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MessagePosté: 29 Avr 2005, 08:58
par Clem
Do you like the genious Jérémie? Tell us what do you think about him

MessagePosté: 08 Mai 2005, 20:05
par McTrooper
I think Jeremie is cool.

He likes computers.
He is shy.
Sort of like me, but I'm not a genius.

Without him the gang probably wouldn't know about Xana or Aelita.

MessagePosté: 10 Mai 2005, 05:39
par Chauve-Souris
When you come down to it, Jer is the one indispensable Earthling of the group (other than Kiwi, of course).
But I still say that he is going to be awfully upset when Odd and Aelita run off to Corsica together for some summer fun....

MessagePosté: 12 Mai 2005, 02:32
par LeDixième
Corsica! i had no idea they had any such plans :) :)
but that would be beautiful, i would love to go there for a summer! and then of course, Sorrento, Capri, and then i'd have to do Rome (how could one not ?;)), and then before i knew it, i'd never come home again !

but you're right, Jér is probably the indespensible member of our gang. he's the only one knowledgeable enough to run the super-ordinateur (think Yumi's fiasco in Frontier). just don't tell him about the Corsica vacation

MessagePosté: 12 Mai 2005, 04:47
par garooob
Jérémie is my favorite character, because he's all logical and stuff. Being full of logic myself, I tend to be drawn to him. I think he and Aelita will get along fine!

MessagePosté: 22 Oct 2005, 19:35
par garooob
I feel a little bit like Jeremie now. I'm working with Ubuntu Linux now. I forgot what it was like to use a command based interface!

MessagePosté: 22 Oct 2005, 21:00
par exo
I like it when he's X.A.N.A. I mean, there was once with his clone is season one, and his possession in season two, it was really cool. The hair, I think that does it. That and the rage. It's hard to describe, but he's just the best person to possess in Lyoko because it's so evil, especially for him. You can tell that the guy is not human with X.A.N.A. in him.

MessagePosté: 23 Oct 2005, 04:42
par garooob
Yeah, I think the hair and the glasses would help make him a bad guy!

MessagePosté: 08 Nov 2005, 08:33
par garooob
I'm pretty sure that Jérémie (and possibly Odd) had different voice actors (actresses?) for the first few episodes of season 1. Actually, I think J went through a few. Or else they were just trying several different styles...

MessagePosté: 08 Nov 2005, 22:01
par exo
Well they probably couldn't get the voice down right. I mean, the voice actors are female, so there must be some complications.

MessagePosté: 09 Nov 2005, 04:36
par Chauve-Souris
Jérémie without spectacles:
Episode#30: "A GREAT DAY"

MessagePosté: 09 Nov 2005, 05:15
par garooob
Yay! Jérémie pictures! Hahaha, he looks like a hamster!

MessagePosté: 06 Jan 2006, 23:27
par Hayze
The English voice for Jeremie and Aelita is the same voice (female).

MessagePosté: 07 Jan 2006, 05:46
par kagetsu
Sharon Mann, She did Jer's voice from the beginning but they had her change it when Matt Géczy replaced the first VA for Odd.

MessagePosté: 14 Jan 2006, 06:35
par Chauve-Souris
Jérémie au travail (he never gets enough credit for his labors and his generalship):

All: Episode#50:"CONTACT"

MessagePosté: 30 Mar 2006, 02:01
par Invité
yeaaah, ohh I want to be like him... I WANT HIS BRAIN ONLY 4 ME!!! :confettis:

MessagePosté: 30 Sep 2006, 01:04
par Harvey
Well,I'm smart,so I'm more of both,but Ulrich's my favorite character.I also like Jeremy because he's smart.

PS:In the United States,Canada,and Britain,Jeremie is spelled Jeremy.

MessagePosté: 31 Oct 2006, 16:31
par janemba
my love jeremie

MessagePosté: 04 Nov 2006, 04:31
par Tommy4552*
I think Jeremie is an awsome character. He is sorta like me. The one thing he really wants is fun but he has no time for it because of XANA and thats why he is so stuckup with his work. In season 2 and 3 Jeremie watches something horrible happen and some of u might think that he could have done something about it but ive calculated it and he would get there too late 1 because not enough time and 2 because he hasnt mastered his powers. I hope in the 4th season we will see him on the internet or something and they bring back lyoko. Jeremie is my favorite out of the group.

MessagePosté: 14 Nov 2006, 09:25
par janemba
you are right but me I adore also Ulrich! but is jeremy it the most intelligent true step?

Re: Jérémie

MessagePosté: 09 Avr 2012, 13:06
par Agent Johnson
Jeremie a truly committed individual. In fact, we would not have a Code Lyoko cartoon if he had not stumbled upon the super computer or Aelita. He cares about his friends so deeply that he would not think twice about sacrificing his life for them, loves computers, and is a realistic character, with his flaws and whatnot. Our lovable nerd deserves more love for being so awesome. :)