Message 14 Juin 2007, 18:48

SciFi Channels new AniMonday at 11:00 pm EST

The first official Scifi Channel AniMonday with Ghost in the Shell Solid State Society. The bumpers were plain but indicated that they intend to show mature anime without edits. Yet they did edit the nurseroids While some of the movie appeared squished not being letterbox format as was originally made. I felt it held many of the best themes from the other shows. It makes it a little reused to see the tank hatch scene, Puppeteer, spontaneous conscientiousness, The Major operating rogue almost as in Innocence, as the taking kids, and the old bodies hook up to the web like the dead rich man who loved gold. But these are themes that make the show as good as it is. Bringing back the Tachis seem a bit contrived. But the armour suits were a great improvement over SAC, and had plenty of diving and machines gun action so none of it was disappointing and kept me guessing how it would all turn out.

Just one thing caught my attention. The troopers in the facility I believed to be androids, but one left a blood stain on the wall.

If anyone can get some pics of the bumpers, I'm looking for some.

June 18th & 25th

11.5PM - TOKKO