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MessagePosté: 12 Mai 2006, 03:22
par garooob
I guess that is bad news, huh?
Good(?) news - It doesn't affect me, because I haven't been able to watch it since it moved to 4 anyway.

MessagePosté: 17 Mai 2006, 07:18
par Chauve-Souris
Bad News: I haven't seen the oracular Olivier around here for a long time now.ImageWhere is that utterly cool guy?
Good News: We still have the equally-oracular Pete, anyway....Image

MessagePosté: 18 Mai 2006, 08:03
par garooob
Bad news: I miss Code Lyoko.
Good news: I have the DVDs!

MessagePosté: 18 Mai 2006, 14:23
par Pete
Good news : I'm an oracular guy, according to Chauve-Souris. It's nice :oops:

Chauve-Souris > I guess Olivier will come back on the next week-end; or this evening for the riddle ;)

MessagePosté: 21 Mai 2006, 05:05
par Chauve-Souris
Olivier a écrit:...I'm still here and reading, C-S, don't worry ;)

Good News: He's aliiiiiive!Image

MessagePosté: 22 Mai 2006, 06:50
par Chauve-Souris
KageSama a écrit:Hard to say....

Good News: We seem to have a "new guy" in the forum. You are most welcome, KageSama! You are obviously able to contribute a lot to our profound discussions, too.
Bad News: I don't have the smarts to know what the derivation of your pseudo-name is. Wottsit mean, eh?

MessagePosté: 23 Mai 2006, 00:41
par KageSama
It means "Lord of Shadows"

Good news: I've found a cool forum to discuss one of my favorite cartoons.

Bad news: I've found something to distract me from getting any writing done. :shock:

MessagePosté: 23 Mai 2006, 05:57
par garooob
Good news: It was cool enough to ride my bike today!
Bad news: It was so windy at lunch, that my sandwich tasted like dirt. (Dust storm)

MessagePosté: 23 Mai 2006, 06:16
par Chauve-Souris
garooob a écrit:Bad news: It was so windy at lunch, that my sandwich tasted like dirt. (Dust storm)

Good News #1: Lord of Shadows! Très cool!
Good News #2: I finished building a new .38acp pistol a few days ago.
Bad news: It's been too windy to go out and test it!Image

MessagePosté: 04 Juin 2006, 00:04
par garooob
Good news: I got to work 4 hours of overtime!
Bad news: It's reeeeeeeeally hot outside and I have to get the car washed.

MessagePosté: 04 Juin 2006, 06:19
par miaame
Good news: I'm not at work right now
Bad news: I work every day this week and next week, too!

MessagePosté: 04 Juin 2006, 07:54
par KageSama
Good news: I celebrated my 15th Anniversary on 01 June.

Bad news: I'm not as far along with my rewrites on <i>Harbinger of Darkness</i> as I would like to be.

MessagePosté: 04 Juin 2006, 13:45
par Hika-Chan
Hoooo... ^^
Happy Birthday KageSama (too late XD)

MessagePosté: 04 Juin 2006, 22:44
par KageSama
Thank you Hika-chan.

But that wasn't my 15th birthday. <g>

That was my 15th Wedding anniversary. :D

By the way, I love that drawing in your signature. Did you do it?

MessagePosté: 06 Juin 2006, 05:51
par miaame
Happy anniversary! ^_^

Good news: I got paid for 4 hours of work
Bad news: I sliced open my hand in 3 different places with a box cutter.

MessagePosté: 09 Juin 2006, 20:42
par garooob
Good news: I got a day off of work!
Bad news: It was because I came this [---] (not to scale) close to passing out after they drew blood at the doctor's office. That sucked!

MessagePosté: 12 Juin 2006, 02:36
par KageSama
Good news: My story, "Echoes of Coventry" is the fifth-best selling book at in the Science Fiction category.

Bad news: I have absolutely no idea what that translates to sales. For all I know it might equal seven sales. . . .

MessagePosté: 13 Juin 2006, 05:07
par garooob
Good news! CZE 3 - 0 USA
Bad news. USA 0 - 3 CZE

MessagePosté: 30 Aoû 2006, 03:13
par garooob
bad news: 6 fillings!
good news: The drilling is done...

MessagePosté: 27 Sep 2006, 04:55
par garooob
Good news: I get to be with miaame!
Bad news: I have to quit my job to do it.


MessagePosté: 13 Nov 2019, 11:06
par valentind48
Cobra johnson a écrit:Yes a lot of beautiful girl here... but ^^ YUNA is Mine !! xD !!

No, it's a joke ^^"

>> Miaame And Garooob congratulation Garde Meubles Lyon. When you'll invit us for the D-Day ?!!^^"

Scopa 8)

Good or bad news, it depends on how we perceive things.