd: What’s happening on that end?

Jeremy: It looks like Xana is gathering all the zombies near the river and on the roofs of buildings. If this isn’t stopped now the entire city could be forced to commit mass suicide.

Reverse Odd: There’s not enough time to go back out side and cut the connections.

Reverse Sara: I have an Idea. Could you slow Xana down for a couple minutes?

Jeremy: Maybe.

Reverse Sara: (moves to the center of the tower) Ok try it. I’m going to see if my plan will work. (floats to the second level of the tower) Honestly I think It’s our only remaining option.

Reverse Odd: Ugh this tower is too small.

Reverse Sara walks towards the interface inspecting the surface. She accidentally bumps it. Red letters appear across the screen. Error. Panicking she jams the end of the USB cable into the lower right corner of the interface. Lines appear across the screen making it look as if it’s cracked. Then they recede back to the USB cable. The message on the screen disappears. Reverse Sara brings up the interface and hologram keyboard that are built into her arm and begins trying to type. After a minute a new message or rather a name appears on the tower’s interface. WALDO. Reverse Sara Looks at the interface with confusion? Just before the name disappears and is replaced with a new word with letters slowly appearing undernereth it. CODE. L-Y-O-K-O.

Reverse Odd: What’s happening up there? Can we leave? Or did we fail in the least epic way possible.

Reverse Sara: I’m not sure a weird name appeared on the screen then the Words Code Lyoko appeared.

Jeremy: If that’s what happened then the tower should have deactivated

The strange data windows on the inside of the tower suddenly begin rapidly descending towards the bottom of the tower below the first level platform.

Reverse Odd: What the hell?

Reverse Sara: Oops I think I broke the tower. I’m so sorry.

Reverse Odd: No that’s what we wanted now the enemy can’t use it!

Jeremy: The tower’s not broken. I don’t know how you did it but you deactivated the tower. Uh-oh. Something’s wrong. It’s not letting me launch a return to the past. Just hand out in the tower while I try to figure this out.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

It's been a while since I posted a chapter. I'm waiting until I finish Chapter 27 to post the next few chapters. it's taking longer than I thought. So until it's done I'm going to give you some pictures I drew to go with this. I know I still need work on hands and feet but I'm practicing.

Reverse Sara Second Virtual Form

Reverse Ulrich First Virtual Form (haven't drawn his second one yet)

Reverse Odd Virtual Form

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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 20 Aubere’s Secret.

Sara, Yumi, and Aelita step out of the elevator and walk towards Aubere, and Ulrich. Sara moves quickly forcing the chair around and making Aubere look at her.

Sara: Stand up! (Grabs Aubere’s arm)

Aubere: Why? What the hell is your problem Sara!

Sara: I’ve just had enough. You’re coming with me (pulls Aubere out of the chair and drags her back into the elevator)

Yumi: What was that about?

Sara pulls Aubere out of the elevator dragging her out of the factory


Sara: The last time I asked you about this you bolted! Traveling into another dimension where I couldn’t follow you. I’m not letting you do that again!

Aubere: I can’t exactly leave the dimension this time.

Sara: I need you to tell me the truth. (lets go of Aubere’s arm) Let’s start with why you seemed scared when the IDCS Manager told me that I’m not supposed to be the InterDimensional Guardian.

Aubere: (sighs) To do that I’ll have to tell you the full story.

Sara: Then do it! (crosses her arms glaring furiously at Aubere) Now.

Aubere: Do you remember when Team Rocket kidnapped you to make clones to make themselves unstoppable?

Sara: I wish I could forget that! What does that have to do with anything!

Aubere: When Aras was created and immediately went rogue everyone evacuated cutting off the life support systems leaving you in the tube with no oxygen to suffocate. I managed to get in there just in time but no matter how much I tried I couldn’t break the tubes from the outside. The only option was giving you the strength to break the tube from the inside. Even with all my power I couldn’t break the tube. So I preformed a hastened version of the ritual that could send my fate and powers to someone else and sent my powers into you. Because of that you were able to break the tube on your own.

Sara: (un crosses her arms) What are you-… no way. You?

Aubere: Yes. I’m the rightful InterDimensional Guardian. But I never wanted to be. I planned on performing the ritual properly with someone who was willing to take the horrible job it’s why I had the IDCS manager teach it to me in the first place. I think he was hoping I would reconsider and that’s why he’s mad at me. The stuff about accidently hurting his sister was a lie. And the lie about the Pokémon Dimension the first time the others asked about it was only a half lie.

Sara: Is that everything?

Aubere: Yes.

Sara: Do you know any way out of this dimension.

Aubere: Not yet. The connection between dimensions must have something to do with how we got here. That’s all I can think- (turns back towards the factory) Did you just feel that?

Sara: Yeah. (Runs back into the factory) Come on! We have to help the others!
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 21 A Series of Confusing Events

Sara and Aubere rush out of the elevator to find their friends lying on the floor with varying levels of injury. Most of them are unconscious Sara walks over to Odd and sits down on the floor next to him. Aubere start’s checking the pulses of the other Lyoko warriors as well as Reverse Jeremy. Everyone is alive. Sara begins trying to wake Odd up, as Aubere starts trying to find out what happened from Yumi one of the two people who wasn’t unconscious.

Sara: Come on Odd wake up. (Places her hand on Odd’s shoulder and shakes him)

Aubere: Ugh he’s just out cold Sara he’s not annoying when he’s sleeping so stop trying to wake him up!

Yumi: Do you want to know what happened or not?

Aubere: Oh right. Sorry I got distracted. So what happened?

Yumi: Reverse William attacked us. He knocked out Odd, Ulrich, and Aelita. Used magic to trap Reverse Jeremy in the supercomputer’s wiring and to paralyze me.

Reverse Jeremy: Can someone get me down from here!

Sara: Odd hurry up and wake up already.

Aubere: In a minute just shut up for now! So where did Reverse William go?

Yumi: I’m not sure he did something with the supercomputer then he disappeared.

Aubere: I’ll try to see what he did (looks up at Reverse Jeremy) You up there! Don’t move!

Reverse Jeremy: Please get me down?

Aubere: I said don’t move! (walks towards the supercomputer and looks at the screen then stars typing) It looks like he sent himself to Lyoko.

Odd: Ugh My head.

Sara: Finally. (Hugs Odd)

Aubere: Why would Reverse William cause all this damage just to get to Lyoko?

Sara: (Let’s go of Odd and turns to look at Yumi) that spell should wear off completely soon so don’t worry about that.

Aelita: (Sits up) what happened?

Reverse Sara stands in the tower waiting for something to happen. Reverse Odd having become anxious from the small enclosed space has begun pacing around the tower occasionally stomping the platform or punching the air. Finally he breaks down and collapses to the ground punching the floor.

Reverse Sara: Are you ok? (starts to move towards Reverse Odd)

Reverse Odd: Stay away!

Reverse Sara: We better get you out of here. (kneels down next to Reverse Odd) Can you stand? You’ll feel better once we’re outside.

The two Reverse Warriors exit the tower Reverse Odd being dragged by Reverse Sara. They hear the sound of metal on stone. Reverse Sara turns around to see William sitting on the back of a tarantula digging his oversized weapon into the ground.

William: I don’t know what you did but you pissed off the wrong person. (stabs his weapon into the ground)

Jeremy: Xana is a computer program not a person.

William: Shut up! Tricking the tower into thinking you were Franz Hopper so you could deactivate it was cleaver. Unfortunately you have to die now. (pulls his sword out of the ground. Or tries to anyway) ugh. Damn it! It’s stuck.

???: I was not expecting you to be an imbecile.

William: (turns his head to see his reverse self standing behind him holding a staff almost twice his height his virtual form is the same as his from before falling under Xana’s control but with a strange ponytail. ) Who the hell are you supposed to be? (tries once again to pull his sword from the ground)

Reverse Odd: He’s you moron. (he stands up and dusts himself off using his tail)

Reverse Sara: (slowly shuffles backwards mumbling) This is bad. We have to get out of here now. This is going to escalate we don’t want to be here when it does.

William: (Manages to dislodge his sword from the ground but immediately gets it stuck in the tree) Are you kidding me! Seriously Xana! Some help would be nice right now!

Reverse Odd: Yeah cry to your boss like some whiney Team Rocket Grunt! That will get you somewhere.

Reverse William: Un believable. I sent a fraction of myself into that… that stick thrower? This is embarrassing!

William: Pfft! Oh yeah? I’m the embarrassing one? (Dislodges his sword from the tree) well this so called embarrassment is about to tear you a new one pal! (Evaporates into smoke and moves behind Reverse William)

Reverse William: (sighs and strikes his staff against the ground forcing William out of his smoke form he then turns and points the tip of his staff at William then raises it slowly levitating him ) You don’t seem to be receiving any help from this master of yours now do you? This being you call Xana? How pathetic that you can’t do anything without help.

William: W- what is this!

Reverse William: I wonder. Can you swim?

With a subtle gesture Reverse William launches his original self towards the Digital Sea with great force. At the last second a Manta flies up from below the platform. William smashes into it back first causing it to explode. The force of the explosion is barely enough to bounce him back on the ground of the forest sector.

Reverse Odd: …. (Maybe Sara was right. Something about this doesn’t feel right.)

William: Ungh. (Forces himself to stand up) L-lucky shot.

Reverse William: Humph. Lucky for you.

Reverse Odd: (looks around for a way out. [Hey. Where IS Sara?])
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 22 When One Problem’s Solved Someone Always Has to Throw in More Math

Reverse Sara rushes to the get to the second level of the tower. She franticly tries to stab her USB cable into the interface until she gets it to stay. She rushes to program something.

Jeremy: Hey I cut off communication with all of Lyoko except this tower. What exactly is going on.

Reverse Sara: It’s a long story. The short version is that an evil mage with no body claimed Reverse William’s body as his own at the moment this dimension was cloned by sending a part of his soul into the original. He’s probably here to take it back. If it’s not prevented He’ll destroy everything. I don’t have the strength to stop it. I can try to slow it down but to do that We need a return to the past.

Jeremy: I still can’t get that or the materialization to work.

Reverse Sara: I know it’s because the mage is preventing it. If I’m right I can make it so the two Williams can’t meet by trapping the Reverse Version on Lyoko and keeping the original from being able to ever return to Lyoko. It will take a minute. Never mind It’s done. You should be able to reverse time now. But hurry.

-Setting Shift Earth Original Dimension The Lab-

Jeremy: Right. (begins typing then presses enter) Return to the Past now!

Meanwhile on Reverse Lyoko Sara, Odd, Aubere, and Ulrich are searching the Savannah sector for Reverse William.

Ulrich: What the hell. It’s like he’s not even here.

Odd: Maybe Aubere was wrong.

Aubere: (glares at Odd) Hey Aelita confirmed what the data said. So if I’m wrong she’s wrong too.

Odd: Then the data was wrong.

Ulrich: I think Odd might be right on this one.

Sara: Unless…. (looks at Aubere) Unless he wandered into our Lyoko.

Odd: Is that even possible?

Sara: It’s how we got here. I feel really stupid why didn’t someone think of this earlier? The dimensions connect through Lyoko.

Aelita: I think I found some data that confirms Sara’s theory

Odd: Great it should be easy to get home now right?

Aubere: Finding the exact spot might not be as easy.

Sara: Though if I was the rightful InterDimensional Guardian and knew what I was doing I could sense the spot and we’d be out of this mess.

Aubere: You too? Really? It’s bad enough the IDCS manager is constantly making me feel guilty about that. What is it that pisses you off the most about it that it shortened your life!?

Odd: I’m confused.

Ulrich: I want no part of this conversation. (walks away)

Sara: The only part that pisses me off is you didn’t ask me about it when you first thought about passing on your powers. I would have helped you. and who knows if we did the ritual I might not have been captured and stuck in a glass tube filled with water for three weeks. At the very least I would have known what was going on when I suddenly developed magical transformation abilities that I had no business having.

Aubere: (sighs)

Aelita: Sorry to interrupt but it looks like the dimensions are more than connected through Lyoko.

Sara: What are you talking about.

Aelita: There aren’t two Lyokos. Instead there’s just one Lyoko that the dimensions share It’s split into two halves. Normally they’re connected through the corresponding sectors. The Desert on our half connects to the Savannah here, Forest to jungle, mountain to volcano, Ice to ocean. but Xana mixed things up and changed the connection points which is how we got to the ocean sector from the mountain sector. Even worse is that it looks like Reverse William forced his way into our half of Lyoko. Somehow doing that managed to weaken the connections. they’re too weak for us to find them and if we do using them is one way. We’d be home but our reverse selves wouldn’t be able to get back here. I can put the connections as they were if I could contact our Jeremy but…

Aubere: but we haven’t had any success with that.

Sara: I guess we’ll just have to convince the Guy in charge of the IDCS to help us. Hopefully he’s not too pissed at Aubere still.

Odd: Well this sucks. It’s just like school. When one problem’s solved someone always has to throw in more math. Seriously why do we need to know about avocado numbers?

Sara: I thought it was Avocado’s number.

Aubere: It’s Avogadro’s number.

Sara: That’s what we just said.

Aubere: You never listen to a word Mrs. Hertz says do you.

Sara and Odd: Nope.

Sara: Besides Jim is a better science teacher. Our dimension’s version. this dimension’s version doesn’t light his hair on fire

Aubere: ….. I have no idea how I’m supposed respond to that. (looks around) Well anyway we’re not going to get much done around here.

Aelita: Hey guys. What happened to Ulrich?

Aubere: He walked away earlier.

Aelita: It’s not showing him at all.

Sara: He probably found a Megatank or something and got devirtualized.

Odd: It’s probably nothing to worry about. Unless he fell into the digital sea.

Yumi: WHAT!

Reverse Jeremy: OW MY FACE!

Sara: Sounds like Yumi can move again.

Yumi: What about Ulrich falling into the digital sea.

Aelita: It’s fine. That didn’t happen but he’s not on Lyoko and the security cameras in the scanner room show that he didn’t come back to earth.

Sara: Well that doesn’t sound good.

Yumi: He just disappeared?

Aubere: Weeell. He’s probably not dead. So there’s that.


Sara: If he’s not on Lyoko or earth there’s nothing we can do.

Aelita: His data is probably hidden somehow. We’ll find him. I’m going to bring the rest of you back so we don’t lose anyone else. It’s possible he wandered back into our half of Lyoko but I think I’d still be able to find some data to indicate as much like with Reverse William but there’s nothing like that at all. Until we find out what happened to Ulrich we shouldn’t go to lyoko.

Sara: This situation just got more confusing.

Odd: (moans) Great more math.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 23 Distractions Distractions

Reverse Sara and Reverse Odd go back to the factory after the return to the past leaving the other Reverse Warriors behind. Jeremy who has only left the factory once since his friends were switched with their reverse selves is already there waiting for them in the entryway when they arrive.

Jeremy: It looks like what you did worked. At least for now. And thanks to Reverse William… Or rather your dimension’s William we know that the two Lyokos are connected or even two halves of the same world. Unfortunately we’d have to get past him to for you to get back there.

Reverse Sara: At least we’re on the right track.

Jeremy: I think I might be able to isolate the connection points, but it would take some time. In the meantime I need you two to make sure no one at school suspects anything about what’s going on.

Reverse Odd: No. I’m not pretending to be dating her (points at Reverse Sara) just so people will think things are normal.

Reverse Sara: You should go to class yourself instead of using a polymorphic specter as your slave.

Jeremy: Where did that come from?

Reverse Sara: Clones are people too. Everyone in our dimension is a clone of someone in this one. Watching clones being used as substitutes, or tools is unbearable.

Reverse Odd: (sighs)

Jeremy: Anyway making sure things seem normal is an even higher priority than before. Because now that this dimension’s William is stuck on earth someone has to keep him from causing trouble.

Sara: You should get to work on finding a solution for this problem. (releases her wings and flies away)

Reverse Odd: She really seems to care about clone’s rights. (Turns around) I guess I better go find her)

Jeremy: I’m going back to the lab. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Reverse Odd: Whatever. (leaves the factory)

Jeremy turns and swings down into the main room and heads for the elevator. Once he finally makes it back to the lab he paces around the room and thinking. Finally he looks at the screens of the supercomputer, adjusts his glasses, and goes to sit down in the chair. At that moment Reverse Aubere is flung out of a portal face first into a wall. He rolls his eyes and sits down in his usual spot.

Reverse Aubere: Ugh. (stands up and rubs her face) I’m fine thank’s for asking.

Jeremy: I didn’t ask.

Reverse Aubere: I know I was being sarcastic. Jeeze what is your problem with me?

Jeremy: I don’t have a problem with you personally. It’s just that everything you’ve been doing has hindered my progress with getting my friends back and all of you back to your dimension. Well I guess you and Reverse Sara are from somewhere else but it doesn’t matter. I was getting close to opening a connection with the other Lyoko before Xana’s last attack. It’s hard enough with just Xana trying to stop me. I don’t need you getting in my way.

Reverse Aubere: Ok sorry. So I found a way to deal with my problem so I’ll leave you to fix yours.

Jeremy: Leave your Dimension’s Odd alone he’s one of the few things your Sara isn’t afraid of.

Reveres Aubere: That’s a problem. All he does is hit her and call her names plus I’m sure he’s working with the enemy.

Jeremy: Whatever you’re planning wait until you’re back home for that. And I know I’ve already explained this but I guess I have to say this again but stay out of my way. Actually It’s better if you just go to class and pretend to be this Dimension’s Aubere. And make sure No one else blows our cover.

Reverse Aubere: Whatever. (gets in the elevator and leaves)

Jeremy: Maybe now I can get something done. (begins typing then notices something strange on the map) Humm what is that? (resumes typing until he’s able to bring up a window showing an image Lyoko’s forest sector with a sphere that appears to be made of white fire floating above the ground.) So that’s what the forest sector looks like. I’ve only ever seen the desert in person. I know that’s not supposed to be there. Something about it seems familiar though. Let’s see if there’s a way to zoom in. (resumes typing yet again until he receives the desired result. he then adjusts his glasses and leans closer to the screen and sees Reverse William floating inside the sphere) Could that be a guardian? Strange. Aelita said they were reddish orange. Although… that was when Xana was still using them. Is this what Reverse Sara used to contain Reverse William? Wait. What am I doing? I’m letting myself be distracted again. I guess I have been down here too long maybe I should get some air and come back to this in a few minutes.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 24 Aras Isn’t All Bad.

Reverse Sara wanders around in the woods trying to collect her thoughts. Without paying attention she runs into a fence and accidently gets her arms stuck. Once she pulls herself free she looks up and sees an abandoned house.

???: It’s haunted you know.

Reverse Sara: Wha? (Turns around to see William glaring at her) W-were you following me?

William: Duh! I had specific things I had to get done and you got in my way. Not that that matters I have a new task. (His oversized sword appears in his hand causing him to fall forward slightly until he holds it with both hands and regains his footing) You can deactivate towers and use magic. That makes you a threat that must be destroyed.

Reverse Sara: H-how can you do that on earth. (tries to back away but gets stuck in the fence again)

William: Don’t know don’t care. (Steps closer to Reverse Sara and raises his sword)

Aras: (walks up behind William) What are you compensating for?

William: (Turns around.) Ugh! What are you doing here? You hate her I’m going to kill her I don’t see what your problem is.

Aras: (completely ignoring William) Is it your lack or personality? Or something… else.

William: I have a personality.

Aras: You just admitted that you’re compensating and told me what you’re compensating for. It’s the first step to not being an ass. (walks over to Reverse Sara and Pulls her out of the fence)

William: Why are you getting in my way!

Aras: The other Sara is the one I want dead. I don’t have a problem with this one.

William: Ugh. Fine then I’ll get rid of both of you!

Aras: (Shoots a bolt of lightning at William) I suggest you leave. I won’t hold back this time.

William: Pheh. You’re weak. What could you possibly- …… she can?.... but she wouldn’t do-

Aras: (whispers to Reverse Sara.) What the heck is he mentally ill?

Reverse Sara: I think he may be talking to his master.

William: I can handle this…. Ugh Fine! (points at reverse Sara) You got lucky. (Runs off into the woods)

Reverse Sara: That was close.

Aras: You gotta learn to control your electricity.

Reverse Sara: I don’t have power over electricity.

Aras: Yes you do. (walks away) This is the last time I’m saving your butt. Next time You’re on your own.

Reverse Sara: Th-thank you.

Aras: Whatever. (Walks away)
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 25 Bad Ideas All Around.

Sara walks back into the lab from the elevator. Yumi sits at the chair looking at the screen. She turns to look at Sara.

Yumi: Did you find anything?

Sara: Where’s Aelita?

Yumi: She’s still held up at school she’ll be here soon

Sara: And Reverse Jeremy?

Yumi: …

Sara: They didn’t know anything about this did they?

Yumi: No. Aelita doesn’t think we should go to Lyoko until we know what happened to Ulrich. We can’t just leave him there though. It doesn’t feel right

Sara: You could have just told us.

Yumi: I figured you’d tell Aelita.

Sara: Why would I do that? Besides it’s not like she could be mad at you for worrying About Ulrich.

Yumi: I guess you’re right.

Sara: Well of course I’m right. By the way I didn’t find anything.

Yumi: Oh. So How are Odd and Aubere doing?

Sara: I don’t know you made us go off in different directions. Are they even still on Lyoko?

Yumi: Yeah. I think It says they’re still there.

Sara: This is getting too risky. Do you know how to bring them back?

Yumi: No.

Sara: Then You’ll have to call Aelita and tell her what happened. If we lose Odd and Aubere too It’s not going to help anyone.

Yumi: can’t I just send you back to Devirtualize Aubere. Knowing Odd he’ll get himself Devirtualized soon anyway,

Odd: Hey I heard that!

Aubere: That’s a reckless stupid Idea. Besides there’s a twenty four hour “cool down” period before anyone can be re-virtualized unless a return to the past occurs.

Yumi: Alright. (Pulls out her cellphone, dials Aelita’s number then holds the phone to her ear and waits for Aelita to answer) Hiiii Aelita..… Hey remember when you said we shouldn’t go back to Lyoko… Well I talked the others into going back to look for Ulrich and now I don’t know how to get them back to earth. ……No they’re still there. Sara already got herself Devirtualized, and I didn’t get Reverse Jeremy to help so it’s just Odd and Aubere there now. … Alright see you in a few minutes. (Puts her phone back in her pocket.) She said she’s on her way.

Sara: You said that earlier. And you were lying.

Yumi: I’m not lying this time.

Sara: I know. Just wanted to remind you that you lied.

Yumi: bitch.

Sara: What did you just say? (Glares at Yumi)

Yumi: Oh nothing.

Aubere: Hey Yumi. Um there’s a good chance that we can’t find Ulrich because Xana captured him and doesn’t want us to find him.

Yumi: If that’s the case then we’ll save him.

Sara: Yeah you said that about William too and he’s not even being controlled at this point he’s working willingly with Xana.

Yumi: Shut up Sara! (Shoots an angry glance at Sara)

Aubere: Sara does have a point for once.

Sara: What do you mean for once!? (Crosses her arms and Glares at the screen forgetting that Aubere can’t see her.)

Aubere: Ignore her she’ll run out of steam soon. Anyway if Ulrich was captured then Xana will probably hold him hostage for a little while and use him as bait for the rest of us. But we already know to expect a trap and we aren’t even sure that he was captured. Because of this-

the sound of the elevator moving is heard in the background.

Yumi: (Holds her head) I don’t think I want to hear this.

Aubere: Well you need to. This is something we all need to be prepared for. The fact is that Xana is going to take one of three actions. the first is setting a trap even though we’re expecting knowing that someone in our group would fall for it anyway.

Yumi: And if he doesn’t

Aubere: Assuming Ulrich Didn’t already escape Xana will either take control of him like he did William…

Yumi: Or?

Aubere: Xana will kill him. Ulrich seems harder to control than William so this is the most likely option.

Yumi: What? No. Xana would try to control Ulrich before trying to kill him.

the elevator doors open and Aelita steps out.

Aelita: It will be ok Yumi. Aubere’s just trying to prepare us for the worst case scenario. There’s no evidence suggesting that he was captured by Xana.

Yumi: (Stands up and walks over to the other side of the room.) Thanks Aelita.

Aelita: (hugs Yumi before going to sit in front of the supercomputer.) Alright Aubere, Odd time to get you guys back here.

Odd: (didn’t hear a word Aubere said) Good because I don’t know what the heck is going on. And I’m hungry.

Yumi: (looks down at the floor)

Aelita: Alright. (types something) Materialization Odd. (presses enter then resumes typing) Materialization Aubere. (presses Enter)

Sara: (Walks over to Yumi and pats her on the back)
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 26 Magic Doors.

Jeremy steps out of the elevator and wanders around the factory’s main room. As he walks around occasionally adjusting his glasses the air pressure starts to change. Finally he starts to return to the elevator. Suddenly there’s a small explosion in front of him that knocks him flat on his back and flings his glassed on to the floor. A swirling portal appears from explosion that warps and morphs in to a huge ornate door made of an unknown greenish-blue metal. The door swing opened and a strange figure, wearing a darkly colored cloak trimmed with what looks like the same strange metal, steps out of it towards him. With some flashy hand motions the figure seals the door and sends it back where it came from.

Jeremy: W-who are you? (Scooting backwards)

Stranger: Me? I’m the guy whose job you made harder! (walks towards Jeremy)

Jeremy: Y-you don’t scare me. (trying to move away from the strange cloaked man as quickly as he can without standing up. A small spot on his pants begins to become darker than the rest)

Stranger: That’s good. Or it would be if you hadn’t just wet yourself. (Continues walking towards Jeremy, but stops when he hears a crunching sound. He bends down and picks up the twisted metal and broken glass that used to be Jeremy’s glasses) No wonder your scared of me. Without these I must look like some terrifying monster to you. (Slowly moves his hand over the broken pair glasses magically repairing them)

Jeremy: (Finds himself up against a wall)

Stranger: (walks over to Jeremy kneels down, puts the glasses on Jeremy’s face then rests his arm on his own kneecap) There isn’t it better now that you can see?

Jeremy: N-not really.

Stranger: (Sighs) If I wanted you dead you’d be dead by now and I certainly wouldn’t waist my magic fixing your glasses if I was going to kill you.

Jeremy: Who are you! What do you want?

Stranger: I guess I should introduce myself. I am the Manager of the InterDimensional Communication System. I run and maintain the IDCS.

Jeremy: You said I made your job harder? What did I ever do to you?

IDCS Manager: You connected this dimension to the IDCS allowing Xana to escape. It took me weeks to force him out of my terminal AND I have yet to completely kick him out of my system.

Jeremy: Oh. I’m sorry. I never meant to create a connection to the IDCS much less unleash Xana into it. Wait. How do I know you’re not lying?

IDCS Manager: Hemm. Usually the door is enough. Um… Oh I got it. Aubere has my phone number in here cell under the name LordVader. Once she’s back in this dimension get that number and call it.

Jeremy: That’s no good. For all I know you’re one of Xana’s tricks.

IDCS Manager: In that case you don’t have to trust me. And I don’t need you to trust me. You see I’ve decided that you are the one who’s going to get Xana out of the IDCS. That sounds like a fair punishment for unleashing him in the first place don’t you agree?

Jeremy: I guess so.

IDCS Manager: And of course you’re allowed help.

Jeremy: I have to get my friends home first.

IDCS Manager: Try cutting the connections of the four surface sectors to their reverse counterparts. The two dimensions share one Lyoko split into two sets of four surface sectors and one shared sector. The one you call sector 5.

Jeremy: I don’t know that I can trust that info.

IDCS Manager: I want to get rid of Xana just as much as you do. You may not know this but I have been helping you from the background since you first reawakened Xana. Think about it and go back over your archives. (A watch on his wrist starts flashing) Ahrggg. (Covers his ears and falls to his knees)

Jeremy: Are you ok?

Some nearby dogs are howling in the background.

IDCS Manager: No Xana is trying to take control my terminal again and in order to warn me My watch is making a sound too high pitched for humans to hear. It’s really painful.

Jeremy: Hummm. (It’s good to know that he can be crippled by a dog whistle.)

IDCS Manager: (turns off his watch stands up, regains his composure then glares at Jeremy) I’m going to get back to my job now. I suggest you get back to yours (Summons the same ornate door he came out of) Otherwise. I’ll have to find someone to clean up the resulting mess. (leaves the dimension)

Jeremy: I don’t trust that guy but… I guess It wouldn't hurt to see if he was lying or not.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 27 A Pointless Argument.

Reverse Odd walks through the drainage tunnel trying to figure out what he should do next. Not very far through the tunnel he stops to calm himself down so he doesn’t have an anxiety attack. The remaining three Reverse Warriors walk around the corner. Reverse Ulrich is holding Kiwi’s leash. Kiwi stops every few seconds to gnaw at a dog sweater. Reverse Odd sighs leans against the wall and crosses his arms. Reverse Aelita keeps trying to look at her reflection in the water unsuccessfully. Every time she pauses to look Reverse Yumi lightly pushes her forward and motions for her to keep moving.

Reverse Ulrich: Yo! (Waves)

Reverse Yumi: (Rolls her eyes)

Reverse Aelita: (manages to stop to look at herself)

Reverse Ulrich: (Stops next to Reverse Odd) Hey do you mind taking the other you’s dog back to school?

Reverse Odd: Yeah that’s not happening.

Reverse Ulrich: Why not. Oh you just stopped to wait for us and you’re not going that way?

Reverse Yumi: (Mumbles something that no one can understand)

Reverse Ulrich: (looks at Reverse Yumi) You can talk?

Reverse Odd: You’re right he is an idiot. (walks away towards the school)

Reverse Ulrich: Hey wait. (turns to follow Reverse Odd) I’ll catch up with you guys later. Come on Doggy let’s get you back to the dorm. (Follows Reverse Odd) Hey Odd! Wait up!

Reverse Odd: Stop following me.

Reverse Yumi: (Continues towards the factory then noticing that Reverse Aelita isn’t following her she turns around yells at Reverse Aelita in Japanese then drags her towards the factory)

Reverse Odd continues through the passage with Reverse Ulrich and Kiwi walking behind him. once the cramped space starts to affect him he stops and leans against the wall holding his chest.

Reverse Odd: Ungh. D-damn it.

Reverse Ulrich: Dude are you ok. (puts a hand on Reverse Odd’s shoulder)

Reverse Odd: DON’T TOUCH ME!

Reverse Ulrich: (Pulls back his hand) Sorry.

Reverse Odd: (Collapses to the ground) Get away from me.

Reverse Ulrich: You look really sick man. Do you need me to get you to a hospital?

Reverse Odd: Just get away.

Reverse Ulrich: (takes a few steps back) You’re claustrophobic?

Reverse Odd: (nods) I need space please just leave me alone. The less people around the better.

Reverse Ulrich: (backs up some more) We need to get you out of this sewer.

Reverse Odd: It’s a drainage tunnel.

Reverse Ulrich: Whatever man. Let’s just get you out of here.

Reverse Odd: I’ll be fine just leave. And take that mutt with you.

Reverse Ulrich: What do you have against dogs?

Reverse Odd: I’m still trying to get over my insane sisters murdering my dog when he was just a puppy.

Reverse Ulrich: (sits down on the ground a few feet away from Reverse Odd) Dude that totally sucks.

Kiwi: arf! (licks Reverse Odd’s face)

Reverse Odd: Bad dog get down. (Looks at Kiwi’s collar) Damn it. Bad dog Kiwi get down!

Kiwi: (whimpers then walks over and curls up next to Reverse Ulrich.)

Reverse Ulrich: So you and Sara have been spending more time together.

Reverse Odd: So what. I’m just trying to figure out what her deal is. A lot of the things she says don’t make sense.

Reverse Ulrich: I know right! Why does she have to talk about the technical side of computers, and other dimensions and stuff!

Reverse Odd: Yeah but you’re an idiot. That’s not what I meant at all. She says she has a weird condition where she can’t be physically active while sitting in the rafters of the factory I guess now that I know she has wings it makes more sense but still.

Reverse Ulrich: Duuuude? WTH

Reverse Odd: If you’re going to say What the hell just say what the hell.

Reverse Ulrich: Sara has wings seriously?

Reverse Odd: Yeah. She’s not human.

Reverse Ulrich: So. Do you like her?

Reverse Odd: What? … no.

Reverse Ulrich: You had to think for a second.

Reverse Odd: Did not.

Reverse Ulrich: You totally like her.

Reverse Odd: I do not.

Reverse Ulrich: Dude you have to ask her out.

Reverse Odd: Hell no.

Reverse Ulrich: Come on. You know you want to.

Reverse Odd: No. She doesn’t like me I don’t like her we have a mutual dislike.

Reverse Ulrich: …Dude I’ve seen the way she looks at you. I don’t know if the likes you or not cuz I suck at dealing with the ladies but she definitely doesn’t dislike you. So you should totally go for it.

Reverse Odd: No. Why are we having this conversation?

Reverse Ulrich: It distracted you from your claustrophobia.

Reverse Odd: … I guess it did

Reverse Ulrich: The words you’re looking for are “thank you”.

Reverse Odd: Yeah fat chance. (stands up)

Reverse Ulrich: What’s your problem with me? I’m one of the two people who disagreed with Aubere’s little vote to kick you out.

Reverse Odd: Why?

Reverse Ulrich: I don’t know. I just thought you could use friends and if we kicked you out you wouldn’t make any. the only reason I changed my vote the second time around is because Aubere threatened anyone who didn’t change their vote.

Reverse Odd: Thanks. I guess. (starts walking again then stops at the nearest passage) I wonder where that leads It might be a way out.

Reverse Ulrich: Hey when we get back to our dimension I want to try to get the principal to let me change rooms.

Reverse Odd: Why?

Reverse Ulrich: because Jeremy hates you almost as much as Aubere and because Herve is a total ass I hate rooming with the school bully. You’re actually not a bad roommate as long as I stay out of your way.

Reverse Odd: I’m fine with that if they’ll let you do it.

Reverse Ulrich: Great.

Reverse Odd: Shh someone’s coming.

William: (Steps out of the passage) Get out of my way.

Reverse Odd: Not happening.

William: What are you gonna do to stop me? (grabs Reverse Odd and throws him into the passage which turns out to be a cramped set of stares carved from dirt and stone he then summons his sword and stabs it in to the ground in a way as to trap Reverse Odd in the passage then runs off in the direction of the factory)

Reverse Odd: Huff. Damn. Huff not huff again. (grabs his chest and falls to his knees)

Reverse Ulrich: Are you ok? (tries to move the sword)

Reverse Odd: Ngh. I’ll be fine. A panic attack won’t kill me. We can’t let him get to the factory. You have to stop him. I’ll catch up.

Reverse Ulrich: You got it. (Starts to run off then stops) remember what I said about Sara.

Reverse Odd: Whatever. Just keep him from getting near Lyoko.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 28 Yay! We Win!

Reverse Ulrich Manages to catch up with William just as he enters the factory. He tackles him causing both of them to fall down to the lower level.

William: Ugh get off me.

Reverse Ulrich: Where do you think you’re going?

William: Just get off me you weirdo!

Reverse Ulrich: (Stands up and stomps on William’s crotch)

William: Mmmnnph (Whimpers then rolls onto his side and holds where Reverse Ulrich just stomped) You have no idea how much I hate you right now.

Reverse Ulrich: Hey my job was to keep you from getting to the scanners. I call that done.

William: I am going to kill you.

Reverse Ulrich: Not from that position you’re not.

William: Ungh. (Struggles to stand up) You will pay. (manages to get to his feet and lunges at Reverse Ulrich trying to punch him)

Reverse Ulrich: (dodges) Too slow.

William: Hold still damn you!

Reverse Ulrich: It’s not my fault you’re slow Wilma.

William: What did you call me! (makes another attempt to punch Reverse Ulrich)

Reverse Ulrich: (dodges) What it’s a Flintstones reference. You never heard of them? It’s an old cartoon based on a sitcom called-

William: (successfully punches Reverse Ulrich while he’s reminiscing about a cartoon that he has no business knowing about) Shut up. You’re pathetic. (electrocutes Reverse Ulrich)

Reverse Ulrich: oof! (falls to his Knees) Lucky shot.

William: Time to die. (prepares to zap Reverse Ulrich again)

Suddenly Reverse Sara, Reverse Odd, and Kiwi fly into the factory. Reverse Sara throws Reverse Odd at the perfect angle to kick William in the face and knock him flat on his back.

William: What the? (tries to sit up but finds that Reverse Odd is standing on his rib cage)

Reverse Odd: Man you suck.

William: Get off!

Reverse Odd: Not happening. I bet I could break a few ribs if I tried.

Reverse Ulrich: Great timing Odd.

Reverse Odd: Hey I told you I’d catch up.

Reverse Sara: (lands with Kiwi tucked under her arm) He got too close. (puts Kiwi down)

Kiwi: Arf! Arf! (runs over to William and starts chewing on his foot)

William: Get off me you mutt. (Kicks Kiwi)

Kiwi: YIP! (is thrown backwards a few feet by William’s kick) Hmmm hum hmm.

Reverse Odd: Hey! (Stomps on William’s Chest) Don’t kick him.

William: Ungh! What do you care? It’s not like he’s your dog.

Reverse Sara: (folds wings) We won’t let you go to Lyoko.

Reverse Ulrich: (staring at Reverse Sara’s wings) You can fly! Aren’t you scared of falling!?

William: You can’t stop me!

Reverse Odd: (Stomps on William’s chest again) good luck doing anything from down there.

William: humph. (Closes his eyes)

Reverse Ulrich: Yay! We win! (punches strait up in the air with both hands)

Reverse Odd: It looks like it.

Reverse Sara: No something feels wrong.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 29 Boss fight against William phase 2

William opens his eyes his pupils are replaced with Xana’s emblem. He begins laughing. His laughter contains a deep electronic echo that doesn’t so much echo as it does overlap every laugh. Reverse Odd Looks down and sees William’s eyes. He stomps on William’s Chest again shortly before being thrown straight up by a burst of energy. He slams back first into the ceiling. He grabs a support beam and swings up and lands on top of it. Kiwi quickly hides in the elevator.

Reverse Odd: Damn. How’d he get so strong all the sudden?

William: (Stands up and Stretches) Who’s next?

Reverse Ulrich: (takes a fighting stance but begins shuffling backwards positioning himself behind Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (Spreads winds and releases her tail) You will not pass.

William: (more of his own voice and less electronic echo) How cute the Chicken-Dragon thinks she’s Gandolf.

Reverse Sara: Make all the jokes you want. I have something far scarier than you trapped on Lyoko and I’m not letting you release him.

William: (Back to the deep voice and more echo) Just try to stop me. (Shoots lightening at Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (Takes the hit) Ungh. (Flaps wings but can’t seem to fly)

William: You’re Pathetic. You can’t handle a little electricity?

Reverse Sara: (fires a jet of air at Willaim but he redirects it So that it hit’s Reverse Odd) What!?

William: Was that little bit of air the best you can do?

Reverse Sara: (Creates a small tornado and Launches it at William)

William: (Disperses it) Killing you may be easy after all.

Reverse Ulrich: (Moves between Reverse Sara And William then whispers to Reverse Sara) I’ll distract him get out of here while you can.

Reverse Sara: (Pauses for a second, nods then flies away)

Reverse Ulrich: Hey. I bet you can’t punch yourself in the face!

William: What.

Reverse Odd: (What the heck? I knew she was a coward but seriously?)

Reverse Sara: (hiding on another support beam nearby) Pssst. Odd.

Reverse Odd: Hum? (Looks over his sholder)

Reverse Sara: I have a plan. The rafter your sitting on should have a laptop sitting on it somewhere. find it and toss it over to me.

Reverse Odd: What If you don’t catch it?

Reverse Sara: Trust me I won’t drop it.

Reverse Odd: Ok um... (Looks around for the laptop finds it and tosses it over to Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (catches the laptop using a small tornado then moves it closer to her) Alright now I need you to help Ulrich distract this Dimension’s William.

Reverse Odd: Right. I’ll need you to help me get down there.

Reverse Sara: (Grabs the laptop and sets it down next to her then jumps over and sits next to Reverse Odd) Give me your hands and tell me where you want me to set you down.

Reverse Odd has Reverse Sara take him about halfway down then throw him so that he can kick William in the head. Unfortunately they miss and Reverse Odd crashes feet first into William’s crotch twisting his ankle in the process. What’s worse is that William only flinches slightly from the pain.

Reverse Odd: (Falls to the ground) Ungh! (Grabs his right ancle) Xana Is defiantly in control for this fight.

William: Is that the best you can do?

Reverse Ulrich: (Runs over to Reverse Odd forces him to stand up then helps him hide behind a pillar) What do we do now?

Reverse Odd: We keep fighting.

Reverse Ulrich: How’re you supposed to fight with a hurt leg?

Reverse Odd: I have an idea. I need you to go run to the other side of the room.

Reverse Ulrich: why?

Reverse Odd: Ugh you’re hopeless.

Reverse Ulrich: How am I supposed to know what you want me to do if you give barely any info!

Reverse Odd: Well he’s headed for the elevator so you better do something.

Reverse Ulrich: (Runs to the other side of the room away from the elevator) Nothing’s happening.

Reverse Odd: Try taunting him

William: (waits for the elevator to come back up)

Reverse Ulrich: Hey dummy! I bet you want to kill me.

William: (Looks over his shoulder at Reverse Ulrich.) You’re no threat.

Reverse Odd: (facepalms) Ugh. this isn’t going well.

Suddenly a boy with purple and black clothes, Orange spiky hair and headphones appears out of nowhere. He looks around for a minute with a confused expression on his face. He pulls a phone out of his pocket and looks at it. William looks at the strange boy. A look of panic flashes across his face for a second followed by rage. He glares at Kiwi who’s growling in the corner then tries to enter the elevator but doesn’t quite make it. Two boys with dark red hair appear in the elevator. One with long hair and dark cloths the other with short hair light cloths and his bellybutton showing. William backs up.

Reverse Ulrich: Where did they come from. (walks over to stand next to reverse Odd)

Reverse Odd: This is impossible.

Reverse Ulrich: Why?

A strange girl with green hair and fancy looking robes appears outside the elevator near the two red haired boys. Reverse Sara glides down to stand next to her two friends.

Reverse Odd: What’s going on here Sara.

Reverse Sara: This is my plan. I’ll handle the rest of the fight. The two of you should rest.

Reverse Ulrich: S-serriously? You sure?

Reverse Odd: (Nods) Be careful.

Reverse Sara: (Walks towards the orange haired boy.) Excuse me.

Reverse Ulrich: Are you sure about this Odd? She’s not exactly the group’s strongest fighter.

Reverse Odd: She knows what she’s doing. Just watch.

Orange haired boy: What. Wait you can see me are you a player or one of THEM.

Reverse Sara: Neither. You’ve been pulled from the reapers game temporarily. I would like to request your help. it won’t take long.

Orange haired boy: I have to get back. My partner can’t do anything on his own.

Reverse Sara: I know how to send you back. but I can’t help you until I’ve dealt with my own problem.

Orange haired boy: Fine I’ll help. It looks like I have no choice.

Reverse Sara: Sorry about that um..

Reverse Odd: (Don’t say his name he’ll get suspicious and won’t help you fight.)

Orange haired boy: My name is Neku Sakuraba.

Reverse Sara: Thank you for your help Neku.

William: (Growls and tried to force his way into the elevator by attempting to push the red haired boys out of the way.)

Short Red Haired Boy: HEY!

Long Red Haired Boy: (Stabs William in the foot)

William: (Charges electricity)

Short Red Haired boy: Looks like this guy means business. (Takes a defensive stance)

Long Red Haired Boy: (Pulls sword out of William’s foot then kicks him in the stomach) He’s nothing.

Green haired “Girl”: Don’t underestimate him Asch.

Asch: Stay out of this Fon Master!

Short red haired boy: He’d right Fon Master Ion. It’s too dangerous for you here.

Neku: Are they helping too?

Reverse Sara: I haven’t asked them yet but It looks like I might not need to.

Neku: What do you need me to do?

Reverse Sara: We have to stop him. (points at William) Knocking him unconscious is preferred.

Neku: (Puts a hand in his pocket) Leave it to me.

Reverse Sara: (Nods) I know support magic. I’ll do what I can to help you.

Neku: Riiight. (Walks towards William who’s now being attacked by Both red haired boys.)

Asch: Stay out of my way Luke.

Luke(Short red haired boy): You’re the one who’s in my way!

Ion: Please Don’t fight each other.

Neku: (stops walking and looks at Ion) Before I help your friends I have one question.

Ion: Yes?

Neku: What are you.

Ion: I’m not sure I understand the question?

Reverse Odd: (Facepalm)

Neku: are you a girl or are you a guy in a dress.

Ion: I’m a boy. But I guess the cerionial robes I have to wear do look like a dress.

Neku: Ok that was bugging me for some reason. (Uses energy to slash William across the back)

Asch: what the?

William: Humph. (Turns around) Impressive. But not good enough!

Several blocks of various shapes and colors appear around the area.

Neku: Well this is convenient. (The blocks levitate and converge crashing into William)

Luke: Nice one.

Asch: Don’t compliment him dreck. We don’t know who’s side he’s on.

William: (Climbs out of the pile of blocks)

Reverse Sara: If you give up I’ll deactivate the tower?

William: Gerrrrrr.

Reverse Sara: This fight could go on for days you won’t win this one. I gave you an out. I suggest you take it Xana!

Willaim: (Closes his eyes for a full sixty-five seconds when he reopens them Xana’s emblem is gone.) Ungh. What. What the heck?

Asch: (Hits William with the hilt of his sword Knocking him out) Time to finish this. (Raises Sword to decapitate William)

Reverse Sara: Stop! You don’t want to do that!

Asch: If I don’t he’ll wake up and try to kill us.

Reverse Sara: He has half the power of an evil mage sealed away inside him. If you kill him the seal is broken and the mage will regain his full power and destroy the multiverse!

Asch: (Lowers his sword) Say something sooner next time.

Reverse Sara: I’m sending you all home now Hopefully there won’t be a next time.

Ion: I could reinforce the seal if you’d like.

Reverse Sara: That would be very helpful. Thank you. I’ll get started sending you home.
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Hmm?That's weird.I was considering changing my picture to that of Neku.(Before this chapter):p
I'm back!
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

yay coincidences.
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 30 Off Shift Part 1 Explanations and Prep

Reverse Yumi, Reverse Aelita and Jeremy walk out of the machine room just as Reverse Sara sends Ion, Luke, Asch, Neku, and the pile of blocks away. Back to where they came from. She glides back down from the rafters holding her laptop.

Reverse Odd: What the heck was that?

Jeremy: I’d like to know what’s going too. Did you activate a tower?

Reverse Sara: Yes.

Reverse Odd: So those videogame characters? What was that?

Reverse Sara: Physical manifestations of characters from the three nearest videogame save files I could find.

Jeremy: So specters.

Reverse Sara: Sort of but it’s not the same as the polymorphic clones you use to get out of class. These "specters" remember world of the video game they came from and have their own minds. Once returned to the video games they came from they will remember what happened while they were in this world. They won’t say anything about it. The Game’s programming won’t allow them to but, their lives continue in their own world.

Reverse Odd: Hold on you used the save data from three games? I courted two games. Neku from “The World Ends With You” Luke, Asch, and Ion from Tales of the abyss. that’s only two games. What was the third one.

Reverse Ulrich: The bricks.

Reverse Odd: What? I thought Neku summoned those?

Reverse Ulrich: (Pulls an Gameboy Advanced SP out of his pocket.) I found this in the other me’s side of the dorm. Beat his high score. Huh? Hey I had this turned off!

Reverse Odd: Let me see that. (takes the game system and opens the screen) Tetris? Really Ulrich?

Reverse Ulrich: Hey It’s not mine it’s the other me’s

Reverse Odd: That explains the bricks then. (hands the game system back to Reverse Ulrich then Looks at Reverse Sara) Why didn’t you use anyone from Dissidia?

Reverse Sara: I um. I didn’t have it with me.

Jeremy: Why did you even need to do all that?

Reverse Sara: (points at William) He was trying to get to Lyoko. We stopped him the first time then Xana took over. We ran out of options. Is the other one still contained on Lyoko.

Jeremy: Yeah. Speaking of Lyoko I know a way to get you all home.

Reverse Odd: That’s great. What do we have to do!

Jeremy: I just need to remove the connections between the eight surface sectors. That will leave Sector 5 as the only remaining way to travel between the two halves that way Xana Can’t keep changing the connection points between our half of Lyoko and yours.

Reverse Sara: Sector 5?

Reverse Odd: There is no fifth sector.

Jeremy: It makes sense now. The communication hub between the two sides is sector 5 and you guys haven’t accessed it from your side preventing communication between the two.

Reverse Odd: Hummm I guess that makes sense. I wonder why we never found it.

Reverse Sara: I’m more concerned with why Xana is so intent on releasing the other William.

Reverse Yumi: (Says something in Japanese)

Reverse Odd: I guess that’s possible. (looks at Reverse Sara) Do you think Xana could control the other William?

Reverse Sara: He could try. But that William is too powerful there’s no way Xana could keep control even if he could gain it. What’s worse if the other William regains full power he could take control of Xana. Or worse destroy the multiverse.

Jeremy: All the more reason to keep the two Williams apart.

Reverse Sara: We can’t risk something like this happening again. We’ll have to watch him. (points at William again) And none of us can be alone. Not after what happened today. We’ll have to split into three groups.

Reverse Odd: Alright how should we handle this.

Reverse Sara: (looks at Reverse Yumi) Yumi would you mind pairing up with this dimension’s Jeremy. Aubere would just let get in his way and well We’re not sure how useful Aelita would be. (Looks at Reverse Aelita) No offense intended.

Reverse Aelita: (putting on makeup) Hum You say something?

Reverse Yumi: (Nods)

Reverse Sara: (looks back at Reverse Odd and Reverse Ulrich) since we handled this attacks we’ll need to rest. So the three of us will be the second group.

Reverse Odd: hummmm. (frowns)

Reverse Ulrich: I have no problem with that, but Aubere might.

Reverse Sara: I really don’t care what Aubere thinks. I’m sick of her acting like I’m her child. She’s younger than me by two years she shouldn’t boss me around.

Reverse Aelita: So Who’s group am I in?

Reverse Sara: Aubere’s

Reverse Ulrich: She really won’t like that.

Reverse Sara: Well that’s her problem.

Reverse Aelita: W-wait so being paired with me is a punishment? Then forget this! (storms out of the factory.)

Reverse Sara: Wait it’s not safe.

Reverse Odd: It will be fine. We’ll contact Aubere and have her meet up with Aelita.

Reverse Sara: Alright. (looks at Jeremy) How long will it take to disconnect the surface sectors?

Jeremy: (adjusts glasses) About ten minutes. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. My friends would have to be on Lyoko at the same time for us to make the switch and unless they access sector 5 on your side then there’s no way to contact them.

Reverse Sara: Otherwise things will be off balance and both dimensions could collapse.

Jeremy: Exactly.

Reverse Sara: We’ll find a way to get a message to them.

Reverse Ulrich: Looks like We’re Off shift. (Stretches) So what do you guys want to do.

Reverse Odd: (Looks at reverse Sara) There’s something I’ve been wanting to know. If you’re not from our dimension then… Where are you from?

Reverse Sara: hummm. I’m not sure we should leave the dimension.

Reverse Odd: Come on. We won’t be gone long.

Reverse Sara: People that aren’t used to traveling between dimensions often lose consciousness who knows how long it will take you both to wake up.

Reverse Ulrich: I’m cool with some nap time.

Reverse Sara: What if something bad happens while we’re gone?

Jeremy: I’m sure it will be fine. If we really need you we’ll send your Aubere to get you.

Reverse Sara: Fine. (Pulls a PS2 memory card out of her pocket) Here. (hands Jeremy the memory card) If things start getting bad and you need some extra help the program I used earlier should still be on the laptop. I’m sure any hero characters from the save files on this card would be willing to help. Just don’t lose it. Oh and be careful.

Jeremy: Ok.

Reverse Sara: Oh you can only extract 3 characters per game save file and only use one save file per device.

Reverse Odd: We should go get your PSP. If we leave Dissidia with him too he can use six characters. and have more options.

Reverse Sara: I can’t get in to my dorm.

Reverse Ulrich: Why?

Reverse Sara: There’s a um a really large mouse in my dorm.

Reverse Ulrich: So just tell a teacher.

Reverse Sara: It’s too big. There’s nothing they’d be able to do.

Reverse Odd: Man you’re pathetic. I’ll get your PSP. How big could it really be? (walks away)

Reverse Ulrich: Dude we’re supposed to stay in groups!

Reverse Sara: Go with him. I’ll stay here with Yumi and this dimension’s Jeremy. we’ll leave when you guys get back.

Reverse Ulrich: (nods and runs to catch up with Reverse Odd)
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

31 Bad Decisions Part 1: Two

Sara and Odd sit in the lab of the Reverse Dimension’s factory waiting for the others. Finally Aubere, Yumi, Aelita, and Reverse Jeremy enter the lab.

Aubere: Ugh. Alright what’s Odd’s crazy idea this time?

Sara: He looked at that map he got from that mysterious guy, I still think that thing is a fake by the way, anyway he got it in his head that Ulrich wandered into one of the parallel dimensions on the map.

Yumi: That could have happened. We have to go check it out.

Aubere: It couldn’t have happened. Those versions of Lyoko aren’t connected to this one he would have had to go through the IDCS if they’re even connected.

Aelita: It does sound like it’s something that can’t happen. But it wouldn’t hurt if we look anyway. We may be able to find out how to get home once we’ve found Ulrich. are you able to open a portal Sara?

Sara: If I could we wouldn’t be stuck here.

Aubere: We’re not actually going through with this are we?

Aelita: I think we should.

Reverse Jeremy: I volunteer to go to the other dimension!

Sara: That’s not happening. Besides no portal no go.

Odd: Too bad we can’t use the scanners.

Aelita: (sits down in the chair) Actually we can. I’ll send you, Sara, and Aubere.

Yumi: I want to go too.

Aelita: No we can’t afford to have all four of you in another dimension. Sara and Aubere have the best chance of getting you all home safely.

Yumi: (Punches the wall)

Odd: You can go instead of me if you want?

Yumi: (turns around) No. Just make sure to bring Ulrich back safe if you find him.

Odd: (nods)

Sara: Alright let’s go.

Aubere: I don’t like this it’s a really bad idea but I guess we’re doing this.

Aelita: It will take a few minutes for me to set up the program. We don’t know what we’re going to find so try to prepare your selves. (turns around and starts typing) I want all of you to come back safely.

Over an hour of Reverse Dimension time later Aelita finally manages to send Sara, Aubere, and Odd to another dimension. The three teenagers find them self in a strange area surrounded by trees next to a bizarre concrete bunker. Aubere looks at Sara and notices that she looks strange.

Aubere: You look different somehow Sara.

Sara: (looks at Aubere then at Odd) Same to you guys.

Odd: (Already climbing on top of the bunker) Hey what’s this?

Sara: Odd don’t play with that you don’t know what’s in there.

Aubere: Please fall in.

Sara: You are just asking to get kicked aren’t you Aub- Ungh. (collapses)

Aubere: (looks down at Sara) What the Heck?

Odd: (jumps down from the bunker) Sara? Are you Ok?

Aubere: She’s unconscious she can’t hear you. But why did this happen? Why now?

???: Who are you?

Odd and Aubere look up and see three boys in standing in front of them a few meters away.

Aubere: (whispers to Odd) Are they supposed to be this dimension’s you and this Dimension’s Ulrich?

Odd: Looks like it. I’m guessing the third one is supposed to be William.

Odd-E: Answer Ulrich’s question already.

William-E: Hey one of them kind of looks like you Odd.

Ulrich-E: Except his hair is longer.

Odd-E: I knew I shouldn’t have cut my hair.

Ulrich-E: Why are there two of you?

William-E: The other one must be a specter.

Ulrich-E: Probably but isn’t it strange that he hasn’t attacked us yet?

Odd-E: Hey Specter. Who’s your cute friend?

Aubere: Was he talking about me or Sara?

Odd: I don’t know.

Aubere: You’re not the least bit concerned that they think you’re one of Xana’s toys?

Odd: Not really.

Aubere: (facepalm) Idiot. (Walks over to the parallel versions of her friends and enemy and holds a hand out towards them) Hello my name is Melissa. My friend and her boyfriend are from a dimension parallel to this one.

William-E: (reaches for Aubere’s hand but if stopped by Ulrich-E)

Ulrich-E: Don’t touch that William you don’t know where it’s been.

Aubere: You don’t have to trust us. Just tell us whether or not you’ve seen an extra Ulrich around here or not and we’ll leave as soon as my friend wakes up.

William-E: Thank god no. One is too many as it is. Not to mention Xana’s specters.

Ulrich-E: You’re telling them too much.

William-E: One of them is practically dead already. They’re no threat.

Odd: (Stands up) Don’t talk about Sara like that or You’re the one who will be Practically dead.

Willlam-E: (Crosses his arms) Was that supposed to be a threat?

Odd: You got a problem with that?

As the boys prepare to fight an ornate door appears in the area. It swings opened and a man in a sliver cloak trimmed with a strange blue-ish white metal steps out into the center of the conflict.


Odd-E: Who’s this kook?

Aubere: Really? You’re wearing your dress robes? Aren’t those only for ceremonial events?

IDCS Manager*: My regular robes were being cleaned. (Turns to Aubere and steps towards her) Tell me. Why do you insist on bringing your zone’s InterDimensional Guardian out of her jurisdiction. As Previous InterDimensional Guardian you should know the consequences.

Aubere: What are you talking about? There is only one InterDimensional Guardian right?

IDCS Manager*: ...You really didn’t know did you?... Even after every other time Sara Came back damaged from dimensions out of her zone. I had no idea that, that information wasn’t among the stuff learned instinctively. Or maybe you never got the chance. No matter. (Turns towards Odd) Now. I send someone who would help you get home. Let him think He was doing it secretly and manipulated him into pointing out an unstable dimension so no one would try to go back that way. Even worse this dimension drifted into a different zone after the map was made making it more dangerous. How could you even suggest coming here!

Odd: Hey I didn’t pick which dimension we came to.

IDCS Manager*: But this was all you idea. The second Sara wakes up you all have to leave.

Odd: Wait do you know why she ended up like this.

IDCS Manager*: (sighs and crosses his arms) It’s a failsafe. To keep two InterDimensional Guardians from meeting except on neutral ground. The multiverse is split into Zones of six to twenty separate Dimensions. Each Zone is kept stable by the energy emitted from the body or it’s InterDimensional Guardian

Odd-E: Hey Ulrich do you think we should go find the others while these guys are distracted.

Ulrich-E: Maybe but for some reason William seems pretty interested in this stuff. One of us should stay here and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

IDCS Manager*: It’s possible for InterDimensional Guardians from different zones to kill each other and take each other’s strength. Early in the time of my predecessor over a hundred eons ago there were wars to take control of territory and magical power. In order to stop this my predecessor made it so that the zone its self would attack any foreign InterDimensional Guardian. To further discourage fighting he fixed it so the closer two guardians were to each other location wise the damage would increase. He then killed any guardians who were not deterred by this failsafe. (Kneels down next to Sara and checks her pulse) For her to be in this condition this zone’s Guardian must be nearby.

Aubere: How close?

Odd-E: I texted Jeremy he wants us to find out as much as we can and meet him at the hermitage.

IDCS Manager*: Couldn’t have been more than a few yards away at the time you entered this dimension. I imagine whoever it is, is still close by.

Ulrich-E: (Shakes William-E’s Sholder) Hey come on we have to go.

William-E: Don’t touch me.

IDCS Manager*: Is there a problem here boys. (Turns towards the three boys standing behind him.)

Ulrich-E: No problem here.

William-E: (Glareing at Sara)

IDCS Manager*: Your friend seems to have one. (Grabs William-E’s right arm and rolls up the sleeve) That burn on your arm came from the same situation as her’s (points at Sara)

William-E: Let go you psycho.

IDCS Manager*: Seems your power hasn’t awakened yet. Still I’m going to ask you to help them until they’re able to leave your zone. I’ll return once (motions towards Sara) She wakes up to escort them back to where they need to be.

William-E: Humph. We don’t know who they are we can’t trust them.

IDCS Manager*: I suppose ask wasn’t the right word for me to use. Different zone or not you are going to help them. Otherwise you’ll have to deal with me. You do not want to make me an enemy. I could destroy this dimension at the first sign that your Xana becomes a threat to the IDCS.

William-E: Ugh. Fine.

Ulrich-E: (facepalm)

IDCS Manager*: Good then we’ve reached an understanding. (Points at Odd and Aubere) I’ll deal with your punishments once you’re safely in your Dimensional Zone. (walks back towards his door then stops and looks over his shoulder at William-E revealing part of his face) One last thing. Don’t let Sara die. Her zone is one of the larger ones and could take several others with it if it were to collapse. Including yours. (Continues through his mystic door which closes behind him and disappears)

Odd-E: We’re not going to actually believe that guy?

Ulrich-E: He could have been one of Xana’s tricks

William-E: We can’t take the risk that he’s not. We’ll leave this Decision up to the others and bring them along for now.

Ulrich-E: Who said you were in charge? That crazy guy? This is obviously Xana’s work.

Aubere: (Leans against the bunker) Get comfortable Odd this could be a while.

Odd and Odd-E: (point at eachother) Did you mean me or him?
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Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

Chapter 32 Off Shift: Part 2 Bonding

Reverse Odd wakes up beneath a large tree. Reverse Ulrich is taking a nap under a smaller nearby tree. Reverse Odd stands up, stretches, then starts looking around for Reverse Sara.

Reverse Odd: Where’d she go?

Reverse Sara: Hey Odd. Up here.

Reverse Odd: (Looks up to see Reverse Sara sitting above him) Oh right I forgot you liked high places.

Reverse Sara: Come up here.

Reverse Odd: Why?

Reverse Sara: You wanted to see where I was born right? This tree has the best view of it.

Reverse Odd: Fine. But I’m holding you responsible if I fall. (starts making his way up the tree)

Once at the top of the tree reverse odd looks out at the horizon. A sea of trees with a town in the distance lies in front of him. He notices that Reverse Sara is facing the opposite direction and turns around. He sees an ocean in the distance.

Reverse Sara: This is where I was born.

Reverse Odd: (looks a little to the left) do you mean that town over there because if you’re from this tree or the ocean then I may have to drop you off at a mental hospital on the way home.

Reverse Sara: I actually meant this dimension.

Reverse Odd: Oh. Right. I feel stupid now.

Reverse Sara: Ok you’ve seen it can we go home now.

Reverse Odd: You don’t want to go see your parents first. Hopefully your weird twin isn’t there.

Reverse Sara: Aras isn’t that weird. She’s just… a little broken. Like me but in a different way. Anyway I don’t have parents.

Reverse Odd: Oh. Sorry. (Strange. She said she doesn’t have parents. Maybe she meant that they died? Maybe when she was little? No then she would have adoptive parents or foster parents or something. Ok I need to question this or it’s going to bug me all day.) Um so what about your grandparents do you want to visit them?

Reverse Sara: I don’t have any.

Reverse Odd: Oh. (I should have known that’d be a bad question. Why the hell am I overthinking this I mean the way she worded it was a little weird but I not that weird. I better change the subject before this gets anymore awkward.) So. Um. I guess once Ulrich’s awake we’ll go home.

Reverse Sara: Yeah.

Reverse Odd: So I guess we’ll play videogames in the meantime.

Reverse Sara: I left all my games in the other dimension.

Reverse Odd: Oh right. Oh that reminds me. That “mouse” in the other you’s dorm was a Raichu. It was really docile too. I don’t know what you were so afraid of.

Reverse Sara: Yeah Pokephobia is at the top of my long list of ridiculous fears.

Reverse Odd: That doesn’t really make sense but ok. So um list your top 5 favorite videgame characters.

Reverse Sara: Oh that’s tough. In what order.

Reverse Odd: most favorite last lowest of the top five first.

Reverse Sara: Ok um. Tidus, Zidane, Luke, Xion, and Fon Master Ion

Reverse Odd: Why them? I mean you have two womanizing main characters on the same list as a final boss with a tragic past a major NPC, and a spoiled noble who destroys an entire town!

Reverse Sara: Tidus isn’t really a womanizer.

Reverse Odd: Still why them?

Reverse Sara: I don’t know. I guess those are just the ones I relate to the most. What about you?

Reverse Odd: Oh um let’s see. Chell, Riku, Amarant, and Neku.

Reverse Sara: Do you relate to them? Or do you just enjoy those characters.

Reverse Odd: Yeah I guess you do.

Reverse Sara: So you relate to the tenacious silent bad ass, the misunderstood jerk, the mostly silent misunderstood jerk, and an anti-social kid?

Reverse Odd: Ok I get it. My list is weird too. (progress by ayumi hamasaki starts playing in the background.) Where’s that music coming from?

Reverse Sara: (looks down at Reverse Ulrich who looks like he’s still sleeping) Is he fakeing?

Reverse Odd: It’s in Japanese he must have stolen Yumi’s MP3 player again.

Reverse Ulrich: (yawns and his hand twitches)

the song changes to Morning Glow from the final fantasy X-2 vocal collection.

Reverse Odd: Ugh! Knock it off Ulrich!

Reverse Ulrich: Not happening. I’m providing the atmosphere you two just keep talking. (accidently presses a button on the MP3 player changing the song to brentalfloss’s final fantasy classic with lyrics) oops

Reverse Sara: Hey wait that’s my MP3 player.

Reverse Odd: Serriously why do you have J-pop in there?

Reverse Sara: Because it’s pretty.

Reverse Odd: (Bursts out laughing)

Reverse Sara: What’s so funny?

Reverse Odd: (what’s wrong with me why am I laughing? It’s not that funny.) It’s this song. (It’s not the song. It’s funny but it’s never made me laugh. At least not like this.)

Reverse Sara: (Glides down and takes back her music player) I’ve had enough of this place! We’re going back now! (opens the portal)

Reverse Odd: (“This place?” Did I drag up some memories I shouldn’t have?[starts to climb down but falls]) argh!

Reverse Ulrich: You ok man?

Reverse Sara: (Pulls Reverse Odd up) We’re leaving. Now!

Reverse Ulrich: Are you ok Sara you’re not acting right.

Reverse Sara: Just get in the portal.

Reverse Odd: (Something is wrong.)
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