1 La counteracts of the re-entry

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1 La counteracts of the re-entry

1 La counteracts of the re-entry

Chapitre 1: The 4 children were on Lyoko by facing 3 crabs accompanied by a mégatank,
- "Odd, occupies to you crabs, Yumi, protects Aelita from the jellyfishes and me, I will attack the mégatank. Known as Ulrich - For 2 laser arrows only. Odd exclaimed
- Me, I have that 5 statement. Yumi was irritated - Good I go there. Dit Ulrich "the three friends succeed in destroying these monsters and Yumi and Aelita will disinfect the tower. The following day, new arrives.
- "I present to you with all and with all, new Yugi Muto, Présenta better hostility the headmaster, this famous boy to remain with the class of 3rd. Go presents itself - Although it is my new school, I also have bring back friends. I am 14 years old and 3/4, I like the adventure and I will be internal, somebody wants to speak to me. Known as the new one
- Yes, me, I am called Sissi, I am the most beautiful girl of the school and I have friends Herve and Nicolas. Want you to be my rider?dit Sissi - They, for the most beautiful girl, would not say any, and I will refuse to be your rider. Afflict. Known as Yugi. Ulrich and his friends ria.
- Me, I am Jérémie Belpois, RDV in my room, you tired know?
- Yes, Mr Delmas gave me a paper of all the rooms.
- the color blue is your to prefer. Known as Aelita, curious - Ouais, it my is preferred. Known as the new one - And it is what your collar in puzzle, known as Ulrich, chui the friend with Jérémie.
- One will say it to the récré. "There was geography, it learned that they y' had three types of worlds. The real world, the virtual world and the parallel world. Yugi waited récré. Récré, Yugi will coura in the room of Jérémie. Yugi started:
- "Yes.
- You, as you like the adventure, Want you go on Lyoko?
- Lyoko? Questioned Yugi
- a virtual world where you will face X.A.N.A and his monsters. - Yes, Jérémie, be to you a true friend. Yugi of joy exclaimed - Attention, it is a secrecy. Known as in Liléko. Jérémie
- Of agreement murmured. Finished Yugi "X.A.N.A, very crafty one, activates a tower, its smoke launched out on Lyoko, creates new monsters even more powerful than of the mégatanks or tarantulae, they are weaker at the height: Snake, 1,10 m, 10 kg, 2V and K.O by 3 regenerations, Dragonfly, 2,50 m, 0,21 kg, 7V and direct K.O, Zombie, 75 cm, 10 kg, 1V and direct K.O, Spider, 3 m, 250 kg, 9V and direct K.O and Dragon, 5 m, 10000 kg, 8V by ground, 9V by water and 10V by flight, K.O by disappearance of the 150 statement and can change coast with its emotions. Did the evening meal arrive, Jérémie rose
- "Then, they accepted? known as Ulrich
- Yes, Yugi wants saved well the world. Jérémie jumped
- Jérémie, why, be to you with this ordi? known as Yugi
- It is my computer. Known as Jérémie
- Me I one, said Yugi, that of it is used for what?
- to see whether X.A.N.A activates a tower. Take the software. Jérémie "Of the moment of Yugi finished, it eats these minces and it touches with the ordi.
- "Good Ulrich night, good Jérémie night. Known as Yugi
- It is your puzzle of millénium then? Ulrich was satisfied
- Yes, good night "This night, X.A.N.A will put a virus in all the computers which is in Kadic.
Chapter 2: Jeremy wanted to work on the anti-virus one for Aelita until the message: stop the anti-virus one: risk virus 675G Yes
- "Thin, even the portable will say this message, I will see on that in Yugi
-, X.A.N.A activated a tower, there are viruses on all the computers of the college Kadic, there are co-ordinates: Territory western western ice-barrier northern Tour n°17. Known Yugi "the 6 cross the sewers, to go to the hoist, for go in the supercomputer: - "the destroyed ordis, too early for the turns and a powerful X.A.N.A, that will be cake! Yugi exclaimed
- Y' will have cake? was astonished Odd "the 5 go in the scanner Transfert Ulrich, Transfert Odd, Transfert Yumi, Transfert Aelita, Transfert Yugi Scanner Virtualisation
-" Waouh! It is ice-barrier! known as Yugi
- Afterwards, has there new monsters, 5 snakes, 4 dragonflies, 3 zombies, 2 spiders and 1 dragon. Known as Jérémie
- Good, me I attack. Known as Yumi "
Chapter 3: The five friends must However attack these creatures
- "Yugi, you have 80 statement, Odd, you destroyed that 3 dragonflies, Yumi, you have that 20 statement and Ulrich, protect Aelita well
- the dragon resists with my sword. Known as Yugi
- be to You with the end, it has that 20 statement
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yumi shouted devirtualized
- Yumi is K.O by the zombies. Known as Ulrich - Finally! Yugi exclaimed
- Odd, you have that 20 laser arrows, keeps it for Carthage. Dit Yumi "Jérémie writes Scipio and the conveyor brings back our 5 heroes on the 5th territory.
- "Ulrich, you have that 40 statement, take in care or you die - One leaves you. Dit Yugi "Yugi occupied the manta, Ulrich and Odd takes crawling them and without seeing the jellyfish the memory of Aelita flies
-" Not, Aelita has ¾ loading. Known as as demolished Jérémie
- I go there. Dit Ulrich "Ulrich saved Aelita by breaking his tentacles and by destroying its sign.
- "I pressed on the button. Known as Ulrich
- One is in the tower. Known as Aelita
- Dévirtualisation Odd, devirtualisation Yugi, devirtualisation Ulrich "Epilogue: The following day, Sissi Ulrich
- "do you Want asked to be my husband?
- When you have a new brain and 6 neurons "All, even Aelita were burst of laughter.


Episode 2: The nightmare of Aelita

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are you French?
Is your English very good?
No mean to insult you, but I couldn't really understand what was going on.

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