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Mr Chardin and Mr Fumet (2 of Kadic's rairly seen teachers)

MessagePosté: 14 Oct 2007, 23:07
par DragonGirl
Ok we'll start with Mr. Chardin. He is the least seen teacher next to that teacher who has no name(That I know of) and has only been talking about(or quoting) Shakespear everytime she's shown up (sheriously not even any other famous poet or Playwrite just Shakespear. Mr. Chardin is the Art and Thearter Arts. he has only appeared 3 times which I will list by season.(and episode if I remember which one it is)

Season 1: Log book. (asked Yumi what she was doing)

Season 2: Contact. When Odd's Vidieo featutring the scariest thing ever... Sissy 100 feet tall.(no offense Sissy fans)

Season 3: Tempory insanity. Talking to Delmas right before Odd and Ulrich went insane on stage.

Ok now on to Mr Fumet.... (Anyone have info on him I forgot what I was going to put but I'll post it when I remember because right now I know he handles the language classes And geogrophy{and possibly history but I'll cheack on that later})

MessagePosté: 17 Oct 2007, 00:49
par DragonGirl
Wow noone's responded yet?

Ok more info on the 2 teachers.

Ok Turns out the Mr Fumet is the History, Geography, and Civic Instruction teacher. He has shown up just enough for me to be unable to keep track of his appearences. I'll list his appearences but only what I can remember once again by season. (That won't take long.)

Season 3: Lyoko Minus One. Durring the elections for class rep.

Season 4: Skidbladnir. Reading a book in one of the Dormitory hallways.

See I told you it wouldn't take long. (Serriously there are more but that's all I can remember) He might have also shown upback in season 2 during Attack of The Zombies but I tuned out after Odd got bit by the Possesed Kiwi, plus after a cirten point the Zombies Started to all look the same (Except Odd Even As a zombie he sticks out)

the only other thing I know about thease 2 teachers is theif first names.
Gilles Fumet and Gustave Chardin.

Once again any other info would be nice.