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Hi, I'm writing my own fic for Code Lyoko and I was hoping to beta test the fic here. please tell me what you think, here's the first chapter.

“Odd… Odd! Wake up!” Ulrich frowned at his sleeping roommate. “We don’t have time for this… Odd get up!” Ulrich was in a hurry so he grabbed Odd’s covers and tore them and the sleeping Odd right off the bed. Odd landed with a thud and cried out sitting up and looking around bewildered.
“Huh? Wha… Ulrich! What did you do that for!? The heck!? It’s still only two in the morning! I was having a good dream too…” Ulrich glared at his best friend. Odd always was good at pushing his buttons.
“Dream’s over, Odd. Its Xana… he’s on the move again. The others are waiting for us at the Factory.” This got Odd up fast, in a blink odd was dressed and ready to go.
“Well why didn’t you just say so! Let’s go Ulrich, time to kick some virus butt!”
With a laugh Odd was off sprinting for the Factory. Ulrich stood there a moment at a loss, he never could understand what went on in Odd’s head but he was pretty sure he preferred it that way.
The two arrived at the factory a couple minutes later having used the sewer entrance found in the woods. They had just taken the elevator to the secret control room where they were met by their friends Jeremy, Yumi, and Aelita.
“So, where’re we headin’?” Odd asked cheerfully.
“Desert Region, Hurry up and head to the scanners Xana’s launched a new attack this time it’s an American missile silo. We have three minutes before he destroys the school!” said Jeremy, the local wiz kid and user of the Super Computer. Odd and the others headed straight to the scanners without another word.
With the press of a button Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita were instantly virtualized and transported to Lyoko, the virtual world within the Super Computer. They were transported to a near endless wasteland. Suddenly Jeremy’s voice echoed around them.
“The activated Tower is half a kilometer northwest from your current position. I’m sending you your vehicles. Hurry! We only have a few minutes left!” The group grabbed their respective vehicles and were off without the slightest hesitation, Odd of course was showing off on his hover board as they zoomed off.
It wasn’t long before they spotted the activated tower, surrounded by a small contingent of Creepers. Odd laughed as he sped forward and fired off a shot calling out
“Laser Arrow!” Odd’s aim was perfect today, it was a very quick battle and though the vehicles were lost no one had gotten hurt. Ulrich turned to Aelita and grinned,
“ Well, Princess… it’s all up to you, I’ll see you guys on the other side” and with that he devirtualized and was gone already back in the real world, next Yumi said good bye and left Lyoko as well. Odd, ever the gentleman, decided to escort Aelita to the tower, chatting with her amiably.
“Score another one for Lyoko… it was almost like Xana wasn’t trying!” The young warrior laughed his virtual tail swishing in his good humor. Even Aelita turned and laughed with him. They were at the Tower and getting ready to say good bye, but they were having too much fun chatting and making fun of Xana, despite the dire situation. Unknown to them however, Xana had one last card to play. From around the other side of the Tower floated the Scyphozoa. It was nearly upon Aelita, ready to drain her memories when Jeremy noticed it on the screen back in the real world and shouted out a warning. Odd had to act fast; the monster was already extending its foul tentacles. Without a second thought Odd shoved Aelita into the tower and moved in between her and the Scyphozoa. The last thing Aelita saw as she phased into the tower was the monster wrapping its data absorbing tentacles around Odd’s head, and Odd’s body erupting in light. Then the wall of the Tower closed in.
“Jeremy! The Scyphozoa has Odd!! I must go help him!” Already Aelita was headed back to save her friend but Jeremy’s protests stopped her in her tracks.
“No, Aelita! You have to deactivate the tower before everyone in the school is killed! I’m already pulling Odd out, now hurry, you only have a few seconds!”
With only a second’s hesitation Aelita turned around and headed for the center of the tower, another second later, she entered the code and deactivated the tower.
“The Tower’s deactivated, Jeremy. How’s Odd?!” she said worriedly.
“He’s being devirtualized now… I’ll devirtualize you too.”
In the next instant Aelita was stepping out of her scanner and rushing over to Odd’s scanner where her friends had gathered, worried for their energetic comrade. The scanner’s doors opened and the usual smoke billowed out. But when the smoke cleared Odd was nowhere to be found. Instead, lying cured up and unmoving in the bottom of the scanner was a small, blond cat, with a small purple marking on its forehead seemingly dead. There was no mistaking it; this cat was their beloved Odd… and Aelita wept.

Tell me what you think there will of course be more chapters to come.

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7 of 10. How did Ulrich and Yumi sipmly leave Lyoko? And why is there creepers in the desert? Seriusly, you need to improve your reasearch. Other than that the story was fine. Hurry and make a happy ending, coz Odd cant be a cat forever.
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the person that wrote the last reply,HAVE SOME IMAGINATION!!!!Oh,and JEREMIE MATERIALIZED THEM!!DUH!I thought the story was great.
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