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Code Revenge

Ok, I'm looking through these fanfictions and they seem to be mostly scripts??? I don't write in scripts, and my chapters are rather long. I'll try uploading one chapter to see if anyone likes it and then proceed to upload other chapters. And instead of the original first chapter, I'll be posting the re written version of the chapter I've done.

This is a story that starts up where Code Lyoko left off, in fact the first chapter takes place during the episode Fight to the Finish. It features Morgan X, or Morgan Xanthos, a Specter, a highly advanced version of Xana's polymorphic specters, guided by a fully functioning AI, almost on par with Xana, and has free will. She is the daughter of Xana, though it's mostly a title, there was no "lady Xana" involved, Xana PROGRAMMED her. (Just thought I made that clear because everyone asks me that) Anyways, I hope you enjoy the story of her revenge.

I smiled as I heard the satisfying explosion of the monster behind me. That was the last of the targets, at least in this wave. I turned around and opened my eyes, charging electricity into my fists, ready for whatever was coming next. I saw a monster, and went to launch an attack, but then stopped short.

It was a Kankrelat, my personal pet named Kanky. It's a childish name, I know, but I named him when I was a child, and I didn't care to rename him now.

"Am I done?" I asked, he nodded in response.

"Excellent." Another productive day of training. Father would be pleased. I straightened out my shirt, my outfit wasn't very impressive. It was a simple black shirt and pants with white bandages on my feet. The whole outfit was like something someone might wear to a dojo. It made sense, I was in training. Someday, though, I hoped to get the armor of a true warrior. But for now, my training was done for the day, and it was time to relax.

I made my way towards the far wall of the room, and Kanky obediently followed. With a flick of the wrist, a panel of the royal blue wall slid open to reveal another room. This room was called the Tower room, it was named as such since it had...a Tower in it. The only Tower in the Replika, in fact, and it served as the Replika's core. The Tower was on an island platform in the middle of a rather large reflecting pool.

This was my home, NegaCarthage. I wasn't created here, I was created in Carthage, or "Sector 5" as the Lyoko Warriors called it. As soon as my father had obtained the keys to Lyoko, we'd moved our base of operation here. NegaCarthage also functioned as my training grounds. The Replika looked a lot like Carthage, though the color was darker. The architecture did not shift every time someone visited, though the panels could all be moved around. There was no layer of sky and Digital Sea. In fact, the entrance to NegaCarthage was the reflecting pool. The water of the pool was Digital Sea.

I set my hand on the ground and Kanky climbed up my arm and onto my head. Then I proceeded to glide millimeters above the surface of the pool. To an outside observer I may have appeared to be walking on water. The outlines of my form lost definition and turned into wispy black smoke before reforming, which was a subconscious action, much like playing with one's hair. The whole effect of the moment might lead someone to think I was a ghost. That made sense, after all, the Lyoko Warriors had deemed specters "Xana's ghosts."

I stepped onto the platform, sat, and dipped a toe into the water. The Digital Sea did not destabilize me, and if I were to swim in it, I would not be affected. Kanky climbed off of my head and scurried around the Tower. I knew what he was looking for and sighed. The Rorkal was usually moored to the Tower, but it had been liquidated to free up more resources

"William isn't here right now, Kanky...the Lyoko Warriors took him, remember?" love...why did they feel the need not only to take him away but to make him forget his entire life with us...

"Don't said he'd get William back, he promised." I leaned back with my hands behind my head and lay down under the white glow of the Tower. A glow that suddenly turned red. The Tower was activated, Xana was at work.

I wondered what he was doing this time. He had been busy lately, busier than usual. I knew he was readying the final attack on the world...the Lyoko Warriors were readying something too. Xana had isolated himself in his control room at the center of NegaCarthage. I hadn't seen him in days, and he said I had nothing to worry about. I trusted dad could do anything. However, a Tower was activated, and that meant something was going on.

I scooped Kanky up and phased into Specter form, a cloud of black smoke that facilitated rapid travel without much obstacle. It was my natural form. William referred to traveling in Specter form as "SuperSmoke." Together, Kanky and I traveled through the wires that connected all Towers and appeared in Xana's control room, at the very core of NegaCarthage.

It was a large, spherical room with a platform floating in the center. It looked like the inside of a Tower, save for the throne on the platform that didn't look unlike the chair Jeremie sat on in front of the Supercomputer. Xana could draw any of the thousands of interface screens making up the walls and manipulate them. In this way he could remotely control NegaCarthage, Carthage, Lyoko, and parts of the network. My father brought up a few screens that maintained various Replikas.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Consolidating power from the Replikas in order to launch the Kolossus." he answered, not even looking up.

"Why are you going to such drastic measures, surely some of your normal monsters would suffice for devirtualizing the warriors, and the Skidbladnir's been destroyed." That was the main purpose of the Kolossus, it was a being that could destroy the virtual submarine by sheer force. It had succeeded in destroying the "Skid" the same day we lost William...That day had been rather bittersweet for the both of us.

"I am going to drastic measures because Jeremie managed to create a fully operational multi agent system. It is powerful enough to destroy all of our Replikas simultaneously. I am trying to slow him down." as Xana spoke, he continued to type code, his fingers gliding across the screen so fast I could hardly see them.

"We can stop him, right?" I asked.

He stopped what he was doing and looked me right in the eyes.

He looked down.

My eyes widened. My father had talked about this, told me this day would come, but I had so much faith in my father. He could not fail!

"And the Tower?" I asked, attempting to change the subject. Xana smiled a small smile.

"Just as promised. I've brought William back." he said. My eyes lit up. My black knight had returned. Xana's warrior and my love. Everything was where it belonged.

"Where is he?" I asked.

"On Earth, fighting the warriors." He scrolled through a few screens and tensed up. "They're in Carthage." he glanced at me. "I'm going to die."


"But that doesn't mean you have to." he put his hands on my shoulders, it had a calming effect. Squishy appeared, the Scyphozoa, another monster I named in my early childhood. I allowed it to hoist me up and inject code into my systems. The coding quickly assimilated with my own, and within a minute became indistinguishable.

I felt...power...incredible power. My father's power, my father's codes, my father's mark. I looked down at my right hand, there was now a dark blue tattoo of the eye of Xana. It glowed faintly, but the glow dwindled and faded.

"You bear my mark now, wear it with pride. Hide it until you want others to know of your origins."

My father...he sounded...and very weak now. There was a finite amount of power. He'd drained power from himself and given it to me.

"Why have you weakened, yourself? You're only making it easier for them to get rid of you!" I snapped. I was angry, how could he just give up like that?

"Morgan...I've seen Jeremie's multi agent system. It will kill me no matter what state I am in. It was specifically crafted to destroy me. I am done for. The only thing left for me to do is save you and give you your mission. That and drag my creator down with me." a dark look crossed his eyes, and he gave a superior smirk. It was a look of victory, even in defeat. "Franz Hopper has re-appeared." Xana brought up a monster spawn program and sent Mantas to Carthage to kill Franz Hopper.

I knelt down in front of my father as a sign of respect.

"Xana, I am your loyal daughter. What is my mission?" I asked.

"Your mission..." Xana started. "Is to carry on my legacy, and avenge my death. Take over the Earth, and destroy the Warriors. You must succeed where I have failed. Do not underestimate them. They may be children, human children, but they have engineered my downfall."

"I will not disappoint you." I said, still kneeling.

"I should imagine not. Despite all my power, intelligence, and capability, you have something I did not. You have the element of surprise. They do not even know of your existence. You will go to Earth and enroll at Kadic Academy. Lyoko and William will be lost, and you will not be able to return here without disabling the multi agent. However, I do advise that you eventually return. You will need adequate power sources to sustain you and the best source to draw from is Lyoko's Supercomputer. I have set things in motion for you to succeed, but your strategics and course of action are up to you."

"I understand."

"Good, I entrust you with the task. Now get up. We're leaving."

I rose. I did not show it, but inside, I was in despair. My father, my William, my home...everything I'd ever known and loved in my short existence was about to be torn from me. I'd never even been to Earth, and only rarely had I seen Lyoko! I had been kept a secret my entire life. Now I would be thrown into a world I did not know, a world with creatures of meat, and bones, and blood...rather than pixels.

I would be completely alone.

"What about the monsters? Will they perish as well?" I asked.

"Yes." My father answered. "But you can rebuild them."

"In that case..." I looked down at Kanky, who was standing obediently next to me, waiting for me to finish talking with my father. "With your permission...I would like to take Kanky with me." Xana thought for a moment.

"That is acceptable. However, you would have to keep him hidden. If the Warriors were to see a Kankrelat, it would be a dead giveaway."

Xana's head snapped toward the screen.

"Franz is giving them the energy they need to launch the program. There isn't much time. You must go!"

I turned to leave, but as a last minute thought, my father spoke again.

"I love you, Morgan, and I am so proud of you."

I smiled and gave a slight nod. Then, I was off.

I picked up Kanky, turned into smoke, teleported to Lyoko, and flew up...and up...and up...until...we were through.

We emerged from some factory machinery.


My father's voice in my head, telling me to run. His voice that had guided me my entire life...what would I do without him? I did not run, I could not run from this strange place...This place where the colors were different, much duller, things were dirty, dimensions were different. It was fascinating and terrifying all at one! I could not run...but I did hide behind some equipment.

"I'm sorry William, but let's face it. We were never meant for each other."

I recognized that voice! Yumi Ishiyama, Geisha Warrior. I peeked out from behind the machine and saw Yumi and William...I wanted to help him, but I couldn't get myself to move. Yumi aimed a kick at his head but he flipped out of the way, landing on the stairs and tackled her onto the conveyer belt about 10 feet below, while himself landing on his feet.

William was such a good fighter...why would he have to be jaw clenched at the name. Why did he have to do this? Why did he have to take away everything I knew and everyone I loved!

Morgan I said get out of there!

Still, I waited.

Yumi got up and attempted to pick up a steel pipe as a weapon, but William had his foot on it. Instead Yumi rammed into him with all of her weight, knocking him back. He found his footing on the conveyer belt, flipped, and landed on his feet next to me. He looked down at me for an instant and smiled.

Everything will be ok, Morgan. But you have to get out of here.

He delivered a hard kick to Yumi's rib cage, flinging her into a pile of various objects, such as planks and scrap metal. He approached her, smirking victoriously.


All of a sudden, Ulrich was on top of William.

"I don't wanna see you hanging around Yumi ever again!"

William threw off his attacker and stood, Ulrich kicked, aiming for his head, but William evaded the attack and went up against the wall. Ulrich ran at him but he phased through the wall. I laughed to myself.

William shot lightning at Ulrich but thanks to Yumi's warning, he ducked just in time, then swept his leg under William's, tripping him. Ulrich laughed.

"I've wanted to do that for a long time."

William got back up and shot Ulrich, sending him flying clear across the room, while Yumi cried out to him. This was highly amusing. I'd never seen William fight them before. They were no match. William approached Ulrich, preparing to fire.

And then, he fell, he fell to his knees and his form turned to static. Smoke rose, my father...screaming. Screaming so loud, in my head, it hurt!


Please...I want you safe...

William's voice was so soft, and then it cut out. I panicked, I could no longer communicate with William. Was he gone? No, not so soon! Why?! And my father, screaming in pain! He was dying.

I felt it...the multi agent now I felt it! My eyes widened, it burned! Kanky's light flashed on and off. What did I do? What would I do? My father was dying, William was lost, I felt pain, like my life was being drained! Everything was falling apart. WHAT. WOULD. I. DO?


I took Kanky, phased into Specter form, and took off like a rocket. Out of the room, out of the factory, out of range. I could still feel the multi agent catching up to me, attempting to kill me...but it could not catch me.

I got to a forest, and was unable to run anymore. I climbed a tree in front of me and hid myself in the foliage. Everything here on Earth was so...I didn't even know how to describe it. I didn't like it though...there was no mainframe I could connect to...nothing I could connect to. William was gone and father...dead.

I wept.

So yeah, that's it. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to tell me ^^