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This idea came to me one time and it still needs ironing out but I think it could be used effectively. I think it's a good set up to a code lyoko film and with some tweaking I think it is quite a possible scenario. :D

Code Lyoko Animated Film Proposal:
(note: I consider most characters here to be 18 or there abouts)

The gang are sat at a long table in a restaurant that has a stage and dancefloor near Kadic for a meetup of the old gang as they had left Kadic
and are discussing normal topics and making jokes as usual. However, most are at different schools/colleges/universities.
They talk about that and Ulrich claims he's very happy when he sees Yumi for the first time in months.
He says he needs to talk to her alone. She brushes this off quite quickly.
William is staring intently at Yumi when she isn't looking. A DJ is playing songs as the group talks.
Jeremy and Aelita are indeed going out and it shows. Odd is as he ever was and he keeps
turning his head to look at a girl halfway accross the restaurant. He is making jokes and
laughing loudly to try to get attention. Just as they begin to discuss how they used to fight
XANA and joke about it, the Ishiyama family walk in. They sit down at the next table so the
gang begins to feel awkward. Yumi storms off as if she is hiding something. Unexpectedly
Ulrich stays but William goes to find out what's up. While Yumi storms off, William catches
up to her and asks her what's up. She looks up to him slowly tears streaming down her face.
William is shocked and doesn't know what to do so he painfully waits for an answer. She pushes
him away and turns away from him and continues to ball her eyes out. William comforts her and
suggests they should get back out there and have some fun as intended in the first place. Yumi
reluctantly agrees. They make their way back to the table and everyone there looks worried apart
from Ulrich. They are asking and William simply says she'd rather not talk about it. Everyone
then laughs, even Yumi but only a faint laugh as she clearly is still crying to herself a little.
The group then exchange memories of Jim and laugh amongst themselves a lot more. Odd still looked behind him
at the girl he shows a distinct interest in. Jeremy nudges him and Aelita explodes with laughter
when he looks back. The gang laugh at Odd's obsession and Aelita rests her head on Jeremy's
shoulder which causes Jeremy to smile. Ulrich is fixed on this piece of paper he has. He is
writing on it every couple of seconds and not paying much attention to the gang. Suddenly a subsonics
song comes on that the group loved during their time at Kadic and Odd ddecides to go over to the girl.
He asks her her name and if she would like to dance. She replies with a gleeful 'certainly' and so they
Go over to the dancefloor. Jeremy politely invites Aelita to do the same and she drags him over, chuckling as they go.
William asks Yumi as she seems a little more at ease. She stares at Ulrich who is still fixed on this paper,
oblivious to his surroundings and reluctantly accepts. Clearly the most advanced at dancing is Yumi and
she really gets lost with the music with William. She is still feeling delicate but she is enjoying herself
thanks to William. After the song finishes, a slow and temperate beat fills the room with a hushed song.
The couples dance a slow and traditional dance lost in eachothers eyes. Apart from Yumi who is staring
at William's chest to avoid eye contact. He asks what's wrong and Yumi's eyes well up and she abruptly closes them
to boast a stronger personality. She explains that her parents are monitoring her every move as they feel she can't be trusted
because she wasn't going to go to Japan to work after she finished School which led the Ishiyama family to want to get to the bottom of things.
William sighs as he doesn't know what else to do. He decides to speak up and say that Yumi would always be with him wherever they both are.
Yumi and William stop dancing and stand there eye to eye and lean in. They kiss for a few seconds before realising Ulrich is stood there
horrified at what he sees before him. He mutters 'forget it' in a harsh tone and storms out of the place. Yumi calls out for him to wait up but
Ulrich just screws up his paper and throws on the floor. Yumi is in even worse shape and she blames William for the whole thing.
She runs after Ulrich as the others look baffled. William leaves staring at the floor, clearly hurt by what happened.
The Ishiyama family go to follow William. Meanwhile, Yumi catches up to Ulrich and blurts out
"What the hell is wrong with you?! You pay no attention to me, you don't care that I'm having a hard time and then
storm out when William is there for me!" Ulrich stops and mutters "you don't get it, do you?"
Yumi is puzzled and feels betrayed. He continues, "I WAS paying attention, I WAS caring and I KNEW what was up because my Dad used to do things like that all the time!"
Yumi steps back, shocked. She feels awful. "Now leave!" cries Ulrich. Yumi runs home, sobbing.
On the way she notices Ulrich's paper and unscrews it. Yumi's tears drop onto the paper as she reads it.
'Yumi, I hope you like it. It's all I could afford. I'll also include lessons. You need it more than I do. Ulrich."
Ulrich had worked for some money to get a car for himself. When he saw Yumi run off upset he talked to the Ishiyamas
to consult if she was allowed a car if she got driving lessons. They had said yes and so he wrote on a printout describing his new car.
Yumi knew this was to help and so she felt worse for what she had done. The gang caught up with Yumi and brought her back to to the restaurant.
She asks where William was and they say that he left just after she chased down Ulrich. Knowing she hurt two people this night, she returns home with the group brining her there.
Ulrich is on his way to the old factory that lyoko was housed in. They had so many memories as a group there.
Ulrich considers everything that just happened and feels forgotten, unwelcome and lost. He turns on the super computer. He climbs to the scanner room.
"XANA, I am yours."
What happens now? Only Yumi can bring him back from XANA's clutches but she cannot do it alone. The group must make the ultimate sacrifice and
revirtualise themselves for one final mission on Lyoko. Will they defeat XANA? Will they save Ulrich or have to let him go?

Thank you for reading. If anyone decides to use this then amazing!
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I don't know about it being a film but it definitely sounds like a good story. What you have here is good and only you can finish the story you've started and do it justice. I think you should finish writing this.
.....Yay ... just yay

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