Message 13 Juin 2013, 17:28

Code Lyoko Season 6

Here is a script of Code Lyoko Season 6. It's my own idea!

~A black limo pulls up at a top secret base in Iraq. It pulls up at the gate.~

~A man comes out of the limo~

Gate Official: Hey, sir. You're not allowed here.

????: ~ Says nothing.~

Gate Official: SIR! You're not allowed here!

????: ~ Man lifts his hand up and blasts the gate open with
an energy field.~

~The gate official pulls out a pistol and shoots at the mysterious man.
But all it does is ricochet off his body, as if the mysterious man
was made of steel.~

Gate Official: Who are you?

????: Hmm.

~ The mysterious man blasts the gate official with another energy field.~

~Two Russian soldiers go rushing to the mysterious man and flank him from both sides.
One of them hand him a gas mask, which helps the mysterious man talk.~

????: Is the mask of X.A.N.A inside that building?

~The Russian on the left, Guosimm, speaks.~

Guosimm: From my intel, yes.

????: Good. Follow me.

~ Takes off mask.~

~ Guosimm puts bombs on the outside of the doors.~

~ Bombs explode, doors open.~

Guosimm: Oh dear...

~ Soldiers wait for the group inside~

( Still working on :D )