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MessagePosté: 29 Avr 2005, 09:01
par Clem
Code lyoko won't existe without it (or him)
what do you think about him (or it)?

MessagePosté: 08 Mai 2005, 20:00
par McTrooper
Xana is very mysterious.

How much of Xana is the super computer?

How much of Xana is the Virus?

What are Xana's goals?

Xana doesn't know very much about Earth and what life is like.
I think that is the reason he doesn't plan very many successful attacks.

MessagePosté: 12 Mai 2005, 02:36
par LeDixième
it would be so great if Jer one day could just pop Norton Anti-Virus 2005 in the old ordi, and delete xana :p
but i guess xana would probably be just a little too resistant for desktop anti-virus software.

MessagePosté: 12 Mai 2005, 03:55
par garooob
Somehow I don't think conventional antivirus measures would prove effective against X.A.N.A. It's more of an AI. It will take a direct and focusted assault to take X.A.N.A. down...

MessagePosté: 23 Aoû 2005, 03:31
par exo
What if X.A.N.A were to take the body of say, an android...permenantly? That would be cool. I'd like to see it. X.A.N.A is very, very mysterious...

MessagePosté: 10 Oct 2005, 14:19
par Chauve-Souris
XANA's Console and Headquarters

BOTH: Episode#42: "A FINE MESS"

MessagePosté: 25 Oct 2005, 01:24
par Invité
Here's an idea: what if Xana is actually some sort of Lyokon god or something?

{{ That would explain his all-seeing eye (Hint,hint) and his ability to create apparitions on earth that can be used to carry out his malefic schemes.

{{ That would also explain why Xana knows that Jeremy and the others are coming, and his ability to materialize monsters out of nowhere on Lyoko.

Let me explain it in a narrative.

Once upon a time Whoever-the-Heck-Created-Lyoko also created the its benevolent divine being (whom I will call Khalil for the time being). But another, more malevolent god was created, named Xana. For eons and eons, Khalil and Xana battled it out, then Aelita came along just after Khalil was gorily murdered by Xana. Khalil gave Aelita the ability to feel the very lifeforce of Lyoko flowing through her digital veins, and to alter nature at her will. And then the others came along. The End.

So how do you like my story? Bye Now!

MessagePosté: 26 Oct 2005, 04:26
par Chauve-Souris
Pretty nice, considering who created it....
Episode#45: "COLD WAR"

MessagePosté: 27 Nov 2005, 05:06
par Chauve-Souris
XANA-designed island, with Aelita-designed bridge:

Unknown facts about X.A.N.A.!

MessagePosté: 13 Avr 2006, 02:22
par ThatOtherGuy
The Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter is made entirely of X.A.N.A.! (O RLY?)
All swans in England belong to X.A.N.A.. (I thought it was in France...)
If you lace X.A.N.A. from the inside to the outside, the fit will be snugger around your big toe. (...Huh?)
X.A.N.A. can be seen from space. (He CAN?)
X.A.N.A. can pollinate up to six times more efficiently than the honeybee! (Yet he is nowhere as sweet as the honey...)
There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat X.A.N.A., though it may feel uncomfortable. (You can eat X.A.N.A.? COOL!)
Over 46,000 pieces of X.A.N.A. float on every square mile of ocean. (OMG WE'RE DOOMED!)
In the Great Seal of the United States the eagle grasps 13 arrows and X.A.N.A.! (OMG WE'RE DOOMED!)
X.A.N.A. can sleep for three and a half years. (Then why doesn't he?)
X.A.N.A. is the smallest of Jupiter's many moons. (X.A.N.A. has a moon named after him?)

Just HAD to say that.


MessagePosté: 04 Nov 2006, 04:42
par Tommy4552*
Ive read that XANA was created by Franz Hopper to protect Lyoko or somin so that way the government couldnt destroy the supercomputer and Lyoko or
as ive heard "A Army Training Program" or somin like that. Go to to find out about it.

Re: X.A.N.A

MessagePosté: 09 Avr 2012, 13:17
par Agent Johnson
Xana is a good example of the perfect villain:

-He is not like those goofy villains who are always announcing their plans to the heroes.

-He is not human, of course, thus his lack of lack of understanding on humans only makes him the more interesting.

-He has god-like abilities.

-He is highly intelligent, even more so than Jeremie.

And the list goes on. I do hope they bring him back.