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Reverse Dimension Panic

MessagePosté: 27 Mai 2012, 00:58
par DragonGirl
So I think I'll just post this one the way I originally posted my first fanfics years ago one chapter at a time and whenever I manage to finish typing each chapter. this is going to be one of those weird ones that has an introduction and a prologue. I know It's unnessicary to have both. for the first couple chapters I'm planning on not telling you which dimension the chapter is takeing place in. you can feel free to guess whether any of these expository chapters takes place in the origional or reverse dimension untill such time that I start telling you which dimension is which but by that time you'll know. anyway Here's the introduction The prologue will come sometime.... soon... ish... depends on how much other stuff I have to do this week (looks like a lot as of right now) also this story is rated teen... so it will have some cussing.

Also just a quick warning. there may be spoilers to things that aren't Code Lyoko in this story. I will not be hiding them using the spoiler tool because they are important to one of the sub-plots and it messes up the flow of reading if you have to stop and highlight something in order to see it. I'd just prefer to just list the video games that might be spoiled ahead of time. I may add to this list later If I notice more spoilers as i'm writing and I may remove things too if I notice that I didn't actually spoil anything for that game. the list at this time it, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, Tales of the Abyss, Portal, Half Life, Portal 2, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


Sara and Aubere stand in Mrs. Hertz’s classroom. Aubere is glaring at Sara. Sara leans against a desk smirking. Mrs. Hertz stands behind her desk with her arms crossed frowning at the two girls disapprovingly.

Aubere: Great! What did you do this time Sara?

Sara: I didn’t do anything. Besides If I did why would you be here?

Aubere: (Mumbles) Probably because this is a trap.

Mrs. Hertz: What was that?

Aubere: N-nothing . (I need to be more careful. This could be a trap but if it’s not we can’t have Mrs. Hertz finding out anything especially that we’re not from this dimension.)

Mrs. Hertz: Anyway neither of you are in trouble. At the moment.

Aubere: Then what’s this about?

Mrs. Hertz: I’m a bit curious about why the two of you as well as Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi are all skipping class so often?

Aubere: (Oh crap she’s on to us!)

Sara: I already told you about that the last time you asked.

Aubere: There was a last time? (Oh this should be good.)

Mrs. Hertz: Yes I remember you’re from a different dimension. You don’t have the ability to get home by yourself so they’re helping you.

Sara: Yes and sometimes something goes wrong and we have to shut down our tools that we’re using to try to send me home and fast before it goes out of control and someone gets hurt.

Aubere: (What the hell Sara! You’re saying too much!)

Mrs. Hertz: It’s just that something about that doesn’t add up. If they’ve been helping you since you came to this dimension then why were they always disappearing before that?

Sara: Wait what? They skipped class frequently before? I didn’t know anything about that.

Mrs: Hertz: I am not as easy to fool as you seem to think. I know that you’re part of what they’re up to and you’re going to tell me.

Sara: And I thought that Jim was the conspiracy theorist. I don’t know anything. And if you try to pseudo-threaten me to give you information that I don’t have again I will start trying to get you fired again. Same goes with Aubere. Well that or we could just have our dimension invade this one. Is that what you want? To be single handedly responsible for causing an invasion?

Aubere: (She’s insane! Convincing as usual but insane!)

Mrs. Hertz: I. I understand. I’ll leave you alone from now on.

Sara: That’s good. (leave the room dragging Aubere with her)

Sara and Aubere walk down the hall.

Aubere: That was reckless.

Sara: What? You mean Mrs. Hertz knowing about where we’re really from? She figured that out about a month after I got here.

Aubere: All of it. It was too risky. You’re not as smart as you want everyone in this dimension to think you are.

Sara: I know that.

Aubere: I’m done helping you make yourself seem smarter.

Sara: Is this really the place for this Aubere?

Aubere: No but there is no place for this conversation.

Sara: Ok fine make your point but hurry it up I have to be in detention in ten minutes.

Aubere: I’m not going to use the magic Hologram projectors to switch places with you. I’m not going to let you cheat off my tests I’m going to start failing them on purpose so you won’t be able to copy me because I still Don’t know how you’re doing that. And I’m not going to pretend that I’m an idiot in front of our friends anymore in order to make you look smarter.

Sara: Alright. Anything else?

Aubere: Just one more thing. You’ve been in this dimension long enough for your body to stop overcompensating for the amount of InterDimensional Energy. How’s that reduced strength handling you?

Sara: Part of that is the near death experience.

Aubere: How weak are you right now?

Sara: (Whispers) The fairy thing all the other weird transformations are gone. I can’t use any of those powers anymore.

Aubere: So only your natural abilities are left?

Sara: Pretty much. (Whispers again) But because of the near death experience I don’t have the strength to open a portal if I needed to… if I could even remember how.

Aubere: (whispers in response) Again? Dang it. I’m sick of having to re-teach you that spell all the time. You’re the InterDimensional Guardian for crying out loud on a stick. What! Should I just teach Odd the spell so you don’t have to be bothered with remembering it? Damn it Sara learn to do your job right.

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par DragonGirl

Sara walks into the library and sits down at the long table in the center of the room. Jim sits at the far end of the table reading a magazine.

Jim: You’re late Draconar. (turns page in his magazine)

Sara: Sorry Jim.

Jim: Where’s Della Robbia?

Sara: I don’t know.

Odd walks in His hair is smoothed back.

Jim: And just where have you been? You should have been here ten minutes ago. Both of ya!

Sara: What happened to your hair?

Odd: My roommate hid my hair gel somewhere and I can’t find it. (Sits down and lays his head down on the table)

Jim: (Puts down magazine and picks an air horn up off the floor.) Oh no ya don’t. (Presses the button on the air horn.) No sleeping in detention.

Odd: Ow my ears.

Sara: He’s been through a lot lately Jim. He can’t help that he’s exhausted.

Jim: Oh. Well. Maybe the air horn was a bit much.

Odd: Can I go to the infirmary I think my ears are bleeding!

Jim: Grow up Della Robbia it was just a little noise. (picks up his magazine again)

Odd: (lays his head back down on the table)

after a few minutes Sara does some subtle hand motions and Jim falls asleep. She checks to make sure that no one else is around then wanders around the room. Suddenly there’s a tap on the window. Sara looks over to see Aubere. Aubere says something but it’s inaudible through the glass. Sara nods and walks over to Odd and gently shakes him. He moans.

Sara: Come on Odd we have to get going. We’ve got work to do.

Odd: Just let me sleep. I don’t wanna go.

Sara: You know we need you. Now come on.

Odd: Ugh. Alright. (stands up) Let’s make this quick so I can go back to sleep.

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par DragonGirl
Chapter 1 is finished but I'm letting some friends beta read it first. If they're not done with it by tomorrow then I'll post it. If they finish sooner then I'll post it once they're done.

Reverse Dimension Panic chapter 1

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par DragonGirl
Well wait time is up... in my time zone anyway.

Chapter 1 My Chapter Title Guy Quit

Jeremy and Aelita sit in the factory waiting for the others. Ulrich and Yumi step out of the elevator.

Ulrich: So what’s Xana up to this time?

Jeremy: We don’t know yet.

Yumi: What do you mean you don’t know?

Aelita: He hasn’t done anything so far except activate a tower in the Desert sector. As far as we can tell anyway.

Jeremy: We have a huge dilemma on our hands. On one hand it could just be a trap and on the other hand he could be doing something on the other side of the world and we just haven’t figured it out yet.

Aelita: Or another Dimension via use of the IDCS…

Jeremy: …and we have no way to tell if he’s attacking in another dimension.

Ulrich: So even if it’s a trap we have to go to Lyoko

Jeremy: That seems to be the case. But to be safe we have to figure out how we’re going to divide the groups. One to stay on earth in case it is a trap. And the other to go to Lyoko and stop Xana.

Yumi: Why would we need a group to stay on earth even if it is a trap?

Jeremy: In order to help get us out of it if it does indeed turn out to be a trap.

Ulrich: So why ren’t we going to Lyoko yet?

Jeremy: We need Sara, Odd, and Aubere here before we can figure put how best to divide the groups

Aelita: That part actually doesn’t make any sense.

Yumi: No kidding.

Ulrich: Sara and Odd have detention. I have no idea where Aubere is

Aelita: We should just go now Jeremy. Who knows what kind of damage Xana could be doing.

Jeremy: Alright. Go to the scanner room.

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par sixthwarrior
I like it.

Reverse Dimension Panic Chapter 2

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par DragonGirl
Chapter 2 To the factory.

Sara, Odd, and Aubere sneak through the grounds towards the park. As they near the Edge of the park Mewtwo appears before them blocking their way.

Aubere: Oh great what else could happen today!

Mewtwo: (Hovers closer to Sara) I need to speak to you.

Sara: Can’t this wait. I have something important to do.

Mewtwo: It can’t

Sara: Ugh. Fine. (looks over at Odd) You and Aubere go on ahead I’ll catch up in a minute.

Odd: What no way this could be a trap!

Sara: Odd. Just trust me on this! I can take care of myself.

Odd: But!

Aubere: Come on. (Grabs Odd’s Arm) This is a Pokémon Dimension issue. This is probably the only thing Sara really can handle by herself. (Drags Odd into the park)

Sara: (glares at Aubere)

Odd: Why’d you do that? What if Sara says something to piss him off. Wait Mewtwo is a him right?

Aubere: It’s one of the genderless ones. And don’t worry. Sara knows how to deal with Pokémon

Odd: But what if that was Xana’s attack.

Aubere: Xana attack or not Sara can still handle anything Pokémon related.

Odd: But she might do something arrogant and-

Aubere: Hold on. You know that Sara is arrogant?

Odd: Of course. If she wasn’t herself around me why would she be dating me?

Aubere: I have no idea. (Even if she is being herself I have no idea why she'd ever date someone like you.)

Sara: (runs up to Aubere and Odd just as Odd opens the passage to the sewer) What did I miss?

Aubere: Nothing. That was quick. What did Mewtwo want?

Sara: Oh it was nothing. He just had a question.

Odd: I told you Mewtwo was a guy!

Sara: Well actually He’s genderless everyone just calls him a he because the way his voice gets projected into people’s heads sounds masculine.

Odd: Oh…

Aubere: And that’s why she’s a Pokémon master. (That and becoming a Pokémon master is one of the easiest things a traveler of the multiverse can do. I’m actually a Pokémon master too but Sara’s ego needed a boost a while back so She doesn’t know that I’m one.) By the way what’s with your hair. Isn’t it usually pointy or something?

Odd: Ulrich hid my hair gel this morning and I can’t find where he put it.

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par DragonGirl
Ok so now would be a good time to see if i confused anyone. So I want those of you who are reading this story to go back to the introduction, prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 skim through them again and see if you can figure out which chapters if any are the reverse dimension. Be sure to share your theories and reasoning behind why you think your right.

Also I edited the expository banter to include a spoiler warning. Though the only spoiler I plan on including doesn't spoil much. all it really does is reference some things using character, and location names from video games. (listed on first post and may be expanded later as I write more chapters) those who have played the games will understand the reference those who haven't wont get it right away but due to a sub-plot of this story may figure it out later and in turn spoil that game if they were planning on playing it. so if you're planning on playing Tales of the Abyss or watching the anime version of it you may want to watch it before you read this story.

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par DragonGirl
So chapter 3 is finished but I dont have time to make the pre-posting edits so It;s comming soon.

Edit: This is what Reverse Sara Looks like. I'll be going back to my early fanfics and adding pictures of Sara to those later. also I could not figure out how to make it smaller... sorry about that.


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>_> I am the beta and yet none (or almost none) of my commas go =_=

For some odd (no pun intended) reason, I'm getting this feeling that the Introduction is the Reverse Dimension right? Sara wouldn't usually skip class or anything like that and the Prologue has got to be the Normal Dimension. Although, I honestly don't know other than the fact Sara has detention (and Odd's roommate stole his hair Anyway, just the ramblings of a cooky, cackling creator of a curious creature known as Cassandra Kittylick...=_=

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

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par DragonGirl a écrit:>_> I am the beta and yet none (or almost none) of my commas go =_=

Meh. commas suck my writing style uses periods when I want a pause not commas ok maybe i do still need to fix list commas but still commas ewwww

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Also, Chapter Two and the Introduction seem to match. Specifically, Aubere's attitude toward Sara, since she treats her exactly the same in both chapters. There's also the fact that Sara's arrogant in these chapters. In the previous stories, Sara wasn't arrogant whatsoever. Also, Aubere thought something about Sara's ego needing a boost. Why would her ego need a boost? In the previous stories, it didn't need a boost. This must be the Reverse Dimension.

With mudkips on top...:P

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par DragonGirl
some ok theories as to what is what with the early chapters so far feel free to continue trying to figure it out as the story progresses. now here's chapter 3 which dimension is this one?

Chapter 3 Divergence.

Sara, Odd, and Aubere walk through the “sewer”. Odd walks a few meters ahead of Sara and Aubere who keep whispering things to each other. Suddenly William shows up behind them.

William: Hey guys!

Aubere: Not him again.

Sara: I’m afraid to turn around. Maybe if we ignore him he’ll go away.

William: I can hear you. Seriously guys can I help out this time!

Aubere: No! Go away. (Stops walking)

William: Come on! Please?

Sara: P-please just g-go away. (Stops walking as well)

Odd: You have got to be kidding me. (Stops walking, turns around, walks over to William and picks him up by the shirt) I’ve had enough of you. You are not one of us. How you even know what’s going on is beyond me! (Releases William) Now get lost before I kick your ass!

William: Alright fine. I won’t cause you any trouble. (Calmly turns around and walks away)

Odd: Man that guy pisses me off. (Resumes walking in the direction of the factory)

Sara: T-thank you for making him leave.

Odd: Shut up coward.

Aubere: You can’t say that to her.

Odd: You shut up too.

Aubere: (Whispers to Sara) What an ass.

Sara: (whispers)Still that guy that keeps bugging us… doesn’t the way he reacted to Odd’s tantrum seem strange to you.

Aubere: Now that you mention it he was almost like he knew that would happen.

Sara: Exactly. It’s like he planned the whole thing.

Aubere: We really need to watch out for him.

Odd: Quit talking about me behind my back and get a move on!

Aubere: We’re not talking about you jerkface!

Odd: Why do all you girls waist time gossiping! Hurry up!

Sara: A-alright. (hurries to catch up with Odd)

Aubere: I said it before and I’m gonna say it several more times. What an ass!

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par sixthwarrior
Reverse dimension.Obviously!I mean, why would odd call her a coward?

Re: Reverse Dimension Panic

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par DragonGirl
sixthwarrior a écrit:Reverse dimension.Obviously!I mean, why would odd call her a coward?

good job. chapter 3 is the reverse dimensions. a écrit:For some odd (no pun intended) reason, I'm getting this feeling that the Introduction is the Reverse Dimension right? Sara wouldn't usually skip class or anything like that and the Prologue has got to be the Normal Dimension. Although, I honestly don't know other than the fact Sara has detention (and Odd's roommate stole his hair Anyway, just the ramblings of a cooky, cackling creator of a curious creature known as Cassandra Kittylick...=_=

Also, Chapter Two and the Introduction seem to match. Specifically, Aubere's attitude toward Sara, since she treats her exactly the same in both chapters. There's also the fact that Sara's arrogant in these chapters. In the previous stories, Sara wasn't arrogant whatsoever. Also, Aubere thought something about Sara's ego needing a boost. Why would her ego need a boost? In the previous stories, it didn't need a boost. This must be the Reverse Dimension.

Well those are very good guesses. I wrote the earliest chapters to be as ambiguous as possible. leaving subtle clues as to which is which I will not say the answer until the end of the story. all guesses and theories are encouraged until after the final chapter.

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par DragonGirl
Chapter 4 Are we sure Sara and Aubere aren’t evil?

Ulrich, Yumi, and Aeilta travel through the desert sector towards the activated tower fighting monsters along the way. Suddenly they’re surrounded by uncountable numbers or Krabs and Blocks. Yumi manages to lose her fans while fighting and is forced to use her telekinesis power to damage the monsters with rocks, until Ulrich gives her one of his swords to use so she doesn’t exhaust herself. This goes on for about ten minutes before Aelita changes the terrain to create a dome around the three of them, and tries to contact Jeremy.

Aelita: Jeremy can you see anywhere that me can break through?

Ulrich: Are Sara, Odd, and Aubere there yet! We really need back up!

Yumi: Hummm.

Aelita: …Something’s wrong he’s not responding.

Yumi: Maybe Xana’s blocking communication.

Aelita: Jeremy are you still there?

William: Oh will you all just shut up. He’s busy!

Ulrich: Shit! This was a trap.

William: That’s right and you idiots walked right into it! Why don’t you come back here and do something about it.

Ulrich: Gerr. Why don’t you come down here! If you’re not chicken!

Yumi: Stop it Ulrich! He’s trying to provoke you!

Ulrich: But.

Jeremy: (In background) Guys Don’t let yourselves be devirtualized! William just shut off the scanners!

William: Hey you! Be quiet over there!

The Lyoko Warriors hear the sound of someone being slapped.

Aelita: Jeremy!

William: Heh heh he- WAH!

Sara: How pathetic? You’re scared that easily? What are you afraid of butterflies too?

There's a high pitched buzzing sound that lasts for about 2 seconds

Aubere: If a rubber spider is all it takes to send you running for the nearest hiding space then maybe it actually is a good thing that we have Odd on our team.

Odd: HEY!

Aubere: What I was kidding… mostly

Sara: By the way you do know that there are real spiders in that corner!

William: I’m not falling for-… AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ulrich: Ok someone tell me that that was William screaming like a little girl and not Odd.

Odd: Hey I heard that Ulrich!

Aubere: So what should we do with the arachnophobe?

Sara: I have an idea!

There’s another loud scream followed about a minute later by a loud crash, a few more screams, a roar, and another crash

Jeremy: Was that last move really necessary?

Sara: I may have gotten a little carried away but he was asking for it so I don’t care. Here's the head set hurry up and get back to work.

Odd: Wow Sara you dented the wall.

William: Forget the wall she broke my arm.

Aubere: Oh grow up you crybaby it’s just a spiral fracture!

William: Well that affects you guys too! What are you going to do when I tell the entire school that she broke my arm!

Aubere: You forgot about the time travel function moron! ...Hey Odd hand me one of your socks.

Odd: what no?

Sara: Just do it Odd.

Odd: Um. Ok.

Ulrich: (bursts out laughing)

Aelita: Is it me or do Sara and Aubere seem a little… sadistic?

There’s a snapping noise and another scream!

Yumi: I’m more worried that Ulrich finds all of this funny.

William: mey met miss mok mout my mouff moo mifch

Sara: Stop trying to talk unless you want to eat Odd’s other sock.

Jeremy: Um guys the Scanner’s are working now you should go to the scanner room so we can stop Xana!

Aubere: …… Hey Sara do you think we over did it?

Sara: Who cares! No one messes with my friends and gets off without at least a broken arm.

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par flamey9371
My theory first three chapters are Ooc for Sara fourth is in character therefore first three chapters are in the reverse dimension.

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par DragonGirl
flamey9371 a écrit:My theory first three chapters are Ooc for Sara fourth is in character therefore first three chapters are in the reverse dimension.

that's a decent theory.

Ok every one It may be a while before I have chapter 5 so I want you to vote on how I'm going to entertain you.

Choice 1 you all get to ask the characters questions. then the characters will answer them. (this has never gotten questions in the past but who knows it's up to you guys If I'm going to do it this time)

Choice 2 I pose "fun" facts about the chapters that have been posted so far. and the way the story origionally was before I lost the file.

Choice 3 random randomness

choice 4 a combination of two of the above

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par DragonGirl
Ok it's chapter 5 time who's ready? ... Too Bad!

Chapter 5 “Odd” gets his way

Sara, Odd and, Aubere walk into the factory’s lab to see the others. Aelita is standing in the corner texting, Ulrich is standing next to the elevator holding a remote of some kind. Yumi is sitting next to the floor doing homework, and Jeremy is crawling around on the floor.

Aubere: Uh what’s going on here.

Aelita: We couldn’t get to the virtual world without Sara working the computer.

Odd: Ugh bunch of slackers. (goes and sits down in the chair)

Aubere: What do you think you’re doing!

Odd: Sitting down.

Jeremy: Sara needs to sit there to work the computer.

Aubere: (Steps towards Odd something crunches under her foot) You need to move.

Odd: It’s about time she started pulling her weight with the fighting. I’m getting sick of doing all the work

Jeremy: Hey Aubere I think you just stepped on my contact lens.

Aubere: What? Oh sorry. (Glares at Odd) That’s ridiculous! You don’t do much of anything? How could you be doing all the work!

Odd: Look that wimp needs to fight every once and a while!

Ulrich: (Presses a button on the remote There’s a fart sound near Odd)

Odd: Grow up man!

Jeremy: That was funny.

Odd: You grow up too blindy!

Aubere: That is a crappy insult?

Odd: What. He needs to put his glassed on! Then again looking smarter won’t make him smarter.

Jeremy: Hey!

Sara: S-stop. There’s no need to harass others. If you want me to go to the virtual world this time then I’ll go.

Aubere: Are you sure about this?

Sara: I’m sure.

Odd: Great. Go to the scanners and I’ll work the computer.

Aubere: Not a chance bully! You’re not touching that computer!

Odd: (pokes the screen) Touch!

Aubere: Don’t be a smart ass! (Grabs Odd and throws him back into the elevator) I’ll work the computer.

Sara: No Aubere we’ll need you on the virtual world.

Aubere: You’re not seriously going to let HIM run the supercomputer are you!

Sara: No he’s one of our best fighters.

Aubere: well we need everyone else there.

Sara: Not exactaly. (glances over at Jeremy)

Aubere: You’re not thinking what I think you are.

Sara: (Puts Jeremy’s glasses onto his face) We need you to run the super computer please.

Ulrich, Aubere, and, Aelita: HIM?

Odd: You’re going to let the moron run the supercomputer? Hell why not just virtualize us over the digital sea yourself if you want to kill us!

Aubere: Sara I’m all for changing things around if that’s really what you want to do and you’re not doing this to prove yourself to anyone, but just this one time I have to agree with asshole.

Odd: Humph!

Aubere: For crying out loud on a stick!

Sara: I’ll set up the coordinates ahead of time. I already wrote down detailed instructions for everything else. It will be fine.

Aubere: Alright Sara I trust you. But I’m still pissed that the bully got his way.

Sara: L-let’s g-go

Odd: Scared already? How pathetic!

Sara does something with the supercomputer then the group of teenagers excluding Jeremy head down to the scanner room. Aelita, and Yumi get into the scanners. Everyone else just stands there. Waiting.

Odd: (looks at Sara) Well go on.

Sara: N-no that’s ok. Y-you can go first.

Odd: And miss watching you freak out? Not a chance.

Aubere: What are you planning you creep?

Odd: Excuse me?

Aubere: I don’t trust you! I don’t see how I can make it clearer!

Odd: (backs closer to the emergency exit) I see. That’s what you all think I bet.

Sara: (Looks around) No one else thinks that. Just Aubere.

Aubere: (Sara. What are you thinking? He treats all of us badly. You especially. Why defend him?)

Ulrich: Hey Odd why do you always go in the second group when we travel to the virtual world?

Odd: I don’t know! Shouldn’t you be more concerned with why none of us know the name if this virtual world when we’ve been fighting evil there for a couple years now!

Aubere: Don’t change the subject there admiral suspicious!

Sara: That’s enough. We’re wasting time. Ulrich please go with the first group the rest of us will go second.

Ulrich: Right (gets in the remaining scanner)

Jeremy: So it sounds like you’re finally ready.

Sara: Yes do exactly what the instructions say.

Jeremy: Alright… Transfer Ulrich? Transfer Yumi? Transfer Aelita?

The scanners close.

Sara: You’re doing great so far. Keep it up

Jeremy: Scanner Ulrich. Scanner Yumi. Scanner Aelita… Virtualization?

After about a minute the scanners reopen. Empty once again.

Odd: Looks like you haven’t screwed this up yet. Try to go faster this time so we’re not waiting in these stupid tubes for an hour!

Sara: So… T-this won’t h-hurt w-will it?

Odd: Oh it’ll hurt. A lot!

Aubere: Don’t listen to that bat coming out of a donkey’s butt!

Jeremy: Yeah! It doesn’t hurt at all. He’s just trying to scare you.

Odd: She’s afraid of her own shadow I don’t need to try to scare her!

Sara: (Swallows her spit then gets in one of the scanners)

Aubere: (Gets into one of the two remaining scanners) Hurry up donkey poop!

Odd: Shut up bitch. (walks towards the last scanner hesitates then gets into it.)

Jeremy: Are you all ready.

Aubere: Yes.

Sara: Y-yes.

Odd: Y-yeah just hurry up already.

Jeremy: Transfer Sara, Transfer Aubere, Transfer Odd.
Jeremy:.. Transfer Sara, Transfer Aubere, Transfer Odd!

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par DragonGirl
Before we begin this is what reverse Sara Looks like on Lyoko sorry still cant figure out how to make this stuff smaller


Chapter 6 Continued From Previous.

Jeremy: Scanner Sara, Scanner Aubere, Scanner Odd. Virtualization!
Jeremy:.. Scanner Sara, Scanner Aubere, Scanner Odd. Virtualization?

Sara, Odd, and Aubere virtualize in the desert sector inside the dome Aelita created earlier.

Sara: Did anyone else hear that weird echo?

Aubere: At least it didn’t say cookies at the end.

Odd: Don’t joke about food

Aubere: Oh what You’ll eat me?

Sara: Calm down Aubere

Yumi: Can we focus please.

Aelita: Yeah what are we going to do about the army of Krabs?

Sara: Hummm.

Odd: Let’s rush them.

Aubere: Hold on. If we’re surrounded by monsters why aren’t they attacking?

Ulrich: Hey that’s right.

Sara: That is a little weird.

Yumi: Only a little?

Aubere: This could be another trap.

Sara: (Peeks through a crack in the dome) Strange. It looks like they’re gone. This has to be a trap.

Aubere: Well unfortunately we only have one option. (Draws her weapon and cuts a door in the dome) … They really are gone?

Jeremy: That’s weird. The tower deactivated it’s self.

Aelita: Are you sure?

Jeremy: Absolutely. It makes no sense though.

Yumi: Why would Xana call off his attack?

Aubere: He got what he wanted. He wanted to get us all to Lyoko. We just have to get home before he tries anything else.

Jeremy: Um. That’s not going to be so easy. Something’s blocking my control. I can’t bring you all back at the moment. It shouldn’t take long to fix all of you should go hide in the tower until then.

Meanwhile Sara, Odd, and Aubere virtualize onto a tiny island surrounded by water. The others are standing around on the same Island.

Odd: Ugh I hate this sector. We always get stuck on the same damn island.

Sara: Um. S-so this is the virtual world?

Everyone looks at Sara.

Aubere: Yep.

Odd: (blushes)

Ulrich: Wow.

Aelita: You guys are staring.

Odd: (Looks away)

Ulrich: Well yeah. We stared at the rest of you ladies on the first trip. It’s a little startling that all four of you look so pretty.

Aubere: And it looks like we’ll be getting no chivalry from the brown-nosing knight today.

Ulrich: Hey.

Odd: So how do we get to the tower? It’s all the way on the other side of the archipelago.

Jeremy: Usually it's low tide there isn't it..

Sara: It’s fine. (Steps into the water towards the next island in the chain.)

Aubere: What are you doing!

Odd: Tch. I knew she was a coward I didn’t know she was insane too.

Aelita: (looking at her reflection in the water and fixing her hair) Hey you need to shut up.

Aubere: No. He needs to leave… Or kill himself.

Ulrich: Ok that was a bit harsh Aubere.

Aubere: I was right no chivalry. Gezz! Worst knight ever.

Ulrich: Hey!

Sara: (Walking towards the next Island) Come on We have to get to the tower somehow! It’s not safe to swim in this sector and until I can program a submarine we can’t do anything about towers on the ocean floor but we can walk through the shallows safely!

Aubere: You mean the water isn’t part of the Digital Sea?

Sara: No not in this sector.

Odd: I doubt that.

Aubere: (Kicks Odd in his…extremely painful spot and follows Sara) Just stop talking.

Aelita: All of you need to stop talking. (Follows Aubere)

Yumi: (Follows Aelita)

Ulrich: Hey man we better go too we don’t want to get left behind.

Odd: (already standing on the other island a few meters away from Sara) You’re the one being left behind dude!

Aelita: When did he pass us.

Aubere: I have no idea but he keeps doing that and it’s starting to piss me off.

Ulrich: (runs to catch up with the girls) hey wait up this armor is heavy!

Sara: One Island down four to go.

The group walks towards the next island when suddenly the water around them turns into sand. Nothing but sandy platform-like land masses hovering in the air.

Odd: Damn it! Where the hell are we! (looks at Sara) You got us lost!

Aubere: Did we wander into a different sector?

Sara: No this looks like a desert. There are only four sectors, Volcano, Ocean, Jungle, and Savannah. This is definitely a desert.

Aelita: Then we wandered into a different world?

Sara: If the InterDimensional Connection System had a glitch then that’s very possible.

Ulrich: The what?

Aubere: The Multiverse’s internet.

Ulrich: Um what?

Aelita: Guys we’ve got enemies! (Points three rows of Krabs walking towards them)

Confused yet?


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If you want, you can help out this pokemon website: My user name is Data-sora :ulrich2: :yumi2: :aelita2: :odd2:

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Chapter 7 is done!

Chapter 7 “Who the Hell are you Guys?”

The Lyoko warriors walk through the door in the dome Aubere created only to find themselves standing in shallow water.

Aubere: What the heck?

Sara: Well that’s kind of weird.

Odd: Where are we?

Aelita: This doesn’t look like Lyoko.

Aubere: It better not be. We’re standing in the digital sea if it is.

Sara: Hey! I have an idea. (Takes a deep breath and dives into deeper water)

Aubere: And Sara’s lost it.

Sara: (swims to the surface) There’s a tower down there.

Aelita: Seriously?

Sara: Yeah and a bunch of sharks.

Odd: Did you get em?

Sara: Did it look like I was down there Long enough to “get em”?

Odd: No. (walks into slightly deeper water)

Sara: Then there’s your answer.

Ulrich: You’re both crazy. (Sits down on a nearby Island)

Sara: We may be able to find a way out of here down below as long as we sneak past the sharks and keep coming up for air. (Suddenly devirtualizes)

Yumi: What just happened?

A shark pops out of the water and shoots Yumi in the back. Devirtualizing her.

Ulrich: Yumi!

Aubere: Looks like the scanners are working. Let’s go home before something breaks them. (Stabs odd in the face Devirtualizing him) I’ve always wanted to do that.

Ulrich: (Throws one of his swords at Aubere)

Aubere: (Pulls Sword out of her leg) You’re gonna have to aim higher. (Get’s hit from behind and devirtualized)

Aelita: Maybe now we can find a less violent solution now?

Ulrich: (Stabs himself and devirtualizes)

Aelita: I hope this isn’t another trap. (Walks into the water waits about a minute and is soon devirtualized)

Aelita steps out of one of the scanners to find the others waiting for her. Sara is hugging Odd who keeps rubbing his face. Aubere is standing against a wall. Ulrich walks over and sits down on the floor next to Yumi. Jeremy climbs down the emergency ladder his glasses fall off. He picks them up and starts cleaning them.

“Jeremy”: Man I hate these things. I can’t wait until I have my contacts again.

Yumi: (looks at Aelita and silently says) Contacts?

Aelita: (shrugs)

“Jeremy”: By the way guys sorry about before the mic stopped working and I couldn’t get it working again… turns out it was just unplugged. (Puts his glasses back on) So what happened in the virtual world.

Odd: Uh you mean Lyoko?

“Jeremy”: What’s Lyoko? (Looks at Sara and Odd) Hey when did you guys get so close? I thought you hated each other?

Sara: Well none of us remember you ever wearing contacts lenses so looks like you’re brain’s broken.

“Jeremy”: When’d you get so mean?

Ulrich: When’d you lose half your brain? She’s always been a little bitchy. (stands up)

Sara: (Growls)

“Jeremy”: (Glares at Ulrich) Since when are you the grouchy one? I thought that was Odd’s Department.

Aubere: No annoying is Odd’s department. (everything about this seems wrong… wait this can’t just be Xana’s doing can it?)

Aelita: Jeremy. Why are you acting so strangely?

“Jeremy”: Since when have you cared about anyone?

Aubere: (No this isn’t possible. It takes a crazy amount of InterDimensional Energy for this kind of dimension to be created!)

“Jeremy”: The only ones of you who are normal right now are Yumi and Aubere!

Aubere: Leave me out of this I’m not talking to you.

Yumi: You are acting strangely.

“Jeremy”: Ok so now Aubere’s the only one being normal.

Ulrich: (Slams “Jeremy” against a wall) Look we’re not falling for your trap so you can just give it up.

Jeremy: (Escapes Ulrich’s grip moves behind him and sweep kicks his legs out from under him) Ok you guys aren’t my friends but you look like them… Who are you all?

Aubere: Relax. This is nothing you should be concerned about. We’re the ones trapped in yet another parallel universe because (glares at Sara) SOMEONE can’t do her job right.

Sara: Hey It’s not like I know any of this InterDimensional Guardian stuff. There isn’t even a book or anything!

Aubere: (You’re supposed to just gain the knowledge automatically. I guess that one is Team Rocket’s fault though. I shouldn’t be so hard on you… But still you make it so difficult by not even trying.)

Starting next chapter I will be telling you which dimension the story is taking place in also this chapter was brought to you by the Reverse Dimension,

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After I have chapter 8 finished and posted I'm going to take a break to start re-writing a couple of other fanfics who's data was lost when I was forced to do a system restore.

I may still write chapters for this one during that them but they won't be posted until later on. I may however edit my older stories to make them better. Here's the fun part I wont be telling anyone when I do. Other than just now when I'm telling you that I might update the older stories so that they connect to this story better.

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Well here's chapter eight. The last one for a little while. But I will finish posting this one some time this year... at least I plan on it. But really I make no promises.

Chapter 8 The Other Side of Things.

The Reverse Warriors draw their weapons in preparation for combat. Reverse Sara tries to figure out what her weapon is failing at that she holds the laptop in her hands up like a shield.

Reverse Odd: You really think you can defend yourself with that piece of plastic? That doesn’t work in the real world why the hell would it work here?

Reverse Sara: I- I don’t know. But it- it’s all I’ve g-got and I have to do something.

Reverse Ulrich: Hey Odd! You have two guns let Sara borrow one.

Reverse Odd: (Spins one of his pistols around his right index finger a couple times then catches it) Not gonna happen. She’s never been in any kind of fight. I’m not lending one of my weapons to an amateur!

Reverse Sara: I-I can take care of myself.

Reverse Aeilta: Ugh. This is pointless! This isn’t OUR WORLD why are we bothering to fight here? Someone just stab me in the chest or something. I want to go home!

Reverse Ulrich: Ok (stabs Reverse Aelita)

Reverse Yumi: (Facepalms)

Reverse Aubere: Serriously? You might have just killed her.

Reverse Ulrich: What do you mean? She wanted to go home?

Reverse Sara: We might not be able to return home from here. It’s possible that running out of life points will cause us to disappear forever.

Reverse Odd: We have two morons and an idiot in our group. It didn’t occur to you to say something sooner?

Reverse Sara: I wasn’t given the chance. (Gets hit in the arm) Ahg!

Reverse Odd: (Moves in front of Reverse Sara and shoots a Krab in one of its laser shooting eyes.) Just stay out of my way.

Reverse Aubere: You ok?

Reverse Sara: I’m fine. (Runs up to the nearest Krab)

Reverse Odd: What the hell are you doing!

Reverse Sara: (Jumps up onto a Krab’s shell) I’m trying.

Reverse Ulrich: We better help her.

Reverse Odd: I don’t know she’s actually doing ok so far.

Reverse Sara: (Punches the Krab hurting her hand) Ow.

Reverse: Odd: Never mind. (Jumps up on a different Krab) Huum? Hey it looks like there’s a USB port on this monster’s back. Try plugging your lap top into the one you’re on. I’ll handel the rest of them.

Reverse Ulrich: Are we going to be stuck here? (Spontaneously devirtualizes)

Reverse Yumi: (Also spontaneously devirtualizes)

Reverse Aubere: Oh crud (Devirtualizes)

Reverse Odd: (Shoots the Krab in it’s weak point then jumps to the next one) What happened to everyone else.

Reverse Sara: It looks like someone is using a materialization program. (Untwisting the USB cable from around her wrist.) We should be safe if we run out of life points.

Reverse Odd: Good (Shoots the Krab and leaps to a nearby dead tree hanging upside down by his tail.)

Reverse Sara: (Plugs the USB Cable into the laptop then the Krab’s shell before she devitrualizes)

Reverse Odd: I wonder When It’ll be my turn?

Jeremy: I don’t like your attitude so you can just stay there.

Reverse Odd: You’re the one doing this? (Crosses arms) I thought we told you not to touch anything moron!

Jeremy: Insulting me isn’t going to get you and your friends home and it’s not going to help me find my friends so why don’t you shut up!

Reverse Odd: What the hell are you talking about Moron.

Jeremy: Like I said if you’re not going to change your attitude then you can just stay on Lyoko.

Reverse Odd: Oh like hell am I staying here!

Jeremy: Are you sure about that? You’re stuck there until I materialize you.

Reverse Odd: There’s more than one way to end up in those stupid tubes. (Aims Gun at a Krab’s leg)

Jeremy: Are you really willing to risk that.

Reverse Odd: I’d rather disappear forever then come back with six arms… actually that might be cool but coming back with two heads or five legs an almost equally high probability so I think I’ll pass. (Shoots the Krab in the leg) Hey! Robotic Crustacean! Look over here damn you! (swings on the tree a little)

Jeremy: Ugh. Fine then have it your way.

Reverse Odd: Oh no you don’t! I hear you typing I told you I’m not going back with extra limb! Just let someone who knows what they’re doing run the computer and don’t screw thing up worse than you already have.

Jeremy: You’ll figure out what’s going on eventually.

Reverse Odd: Probably faster than yo-. (Devitrualizes)

The reverse versions of Sara and Aubere sit in the scanner room waiting for the scanner that just closed not 3 seconds earlier to open for what they hope is the final time for the day. Reverse Sara sits under the keypad used to open the elevator doors. Reverse Aubere is holding a broken broom and is alternating between pokeing the reverse versions of Aelita, Ulrich, and Yumi, who are unconscious in the head and arms .

Reverse Aubere: So you said before that this is normal? How is this normal. I’ve come out of these Scanners before. I’ve run the computer before. There’s no way that this is normal.

Reverse Sara: Why are you so sure that we materialized into the dimension we virtualized from?

Reverse Aubere: But everything is exactly as we left it.

Reverse Sara: It- it might seem that way at first glance but there are subtle differences in the energy flow. Plus I left the communication line between the lab and the scanner room opened back in the other dimension. But here it’s closed.

Reverse Aubere: Come on Sara You’re being Paranoid.

The scanner opens and Reverse Odd stumbles out.

Reverse Odd: D-damn it. (collapses and loses consciousness)

Reverse Aubere: Well Donkey-Poop passed out just like the others. (Whacks Reverse Odd with the broom stick) Why are we still awake?

Reverse Sara: It’s likely because we’re the only ones who’ve traveled between dimensions before

Reverse Aubere: Now that you mention it… I did start to feel nauseous, just like whenever we travel to another dimension, the second I stepped out of the scanner. Could we really have gone to another dimension via the virtual world?

Reverse Sara: Only in the case of a Parallel Dimension. It’s the only possible explanation. Except maybe a virtual world inside a virtual world but that’s somewhat of a paradox and highly unlikely.

The elevator opens and Jeremy steps out.

Jeremy: Then you’d be surprised how many times my friends have been caught in that exact situation.

Reverse Aubere: How many?

Jeremy: Two.

Reverse Sara: I may have miscalculated the likelyhood of that specific situation.

Jeremy: Look none of you want to be here and I want my friends back. We’ll probably have to work together to solve this problem.

Reverse Sara: A-alright.

Reverse Aubere: Sara for a fradeycat you’re way to trusting of people. We don’t have proof of who’s side this dimension’s version is on. Much less proof that we’re actually in a different Dimension.

Reverse Sara: I’ll have to check the supercomputer to confirm all of that. It should only take about an hour at most.

Jeremy: Go right ahead.

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Chapter 9 Reverse Dimensions: How they’re made. Sort Of

The Lyoko warriors plus Sara and Aubere are in the reverse dimension. They are standing in the lab trying to find a way home Aelita is searching the supercomputer to try to get In contact with their Jeremy while Reverse Jeremy stands leaning against a wall. Aubere is texting and answering his questions.

Reverse Jeremy: So you’re all from a parallel world?

Aubere: Yep.

Reverse Jeremy: and the other me is actually smart?

Aubere: Yep

Reverse Jeremy: And You’re Dimension’s Odd Isn’t an asshole?

Aubere: …. That is yet to be determined.

Sara: Ignore her. He is not a… that word.

Reverse Jeremy: Asshole.

Sara: Cussing is the language of morons.

Reverse Jeremy: (Moves his lips to say. “Wow what a bitch.” Silently)

Ulrich: You’re lucky she can’t read lips.

Sara: (Glares at Ulrich) What did he say?

Ulrich: how should I know I wasn’t paying attention.

Aelita: Bad news. I can’t get into contact with our Jeremy.

Aubere: This is a relatively new dimension. It’s connection to the IDCS is a little sketchy still.

Aelita: (looks over at Sara) What do you think?

Sara: Just because I’m the interdimensional guardian doesn’t mean I know anything about the IDCS.I know it exists. Heck everything I know about my job Aubere told me so ask her from now on.

Aubere: (Wow. That was... unexpected. I didn’t think she’d start ending her manipulation ruse this quickly. I figured she’d ease into it.) Anyway. The dimension we’re in now is a reverse dimension.

Sara: Oh hey. My cousin told me about those. But I thought they took ridiculous amounts of energy to be created.

Aubere: Let’s see; we traveled through the IDCS releasing a huge amount of energy as we did, during an energy based Xana attack on the IDCS mainframe, immediately followed by your near death experience during which you unleashed all your InterDimensional energy built up over what six or seven years, as well as so much of your electrical energy that you almost caused your nervous system to shut down! I’m pretty sure that all that energy combined could create a reverse dimension.

Reverse Jeremy: What are you guys talking about. My head hurts!.

Yumi: Hold on. When did Xana attack the IDCS.

Aubere: When we were traveling through it to get out of that parallel dimension. Weren’t any of you just listening.

Ulrich: I don’t remember Xana attacking either.

Odd: You sure you’re remembering thing correctly Aubere?

Sara: (smirking) It does seem a little sketchy that you remember something that the rest of us don’t.

Aubere: (Glares at Sara) Do you have the manager of the IDCS in your phone’s contacts? No because you don’t have a proper phone so shut up.

Yumi: Was that who you were texting?

Aubere: Yeah he said his mainframe was hacked around the same time we were on our way home a few weeks ago. I’m guessing that it was Xana because he’s the only one powerful enough to get past enough of the security layers to actually be noticed. (phone beeps.) Hold on. (looks at phone) Oh you gotta be kidding me. He’s watching us? (phone beeps again) And apparently he’s been watching us the entire time. Man that’s annoying.

Sara: (Looks at Aubere’s phone) Why does it show the name as Obi wan Kenobi?

Aubere: He likes to keep his name anonymous. I told him I’d enter the name of a fictional character.

Sara: Ok but why are there- (Aubere’s hand covers her mouth)

Aubere: That’s enough questions now. So Aelita any luck contacting our dimension’s Jeremy.

Aelita: I stopped trying.

Ulrich: You have the phone number of the guy in charge of the IDCS. Why can’t we just ask him how to get home.

Aubere: Oh right. Good point. (starts to write the text but her phone rings. She checks the caller ID) It’s him? (Answers the phone) hello…. are you sure? Ok fine. (Presses a button) Ok you’re on speaker now. Everyone meet the Manager of the IDCS.

IDCS Manager*: I can’t help you. If I do the InterDimensional Guardian Won’t learn anything.

Sara: I’m not going to learn anything I don’t already know anyway you might as well help us.

IDCS Manager*: I was talking about the rightful InterDimensional Guardian Kiddo. You’re just the poor sap she passed her responsibilities, her curse to.

Sara: What’s that supposed to mean!

Aubere: (Face slowly starts to go pail)

Odd: Ok now I’m confused.

Reverse Jeremy: I still don’t know what’s going on. Who’s the guy using the voice changey thingy?

Ulrich: Is this guy screwing with us?

IDCS Manager*: I am not “screwing with you” as Mr. Stern put it. I am pointing out facts.

Sara: This guy is crazy.

IDCS Manager*: I am not crazy Ms. Draconar. And I suggest you think about those friends of yours next time you decide to selfishly put yourself in harm’s way. How do you think they feel about that Kiddo? You have your own lessons to learn during this little detour from destiny you’re taking.

Sara: I swear if you call me Kiddo one more time-!

IDCS Manager*: You’ll what? Kill me? I know you wouldn’t do that. Even if you really wanted to you can’t get to where I am.

Sara: You have to be in this dimension since I broke the multidimensional adapter on Aubere’s phone trying to call my cousin.

IDCS manager*: See you’re smart enough to handle this. You should get to work on that much needed character development there Kiddo. I have to get back to work. And Aubere. Don’t text me asking for help again until that mess of yours is fixed. (Hangs up)

Aubere: (Face is a white as a sheep that fell in a p ool filled with bleach and decided to swim in there for a few minutes) What the hell was he talking about?

Odd: That didn’t make any sense.

Sara: You got that right. He tried to say that I’m not the InterDimensional Guardian. That’s ridiculous… Right Aubere?

Aubere: Hua? Oh yeah. Of course.

Aelita: What did he mean your mess Aubere?

Aubere: Oh he’s talking about a mistake I made in the Pokémon Dimension a few months ago.

Ulrich: This is all really suspicious.

Yumi: Now’s not the time for us to dwell on what some stranger says for all we know he could have been trying to split us up.

Reverse Jeremy: It still bugs me that you actually talk. Anyway someone explain all this to me. Soon too if I miss any more classes I’m gonna get in huge trouble

Aelita: Won’t the teachers ask more questions if your friends don’t show up?

Ulrich: They might even throw you in jail.

Reverse Jeremy: S-seriously? Maybe you all could act like my friends until you find out how to go home. And if you could help me get the rest of my group back too that’d be great.

Aubere: You’ve got to be kidding. There is absolutely-

Sara: Fine we’ll do it.

Aubere: (Face goes from bleached sheep white to ladybug red) WHAT!

Sara: We’ve got nothing else to do. And we might need to move in this dimension without seeming suspicious anyway.

Aelita: That does seem like the best way to handle things.

Odd: I’m in if Sara’s in.

Ulrich: I don’t like the idea but we can’t stay in this factory the entire time either.

Yumi: this might be a bad idea. We don’t know how these other versions of us act. We could mess up and be discovered.

Reverse Jeremy: Well our Yumi doesn’t talk so you have the easiest one.\

Yumi: What about at home?

Reverse Jeremy: I don’t know. I always assumed she couldn’t talk at all.

Yumi: See this is a bad Idea.

Aubere: Thank you!

Sara: You two can stay here if you want. I’m going to try it.

Reverse Jeremy: I’ll tell you all how my friends act and you can decide from there.

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Chapter 10: Things start getting hectic

Reverse Odd is the last one to wake up on the floor of the scanner room. He climbs the ladder into the lab to find Reverse Aubere standing over him. Jeremy has just sat back down in his usual spot and begins trying to find away to get his friends home. The rest of the reverse group has dome off in their separate directions all for different reasons like gathering essential supplies and information, a search for a bathroom, a hunt for a “decent mirror”, and who knows what else. Reverse Aubere puts her foot on Reverse Odd’s head.

Reverse Aubere: Do me a favor and just go back to sleep for the rest of the time we’re in this dimension.

Reverse Odd: What the hell are you talking about? (Pushes Aubere’s foot out of the way and finishes climbing up) There was just a glitch with the tubes of death that knocked us all out, BECAUSE SOMEONE DIDN’T LISTEN WHEN WE TOLD HIM NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING!

Jeremy: Please Don’t scream at me while I’m busy.

Reverse Odd: Get out of that chair you moron!

Reverse Aubere: You would have heard the explanation if you woke up on time.

Reverse Odd: What’s that supposed to mean?

Reverse Aubere: Look I know you’re too busy being a complete asshole to figure anything out for yourself so I’ll make this simple for you. We’re in to a parallel dimension a lot of things seem to be opposite in this dimension.

Reverse Odd: Well then I guess we’re lucky these people don’t breathe methane then.

Reverse Aubere: Ugh. You’re hopeless. Just stay out of my way. And I swear if you do anything that might sabotage our getting home I will kill you. We’re on to you. Eventually the one person who voted to keep you in the group will wise up and we finally won’t have to deal with you.

Reverse Odd: Quit talking like I’m the enemy you bitch.

Reverse Aubere: You are the enemy. Or at least you’re working with him, or it or whatever I don’t give a shit anymore. All that matters to me is making sure Sara doesn’t get hurt.

Reverse Odd: She’s not a baby. She can take care of herself. (starts climbing to the upper level)

Reverse Aubere: Yeah you just keep climbing donkey poop! And don’t come back for all I care.

Reverse Odd: (Looks down and spits on Reverse Aubere’s head. He keeps climbing)

Reverse Aubere: One of these days I am so going to kill that guy.

Jeremy: Well you do seem to be judging him a little harshly

Reverse Aubere: You’re just saying that because you’re used to your dimension’s version. The idiotic prankster. You haven’t seen our version in full force. He’s more of an asshole when there’s more people around.

Jeremy: Hum. Well No matter the important thing is I get my friends back and get all of you home.

Reverse Aubere: Thought if you could lose our Odd in the process no one would miss him. I am not kidding about that.

Jeremy: Your dimension’s Sara left a note saying to ignore you if you said things like that.

Reverse Aubere: She may be smart but she’s too trusting of people. She likes to see the good in people even when there is literally none. Trust me. It’s almost gotten her killed. A lot.

Jeremy: Maybe you should just leave me to my work.

Reverse Aubere: Fine whatever. I’m just warning you. The only one who voted to keep our Odd in the group was his roommate and that was only because he was scared.

Jeremy: Was the vote anonymous?

Reverse Aubere: Yeah.

Jeremy: Then how do you know for sure? You did just say that your Sara is too trusting.

Reverse Aubere: Yeah she’s trusting to a fault but she’s not stupid enough to keep the guy who regularly hits her around.

Jeremy: Ok this has gone on long enough. I need you to leave so I can get back to work. I’ve asked you to stop distracting me but you just keep ranting. The longer you bug me the less work I get done. Now go.

Reverse Aubere: Fine. I’m out of here. (presses the button and waits for the elevator to come back down) by the way what’s your elevator’s clearance code?

Jeremy: 1-5-0-6.

Reverse Aubere: Thank you I’ll be sure to tell the others.

Jeremy: I already told them but I’m sure Your dimension’s Ulrich will need you to remind him he seems like a scatter brain. Your Aelita will probably need a reminder too. And Your dimension's Odd doesn't know but it looked like he was avoiding the elevator anyway so he might not need it if he does I'm sure someone will fill him in.

Reverse Aubere: More like he'll beat it out of them.

Jeremy: Just go!

Reverse Odd walks through the boiler room towards the machine room. He stops in an open area and stretches. He hears a loud crash in the next room and sneaks closer to the door to check it out. Once he’s able to get a slightly better view he sees William standing in the machine room with several metal objects floating around him some of them heavy, others not so much.

Reverse Odd: (Mumbles) Ugh him again? Does he follow us everywhere? Wait no that has to be this dimension’s version. What is he Magneto or something? Damn it pull it together Odd you’re talking to yourself again.

William: You’re pathetic. You’re not even going to try to fight back? I might be finished with this and out of here before anyone knows you’re missing.

Female voice: P-please. Y-you d-don’t have to do this.

Reverse Odd: (sneaks closer while mumbling to himself) Not good. Fight back Fradycat. You fought just well enough to survive back in the virtual world. Do that in reality. (staring at Reverse Sara{the female voice} but not doing anything to help)

William: (aims a screw at Reverse Sara’s forehead) Shut up chicken.

Reverse Ulrich: Hey what’s going on here? (walks into the room) Hey no fair you have super powers.

Reverse Odd: (Facepalm) Idiot. She’s being attacked do something.

William: Well so much for no chance of rescue. (Flings a metal box at Reverse Ulrich)

Reverse Ulrich: (Dodges and moves himself to between William and Reverse Sara) I’m starting to think you’re not on our side.

William: …. Was that supposed to be a joke?

Reverse Odd: (Sneaks into the machine room)

Reverse Ulrich: No.

William: You’re as pathetic as the rest of your dysfunctional little team. (Aims the rest of the nails and screws at Reverse Ulrich and Reverse Sara)

Reverse Sara: (Curls into a ball)

Reverse Ulrich: (Braces himself)

William: Oh by the way your fly is down.

Reverse Ulrich: What really? (Starts to look down)

Reverse Odd: (Grabs a crowbar from the metallic junk floating around William) HEY DUMBASS!

Reverse Ulrich: (Looks at Reverse Odd)

William: Hua? (turns around) Where-?

Reverse Odd: (Hits William in the face with the crowbar knocking him out) What an idiot.

Reverse Ulrich: … What the heck? Did you just save us?

Reverse Odd: I couldn’t just stand there. Hey coward. Get up It’s safe now but It won’t be if we stay here.

Reverse Sara: (Looks up at Reverse Odd) T-thank you.

Reverse Odd: Humph. (walks into the next room)

Reverse Ulrich: You’re supposed to say “you’re welcome” you jerk.

Reverse Sara: He did just save us.

Reverse Ulrich: I had everything covered.

Reverse Sara: He’s right though we should get out of here.