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Teletoon's The Fellowship of the Ring

World have changed.

And bla bla bla.

It all started when the big rings were forged.
3 were given to the Elves. Immortals. The wisest and most respectable of all beings.
7 to the Dwarf lords. Great miners and sculptors of the mountain.
And 9 rings were given to the race of men, who above all desired power.
Because through these rings were transmitted the strength and the will to govern ... each race.
But they were all fooled. Because another ring was forged.

On the lands of Mordor, in the flames of the Mountain of Destiny, Sauron, the lord of darkness, secretly forged the Master Ring to rule all the others. In this ring, he poured out his cruelty, his malevolence and his will to dominate all life !

One ring to rule them all !

And several countries of Middle-earth were tricked one by one by the armies of Sauron. But there were some who resisted.
The Ultimate Alliance of Men and Elves clashed with Mordor's armies.

The victory was near, but the power of the Ring could not be defeated.

Well, I do not want to dwell on that. Sauron massacred some soldiers and the king of Gondor. Isildur cuts his hand, but keeps the ring for him instead of destroying it. Orcs kill him and the Ring falls into oblivion for 2,500 years. Ezekiel finds the Ring and lives another 500 years. The Ring leaves it and is found by Wu.

Cross-overs : Lego Ninjago, Total Drama, All Grown Up ! and Grojband

Parodied roles
Lloyd Garmadon : Frodo Baggins
Owen : Gandalf
Jay, Kai, Zane, Cole and Nya : Samwise Gamgee
Duncan : Aragorn
Scott : Boromir
Kimi, Chuckie and Dil : Peregrin Took
Tommy, Phil and Lil : Meriadoc Brandybuck
Mike, Zoey and Cameron : Legolas
Corey, Laney, Kin and Kon : Gimli
Lord Garmadon : Saruman
Gwen : Arwen
Courtney : Galadriel
Chris McLean : Elrond
Master Wu : Bilbo Baggins
Sauron : Himself
Ezekiel : Gollum

Before starting the story, I note that this fanfiction is identical to Peter Jackson's trilogy. As Family Guy parodies Star Wars. But the characters have their names from their series.

The Shire, 60 years later...
Lloyd hears Owen humming and joins him.
Lloyd: You're late.
Owen stops.
Owen : A magician is never late, Lloyd Garmadon. Not even in advance, by the way. He arrives precisely at the scheduled time.
They look at each other, start smiles and then giggle.
L throws himself into O's arms: It's wonderful to see you again, Owen !
O : Ha ha ! I was not going to miss Uncle Wu's birthday.
L : What is the news of the outside world? Tell me everything !
O : Really everything? Oh, you are too eager and curious for a Lego character! It's not normal.
And they pass before the characters of Lego and Rugrats who prepare the birthday of Wu.
L : Half of the Shire is invited, you know? And before you arrived, we, the Lego, were very well seen in the community. No crazy adventure and nothing out of the ordinary.
O : If you're referring to the incident with the dragon, I was little involved. All I did was lend a hand to your uncle.
L : Whatever you did, you have been officially dubbed "peace-disturber".
O : Really ? Hmm ...
Then, Lego kids ran to Owen and Lloyd, with the Shire's theme in the audio background that once served as a wake-up call to my brother Nicolas who called it "the Hobbit's theme".
Kids : Owen ! Owen ! Owen ! Fireworks ! Fire rockets, Owen !
Owen fakes yawning then lights some fires for the kids before laughing because miming to yawn. Lloyd leaves him soon after arriving at Wu's house. He knocks on the door with his staff.
Wu: No, thank you! We no longer accept visitors, whether they are friends or mere relationships!
O : And what are you doing very old friends?
W opens : Owen ?
O : Wu !
W : Owen, my friend !
They make a friendship big hug.
O: Look at you ! 111 years old! You have not taken a ride!
W: Please, come in! (O cames in.) Do you want to drink something? I have an excellent 1294 wine. He is almost as old as me!
O : Tea, that's all. Thank you.
Owen hangs the lamp then bangs his forehead on wood.
W: Owen ? Where are you ?
O behind him: Tea, it will be good enough.
W: Okay. You do not want cheese?
O : No, thanks.
People are knocking : Wu!
W whispers to O : There is no one! (People leave.) Oh, I want to go back to the mountains, Owen. To finish my book.
O: Will you talk to Lloyd?
W: Yes, of course.
O : He likes you a lot.
W: Yes. I know. But I need a vacation. Very long holidays. And I do not really think back. On the count, I will not come back.
Later, Owen and Wu smoke weed. The first makes a boat passing in the circle made by the second.
W: Owen, my friend. It will be a party that we will never forget.
A firework explodes ! It's party ! Lloyd dances as badly as Frodo, Jay dances with Nya, Wu tells children how he once escaped trolls and Owen deals with fireworks. However, Rugrats' tweens steal his dragon firework.
Kimi lights it: And there you are!
Lil: You had to plant it!
Kimi: It is planted!
Lil: Outside!
Kimi: That was your idea!
The rocket launches. It turns into a dragon that is nearly hitting the Lego characters and explodes over the lake to the applause of all.
Lil: Great!
Kimi: Let's launch another one!
O in front of them: No! You will do the dishes!
Lil and Kimi: Oh, man ...

To be continued...