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Iron Lyoko

I've reposted This story because the old link is dead.

Iron Lyoko

Or read here

I've decided to re-post Iron Lyoko since I don't think it's available on line anymore.
It's also oddly appropriate to re-post it in December you'll see why if you read it or if you remember.
Note: I made some minor updates before posting it.
- - - - -
Iron Lyoko
By McTrooper

Summary: This story takes place after the 1st Season ends.
Jeremie figures out a new way to deal with the virus that Xana gave Aelita.

The Plan

Mrs. Hertz's class was just about to begin; Ulrich, Odd, and Jeremie --who looks like he is asleep-- are already seated.

"What's wrong with Jeremie?" Yumi asked.

Ulrich and Odd looked behind in shock.

"What are you doing here Yumi?" Ulrich said.

"Well my teacher has that cold that has been going around so we didn't have class. Everyone else is in the library, but I asked Mrs. Hertz if I could sit in on her class."

"Jeremie told me he worked all night on some big plan. We can talk about it later," Ulrich said.

Mrs. Hertz looked sternly at the talking trio. Then noticed Jeremie nearly asleep on his desk.

"Sorry, Mrs. Hertz," Yumi said.

"Oh, Odd, would you wake up Jeremie?" Mrs. Hertz said.

Mrs. Hertz stood in front of the chalkboard and began her lecture.

"Today, class, we are going to learn about Avocados as part of our science of food lesson. The avocado looks like a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit. It usually has rough, green skin and a large, hard pit. One of the common uses of the avocado is as the main ingredient in guacamole. Guacamole is usually used as dip for chips. . . ."

The lecture continued. Mrs. Hertz even shared her favorite recipe for guacamole.

After classes were over the rest of the gang met in Jeremie's room.

"Today was pretty funny; usually, I'm the guy that sleeps during class." Odd said with a smile.

"I spent so much time last night figuring out a new way to stop Xana," Jeremie said.

"So, what is this new plan anyway?" Ulrich asked.

"Well, as you can recall Xana, infected Aelita, so that even though we can materialize her we can't shut down Xana without hurting Aelita," Jeremie answered. "Until now, I've been trying to cure Aelita, but what if we changed Xana?"

"Isn't that dangerous?" Yumi said.

"Yeah, couldn't that destroy Lyoko or something?" Ulrich added.

"Not if I just change his decision-making matrix a bit. I've isolated the matrix, so all I have to do is change a few integers and presto," Jeremie said.

"Hey, Einstein, could you translate that into English . . . er . . . French." Odd said.

"Basically by altering the decision-making matrix I alter Xana's personality." Jeremie clarified.

"So, you're saying, if Xana's a nice guy then it wont matter if he is still running?" Odd said.

"That's it exactly." Jeremie said.

After a little more convincing, the gang agreed to try Jeremie's plan. They all went to the factory and waited around while Jeremie changed numbers on some grid displayed on the screen.

"Alright, Aelita, I need you to monitor the changes from one of the towers," Jeremie said.

"Sure thing Jeremie," Aelita replied.

"So, is everything going as planned Jeremie?" Yumi asked.

"It certainly seems -- " Jeremie was cut off.

"Jeremie! Xana's activated the tower that I'm in!" Aelita exclaimed.
"I'm going to try entering the code before Xana does anything else."

The gang stood around the computer waiting as Aelita hovered up to the platform to enter the code. As she typed the phrase "Code Lyoko" appeared on the tower's screen. Moments passed by but nothing happened. Finally Aelita put words to what everyone already knew. "Jeremie! It's not working!"

"Maybe the sequence is wrong?" Odd said. "Some of my video games freeze up if you doing things in the wrong order."

"Odd might be right," Jeremie said. "Alright Aelita, try to leave the tower and enter it again."

Aelita hovered back down and tried to leave. "That's weird. Jeremie, I can't pass through the tower's walls."

"Oh, no! Aelita, don't worry well figure something –" Jeremie stopped talking and gasped at what he seen on the screen. According to the map the land in front of the tower was growing.

"What's going on Jeremie?" Ulrich asked.

"The path in front of the tower has more than tripled in size." Yumi answered for the stunned Jeremie.

"With all that space in front of the tower Xana could send enough monsters to destroy the tower!" Jeremie said.

"And Aelita with it." Odd added.

"Okay, we've got to go to Lyoko now." Yumi said.

[End of Part 1 - To be continued. ]

Into Lyoko

Jeremie virtualized Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd to a near by section of the forest region. As they cautiously approached the tower they could see Lyoko's landscape forming a small stage like hill. Next to the stage another hill was rising. In the middle rectangular counter like shapes rose waist high.

"Hey! Can you smell that?" Odd said.

"Smell?" Yumi asked.

"I can smell the Forest!" Ulrich said as his eyes widened. "I can smell the pine trees and the fresh air."

"Smell? But, but that's crazy you shouldn't be able to smell on Lyoko!" Jeremie's voice boomed through Lyoko's blue sky as usual.

"I can smell it too Jeremie," Yumi said.

"Maybe we changed Lyoko when we changed Xana's personality," Ulrich suggested.

"But that's --" Jeremie got cut off.

"Maybe it's just a new way of Xana attacking?" Yumi suggested. "Xana's decided to do things differently."

The changing land of Lyoko became more defined. Block like shapes became highly detailed objects, but they were still hard to make out from a distance. The virtualized trio walked closer to get a better look.

"I don't know why, but all this looks sort of familiar." Ulrich said looking at the Lyoko's changing landscape.

"No, it can't be!" Odd exclaimed. "It's . . . it's . . . it's Kitchen Stadium!" Odd said.

"Kitchen what?" Yumi said aiming a puzzled look at Odd.

"Kitchen Stadium," Ulrich said in his serious voice. "A place where two culinary master battle to see whose cuisine reign supreme."

"Huh?" Yumi asked.

"Two Chef's prepare food and see who's best," Odd answered. "There's always a secret ingredient that the Chef's have to use. It's a fun show. Ulrich and I watch it all the time."

"You watch TV at school? In your dorm room?" Yumi said getting even more puzzled.

"Yeah, Odd got a TV tuner card for the computer," Ulrich said. "He had Jeremie install it and hook it up to the school's cable."

Just then a mist surrounded the tower that Aelita was trapped in. Out of the fog a shadow like ghost or specter with green glowing eyes, wearing an oriental style vest walked toward the gang. "Welcome to Kitchen Stadium Lyoko, I am the Chairman." The Chairman said. "I welcome you, brave challengers."

"Come on let's go Aelita's waiting to be rescued," Odd said.

As the trio warily advanced toward the Kitchen a strong wind blew the fog away from the tower. Now the gang could see five Block (Blok) monsters in white puffy Chef hats. Behind those monsters was another shadowy specter with glowing green eyes. Unlike the Chairman specter this one had a Chef hat and a white uniform around a large tummy.

"This is Iron Chef Lyoko," the Chairman said.

"Ho ho," Iron Chef Lyoko laughed as his belly shook like a bowl full of jelly. "This will be an interesting match."

Seeing the mass of monsters, Ulrich's drew his sword; Yumi grabbed her fan; and Odd pointed his laser glove.

"Jeremie! A pack of monsters just appeared out of the fog," Ulrich said.

"That's strange," came the familiar voice from the sky, "all I see on the map is a bunch of trees that are moving."

"Maybe Xana figured out a way to trick the map," Yumi suggested.

"That could be it Yumi," Jeremie said. "Or maybe . . . it looks like they aren't really trees, but some kind of non-monster object."

"I'd ask for the translation," Odd interrupted, "but that's not important right now."

"Really?" Ulrich asked. "What is important then?"

"Your parents and Yumi's parents are the judges," Odd answered.

Ulrich and Yumi gasped as they looked at the judging table of Kitchen Stadium.

"How?" Ulrich said letting his sword stance drop.

"They look almost like holograms," Yumi observed. "Jeremie, do you think our parents are in any danger?"

"I don't think so Yumi," Jeremie said. "I've checked the computer and they weren't virtualized. They should be safe, but I don't really understand how Xana's doing this."

Three other hologram-like humans sat in what look like an announcer's booth.

"So that's what Fukui, Doc (Hattori), and that other guy look like," Odd said pointing at the booth.

"You mean Ohta?" Ulrich said.

"Oh, yeah that's the guy." Odd said. "That's the guy that interviews the Chef's and reports from the floor of Kitchen Stadium."

Out of the sky theme music started playing.
Then Fukui's voice filled Lyoko's sky.
"Five minutes ago, Xana's dream became reality. Xana created a stage to bring a form of combat never seen on Lyoko -- a giant cooking arena. The Kitchen Stadium."

"But what's a Kitchen with out a Chef? So Xana created Iron Chef Lyoko a fat, jolly specter who sort of knows how to cook stuff."

"Now the Iron Chef and these three kids, the challengers will perform culinary combat.
They have one hour to tackle the theme ingredient of the day. Using all their senses, skill, creativity, they are to prepare four or five artistic dishes never tasted before. And if the challengers win over the Iron Chef, the return-to-the-past thing will happen and Xana will go home crying to his mama."

"Let's introduce our challengers," Fukui said. "There is Ulrich, a guy more familiar with cooking on the Soccer field."

"Fukui-San? Don't you mean football?" Ohta asked.

"No, this is a fan fic written by a guy from the U.S.A., so it's soccer," Fukui said.

"There is Odd, an artist who's a bit of a comedian," Fukui said.

"We'll see how he stands up the competition . . . get it? Comedian? Stands up?" Doc added.

"And finally we have Yumi," Fukui said. "Doc do we know much about Yumi?"

"Yumi is a day student attending Kadic School. Since she lives at home she has access to a kitchen. Her parents are two of the judges at this competition today."

"That's right Doc," Ohta said. "I've interviewed Yumi's mom and she said that Yumi has learned how to prepare a few traditional Asian meals."

"It will certainly be interesting to see how these challengers will work with the secret ingredient for today," Fukui said. "Speaking of today's theme ingredient . . ."

A table in between the two kitchens rose up from a fog filled pit in the ground. The fog left reveling the secret ingredients.

"It appears today's ingredients are bananas and plantains," Doc said. "The plantain is the starchy cousin to the banana. Unlike bananas, plantains are not very sweet."

"Let's rock and role!" The Chairman said rising to his feet. "No, wait I mean Allez Cuisine!"

[ end of part 2 to be continued ]

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Re: Iron Lyoko

The Battle Begins

Odd jogged over to the table of theme ingredients and filled up a couple of baskets. On the way back he helped himself to a banana.

"These are pretty good," Odd said.

"So you can taste things here; I was kind of wondering about that," Ulrich said.

"Oh, that's why we smell!" Yumi exclaimed.

"I thought that was because of the Garlic O's cereal we had for breakfast," Odd joked.

"No Odd," Jeremie's voice said. "Yumi means the sense of smell is an important part of the sense of taste."

"Well, we better get cooking," Odd said.

"Wait Odd, we've got to make some kind of plan," Yumi reasoned. "What recipes should we use and what other ingredients do we have?"

"Excuse me," Doc said. "Xana just sent me a memo stating that all you need to do is request any ingredient and it will be provided."

"Any ingredient?" Yumi and Odd said at the same time.

"Xana . . . sent a memo?" Ulrich asked.

After they got over their surprise they began forming a plan. Each would cook at least one item. Being the most artistic one in the group Odd would help with plating because presentation was one of the categories they would be judged on. Jeremie would look for recipes and cooking advice on line.

"Fukui-san?" Ohta said.

"Yes," Fukui said.

"It appears the challengers are done with their pre-game huddle," Ohta said. "Although this is there first time in Kitchen Stadium they appear to be getting a pretty good start. Challenger Yumi has just put some Miso paste in a pot of boiling water."

Ohta walked over to the judges' seats and asked for a comment.

"It looks like Yumi is making Miso soup," Mrs. Ishiyama said. "She is very good at making soup, but she's never made it with banana's before. It will be interesting how it turns out."

"Hey look," Fukui said. "Challenger Ulrich is heating up a cast iron pan with some oil in it. Any idea what he's planning to fry?"

"Fukui-san?" Ohta said as he walked over to Ulrich. "I've spoke with the challenger earlier and he said he is making fried bananas."

"That's interesting, fried banana's," Fukui said. "Isn't that more of a Jamaican dish? How does a boy from France know how to make that?"

Ohta pointed the microphone at Ulrich to get his answer.

"I saw the movie Cool Runnings," Ulrich said. "It's a movie about a Jamaican bobsledding team. During the movie I saw them prepare fried bananas. Ever since then I've always wondered how they taste."

"Have you ever prepared this before?" Ohta asked.

"No, I never got around to it," Ulrich said.

Ohta walked over to Odd.

"Fukui-san?" Ohta said.

"Yes," Fukui said.

"Challenger Odd is making guacamole," Ohta said.

"I've also got chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice-cream covered in crushed walnuts and pistachios in the blast freezer," Odd added.

"The blast freezer is no ordinary freezer," Doc said. "It chills food rapidly. Apparently the challenger wants to make sure the ice cream doesn't melt."

"So, Odd is making two dishes, guacamole with bananas and a new kind of banana split," Fukui said.

Ohta walked over to Iron Chef Lyoko's kitchen where he and Xana's Blocks in Chef hats were working busily.

"Hey, I just thought of something," Ohta said. "How can those Blocks cook they don't have any hands?"

"Ho, ho," Iron Chef Lyoko said. "That is my secret. But what isn't a secret is these Gingerbread cookies that will soon be covered in candied banana's and a white frosting."

"Over in the Challenger's kitchen Yumi has added garlic, onions, carrots, mushroom and other ingredients, but still no sign of a banana." Fukui said.

Ohta rushed over to Yumi and pointed the microphone at her.

"I'm using plantains," Yumi said. "These starchy fruits will replace the potato's that I would ordinarily add to Miso soup."

"A very clever choice by challenger Yumi," Fukui said.

"Clever indeed." Doc agreed.

"Fukui-san?" Ohta said. "Challenger Ulrich has finished frying his bananas and put them off to the side. Now he's put chopped cabbage in the pan."

"Cabbage?" Fukui said. "Apparently he is doing more than simple fried bananas."

"That's right Fukui-san," Ulrich said grabbing Ohta's microphone. "I'm going to combine fried bananas with fried cabbage and top it with a vinaigrette."

"I've never heard of anything like that," Fukui asked. "Have you Doc?"

"I've got nothing," Doc said.

"Well you see my parents like waldorf salad," Ulrich explained. "It's this salad with apples, raisins, celery, and mayonnaise in it. I plan on capturing the same kind of sweet and savory combination."

"Sounds pretty gross to me," Fukui said. "Er . . . I mean the waldorf salad. I can't even imagine what the challenger's dish will taste like."

"Thirty-five and a half minutes to go," A female voice echoed through the sky.

"Only 30 minutes into the competition and our challengers are almost done with their dishes," Fukui said. "Time for an intermission."

The gang, even Jeremie, looked up and said, "Intermission?"

Just then three Krabe came out from behind the tower. They were dressed in skirts and high heals. Each Krabe reached a hind crab leg behind the other. Then they began dancing. Crab legs swung in the air to the music.

Odd started laughing hysterically at the sight.

"They're forming a kick line," Yumi said as her face went from shock to confusion.

"This is really weird," Ulrich said. "Iron Chef never has intermissions."

"Lighten up Ulrich," Odd said.

Just before the end of the song the Krabe in the middle kicked both of it's front legs at the same time putting all it's weight on the other two Krabes. The other two Krabes lost their balance and fell down.

"Ha ha," Ulrich laughed. "This is pretty funny."

[ end of part 3 to be concluded ]

[ continuing part 4 ] Conclusion

With the intermission over cooking Ohta moved over to Iron Chef Lyoko's kitchen trying to find out what his other dishes were.

"Fukui-san?" Ohta said. "I've talked to the jolly fat one, he is preparing Hostess Twinkies Sushi with a banana slice placed inside each Twinkie."

"Sushi with banana?" Fukui asked.

"Not real Sushi," Doc explained. "It's a desert made to look like Sushi. The recipe can be found on the Twinkies homepage."

"Weird," Fukui said. "The Iron Chef already has two deserts. Is he going to make any savory dishes?"

"Ho, ho," Iron Chef Lyoko said. "That's a surprise. Wait till the judging begins."

"Ohta," Doc said. "Has anyone told him that's not how this works?"

In the announcer's booth a paper started printing out."

"Well," Fukui said. "According to Xana's Fax he is making an exception."

"Seven and a quarter minutes to go," A female voice echoed through the sky.

"With little time remaining plating has begun in haste," Fukui said. "We'll be back after this commercial break."

[ commercial break ]
Kid: Hey mom what's for breakfast?

Mom: New Xana Logs. Xana Logs, sugar coated logs of real timber. And moms don't worry they leave the bark on so it's packed with nutrition and fiber.

Kid: Thanks mom!

The kid tries to take a bite of a sugar-covered log with no success. After trying a third time he pulls a chainsaw out of the silverware drawer and carves up bite size chunks.

[ commercial break over ]

"That was really weird," Doc said.

"Doc were back on," Fukui said.

"It's not like we're on TV," Doc said.

"Never mind that Doc," Fukui said. "Any way that commercial break some how took longer than we thought, so we're skipping ahead to the judging part of the competition."

"Challenger Odd is starts the meal with his guacamole with bananas," Ohta said. "As you can see corn chips have been arranged around a dipping bowl in a sort of sun shaped pattern."

Mr. Ishiyama looked up from his newspaper and looked at Odd.

"What happened to your eyebrows," Mr. Ishiyama asked.

"Let's just say that trying to roast a hundred marshmallows over a gas stove isn't a good idea," Odd answered.

"Apparently Mr. Ishiyama missed the fireball that happened during the commercials," Fukui said.

"Mm . . . this is delicious," Mrs. Ishiyama said into Ohta's microphone. "The banana chunks add a nice texture to this dip. The sweetness of the ripe bananas provides a strange but surprisingly appetizing flavor."

Then Mr. and Mrs. Stern eyed the guacamole and cautiously ate it. They both agreed it was okay.

"Challenger Yumi is presenting her miso soup with plantains," Ohta said. "The dish is served in a bowl sprinkled with chives. Bread sticks in the shape of candy canes hang from the bowl in a spider like fashion."

"Oh it's so cute," Mrs. Stern said.

"My Yumi is really a very good cook," Mrs. Ishiyama said. "The plantains give it a different texture, but this tastes a lot like the Miso soup I taught her how to make."

"Now challenger Ulrich serves up his very original dish fried bananas with fried cabbage, topped with a vinaigrette," Ohta said. "The dish is arranged to look like a bunny rabbit."

"This is very original," Mrs. Ishiyama said.

"Yes, very original," Mr. Ishiyama agreed.

"My little Ulrich can cook!" Mrs. Stern said.

"He can cook," Mr. Stern said. "He was very wise to fry the cabbage and the banana's separately."

"The last dish for the challenger team is a new version of the classic banana split," Ohta said.

"Look the ice cream scoops are the size of melon balls," Mrs. Ishiyama said. "The small portion size makes it look really cute."

"The nut coating and the hot fudge on the side really make this both tasty and original," Mr. Stern said.

"And now it's Iron Chef Lyoko's turn to amaze us," Fukui said.

Iron Chef Lyoko rode up to the judge's booth in a brown Ferrari with a reindeer head mounted to the front. As he honked the car horn the reindeer's red nose lit up.

"Ho ho," Iron Chef Lyoko said as he opened the car door. "What a ride!"

"The Iron Chef will be starting out with his Twinkies Sushi," Ohta said. "Two pieces of this desert treat are carefully placed on a plate with the Yin Yang symbol on it."

"The plating and look of the over all dish is clever," Mrs. Ishiyama said. "But the taste is nothing special."

"I agree," Mr. Stern said. "And the lemon juice that was used to prevent the bananas from browning gives this a very mushy texture."

"Well, it looks like the Iron Chef made a bad choice for his starting dish," Fukui said.

In the background the gang looks ready to celebrate thinking this might be an easy win.

"The next dish is one of Iron Chef's unseen dishes," Ohta said watching the fat jolly one unveil his next dish. "It appears to be fried plantains sprinkled with salt with some kind of barbecue sauce on the side."

"Ho ho," the Iron Chef said. "The sauce is my own blend of steak sauce mixed with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and brown sugar."

"Oh these are fabulous," Mrs. Ishiyama said. "These plantains are sort of like French fries, but on a whole new level."

"Yes these are delicious" Mr. Stern said. "However, the sauce doesn't compliment them very well."

The shadowy chef narrowed his glowing green eyes and gave a smile of delight at the praise.

Then he dashed off to the trunk of his Ferrari to get the next menu item. Before the Judges could blink Gingerbread cookies on a simple white plate and topped with candied bananas and a white frosting appeared before them."

"Oh, wow those look good," Mrs. Stern said.

"And they taste even better," Mrs. Ishiyama said.

"I agree," Mr. Stern said.

"Well they are good," Mr. Ishiyama. "But my cookie is kind of soggy."

Hearing so many positive comments about the Chef's food started making Jeremie nervous. He turned off his microphone so the crowd wouldn't hear him.

"What's this?" Ohta asked. "It looks like the Iron Chef's last dish is some kind of soup or pudding."

"Ho . . oh never mind," the Iron Chef said. "It's Banana Chutney."

"Banana what knee?" Ulrich asked.

"Banana Chutney is made of bananas, raisins, cinnamon, curry, vinegar and some other junk," Doc said.

"Junk Doc?" Fukui said. "Never mind it looks like they are tasting it."

"It's okay," Mrs. Ishiyama said. "But he used a little too much vinegar."

"The presentations is rather bland," Mr. Ishiyama.

"I think it's rather good," Mr. Stern said.

"The custard like texture is nice," Mrs. Stern said.

"And that's the final dish," Fukui said. "When we return we will find out whose cuisine reign supreme."

[commercial ]

If you're like me, and I know you are, you've always dreamed of putting on a pair of wooden shoes and becoming a professional clog dancer.
I've fulfilled my dreams and so can you with this special clogging kit. The clogging kit comes with an amazing book called Twelve Easy Steps To Clog dancing. It's beautifully illustrated 14,003 pages will have you clogging in about an hour.
But, that's not all. The kit includes two wooden blocks and a knife to carve out your very own clogs to just the right size.
You get all of this for just 43 payments of $5.89. So order now and start clogging.

[ end commercial ]

"And were back," Fukui said. "The votes are tallied and the at home viewers have chosen . . . woops wrong show. The Chairman is ready to announce the winner of the very first Lyoko's Kitchen Stadium."

"This battle has seen the slaughter of many helpless fruits," The Chairman said. "But no matter, our winner is Iron Chef Lyoko! No wait the card was upside down. The challengers have won this battle."

"The card was upside down?" Ulrich asked. "How could the word challengers upside down spell --"

Ulrich was cut off as the white light spreads over as the gang went back to the future . . . er . . . I mean returned to the past.

We catch up to the gang in Jeremie's room.

"Jeremie," Yumi said. "Is everything back to normal?"

"Yes," Jermie said. "I checked Xana's decision-making matrix as soon as we got back. Every integer is just like it was before this all happened."

"Won't Xana remember what he did?" Odd asked. "Couldn't he just do what he did again?"

"No, I don't think so," Jeremie said. "Ordinarily Xana's memories are protected from the return-to-the past effect just like ours are, but because I changed who Xana is or at least his personality, he forgot everything."

"That's a relief," Ulrich said.

"Yeah," Odd said. "It was kind of fun, but let's not do that again."

"Well," Yumi said. "Now that that's settled . . . would you guy's like to come to my house for dinner? Mom said I could invite everyone."

"She's not serving bananas is she?" Odd asked.

Then the gang laughed.

= = =
The End

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