Interdimensional Travel

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Interdimensional Travel

I'm going to be posting a fanfic on this thread tomorrow I still have some editing to do otherwise it would be today. I just thought you should know It may be a code Lyoko story but it has other shows in it too like Winx Club, Magical DoReMi and Mew mew power I thought I should warn you before I confuse anyone. Oh and I have the whole story typed because I posted it On a different site Dont bother Looking for it because this one will be the better version I wont change much form my original fanfic just enough to make it good enough. It's the first fanfic I ever did so it probably wont be good.

(It's in script format but it't too late to change that now :youpi:)

EDIT: As of November 4th 2013 I started replacing the chapters I originally wrote when I was a terrible writer with new updated versions that reflect my level of writing skill at this time. (I would like to note that while the new versions of the chapters were written with more skill than the originals I'm sure even the new versions can be improved upon) The comments and all their out of context glory will be left intact. I would like to thank everyone who read, enjoyed, or commented on the original version of this story. I hope you will all like the new story better.
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Some formatting notes that may help when reading this story

no formatting except maybe something bolded, underlined or italicized for emphasis = narrations and other important descriptive situations.

Italicized text = emphasis or sarcasm depending on the situation.

(stuff in parentheses) =actions

(Italic in parentheses) = thoughts

(Italic [with something like this in the middle] in parentheses) =thoughts with actions occurring in the middle of the thoughts

Character's name: Words =Dialogue/monologue

Character's name and Character's name: Dialogue = two or more characters speaking in unison

Character's name: Dialogue
Character's name: Dialogue = two characters speaking different lines at the same time (or if i'm not careful a page break error but I'm trying hard to avoid that)

Character's name: dialogue/monologue all in italic text - A voice a character is hearing in their head.

???: dialogue = unknown character or character who's name has not been revealed yet. (Number of question marks may vary)

Character's name*: Dialogue/monolgue = a character who is possessed by Xana ans has an electronic overlay or echo to their voice, or a character who's voice has been modified from it's original form in some way.

Character's name: Small text = A character that is mumbling, whispering, or a significant distance away from other characters but still in auditory range.

Character's name: Really tiny text = A character is farther away but is also whispering or mumbling, or characters that have moved to be just barely within auditory range (I'll try not to use this much as it's hard to read even for me)

Character's name: CAPS LOCK TEXT. = as per the typical assumption of caps lock usage the character in question is yelling (Usually I'll just say they're yelling in the Actions formatting though. Actually no capslock is the best way as long as I use it right.)

Character's name: Large Or Very large text. = a character is yelling to a degree that caps lock just cannot express. (has not been used yet as caps lock is usually sufficient if I really want to drive home the point that someone is yelling and this just seems excessive also takes up too much space)

More may be added later.
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Chapter 1 The Portal.

A girl with blond hair and blue clothes walks into her bedroom. She’s greeted by a huge orangeish-brown mouse with some grey stripes, grey paws, yellow spots on its cheeks, strangely-shaped ears, and a long tail with a lightning bolt shape on the end. The strange creature jumps off the bed into the girl’s arms.

Girl: Hello Rairai. How was your day?

Rairai: Chu! (faint electric sparks jump from the little creature’s cheeks)

Girl: Glad to hear it. (rubs Rairai’s head before setting her down on the bed) We have to find somewhere new to live. As soon as we can.

Rairai: Chu! (tail twitches)

The girl drops her backpack on the floor and picks up a cell phone-like device. She puts the device in her pocket and picks up a red, black, and white spherical object shortly before tossing it in the air. The spherical object opens releasing a red light that becomes a strange humanoid bird creature. The bird creature stretches. Small flames ignite around its wrists then quickly go out.

Girl: Blaze I need you to gather up the others. We’re leaving soon.

Blaze: Blaziken! (Nods and runs out of the room)

suddenly a colorful vortex opens on the floor in the middle of the room.

Girl: W-what? Ugh. Not this again.

Rairai: Chu!?

Girl: Don’t worry Rairai I’m not going anywhere without all of you. Besides every time I go through one of those things something horrible ends up happening.

The girl walks to her dresser to grab some clothes carefully moving around the swirling rainbow whirlpool unfortunately she trips and falls halfway into the vortex. She screams as she grabs her bed frame and tries to pull herself out. Blaze runs back into the room and leaps over the vortex landing just next to the girl. Blaze grabs the girls hand. Before the bird-like fire beast can pull the girl from the vortex he loses his grip allowing the girl to disappear into the swirling colors. Rairai Makes a squeaking noise as she tries to dive from the bed into the vortex only to have it disappear just as she nears the floor.

Odd sits under a tree in Kadic’s park. He throws a ball and Kiwi almost immediately brings it back to him. This game of fetch continues for about twenty minutes before Kiwi finally gets tired just as Odd’s arm starts to ache. Odd grabs his backpack and opens it so Kiwi can climb inside. Kiwi walks over to another tree nearby and lifts his leg. Odd chuckles as he waits for Kiwi to finish doing his business. The sound of branches breaking can be heard nearby. Kiwi runs in the direction of the noise barking.

Odd: Hey. Kiwi get back here. (Chases his dog into the bushes and sees a strange girl lying on top of a pile of broken tree branches) hua?

Girl: Ugh. Great I got sucked into another hostile dimension. What’s this one going to attack me with. (Tries to stand up) Ugh my back.

Odd: hum…. (Looks around for Kiwi)

Kiwi: Arf arf! (Runs out of seemingly nowhere and starts licking the girls face)

Girl: H-heey. stop that tickels.

Odd: Well if Kiwi likes her-. (Steps out of the bushes) Kiwi down boy.

Girl: Is this your dog?

Odd: Yeah he’s mine. Uh hey you look hurt do you need some help.

Girl: No. Ungh. (Forces herself to stand up) I’m good. I just have to figure out how to get home.

Odd: Are you lost?

Girl: something like that. I think I can make a way home. (Does some strange hand motions)

Odd: Was that supposed to do something?

Girl: Yes. Dang it looks like I’m stuck here.

Odd: What do you mean? Couldn’t you just call your parents and tell them where you are?

Girl: I don’t know where I am. The only thing I know about this place is that It’s not the dimension I was born in. Little grey dogs are face lickers. (Glares down at Kiwi)

Kiwi: (Wagging tail) Arf! (Closes his eyes) Arf arf!

Girl: (looks at Odd) and… wait are you even human?

Odd: Well yeah why wouldn’t I be?

Girl: I don’t even know the last few dimensions I was sucked into have been totally weird. One of them was filled with sentient mushrooms and turtles. Nothing in that world made sense.

Odd: Ooohkaaay then. (Kneels down and opens his backpack.) Kiwi. Here boy.

Kiwi: (Trots over and dives into odd’s backpack)

Girl: (A dog in a backpack? Guess it’s not any weirder than if it was a bird.)

Odd: Good boy. (Closes the backpack leaving a small opening for the little dog to breathe through) Um. I have to go to class soon. Are you going to be ok here by yourself or should I go get a teacher?

Girl: This is a school?

Odd: Yeah. Kadic Junior High school. We usually just call it Kadic Academy.

Girl: Wait you think I’m crazy!

Odd: Oh no. Not at all

Girl: I am not crazy. If I could get the dang portal spell right I’d prove it!

Odd: Hey I’ve seen things way crazier than what you’re talking about.

Girl: Seriously?

Odd: Ehnnn (a nervous expression spreads across his face as he takes a step backwards. He quickly regains his composure) Yeah but it was all in videogames. You’re not crazy you’re just confused. You probably hit your head and got a concussion or something.

Girl: I did not hit my head! I know I didn’t! I fell on my back! (Wait he’s never going to believe me. This world must be filled with normal people if he’s trying to rationalize what I said this much. I might as well play along) I couldn’t have hit my head… Could I? (Rubs the back of her head)

Odd: Are you sure you don’t want me to get a teacher? I’m sure Jim is around here somewhere.

Girl: Jim?

Odd: He’s the PE teacher. He hangs out near the garden shed after class sometimes to make sure students aren’t hiding in there

Girl: Sounds kind of weird to me.

Odd: Uh oh It’s getting late. I better get going. (Runs off) It was nice meeting you.
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An important fact about this story is that it takes place in a parallel dimension instead of the same one the show takes place in. as will become increasingly apparent later in the series of fanfics that I'm going through and re-writing to make them not horrible.

Chapter 2 Disoriented.

Odd walks into his dorm to find Jeremy, Aelita, and Ulrich waiting for him. He sets his bag down and opens it to let Kiwi out. The little dog goes to his drawer and curls up.

Ulrich: What took so long Odd?

Odd: Something weird happened. (Looks at Jeremy and Aelita) Is Xana up to something?

Jeremy: The superscan hasn’t found an activated tower. What happened?

Odd: Nothing I ran into this weird girl who insisted that she’s from another dimension.

Ulrich: You sure you didn’t just fall asleep while walking Kiwi again?

Odd: I did not dream this!

Ulrich: What’s her name?

Odd: Um…. I kind of forgot to ask.

Ulrich: Yeah right.

Odd: I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. She could have been one of Xana’s tricks.

Jeremy: I guess it’s possible but highly unlikely.

Aelita: Still the only way to really tell is if we talk to her ourselves.

Jeremy: That’s a bad idea. If she’s not under Xana’s control then she’s mentally unstable. We don’t know what she could do.

Ulrich: If she even exists.

Odd: Oh she’s real. Just ask Kiwi.

Kiwi: (Looks up at Odd)

Ulrich: (Scratches his head) Really not helping your case.

Odd: Hey I know what I saw.

Ulrich: If she is real and she’s not under Xana’s control you should ask her out.

Odd: You think so?

Ulrich: Yeah she’s already crazy so maybe she’s crazy enough to date you.

Aelita: That was mean Ulrich.

Ulrich: Yeah I guess I went a little too far.

A loud crash is heard outside.

Jeremy: What was that?

Odd: (looks out the window) Sounds like more tree branches fell.

Aelita: (looks out towards the park) I think we should check it out after class.

The second Odd is out of her sight the strange girl wanders around the park trying to think of some way to get back to where she came from. After a few minutes she climbs up into a tree and uses her full body weight to break one of the branches. It drags more branches down with it. The girl climbs out of the pile of branches she just created. She hears some people coming towards her. She thinks for a second then looks for the nearest hiding place. A seemingly out of place manhole cover. She just barely manages to close the lid before a heavy set man stands on top of it. She listens quietly and waits for the voices to leave.

Man 1: It looks like these branches broke too.

Man 2: Thank you for once again stating the obvious Jim. I imagine this was the noise we just heard.

Jim: What could have caused the branches to break like this?

Man 2: Most likely some students climbing the trees weakened the branches or a strong gust of wind.

the sound of a generic phone ring tone is heard. the girl peaks through the holes in the manhole cover but doesn’t manage to see anything other than Jim’s ankles. The ringing phone stops with a low pitched beep.

Man 2: Hello?... Yes Suzanne what is it? ... Alright we’ll be right there? (another low pitched beep is heard.) So many problems today. Come on Jim.

Jim: Yes sir Principal Delmas.

The girl waits for the two men to leave then waits some extra time for good measure before she opens the manhole cover and climbs up out of the sewer. She resumes wandering around the park almost wandering into the main area of the campus grounds several times after what feels like ten minutes she leans against a tree and holds her head.

Girl: (What’s wrong with me? Why am I so tired?)

Odd: (steps out of the bushes) Hey are you ok?

Girl: Y-you. Uh. Hi. (I must be exhausted. How could I have not heard him coming?)

Odd: I’m surprised you’re still here.

Girl: Yeah I’m still trying to figure out how to get back where I came from. What about you don’t you have class or something?

Odd: No classes are over for the day.

Girl: After only fifteen minutes? Wow that’s a short day.

Odd: … It’s been three hours.

Girl: What?

Odd: We met three hours ago. Are you ok?

Girl: I’m fine. I guess I’m still disoriented from when I hit my head is all. (This dimension is doing this to me?)

Ulrich: (Jumps out of the bushes) Hey Odd just ask the girl her name. If she even remember it.

Girl: (glares at Ulrich) Are there more of you hiding nearby? (Who is this jerk and how did I not notice him?)

Jeremy and Aelita step out of the bushes.

Odd: Wow lucky guess.

Girl: I guess so.

Odd: So my name is Odd. (points at Ulrich) That’s Ulrich. The guy with glasses is Jeremy. And the girl with pink hair is Aelita.

Girl: Nice to meet all of you. I’m Sara.

Jeremy: So where are you from?

Sara: I’m not sure at the moment. Not here. I don’t even know what continent I’m on right now.

Ulrich: Europe.

Sara: Then no wonder I’m so confused. I’m from the United States I don’t know how I got here. Though I probably just don’t remember because I hit my head. (Are they buying this? Maybe I can get out of here without raising suspicion.)

Aelita: So you remember who you are but not how you got here?

Sara: I guess so. I should probably get to a hospital but they’d just tell me I have a concussion or something and not let me sleep for a while and since I apparently can’t tell time that shouldn’t be a problem. I think I’ll just find a good hiding place and hang out here.

Aelita: Are you sure you’re alright?

Sara: I’ll be alright.

Jeremy: We should be going now.

Odd: If you want I can try to bring you something to eat later?

Sara: I appreciate it but no thank you.

Odd: alright then.

Sara waits for the group of teenagers to leave then walks away in the opposite direction occasionally leaning against trees for support.
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Chapter 3 Now What!

Sara falls asleep shortly after finding a safe place in a bush near the manhole cover. some time late at night she wakes up. She stretches and tries to regain a sense of her surroundings. She stands up just as a strange grey haired woman in a lab coat walks out of a nearby building towards her.

Sara: (Rolls her eyes) Ugh. More trouble. (waits until the woman is standing in front of her) Look I’m not a student here so you have no power over me. So I’ll just leave and you can go back to grading papers or whatever it was you were doing this late.

Woman: Gerr (grabs Sara’s shirt and lifts her off the ground)

Sara: Hey lady put me down. NOW!

Woman: (a strange symbol flashes across her eyes) Rerrrr

Sara: (a low growl starts in the back of her throat) Last warning. Let go or else!

Woman: (Throws Sara against a tree turns around and starts to walk away)

Sara: Now I’m mad. (stands up, brushes some dirt and bark off her shoulder then runs at the woman and punches her in the back) You messed with the wrong person! Wait why didn’t you fall down?

Woman: (Turns around grabs Sara and throws her into a bench then charges electricity)

Sara: Ugh. Ok so you’re not human. Good to know.

Meanwhile Jeremy is standing in Odd and Ulrich’s dorm trying to wake them up without waking the rest of the school he’s unsuccessful. Aelita sneaks into the room.

Aelita: I’m here what’s Xana up to now.

Jeremy: I don’t know yet I haven’t had a chance to check. I’m still trying to wake Odd and Ulrich.

Aelita: Well waking Odd up shouldn’t be that hard.

Jeremy: You’d thing but apparently Ulrich’s dad has been putting him under so much stress that he snores now. So now both Odd and Ulrich are sleeping with earplugs. I’d have better luck waking up kiwi at this point. Wait that’s it. (walks over to Odd’s bed and starts poking Kiwi in the back.)Um. Kiwi. Good dog. Wake up.

Kiwi: (Growls in his sleep, turns and bites Jeremy’s hand clamping down hard)

Jeremy: AHG! (Shakes his hand and Kiwi with it.) Let go. Bad dog.

Kiwi: (Wakes up and clamps down harder.)

Jeremy: AHH! Kiwi let go. (shakes his hand franticly trying to get the small dog to let go.)

Kiwi: (finally lets go of Jeremy’s hand and goes flying landing on top of Odd’s face.)

Odd: OW! What?... Kiwi what are you doing there?

Jeremy: Sorry Odd. That was my fault.

Odd: Hua? (Takes out earplugs) What’d you say.

Jeremy: You need to not wear those. It’s hard to wake you guys up if you and Ulrich both wear earplugs.

Odd: Ok two questions though one how did Kiwi get on my face, and why is William here?

Aelita: (turns around) Huh. My bad I forgot to close the door.

Jeremy: Still how did we not notice him?

William: I’m just as surprised as you. I guess no one heard me over your screaming.

Aelita: Go back to bed.

William: Why should I? What are you all up to? (Sits down on Ulrich without thinking)

Ulrich: (Sits up and punches William in the face) Ugh! (takes out earplugs) What the heck.

William: Woops I didn’t know you were there.

Ulrich: Yeah I guess it doesn’t make sense for me to be sleeping in my bed in my own dorm.

William: Exactly.

Ulrich: (Facepalm) Ugh. and I thought Odd was an idiot.

Odd: Hey I’m right here.

Ulrich: Why is he here! (thrusts his index finger in William's direction)

Suddenly there’s a blinding flash outside the window. The group of teenagers look out the window (Odd and Ulrich practically leap out of bed in order to do so) to see Sara slumped over against a bench that’s been broken in half with Mrs. Hertz Standing over her with electricity around her hands.

William: What the heck was that? Did Mrs. Hertz just attack that girl?

Jeremy: What ever happened it can’t be good.

Ulrich: (Looks at Odd) Odd and I will go get a closer look. (Walks out the door)

William: I’ll go too.

Odd: No it we’ll probably need a teacher. (heads out the door) You should wake Jim up. We’ll meet you down stairs

William: Got it. ( hurries down the hall)

Jeremy: Great thinking Ulrich let’s get to the factory before he wakes Jim up.

Aelita: Shouldn’t we call Yumi?

Jeremy: There’s no time. We’ll call her when we get there.

Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy and Aelita sneak past William and Jim who isn’t quite awake yet then run out towards the park just as Sara stands up.

Sara: I’m going to make you regret that.

Mrs Hertz: (Charges up for another attack)

Odd: Should we do something?

Jeremy: The best thing we can do is get to the factory and deactivate the tower.

Aelita: She could die if we don’t get there in time.

Jeremy: You’re right. Any Ideas?

Odd: Ulrich you distract Mrs. Hertz I’ll get Sara out of there.

Ulrich: Why do I have to be the distraction?

Odd: Please?

Ulrich: Fine. Let’s do this. But you get to be the distraction next time.

Jeremy: Aelita and I will meet you guys in the park.

Aelita and Jeremy continue into the park. Ulrich manages to distract Mrs Hertz just long enough for Odd to run past, grab Sara’s hand, and drag her over to Jeremy and Aelita. He then goes back to help Ulrich. William, Jim and the Principal walk outside just as Odd and Ulrich disappear into the park and the possessed Mrs. Hertz tries to hit them with an Electrical attack. Mrs. Hertz is distracted by Jim and the Principal asking her “What the heck are you doing?” for the five teenagers to get into the sewer. Sara asks the Lyoko warriors repeatedly “what’s going on?” and “Why was that woman attacking me?” but never receives an answer. Finally they arrive at the factory and head for the lab once in the elevator a new problem arises. What to do about Sara.

Ulrich: So should we all go to Lyoko or does one of us need to stay here and keep an eye on her. (motions towards Sara)

Sara: What is that supposed to mean? None of you has told me what’s going on!

Aelita: (Stares at Sara)

Odd: It’s better that you not know. You’ll just end up forgetting anyway.

Sara: Ok what the heck is that supposed to mean?

Jeremy: (ignoring Sara) We will need someone to keep an eye on her. One of you needs to stay behind at least until Yumi gets here.

the elevator door opens. Jeremy walks over, puts on the headset and sits down in front of the supercomputer.

Aelita: It will be fine. I don’t think she has any connection to Xana.

Jeremy: I don’t think it’s a good idea. Why would Xana go out of his way to attack her? It just doesn’t make any sense.

Aelita: There may be an explanation.

Jeremy I don’t like it.

Sara: I’m fourteen and a half. I don’t need a baby sitter.

Odd: It’s not like leaving here alone with you will hurt anything.

Sara: Someone needs to start explaining things.

Ulrich: We should head for the tower before Xana can attack Yumi.

Aelita: Ulrich’s right Jeremy.

Jeremy: Fine (begins typing) head for the scanners.

Odd: (gently pushes Sara out of the elevator once she’s out he hits the down button.)

Jeremy: (waits a little bit.) Is everyone ready? I’m going to start the transfer.

Odd: Well then hurry up Einstein.

Sara: Someone really needs to tell me what’s going on!

Jeremy: (Sighs) The activated tower is in the desert sector. (Types something then presses enter) Transfer Odd, Transfer Ulrich, Transfer Aelita. (Types something again) Scanner Odd, Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Aelita. (adjusts glasses then presses enter) Virtualization!

Sara: None of this is making sense!

Jeremy: None of this concerns you.

Aelita: We made it Jeremy.

Jeremy: Good. The tower is due west. (begins typing again) I’m sending the vehicles. (presses enter)

Sara: Please. If you tell me what’s going on I can help.

Jeremy: That’s not going to happen.

Sara: (man this guy is stubborn. If I’m ever going to get out of this dimension I need to know what kind of place this really is.)

Jeremy: Keep your guard up guys there are some monsters headed your way. Three bloks.

Odd: That’s all?

Ulrich: This will be easy.

Aelita: Something seems off here.

A cracking noise is heard from coming from the computer.

Sara: That didn’t sound good.

Jeremy: Is everyone alright? It looks like Xana’s changed the Terrain around you.

Ulrich: No kidding we’re trapped in a pit!

Jeremy: It’s about to get worse. Xana’s sending more monsters.

Odd: We could use some help here.

Jeremy: I’ll call Yumi and see what’s taking so long.

Sara: Sounds like they need help. Is there anything I can do?

Jeremy: No. (brings up the phone program on the supercomputer)

(the sound of the elevator moving can be heard)

Yumi: How are things on Lyoko?

Sara: Hey if sound is just going to come out of the computer anyway then why wear the headset? Is it just for the microphone?

Jeremy: (Glares at Sara) Shhh. Not good Odd and Ulrich are almost out of life points and are pinned down.

Yumi: I’m in the elevator now I’ll head straight for the scanners. (hangs up)

Sara: (There’s only one thing I can do.) I’d like to help too if I can. (Holds her hand behind her back just before it becomes surrounded in a blue aura).

Jeremy: (becomes surrounded with the same blue aura) Well alright head down to the next floor and get in of the scanners.

Sara: I promise you won’t regret this. Is there any way besides the elevator?

Jeremy: There should be a maintenance hatch around here somewhere.

Sara: (looks around) Ok I found it. (opens the hatch and climbs down into the scanner room)

Yumi: (Stares Sara down with suspicion.) Who are you?

Sara: My name is Sara. I’m here to help (holds out a hand)

Yumi: (Moves into a defensive stance) And why should I believe that?

Sara: Because I have no reason to lie.

one of the scanners closes.

Jeremy: This is no time for fighting ladies. Who knows what Xana is having Mrs. Hertz is do.

The Scanner opens and Ulrich Steps out.

Ulrich: (Rubs his head) Ugh that thing came out of nowhere?

Yumi: Another Megatank?

Ulrich: (nods)

Yumi: (Steps into one of the scanners) How do those things keep sneaking up on you? they aren't exactly quiet.

Ulrich: How should I know? (Glares at Sara) What the heck do you think you’re doing down here! (moves into an offensive stance)

Sara: I’m helping. (stares at the scanners) So these things aren't going to fill with water at any point... Right?

Ulrich: (Glances at Yumi)

Yumi: (Returns Ulrich's glance) Oh I don't know about that.

Ulrich: They haven't before but that doesn't mean they won't

Jeremy: knock it off guys. Just let her help.

Ulrich: (Glares at Sara with suspicion)

Sara: (Gets in a scanner) S-so what am I supposed to do now.

Jeremy: Transfer Yumi, Transfer um… Sara….. Scanner Yumi, Scanner Sara. Virtualization!
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Chapter 4 Enemy or Ally

The aura around Jeremy disappears the second he hits the enter key. He scratches head in confusion then begins typing. Ulrich stomps out the elevator.

Ulrich: What was that all about hua? Why’d you send HER to Lyoko.

Jeremy: (Why did I send her to Lyoko? I remember everything but that. I have to tell Ulrich something so he’ll calm down.) I needed her to get into the scanner so I could look at her genetic code. She offered to help I figured that was the perfect excuse.

Ulrich: She could be working for Xana.

Jeremy: No Aelita’s right about that. If she was one of Xana’s tricks she would have attacked us when we were all in one place. Xana attacked her because he saw her as a threat. I want to know why. She could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time or she could be even more dangerous than Xana. I have to figure this out.

Ulrich: Ok this seems like a risky idea.

Jeremy: I know but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Sara and Yumi land on Lyoko afew feet from the pit where Odd and Aelita are pinned down.
Yumi looks at Sara.

Yumi: (Ok she’s here to help. She can’t be any less trust worthy than William right? I better be nice to her for now. At least until we know who she really is.) You know you’re almost wearing the same outfit as Odd.

Sara: (Looks down at her cloths) Seriously?

Yumi: Except for the color, the Logo on your chest and you tail it’s exactly the same.

Sara: That’s a little strange. Let’s go. (Starts walking towards the pit)

Yumi: Follows. (I don’t like this)

Sara: (looks over the edge of the pit) Looks simple enough. (Jumps off the edge of and digs her claws into a Krab’s shell scratching the surface before she falls off) Ugh. That should have worked. (Looks at her hands) Huh. no wonder these claws are too dull to cut butter.

Odd: Welcome to Lyoko Sara. (Bows)

Yumi: (Throws her fans destroying the Krab Sara failed to Defeat. and Kankralat that was targeting Aelita) Odd if you start trying Pickup lines on the poor girl then she might kill you. literly. (catches her weapons and jumps down to where the others are)

Sara: Hey I know I haven’t earned anyone’s trust. But I’m no murderer!

Yumi: I’ll give you a chance. (turns towards the next monster) But I still don’t like you.

Sara: I’m not asking you to. (looks at Odd and Aelita) So… How do I fight?

Jeremy: It looks Like your weapon is an Ice based attack that works similarly to the Odd’s laser arrows. Just watch him and do what he does.

Odd: (Smirks at Sara) Time for some follow the leader. Hope you can keep up! (Runs towards the wall climbing using his claws shooting any monster in his way)

Sara: I’ll do more than that. (Follows Odd’s lead but stops briefly to grab Aelita’s hand and pull her up to a nearby ledge so she can climb to the top on her own. She fires at a few hornets freezing them and causing them to crash to the ground When she reaches the top of the wall she Helps Aelita again then looks down at Yumi) Yo! Need some help climbing up?

Yumi: (Glares up at Sara as she clings to some rocks) I’m fine.

Sara: Suite yourself then. (looks at Odd) How’s that for keeping up?

Odd: (Frowns) I still beat you to top.

Aelita: (gets down on her Knees and puts her hands together.) Aahhhhhhhhhhhh.

A staircase to the bottom of the pit appears. Yumi drops down from trying to climb the rock wall and takes the stairs. Aelita Stands up and dusts off her skirt.

Yumi: Thanks Aelita.

Sara: (looks at Aelita) Why didn’t you do this sooner.

Aelita: (Shrugs) Too many monsters. Plus you and Odd never gave me the chance.

Yumi: Can we hurry up and get to the tower?
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Ok I'm Sara Draconar Posting Under DragonGirl's account (she Asked me to) So Who's ready for Some between Chapter entertainment!.........Not a Lively Place is it. Too bad Dragongirl dosn't know verry much French yet other wise she could have posted this story over there it looks much more fun. Not enough people overhere respond to threads around here I don't know why I agreed to to this.

(Get on with it Sara!!!!!!)

Oh what just because you created me dosn't mean you can tell me what to do!

(Actually it Dose)

Fine. Hey readers want to see something cool?

(They can't see you and you can't do anything that is related to something from later in the fanfic.)

No Fair!

(Life isn't fair Sara. Why do you think all your friends are still fighting Xana?)

Well Ummm Because the people watching the show would try to kill Moonscoop, Antifilms, and Taffy Entertainment for ending the show too early.

(No {but that sounds like something I would do if they hadn't releised season 4 in America} it's because Life isn't fair)

Whatever DragonGirl!

(Just Stick to things related to the story or else I'll guive you a script)

Fine just back off and let me handel this


(About time she shuts up)

(Hey You can't be here! besides the color you're useing is too dark noone can read what you put)

Yes he can! and who cairs they can highlight what he put so they can read it

( :NRV: Do you want a script?)

( :ehh: Sara Dosn't need a script! :odd2: )

(Get off this post now!)

Leave him alone!

(Fine he can stay but he can't talk)

( :odd: )

(Or use smilies!)

:cry: Please


S'il vous plaît

(Non! get on with it!)

Fine.... Ok now that that's over Umm Oh who cares about what I was going to do That was entertaining enough right?

(Of corse it was)

(You can't be here you don't show up untill later in the story!)

It was ether Her or Jim.

(You planned this!!!!!! :angryfire: )


(It was fun too :mrgreen:)

(I said no Smlies! :angryfire: )

(Awwwww :cry: ) (Ha ha :aha:)

And that concludes this adition of Between Chapter entertainment next one is after chapter 7 where you get To ask Me and Odd questions. BYE!
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Chapter 5 Paradox

Aelita runs to the tower and deactivates it. Jeremy materializes everyone and they all meet up in the lab to discuss what to do now that Sara not only knows about Lyoko but has been there making it impossible to erase her memory with a return to the past. After Sitting in silence for several minutes Jeremy finally sighs.

Jeremy: (Adjusts glasses then looks at Sara) So I suppose you’ll want to know everything.

Sara: Uh Yeah! What the heck is all this? How did all of you get into this situation? Aren’t you all just kids?

Jeremy: Alright We’ll start from the beginning then.

Ulrich: Shouldn’t we do something about Mrs. Hertz first?

Yumi: Ulrich’s right. She’s going to be really curious about how she got here and if she finds the lab we’re going to have another huge problem. (Glares at Sara)

Aelita: (Looks at Sara) You wouldn’t mind waiting a little longer for an explanation would you? We promise We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Jeremy: Then you can tell us exactly who you are and how you got here.

Sara: I’d rather sort all this out now. The sooner I get back to the Dimension I came from the better! I really hope you’re not planning on making me wait until tomorrow.

Odd: More like earlier today.

Sara: Uh. What?

Odd: You’ll see.

Jeremy: Do you remember how to get here?

Sara: Um yeah. I think so.

Jeremy: (begins typing) Wait for us at the factory entrance. You can’t get into the lab without a code.

Sara: Alright. Serriously though what was weird hair kid just saying? It made less sense than this entire situation and I don’t even know what’s going on.

Jeremy: We’ll all meet you here after class. (Presses Enter) Return to the Past Now!

A wave of blue light passes over everything. Sara opens her eyes to find herself back in the park in the exact spot she landed when she first arrived. No broken branches this time. She wanders around a bit, confused as to how she suddenly got back here. She tries her best to keep out of sight. After about ten minutes she reaches a fence with a road running next to it. She ducks into the bushes when she hears people talking nearby.

???: Man It’s so embarrassing having you walk me to school like this.

Yumi: Well How do you think I feel about it Hiroki? Dad told me to make sure you got to school alright on your first day. Would you rather have mom walk you to school?

Hiroki: No. I guess this could be worse.

???: Hey Yumi!

Yumi: (Sighs) Oh hey William. Shouldn’t you be eating breakfast or something?

William: I was going to but your friend Della Robbia didn’t leave any food for the rest of us.

Yumi: (mumbles sarcastically) Because that joke was so hilarious the first time around.

William: What?

Yumi: I didn’t say anything.

William: So Yumi do you want to walk to class with me.

Yumi: (uncomfortable tone in her voice) Oh I’d love to William but I promised my dad I’d make sure Hiroki found his first class alright. So um maybe some other time.

William: Oh alright. I’ll see you in class then?

Hiroki: Why was that even a question?

Yumi: Don’t talk just keep walking.

Sara peeks out of the bushes just in time to see William shrug and walk in her direction. She ducks back in the bushes and waits for him to walk in a different direction. Instead of walking back around to the school’s front gate William chooses to climb the fence to get back on to school grounds. A decision he quickly regrets as he jumps down and lands on top of Sara.

Sara: Ugh. get off me you creep?

William: I’m a creep? You’re the one hiding in a plant?

Sara: I’m a student from a different school.I got Lost and wandered in here. I’m not supposed to be here and don’t want to get caught that’s why I’m hiding.

William: Seems like a lame explanation?

Sara: Says the jerk crushing my ribcage? (Stands up Knocking William off her and On to the ground) What’s your problem anyway? What kind of weirdo climbs a fence?

William: Well I didn’t exactly have permission to leave school grounds. (Dusts himself off) How the heck are you that strong?

Sara: I’m the one asking the questions here bozo!

William: Whatever.

Sara: By the way that girl… so not into you. (starts to walk away)

William: Yeah right.

Sara: No girl would be into some idiot with an abrasive personality. (disappears into the trees)


Milly: Who are you talking to William?

William: Uh-oh.

Ulrich Sits down with his breakfast at a table in the cafeteria with Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita. Jeremy hands Odd a banana.

Jeremy: So I’ve been going over that strange girl’s data and It looks like she was telling the truth. at least about being from another dimension anyway.

Ulrich: The question is how much do we actually tell her?

Aelita: Let’s wait for Yumi before we talk about that.

Odd: (Talking through a mouth full of food) Hey if Sara’s really from another dimension then maybe the Return to the past sent her home. She didn’t show up here until this afternoon. Maybe she can avoid getting stuck here this time?

Aelita: It’s possible. But it seems unlikely. I doubt the returns to the past have enough range to affect another planet much less another universe.

Jeremy: (takes off his glasses and begins cleaning them with his shirt) Odd can we go one morning without you getting oatmeal on my glasses hua?

Odd: Sorry.

Several hours pass before the group finally meets up with Sara at the factory. When they find her next to the elevator she’s sitting next to a fire eating a roasted fish. Her cloths and hair are soaked.

Odd: Guess we should have thought to bring you some real food.

Sara: It’s fine. It’s not my first time having to survive in a strange place. The girl with dark hair late again?

Aelita: Yumi had to walk her little brother home from school. She’ll be here soon.

Ulrich: Have any problems getting here? (Glares at Sara)

Sara: A few minor ones but the maintenance worker in the sewers wasn’t exactly hard to trick. I can be very persuasive if I have to be.

Jeremy: No confrontations with any of our classmates?

Sara: Some fence climbing idiot fell on me but I managed to lose him.

Odd: You’re lucky that it was only William. If Milly or Tamiya found you you would have ended up on the front page of the school paper.

Sara: Well they would have had to catch me first. (As if they could)

Yumi: (Swings down from the rope.) Hey did you guys see the article about William in the school paper?

Ulrich: (nods)

Sara: So is someone going to finally explain what’s going on here?

Aelita: That depends on how much time you have.

Sara: Seeing as how I’m stuck here I have all the time in the world.

Yumi: So we really agreed to tell her everything?

Ulrich: It still seems too riskey.

Jeremy: She’s been honest with us so far.

Jeremy and Aelita tell Sara everything that’s happened starting with how Jeremy first found the factory and reactivated the supercomputer, with Odd throwing in his little random comments just to keep everyone else in the room from falling asleep. They end the story with Xana taking the keys to Lyoko from Aelita and escaping into the internet.

Aelita: -then my father gave me back my memories essentially restarting Lyoko and allowing me to be come back to earth.

Jeremy: Xana still has to activate towers on Lyoko in order to launch an attack here on earth but it’s only a matter of time before he finds a way around that. Our goal right now is to destroy Xana before he does.

Sara: Wow. If I wasn’t from a different dimension there’s no way I would believe all that.

Aelita: You have to promise not to tell any of what we’ve told you to anyone.

Jeremy: Not even people in your dimension.

Sara: No need to worry about that. If I told anyone a story like that I’d end up in a nut house. So Um. You said that the blue light last night caused us to go back in time? Should I even be in this dimension right now. Depending when I got here this seems like some kind of Paradox right?

Jeremy: Possibly.

Aelita: There’s no way to know for sure.

Sara: So. I know destroying Xana is your first priority but. If you manage to find the time could you maybe… help me get back to my dimension?

Jeremy: I don’t know.

Ulrich: No.

Yumi: Why should we help you?

Sara: Please. I’ll do whatever I can to help all of you in return.

Odd: Sounds good to me.

Ulrich: You’re just saying that because you think she’s cute.

Aelita: We’ll think about it and get back to you.

Jeremy: Give us a couple of days. This is something we all have to decide as a group.

Sara: Alright. I’ll continue helping you until you’ve all decided what you want to do.

Yumi: (trying to hide her anger) It’s getting late. I have to get home before my parents start to wonder where I am. Bye (Starts climbing one of the ropes)

Ulrich: (not hiding his anger at all) The rest of us should be going too. If I’m not getting detention for getting caught out past curfew for nothing. (Grabs one of the ropes)

Sara: Here Let me help. (slowly moves her hand upwards)

The Lyoko Warriors float up to the main entrance landing safely next to the door. They all look at each other confused. Then Jeremy and Aelita look down at Sara.

Jeremy: W-what was that?

Aelita: How did we get up here?

Odd: Cool!

Sara: Yeah. You guys should probably know. I have magic powers.
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Chapter 6 Bonding part 1: Odd

Aelita sits down at a table in the cafeteria with Jeremy and Ulrich. The three talk about normal student stuff mostly with Ulrich asking for help on homework. William sits down with them.

William: Hey guys.

Ulrich: Why are you sitting with us?

William: Well I didn’t really want to sit by myself again. (takes a bite of food) So Where’s Odd. He’s usually with you guys right?

Aelita: He already finished eating and went back to his room to finish the homework he didn’t do last night.

William: Since when has he cared about turning stuff in on time? (Puts an arm over Ulrich’s sholder) Besides.

Ulrich: (What does this jerk think he’s doing?) Don’t touch me.

William: Aren’t you the one who’s in danger of failing? (quickly puts Ulrich into a headlock and nuggies him)

Ulrich: That’s it! (Grabs William and flips him on to the floor.) Don’t ever touch me again!

Principle Delmas: Mr. Stern!

William: (smirks up at Ulrich.) You’re in big trouble now.

Principle Delmas: Correction Mr. Dunbar both of you are in “big trouble”.

William: (sits up and rubs the back of his head) What did I do?

Principal Delmas: (Helps William to his feet then glares at him) I will not tolerate Bullying. (redirects his attention to Ulrich) Or violence at this school!

Ulrich: (mumbles) Ironic

Principle Delmas: Both of you will be receiving two hours of detention. Let that be a warning to both of you. If this happens again I’m going to contact both your parents.

William: pfft.

Jim: (walks over to the scene of the almost fight) I suggest the two of them shake hands and agree to leave eachother alone or something.

Ulrich: (discreetly motions to Jeremy and Aelita to let them know they should leave)

Principal Delmas: I’ve already got it covered Jim. By the way where were you when this all was taking place?

Jeremy and Aelita take their trays and go to get ready for class.

Jim: I was outside breaking up a fight.

Principal Delmas: What! Where are they?

Jim: I sent them to your office.

Principle Delmas: Oh. (Adjusts glasses) Very good. (looks back at William and Ulrich to find only William standing there) Where did Mr. Stern go?

William: (Shrugs) wouldn’t be the first time he disappeared.

Meanwhile at the factory. Odd slides down the rope with an apple in his mouth. He takes a bite of the apple then looks around for Sara not seeing her anywhere. He begins to worry. Maybe coming to see her alone was a bad idea. He swallows his bite of apple and takes a deep breath.

Odd: H-hey. Sara. Are you here? I brought you some food.

Sara: (Yawns)

Odd: (jumps) H-hello? (walks around behind the elevator as he reaches for the nearest piece of scrap metal. he trips over Sara panics and swings the metal wildly)

Sara: Oh hi. I didn’t hear you- Um… are you alright.

Odd: (Stops flailing) Um. Yeah why do you ask?

Sara: If you weren’t sitting on me I’d help you up but…

Odd: Oh right. (Stands up then holds out a hand to help Sara up.) Sorry. Are you ok?

Sara: (Takes Odd’s hand and lets him pull her to her feet) I’m fine. Are you ok? It seemed like you were scared of something?

Odd: Me scared? naw!

Sara: You were defiantly scared. It’s because you don’t know if I can be trusted isn’t it?

Odd: I wasn’t scared. I didn’t like the idea of getting ambushed but I wasn’t scared.

Sara: (rolls her eyes) Alright then.

Odd: Oh hey. I brought you some food. (Starts digging in his backpack) some of it got squished. Sorry.

Sara: It’s fine. I already ate.

Odd: Really? Well you can save the stuff I brought for lunch then. (pulls a bunch of fruit out of his bag.) Sorry All I could manage to sneak up here was fruit.

Sara: I’ve been in worse situations. I’ve had to survive in worse conditions. (Pulls the strange cell phone like device out of her pocket and looks at the screen) Never thought I’d end up completely stuck somewhere though.

Odd: What do you mean?

Sara: Usually if I can get this thing to turn on then even If I can’t get a signal, someone from my dimension can find me. But I can’t get it to turn on.

Odd: Maybe the battery is low?

Sara: No It’s got full battery.

Odd: If the power won’t come on then how can you even tell?

Sara: I have magic powers remember.

Odd: Oh yeah. Well hey if you want I can take it back to school with me. Have Jeremy look at it. Maybe he can fix it.

Sara: Alright. But this thing isn’t a normal cell phone. (hands it to Odd) It’s not even from my dimension. It’s from the one of the first dimensions I ever traveled to. I used to spend a lot of time there.

Odd: Wow this thing looks really cool. (puts the strange phone in his pocket)

Sara: Thanks.

Odd: So what’s your dimension like?

Sara: Well except for the whole Xana thing it seems exactly like yours.

Odd: That and people have cool powers.

Sara: Well not all people. Most people where I’m from are completely normal. My family is one of the few exceptions.

Odd: So What’s your family like?

Sara: Ummm. That’s difficult to answer.

Odd: (raises an eyebrow) Really?

Sara: Yeah. I have two families. One I really want to get back to as soon as I can and one that does not like me at all.

Odd: That doesn't make sense.

Sara: My aunt is a submissive wimp, my uncle is insane, un-medicated, and highly violent, my cousin is the only one I even like and we had a huge fight and aren’t speaking.

Odd: And your parents?

Sara: Dead. I’ve lived with my aunt and uncle since I was four.

Odd: Oh. Sorry.

Sara: It’s fine some other-dimensional hyper intelligent animals treat me more like family than my human family does. At least the ones who are alive. I can’t remember my parents at all.

Odd: Sorry. That really sucks.

Sara: Yeah. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't even want to go back there. (pulls out a picture of herself when she was younger standing with some strange animals including the giant mouse and the humanoid bird creature from chapter 1) This picture got sucked through the portal with me. (hands it to odd) take a look.

Odd: (points at the Sara in the picture) Is this you?

Sara: Yeah when I was eleven. (points at the giant mouse) this is Rairai. She’s like my sister. (points at the humanoid bird) This is Blaze. He protects me as if I was his child. (points at a strange blue and yellow dog like creature.) this one is Manectric. He’s like an over-protective older brother… I guess. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had any siblings.

Odd: Wow. (hands Sara the picture back) Your life sounds amazing.

Sara: Not really.

Odd: Well I should be going now. I’ll talk to you later. And don’t worry about your phone-thing I’m sure Jeremy can fix it.

Sara: Thank you.
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Update 4/1/2014 (Probably the worst time to do updates) It took way longer than expected to rewrite chapter 7. Also I'm starting to think the updated version may end up being a couple chapters longer then the original version I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I could post as much of the new ending as possible into the post containing the last chapter Or I could just have the new ending be separate posts. I haven't gotten that far in the rewrite yet but this is just how things seem to be going right now. Here it is the updated chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bonding Part 2: Yumi

Jeremy and Aelita are sitting on a bench near the administration building with Odd and Ulrich standing around them. Jeremy is fiddling with Sara’s strange phone thing. Ulrich starts complaining about having detention for what must be the eightieth time when Yumi walks up behind him.

Yumi: Well if you didn’t want detention then you shouldn’t have flipped William.

Ulrich: Y-Yumi. (Turns around trying to hide his embarrassment) I guess you heard about that hua?

Yumi: Heard about it? I couldn’t get William to shut up about it.

Ulrich: He had me in a headlock. That was self defense!

Yumi: He shouldn’t have done that but you shouldn’t have reacted violently.

Ulrich: What was I supposed to do? The principal was right there and he didn’t do anything until after I fought back.

Yumi: Yell or something. Then at least William wouldn’t have anything to talk about. You’re both such idiots.

Ulrich: I guess I wasn’t thinking.

Yumi: You got that right.

Odd: You guys sound like some kind of lame soap opera.

Ulrich: I better go. If I’m late I’ll end up with more detention. (walks towards the library)

Yumi: Has he been like that all day?

Odd and Jeremy: Pretty much.

Yumi: So what are you doing?

Jeremy: Trying to get this thing to work. (holds up Sara’s strange cell phone) If I can fix this thing then maybe we can learn something about our extra-dimensional visitor.

Aelita: So what are you going to do now Yumi?

Yumi: I don’t know. I’ll have to walk Hiroki home soon. I should probably go find him.

Odd: Why bother? He’ll come find you when he’s ready to go home. Let the kid make friends.

Yumi: I guess you’re right. (Phone rings. She answers) Hello? Yeah mom? .... Ok thanks for letting me know…. I love you too. Bye. (hangs up) Well I have some free time that I don’t know what to do with now.

Aelita: Well that’s good. (takes Sara’s “Phone” from Jeremy) Let me try. You need break.

Jeremy: Um ok. (looks over his shoulder at Yumi) You look tired Yumi. You should go home and get some rest.

Yumi: You’re probably right. I’m going to go take a walk first though. Maybe that will clear my head.

Jeremy: Just try not to exhaust yourself alright.

Aelita: We’ll see you tomorrow Yumi.

Odd: Bye.

Yumi: (Turns and walks away waving over her shoulder at her friends) Later.

Yumi walks through the park wandering aimlessly. She stops at one point to punch a tree. She eventually reaches the sewer passage. She stares at the manhole cover for a few minutes before she checks to make sure that she’s alone before she kneels down and opens the cover.

Sara sits in the factory next to the elevator eating some of the fruit Odd left for her. After a few minutes she goes outside to and heads for the river to catch a few more fish. She sticks her hand in the water and waits. After about two minutes she sends a burst of electricity into the water and pulls a large fish out by the tail. She grabs a few sticks off the ground and goes back inside the factory.

Yumi climbs out of the sewer passage and crosses the bridge to the factory. She stops before she gets to the edge of the upper platform. She watches Sara stab a sharpened stick through a large fish. Sara then shoots a bolt of electricity at the remains of a campfire reigniting the fire.
Yumi stares at Sara before she slides down the rope and crosses her arms and glares at Sara.

Yumi: What was that just now?

Sara: (looks up from the roasting fish.) W-when did you get here?

Yumi: I got here just in time to see that little light show of yours.

Sara: (sighs.) Look I know I should have told all of you more about my powers. But I needed to find a better way to explain the electricity thing. People usually freak out when they learn about that part.

Yumi: I knew we couldn’t trust you.

Sara: I know I didn’t tell you about what my powers were but I told you I had them and I didn’t lie about them.

Yumi: Nice try Xana. You may have fooled Odd but you can’t fool the rest of us.

Sara: Hua? You think I’m that computer you’re fighting? I guess I can’t prove that I’m not can I? Well its fine all I care about is getting back to my family. (Pulls the fish off the fire.) I understand if you don’t want to help me anymore. I’ll eventually find a way home. I’d rather get back sooner but if things can’t go that way I’ll survive. This isn’t the first time I’ve been stuck like this.

Yumi: Really now? What was the first time? (Crosses her arms and glares suspiciously at Sara)

Sara: (feels her spine tense up but chooses to ignore it) Well I was ten and a half. I found a strange portal in my back yard. (feels her spine relax and sighs) I was curious and walked right into it. the portal closed behind me and I got lost. There were no other humans around for miles and even if there were I was lost in the woods and didn’t see anyone. I found a huge yellow mouse-like creature that had been raised by humans then abandoned in the woods. and the two of us helped each other survive. Eventually we came across an injured orange chicken that could breath fire and then it was the three of us lost in the woods. We spent weeks there before we finally found our way out and walked all the way to the nearby town. We eventually found a way to make money after that we did more than just get by. I wonder what Rairai and Blaze are doing right now?

Yumi: I that story is crazy but…. somehow I believe it? Uh who are Rairai and Blaze.

Sara: The electric mouse and fire chicken. well Blaze grew into a humanoid fire chicken. He keeps acting like he’s my parent. It’s funny really. and Rairai she’s practically my sister. The rest of my Pokemon too. They’re my real family the human ones just don’t care about me…

Yumi: They have to care about you. You just don’t notice it.

Sara: (sighs) No. They don’t. My uncle is abusive. The first chance I get I always get out of there. I was planning on finding place I could really call home before I ended up here by accident. My cousin cares about me but we had afight about him leaving all the time right before I got stuck here.

Yumi: Wow I can’t imagine having a family like THAT.

Sara: Trust me you don’t want to. I’m probably better off being stuck here but I’m just worried about my Pokemon family. They’re the ones who will worry about me. I hope Rairai and Blaze can hold everyone together until I can get back. No matter how long it takes I will be reunited with them

Yumi: It’s getting late. I still don’t trust you. But I believe that the only thing you want is to get home and that you’ll do anything to get there. (Starts climbing up the rope.)

Sara: Not anything. I do have to draw the line somewhere.

Yumi: We’ll talk again soon. (laughs)
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Ok Just want to remind everyone that if you dont ask questions we'll have to be random and get on Dragongirl's nerves again.

That was fun

Shut up Odd no it wasn't

Maybe not for you it wasn't

But it was for us and the readers.

Well atleast someone normal liked the randomness (Please readers Ask questions so I dont have to deal with them annoying me for the between chapter entertainment.)

Is she begging?

It looks like it.

Some one Get Urlich and Yumi out of here?

.....Yay ... just yay
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Ok time for the second edition of the Between Chapter entertainment Dragongirl Dosn't want to Have to Deal with Sara sand Odd right now So I'll be takeing over for her

I think they get it Aelita.

Yeah we can take it from here.

Hey can I help.


What? aaaaah hey you can't do that!

No traitors aloud William!!!!

Will You stop doing that Odd

He dosn't have to

Besides we can do whatever we want to here It's Lyoko


Make me!

Did Xana just talk?


Odd tell your girlfriend to shut up.

No. and stopsaying that

You mean you 2 aren't going out?


Ok Readers You have all day to sak questions

(We'll mess with DragonGirl more later wether you ask questions or not. All we care about is that people reading are haveing fun.)
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Sorry we can't think and Dragongirl left so we can't even bother her for your entertianment.

DragonGirl will post chapter 8 Later if the other computer is working that is (warning it's a long chapter ADD and ADOS Kids will be distracted)

Just for the record ADD is Attention Defficite Disorder ADOS is Attention Deficite Oooo Shiny
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Chapter 8 Questions and Plotting

Jeremy sits in his room fiddling with Sara’s strange cellphone. He goes to test it out again and sees a series of messages on the screen. “Error out of signal range”, “Error MapCard data corrupted”, “Low Battery”

Jeremy: It’s all in English. That’s really weird did I change a setting or something?

Ulrich: (Enters the room) What are you going on about now?

Jeremy: I fixed this thing but I think I switched the language setting or something.

Ulrich: We don’t know where this girl is really from. How can you be sure you changed the setting.

Jeremy: I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to go ask after class. After I dig through this thing for answers of course. Messed up language setting or not finding the data I’m looking for should be a piece of cake. (Looks the device over again) Now where’s the USB port on this thing?

Ulrich: You should take a break you and Aelita have been at that for two days.

Jeremy: You’re probably right. (Thrusts the weird device into his pocket)

Jeremy and Ulrich walk to the cafeteria for breakfast to find Aelita sitting alone at a table waiting for them to get their food and sit with her. By the time the two boys have their food and head for the breakfast table Sissy is standing next to Aelita, holding a tray with a bowl of oatmeal on it, trying unsuccessfully to give her a hard time.

Sissy: -I’m just saying if you really had any friends they wouldn’t leave you sitting here alone like that.

Aelita: like I said before I don’t have to respond to your little insult attempts.

William: (Walks up behind Sissy) Just back off already. You’ve annoyed her enough for one day.

Ulrich: Both of you should get lost.

William: What’s your problem?

Sissy: Oh hey there Ulrich Darling.

Ulrich: (Sits down across from Aelita) Sissy why can’t you go annoy someone else.

Jeremy: (sits down next to Aelita)

William: (sits down next to Ulrich)

Ulrich: Oh not this again.

Sissy eventually walks away and sits with her minions. William however does not. Ulrich rushes to eat his food just so he can get away from William faster.

Aelita: Slow down Ulrich.

Jeremy: Yeah you’re starting to look like Odd.

Ulrich: (Glares at Jeremy and Aelita)

William: Yeah next thing you know he’ll ask for extra portions.

Ulrich: (Just barely manages to force himself to glare at William instead of punching him in the face.)

William: Speaking of Odd doesn’t he normally eat with you guys? Then again He wasn’t here yesterday either. He doing his homework again. (Does finger quotes around doing his homework.)

Ulrich: (Stands up) Good point I’ll go find him.

Jeremy: Hey if you do find him ask him what language his pen-pal speaks so I can help with that thing.

Ulrich: Pen-pal? Oh right her! I’ll ask him. (Ditches his tray at the nearest trashcan then rushes out of the cafeteria)

William: Well I didn’t get flipped over a table this time.

Jeremy: (rolls his eyes) Why do you keep hanging around us?

William: You really wanna know?

Jeremy: Since you’re probably going to keep doing it yeah I do.

William: Meh. (Shrughs) I don’t know. I’m partially doing it to piss Ulrich off. Plus hanging out with you guys means I won’t only be seeing Yumi in class.

Jeremy: (Mumbles) Which pisses Ulrich off more.

William: Exactly (takes a bite of toast)

Aelita: (Finished eating before Ulrich left. Stands up) I have some things to do. I’ll see you in class Jeremy.

Jeremy: Alright. I have to get something from my room for Mrs. Hertz’s class anyway. (Jeremy says standing up)

Ulrich reaches the factory to find Odd trying to give Sara some fruit and Sara insisting that she already ate but not saying much more than that. He slides down the rope and pokes Odd in the back.

Ulrich: Hey Odd. We have to get back to school before class.

Odd: Relax Ulrich. We’ve got plenty of time. Did Jeremy send you to get me or did William invade the table again.

Ulrich: Uh… Both.

Odd: Anyway. You should really eat something Sara you can’t just keep eating fish.

Sara: I didn’t eat fish today.

Odd: What did you eat then? It was the fruit I brought yesterday right? That couldn’t have been enough.

Ulrich: (steps off to the side into something that goes squish) What did I just step in?

Sara: Squirrel liver. Probably the kidneys too. Oh and the fur.

Ulrich: And why is this here? (Glares over at Sara)

Sara: ……Because the fish weren’t biting?

Odd: (Takes a step back away from Sara.) You really ate a squirrel?

Sara: (shrugs) It was that or the rats. I’ve been desperate enough to eat rat meat before, no matter how well you clean those things and how much salt used to cook them, if you're lucky enough to even find salt, they still taste like they were swimming around in the sewers. Even if you find them in the forest. Squirrels are the better option. Always.

Ulrich: That makes no sense at all.

Sara: (Shrugs) I’m used to being in survival situations.

Odd: Ok don’t eat any more squirrels. I keep bringing you food so there’s no reason you have to eat random animals.

Sara: This is why I didn’t want to say anything about the Squirrel. It creeps people out.

Ulrich: Well. We really have to get back to class now.

Odd: No we still have plenty of time.

Ulrich: (Seriously Odd? You want to stay here with this psycho?) Class starts in ten minutes that’ barely enough time to get back if we hurry.

Odd: Alright fine. (Starts back up the ropes.)

Ulrich: (Turns to follow odd before remembering Jeremy’s request.) Oh before we go. What language do you speak?

Sara: Uh English. You know the language we’re having a conversation in right now?

Odd: (looks down at Sara from the upper level) But we’re speaking French right now.

Sara: No we’re speaking English… hua. are the languages switched or something?

Ulrich: (lets go of the rope in his hands, pulls out his phone and pulls up an old text message from his father) Here. (Hands Sara his phone) Read what’s on the screen.

Sara: I can’t read this it’s in a language I don’t speak.

Ulrich: It’s in French. the language you claim we aren’t speaking right now.

Sara: (Returns Ulrich’s phone) Wait so You guys are speaking French and I’m speaking English… and we’re hearing it as the languages we speak… and this is-

Sara and Odd: - too confusing.

Sara: Ok so all three of us are clearly going insane. I’m going to go take a nap somewhere. You guys should avoid men in white coats on your way back to school.

Ulrich: (Thrusts the phone into his pocket and begins climbing the rope before he is levitated the rest of the way by Sara) What the-?

Sara: You were in a hurry right? Don’t tell me you forgot I could do that already?

Odd and Ulrich barely make it to Mrs. Hertz class on time.
The second class is over the Lyoko Warriors meet up under a tree in the court yard between class. Ulrich Explains to Jeremy, Aelita and Yumi what happened at the factory choosing to leave the Squirrel out because just thinking about it made him want to puke.

Odd: So is she the one going insane or are we?

Jeremy: (looks at Ulrich) You said you showed her a message from your parents and she couldn’t read what it said.

Ulrich: Yeah

Jeremy: Yet she was speaking perfect French?

Odd and Ulrich: Pretty much.

Jeremy: And the language on her strange device is English.

Aelita: Is she pulling a prank or something.

Yumi: (laughs) If she is Odd probably put her ups to it.

Odd: hey don’t go blaming things on me.

Jeremy: It’s possible but I don’t think so.. If my theory is correct then all we’ll need is a few dictionaries to test it.

Aelita: After class then?

Jeremy: You and I will find an excuse to get out of art class early. The rest of you can meet us at the factory after class.

Odd: Sound cool.

Ulrich: (sarcastic tone) Yeah great

Jeremy: (looks at Yumi) Yumi since you have a free period right now could you go to the library and find us some translation dictionaries?

Yumi: Sure what languages?

Jeremy: They have to translate to French somehow but other than that it’s up to you.

Aelita: We better get going. we don’t want Ms. Meyer getting mad at us.

Jeremy: (Nods) Right.

Ulrich: See you later Yumi.

Yumi: (moves a strand of hair behind her ear) see you guys after class.
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Chapter 9 Experiments and Results

Yumi is forced to stay late after class for talking in class. Once Mr. Fummet finishes lecturing her, and William, Yumi leaves. She rushes meet up with the others and Sara at the factory the first chance she gets.
When Yumi arrives Jeremy is already questioning Sara about the strange device and the languages she speaks and understands.

Jeremy: So then this is the map card? (pulls a data chip the size of a playing card out of the strange device)

Sara: (nods) Yeah that part only works in the dimension the pokegear was built in. And only in certain regions

Jeremy: I see.

Yumi: (Slides down a rope) Sorry I’m late. I had to ditch William.

Ulrich: As long as he didn’t follow you.

Yumi: He didn’t. I made sure he couldn’t follow me.

Jeremy: Did you bring the dictionaries?

Yumi: Right here. (Pulls three books out of her bag)

Jeremy: Let’s see here... (takes the books from Yumi and looks at the cover of each book.) German, Italian, Swedish… These will work nicely.

Sara: (Whispers to Odd) Hey exactly what’s going on here?

Odd: We’re trying to figure out what’s going on with the language thing.

Jeremy: (Hands one of the dictionaries to Aelita then whispers something to her)

Once the dictionaries have been handed out and Jeremy gives whatever instructions he thinks are necessary for his experiment Jeremy turns to Sara.

Jeremy: Alright we are beginning now. You are prepared?

Sara: I guess so? You sounded weird when you said that though.

Jeremy: Alright Aelita You’re up.

Aelita: Tree, pink, satellite, triangle, fish, pants. (Puts down her dictionary)

Sara: Uh. What?

Aelita: Your turn Yumi.

Yumi: Square, flower, cat, black, pants, star

Sara: Ok I get what you’re doing now… sort of.

Yumi: Ok Ulrich you’re the last one.

Ulrich: Why can’t Odd do it?

Jeremy: Odd’s the control group.

Odd: Just go with it.

Ulrich: (sighs.) Orange, rectangle, grass, moon, horse, pants.

Sara: Ok why are all of you obsessed with pants?

Odd: Bursts out laughing.

Aelita: I told you letting Odd chose the last item was a bad idea.

Jeremy: You all could have just said an article of clothing. He wouldn't have known the difference.


Yumi: Seriously.

Sara: So what was the point of listing random stuff?

Jeremy: Did you understand what they said?

Sara: Well they all said different words but they all said a shape, an animal, a plant, a color, something that’s in space and pants.

Jeremy: And what languages were they speaking.

Sara: They were all speaking English.

Jeremy: Alright that confirms my theory.

Yumi: You still haven’t told us what this theory of yours is.

Jeremy: Travel between dimensions has caused some kind of translation effect. Everything we say gets translated automatically in Sara’s brain somehow. The same thing must be happening to the rest of us when she talks. Though we won’t know for sure unless we have her choose words at random to say from the dictionaries Yumi brought.

Odd: Or we could just say you’re right and not do that.

Jeremy: You don’t care what’s causing the translation effect?

Odd and Ulrich: Not really.

Yumi: We don’t need to know what’s causing it as long as we know it’s happening.

Aelita: We can always test that half of your theory later Jeremy.

Jeremy: I guess you’re right.

Sara: Well you fixed my pokegear for me so I can’t really object to any experiment you want to run.

Jeremy: Not just yet. I want to try one more thing with this… what was it you called it?

Sara: It’s called a pokegear. You can just call it a cellphone if you want. That’s mainly what I use it for anyway. That and the radio… but that doesn’t always get good results.

Jeremy: Well if it’s all right with you I’d like to calibrate this thing to work with the cellphone signals in this dimension.

Sara: Um. Sure.
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Edit: Just a reminder that the between chapter randomness is not being changed and is out of context with the current version of the story.

Well It's our turn to entertain you reading people. :ulrich:

But unlike Sara and Odd we aren't goting to bother DragonGirl to do so. :yumi:


Instead we'll be pointing out everything that makes them look like they should be twins

If you dare-

You can't stop us your turn is over.

Unfortualtly their right but as long as the readers know that we really aren't even related what so ever I can deal with it

(I doubt that the readers will care wether the 2 of you are related by the end of the sequal)

Shut up DragonGirl!

(Make me! And get on with it! Sara and Odd can watch but not talk)

The first thing is their outfits on Lyoko the first ones since the story your reading was actually written around the time of season 2 not season 4.

(I already explained that)

Well you'll notice that there only a few differences like color and that Odd's has a picture of his dog and Sara's has that gold triangle thing.

That "triangle thing" is called the Triforce!!!

It dosn't look like thay care.

Get out of here Hiroki!

He isn't even in this story!

Yeah well I should be

(You can keep thinking that but I'm not changeing it)

Well the second thing is that they both have blond hair well except Odd Has tha Purple spot but still without that they would look exactally like twins

I think that's it

No their personalitys are almost exactally the same

and that's all? They didn't seem related to me?

Jhonny Are you comming or what?

I think I'm going to hang out here for a while

(Both if you 5th graiders get out of here now!)

Is she always like that?


It's really annoying

You realize she heard you right?
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Chapter 10 Vacation Plans

Ulrich stands guard as Jeremy plugs Sara’s Pokegear into the school’s antenna. He rolls his eyes when he hears Jeremy say “almost got it.” for the eighth time.

Ulrich: Just give up already. You aren’t going to get it to work.

Jeremy: It has to work. This is the only thing I haven’t tired.

Ulrich: Why are do you want to help this girl anyway? She’s crazy.

Jeremy: I don’t want to help her. That’s a decision we all have to make together. Once we know all the facts that is.

Ulrich: We should just stay away from her. She’s obviously some government science experiment.

Jeremy: No the data from the scanners confirmed that she’s not from this universe. I still don’t buy that Xana doesn’t have some hand in all of this. Whether or not she’s another one of his traps is another matter entirely.

Ulrich: So what are we going to do about her over vacation? We can’t just leave her at the factory un-attended for three weeks. It’s bad enough that we’re doing that now.

Jeremy: I know but we don’t really have a choice. Besides We have a bigger problem relating to vacation than that girl… Ok that should do it. (Unplugs Sara’s Pokegear from the antenna.) Maybe now I’ll be able to extract some data.

Ulrich: Perfect timing I hear Jim talking to someone in the stairwell.

Jeremy: What the heck is Odd doing? He was supposed to keep Jim away from the science building. (makes sure the antenna is exactly the same as when they arrived)

Ulrich: I told you we should have asked Yumi to do it.

???: Hey Jim I saw some sixth graders hanging out by the garden shed.

Jim: And why should I care about that? I have more important things to worry about Dunbar.

Jeremy: (looks over the edge of the building towards the garden shed) There’s no one there.

William: Because they were playing with some tools.

Jim: This isn’t some trick to keep me from going to the roof is it? Della Robbia already pulled a similar stunt earlier.

William: One of them had a nail gun. Would I lie about something that dangerous?


Ulrich: (Rolls his eyes)

William: I told Mr. Caggia but he didn’t believe me.

Jim: Well You did the right thing Telling me Dunbar. Next time come to me first.

Jeremy: That was convenient.

Ulrich: Let’s just go. (Peeks into the stairwell to make sure Jim is gone and sees William leaning against the wall below)

William: (looks up at Ulrich and smirks) You’re welcome.

Ulrich: (rolls his eyes and ignores William as he walks downstairs.) Hey Jeremy hurry up and come on already. Odd and Aelita are waiting for us.

Jeremy: (Follows Ulrich down the stairs briefly stopping in front of William) Thanks.

Ulrich: Don’t thank him we didn’t need his help!

Almost an hour later in the cafeteria Jeremy, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich sit at a table eating their lunch. Ulrich lets out a sigh of relief when William sits down at a table nearby but not directly with them.
Yumi grabs a chair from the table where William is sitting and pulls it over so that she can sit between Jeremy and Aelita.

Yumi: So how did it go?

Jeremy: Yeah I got it working and finally got the data off it but it’s going to take a while before I get any results back.

Ulrich: So all that for nothing. Can you just give up on this? You’re not going to find out anything new.

Jeremy: Still it will give me something to do over vacation besides worrying about…. You know what. Which reminds me. What are we going to do this time? Aelita Can’t just keep staying here over vacation. People will start to ask questions that we don’t want them asking.

Odd: You’re over thinking this.

Jeremy: Eventually someone is going to ask why she never goes back to Canada. She can’t stay with Yumi because she’s going out of town with her family.

Yumi: What about the Hermatage?

Jeremy: Who’s going to stay there with her hua? She can’t just stay there alone that’s a Xana induced Disaster waiting to happen.

Aelita: (Scarcastic tone) You know I really love it when you guys start talking about me as if I wasn’t sitting right next to you.

Yumi: Sorry Aelita.

Aelita: It’s alright Yumi. (glares at Jeremy)

Jeremy: I’m sorry too. I should have just asked what you wanted to do.

Aelita: I think we should use Yumi’s idea.

Jeremy: Are you sure about this Aelita.

Aelita: It’s either that or staying on Lyoko for three weeks.

Jeremy: (sighs) You’re right.

Aelita: Besides Odd and Ulrich are staying here over vacation. They can come check up on me.

Odd: Provided we can sneak past Jim.

Ulrich: (chuckles) You better hope he didn’t hear that Odd.

Jeremy: I still don’t like it but… It’s better than the alternative. I’ll see about talking to my parents about you coming to stay with us over the next vacation.

Aelita: I’d like that. Why didn’t you think of doing that this time?

Jeremy: (Blushes.) That was the plan originally but there was a glitch that prevented the plan from working.

Ulrich: Can we not talk about this right now? (points between Yumi and Aelita at William shaking his head as he eavesdrops on their conversation)
Jeremy: (picks up his tray and stands up) I’d be more worried about Sissy if I were you Ulrich.

Ulrich: Great with William listening in I completely forgot about her.

Jeremy: So Since I got this thing fixed. I might as well go give it back to what was her name again? Sara I think?

Odd: (grabs his tray and stands up) I’ll come with you.

Jeremy: (Rolls his eyes) Of course you will.

Aelita: (picks up her tray and stands up as well) I’ll come too.

Jeremy: Oh thank goodness.

Once Jeremy, Aelita and Odd leave Ulrich and Yumi are left alone. Both of them eat in awkward silence. Ulrich blushes the entire time and tries his best to keep Yumi from noticing.

Ulrich: (Ok so…I’m alone. With Yumi…. this never happens. I wonder how much longer this will last.)

Yumi: (Jeeze Ulrich the least You could do is say something. I should have gone with the others.)

Suddenly William Grabs his tray and moves over to where Jeremy had been sitting. Sissy, Nicolas, and Herve all stand up and change their seats at the same time as well. Sissy moving to where Odd had been sitting. And Nicolas and Herve raceing to see who got Aelita’s seat. Nicolas is a bit faster leaving Herve to return to his original seat.

Ulrich: (Of course that would have to happen. Just my luck. )

Yumi: (That really just happened?)
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Chapter 11 Bonding Part 3: Aelita

The Lyoko warriors stand infront of the hermitage. Aelita takes her suitcase from Jeremy’s hand.

Aelita: You should get back before your dad arrives to pick you up.

Jeremy: Yeah I guess so. You’re sure you’ll be okay by yourself? (pushes his glasses up his nose)

Aelita: (nods)

Odd: Relax Einstein. Ulrich and I will come back and check on her tonight.

Yumi: And I don’t leave until tomorrow afternoon.

Aelita: If I need anything I’ll call. (Turns and walks towards the house) Go have fun All of You. I’ll see you later.

Jeremy: (Sighs) Alright. I’ll call you tonight ok?

Aelita: (laughs) Just don’t forget. (enters the house and closes the door behind her)

Jeremy: (sighs again) I guess we should get going.

Yumi: You’re still worried?

Jeremy: Of course I am.

After night fall Odd and Ulrich leave after their second visit of the day. Aelita sighs and goes up stairs to her childhood bedroom and lies down on the bed. She tries to fall asleep. After an hour she pulls out a book and a flashlight and tries to read but with no luck. After another hour she stands up and walks to change her clothes.

Sara leans against a support beam next to the elevator next to a small campfire. She eventually lies down occasionally looking up at the security camera. After a while she rolls over so her back is to the camera and covers her ears.
Aelita slides down the rope and walks over to Sara.

Aelita: Are you okay?

Sara: (presses her hands harder against her ears) Ungghhh.

Aelita: Hey. (kneels down next to Sara) Does your head hurt or something? (reaches out to touch Sara’s shoulder.)

Sara: Ahhhhg! (Jumps up and shoves Aelita across the room)

Aelita: W-what was that for?

Sara: (looks around confused) Hua? S-sorry. You scared me.

Aelita: (sighs as she stands up) Are you ok. It looked like you were having a nightmare.

Sara: …. I’m not so sure if that’s it. It’s this place.

Aelita: (Raises an eyebrow) Too many strange noises?

Sara: Sort of. (points up at the camera) That thing keeps releasing this strange electronic humming noise. It’s hard to hear but there’s something about it that’s really upsetting.

Aelita: (looks up at the camera) I think I have a solution. (takes Sara’s hand) Come with me. I know a better place for you to sleep.

Sara follows Aelita back to the hermitage. When the two girls walk through the front door Sara is confused.

Aelita: You can just sit anywhere you feel comfortable.

Sara: Um… What is this place?

Aelita: I know it’s s horrible mess in here. We’ve been meaning to clean up but between school and trying to destroy Xana we keep forgetting.

Sara: I see. Still you didn’t answer my question?

Aelita: This was my home when I was little.

Sara: I’m guessing your family still owns it.

Aeltia: Yes. Though I’m not entirely sure how there’s still running water in this place.

Sara: It seems this place isn’t on the city’s power grid.

Aelita: It has its own generator. How did you know that.

Sara: I have power over electricity.

Aelita: Why didn’t you say something sooner?

Sara: Well your enemy is electricity based. I knew it would scare everyone. You’re already suspicious of me… I did tell Yumi after she saw me cook a fish with my powers. But I swear I only use my power over electricity for self preservation purposes.

Aelita: It’s fine. If you were working with Xana you would have killed me by now.

Sara: That is solid logic. A bit simple though. You never know what your enemy is planning. Even when you think you know you don’t know exactly what the enemy is thinking. I mean seriously. I want you all to trust me because I need your help but I’m a little concerned. You shouldn’t be this trusting this soon.

Aelita: I suppose you’re right.

Sara: I’m serious about this. I’ve been to many other universes. I’ve had several mentors in those dimensions. I’ve been warned by all of them to never immediately trust anyone.

Aelita: That makes sense for your situation.

Sara: It makes sense for yours too.

Aelita: Well we should get some sleep.

Sara: Yeah. hey um. Aelita.

Aelita: Yes.

Sara: Thanks.

Aelita: No problem.
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Chapter 12 Nightmares and Illusions.

Sara lies on the couch downstairs staring at the ceiling. She looks over at the door then back at the ceiling.

Sara: (Man why now of all times did I have to get sucked into some strange Dimension. I mean it would have been one thing if I had ended up somewhere I’d been before like Sylvarant, or Elympious… then again those are just two planets in the same universe. Still I wouldn’t be stuck. I wonder what the people in that universe are doing right now...)

Sara’s thoughts drift off as she falls asleep.

Sara finds herself in a strangely dated yet somehow futuristic city. She wanders around and ends up riding a moving path into the middle of the forest. In the distance she can see a man with redish-brown hair and purple clothes standing in front of a stone slab. She hurries towards him.

Sara: Hey. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be spending time with your son? Or do you still have important work to do?

???: You shouldn’t be here.

Sara: What are you in the middle of something? Or are you waiting for someone?

???: No. You shouldn’t be here because you shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Sara: Why would you say something like that? You’re my parallel if I shouldn’t exist then you certainly shouldn’t

???: My existence is irrelevant. (turns around and is wearing a set of armor that is white and a lighter shade of purple than his previous clothes.)

Sara: What the heck just happened to your clothes?

???*: Things that shouldn’t exist must be eradicated. (draws his sword)

Sara: (takes a step back) Are you insane? If you kill me you’ll die too.

????*: You think we actually care about something like that?

Sara: (turns around to see a man with dark brown hair a brown jacket and a long black scarf) Not you too. Wait what are you doing in Tethe’alla?

????*: Why should that matter? (rests his sword on his shoulder and points a gun at Sara’s head) I’m not someone you should trust.

Sara: What’s wrong with both of you? Snap out of it already?

???*: Everyone you trust will eventually turn their back on you. You would do well to remember that.

Sara: Wait… this isn’t real. Alvin wouldn’t be on this planet. And neither of you would try to kill me.

???*: The people you’re helping are nothing but liars. They will use you for your power then destroy you. Why not destroy them before they get the chance?

Sara: So that’s it. I though getting away from the city’s power grid would prevent you from talking to me. I didn’t expect you to manipulate my dreams.

???*: Join with me and I’ll send you wherever you want to go.

Sara: Like I said before no deal. I’m going to have to do a better job of blocking you out from now on. I will not be manipulated.

???*: What do you think those pathetic humans are doing to you now? They are lying to you so that you’ll side with them.

Sara: Another thing. I’m not letting you mess with my head anymore.

Alvin: Come on now? You can’t keep resisting? Just join us.

Sara: Can it Alvin I’m talking to an Illusionary version of Kratos right now. Go play with Jude or something.

Kratos*: You really think those Humans are capable of helping you? They have no power.

Sara: Then why are you so threatened by them Xana?

Kratos*: Those humans are no threat to me.

Sara: You’re threatened enough by them to impersonate my mentors. I’m done listening to you. Talk all you want I won’t listen. I won’t side with you. I’ve decided I’m going to kill you myself just to make you shut up.

Kratos*: Arrogant words from an arrogant human.

Sara: Pft. Just get out of my head already.

Aelita: Are you alright?

Sara: (Looks around and notices that the scene has changed and she’s now in the factory)

Aelita: Wake up.

Sara: Yes. I should wake up. (sits up and opens her eyes upon looking around she's back on the couch in the Hermitage.) Ungh. That was annoying.

Aelita: I’m sorry.

Sara: (looks at Aelita) No not you. The dream I was having… Thanks for waking me up.

Aeltia: You must be a light sleeper.

Sara: Yeah I usually have to be. It’s rare that I get a good night sleep.

Aelita: That doesn't sound good.

Sara: Well that’s how it is for me. I’m used to it. Say. I wasn't talking in my sleep at all was I? I mean I've never done that before but this is sort of a different situation then I’m used to.

Aelita: No. Why what was your dream about?

Sara: Your enemy is trying to invade my brain. I don’t care if you want to help me with my situation at this point. I just want that thing dead.

Ulrich: (Crosses his arms as he enters the room) What are you doing here?

Aelita: I brought her here.

Ulrich: Why would you do that?

Aelita: I decided I didn't want to be alone.

Odd: You should have called us. We would have come.

Aelita: (Looks away) I couldn't not after I told you all I’d be fine.

Ulrich: Did you at least talk this through with Jeremy first?

Aelita: (Face turns bright red) I DON’T NEED HIS PERMISSION TO MAKE DECISIONS!

Sara: Sounds like me being here is just making things worse.

Aelita: Not at all.
Ulrich: You got that right!

Odd: (looks around) So. Who’s hungry?

Ulrich: Why are food and girls the only things you think about?

Odd: I think about other stuff.

Sara: (Sighs)

Aelita: (Looks back at Sara) I think we should go to the factory. I want to know what Xana wants with you.

Sara: (Shrugs then nods) It’s not like I have anything better to do.

Aelita: (Takes Sara’s hand) Odd please keep Ulrich’s attitude under control. (Leaves the hermitage dragging Sara with her)

Ulrich: (pulls out his cell phone)

Odd: Give them a few minutes before you call Jeremy alright.

Ulrich: No chance.

Odd: You already crossed one line don’t make things worse. With Yumi and Jeremy both gone I have to play peace keeper and I really don’t like this job.

Ulrich: (grunts then begins dialing his phone ignoring Odd)
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Salut! Jeremy and Aelita refused to take their turn for the Between Chaprer Entertainment So We got to Fill in last minute.

Shouldn't we be in class?

It's Sunday Jhonny there is no class.

Oh right.

For those who don't know I'm Hiroki and this is my firend Jhonny.

I think they know from when we interupted your sister's turn.

We still need to introduce our selves.

But you introduced both of us.

Shut up Jhonny.


Who's the guy with the oversized soward?

I have no idea but he looks alot like a kid named William Dunbar.


I'm scaired. :pale:

Me too. :pale:

Don't you have anything better to do then pick on 5th graders?

No not really

Well why don't you pick on some only one a grade lower then you!

Fine I will!



And what if I did?


No. You know the rules no useing weapons on other students now I'm takeing you strate to the Principal's Office!

That was freaky?

Hey Hiroki where did your sister's friends go?

Probably wherever they are always sneaking off to.
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DragonGirl a écrit:Salut! Jeremy and Aelita refused to take their turn for the Between Chaprer Entertainment So We got to Fill in last minute.

Shouldn't we be in class?

It's Sunday Jhonny there is no class.

Oh right.

For those who don't know I'm Hiroki and this is my firend Jhonny.

I think they know from when we interupted your sister's turn.

We still need to introduce our selves.

But you introduced both of us.

Shut up Jhonny.


Who's the guy with the oversized soward?

I have no idea but he looks alot like a kid named William Dunbar.


I'm scaired. :pale:

Me too. :pale:

Don't you have anything better to do then pick on 5th graders?

No not really

Well why don't you pick on some only one a grade lower then you!

Fine I will!



And what if I did?


No. You know the rules no useing weapons on other students now I'm takeing you strate to the Principal's Office!

That was freaky?

Hey Hiroki where did your sister's friends go?

Probably wherever they are always sneaking off to.

Wow did they waste their turn all they did was talk and get attacked. anyone else think that was boring?
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The audience dosn't appear to be verry active do they. (I miss 4kids at least the peolple there were active)

Ues but the people there ether insulted Code Lyoko or had no idea what it was (There were not manny code Lyoko fans on the 4kids tv messageboards) So shut up and be happy that people are reading at all!

I'm just saying that how are we sapposed to know what to do for between chapter entertainment if we don't know if the readers like what we're already doing? (How can she even tell that people are reading?)

There are more then 200 views if people didn't like the story and the between chapter entertainment there wouldn't be that manny views this soon especally since I'm still new here.

Yeah sure whatever.

We do have a problem though

Which is.

The secondary characters don't have any text colors to use for their turns for between chapter entertainment.

Except Jim.

Yes but that's not the point. I might as well list the text colors used and the secondaries can have what's left.

Odd is Indigo
Sara is Blue
Aelita is Violet (If it can even be called that it looks like pink)
Jeremy is brown
Yumi is Black (Her text color, her outfitm, and her hair)
Urlich is Oilve-Green
Xana is Dark Red
William is Red
Jhonny is Orange
Hiroki is Dark blue
Jim is Yellow
Melissa/Aubere(Her first name which she dose not go by in this story) is Cyan

That dosn't leave very much.

Of corse it dosn't! (Why dose my text color have to Look too similar to Xana's)

Thank you captain Obvious! :odd:

Shut up Odd!

All of you get off my account.

Except Odd

Sara You and Odd especally!

Awwwwwwww :pleur:

Not working!
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So I couldn't think of a chapter title which tended to be a problem with my fanfics before they were rewritten too. If anyone has suggestions then post them in the comments and if I like the idea enough I'll edit the title in for the chapter is goes best with and give you credit for that title when I do so. (Credit for chapters titled by people other than myself will be posted at the top of the page somewhere between these little pre-chapter side comments I tend to make and the chapter's number and title)

Chapter 13 .....official chapter title pending

Aelita’s phone rings as soon as she and Sara arrive at the factory. Aelita turns her phone off after checking the caller ID. Sara gives Aelita a confused glance as they continue to the lab. Upon arriving at the lab Aelita sits down and puts on the headset. She rolls her eyes when she notices an already opened video chat window with Jeremy’s face in it.

Jeremy: Is everything alright Aelita? Why did you turn your phone off?

Aelita: I don’t want to talk to you right now.

Jeremy: We’re going to have to talk about this sometime. You made a potentially dangerous decision without discussing it with the rest of us.

Aelita: You mean without discussing it with you don’t you?

Sara: (Sighs) If no one needs anything from me then I’m going to find something to eat.

Aelita: (Turns to Sara) No I’m done talking to him. I’m really concerned about the way Xana’s been targeting you.

Sara: It’s not that big of a deal.

Jeremy: Wait what’s Xana doing.

Aelita: (glares back at Jeremy’s face on the screen) I don’t need you to make decisions.

The elevator door opens and Yumi steps out.

Yumi: Don’t pay any attention to what Ulrich said. He’s upset about everything lately and not thinking about what he’s saying.

Jeremy: (groans) I think I get what’s going on. Anyway what’s Xana been doing? I’m not sure how much help I can be from this end but I want to help.

Aelita: (sighs) Alright. (looks back at Sara) What was that dream you had last night.

Sara: (looks away) It’s nothing.

Aelita: We can’t help if you don’t tell us.

Sara: All that happened was your enemy tried to use memories of my mentors to turn me against all of you.

Jeremy: Have you been able to hear Xana at all when you’re awake?

Sara: (nods) Yeah I keep trying to block him out but nothing works.

Aelita: If it’s alright I’d like you to go to the scanners.

Sara: Why?

Aelita: I want to see if we can find a way to help you block Xana out but I need more data first.

Jeremy: I don’t see why you can’t just use your electrical powers to change the frequency your brain is tuned in to.

Sara: So Yumi told you but not everyone else.

Jeremy: I’ve known since you went to Lyoko the data was all there but I needed to be 100% sure before I told the others… Yumi when did you find out?

Yumi: A couple days ago. I caught her using her powers to light a campfire.

Aelita: I found out about her powers last night.

Jeremy: So Odd and Ulrich are the only ones still in the dark.

Sara: Hey is this conversation going anywhere or am I just going to stand here and listen to you guys talk for another couple hours? Cuz I’m getting hungry and I’m pretty sure breakfast isn’t going to catch it’s self.

Aelita: Yeah we’ll go get something to eat after I collect some data from the scanners.

Jeremy: Hey Aelita I think you should enjoy your vacation. Just send me the data once you’ve collected it and I’ll process it for you.

Aelita: You’re on vacation too.

Jeremy: Actually I’m still tweaking the prototype of the program to track Xana on the network. This would be a nice break from that.

Yumi: You sure you don’t want to spend time with your parents?

Jeremy: I have time to do both.

Sara goes to the scanner room and waits in one of the scanners. Once Aelita has the data she needs and has sent it to Jeremy the three girls make their way back to the hermitage.
When they arrive they find Odd and Ulrich waiting there for them with food ready. Yumi leaves once she manages to force Ulrich to apologize to Aelita. The four remaining teenagers eat in awkward silence with Ulrich glaring at Sara the entire time. Odd tries unsuccessfully to break the silence with a joke. Aelita eventually tries to start a conversation.

Aelita: So Sara what are your mentors like?

Sara: (looks down) I’m not sure. It’s been at least four years since the last time I’ve seen any of them probably longer. They may have changed… Or one of them might have died. I have no way of knowing. I can still remember the way they were when I was younger though.

Aelita: You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.

Odd: So do your mentors have cool powers too?

Sara: Well one of them does. (Stands up and walks over to the window after a moment she holds her head)

Aelita: Are you alright.

Sara: I- I can’t seem to remember him clearly. He’s the one of my mentors I spent the most time with. I should be able to remember.

Aelita: Maybe Xana is blocking the memory.

Odd: You did say it had been years. Maybe you just forgot some stuff.

Ulrich: I can’t believe you two are actually buying this! (slams his fist down on the table) We can’t trust her! She’s one of Xana’s tricks!

Sara: (quietly leaves the hermitage)

Aelita: She’s doesn’t have anything to do with Xana. We have to give her a chance to win our trust.

Ulrich: And what if she’s just trying to earn our trust so she can kill us easier.

Odd: She’s had several chances to kill us. If that was her plan she would have tried something by now.

Ulrich: I don’t think we should trust her.

Aelita: We’ve already agreed to let her have a chance. Whether or not she joins us or we help her has to be a unanimous decision.

Ulrich: (Sighs) It better be.

Odd’s cell phone rings.

Sara wanders the woods holding her head.

Sara: (There’s nothing here that runs off electricity how can I still hear you!?)

Xana: They don’t trust you after all you’ve done for them.

Sara: (I’ve done nothing for them. Ugh how much farther do I have to go to get out of your range!)

Xana: You should join me. You’re not human. No human could possibly accept you-

Sara: (I already said no! I won’t join you! I will not be used by something that isn’t even alive! [Accidentally wanders off a cliff knocking herself out in the process])

When she wakes up Sara finds two boys standing over her. One boy has spiky brown hair and is wearing a red outfit. The other has very long bright red hair and is wearing clothing that make him look like a woman.

Red head: Hey are you ok?

Sara: Unngh. (Holds her head) What?

spiky head: You fell off a cliff.

Sara: (rubs her eyes) How hard did I have to bump my head for my eyes to go this wonky?

Red head: What do you mean?

Sara: (looks at the two boys) Who exactly are you guys? I’m pretty sure that what I’m seeing isn’t right.

Spiky head: I don’t have time to deal with this. (start to leave)

Red head: Hey Ulrich where are you going.

Ulrich: I’m going back to school. You better not stay out too late Odd. I’m not covering for you with Jim!

Sara: Yeah I’m definitely at least partially hallucinating.

Odd: Let’s get you back to the Hermitage. (helps Sara up) You probably shouldn’t go back to sleep

Sara: I’ll be fine. Thank you.

Xana: I’m no longer giving you a choice. I need your power. Since I can’t control you I’ll force you to join me.

Sara: (Ugh just shut up.)

Xana: Just give in. It will be easier for you. Scrambling your mind was just the start.
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Chapter 14 Memories

Upon entering the Hermitage Sara sees the nurse that seems to work at every single Pokemon Center, who she assumes is actually Aelita, sitting over a pink laptop. Odd guides Sara over to the couch and helps her sit down so she doesn’t fall. Sara doesn’t really need Odd’s help with that but she lets him do so anyway. In Sara’s eyes Odd still looks like the boy with long red hair.

Sara: Thank you.

Odd: No problem. I wish Ulrich has stayed to help.

Sara: Actually he seems to be the most reasonable at the moment. You all don’t know me very well yet. For all you know I could be an enemy. I’ve managed to prove to the rest of you that I’m not but you all seemed to trust me a little too quickly.

Aelita: Actually Jeremy doesn’t really trust you either.

Sara: Well none of you should. At least until you’ve gotten to know me better. I’m honestly disturbed by how quickly you, Odd, and Yumi decided to trust me. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by saying all this but seriously save your judgment of me until you actually get to know me. I don’t completely trust any of you yet.

Ulrich: (walks out of the kitchen he actually looks like himself to Sara this time)

Sara: (Is he really here? I could have sworn he said he was going back to school.)

Aelita: We can’t get to know you if we don’t give you a chance.

Odd: Yeah Ulrich is just being harsh because he’s still freaked about the squirrel thing.

Ulrich: Hey Odd I’d rather not relive that experience. Stop talking about it.

Odd: (laughs)

Aelita: Squirrel? Do I even want to know?

Odd: Probably not.
Ulrich: Don’t ask!

Aelita: Anyway Sara, I think Jeremy and I figured out a way for you to block Xana out of your head.

Sara: That’s great. I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Aelita: There was an activated tower last night. It only stayed active for a few seconds. Xana probably tried to take control of you at that time but for whatever reason couldn’t. Still because of this he’s managed to use the electrical frequency your body emits against you. That’s why you keep hearing him.

Sara: And why my vision is so messed up. I don’t care about the cause. How do I make it stop?

Aelita: The most likely scenario is that Xana manipulated one of your memories in his attempt to control you. If there was a way to fix it we could not only block Xana out but you could eavesdrop on him whenever you wanted.

Sara: After the stuff I’ve already heard no thanks.

Aelita: Unfortunately there’s no way for us to fix your memory. Only you can do that. And you’d have to be asleep to do so.

Sara: How do I know which one it is?

Aelita: It would have to be one that’s important to you.

Sara: Like the memories of my mentors.

Aelita: (nods) Yes.

Sara: Alright.

Xana: Foolish Humans. Your plans are futile. I cannot be stopped.

Sara: (lies down on the couch) Alright. I’m not going to wake up until this problem is solved. So only wake me up if you find out you’re wrong ok.

Odd: How can you just fall asleep like that?

Sara: Easy I haven’t had any decent sleep in a couple years.

Odd: Alright then.

Aelita: Do you need anything else before you do this?

Sara: It would make me feel better if someone would watch my back while I sleep but it’s not important. I know you all have stuff to do. (Closes her eyes)

Ulrich: (shrugs) I guess it wouldn’t hurt if one of us stayed behind to watch you.

Odd: (hurriedly raises his hand) I’ll take the first shift. You go back to school and relax.

Ulrich: No thanks I’d rather not get roped into playing board games with Jim and William.

Odd: (Chuckles) You could hang out with Herve.

Ulrich: (Crosses his arms.) That’s not funny Odd!

Aelita: Just hang out in your room and listen to music or something.

Sara manages to fall asleep after a couple minutes. She focuses on the memory of her mentors that she feels is most important. Finally she succeeds in immersing herself in her own past.

Sara looks around at the scene that’s beginning to surround her. A plateau in a forest overlooking a small village on one side and a bizarre military complex on the other. Kratos. The man with reddish brown hair and purple clothes from her earlier nightmare stands in front of her holding a sword by its sheath with the hilt pointed towards Sara.

Sara: Um. (Takes the sword form Kratos) What are we doing?

Kratos: It’s time to test your strength. Don’t worry I’ll go easy on you… unless you’d rather fight Mithos, or Yuan?

Sara: (Takes a second look around) No. This is wrong.

Kratos: Uh what?

Sara: This isn’t how this happened. We weren’t in the woods near Iselia. If we were you would have know that Lloyd was alive way sooner.

Kratos: (looks over the edge of the cliff at Iselia. He then places his right hand on his forehead under his bangs covering his right eye in the process) I suppose you’re right. So then where did this happen? Torrent forest?

Sara: No. I can’t remember the exact location but we were in some unnamed forest in northern Sylvarant. (the scene changes to a generic forest.) Also I wasn’t this old.

Kratos: (Nods) Right you couldn’t have been more than ten-

Sara: No still wrong. I was five at the time. (Blinks and finds herself being significantly shorter)

Kratos: Humm. If you were that young at the time there’s no way I would have let you use a real sword.

Sara: (Watches as the blade in her hand becomes a simple wooden sword) Now we’re getting somewhere.

Kratos: What were we doing here then? You were only five there’s no way I would be sparring with you.

Sara: Definitely not. I think you were trying to teach me some Arte. I can’t seem to remember which one. It wasn’t lightening I could do that one without actually casting the spell.

Kratos: It would have to be something basic like demon fang.

Sara: That was it. I think I fixed everything that Xana changed. Let’s reset this memory to the beginning and see if that did the trick.

Kratos: Not just yet.

Sara: What you’re just a manifestation of my subconscious what else could you have to tell me?

Kratos: Were Yuan and Mithos spying on us from the bushes?

Sara: Yuan was but Mithos was somewhere back in Derris Kharlan probably obsessing over what happened to his sister. No way to actually know.

Kratos: Ok that was the last thing.

Sara clears her mind and resets the scene back to the beginning this time with the changes she and her subconscious made. This time Kratos is kneeling in front of her so as to be closer to eye level holding a wooden sword by the blade towards her.

Kratos: You did great. This time let’s try not getting mad and throwing the sword.

5 Year Old Sara: Sorry (Takes the sword from Kratos)

Kratos: (stands up and walks over to a makeshift training dummy made of sticks.) Now let’s try this again.

5 Year Old Sara: (Moans) Alright. (Swings the sword straight up) Deeman fang!

Kratos: Ok. Your pronunciation is … better. (walks over to where the five year old memory version of Sara is standing picks her up and sets her down a few feet to the left) Your motions are still wrong. I’ll show you again. Pay attention this time. (Draws his sword)

5 Year Old Sara: (moans) Is it naptime yet? We’ve been doing this for days!

Kratos: It’s only been two hours.

5 Year Old Sara: (pouts)

Kratos: Demon Fang. (swings his sword so that the blade passes only couple centimeters above the ground then straight up a wave of energy begins moving along the ground halfway through his swing knocking down the training dummy) That’s what the motions for the Arte are supposed to look like. (Walks back over to the pile of sticks that used to be the makeshift training dummy and sets a couple of them back up) Now it’s your turn.

5 Year Old Sara: But I don’t wanna!

Kratos: We’ll be done with today’s training soon. After that it’s nap time.

5 Year Old Sara: (whines) Ok! (takes a deep breath) DEEMON FANG! (Tries using the arte again but her motions are too slow. A small puff of energy is produced and moves about a foot across the ground before it dissipates.)

Kratos: (nods) Very good. Try that again but make sure you’re moving a little faster.

5 Year Old Sara: (looks at the wooden sword in her hand for a good minute.) NO! (Throws the sword at Kratos but misses and hits the pile of sticks.)

The wooden sword bounces off the ground into the bushes just to the right of where the makeshift training dummy once stood.

????: OW!

Kratos: (throws a glance over his left shoulder and sighs) Just how long do you plan on sitting there Yuan?

5 Year Old Sara: (growls)

Kratos: (returns his attention to Sara) What’s wrong?

5 Year Old Sara: I’m tired! I don’t want to do this anymore!

Kratos: Come on now. You were doing so well. I know you can do this.


Kratos: (Face goes pale)

Yuan: (Stands up from his hiding spot in the bushes holding the wooden sword)

Sara: (Oh right now I remember why Yuan being here was important.)

Kratos: (Turns away and walks a few feet into the woods)

5 Year Old Sara: (Eyes grow wide)

The five year old version of Sara and Yuan both wait a few minutes without moving. When Kratos does not return five year old Sara stares at her shoes. Yuan sighs and walks into the clearing towards the little girl setting the wooden sword down on the ground along the way. He kneels down in front of her and pulls out a handkerchief.

Yuan: …. There’s no need to cry.

5 Year old Sara: I said something mean. Didn’t I.

Yuan: (Wipes Sara’s face) A little. Still Kratos needed to hear that. Be happy you didn’t say the wrong thing to Mythos. That kid has lost his mind.

5 Year Old Sara: Do you think I made Uncle Kratos cry?

Yuan: Probably.

5 Year Old Sara: (Eyes tear up more)

Yuan: Crud that was one of those moments where I was supposed to lie wasn’t it.

Sara: ([Smirks] Probably... But Now I’m glad you didn’t)

Yuan: Listen. Don’t worry too much about Kratos. Someone would have had to tell him sooner or later. Better he hears it from you; a parallel version of himself than someone like me. (Continues drying Sara’s face)

5 Year Old Sara: B-but.

Yuan: (Sighs) If it’s bugging you so much then go talk to him about it. It couldn’t make things worse.

5 Year Old Sara: (nods and moves to follow Kratos)

Yuan: Hold on. (Stands up) I can’t let you go alone. I’ll accompany you just until you find Kratos. Alright.

Sara fast forwards the memory to where her five year old self and Yuan find Kratos. The second they find him Yuan leaves really leaves instead of hiding like before. Five Year Old Sara walks over to Kratos, who’s sitting on a fallen tree, and pulls on his cape. Kratos tries to ignore her.

5 Year Old Sara: (Pulls on Kratos’s cape again) Uncle Kratos?

Kratos: (wipes his face on his wrist takes a deep breath then turns to the little girl) Yes?

5 Year Old Sara: I’m sorry I made you sad.

Kratos: (Picks up the five year old version of Sara and sits her down on his lap) It’s alright. I was pushing you too hard. You already know what happened right?

5 Year Old Sara: (nods) I don’t understand though.

Kratos: You’re too young. No one expects you to. The fact is that I failed to protect my own child. I keep going over it in my head. Then there’s the promise I made to your father. (Stares off into space) I couldn’t even protect my own family. How can I protect what’s left of his… I thought If I could give you a way to defend yourself. Then maybe your real uncle wouldn’t be as much of a problem…

5 Year Old Sara: But Uncle Kratos I can already do an Arte watch. (Points her finger at the ground a few feet away. LIGHTENING!

A sword made of electricity instantly strikes the ground where the small girl had just pointed discharging a bit of electricity into the surrounding area.

Kratos: (Chuckels) That’s actually Thunder Blade. Still you pulled that off with no casting time. Impressive. (Stands up while still holding the little girl and begins to return to the clearing.) Things would be so much easier if you and your cousin could just live here. Unfortunately you have a different destiny. What’s more, all I can think about when you’re here is the time when my wife and I used to babysit you before your father died. The time you spent playing with my son Lloyd. You don’t remember any of that though do you? (Picks up the wooden sword from the spot where Yuan left it as he enters the clearing)

5 Year Old Sara: (shakes her head before yawing) no.

Kratos: I figured you wouldn’t. The traumatic things you went through last year had to have blocked a lot of your happier memories. (Surrounds his hand with energy and sends that energy into the toy sword) I want you to keep this with you from now on. It may just be a toy but I’ve placed an enchantment on it. Or at least I tried to. I probably should have asked Yuan to do it. If you’re ever in danger that sword will protect you. (hands the wooden sword to the five year old Sara)

5 Year Old Sara: (nods taking the toy) Ok. (yawns)

Kratos: (draws his own sword and uses it to cut a rip in the barrier that separates his universe from Sara’s before returning it to its sheath.) It’s late in your world after I tuck you in I’m going to check on your cousin then return to my duties. (travels between dimensions)

5 Year Old Sara: (giggles)

Kratos: I meant business. What is it with children and that word? (Places the little girl into her bed) Now go to sleep.

5 Year old Sara: (Yawns while speaking) Good night Uncle Kratos.

Kratos leaves the room and Sara’s five year old self quickly falls asleep ending that part of her memory.

Sara finds herself as her current age standing in a completely white area. Unsure what to do next she begins willing her subconscious to take a human form. as a humanoid shape begins to form around her she expects it to take the form of Kratos, or maybe one of her other mentors like Alvin or Yuan. To her surprise it takes the form of the red haired boy who she had been seeing in Odd’s place earlier.

Sara: Not exactly what I was expecting.

???: So what are you going to do now?

Sara: I don’t know.

???: Why not rest and go through your other memories? That computer program probably didn’t do anything to them but better safe than sorry.

Sara: The longer I sleep the more bad things could happen.

???: You’re fine. You have people looking out for ya. Besides it’s been way too long you’ve had a good night sleep. You deserve a rest every once and a while ya know?

Sara: (Sighs) I guess You’re right. I’ve probably only been asleep for a few minutes. If the others are still looking after me I’m sure they won’t mind a little longer.

???: And you have to make sure that Xana dude didn’t mess with your mind more.

Sara: (Chuckels) Yeah Thanks’s Zelos

Zelos: You know I’m just a projection of your subconscious right.

Sara: Yes and why my emotional state produced you I will never know. (Sara focuses her mind and allows herself to begin dreaming)
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I forget If I've mentioned this or not yet but this fanfic takes place in a different timeline than the show and is counted as it's own separate universe. It does follow the same general time line up until the end of what would have been season 2 then the events start to diverge. Which is where this fanfic begins.
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